Did The Closer's Gabriel Snitch on Brenda? Corey Reynolds Previews 'Grand Finale' Arc

When last we tuned into TNT’s The Closer (Mondays at 9/8c), Raydor came to suspect that someone within the department had told the plaintiff in the “Shootin’ Newton” lawsuit of a very incriminating exchange between Brenda and Gabriel — the smoking gun, if you will. Since select few people knew that Brenda had rebuffed Gabriel’s suggestion that they stick around to postpone a rather inevitable gang murder, could it have been Gabriel himself, acting from a place of duty, who leaked the info?

TVLine spoke with Closer vet Corey Reynolds about this latest twist in what he calls the very beginning of the procedural’s “grand finale.”

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TVLINE | It appears that we now have a mole hunt underway….
We do have a mole hunt. I believe we might have a leak.

TVLINE | The Closer is kind of due for one. It’s a crime drama, there’s a close-knit group of cops…. At some point a mole has to be sussed out.
That’s right, and one really interesting thing the writers are doing this year is you’re getting to see a more clear picture of how Brenda’s decision-making really has a tremendous impact on everyone else. We’ve all kind of been thrown into this [wrongful death lawsuit] mess, for various different associations… and we will see Brenda take an introspective look at what she did to make all of our lives more complicated. For seven seasons now, we’ve seen her make her decisions and push thinking in her direction, and the pieces fall where they lie. Now, because there’s a level of closeness that’s moved into the family realm when it comes to the squad, she’s starting to reevaluate her role in how it’s had an impact on our careers.

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TVLINE | As a charter viewer of the show, I want to say that Gabriel is above reproach, but if this leak stems from something he said to her privately…. I imagine all eyes will be on him.
Yeah, yeah. And to be honest, at this point we don’t know who the mole is. The creative staff is being very coy about where things are going. I mean, I have my suspicions, but it’s still up in the air.

TVLINE | So this will be going on for a number of episodes, and won’t be resolved in a week or two?
Oh, no, this isn’t going to be resolved in a week or two. This is going to be the grand finale. The maestro is tapping the music stand, the whole symphony just sat up in their seats, and we’re about to play this thing out, man. For those who have been following the show closely and have been paying attention to the “yellow brick road” we’ve been building on the way to see the Wizard here, you’re going to have a lot of things come back sand smack you in the face. I…. I’m so stuck between what I know and what I can divulge. [Laughs] What I know I can share is that Brenda’s decision-making is really going to be the focus of this final season.

TVLINE | Which I think is kind of cool, that it’s not the same ol’ same ol’ for the show’s final run. Instead, Brenda is facing this crucible for her swan song. It wraps up her arc — this is who she was, this is who she became…
… and this is the effect the city had on her. Ever since we began production on this show, we’ve seen what effect Brenda has had on Los Angeles. What we’re seeing now is also a lot of the impact Los Angeles has had on her. She’s not the same person she was when she came in.

TVLINE | But damn it, she gets the job done.
That’s right, and that’s going to be a very interesting dynamic for the viewers to watch play out. The best thing I can tell you is: “Expect the unexpected!”

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TVLINE | Will Brenda or Raydor make a beeline for Gabriel, since he’s one of the few who knew what was said that day?
That would seem to be Stop A, but it’s almost like playing a game of Clue. Did the Colonel do it in the library with the candlestick? The writers have been very smart about breadcrumbs, and if you’ve been paying attention, they lead you to where things are going.

TVLINE | In this week’s episode, it looks like Brenda’s attorney will get in the face of the Major Crimes guys.
Yeah, he’s got to find out what we know and what type of group we are, and find out who the potential leak is, if there is a leak.

TVLINE | It’s interesting what Mark Pellegrino is doing with his character, Gavin Q. Baker. He’s a little affected.
He is a little affected. I think if you spend enough time out here in Los Angeles and you interact with enough people who have clout, power, money, prestige and reputation, you can see the effect Los Angeles has had on Gavin as well. He’s very affected, but he’s also very effective.

TVLINE | Throughout all of this, would you say Gabriel is the most protective of Brenda?
I would say so. If you go back to the pilot, instantly he saw something in her that was very admirable. That’s what has been the apex of their relationship. Despite disagreeing with her at times over some of her methods, he trusts her implicitly. He believes in her and in her desire to do the right thing. I think the thing he’s discovered from her the most is that there is a grey area. You sometimes have to bend the rules to get to where you need to go. But what he’s also discovered is that bending the rules has consequences.

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TVLINE | Is it hard to field questions about “The Closer‘s final season!” when you must be like, “There is so much more ahead.” I mean, you’re running episodes through next summer.
[Laughs] Yeah. And as much as I am sad to see this experience as is come to an end, I’m very grateful for everything that we’ve been able to do here. This was the first pilot I ever booked, so to have it be something that’s been such a defining chapter of my life, professionally and personally, is a gift. The most important thing to all of us right now is, “How can we bring this ship into port in a way that is going to be up to the standards of the people who have stood by us all these years?” I called [series creator] James Duff over the weekend and had a conversation about some of the threads I had seen on message boards, and the guy is a mini genius. What he is doing is going to really blow the minds of everyone watching this show. I have my desire to be a show creator at some point in my career, and what he has done with this arc is very impressive. He is the first one to say, “I can’t take all the credit,” and he won’t, but everything starts from somewhere, and for us, that somewhere is with James. How he has set things up… seriously, you guys are going to be blown away.

TVLINE | Give us one last tease about what’s ahead for Gabriel.
The best little tidbit I can give about Gabriel is that he may not be the person we think he is.

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  1. LDSK says:

    I really hope it’s not Gabriel. That would just kill Brenda…and me too.

    • Leslie B. says:

      No kidding. If Gabriel was behind it, that would be heart-breaking.

      • Lorie says:

        So true! This would kill me.

        • dd says:

          AMEN! The relationship between Brenda Leigh & Gabriel is a special bond since almost day one! I dont like the whole season revolving around this investigation. I want the Deputy Chief & guys we fell in love with

          • Shawn says:

            I think the leak was accidental…and I think it is someone least likely for us to think…I think when Brenda discovers the leak that will be what makes her decide to retire…Who is the closest to Brenda right now…who is trying to divert attention from “herself” by saying it is one of her own people. I think the leak, my accident, was Captain Raydor and she doesn’t want Brenda to know it was her because she feels bad. Captain Raydor has been really gooey nice to Brenda this season and I think that is because of her guilt.

    • Shiloh says:

      I hope it’s not any of the team. They’re family. Love this show. :)

      • Debbie Courtright says:

        I agree. The Closer crew is family to me. I hope it’s none of “the family”. Will miss them all terribly

    • Jeraldine says:

      I think Its Pope..He envys Brenda and he is an ass….He reopened the investigation and wants to make sure Brenda doesnt slide into his position again. Thats what I think.

      • Martha says:

        I totally agree that I think it is Pope. He is so threatened by who Brenda has become, without him. He is very jealous. He knows she is a better detective/Chief and without her a lot of these cases wouldn’t have been resolved so well.

        • Kay says:

          I agree that Pope is a good candidate,but then again, there’s Buzz. He’s at every crime scene,& video records everything that happens in the Priority Homicide division.

      • Teresa says:

        I agree…Pope is an ass. AND I hope it is Pope and not one of her guys.

      • Jules0004 says:

        HA! I soooooo know it’s Pope! Exactly my thoughts :)

      • Shirley says:

        I think Gabriel may have told Pope and Pope blabbed!

      • Lisa McGee says:

        I agree. It’s Pope.

      • DingDong says:

        But, if it was Pope, wouldn’t that insure a victory for the plaintiff in the lawsuit? And logically then, wouldn’t that insure him creating total disrespect and kaos in the unit? And being fired in the near future. He’s constantly reminding everyone how broke the city and department are.

        • JimS says:

          Unless – of course – the lawyer doesn’t know that it is Pope, and Pope is leaking anonomously. Pope can take the heat, just as long as Brenda gets burned.

      • Kay says:

        I agree that the snitch is Pope! He’s always been jealous of Brenda. He’s been misguided by his own insufficiencies and still doesn’t trust that Brenda doesn’t want his job.

      • Lore says:

        And, nobody does shamefaced confessions better than J. K. Simmons (“Will Pope”O)!

      • Sharon says:

        I agree, that it’s Pope too!!He is jealous of her professional and private life. He is jealous of Fritz and the fact that she is a woman who is much, much smarter than he is!

    • debbie FG says:

      i agree…gabriel is her right arm, her trusted friend and he knows how brenda’s mind works. she is totally fair minded and sensitive and he knows this. i do not want to have this show end and not be able to watch the reruns cuz they made the people we have grown to love turn out to be dreadful.

    • guest says:

      Now I don’t think it is Gabriel. Pope is my pick for leak.

    • Bach von Glockenberg says:

      I think it’s Chief Pope.

  2. Dav says:

    This is just pure speculation on my part. I have no inside info or anything else to go by except my gut instinct. I think it was Pope. He REALLY wants that chief of police job and if you remember he wasn’t even in the running last year but Brenda was. I think he’s trying to make sure his “acting chief” position gets changed to full time.

    • Kaiulani says:

      I agree that it may be Pope. I do think it could be Taylor, but that would almost seems too obvious. A real out of the box person would be Buzz, but I really really hope not.

      • MiaS says:

        **Pope-If it was Pope that would blow my mind considering that he brought her in, they had a thing before that, he stuck up for her when the team wasn’t on her side (at first).
        But he REALLY wants Chief, so I can see him throwing her to the lions.
        **Taylor-hmmm obvious. But I always thought that he was on the edge of the group and he really wanted to be part of it.
        **Gabriel-if he is the one then he must have forgot how he beat that child rapist and how it got hushed up.
        **Buzz- out of left field and maybe he let it slip accidently.
        **Provenza-Brenda has kept him out of trouble too much for him to turn on her.
        **Flynn-he had trouble with Brenda at the beginning but she has saved him & Provenza so many times, I don’t see it.
        **Sanchez-Brenda has saved him too
        **Taos-hmmmmm interesting-very by the books. Could be.
        **Daniels-she is long gone & I seriously doubt Gabriel would tell her anything
        **Fritz-please, that is crazy talk- Never.

        I can’t wait to see how this plays out.
        But then I will be sad because one of the best shows will be off the air. One of the best casts to grace tv.

        • CJ says:

          It has to be Pope. He is the one that has been insistent that the investigation be continued when Raydor was going to wrap up a few episodes back. Raydor and Pope had private conversation in his office, later Raydor told Brenda that the decision to conduct the investigation was out of her (Raydor’s) hands. Raydor was then insistent that Brenda get herself a lawyer and pushed her toward the best attorney she could think of. Raydor has been dropping hits to Brenda that ‘all isn’t as it seems’ in the inner circle of copes. If it isn’t Pope, I will be shocked.

          • Chris says:

            I think you could be right, Pope. As long as Brenda is involved in this lawsuit she will never be picked for Chief. So the longer he keeps things going the better for him. And in the preview Raydor says she doesn’t trust the Baylor family attorney(Goldstein I think) and then she says and I don’t trust you. It is clear from the past few episodes that she does trust Brenda. Taylor is too obvious too. He really seems to have come around. I had no idea that next season would the last…………..what will I do without Flynn or Provenza? Love them both. Since this is the last season they could very well have the show end with Pope being the one who is the mole and Brenda being named the new LA Police Chief – putting Gabriel in charge of Major Crimes. What an ending. Could lead to 2 hour movies of The Closer.

        • Lisa says:

          Thing is-Pope did tell Captain Raydor, after she told him that Brenda was clear of wrong doing, to see it through to the end. That was how he was going to keep his job as Chief. Pope is a snake!! As to who the leak is, I don’t know, maybe because I don’t want to believe it is any of the guys! To see what Corey said about being blown away..man, I can’t wait!

        • dd says:

          I hope its that nosey reporter. Back at the time at this went down he was lurking everywhere. He could have over heard it at some point. I dont want it to be any of Brenda Leigh’s devoted crew! That will defeat the whole purpose of the last 7 yrs !

          • Nora says:

            I agree, I think it was the nosey reporter. All of the group has always been loyal to Brenda. They know she will always be smart enough to get a confession. I don’t think what she did was wrong. After all he had killed an old man and his grandson. What better way to rid the world of a killer than to have his own gang get rid of him. I don’t want this show to end. I watch every program and all the reruns. It is not just about killing. It has a lot of humor in it. Please change your mind and don’t end The Closer.

          • Lisa says:

            Too boring. Pope has not been interviewed by Brenda’s attorney…yet?

        • cindy says:

          I hope its none of her group..Ilike Pope as the one he is so jealous of her….I hate to see this show come to an end will miss it so much they all make me laugh….

        • Bev says:

          I think it’s Fritz because it’s so out in left field!

          • JimS says:

            Not possible. He put $25,000 of his inheritance into her defense – and told Brenda’s lawer to say nothing about where the money is coming from.

        • DJazzy says:

          You forgot captain Raydor. I dont think is her though. She is trying too hard too be liked.

          Pope – if Brenda is out then he is in so could be him
          Detective Ross – he hates everyone in Major crimes but has fallen off the grid
          Someone from the DA’s office who Brenda ticked off, that list can be a mile long.

          Who knows there might be another twist to say that The creepy lawyer for the Plaintiff bugged the Major crimes dept and there was never a leak.

      • Carl says:

        Taylor is the best bet.It really fragged him when he lost out and his meal ticket is long gone

        • mimi says:

          I just couldn’t fathom either Gabriel or Sanchez being the direct leak, but perhaps Gabriel mentioned it to someone else….like Taylor. Why would Pope tell? That doesn’t make sense to me, but Taylor doing it does.

    • shelly says:

      i think pope too, because i don’t want it to be anyone of the others…they all are so loyal and it would just destroy the characters

      • Leslie B. says:

        I agree, Shelly. If they don’t want to really tick off all the fans – assuming there *is* a mole (didn’t I see an “if” somewhere in that article?) – than it had better be Pope. He’s already a weasel; he could be another rodent quite easily.

    • CallieB says:

      OMG — I agree also — I think it is POPE . . . He has been threatened by Brenda for a long long time

    • Angie says:

      i agree with the above comment, I too think it is Pope. He wants the “Chief” position so bad I think he will cross & step on anyone to get that position full time, but then we have the Commander too,

    • Nancy says:

      I would love for it to be Pope–he is an ass–but isn’t the point that the only two people in on the conversation were Brenda and Gabriel? Did they come back an blab it to the squad room??

      • Martha says:

        Brenda and Gabriel weren’t the only 2 in the car, remember. Gabriel was driving, Brenda was in the back seat and Julio was in the passenger seat.

    • Debbie Courtright says:

      It could be Pope. I hope not. I love this show. The whole crew has become family. Will so miss this!

    • Patti says:

      I think you are spot on Dav! Pope is the mole…..

  3. Leah says:

    REALLY hope the leak isn’t Gabriel, I mean come on! Gabriel’s been Brenda’s right hand man since the show started. I want it to be Pope or Taylor because I want the rest of the guys to come back in the spinoff show and I don’t want to think badly of the other guys!

  4. Deion says:

    So do we know who is going to make it to “Major Crimes”? I think Gabriel is a red herring. He stays trusting Commander Taylor, though. And it was only Gabriel, Brenda, and Sanchez in the car.

    • Becky says:

      I can totally see Gabriel feeling guilty about what happened and confiding in someone about it. My guess would be Pope or Taylor.

      • Deion says:

        ^^^^ This.

      • Lorie says:

        Becky, this is my theory, also. I think Gabriel confided in Taylor, who, in turn, betrayed his trust by telling Pope what he learned. Pope is the real leak b/c he REALLY wants his position to become permanent. So much so that he’s now willing to throw Brenda under the bus.
        Several times, Fritz has told Brenda not to trust Pope. I think she’ll learn he’s right…the hard way.

      • Lily says:

        You may have something there, Becky. We’ve all been assuming that it was an outright snitching. As you say, Gabriel could’ve discussed it in supposed confidence with someone he trusts. He has an active conscience. After learning that the guy was indeed killed by fellow gang members, it makes sense that he would’ve felt even more conflicted.

        • Kathy W says:

          I would be shocked if it was Gabriel or any of the cast. They seem to really love each other…cops are family. If one of them talked it was not to harm the others or the department. Just have to wait and see.

      • agnes says:

        I can see him feeling guilty too, but I think he confined in his girlfriend, the lawyer, That’s why they brought her in an episode. She is an attorney and I think she is the leak,

  5. Chip Ramsey says:

    I think the mole is Taylor. He knows that he can’t get promoted until Brenda gets knocked out of the way. She’s been a thorn in his side since Day One.

    I also don’t think it is Pope because he hired her and her conduct reflects on him.

  6. jay says:

    Gaberiel was always my favorite supporting detective. I think he’s too loyal to be the mole BUT Brenda sure tested his loyalty here.

    • Suzanne Dorsey Brown says:

      Gaberiel has always had a connection with Brenda since day one. Think people, they are what friends should be. The man has laid down his life for Brenda. If truth be told, his loyality is love for Brenda. Gaberiel and Brenda are the show, and everyone knows that. They have been there for each other. The episode where the gunman was going to shoot Brenda, Gaberiel protected her, by getting her out of the line of fire. That was one of the best episodes of The Closer I have ever seen, and I keep replaying it. There are a lot of strong feeling between the two. Now Fritz may be her husband at home, but Gaberiel is her husband on the streets, and is always their to protect Brenda. Think about all the episodes, Gaberiel is always there with Brenda, she trusted him, and he trusted her. Caberiel and Brenda were a different love story in The Closer, and the Respect they had for each other is amazing. These writter’s are out of sight. What you need to do is read between the lines. I am so upset that TNT is canceling the best show that they have, along with HawthoRNe. It is time for me to find a new network.

      • L Lynn says:

        I totally agree, Gabriel and Brenda have an unspoken love story ongoing and I’m glad she will be taking him with her in her new job.

  7. Bella says:

    I hope it isn’t Gabriel, either. I don’t think it’s Sanchez, Flynn or Provenza. Or Pope, given his history with Brenda. It had to have come from Gabriel to someone else, who then leaked it. From what I can remember, Gabriel would confide in Taylor rather than Pope, so I’m thinking it’s Taylor. As long as it isn’t a member of Brenda’s squad and as long as she doesn’t end up in a bad place, I’ll be okay with it. You have to crack some eggs to make an omelet. Many criminals would never have been brought to justice if not for Brenda’s methods. Did she cross a line? Probably. Even she realizes that now. I can hardly wait to see what happens.

    • Jennifer says:

      I think I agree with you – I could see how Gabriel could have said it to Taylor in confidence and Taylor, ambitious as he is leaked it to try to get rid of Brenda so he could get promoted.

  8. Melissa says:

    I would be even more shocked if it was Sanchez. I think Sanchez really admires and protects Brenda. It would be a shocker if it was Gabriel but it would be a BIGGER shocker for me if it was Sanchez. Sanchez likes to break rules and he seems to believe in a little vigilante justice. For a while I thought it was Taylor but now I’m wondering if it’s Pope. It wouldn’t and couldn’t be Buzz, right?

    • Snsetblaze says:

      I agree with your assessment of Sanchez – he even seems to relish breaking the rules. I just can’t see how it would be Buzz though as well – for most of its run, we barely got to see a character. But that one recent episode make it seem like he was a bit of a nervous Nelly.

  9. sandee says:

    My vote is Pope!

  10. tahina says:

    One who wants to climb the ladder, that is definitely Taylor, but he’s too obvious; so I’ll say its not him. Pope, well, he still has feelings for Brenda me thinks, so scratch him off too. So Id go with anyone else who works under Brenda’s wing. Could he be Fritz?

    • Amy says:

      Yes, but it’s those feelings that are the problem. I think he may feel betrayed by Brenda since he did go through all the trouble of hiring her and supporting her in the beginning and she went and married someone else.

    • Amy says:

      We thought maybe Fritz by accident. Maybe he innocently told someone he works with.

  11. Gavin says:

    It’s not about loyalty, it’s about justice. Gabriel is the one character I would imagine could throw himself between a shotgun blast and Brenda on one day, and give information to her accusers IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE. He is the only potential idealist left in that whole precinct.

    • thack86 says:

      From out in right field how about Provenza. He has surely had a few blunders and has a quick tongue. Since he hears everything and everyone thinks he is above reproach he is the only person that Gavin didn’t get a straight answer from during his interviews with the squad. It would be a blow to Brenda since she has kept him out of trouble but he is looking to be a cop until he dies (not retires). So I wouldn’t put it past him since he knows his way around the court he knows what to do to get by too. Gotta love him though especially with his buddy Flynn.

  12. Leslie B. says:

    I *so* don’t want it to be Gabriel, but I’m afraid it might be, because he does have more integrity than any of the others. I was glad to see someone (above) point out that he did beat the pedophile and have it covered up, so maybe he’s not totally self-righteous. I don’t want it to be any member of her squad, or even Taylor, because he seems to have proven that he’s better than that now. Not impossible for him, though.

    No trouble at all believing that it’s Pope, and assuming there is a mole, I would rather it be him than anyone else. He has been a total jackass this season, and the only “feelings” he has left for Brenda are jealousy (personally and professionally) and fear (professionally). But even if it is, how is this going to play our for everyone? Was Corey Reynolds saying that this story arc is going to finish up as the *series* finale? That’s a heck of a long time to get this sorted out.

  13. Jamie says:

    Im gonna throw a vote in for Pope, because he asked Raydor to continue with the investigation. He knew there was something more to find out, because I think Gabriel told either Pope or Taylor what happened. Taylor tells Pope. Pope and Brenda were very strained when she was picked for candidacy for Chief, and he was not. Then, when the trial finally arrives, I think that Brenda will have so had enough of LA, and won’t want Gabriel to choose between perjury and betrayal, that she will confess what she said, and leave the LAPD. Along the way, she and the guys will also figure out that Raydor hasn’t been out to get Brenda throughout this last season, and will accept her as the leader of Major Crimes.

  14. ingmar says:

    It’s interesting actually since there are so many suspects. Gabriel and Sanchez would be to obvious since they are the only ones who really experienced it and heared Brenda about it. My main suspect is Pope, closely followed by either Tao or Taylor. Provenza and Flynn…they were saved to many times if you ask me. They wouldn’t betray her. Buzz would just come out of nowhere and wouldn’t make a believable mole if you ask me. No way it’s Fritz. Tao is the only one that would be the unexpected WHAT THE HELL figure since he looks so innocent and since overall he’s the character of the team who got the least attention. Taylor…could be him, but at the same time he really started to like Brenda and she helped him aswell so I dont know…ofcourse it could be Gabriel or Sanchez but …ahhhh, to many suspects!

  15. Mark says:

    I really hope it’s not Gabriel! That would just change everything! We know, as she’s told him, that he’s her favorite and Gabriel has let Brenda know that he is always on her side. That bond is solidified, I think. To break that might make for good drama but I think it would kind of crush viewers. I know it would for me; it would really change the way I see the show and its characters. Truth is, I love Brenda and Gabriel’s relationship and would hate to see that destroyed.

  16. wicked says:

    I think it will all depend on how they frame Brenda’s growth arc.

    What she did *was* illegal. And brutal. I think they kept her hidden from herself, as a kind of ‘blind spot’ she has, where she is not self-aware of how ruthless she truly is. Its shown to us (viewers) when she reaches for the round chocolates (sorry not from USA, so have no clue what they are called). Its shown to us when she always pushes to have things her way, in both professional and family settings.

    What she did was wrong. The fact the audience roots for her should not prevent the producers from using this lawsuit to really uncover the consequences her personality and choices have on others.

    • Leslie B. says:

      They’re called “Ding Dongs.” They’re chocolate cake with a white cream filling and are covered by a very thin chocolate coating. They were great as kids, but I’m not sure too many adults eat them. :-)

      How was what she did illegal? Brutal, yes, and she certainly was morally wrong, but I’m not sure it could be construed as illegal. I’m not sure what the laws are where you are, but here, it’s possible for someone not to be prosecuted, or to be acquitted of causing a death but can legally be found so in a civil suit. That is what happened in the O.J. Simpson case.

  17. jc says:

    Gabriel went over her head on one case because he didn’t agree with the way she was handling it. Can’t remember which one it was.

    • spoons says:

      You’re right, he did. Wasn’t it the one where the guy was a rich drug addict and she believed his sob story and Fritz had to come in and tell her that addicts lie and they’re good at lying.

      I really think Pope is the mole. Not only have there been clues this season, but when I rewatch the older episodes, you really see what a weasel he is. He acts impulsively, thinks short term, and is frequently wrong. He brought Brenda in, but all along, she’s rebuffed his personal advances and shown him up professionally. She’s also caused headaches for him in the chief race, the shootin’ Newton case, and a bunch of other. Ugh, I hate Pope – I really hope he gets his comeuppance!

  18. just guessing says:

    I think it’s Sanchez. If you look at everyone that’s already on board for a possible series continuation as “Major Crimes”, he’s the only one that’s not mentioned. Whoever the snitch is, I doubt would be on the new show.

    • Jax says:

      Or maybe he and Brenda are found guilty at the trial and get fired from their jobs.

      • Floretta says:

        I think the lawsuit will be settled out of court, probably last minute. You would not believe how many cases are (last two juries I was called to serve on the defendant pleaded out as the jury selection was underway.)

        For mole, I vote for Pope – don’t think Dr Morales has been mentioned, and he is a stickler for doing what’s right but don’t know if he could have heard anything. Heck, for all we know someone on the cleaning crew was mopping floors in the background when this happened, lol.

        I think Brenda has just about had enough with this lawsuit; it’s changed her. Best guess? She’s thinking about packig it in, hasn’t made a decisiion when two things happen almost simultaneously: one of her parents is taken seriously ill (or dies – Clay does have a bad heart) and Fritz is offered a job in the Atlanta office. Brenda goes home to take care of her family. Whether it’s to a new job or just some time off, I’m not sure. Throwing a potential baby into the mix is not James Duff’s style so I doubt he’ll do that (and I can see Brenda, in heels, charging down the hallway to Interview Room 1 when she’s 8 months’ gone anyway.)

        • Gail says:

          I do remember Fritz asking Brenda what she would do if/when he was offered a promotion that would mean he’d have to relocate to the east coast. She didn’t answer him. She acted like she couldn’t imagine such a possibility. At that point she was convinced that she was doing extremely important work and doing it better than anyone else could! I think she’ll be so upset with the departmental politics and betrayals and will have had time to reflect on how the job has changed her that she’ll tell Fritz she’ll move when his job comes through.

  19. Geo says:

    Pope only brought Brenda to LA for two reasons.
    1. He thought her high arrest rate would make him look good and help him get the Chief of Police position.
    2. He still had feelings for her.
    Both of those reasons are moot now. She married Fritz and he never even made it on the short list for Chief while she did. Those of you who say it can’t be Pope because he likes Brenda need to think again.

  20. Jean says:

    Well, we know that Kera is leaving which means that Brenda is leaving. Two possibilities: She is fired from her job because of the trial or she quits because of something that happened. My guess is Pope is the mole and Brenda finds out. She is so upset at his betrayal that she quits her job and moves with Fritz to DC where he was offered the promotion.

    • Gail says:

      I agree with Jean. My husband I think they will be moving to DC. I think she will quit when she finds out that Pope is the “mole” and she will finally see what Fritz has been saying all along. The best show on tv since Hill Street Blues, and that has been a long time. I feel like I know every character personally and that is the mark of a winning show.

      • fergie says:

        I agree with you to an point.The next best show there was next to
        THE CLOSER is ( da the da ) THE SHIELD. Intense and edge of the sit moving at all time . I can see as the following ..Sanchez (odd 30/70). As far as Gabriel( I A D 50/50) . Taylor ( Hiding hatred (60/40) . All in All I think we forgot (or afraid to admit) it,s
        one and only FRITZ. Yes and why.. Want Brenda to move .. Want an Family.. It,s HIS JOB ( F B I ).. IF it,s not non of these situation… An cleaner come by and while do daily cleaning of the vehicle( stay with me ) find an cassette player and turn it in to who ?? I A dept.. Who listen to the tape and it recording of the conversation in the vehicle . Just like ” Dumb Luck catch Criminal”
        This time ” Bad Luck just Happen to A Good Person “… you be the judge

  21. Melissa says:

    Seems like everyone is in agreement that it cannot be Flynn or Provenza. Not much is being said about Tao……Could it be Tao? Out of all of the characters, we know least about Tao (and Buzz too I guess). Until that episode a few weeks ago I don’t think we even knew that Tao had a son, did we? Tao does seem to like rules….This is bugging me.

    • ingmar says:

      That’s why he’s one of my main suspects as I mentioned before. If he turns out to be the mole it would be a WTF moment. Just…what would he get out of it? Pope would be the best guess but maybe its to easy..

      Does anyone else thinks that perhaps Brenda will die in the end or something?

      • Floretta says:

        Nope – I think she returns to Atlanta to look after Clay and Willie Rae and decide what she wants to do with her life now. Either Fritz will be offered a job at the Atlanta office or he can transfer – lots of drug activity there so his skills will be welcomed. Might even get that promotion.

  22. Leslie B. says:

    Does anyone else want to see two other storylines wrapped up? I would like to see Sanchez get together with Reuben’s mother officially, and I WANT TO SEE THAT SCUMBAG LAWYER-RAPIST BROUGHT TO JUSTICE!! Can we hope for that before the end of everything?

    I wouldn’t mind seeing part of her leaving be something good happening for Fritz, either. He has put up with a lot of crap from her and deserves something good.

    • dd says:

      Ya, I want to Brenda Leigh get that narcisistic scum bag, so SHE can be the NOT so simple Brenda who is causing HIM to smoke !!!

  23. Saka says:

    The Closer has been one of my all time favorite shows. I love Provenza. Without his humor, and unique outlook, the show would not have been the same. As far as the mole, what about Fritz being put in by the FBI to investigate wrong doing by the LAPD, Brenda’s unethical behavior in her previous job, or he could be investigating Pope. Fritz is the most shocking choice.

  24. Lynn says:

    I think it’s Brenda herself! The show is going to continue with Raydor in charge, so what better way for it to “blow our minds?”

    • Closer Lover says:

      I agree with this Post. Everybody is transitioning to the new series except Brenda. No way the group could function with a known mole in the midst. I think Brenda felt guilty for leaving Terrell Baylor to die . . .

  25. Snowman says:

    Last year, didn’t Gabriel go over Brenda’s head or behind her back because he thought she wasn’t investigating someone “right”?

  26. Raph says:

    I don’t know at this point who is the leak but I think Brenda’d rather resign (maybe baby – even adopted). I do know that that day everybody worked 18 hours so my defense if I were Gavin would be that due to LAPD money problems nobody was paying for overtime (and they did work more that double shift) and they really were tired so had no obligation to stay ( this also throws Pope under the bus).

  27. Shelly says:

    I would not be surprised at all if it turned out to be Gabriel. He’s always been the most political of the squad and as much as I liked him at first, over the last few seasons it’s been more and more obvious that he’ll put his own ambitions ahead of everything else, including loyalty to Brenda.

  28. Paula says:

    Here’s the kicker: its Raydor. All this alleged helpfullness is her cover up.

  29. Debie says:

    I love this show. Writers should bring irony & surprise to any work. So we can’t give the viewer what they want or the main character either. I think it will be the person that makes us throw the remote at the television and then cry silently with Brenda. I don’t want this show finished…it hasn’t been long enough. But I will purchase Every Episode for sure. I vote Pope but as my desire…it could be any of them…writer’s choice! :)

  30. NightLight says:

    I think the snitch is Fritz. Pope and Taylor are too predictable to shock the audience. And Gabriel and Sanchez are too obvious. The mole has to be someone who heard the account second-hand, otherwise it wouldn’t be as shocking as the websites have promised us.

    Fritz is the most unlikely choice. Spouses should be able to trust each other. But turnabout is fair play, Brenda’s used her husband plenty of times to get what she wants, regardless of how it affects his work. Perhaps the season finale is his turn to manipulate her; he loves her and certainly hates seeing her endangered. I think he wants her to quit her job. The writers have shown us that Fritz can be sneaky. After all, he did pay for the attorney behind her back. This may be the way he forces her hand and gets her to leave the LAPD.

    • Lisa says:

      Very interesting slant–now I am starting to lean in this direction (except that Fritz is in AA and honesty is one of core recovery factors).

  31. becky ashton says:

    it’s fritz that betrays her! wouldn’t that be an interesting twist.

  32. Debbie says:

    The snitch is Pope.

  33. Joyce says:

    I’m going with Fritz. He has wanted her out of that job for a long time. And I want Sanchez in the spin-off. I want all of them.

  34. MssMia says:

    I know it’s POPE, he’s changed and Brenda probably shared what happened. POPE is the leak.

  35. Fred says:

    NO…………….Pope did.

  36. Kelli says:

    I agree, my thoughts too. Fritz did tell her about pope. Gab is trusting off Taylor and taylor has gone to pope before.

  37. Marnie says:

    Pope. This week he insisted on knowing the region of the safe house and next thing we see is the shooter in that ‘hood. He and Brenda had a romantic interest in the beginning. Now jealous of all she has. Only by someone’s death does he even still have a job. And he is definitely jealous of Fritz. Brenda’s judgement is clouded regarding him and when she learns it is him — will she shoot him? Or will Raydor or Fritz do it? Those are the questions I see.

  38. Ms.E says:

    I think it is Pope! I love this show! Frits told Brenda that to trust him!

  39. sharon says:

    I’m convinced that the leak is actually Will Pope. I think he learned about what happened from Gabriel and/or Brenda, and he hedged his bets as a politician by letting the information out that would focus attention on Brenda, and away from the LAPD. Pope has shown time and again that his ambition always trumps his personal feelings.

  40. Linda says:

    There have been at least 3 times I can think of that Brenda couldn’t rightly close her case the way she wanted, and so chose the next best thing. The young kid who ran away to Mexico who killed the maid, the mafia guy’s son, and the shootin newton thing. No matter what, Brenda gets her guy. And yes, Pope is weasily, and so I think is Gabriel and Taylor too…I would not be surprised in the least if the snitch turns out to be Gabriel and to me they have kind of been making it look like he is the obvious one. Because of the situation at the time, I don’t think Sanchez had a problem at all about leaving that guy out on the streeet for the gangs to take care of him. More and more I like Raydor’s character, and loved the way she shot that guy with the bean bag gun. As at odds her and Brenda seem to be, they both have a certain code that they live by and I think they have a grudging respect for each other.

  41. maria says:

    it won’t be the obvious, which is Pope. this is going to be a shocker and Fritz is the one no one would want to see as the “mole”. I want to see more of Sanchez, I certainly hope he is NOT the “mole”.
    It also would be a shocker if Provenza or Flynn were the “moles” since Brenda has saved their jobs time and again.

  42. Susan says:

    I think there is no snitch. The plaintiff’s attorney is just trying to stir up dissension by getting Brenda’s team to turn on each other. Do you remember what Brenda’s attorney said after interviewing everyone? He said something about the closeness of her team and that they had a winner of a case. Besides, let’s say Brenda was found liable for the gangster’s death. What are the damages? The funeral costs. That’s it. His income was from illegal sources and the family probably spent any other money bailing him out of jail

  43. TriciaG says:

    I don’t think there is a mole. Remember when the lawyer came in and served papers. He stayed around and just listened. Will major crimes is a tight knit group. I think they were talking among themselves and someone over heard.
    This makes better sense then anyone else because I like the characters so much, I would hate to see one of the regulars turning on Brenda. Although, I can see Pope doing it, I just don’t want him too.

  44. angela williams says:

    It’s either Pope because he is envious of Brenda’s success and jealous when she was chosen as a candidate for Chief of Police instead of himself. Or….it could be Fritz. Maybe he’s tired of witnessing his wife put her life in danger and maybe he thinks that this is the only way that he can have her removed from the force. We all know that Brenda would never willingly step down.

  45. Liz-WV says:

    I think it is Pope too, because remember when the season first started and Fritz kept saying, you can’t trust Pope, you can’t trust him. Maybe he knows something that Brenda doesn’t..I truly hate for this show to end, it has been one of my favorites on TV since it started. I will the show, the cast and most of Brenda.

  46. Cynthia says:

    Gabriel – Not David, there is a sense of loyalty, yet he’s the guy who would be the likely suspect, but,he has been her go to guy since she joined LAPD. Provenza – I don’t think so Provenza said it before he will not jeopardize his position for fear his first ex-wife get’s part of his retirement so I say No. Flynn now at first I thought maybe he might be the guy, but he has grown fond of Brenda and there is a sense trust between these two people. Sanchez don’t think it’s him either, he has had the strongest sense of what gang life is like so to be the one I don’t believe he’d turn on Brenda. Tao just don’t see it, but then again is he loyal? Taylor seemed to be the likely choice but I don’t think it’s him. Buzz just kinda does his job and hears things but can’t see him doing it. Fritz no definitely NO he may be FBI, but he has always been the one who has warned Brenda about who and what to watch out for. POPE now here’s a guy that could have ended the investigation, Raydor addressed this at the funeral and Pope said keep going, and based on his comment to Raydor at the funeral I could see him throwing Brenda under the bus in order to keep his interim position as Chief of Police. But I anticipate a great final season and look forward to see how Captain Raydor and Brenda Leigh Johnson bring this investigation to an end..

  47. Kasie says:

    If it is Pope, then Gabriel went to him after they dropped Baylor off and remember Gabriel did that last season also when he didnt agree with Brenda’s focus on the drug addict. I think thats our”bread crumbs”

  48. Rocky Stephens says:

    I think it is Tao. He said something to Brenda’s attorney that he only said what he had heard from others. I think he let something slip innocently.

  49. joy says:

    You all have me changing my mind every 2 seconds! :) But I’m thinking about how Pope’s attitude has changed towards Brenda in the last few shows so I’m going with Pope as well. Going to miss this show terribly!!!!!