Fall TV Preview

Two and a Half Men Taps Judy Greer as Ashton Kutcher's Ex

CBS’ Two and a Half Men is introducing the first skeleton in Ashton Kutcher’s closet.

Judy Greer, who co-starred on CBS’ short-lived Mad Love, has signed on to play the recurring role of Bridget, the soon-to-be ex-wife of Ashton Kutcher’s character, TV Guide Magazine reports.

Kutcher joins the cast of the hit CBS sitcom this fall as a heartbroken Internet billionaire named Walden Schmidt, and Bridget is at the source of that despair. The lonely Walden buys the home belonging to Charlie, who is now dead, and convinces Alan and his son Jake to stay in the house with him.

This is not Greer’s first time invading Men‘s turf. Back in 2007, she played Myra, a love interest for Charlie. It also marks a reunion for Greer and Kutcher. Greer starred in the ABC comedy Miss/Guided, which was exec produced by Kutcher.

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  1. Tanya says:

    I really hate when t.v shows recast someone they have already had on the show as someone else. As if people don’t remember, it’s like them actually saying, “People are so stupid, it’s not like they will notice!”…For how many talented actresses there are out there, please pick someone new!

    • Holly says:

      I agree – She has already been on the show as a different character, bringing her back as someone else is weird.

    • Jess says:

      Mhm. You’d think it be easier even to bring her back AS Myra, and make it out like she married Kutcher’s character after being with Charlie.

      • Jen says:

        That’s exactly what I was thinking they should do, since she was supposed to be engaged as Myra…apparently that would make too much sense!

    • Linn says:

      absolutely agreed.
      i think there are several other actresses who would fit this job. To be honest, Judy Greer doesn’t seem to fit the bill as well, she’s sweet and sometimes more suitable for naive/crazy roles. Not that she has to act all roles the same.

      I would be happy if Ashton Kuchie’s love interests are kept changing orelse it will not 2&1/2men anymore.

    • andrea says:

      Yeah, Chelsea was used approximately 3 times before being cast as Chelsea…I couldn’t have been the only one who noticed.

    • lori says:

      I too agree. I couldn’t believe it when I saw who the actress was playing Ashton’s ex.

      then to see Jenny McCarthy on it again…Need to see some fresh ideas and new people. i thought that was the idea with Ashton joining the show.


  2. Liam says:

    This almost made me want to watch the show but I remembered that Charlie wasn’t the worst thing about the show. The writing was.

  3. Gretchen says:

    The entire premise is creepy. Why would a billionaire want a single father and his teen kid, complete strangers to him, to live with him?

    Good thing the ‘1/2 man’ is an older teen and not a kid or the premise would really reek of pedophilia!

    • Lauren says:

      Pretty sure the ‘1/2 man’ was Charlie’s character, and now Ashton’s. I haven’t ever watched the show, and even I know that. But yeah, that would be creepy. Especially seeing the pictures they’ve leaked of Ashton looking all skinny and bearded.

  4. Kelly says:

    No planning in watching a minute of this show. This is not Two and a Half Man anymore because Charlie is not there.

    • IronBlossom says:

      Agreed. I’m still going to check it out, it’s like a train wreck I just can’t look away from. But I don’t care what they say, Charlie made the show and it just wont be the same.

    • barbs says:

      Just can’t believe that this can be as good without Charlie. Bad enough this Myra, or whatever she is now, character again, but, please God, not boring, show ruining Chelsea.

  5. Lana says:

    Seriously?? Her Aunt Myra episodes are two of my favourite in the whole series. They are wrecking that for me! Do they really think sitcom viewers are too stupid to remember that she’s been there before?

    • april-ann says:

      I totally agree with you Lana. Those were great episodes. They know fans loved those eps and are doing everything they can to wreck that for us. They are hateful and vindictive not only to their former star but to true fans of the show as well. Sad. They should have brought back Jennifer Taylor, who played at least three other characters before she even played that drip Chelsea (but that was much less noticeable than Myra!). And I wouldn’t care if Chelsea’s on there now because I won’t be watching anyway.

      • Jen says:

        So true…just because Charlie quit, it’s like they’re trying to make the old audience stop watching because we like him!

  6. rosemary hirsch says:

    I am looking forward to the revamped Two And a Half Men. I hope it will be just as much fun with AK and the rest of the remaining cast as it was when Charlie Sheen was around. Chuck Lorre, the creator, is a creative comedy writer, and I know the show will be filled with great laughs combined with memories and sorror for the late Charlie Harper.

  7. Tara says:

    This was such a great show. Without Charlie the show will stink.
    I will watch Charlie Roast. And hope he gets a new show soon.

  8. Sam says:

    At least someone with some modicum of comedic presence will be on the show. It’s official: Not even Judy Greer could make me watch this dreck.

  9. kevin says:

    CBS was disappointed when MAD LOVE got cancelled.

  10. Dave says:

    Was considering giving this reboot a chance. No more. I really dig Greer. But its inanely pathetic they can’t find a NEW actress to play this role. Absolutely pathetic.

  11. Cassie says:

    OMG, this would have almost made sense if she had reprised as Myra. Herb’s sister’s exhusband (the guy she “left” Charlie for) buys the house, lets Alan and Jake live there as a way to be “a good guy” and see Myra, who moved to LA to be closer to her brother and niece after the divorce.

    God this will suck.

  12. Kenneth says:

    I like Judy Greer and I’m glad she will be on the show – she’s a good fit. This show has done this several times before – Jennifer Taylor and April Bowlby both played different characters before becoming regulars.

    • Linda says:

      Jennifer Taylor and April Bowlby played insignificant bit parts before which is why they were able to be brought back in a regular role. Judy Greer on the other hand, she played Herb’s sister Myra and those two episodes were probably the best ones. This whole idea of bringing her back as someone different sucks!

      • Philo T. Farnsworth says:

        How do you not get that it’s not real? It’s a television show. Google the phrase ‘suspension of disbelief.’ If you can’t make that commitment, turn off your tv.

        Gudy Greer isn’t actually Myra. She’s an actress. She played Myra. Now she’s playing a new character. Get over it.

        • zOLTÁN MAGYAR says:

          He is right for Farnsworrth. Judy is very good actress, and therefore plays the role of Bridget.
          New season, new role, no problem.

  13. NickC says:

    um…Law and Order does it all the time…jezz you people need to relax…she is a great actress.(Loved her on Californication)…I know you all are just a bunch of haters but this show is sounding fun.She is going to be great with AC.

  14. Sparky says:

    I thought the best idea to bring Ashton Kutcher into the show would have been had Charlie been in an accident and they gave him plastic surgery and he came back as Charlie 2.0. I know that I’m going to tune in out of curiosity but I don’t know if the way they’ve set it up makes a lot of sense and then to bring Myra back as another character is just lazy. Her episodes were really good and stood out amongst the pack. I’m curious how long before the ratings start to decline.

  15. JB Smooove says:

    ^^ I almost died.

  16. KATHY says:

    Wait- Wait-what? Herb’s Sister Myra married the character Aston is playing? Myra -Judith’s sister in law? That makes Aston’s character is Jake’s uncle too – right? What was she doing – attending his funeral and Aston’s character? follows her and flips out when he learns she had sex with Charlie before they were married? Whatever-Aston is not a good actor PERIOD. Not worth that much money…maybe his wife is somehow connected with him getting such a high salery.

    Aston is an awful choice. Than again Myra is robbing the craddle, like his real life wife Demi – the one with the chalk board voice.

    It would have been funnier if Herb left Judith, he moved in with Jake and Al…because Charly taxes are more than what Al can pay,so Herb agrees to pay them, so Al gets to keep the house & Jake has an alternative place to live. But Judith finds out and kicks Herb out too! No Auston! Just AUNT MYRA visiting every once in a while.

    No matter what-Aston isn’t going to work because he lacks the talent to be an actor-here-movies-talk shows anywhere.
    I’ll bet, one reason they are going to keep flashing back to Charly is Lorre knows that is the only way CBS is going to hold the old audience. If they show people remembering Charly doing…and show part of that show, don’t they still have to pay Sheen like a royalty check or something?

    I think the reason the cast is getting stories so close to performance is that Lorre is waiting to write scripts based on audience reaction to the previous show. Hey for all we know, we are giving Lorre ideas for his scripts.

    • Tanya says:

      How negative are you…..and the show hasn’t even aired yet! By the way Aston is spelt ASHTON!!!! And, what do you mean by ‘robbing the cradle’ – leave his wife alone, she’s never done anything to you?!

  17. Tanya says:

    Hi All – I don’t think anyone should post negative responses about 2.5 men until the show actually airs and see what AK brings to the show and what the ratings will be. He is a talented actor and for the fact he has 7 million followers on Twitter (doesn’t that say something)……I too liked Charlie Sheen, he was awesome, however things have happened, and things happen for a reason.
    This has happened to many other TV series and they still kept their ratings up even though they changed the main character.

  18. Mike says:

    Fern Mayo!

  19. Joyce says:

    Sounds like a Soap Opera because they recast characters all of the time on soaps. I liked Charlie and will miss Charlie.

  20. Lisa says:

    The actress that player Chelsea played three different parts that I recall, Chelsea, the woman in the grocery the first episode when he took Jake and realized he was a choice msgnet

  21. Lisa says:

    The actress that played Chelsea played three different parts that I recall, Chelsea, the woman in the grocery the first episode when he took Jake and realized he was a chick magnet and one of the women he apologized to when trying to find out who started the website about him that Rose had started. Not surprised he would recycle another actress in a different part on the show. Another reason not to watch again.

  22. The Boii says:

    Why? Why? Why?, why would you recast someone as a completely different character when they have already been on the show….. they shouldve just cast Demi Moore as the ex-wife, wouldve been more funny and ironic

  23. penny says:

    Bad idea..i love Greer but her character on this show (Herb little sister) was already good moreover she was a good love-interest for Charlie Harper (i always wanted her to come back for him, finally a real good match for him, a cool, sarcastic, independant woman who could give him a run for his money unlike all these boring bimbos..) and now they destroy that by casting her as a new character (yeah they already did that with Chelsea but it is not a good example Chelsea was awful, a big mistake from the TPTB, who sucked the life out of Charlie) and watching her with Ashton Kutcher doesn’t interest me in the least..i will pass.

  24. keith says:

    Great choice. She was the best part of Mad Love.

  25. Olle says:

    cant freakin wait for this!!! the new season :D

  26. Shanna says:

    Judy Greer’s former appearance as Myra on 2 and a half men featured her as Alan’s ex-wifes’ soon to be sister in law. Her and Charlie had a short relationship, and when Charlie actually tried to get a little serious, Myra stated she was engaged and it was just a fling. That could have fit perfectly to Ashton’s new character- Walden getting a divorce. Ddduuh…

  27. bella29 says:

    @ Shanna, ahhhh, what?! Although, you provide a optimistic view on this story line, its absolutely ludicrous! Look @ the time frame….duh? “Aunt Myra’ (Judy Greer) was on Two and a half men in 2007…..So, according to your theory, she was engaged to Walden when she had an affair w/ Charlie in 2007? According to this last episode, Season 9, Episode 2, Walden & Britney (the familiar ” Aunt Myra” have been married for 15 YEARS! Also, Alan, didn’t seem to recognize his ex-wife’s sister in law who he met several times by another name…Myra. So, my dear, your theory blows! I’m in agreement with the rest of the die hard fans who have been there since the inception of Two and a half men, I gave it 2 shots, it sucked and bringing in Aunt Myra as a whole new person that Alan doesn’t remember….well, that’s just an insult to us.

  28. dayana says: