Did The Closer's Gabriel Snitch on Brenda? Corey Reynolds Previews 'Grand Finale' Arc

When last we tuned into TNT’s The Closer (Mondays at 9/8c), Raydor came to suspect that someone within the department had told the plaintiff in the “Shootin’ Newton” lawsuit of a very incriminating exchange between Brenda and Gabriel — the smoking gun, if you will. Since select few people knew that Brenda had rebuffed Gabriel’s suggestion that they stick around to postpone a rather inevitable gang murder, could it have been Gabriel himself, acting from a place of duty, who leaked the info?

TVLine spoke with Closer vet Corey Reynolds about this latest twist in what he calls the very beginning of the procedural’s “grand finale.”

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TVLINE | It appears that we now have a mole hunt underway….
We do have a mole hunt. I believe we might have a leak.

TVLINE | The Closer is kind of due for one. It’s a crime drama, there’s a close-knit group of cops…. At some point a mole has to be sussed out.
That’s right, and one really interesting thing the writers are doing this year is you’re getting to see a more clear picture of how Brenda’s decision-making really has a tremendous impact on everyone else. We’ve all kind of been thrown into this [wrongful death lawsuit] mess, for various different associations… and we will see Brenda take an introspective look at what she did to make all of our lives more complicated. For seven seasons now, we’ve seen her make her decisions and push thinking in her direction, and the pieces fall where they lie. Now, because there’s a level of closeness that’s moved into the family realm when it comes to the squad, she’s starting to reevaluate her role in how it’s had an impact on our careers.

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TVLINE | As a charter viewer of the show, I want to say that Gabriel is above reproach, but if this leak stems from something he said to her privately…. I imagine all eyes will be on him.
Yeah, yeah. And to be honest, at this point we don’t know who the mole is. The creative staff is being very coy about where things are going. I mean, I have my suspicions, but it’s still up in the air.

TVLINE | So this will be going on for a number of episodes, and won’t be resolved in a week or two?
Oh, no, this isn’t going to be resolved in a week or two. This is going to be the grand finale. The maestro is tapping the music stand, the whole symphony just sat up in their seats, and we’re about to play this thing out, man. For those who have been following the show closely and have been paying attention to the “yellow brick road” we’ve been building on the way to see the Wizard here, you’re going to have a lot of things come back sand smack you in the face. I…. I’m so stuck between what I know and what I can divulge. [Laughs] What I know I can share is that Brenda’s decision-making is really going to be the focus of this final season.

TVLINE | Which I think is kind of cool, that it’s not the same ol’ same ol’ for the show’s final run. Instead, Brenda is facing this crucible for her swan song. It wraps up her arc — this is who she was, this is who she became…
… and this is the effect the city had on her. Ever since we began production on this show, we’ve seen what effect Brenda has had on Los Angeles. What we’re seeing now is also a lot of the impact Los Angeles has had on her. She’s not the same person she was when she came in.

TVLINE | But damn it, she gets the job done.
That’s right, and that’s going to be a very interesting dynamic for the viewers to watch play out. The best thing I can tell you is: “Expect the unexpected!”

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TVLINE | Will Brenda or Raydor make a beeline for Gabriel, since he’s one of the few who knew what was said that day?
That would seem to be Stop A, but it’s almost like playing a game of Clue. Did the Colonel do it in the library with the candlestick? The writers have been very smart about breadcrumbs, and if you’ve been paying attention, they lead you to where things are going.

TVLINE | In this week’s episode, it looks like Brenda’s attorney will get in the face of the Major Crimes guys.
Yeah, he’s got to find out what we know and what type of group we are, and find out who the potential leak is, if there is a leak.

TVLINE | It’s interesting what Mark Pellegrino is doing with his character, Gavin Q. Baker. He’s a little affected.
He is a little affected. I think if you spend enough time out here in Los Angeles and you interact with enough people who have clout, power, money, prestige and reputation, you can see the effect Los Angeles has had on Gavin as well. He’s very affected, but he’s also very effective.

TVLINE | Throughout all of this, would you say Gabriel is the most protective of Brenda?
I would say so. If you go back to the pilot, instantly he saw something in her that was very admirable. That’s what has been the apex of their relationship. Despite disagreeing with her at times over some of her methods, he trusts her implicitly. He believes in her and in her desire to do the right thing. I think the thing he’s discovered from her the most is that there is a grey area. You sometimes have to bend the rules to get to where you need to go. But what he’s also discovered is that bending the rules has consequences.

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TVLINE | Is it hard to field questions about “The Closer‘s final season!” when you must be like, “There is so much more ahead.” I mean, you’re running episodes through next summer.
[Laughs] Yeah. And as much as I am sad to see this experience as is come to an end, I’m very grateful for everything that we’ve been able to do here. This was the first pilot I ever booked, so to have it be something that’s been such a defining chapter of my life, professionally and personally, is a gift. The most important thing to all of us right now is, “How can we bring this ship into port in a way that is going to be up to the standards of the people who have stood by us all these years?” I called [series creator] James Duff over the weekend and had a conversation about some of the threads I had seen on message boards, and the guy is a mini genius. What he is doing is going to really blow the minds of everyone watching this show. I have my desire to be a show creator at some point in my career, and what he has done with this arc is very impressive. He is the first one to say, “I can’t take all the credit,” and he won’t, but everything starts from somewhere, and for us, that somewhere is with James. How he has set things up… seriously, you guys are going to be blown away.

TVLINE | Give us one last tease about what’s ahead for Gabriel.
The best little tidbit I can give about Gabriel is that he may not be the person we think he is.

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  1. Lanremason says:

    I seriously hope its not Det. Gabriel, i would really depress me especially since this is the last season.I cant wait fir the next episode.

  2. Linda K says:

    I have read all of these comments. The conclusion I’ve reached is that it won’t be POPE. After reading the article, I found it very interesting that Corey Reynolds called James Duff and discussed what he’d seen on the posts. Think about it: does anyone think the “ending” surprises are those we, the viewers, expect? Like POPE being the mole? I don’t think that would be much of a surprise. I think Pope IS the logical choice. So it’s not Pope. Or maybe there isn’t a mole at all. MAYBE the surprise is something most of us hadn’t considered. That’s the job of the show’s power’s that be. To keep us wondering, and to surprise us for real. We’ll soon see.

  3. sweetp58 says:

    I think Brenda will be killed in the line of duty and we will never know who the mole is. THAT would be a shocker!

  4. Valerie P says:

    I think it could be Brenda. That would be a mind blower.

  5. Beth says:

    Must be Pope! I love The Closer but I’ve been accepting of the series ending…I will never recover if Brenda gets killed or if Fritz is the mole. If either of those things happen no more Closer on DVD & no attempt to go with Major Crimes!

  6. olivia says:

    I think the leak is pope, Fritz told Brenda a while back that she needed to watch her back with Pope and he’s been clear that he wants that job and will not let Brenda ruin it for him.

  7. fergie says:


    WE all have been looking in the m Wrong Direction.. Who is the one
    that at the moment is looking for revenge. Who was it that was hurt by Brenda more then once. Who was it that Brenda Made Cry and Crush her dream… Yes Ladies and Gentleman.. its the one and one..


  8. Mary says:

    Can someone catch me up on what is the tension between Taylor and Brenda? I’ve never quite caught why they seem to dislike each other so much. And while you’re at it, what happened between Raydor and Brenda? I love the show and hate to think of it ending, but I have missed a few too many episodes, I guess.


    • Alison Hicks says:

      From the episodes I’ve seen and as I recall, Taylor didn’t want Brenda to work for LAPD. He resented her coming straight into an Asst Chief position from the outside, because then she outranked him. Pope assured Taylor it was only because of red tape — more like an honorary title — and that she didn’t really outrank Taylor. Brenda had to trounce Taylor a few times when he undermined her authority and finally, when forced by Pope and the Dept. to apologize to Taylor and 2 others, she told them she was sorry that THEIR work wasn’t up to snuff. Her words to Taylor were, “And Captain Taylor, I can’t imagine any system in the world in which I wouldn’t outrank you.” And even after that, she didn’t get fired. Taylor follows power, and he finally realized it resides in Brenda (after his favorite Chief died suddenly). Brenda realizes Taylor can be a valuable asset but NOT if the tables turn. Taylor supports her only as long as she is winning. On the other hand, Pope supports her when it enhances his career or makes his life easier or feeds his ego so he’s harder to predict because there are so many variables. I suspect Pope is up to more than we viewers have seen.

  9. Annette says:

    I think it will Fritzy. He wants to move up the ladder and that means a transfer. He could never do it if Brenda stays with LAPD. If she has to resign it would be the Fritzy show

  10. sandra ross says:

    i think brenda leigh will be cleared and promoted to chief of police, which will write her out of the show. the only time we’ve seen the old chief of police was when he announced his upcoming retirement. raydor will take over brenda’s position. how’s that for surprise ending!!

  11. Alison Hicks says:

    The idea sounds promising that Fritz was placed at the LAPD as the FBI’s contact in order to better understand (and investigate) any improprieties. I would assume those would center around Pope and his shenanigans. Pope was having an affair with an auditor remember, before she was murdered. Perhaps Pope was staying close to the auditor to see what all she uncovered in her audit of the LAPD. If Pope has his hand in the till somehow, that could be another reason he wants everyone’s attention on Brenda and her supposed misdeeds. As long as people are looking elsewhere, they are less likely to notice what Pope is doing wrong and mismanaging. And Pope’s graft (if there is any) would be another motive for him to want the chief promotion so darned bad. It can be easier to cover your tracks from a higher position. (I can’t imagine it would be Sanchez who blabbed about the conversation in the car.)

    • Alison Hicks says:

      Just a thought but perhaps Pope is part of some multi-jurisdictional scam that comes under the purview of the FBI. Pope has worked, where, in Atlanta (or was he also in D.C. with Brenda)? Bringing Brenda on to work for LAPD meant he was bringing in somebody to fix the problems LAPD had at that time, plus she draws fire away from Pope’s mischief (if any), plus she handles things that free up some of Pope’s time. If the old chief who brought Pope to L.A. was involved in the same large illegal racket, he’s gone now so Pope would take the heat if it’s uncovered, I presume. Pope isn’t a mastermind but he is an opportunist, and he is sleazy. Any time a person travels a lot or works in various cities for no really-good reason, I get suspicious. Brenda has moved around to different cities and law enforcement agencies because she’s a valuable asset but a political liability. She’s a pistol and a firecracker and obsesses about her job, getting confessions no matter what and making sure the cops win and are on the side of right. For example, I see no better way for the Shootin’ Newton situation to have ended, although it shocked me. I doubt Brenda will have kids ever but she stands up for them and resented an 8-year-old and his grandpa being gunned down for no good reason. If the perp had walked away safely,he would have lived to kill more kids another day.

  12. Dee Dee says:

    Thanks Matt & Corey for this wonderful interview! I am sure we will be blown away by these final episodes. James Duff said he already knows the last three words Brenda will say!!
    For all you CLOSER Fans, here is a special way to say thank you to the amazing cast/crew by supporting one of their favorite charities, The SunshineKids! Please check out our page on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/THE-CLOSER-Fans-Thank-You-To-Benefit-The-Sunshine-Kids/223356951039084

  13. DebbyH says:

    I love this show, hate to see it end!!

    Maybe the mole is Brenda!

  14. Eleanor says:

    Love the Closer and all the players. I’m guessing that Pope’s the leak, but I think it’s Brenda who let the car conversation slip at some point while talking to him. (just thinking of the many times she went to Pope first…) From the beginning of the Baylor investigation, Brenda thought it was Raydor hounding her. She wouldn’t consider that Pope had any other objective than keep his own nose clean. But, we’ve seen how desperate he is to have what he’s worked for. Infact that’s why he brought Brenda onboard to begin with – make his mark and changes with LAPD to reflect his leadership. It’s so clever how Brenda outshines with her skills and savvy. Love the show and all the characters.

  15. Soonerdog says:

    The mole is Raydor. She has been after Brenda ever since she came into the picture. Gabriel was probably lied to by Raydor. Raydor wants Brenda’s job. She wants Brenda out of there.

    • Shawn says:

      I agree that it is Raydor, but for the wrong reason stated. I don’t think the main “Protagonist” in “Major Crimes” would start out as a bad person. I think she did it on accident. And she has buddied up to Brenda because she feels bad about it while at the same time diverting attention from herself by blaming Brenda’s people.

  16. Carlos says:

    I didn’t know this was the final season until reading this board. This is the best show on cable! Anyway, as to who is the leak:

    Pope – I think he’s at the top of the list. But it seems almost too obvious, (for all the obvious reasons already listed).
    Taylor – It may have been him. He and Gabriel hang out. I think Gabriel vents to him, and Taylor may have taken it to the opposing lawyers
    Provenza – He’s been around a long time. Why isn’t he like a deputy chief or something. Could he be jealous enough to do this? Maybe…
    Flynn – I think he is solidly in her corner; if he was in Brenda’s position, he woulda done the same thing – left dude right there to get beaten to death. Not Flynn
    Sanchez – I just don’t see any reason for him to do something like this.
    Tao – see Sanchez
    Buzz – See Tao
    Fritz – I thought about him briefly, but as her husband won’t he have to help pony up the money if they get sued? Probably not, but that would be a shocker…
    Raydor – Hmmmm…she’s the one who pushed Brenda the hardest to get her own lawyer. I don’t see how bringing down Brenda helps her much. She seems content at IAB. Doubtful…

    Whatever happens, no way in hell I’m gonna miss it!

  17. Jo Smih says:

    Perhaps Brenda herself. Maybe she’s trying to make amends in some way.

  18. Teresa says:

    I am voting for Sanchez. He is the least likely candidate not talking to anyone really. He grew up in gangs and could still have some ties or have a family that could be threatened.

  19. Teresa says:

    Why are the shootin Newton murders called the shootin newton murders?

  20. I agree with all those who think the mole is Pope. Even though he brought Brenda in and they were ex-lovers, he’s done nothing since Day One to help her accomplish her task. On the contrary, he’s continually undermined her every chance he could. And remember, he was part of the triumvirate that destroyed her chance of getting the confession from Baylor without giving him that ridiculous immunity deal. She knew she could get the job done, if they’de just let her, but Pope, that stupid DDA that Brenda and Raydor just saved from an assassination by the Mexican cartel, and that hard-ass army colonel made her give Baylor immunity first. They didn’t care about the old man and boy in the Shootin’ Newton murders, just the three soldiers, who would get more media attention. So, Pope is capable of any sneaky mean thing, because it’s his nature!

    As for Taylor, no one seems to realize that he’s gained so much respect for Brenda since she investigated the suicide of the girl who’d been raped by the sheriff’s commander’s son that he’d botched a couple of weeks earlier. Ever since, he’s come to trust her more and more, and she’s done a lot of favors for him. In return, when she needs his help, he’s been front and center. I think Taylor began as a talented cop when he was young but fell into the “old boy” trap, just like Pope, and forgot what a real cop is like. Brenda reminds him of his early ambitions and he’d like to become that real cop once again. He wouldn’t rat on her. Sorry, guys!

  21. Orriann says:

    Especially with this season being 21 episodes.

  22. Suzanne says:

    From what I remember of the episode where Brenda and Gabriel drove the young man home and left him there, it was just Brenda, Gabriel, and the young man in the car. Gabriel is the only one to have direct knowledge of what was said and done besides Brenda. If Gabriel told Pope for any reason, then Pope telling the investigators or anyone else about it he is reporting “hearsay” because he was not a direct witness to what was said or done. Pope could point the investigators in that direction but they would need to get Gabriel to tell them the story under oath to be able to use it against her. If that happens I hope Gabriel won’t do it. I would like to see this show go out with Brenda untarnished and them all still a big boisterous family.

  23. monica klavano says:

    I think her husband has very good instincts he picks up on the darker side of the human psyche that sometimes eludes Brenda. This probably stems from his time in the gutter. He is especially sharp when it comes to assessing Pope and Raydor. Brenda does not trust him enough in this capacity because she suspects he may be operating only out of jealousy. But this would not be the first time Pope direspected her is it? In fact it is almost every chance he gets.Chief Delk’s restructing plan included a serious demotion for Pope but he died before he could make the annoucement. I think Taylor was being promoted because of his loyalty as a policeman-at the end of the day he was a seasoned cop and a good one. I think Delk understood Pope could destroy the whole division hence the demotion.Raydor has been fighting for her.Flynn and Provenza are her next in command also old seasoned cops- good cops. Sanchez present in the car did not tell as we saw his interview plus he comes from the hood he explained to her that all he remembers was that the victim had killed two people and if he had not died they would be facing a lawsuit from a family of someone innocent he may have killed down the road.buzz is intimidated by his own shadow-not willing to jeopardize himself for either side.daniels may comeback to narc on gabriel maybe he was still harboring resentment over the threat of the loss of his job because of his relationship.or the times he has been reprimanded which have been numerous.his lack of advancement despite being her right arm he is still the lowest ranking member on the team.resentment, resentment, resentment. while LT. Tau is enigmatic he adores his family and will do anything to take care of them-but not risk his job if he advances it will be because he perfomed with execellence. it is not in his culture to backstabstab someone it would be dishonorable. so who are capable gabriel and pope working in tandem as they have done in past years, why not now?

  24. Pat says:

    If there’s really only 1 week left I think the mole will be Pope. I am still surprised that Brenda actually did just let Baylor out of the car. I didn’t think that seemed like her style. But most of all I am going to miss this show terribly. I wish it could end all nicely tied up. Thanks to everybody who made it so great to watch.

  25. SusanBarwick says:

    Why would Pope take her into the room with the lawyer telling her he will be taking the cases Federal without inviting Gavin in also when he is right outside??? Yeah, Pope set her up.

  26. Lori says:

    If I were Brenda, I’d first sweep the entire department for a “bug.” Makes sense that if one were planted, then the members of the major crimes deparment did not change their loyalty spots we have come to adore!

    Think about it…

  27. sarah varadi miller says:

    They CAN’T end the series hanging like this!

  28. MacGyver says:

    It’s Pope, or at least circumstantially. In episode 7-10 (Fresh Pursuit”, Goldmann tells Brenda “What one knows and what one can prove are two different things!” In episode 4-12 (Junk in the Trunk), Pope tells Brenda “Believing something to be true and proving it are two different things.” Awfully familiar.

  29. Demetrius says:

    Hello, people! Are we forgetting that Commander Taylor still doesn’t like Brenda and he was (oh so close)to getting her job while Pope was supposed to be sent to a desk job, thanks to Capt. Tommy Delk, who’s’ sudden death brought Taylor to tears at the grave site. And poor Provenza had to hear about it in the car. (That was hilarious!)But seriously, I think Pope told Taylor and they are conspiring to get her out of there. Did you see the reaction by Pope and Taylor after the judge dismissed the case? They looked defeated and disappointed. That’s just my opinion but i wouldn’t be surprised. Pope is jealous that she moved on with her life and married Fritz and still pissed that Brenda was a gunshot away from being Chief. Taylor hates that Brenda is above him in rank and she never hesitates to remind him. I watch re-runs everyday and i can’t wait to watch the new episodes.

  30. Poodlelady says:

    Fritz said not to trust Pope…. so I think it is Taylor.

  31. kaare says:

    cant be pope does not know about the car in less someone told . it could he because he dose not like brenda or care about her . tolyal hate are know everything tell everyone thing him.

  32. Ann says:

    It’s not Pope,
    If Brenda is convicted, he will not be the next anything!. Remember, he brought Brenda in, he supported everything she did, and took the credit for all the cases she closed, and bragged about her. Anything negative that happens to Brenda blows back on him.
    From the beginning I have not liked Fritz!
    He is passave agressive and minipulative.
    the way he got her to date him, showing up with the FBI report the first night. Bringing the plant, to her house for a house warming, whenshe forgot the date, because she was on a case, and guilted her into going out with him, ” I just brought you an expensive plant,but if you just wan to be friends…”
    Lets move in together, but your house is too small. I sold my condo, now you have to sell your house so we can buy one together.
    Also, in the three cases mentioned, Mexico, The Russian, and the cartel/cop, Fritz was there!

  33. Linda says:

    What about Detective Daniels? Maybe someone told her and she has sour grapes toward the Chief. She rolled her eyes quite a few times just taking general instructions…not to mention she felt she had to leave the team because Gabriel was Brenda’s favorite.

  34. Amy says:

    The Lawyer for the defence threatened to get her!! I think he has been on a personal vendetta to get Brenda!! He had planted a bug in Pope’s office and someone is listening to what has been going on!! Like Raydor !! Maybe she and he is the leak!!

  35. Kathy says:

    I think the leak is from someone one of the guys is dating and they are running their mouth too much to impress them. Provenza, Flynn, Sanchez, Gabriel, and Pope… all single. I bet the girl knows the attorney and is in it for the money he promised her. Only Gabriel, Pope and Buzz has been consistantly involved. I cant believe it would be Gabriel. I would be heartbroken. I really like him. I am going to surprise a few and say I dont think its Pope. I think he loves Brenda still. He’s a jerk… but he seems to have supported her numerous times. She even helped him get his kids from Estelle. If I had to guess I bet its Buzz. BTW… I wish Brenda would only retire because she got pregnant… wow…. that would be so good for her and Fritz.

  36. Patty says:

    I agree Kathy that it’s Buzz. He has a civilian sense’s of righteousness and now we’re learning more of his family’s background. This background would lead him to be empathetic toward victims.

  37. Richard says:

    I think there is a bug in the headquarters planted by the bad attorney who has it out for Brenda. The one who got away with murder.

  38. Cheryl says:

    I have gone over the list also, I was so into thiking it would be Pope, but now, I’m not sure, but the least expected person no one would really think it would be is Fritz. I sure hope it’s not him…

  39. Sarah says:

    No way it is Pope. That is far too obvious for this show. What would be the point? It has to be someone who was ashamed over what went down. And they keep saying it is going to “Blow our Minds”. So how would Pope blow your minds? You are already expecting it. It is definitely not. I think people are just projecting Pope, because they like him the least. I am thinking Gabrielle, but not sure. But I would say that everyone on here guessing Pope is wrong.

  40. mo2 says:

    Anyone consider the FBI… What’s “closer”… The name of the show. The FBI has been leading her on and knows all. The last episode in December is very apparent in this. Taylor is a snitch but unsure if he is THE leak. Pope is too obvious. Gabriel did leak the info in the car but he is not the leak in the system. He is not the person you all think he is either. Watch the episodes where he is a different Person and u see there is a facade. But I don’t think he is the leak. Same with Raydor. FBI is a clear option but I dunno if its 100% its very plausible.

  41. kk says:

    I think its Pope. Same reason as everyone else. Jealousy, fear and ambition. My Problem is since Corey Reynolds is leaving the show, it would be easier for it to be him. But like someone else said, if it is him I probably wont watch the spin-off. For me, it would kill the family vibe of all 7 years.

    Also if they really are thinking about a spin off, it CANT be Provenza or Flint, They ARE the second reasons to watch the show, and that would kill fans feelings for them.

  42. Rita says:

    we all know Pope is a ass he only wants the chief position and sge is the only one standing in his way and no not Fritz her rock or her right hand man that woild leave her non-trusting of the people in her life sure she will move with her husband but to have her leave without her husband because he betrayed her trust is everything that woulf be f-d up. what spin-off and why is Brenda be included. I hate to lose this show please reconsider.

  43. Katherine says:

    now we know that Gabriel and Pope are not moving to the spinoff, but Fritz IS!! what does that do to the mole theories?

  44. MissLu says:

    Since everyone but Brenda, Gabriel and Pope are on Major Crimes, I’m guessing it’s Gabriel. Pope gains nothing by targeting Brenda and she and Gabriel have had a couple of issues – like when she arrested the politician for killing his brother even though he had become a community hero.

  45. Jabajula says:

    I just watched a 2007 show “Ruby” where Gabriel assaults a suspect to get him to talk. Brenda chastises hhim and eventually writes him up and gives him 10 days off without pay. Maybe he is the mol;e and this is payback. She is a little hypocritical based on all the stuff she has pulled in the name of justice.

    I also noted that in the promo pictures for the new Major Crime series everyone is in the picture except Gabriel. Where is he? Maybe in his mole hole.

  46. Kelli says:

    I think it’s Gabriel’s fault. I think he shared too much with his girlfriend the soon to be lawyer!

  47. denise says:

    Still can’t understand Pope turningi into such a moron. I hope he IS the mole because it might be easier for brenda to believe it than one of her own boys!

  48. Jonathan says:

    I think it’s Fritz if you see what was said in the interview about la has changed Brenda it has and not for the good she is all about the Job and I think he has said it to get his wife back

  49. Marje says:

    I will try Major Crimes because I love Provenza and Flynn. Mary is boring as heck. Maybe they can do something to make her character more interesting. I like Sanchez too.

  50. Faith says:

    I feel sad to say that due to his reluctance in the car when they were taking Turrel home… I’ve ALWATS thought he was the leak, cause he was the ONLY one who overtly disagreed with Brenda :(
    Sad, but True