One Tree Hill Scoop: Chad Michael Murray Returns! What About Hilarie Burton?

One Tree Hill will get another Lucas fix before the show signs off this spring.

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that Chad Michael Murray has closed a deal to return during the show’s upcoming ninth and final season. He won’t, however, be accompanied by his onscreen bride Hilarie Burton (Peyton). According to sources, the actress — who is now a regular on White Collar — was not invited back.

To be fair, producers did ask Burton back last season and she declined. “Quite frankly, we just couldn’t make a deal,” creator Mark Schwahn told TVLine at the time. “Hilarie now has a child and a family, and she’s doing some nice work [on White Collar]”

Lucas was last seen driving off into the sunset with Peyton and their new baby Sawyer. According to The CW, Lucas returns to Tree Hill after Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) reaches out to him for help.

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  1. Gaelle says:

    whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat !?!?!!!? noooo no no no no, there can’t be lucas without Peyton !! It just doesn’t work !

    • lee says:

      yes you can in fact lucas is better without Peyton and with brooke :P same goes for Peyton better without lucas with Jake

    • Valerie says:

      I feel you all the way cuz the show started with them it should end the same,I watched OTH since the first day it started im so team Lucas and Peyton. Bring her back give her wat she want……

  2. giokn90 says:

    You can’t always get what you want, Hilarie won’t be back.
    But Chad is enough!!! Thank you Mark and thank you CW!!!

    • 4ToTheFloor says:

      True.. u cant always get what u want.. im just glad we got the original Protagonist Lucas back for season 9.

  3. lene says:

    YES!!!! so happy :D

  4. Saarrr says:

    Whaaaaaaaaat great that Lucas comes back, but without Peyton and the Sawyer..:(.. I want them all..

  5. Steve says:

    Lucas without Peyton? I don’t know how I feel about that.

  6. Jake says:

    WHAT!! come on, its not like Hilarie burton is busy with White Collar anymore they just recently finished filming season 3!!

  7. ben says:

    Noooo I love Peyton!
    How could they not even invite her back :(

  8. ggny says:

    of course he was gonna return he got nothing better to do

    • Misty says:

      He is coming back for just one episode, not to join the cast again! Really the show is ending they will all be in the same boat as him after this show ends.

      • MHeart says:

        Lol please! You obviously have no idea that some cast members DO have lives outside of Tree Hill. If they aren’t doing positive things for children, animals, and the earth itself…they are being true role models for children and teens out there.

  9. giokn90 says:

    Maybe they’ll ask to comeback for the series finale.
    Lucas will be back for 4-5 episodes, maybe Hil will be back only for 1.
    That’s my guess…

  10. Rob says:

    Well I think cheating on your husband who works on OTH and having a baby with Jeffrey Dean Morgan sort of accounts for not being invited back…

    • hahha says:

      LOL this and all the other nonsense. Yay for Hilarie not coming back. I can’t stand that woman and it’s not like Peyton was the most popular character ever. Good riddance. At least it will be a pleasant set environment for all.

      • Lee says:

        Chad cheating how many times is so much better right? I find it hilarious that he’s the one that wanted to leave and set the chain of events in motion that led to a lot of this fall out on both sides. Now he’s returning and it’s like OMG it’s the greatest thing ever. Meanwhile, Hilarie gets the brunt of the backlash. Not saying she’s perfect or couldn’t have done some things differently but a lot of the hate directed towards her is not justified imo.

        • h says:

          There was a specific reason why Hilarie Burton was fired, yes fired, and if you look closely it’s not too hard to figure out why. The fact that she can’t even show her face on that set anymore is another thing.

      • team chad says:

        I liked Peyton. Man when Hilarie was on the show she always acted like she had so much love for the show/character, then left as soon as she could. Refuses to return, that’s loyalty. And hush about CMM, he was a lot friendlier to me on twitter (talked to him quite a few times) than his ex wife was. Heaven forbid you don’t agree with everything she preaches.

    • V says:

      What about CCM cheating on Sophia Bush the first couple of MONTHS after they were married with an extra on the show who was 19?

    • Laura C says:

      Oh yeah because she so OBVIOUSLY cheated didn’t she? Don’t make accusations that you can’t even back up with factual evidence. Just because Hilarie moved on with someone else shortly after the break up doesn’t mean the split was her fault. We have no idea what kind of problems she may have been dealing with in her marriage.

  11. Potch says:

    Yessssssss!!!! Always loved Lucas, always hated Peyton. Much love for this.

  12. Frah says:

    I’m so happy!! I’ll be happier if Hilarie would’ve been back too but Chad is enough! OMG I just hope Leyton is still a married couple with a baby LOL

  13. Jen H says:

    HIlarie wasn’t invited back? Seriously? That sounds like a ton of shiitake mushrooms. You can’t invite one without the other for the final season, that’s just moronic. And of course CMM would come back, he’s finally realized that he couldn’t do any better. At least Hilarie has found a respectable job after being forced out due to CMM wanting a career outside of OTH. Peyton and Lucas (and baby) are a package deal, both should come back for at least an episode to close things out.

  14. Harper says:

    While it would be nice to see them both back, her last season was just painful to watch. (Making the video for the baby anyone? worst acting ever.) I’m thrilled to see him come back, hopefully baby Sawyer comes with him! And him with Joy? YES! Lucas and Haley moments are are the heart of the show. Hopefully this is one of the episodes that James is there for. We need a Lucas/Nathan giggling moment.

  15. Julie says:

    Sad that Peyton won’t be back, but hey I’m glad they won’t recast her or anything.
    All I know is since he’s coming back I will be watching again! I loved the first seasons because it was about the first cast… I missed out on a lot and will only read online what happened since I stopped watching (I remember Joe Manganiello was still there but he’s good where he’s at now *purrs* love Alcide!)
    Anywho… this is AWESOME news! If they get lucky enough MAYBE Peyton could be back for season/series finale????

  16. Jamie says:

    Although, I’m happy about this, it’s all confusion AGAIN. Like when they left.

    I can’t imagine them not asking her back. They won’t film the finale until near the end of the year? There’s still time.

  17. Kelsey says:

    Disappointed. That’s all I have to say. I never liked Lucas, or Chad for that matter. I was happy when he left. This kinda ruined my good day.

  18. JohnM says:

    they should at least have Hilarie Burton back on the series finale! I stopped watching the show when she (and CMM, but mostly Hilarie) left. If she comes back for the finale, I’m definitely gonna watch that episode!

  19. Tracey says:

    So excited to see him return. As much as I love the Lucas/Peyton onscreen duo I know Hilarie Burton has a lot going on. (She rocks on White Collar)
    I have to say I do love the friendship Lucas & Haley and look forward to seeing them onscreen together. Plus I do have all around love for Chad Michael Murray!

  20. Alex says:

    Great news! If only one of them was gonna come back I wouldve goe for Chad over Hilary every time.
    This is pretty exciting stuff! Would be great to see lucas reunited with Haley and Nathan.

  21. s_dreamer82 says:

    Lucas without Peyton! Failllllllllllllll!
    I used love OTH but Schwahn killed it long time ago!

  22. Gabrielle says:

    Sorry, but just him is not enough to make me watch OTH this season. It’s Leyton or no deal.

  23. What a crock says:

    Hilarie Burton is full of sh1t!!!

    She won’t go back because they can’t afford her. She has nothing else to do, she doesn’t look after her kid, a nanny does.

    Bethany Joy Galotti works on OTH fulltime and cares for a young baby! What makes Hilarie so special? I could care less if she returns to the show or not, but I’m sick of seeing her use having a child/family as an excuse for her absence. She can go to work on White Collar, what difficulty would she have returning to OTH for a weeks work? When she has her whole family living in the town where the show is filmed. Wake up and smell the coffee people!

    ALSO, you might wanna look back to an interview in May this year where Hilarie said she’d come back! Or would at least “never say never!”

    She was only in Wilmington a few weeks back and said herself she’s got nothing to do after White Collar wraps and will be working on her company IN WILMINGTON! So why is she not returning? It’s not about having a kid, when she can work on White collar for six months of the year!

    Get real Hil, quit using your kid as an excuse! Look around you, all your peers work FAR MORE than you and manage their kids too! Some without the help of a nanny!! Quit making excuses and just tell the truth! Bad blood and an unsweetened pot is why she won’t return!

    • lauren says:

      Why are you acting like she turned them down? It says in this new story that this time she wasn’t even asked. And based on the spoiler, it sounds like a Lucas-Nathan-centric story anyway.

    • honey says:

      Honey you need to get a grip. You act like she is commiting crimes against you television or something. She was asked back this time. I’m assuming because hse said no before so they didn’t bother. seriously chill out.

      • Rene says:

        That is still just a bitter Brucas fan talking and can’t seperate the character from the actress!! The fans of this show are hysterical!

    • Laura C says:

      Actually if you read the article properly you would see that it was Mark who used the baby as an excuse, not Hilarie. I have never once read an interview where Hilarie has used her child as an excuse for not returning to One Tree Hill.

    • gup says:

      It’s a bit funny that you’re stressing yourself out over someone who doesn’t even know you and probably doesn’t give a rat’s ass about your opinion.

  24. Lee says:

    Lucas returning without Peyton is the dumbest thing I’ve heard. I can’t wait to see how Mark explains this one.

    As much as I would have liked to seen Peyton again, I’m grateful that Hilarie has moved on from this train wreck. She has a good thing going on White Collar right now and doesn’t need OTH as much as CMM does.

    • lauren says:

      I think they can explain it easy AND give Leyton fans a treat – say that Peyton is pregnant again maybe very pregnant and on bed rest, so she can’t make the trip. That gives fans more to look forward to for when (OK, if) both CMM and Hilarie come back for the series finale in May.

    • Potch says:

      Yes because no one ever goes anywhere without their spouse. Husbands and wives do every single thing together. They’re never apart and one cannot take a trip without the other.

      Get real.

      • Lee says:

        Of course they do things without the other. But we’re talking about the final season, not just any old guest appearance. They’re bringing back quite a few of the original cast members as a send off to the fans. Not even extending an invite to Hilarie is a slap in the face to the actress and to the fans of Peyton/Leyton imo.

    • Teresa says:

      Lucas without Peyton… unbelievable! Whatever it took to get her back if for only episode, would have been genius. It was her relationship with Lucas! Brooke! Nathan, and the other characters on OTH that hooked me to the show. The producers obviously did not take its fans into consideration. How can you have a final season without all of those who made the show what it was????? Disappointed!

  25. Alberto says:

    YES, YES!!!!! But I want Hilarie to be back too!!!! Pleaaaaase, Hilarie, come back!!!!

  26. Sourabh says:

    TVLine is fond of OTH now?

  27. Lola says:

    Lucas/Peyton are not a packaged deal. Luke is better without blondie and i’m glad she’s not coming back.

  28. Sam says:

    OMG! That’re awesome news guys!!!!

  29. Dennis says:

    I’m sorry but come on she can’t come back for ONE episode at least?

    I always thought he would be the one that would refuse to come back.

  30. Lola says:

    Hilarie thinks she’s above everyone now..but i’m glad, i don’t want her back.

  31. Gina says:

    I always hated the Peyton character so I’m not sad shes not coming back. Besides, CMM isn’t doing more than 1 episode, so it’s not going to be too hard to explain her absence. My guess is, Haley is having a hard time dealing w/2 kids without Nathan and reaches out ti Lucas for help.

  32. marcella says:

    chad michael murray coming back to one tree hill My reaction: WTF now? now i dont miss you, dont need coming back, especialy without Hilarie

  33. luli says:


  34. F says:

    Awesome, and no Peyton, I hate her, this is great news!

  35. PJ says:

    Damn. The headline gave me momentary hope Burton might get her irritating ass off White Collar and take it back to OTH.

  36. f says:

    I heard deb will be back too..that’s soo awesome!

  37. x says:

    And why should i care im a Leyton fan and the leyton fans were waiting for both of them. Lucas coming back alone dont change anything for me and im pretty sure that the others leyton fans will not care either.Another thing Chad is coming back because he cant get another job he is a failure.He first wanted to leave talked alot on that video an now is coming back wow.

  38. Robin says:

    I am happy that Chad Michael Murray will be back for the finale, but the OTH folks seriously SERIOUSLY need to rethink their plan and ask Hilarie back as well. It needs to work! I like her on White Collar, but this is the OTH Series Finale we are talking about!! The OTH procuders need to get their act together and make it work!!!

  39. Dove says:

    this is not fair .. at least she should come back for brooke . they must invite her

  40. Gia says:

    I find it funny that Hilary Burton cannot comit as she is a regular on white collar but I watch white collar and she was not even in the last clump of episodes.

    • victoria says:

      you do realize that when shows are filming and when they air are not the same thing right? Also she wasn’t even asked not that she can’t commit.

  41. ana says:

    I’m happy for the return of Chad

  42. august says:

    is this a joke congrats chad you cant find any job and are coming back to ruin Leyton.

  43. Jenny says:

    Hilary Burton was the worst thing to happen to White Collar. To be honest. I can not stand her character Sara Ellis.

    • denns says:

      jenny you again we just need genevieve and the hate on hilarie party will be complety

      • Jenny says:

        I was not the only one that wrote something like this. Read other comments. Plus never writen about Hilarie before. Whats your problem with me? Do you know how many people are called Jenny?

  44. Rob says:

    I love this news, Lucas Scott was like my Hero. First TV character I ever connected to. Can not wait.

  45. Samantha says:

    Yesyesyesyesyes! I love and miss Lucas and I’m even more happy that Peyton will NOT be with him. I’ve always hated her character and don’t miss her at all.

  46. daniel says:

    Its funny that Chad michael murray was the one that cause all this fight when he wanted to leave to have a career outside one tree hill and by the away he dont have none he failed and now is running to one tree hill again and hilarie have to leave beacuse of this and now he is coming back and is the hero while Hilarie is now the villan.Congrats Hilarie you are a great girl and could find a job in a much better show and have a carrer oustide one tree hill if people love you or hate you dosent matter you are doing great.

  47. Mayra says:

    Ooooooooooooown! Better one than none!
    But still… I miss P. Sawyer. Wanted to see her one last time!

  48. Lindsay says:

    I am sure they did invite Hilarie back! They said so at the upfronts in May! At least we have one of them :) I am really happy! I am hoping James is in that episode!!!!!!! We need a last Lucas and Nathan scene!!

  49. Captain says:

    This is actually great! Hilarie has made it clear she nevr had any intention of returning. My biggest fear was that they wouldn;t bring back Chad because they couldn’t get Hilarie so I’m really happy they chose to bring him back.

  50. I am soooo happy to hear that Chad will be returning! It wouldnt be a happy ending without him there! Of course im sad Hillary wont be joining him but one is better then none…cant complain! =))