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Question: Can I have a How I Met Your Mother scooplet, please? —Andy
Barney’s going to start lusting after Lily, but there’s a twist: It’s really just her boobs he wants. In the episode the show is currently shooting, Lily’s “pregnancy boobs have arrived,” reveals Jason Segel. “And Barney, being a womanizer, is obsessed with the idea of trying to figure out a way to catch a glimpse of my wife’s new womanly body. Marshall is not happy about it, but he does love a good bet, so he’s into it.” Alyson Hannigan, meanwhile, says the show’s propmaster deserves the credit for Lily’s new curves. “It’s like this major Victoria’s Secret bra, and then there’s little cutlets,” she explains with a chuckle. “I guess there’s going to be a lot of bra stuffing in my future this season.”

Question: Do you possibly have any Grey’s Anatomy spoilers about April? —Aimee
Shonda Rhimes confirms that Sarah Drew’s real-life pregnancy will not be incorporated into April’s storyline — for obvious reasons. “We would have to de-virginize April really fast,” she laughs. “Sarah’s due in January or February so that would be a little extreme.” That said, Rhimes isn’t ruling out the possibility of sex for April this season. “I’m hopeful,” she says. “My fingers are crossed that April finally gets some.” Not that she’ll have much time for a personal life given her new position as chief resident. “Watching April try to be in charge of Cristina and Alex and Jackson is a pretty impossible task, and it’s made for comedy,” laughs Rhimes. “It’s one of the funniest things we’re working on this season.”

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Question: Is it safe to say the wounds from the Seattle Grace shooting rampage of 2010 have healed on Grey’s Anatomy? —Tanya
“I think so,” responds Rhimes. “What’s nice about where we are [this season] is that the experience still informs them in a huge way, but it doesn’t define them.”

Question: Community scoop, please. —Latifah
Greendale should have no trouble maintaining its position as the most unsafe community college campus on the planet given its latest security hire. I’ve got three words for you: Officer. Señor. Chang.

Question: Can you share something about where Breaking Bad is heading toward the end of the season? —Luca
I can tell you where Hank and Walter are headed: To the parking lot of Los Pollos Hermanos for one very tense (and closely-monitored) meeting. Sunday’s episode also features a fairly pivotal death, but there’s a twist: It’s * *********.

Question: Do you have any scoop on what Dan and Blair’s relationship will be like in Season 5 of Gossip Girl? –Steph
One-sided. It’ll be clear that Dan still has feelings for Blair, but the future princess of Monaco is still having none of it.

Spoiler Alert: Promo For HIMYM‘s New Seasons Raises Big Questions

Question: Any Once Upon a Time scoop? —Aurore
Lost‘s Alan Dale won’t be straddling both worlds (Storybrooke, Maine, and Storybook Lane) when he guest stars as Prince Charming’s papa. “For now, we’re only seeing him in the fairytale world,” EP Adam Horowitz tells me, adding, “We love Alan so much and were so excited that he wanted to do it.”

Question: So, I’m gonna make the Smurf in your new office disappear by magic if you don’t give us a clue about who’s gonna die on True Blood. —Marie
In light of Tommy’s untimely demise this past Sunday, I think you mean who else is gonna die. And for an answer to that question, I invite you to hop in my time machine and travel back to Comic-Con ’11. It was there that EP Alan Ball told me, “We will lose a handful of major characters towards the end of the season, unfortunately.” Meanwhile, I have to wonder whether one of those major characters is featured in this article.

Question: We all know Addison wants a baby, so tell us something about Season 5 of Private Practice that we don’t know. Please —TallCupOfJoe
Violet’s flight to New York gets delayed and she ends up spending much of the premiere helping someone through a crisis. The twist? I’m not referring to Peter’s heart attack.

Question: Got any Addison/Private Practice scoop? —Jamie
Spoiler Alert: She wants a baby! Whether she’ll get one this season remains unclear. As far as Shonda Rhimes is concerned, the storyline is less about the destination than it is about the journey itself. “We’re going to watch a very interesting struggle this season with Addison pursuing her dreams to become a parent. It’s one that I don’t think I’ve seen on television before.”

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Question: I spent the summer catching up on ABC’s Happy Endings and I’m obsessed. Anything on the season premiere? —Donna
The Season 2 opener centers on the gang getting together to mark the first anniversary of Alex and Dave’s non-wedding. “We get a huge seafood tower, but hell ensues,” teases Elisha Cuthbert. “We take advantage of something free, let’s put it that way.”

Question: I just would like to know if we’re gonna meet Blaine’s parents on Glee. —Dalanda
No clue. I can, however, tell you that Mike Chang’s mom and dad aren’t the only set of never-before-seen parents we’ll meet in Episode 3.

Question: Do you have any scoop on Glee‘s Will and Emma? —Sara
The first part of the season is really about them adjusting to being in a relationship, and Emma making progress working through her considerable issues.

Question: Haven’t really heard much about Beckett’s boyfriend Josh (Victor Webster) on Castle. I know he’s in the premiere but other than that, nada. What’s going on there? —Ivy
I think you just answered your own question.

House Scoop: Look Who’s Joining House in Prison!

Question: So, according to you, Chad Michael Murray returns to One Tree Hill after “Haley reaches out to Lucas for help.” What does she need help with exactly? —Jenny
I’m going to go out on a limb and say it probably has something to do with my asterisk quiz last week about a major character getting *i**a***d. (Look, I added an extra letter!)

Question: With just a week until the return of Sons of Anarchy, do you have any substantive spoilers for us? —Alex
If the sight of someone being eaten alive by flesh-eating insects while submerged in a coffin of quicksand turns your stomach, steer clear of Episode 3!

Question: Any Parks and Rec scoop? —Rob
Patricia Clarkson’s Tammy 1 will bear little resemblance to Megan Mullally’s Tammy 2, previews showrunner Michael Schur. “The relationship [Clarkson’s Tammy 1] has with Ron is not the hedonistic, pure-and-simple animal attraction that we’ve seen before,” he notes. “They have a much different, more complicated, more rich backstory that we delve into.” The man at the center of the Tammy sandwich, Nick Offerman, offers a more cryptic tease: “What the audience will be surprised to learn is that Tammy 2 may turn out to be the most kitten-like timid of the Tammys” — Ron’s mom included!

Question: Just wondering if you could throw in a Nikita spoiler at me. Would make me a very happy girl. —Katie
A major character will shoot another major character early in the season. Oh, and both of these characters share something in common: They have lady parts.

Question: Are you going to produce a printable Fall Premiere Date Calendar? —Lisa
OMG, what a great idea! We’ll get right on that two weeks ago!

Question: What happened to Switched at Birth? —Judy
A better question might be what happened on August 1 that prevented you from reading TVLine? Hey, someone’s a little saucy today!

Parenthood Plots Love Triangle With Buffy Vet

Question: I’m really disappointed that we’re not going to get to see Booth and Bones tell everyone about the baby on Bones. I want to see everyone’s reaction to the news! —Natalie
Use your imagination, Nat. Tamara Taylor did, and here’s what she came up with. “I think Cam was shocked at first,” she speculates. “But also pleased. It was kind of about time.” Taylor adds that the Brennan’s baby bump hasn’t impacted life at the Jeffersonian too much. “Temperance is rolling with it,” she notes. “She’s very technical about what she’s going through with the pregnancy and a little less sentimental. And Cam is mostly dealing with the newest interns. And her daughter’s coming back, so she’ll be in and out throughout the season.” Speaking of Bones, Emily Deschanel has a message for you!

Question: Got any Liam-centric 90210 scoop? —Deb
In what is arguably one of the most realistic storylines the show has ever tackled, Liam will become a male model this season.

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  1. RPrincipessa says:

    Excited for GG and 90210!

    Liam is super hot!

    I didn’t like Dair anyway. I agree with Vanillalatte! Chair all the way!!

  2. Anon says:

    Thank you for your wonderful spoilers! I hope your next spoiler is that Blair is pregnant with Chuck’s Baby and they are getting married!

    A fangirl can dream! #savechuckandblair!

    • Britney says:

      Hopefully the writers are smart enough not to knock Blair up with Chucks kids. After the way he treated her in the last 3 episodes, he needs a swift kick in the rear not a baby.

    • Vanillalatte86 says:

      We all want that! @Babybass_ on twitter has so many followers and Blair’s pregnancy has not even been confirmed.

      BabyBass for the win!!

      • Karen says:

        We all don’t want Blair to be pregnant with Chucks baby or pregnant at all. Just because the Chair Fanatics made a babybass twitter means nothing. People have their pets on twitter with just as many and more followers.

  3. Melissa says:

    Ah, these GG spoilers made my day! I don’t need Chuck and Blair back together immediately- they have a whole season for that- but I’m not interested in being bored to death by her slumming it in the meantime. An in-character Blair Waldorf would never go for Dan in a million years.

  4. fortuna says:

    I sometimes forget that 90210 is still on the air until someone mentions them.

    I am happy it seems like the writers are stepping back from Dan/Blair. So many people stopped watching because of that. I know that they want a shipper war but fans don’t want to see Blair betray her best friend. People want to root for Blair.

    • Liza says:

      As a Blair fan first I’m rooting for her to be with Anyone but Chuck BAsshole!! He’s done nothing but treat her like his property. I’m rooting for either Dan or Louis, and since Louis won’t be around for long then Dan it is.

    • Lexi says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I couldn’t watch the second half of GG because there was too much Dair. I’m a Chiar fan first and I just want to see them together again.

    • Allie says:

      Yeah, I hate the idea of Blair betraying Serena like that. Not to mention she would never really be happy with a guy like Dan, so she’d betraying her best friend for nothing.

      • Liza says:

        Blair herself said Chuck doesn’t make her happy, but we have Dorota saying how happy and content she was hanging out with Dan. If the writers want Dan and Blair together, Serena won’t be a problem. She owes her one after everything with Nate :P

        • Amanda says:

          I guess you missed the finale. It showed Chuck CAN make Blair happy. It was pretty much about denying everything she had said about CB’s relationship. I am sure s5 is gonna be about Blair realizing Chuck can make her happy and that he does love her light side, like he told Nate. I guess you didn’t watch the finale, did you?

          • Amanda says:

            @Liza Yeah, I guess we have to wait and see what s5 brings us. I am just happy they are not promoting DB like they did last season. Hopefully they realized the DB arc did no good for the show.

          • Mel says:

            They can’t accept Chuck and Blair love each other. They’ll get it at the end of the series.

        • Allie says:

          Uh, yeah, it’s not that hard to be content hanging out with someone you have no romantic feelings for. What’s the word for that again? Oh right, friendship.

          • Liza says:

            @ Amanda I saw the finale! Hanging out at a Bar Mitzvah and pretending to be someone else made Blair happy. I didn’t see Blair and Chuck. Even Chuck admitted he didn’t make her happy in their final scenes together. So we’ll have to agree to disagree.

            @ Allie I’m ok with friendship, because friends make the best lovers. The writers have 24 episodes next season to take Dan and Blair to that point and I hope they do.

          • Allie says:

            Actually, friends don’t make the best lovers. People who love each other make the best lovers. Blair’s never going to feel the way about Dan that she does about Chuck. In fact, I’d almost feel bad for Dan if he got between them, because he’d end up as roadkill. Almost.

          • Karen says:

            Actually friends do make the best lovers. Even the book Ivy was reading and GG promoted stated as much. And friends to love each other so what you said is mute.

  5. Emily says:

    Ugh, I couldn’t care less about Dan’s “feelings” for Blair. I’m sure he’ll pine for her just like he’s pined for Serena and Vanessa in past (ie; barely at all). At least Blair’s not into him for now.

    I would much rather hear ANYTHING about Chuck, Blair, Serena or Nate. I don’t need DHumps in my GG life, thanks.

    • Alice says:

      That’s how I feel about Dan’s feelings, I do not care. He loves and wants to “have” weak women. I really just want to see more of the Chuck and Blair story and the one question I really want answered is “Who is pregnant?” Let is be Blair and we can have a Baby Waldorf-Bass!

  6. Candice says:

    Ugh, do we HAVE to meet Blaine’s parents? Really? I’m guessing this will have something to with them meeting Kurt and blah blah. Rachel and Finn have been dating (on and off) for two years and we have yet to meet her parents, or see her parents interact with Carol (and Burt, I guess). I’m pretty sure we will meet all the characters parents at graduation though.

    I like Wemma but they’re like Finchel, I need them in small to medium doses or I will go insane.

  7. Amanda says:

    Thanks for the “Castle” & “Nikita” spoilers, Aus. Got anything on Tiva? They’re moving at glacial speed. Also, I miss asking you about Huddy. Most epic ship ever-even after what was done to them in the finale.

    • Jo says:

      I’d love to know if Tiva still exists. With the way Gary Glasberg had them behaving towards each other last season like ill-behaved little children, it makes me think he’s trying to sink the ship for good without ever having sailed it.

      • @Jo says:

        I hope not. Tiva is pretty great; it’s just getting tiresome waiting for some significant movement towards each other. I mean, it’s been eight years. I think we’ve earned some good Tiva time by now.

  8. Emily says:

    Good grief, that’s a relief! I would hate to lose Blair to the Dull Side. I want this Dair business to end as quick as possible. It’s robbing me all the fun. Chuck and Blair are the best couple on the show and they deserve to be rebuilt. Blair will always love Chuck. She said so herself.

    • Jamie says:

      Blair was dull with Dan! Glad I’m not the only one who was thinking this. Whew! Chuck and Blair all the way!

      • Betty says:

        At least Dan hasn’t sold her a hotel or attacked her. That alone is making be root for him at this point. I’m for Blair with Anyone but the attempted RAPIST Chuck.

        • Alice says:

          Chuck isn’t a rapist, you don’t seem to watch the show. Chuck and Blair are the couple most like and we don’t want Dair.

  9. Lisa says:

    Gossip Girl is still on? O.o
    Most imortantly, people actually watch it? O.o
    I learn something new everyday.

  10. Gladys says:

    Can we stop having spoilers about April from Grey’s Anatomy? I don’t think there’s people really interested in her, weather she loses or not her V-card, or whatever they intended. She’s not funny, it’s just plain annoying. Where’re the storylines from the orignals, Mrs Rhimes was talking about a few months ago? I can’t believe we are heading into S8 and probably last season for a lot of them and we still have so much to know about Alex, Derek or even Bailey…Can we have spoilers about them and not the annoying newbies? thanks…

    • Ruby says:

      Since someone ASKED for April spoilers there obviously are people out there who are interested in her character.

    • jj says:

      noone likes april. noone wants to see her as chief resident. its completely unrealistic that this wimpy wuss of a surgeon would be put in charge of such strong personalities that already buck the system at every turn. who in their right mind would put april in charge of anything except maybe a sick puppy? but greys has gone so far from even trying to pretend any sort of realism that i shouldn’t be surprised. so over this show….

      • jj says:

        shonda is yet another example of a showrunner thinking that what is fun for the cast and crew (and i’m sure they are having a great time) translates into fun for the audience as well. NEWSFLASH: it doesn’t!

  11. The Rock says:

    The Rocks Says he wants to know who is kidnapped on One Tree Hill, and if he doesn’t gets answers he is going to Layeth the Smacketh Down on some Candy Ausiello Ass. LOL

  12. Lucy says:

    So happy that Blair hasn’t got feelings for Dan. That would be a travesty. Let’s hope it stays that way so everything is right in the Gossip Girl world and I won’t feel the need to tune out and spare me the snoozefest.

  13. Chelsea says:

    Damn Chair fans and their comment spamming!

    Sometimes I wish GG would just end, SMH.

  14. Benjamin Carr says:

    BREAKING BAD asterisk quiz: a bystander?

  15. Frank says:

    Ok guys stop saying chuck should be with blair cause everyone knows he already got engaged with Sarah walker so shut up about gossip girl

  16. Captain says:

    So we’re finally getting to meet Rachel’s dads?????? The only other set of parents I’d have any interest in meeting are Brittany’s parents, just cause.

    • Jelly says:

      I heard that they were casting Britts Parents and that they winner from the Glee Project would play an exchange student living with her family. I think it was on E news yesterday…

  17. Tad says:

    They CANNOT kill of Jesus on True Blood! That would be the SECOND time that I’ve cried over his character’s death, after Ugly Betty. They just can’t.

  18. Miffy says:

    Two things:

    1. The ratings for GG and always terrible, no matter who the couple of the moment is. And they always trail off in the latter half of the season, similar to many shows (daylight savings tends to results in lower viewership).

    2. Stop writing about this Tammy/Parks and Recreation business. It’s like they are paying you to try to hype this ridiculous show that no one watches or cares about. Give it up – it WILL NEVER BE A HIT.

  19. Babygate says:

    Love that “Switched at Birth” is coming back early 2012. That is one gem of a show…
    About Private Practice, am I the only one that does not like Addison with Sam? I just don’t see the chemistry with them. They are both hot and successful but they are in different places. And he’s shorter than her! I can’t get over that… Anyways, I hope she gets her baby and if she breaks up with Sam along the way, even better. But Shonda loves them together so maybe not…

    • ARed says:

      No, you’re not the only one that doesn’t like the Sam and Addison pairing. It feels forced. Plus, I can’t get past the fact that he was her best friend’s husband. Their daughter calls her Aunt Addison for crying out loud. It just feels like a line that shouldn’t have been crossed.

    • sarah says:

      You aren’t the only one at all. I honestly dislike Addison in every way. She doesn’t want a man unless he belongs to someone else. She didn’t want her own man (Derek) when she had him and then only wanted him when he was finally happy again, with someone else.
      Addison’s character is flawed in every way. She is a narcissistic woman and it can be seen in every move and judgement she makes. She blames the world for her actions and yet takes no responsibility or accountability for her own faults. She hit on a patient’s husband! She tried to date a married doctor, she dated Pete, and then Sam. She had no right to judge Derek’s sister for Mark, but you could see in her face she was both judging and jealous. Then she couldn’t understand why Naomi was upset at her…read the signs of Narcissitic Personality Disorder. One would think that with 2 shrinks in the practice one would have already diagnosed her!

      • jj says:

        i don’t think Shonda Rhimes knows how to create an actual LIKEABLE character that also has dramatic conflict. Either they are boring or complete aholes/idiots.

  20. shauna says:

    One Tree Hill:



    So is it Nathan, Jamie, Lydia?!?

  21. Maria says:

    It will be amazing year for Wemma.

  22. Jane says:

    Okay – Nikita & Alex reunion is clearly not going to happen anytime soon and it seems like their relationship is getting worse. I’m assuming one or the other shot each other.. unless the other major character is Amanda. And boy, I would love if Amanda got shot!

    It’s funny there are so many comments about GG because the past two years (or really since season 1) the ratings have been pretty abysmal. I guess the ones that still watch it are just diehard fans.

  23. Kath says:

    Thanks for the Castle scoop. Josh has served his purpose, good to know that arc is going to be wrapped up.

    Once Upon a Time is sounding better and better.

    The Bones scoop is typical of the producers and their shoddy treatment of fans. Why reward viewers for 6 seasons of loyalty by showing how everyone reacts to the baby when you can make them imagine everything instead?

    • E says:

      I had to imagine there was even a spark between B & B last season because I did not see that either. Maybe fans will have to imagine the birth of the baby as well.

  24. Felicia says:

    Hah. I’m glad Dan Humpty will get to feel how Vanessa felt throughout their relationship when he rejected her for Serena and how Serena felt when he kissed Blair, dated her cousin, screwed her stalker, and had an emotional affair with her teacher: REJECTION.

    I think it’ll be good medicine for Dan “Gary Stu” Humphrey to feel the sting of unrequited love for once. Maybe I’ll actually feel sorry for this Gary Stu character for once. One thing is for sure though, I have zero interest in him and Blair having a romance. No thanks. I can barely tolerate a friendship between the two of them. A romance would destroy Blair’s character for good.

  25. Sally says:

    Thanks for the Once Upon A Time scoop, can’t wait for this show! :)

  26. Annoyed says:

    I used to love coming on to tvline on Tuesdays to check out the new Ask Ausiello and check out the comments, but honestly the stupid Gossip Girl garbage has completely ruined it for me. It might not annoy me so much if half the comments weren’t ‘OMG this one is the hottest couple like ever on tv, and the other is sooo stupid, they suck!’. The CW has a message board for stuff like this. Every time Gossip Girl is brought up in an Ask Ausiello, it’s the same garbage over and over again for 90 percent of the comments, and it’s always the same stuff that’s already been said a million times before.

  27. amy says:

    Officer Sènor Chang.. That just made my day.. i have a feeling that season 3 of Community is gonna be the best so far

  28. milena says:

    What destroyed GG last season was Dan Blair useless storyline. People hated it but GG still wanted to extend it to s5. Give logical closure to it already GG, before it destroys the show even more. People don’t want to come back next season because of the silly illogical Dan Blair ridiculousness and writers pushing Dan down our throats. I hope it stays as this and Blair never have feelings for her best friends love of life.

  29. Soph says:

    Love April on Greys, the new cast over the past couple of seasons have been great for the show.
    Thanks for the GG spoiler, if the writers stayed true to their characters they have created Blair would never date someone like Dan.
    Looking forward to Addison’s struggle on Private Practice.
    Barney interested in Lily’s boobs, haha!

  30. Milla says:

    That’s a relief about Dan and Blair. That storyline was about as thrilling as watching paint dry. Hoping for an awesome Chair season this year!

  31. Lea says:

    I’m sorry to say, the writers ruined Chair for me when they made Chuck act like such an abusive douche. Selling your girlfriend? Trying to ruin her life? Using violence against her? I used to LOVE Chair. Now I would find it degrading for Blair to go back to him. And I would find it a little scary that a show targeting teenagers should promote abusive relationships. Starting from total enmity and teenager-like behaviour, Dan and Blair have reached a place where their relationship is refreshingly (for GG) respectful and pretty mature, even as friends. Maybe that’s what doesn’t work with part of the audience, as GG is all about dysfunctional relationhips. I personnaly think they were cute together, but I don’t really care whether they end up together or not.
    I just think it would take a lot for me to accept Blair going back to Chuck (and no, “it’s epic” and “They’re the core couple” don’t count, even though I loved them together in S1 and S2). Blair is supposed to be a clever girl, and strong despite her insecurities. Abusive boyfriends don’t fit the bill for such a character.

  32. Rachel says:

    WOW where are all these Chuck fangirls coming from? At my college, my sorority house and 2 other houses (~90 people) get together at the biggest house to watch GG every Monday during the season. This is not 2008/2009, Chuck isn’t the most popular character anymore. All of us are very interested to see what’s going to happen with everyone next season, especially Dan and Blair, because this spoiler is obviously not the end of the story. The majority of people are not stuck in the past and obsessed with Chuck Bass. Twitter is not an accurate gauge of popularity, NO ONE I know tweets about Gossip Girl….

    They want Chuck with Blair because his storylines make people fall asleep otherwise lol. I just think it’s ridiculous how a few people think it’s okay to spam boards excessively supporting about a couple that’s been on the already been air for 4 years. Don’t be so threatened by a change of pace, maybe? Dan and Blair are eventually going to get together, so if this is a deal breaker for you narrow-minded people then you should probably stop watching now, just saying…

    • leah says:

      Wow it must be wonderful that 90 people all share the same opinion, all power to you guys. Not sure what any of this has to do with the spoiler mentioned, just saying…..

    • LMAO says:

      LMAO. That’s the dumbest and most pathetic post I have ever seen. It’s funny how DB fans come up with lies to make it look like their couple is popular. We at least come up with facts:
      1) The ratings dropped during the DB’s arc
      2) Twitteris a accurate gauge of popularity. A lot of casual viewers post there. And there a are a lot more tweets about CB and Chuck Bass than DB and Dan
      3) Same thing with tumblr
      4) Even with the writers destroying CB, big part of the audience didn’t jump ship

      • Anon says:


        @SaveChuckBlair has 2134 followers who want Chuck and Blair.
        @BabyBass_ has 750 followers and we don’t even know for sure that Blair is pregnant with Chuck’s baby.

        On tumblr, One Chair post has 24,000+ notes on it already.

        Twitter and Tumblr have such a larger scope of people where you can get a more accurate random sample of fans!

    • Vanillalatte86 says:

      Actually twitter is a very accurate gage because is worldwide unbiased location.

  33. Daphne says:

    Blair spent a lot of time alone with Dan in S4 and she didn’t fall in love with him. Blair kissed Dan once and chose Chuck – and when Chuck messed up she chose to be single. Blair kissed Dan a second time and still wanted Louis.

    Blair’s order of preference is: 1st Chuck, 2nd Louis, 3rd alone, 4th Dan.

    As much as DB fans want Dan/Blair to happen, I really think it’s high time they respected Blair’s agency and right to make her own choices. If she doesn’t want Dan that’s her call. No need to hate on her because she doesn’t do exactly what you want her to do.

  34. Nate says:

    Regarding the Glee scoop, I really hope that the other set of parents are from an original Glee club member. We’ve been teased with Rachel’s dads for far too long (and I still that it’s ridiculous for the show to introduce Rachel’s egg donor mother and then bring her back for another arc before even introducing the fathers, no matter how talented Idina Menzel is) and I personally would really like to meet Mercedes’s parents (if only to give her something of a plotline), but I suspect that the other set of parents in Episode 3 would logically be Tina’s parents, who I am assuming would be a Jewish mother and a Chinese father based on the last name Cohen-Chang.

  35. Jason says:

    Oh yes, let’s have Chuck and Blair and only Chuck and Blair….the storyline that goes nowhere and continues to bore year after year. Guess the show’s fans really do want GG cancelled, because keeping the same two people together forever, with no room for dramatics or interesting storylines, is certainly the way to do it.

    You “Chair” girls really need to get a life.

  36. donna says:

    Ugh, I don’t care if there’s no Dair as long as I don’t have to see Chair. Guess I wouldn’t be so lucky!!!
    And hell yeah Mike Chang!

  37. Jill says:

    OTH…Nathan is kidnapped!

  38. Regina says:

    I actually want Dair to get together. Even if it’s not for that long. And I dislike her relationship with the Prince. I hope that she doesn’t marry him and isn’t pregnant with his baby. It would certainely make the show a ton more interesting if Blair turned up pregnant with Chuck’s baby. I’m a chair fan all the way I just don’t think Chuck is ready for as serious relationship with Blair as he thinks. I think they are better broken up for right now. So as long as Chair is the endgame then I don’t really care what happens.

  39. Sandra says:

    The Dan and Blair storyline bores me to death, so please kill it soon. Thank you. For the first time in four seasons, I found Blair boring. Congratulations Dan on accomplishing that. Plus it’s about time a girl does not reciprocate Dan’s feelings lol!

  40. Amy says:

    Thanks Ausiello, the Dair spoiler sounds good to me! I really enjoy the Dair storyline and I’m happpy to see that when we come back Dan will still have feelings for Blair. I think Blair will begin to return the feelings later on in the season. I don’t think Blair is pregnant but I think that is what the writers want people to assume so they can surprise us with something else. :)

  41. Sara says:

    It is about time Wemma got together.

  42. Samuel B. Taylor says:

    hear that your favorite Warbler iѕ ditching Dalton Academy and heading to McKinley High. One оf my faithful spies spotted Blaine–sans Dalton uniform–strolling with Kurt arоund WMHS аnd sауѕ that a full-time spot оn New Directions іs just аrоund the corner. Would уоu be thrilled tо seе Blaine join Rachel аnd the crew? For more information on the watch gossip girl free, you can check the information available online.

  43. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for the Gossip Girl mention and the TT quote on what is up with BONES. I miss that gang and look forward to their return!

  44. SD says:

    Have no interest in the month on GA. So she’s going to be bossing around Alex, Cristina and Jackson? No mention of Meredith or Lexie being bossed around? I hope you get some scoop on Derek, Meredith, Cristina, Alex and Bailey soonish.

  45. Sarah says:

    Happy with the GG spoiler!

    I hope they do not bother with Dair. It is more than obvious that the majority of fans still want Blair with Chuck.

    Now for my selfish reason! I miss Dan and Serena! I hope they come back! Dan and Blair is just so ugh! Dan and Serena, now that is winning.

    Chair has the biggest fan base anyway. They would be making me and the majority of their fans happy. See, Win Win!!

  46. Meg says:

    This silly fighting on message boards between “Chair” v. “Dair” fans is more ridiculous than any of the plotlines on Gossip Girl . . . and that includes Georgina’s russian baby, Serena’s “murder” and Serena dating the teacher her mom had put in jail.

  47. carol ucker says:

    bom Blair pode ser amiga de Dan, apesar de não gostar muito dele mas a Blair é de Chuck e Chuck é de Blair isso é fato simplesmente épico…não quero ver minha Blair com mais ninguém….sinceramente deixaria de assistir só para não ter que ver minha rainha B com o Dan.

  48. Lily says:

    How funny, someone on OTH is getting kidnapped.

  49. Kaley_T says:




  50. sissio says:

    dan sucks god i hate him.He falls for every girl on this show this is just ridicoulous and he is pathetic