Fall TV Preview

Kevin McKidd Says Grey's Anatomy 'Has Written Cristina Into a Box' - and He's Thrilled

There are a number of ways Cristina’s abortion dilemma could play out on Grey’s Anatomy this fall, but one thing appears fairly certain: If she terminates the pregnancy, her marriage to Owen is kaput.

“That’s a very good point,” reasons the baby daddy’s portrayer, Kevin McKidd. “Is it just a bump in the road, or is it a real block in their relationship? That’s addressed in the early part of the season.”

The very early part. As series creator Shonda Rhimes recently revealed to TVLine, the question of whether Cristina goes through with the abortion is answered by the end of the two-hour season opener, airing Sept. 22.

McKidd acknowledges that “the writers have written Cristina into a bit of a box,” but adds that that’s not necessarily a bad thing. “[T]he really good juicy stuff gets going when they go, ‘OK, we’re going to make this as difficult as we possibly can for this couple. They fought to get together, with the Teddy of it all in Season 6 and then the PTSD, and now it’s like slam, we’re going to give you the hardest problem of all.’

“It just gives us an opportunity to tell a better story and a more important story,” McKidd continues. “And it’s really tough. Network shows aren’t dealing with that topic of conversation about abortion. I think it’s cool that they’re not skirting around it, they’re going head on into it.”

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  1. Samara says:

    This will go one of two ways Either Cristina has this baby only bc Owen wants her too or she’ll suddenly get that maternal feelings @ the end of the eppy and want to be a mother.
    GREAT! (Enter extreme sarcasm)

    • Tracy says:

      Uhg! to the second option. They already had Arizona cave on her “I don’t want children” beliefs, which was disappointing. Why go to the exact same place with Christina?

      • Darcy says:

        No one ever forced Arizona into motherhood. Callie got pregnant when they were broken up, it had nothing to do with her. She was the one who came crawling back whining how she had made a mistake. Arizona just likes being in charge and having things go her way. The fact that she got mad a Callie for wanting Mark to be a part of HIS child’s life only shows how selfish she is.

    • Gretchen says:

      The latter would be such a predictable cop-out, very uncreative of Shonda.

      I’d like to see Cristina stick to her guns. The world doesn’t need another “woman who doesn’t want kids overcome with maternal love” plotline. Owen KNEW how she felt about kids and shouldn’t feel hurt by Cristina’s choice to abort if he truly loves and respects her. If he wanted a kid that badly, he needs to find a partner who feels the same rather than guilting Cristina into his way or the highway. I’m sorry, but I have never wanted kids and even if I were to become pregnant by accident, my mind wouldn’t change on the issue and no husband would guilt me into carrying that pregnancy.

      Perhaps they can implant the embryo into him in a medical breakthrough and he can deal with an unwanted pregnancy in HIS body and deal with the bruises to HIS career.

      • Monica says:

        Please get your tubs tied so no one you purport to care about would have to go through that with you.

        • Gretchen says:

          Hmmm…maybe I should suggest you get YOURS tied so that there aren’t more judgmental rude people on the planet?

          • Mary says:

            But if you KNOW you dont want kids and that getting pregnant wouldn’t change your mind, then why would you risk getting pregnant at all? Better to have your tubes ties than have an abortion?

          • Anastasia says:

            I second Monica, get your tubes tied so that you don’t create a baby that you don’t want and are going to just kill. Seriously. Why do women who are absolutely convinced they are never going to want children think that abortion is a form of birth control? I will never understand people like you and that’s not being judgmental it’s being sincere.

          • Maryann says:

            Well said Gretchen….well said.

        • Bryan says:

          Please don’t give medical advice on a message board.

        • Karen says:

          Don’t make the outcome of the Christina pregnancy controversy come down to maternal plot as said. But then again she did loose one baby and was very devastated in the end. So it could go either way. Just don’t make the story lines predictable.

    • Brent says:

      Third option: Cristina reluctantly decides to go ahead with the pregnancy only to have a legitimate miscarriage (the miscarriage meaning she can’t have kids, which eventually causes her a certain amount of sorrow is 3.a).

      • Caro says:

        Or she wants to have an abortion but has a miscarriage anyway. That way Owen still would be angry and hurt by her and will distance himself, while either she ‘did nothing wrong’ but ‘wanted to abort my baby’ so that would give Owen the right to be angry, or she had a change of heart after losing the baby and still has an angry husband because of her plans, that would mean no comfort from him but both of them still hurting. Also Cristina can’t prove that way she wouldn’t go through with the abortion; if she had a miscarriage but didn’t want to go ahead with the abortion. Owen could say It’s ony words.
        It’s also a possibility. I don’t think she just will reconsider regarding the abortion and will have the baby and they’ll live happily ever after. It’s not Shonda’s style. :-(

        • Andie says:

          But Cristina already had a miscarriage way back when and Meredith did last season, so I feel like they won’t go with that plotline once again.

      • Caroline says:

        I’m guessing there will be some sort of traumatic event in the episode and there will be a miscarriage. Easy way to get rid of the fictional baby and makes everyone happy.

  2. Samantha says:

    If Cristina goes ahead and has the baby she is DEAD to me.

    The show already had Arizona backtrack on the baby issue. I would appreciate it if the writers didn’t do the same with Cristina. Not all women want to have children and that doesn’t make them a bad person!

    • jane says:

      Me too. The show is horrible now but I still have so much love for Alex, Arizona and Cristina that I just can’t seem to quit it. But they screw up Cristina’s storyline by making her have a baby I’ll be done permanently.

    • Erin says:

      Well, she is dead to me if she does go through with the abortion.

    • Jill says:

      As someone who does not want children and constantly gets flak for it, I agree. But I must say I’m really disappointed in this story in general. It’s seems really irresponsible and it makes a joke of marriage, abortion, and the decision to or not to have children. I have no idea how to resolve it without it blowing up and making everyone look like a bunch of jerks.

      • Jess says:

        There is no way for any of them to win in this situation. She’s damned if she has the child and doesn’t want it, and she’s damned if she doesn’t have it.

    • Lisa says:

      The character has some depth now…she has evolved since she was first introduced. I know several women who didn’t want to have kids but decided after their continued pregnancies and abortions that there was something bigger then they understood going on and they went on to have children and happily parent. Perhaps not in the over the top maternal way that some folks to but lovingly tolerant anyway.

      There is more at stake here than how she feels about parenting. It’s how she feels about her marriage and beyond that her husband. Seriously, if she was so dead set against getting pregnant and having children, why wasn’t she using a better form of birth control? She is a freaking Doctor isn’t she? She should know where they come from. After already having one abortion, don’t you think she would have taken stronger measures? If her character is the sort that doesn’t care about having multiple abortions I think it really changes my perception of who she is.

      • Cody says:

        Christina has never had an abortion. She had an ectopic pregnancy. Why do people keep remembering that wrong?

        • SS says:

          Because when she was with Bruke or what ever his name was she was considering the same thing ( having an abortion) I can’t believe everyone is skiping over that. This isn’t the first time she has considered abortion.

        • barb says:

          She WAS scheduled for the abortion but had the emergency miscarriage before her appointment.

      • Nancy says:

        Yes, some women change their minds about pregnancy at some point in their lives. But some don’t. And that’s perfectly fine too and I really wish the show would acknowledge that.
        The story line is beyond ridiculous to begin with and it’s wrong on so many levels that they put Cristina into this position again, but I’m done with the character and the show if they continue to present women in a way that I often find downright offensive.

      • Samantha says:

        The answer is that Cristina is either incredibly stupid and/or irresponsible when it comes to birth control. That is the what the writers are making her out to be since this is the second time she gets pregnant when she is completely against having children. This storyline is showing how the writers can only write contrived and unoriginal stories for their characters. Grey’s Anatomy went 6 seasons without any babies and then BAM! Babies is what the show has (mostly) become about. WTF? The show used to be seen as a medical drama with a bit of soapiness to it. Now, it’s a straight up a soap opera that belongs on daytime.

        • Erica says:

          Completely agree Samantha mostly it comes down to lazy writing. I mean apparently Christina is either very irresponisble or very unlucky to have her birth control fail twice even after she lost a tube from her first pregnancy. It’s al totally dumb.

        • barb says:

          The only reason I can think that Cristina is so careless about birth control, she thinks she has it under control. Even though she wanted the abortion with Burke’s baby, she was very affected by Bailey’s pregnancy. Remember she was asking Bailey questions about how she was going to be a doctor and a mother when they were flying back from retrieving a heart for a transplant? Also, remember the patient who had cancer and decided to continue her pregnancy instead of going for treatment. That affected her. AND, the guy who was a psychic and had epilepsy. He questioned her “mommy” feelings. She got off his case. I am not sure how Cristina really feels about commitment to a child. Her childhood was traumatic. But, she seemed genuinely upset after the miscarriage. I don’t think she is 100% sure of anything involving her personal life. She is all about being a doctor NOW. She may feel different having a child at the same time Meredith is raising her new little girl. Maybe. And then again, she might decide Owen can be the stay-at-home dad while she gets her career off the ground.

      • Melissa B. says:

        She didn’t have an abortion, she had a miscarriage. If I remember right it was an ectopic pregnancy.

        However, I am pro-life and agree with you. It is perfectly acceptable for a woman to decide she doesn’t want to have children. She should have prevented it though. And… her and Owen should have talked about it before getting married!

        • jj says:

          That’s the point about how stupid the writing on this show is. Two have not just one, but two couples that involve surgeons not use birth control and get pregnant “on accident” is a farce. Especially when one of those is someone who adamantly claimed not to want kids and already had one unplanned pregnancy. This just doesn’t happen in real life!! There’s a reason why professional and/or educated people have a lower birth rate than others and it’s not because we are all running around having abortions. It’s because we actually USE birth control and use it wisely. Hence the abortion issue rarely, if never comes up. This seems like lazy soap storytelling (look to the soap world for an example of how everyone beds each other and noone ever uses protection and ends up pregnant every other week) and an excuse to “tackle a difficult subject” but really just be divisive and get viewers by stirring up controversy. Grey’s Antatomy is NOT the right forum for holding the abortion debate.

        • Gretchen says:

          No birth control is 100% effective. A woman ALWAYS maintains the right to an abortion.

          If Owen pushes her into a pregnancy she doesn’t want, that proves he doesn’t love or respect her and just wants his way. I think they did have a few scenes where Cristina said she didn’t want a kid. No woman should be guilted into carrying a pregnancy, that is abuse.

        • Elke says:

          They talked about Cristina not wanting kids at the end of season 6 when Callie & Arizona were having their dispute. Seriously, I thought Owen was playing foul when he suddenly was all “Oh, I thought you’d change your mind” in this season.

      • C says:

        Sometimes, even when birth control is used very responsibly and accurately, it fails. This is the reason why we teach high school students (and hopefully younger) that no method is 100%. The great part of this story line is this is something that real-life couples face. It’s too bad that women can’t discuss this issue without taking sides or failing to listen to the perspectives of others.

        • Darcy says:

          Well said

        • Elke says:

          Yeah, but seriously: Most unwanted pregnancies ARE in facted caused by people being irresponsible with birth control, right? I mean, what’s the point of ALWAYS insisting on this 1% of unwanted pregnancies resulting from the shortcoming of birthcontrol while 99% of unwanted pregnancies are caused by sloppiness of the partners involved. Better teach your kids to be really dilligent with birth control because, let’s face it: The swimming pool is there, your kids gonna try to swim anyway. Better show her/him how to instead of preaching to stay away from the water.

      • Diana says:

        “It’s how she feels about her marriage and beyond that her husband.”

        What about how her husband feels about her?

        Someone aptly pointed out that Cristina Yang has never wanted children. She was clear about that with Owen from the beginning, and he wanted her anyway. And what about the fact that he thinks he can change her mind (which is a mistake that psychologists say women stupidly make – no less stupid when a man makes the same mistake) or convince her to conform to his will to have children?? Again, he knew who she was when he married her. What does that say about how HE feels about marriage and his wife??? Where’s the respect he should have for her?

        It’s archaic and puritanical to be of the mindset that the woman in the relationship has to submit to her husband’s desires 100% of the time. Why doesn’t he bend?

        If I have my way with the story line, she’ll stick to her guns and he’ll get over it. Because he loves HER and he supports HER and isn’t only interested in her womb, like he did when he first got together with her.

        But what happened to the rumor that Sandra Oh, Ellen Pompeo, and Patrick Dempsey are likely not renewing their contracts anyway? Maybe Cristina will stick to her guns and Owen won’t get over it, they’ll not be able to make it work, he’ll blackball her from his service, and she’ll move to another hospital that makes her feel valuable because they need a heart surgeon (thereby leaving the show).

      • eviltwit says:

        Seriously? Are you insinuating women have more “depth” if they have kids? Thank you very much, but I have plenty of “depth” even chosing never to have kids. Sheesh.

    • Nancy says:

      Same here. What’s happening to all the great female role models on this show? The message Grey’s trying to put forward these days seems to be: Women’s only real goals in life are marriage and babies. Without them they are incomplete and need to “grow up”. It makes me want to vomit.

      • Monica says:

        Why do you look towards Grey’s Anatomy, or to any TV show for that matter, for female role models? That’s just mystifying to me. Look to real life for your role models and leave TV for storytelling. I’m a lawyer in my late 30s and have never wanted children. My life choices will not be affected if a fictional character has a baby or not. I don’t think it should for you either.

        • Michaela says:

          You may not look for fictional role models, but a lot of younger people do. They identify with all kinds of stuff they see on TV or in movies. It’s not that unheard of. ;)

          • Monica says:

            Young people actually watch this show? I seriously find that hard to believe. And if they are too stupid to separate the characters of Seattle Grace from reality, then there wasn’t ever much hope for them anyway, was there?

          • Annie says:

            Anyone who is identifying with fictional characters are role models, should be shot…

      • Lyndsey says:

        I don’t think these women were really written to be role models. I mean, none of them have done too many truly astounding things that you can look up to. They’re regular people who have problems and then get over them, just like everyone else. And you’re sort of implying that it’s like…anti-feminism for all the women on the show to want to get married and have babies. But that’s not what it is. Now, if they were all saying “I’m going to get married, quite being a surgeon, and pop out 5 kids” that would make ME want to vomit. It’s like…they’re still doing their jobs. They still want their high-powered careers. Look at Bailey. She’s a single mom and an exceptional surgeon. It’s empowering. And yes, there has been a lot of marriage and babies lately but I think that’s just because the characters are growing up. Meredith didn’t want babies because she didn’t want to be her mother, but she loves Derek so much (and he showed her he has faith in her mothering capabilities) that she realized it is something she wants with him. And as for Arizona, she realized that she loves Callie enough that she would do anything for her. And even though the baby is Sloan’s, Arizona still loves her because she’s a part of Callie. Now, Cristina…I don’t think she will keep the baby, which is sad because it will probably end her marriage. Or maybe she will change her mind about being a mother. Maybe she won’t want to lose Owen so she won’t have an abortion. Or maybe she’ll remember how much crap Meredith went through to have a baby and here she is practically throwing hers away. Either way, if she changes her mind, so what? It’s not you. And it’s not up to you to decide her life. You aren’t the writer. And clearly Shonda Rhimes knows what she’s doing, she’s been pretty damn successful so far. And for everyone who gets upset over her writing and the turns the show has taken, just quit watching it. There have been plenty of times where I was upset with the happenings of the show, with deaths and divorces and relationships, but I keep watching it because in the end, it’s still a fantastic show.

    • J says:

      Absolutely. Shonda already broke Meredith and Derek by having them officially marry. PLEASE no baby for Cristina! Let her be the Cristina I know and love.

      • Brooke says:

        But Mer/Der never did have a wedding. They just finished what they’d planned all along, going to the courthouse. They’d just been too busy to that when they did the post-it note “wedding.” It’s not like they put Meridith into a frilly white dress and made her walk down the aisle.

    • Caro says:

      Oh, I thought you wanted to say If Christina goes ahead with the abortion she is DEAD to me. That’s what I would say! Don’t kill an innocent child who hasn’t chosen to be given life but take responsibility for your actions!

  3. Lisa says:

    I just really hope Cristina does not end up having an abortion because seriously it would be like she is using abortion as a contraceptive. I am pro choice but when a women is happily married and she has a husband that is willing to be there for her it is just ugghhh… I know if that is what happens I will be not be tuning in the rest of the season.

    • Tina says:

      Totally agreed, just a terrible box they have written Cristina but to validate abortion in this way when there are women that are in terrible poisitions that this is the only light for them is just a misfortune.

    • Sam says:

      So because a woman is married that makes her obligated to have a child just because someone is there to support her?? Why is it so wrong for someone to just not want children. I personally think it’s better for someone who does not want kids to have an abortion rather than bring an unwanted child into the world.

      • das says:

        It is not about being married and being obligated to have a child. There are many complex sides to this whole scenario. It is not an unwanted child being brought into the world, it is only unwanted by Christina – not Owen who wants the baby and is willing to raise it. The father has rights also, it is not just about her only and what she wants. Yes, she has a right to feel like she doesn’t want kids and that can be acknowledged. But she has to grow up and make an informed decision of what to do. Not rush into ending a life based solely on what she wants. Her marriage has to being taken into the equation and what it means to what she wants. She does have a husband who is just as much a part of the process as she is and what happens. Owen is a part of her life and has not been a monster who doesn’t deserve to have a say in the matter. Yes, he has had problems, but legit problems with PTST not of his making, but of wars making. Just because she carries it and gives birth doesn’t mean she has to give up on her ambitions. If she doesn’t want it, let her husband raise it for her. The few months she carries and then delivers are not a death sentence (that we know of at this point in the plot lines, anyway) for Christina. She can move on from there to do whatever, and be or do whatever, she wants. The baby and Owen deserve a chance for that life just as much as she has the power to make that decision and what her wants and desires are. All parties have a stake in whether or not she wants it. It’s not just all about her and it being her body and her life solely. I had that decision to make as a single person and I speak from experience. I made the right choice for me after taking time, looking at all aspects of everyone involved in the life dependent sitaution and being informed to the best knowledge I could have before I decided. The same should be said for the character of Christina or anyone who is faced with this situation. I chose life btw. But that doesn’t mean I think the character of Christina should choose that. Sorry for the dissertation, but I don’t believe people should blinded with snappy statements and ideologies as to what should occur in real or make believe life.

        • Juliet says:

          Totally agree, it is not just Cristina’s baby, it is Owen’s too. That is what is making me pissed at this issue and the comments of Cristina has rights but so does Owen.

        • SS says:

          He is moving into a less demanding employment sector(or rather a more time sturctured) this year……….

    • brandy says:

      So if you don’t want kids, you’re not allowed to get married and have a stable job? And if you do, then get pregnant, you’re no longer allowed to not want kids? What kind of “choice” are you supporting?

      • jj says:

        don’t argue with this person. i’ve had internet chats with people who seriously think that people who do not want kids should be completely celibate- married or no. when someone has this strong of a stance you can’t rationalize with them. believe me, i’ve tried every tactic known to man (or woman). and they also believe they should be able to decide for everyone else. i get part of it. lots of folks have views that i don’t agree with. but i live my life my way and don’t try to force people to live by my standards. but many people feel the need to dictate the morality of others. they’re afraid they’ll be “sodom and gomorroh”‘d by association.

        • Carly says:

          Are you doing the same thing? LMAO Stating ignore everybody else’s opinion because you are right. Just keep posting and maybe they will agree with you.

  4. Booger says:

    I know. It’s a BS theme that villanizes her either way. Thank god, Sandra Oh is such an awesome actress. She didn’t want it and Owen is a jerk for forcing her down this path. At no point has she stood up to him. Let her draw the line in the sand here.

    That being said- bet Rhimes writes in a miscarriage.

    • Lauta says:

      The only way that this would turn out even SLIGHTLY ok would be for Cristina to have the baby BUT maybe give it up for adoption?? It could skip the whole abortion thing AND she wouldn’t have to keep the baby. That way she’s not “killing” a baby and she still doesn’t have to have a baby (keeping it after it’s born). Maybe??

    • SS says:

      If she truly didn’t want kids, I would think she wouldn’t have gotten pregnant “on accident” again, as a doctor after the dangerious situation with her first accidental pregnancy she would have taken a more permanent measure of birth control….I’m just sayin……..

  5. sarah says:

    This storyline is one of the worst things ever on television. ALL women have to be mothers to be fulfilled as humans and if they don’t want children, don’t worry, there will be a man there to tell you how much you need and should have that baby. Ugh. I just can’t with this abusive relationship romanticized anymore.

    • wow says:

      wow that’s the most stupid comment. you take the cake. Out of all the couples on this show, this one is the least abusive.

      Also, you can tell that the first comments are all from angry jealous fans who probably hate the idea of another female character having a baby before Meredith Grey, or from fangirls stuck in th past who want Burke to come back.

      • katie says:

        LOL so true but each to their own, I love Cristina and Owen angst and all and can’t wait to see how they get through this.

      • sarah says:

        Actually, I don’t really like Meredith and didn’t like Burke. But as far as I recall I don’t remember any other characters taking advantage of a woman’s PTSD in order to get her to marry him, choosing his career over hers and then sabotaging hers, kicking her out of the home that SHE bought, constantly speaking down to her like she’s a child and trying to emotionally manipulate her into bearing a child because it’s what he wants.

        • me says:

          Everyone has the right to like or dislike a couple or character, but IMO many see things that aren’t there. It’s really hard to see that Owen made her marry him. How did you get to that conclusion???? and sabotaging her career? WTF? manipulate her into having a child? All he did was ask her to think about it, like any real person would do if this happened. No matter if you didn’t want kids, abortion is a serious issue and a difficult decision for anyone. I hope they treat it as such.

          • J says:

            I’ve loved Owen and Derek from the beginning, but this time I can’t take their sides. I’m definitley Team Cristina/Meredith here. I can’t believe Owen’s attitude towards Cristina not wanting to have children and, honestly, he should have expected it, he knows who he married.

        • muffin says:

          To me it seems that we are watching 2 different shows. Sure, chief resident dr. Cristina Yang has a nice ring to it but Cristina would detest the paperwork and avoid it. Remember how she laughed at April’s methods? Hunt did not sabotage his wife, he made an impartial character judgement just as Cristina wanted but unfortunately it wasn’t in her favour. What a devious bastard, right?

          • janey says:

            The fact that he didn’t say no because he would have to be judging his wife says it all.

          • Brooke says:

            No kidding. Owen’s explanation to Cristina about how she belonged in the OR rather than dealing with the paperwork showed that he truly does know his wife. I wouldn’t say he was being impartial, though – he was clearly looking out for her and knew that she would be miserable with the chief resident job.

      • Nancy says:

        Oh good gosh… Seriously? Believe it or not, some people enjoy this show without being part of the childish fandom dynamics you just demonstrated so well. Some people might actually really take issue with the images of women and relationships that this show pusts forward.

        • Eh? says:

          In that case, perhaps you should consider that some people might really take issue with your perspective too. Grey’s is acting like all girls should want babies? Whatever. I don’t see that. But far worse in my opinion would be to act as though the decision of whether to abort/not abort is something that women know the answer to before they are actually faced with it. Whether or not you believe abortion is ending a life, its a lot harder to feel certain in those convictions when its you faced with the situation.

          Let the story breathe for what it is and stop being so feminist about a fiction. Even for women who have strong convictions in this area, they can look back on an abortion as the worst mistake of their life, wracked with guilt forever; or look back on the choice not to abort as one of the best decisions they ever made. Those women are people too!

          • jj says:

            and there are plenty of other people who don’t feel either way you just described as well. you just posited your own opinion while trying to invalidate someone else’s- something you claimed that the OP was doing to people who feel like you. Do you really not see the hypocrisy? Especially, since I think you are placing judgment on someone who’s views you don’t fully know. It’s sad that you think being feminist is a negative thing, but nowhere did the OP claim to be a feminist. Neither did she claim to be pro life or otherwise. YOU are the one being judgmental and stirring the proverbial abortion pot, here, not the OP. Classic straw man.

          • Eh? says:

            Guess you just did the same then. If I’m a hypocrite you must be too, since you have no idea what my views are either (it might be interesting to see what you came as being ‘my views’ if you had a stab at it – I think you would guess wrong). Or maybe, maybe, I was just trying to draw the exact kind of reaction you made – the point being that women are not homogenous and to take issue with the plot not meeting up to your own view of what it should be is to be self-involved, and not see the world for the diverse place that it is.

            But just so you know, I don’t see being ‘feminist’ as a negative thing. Actually it’s a great positive. And I’m pretty sure Nancy would see it that way too. But I see anyone being upset by their own views not being reflected in a fictional plot line as a negative thing. I do not think we should be feminist about Cristina Yang, someone who doesn’t exist. I think we should leave the plotline to the writers who clearly have a plot in mind and not be upset if it doesn’t meet our own view of the world.

          • Monica says:

            Have to agree with eh? here. Maybe not the way she frame the “feminist” issue, but I do think that anyone facing abortion in real life knows that its not cut and dry. And before you start questioning my feminist credentials jj, I served as a volunteer escort for woman going to abortion clinics and contribute regularly to Planned Parenthood.

          • Ali says:

            Your phrasing seems to imply that you have particular leanings on the subject of abortion, perhaps it was unintentional, but to be fair perhaps we should flip your offered examples.

            What about the women who look back on an abortion and realize it was the best decision they made for their lives. The women who made informed decisions and haven’t an iota of guilt about the choice they made.

            What about the women that chose not to abort and now live a life of “what if” or “what could have been.” The ones who live an unhappy life feeling unfulfilled and shackled by motherhood.

            What about the women who never wanted children but find themselves giving in to a partner, their family, or society and having the baby only to discover that they weren’t overcome by maternal instinct. There they sit judged by society again while people whisper behind their backs about “have you seen her with her baby . . . so detached.”

            These women are people as well.

            As far as feminism is concerned – personally, my feminism never sleeps. Negative portrayals of women in the media impact and influence society. Why would feminists sit by and allow film and television to denigrate, weaken, and abuse women without comment. How ridiculous is it to believe that feminism has no place in fictional portrayals. Should we wait until actual victimization has happened rather than attempt to stop one of the causes? Degradation is degradation. Misogyny is misogyny. If a viewer sees it in a show they watch, as “Sarah” says she does, then she should absolutely speak out about it.

            Back to Grey’s . . . Cristina doesn’t want children, she seems pretty adamant. The answer isn’t to please her husband and have the baby. The answer isn’t to have the baby and see if she changes her mind. She can have an abortion and if Owen can’t live with that he should leave. I wouldn’t judge him negatively for it, he is also human and entitled to make a choice. She could carry the baby to term and give it up for adoption, but only if she’s willing to share her body for 40 weeks and deal with the natural changes and possible risks of pregnancy. If not, then she should have an abortion. I don’t think she’s selfish for not wanting the baby. I don’t think he’s insensitive for wanting the baby. However, at the end of the day the decision is Cristina’s.

          • Eh? says:

            Ali, those women all seem to be covered by Nancy’s view of what Christina HAS to look like on Grey’s for the show to portray women fairly. What I was saying in the first place was a flip of the original point.

            Perhaps I did frame the feminist thing wrong – but I made my point well in the second post. I take issue with anyone who thinks their own perspective is the only women-enhancing way for a story to be revsolved. As women, we shouldn’t be seeking a specific decision from Christina – we should be seeking that whatever decision she makes, it is handled in a women-enhancing way. I think so often in trying to ‘feminise a fiction’, those doing so succeed more in alienating women who feel they are not spoken for than in enhancing them. Noone should mind that a fictional character didn’t make the same decision as them, but it might be understandable that they mind if actual real people in forums tell them their own choices are not women-enhancing. Nancy’s comments are similar to ones that I have seen hurt and alienate so many women in the past.

            In terms of abortion, I come from only one angle – that of a person who deals with it on a daily basis and sees all reactions, and believes that the emotional state of the woman is the most critical thing regardless of the background that led them there. I am perhaps blessed with the fact that I have no particular moral conviction one way or the other.

      • jj says:

        wtf? where do you get that from? methinks you see pink elephants where there are none! none of the comments at the top sound remotely like fangirls or meredith fans in partick. they are just giving their opinion about the sloppy writing/storylines and uneven, inconsistent characters being portrayed on the show nowadays.

        • Carly says:

          Bottom line the show has already been written so it really doesn’t matter what you all think should happen, just tune in and find out. The only people that really know what Cristina wants/feels are the writers and obviously they think Cristina loves Owen and Owen loves Cristina that was established in the SF now we just need to see what happens next.

  6. LMSO says:

    Season Eight is sounding really promising. While some lighter moments from time to time would be nice, no one brings the angsty goodness like Cristina and Owen. Here’s hoping my all-time favorite couple comes through this latest challenge stronger than ever. In the meantime, I can’t wait to see what Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd will do with this material. They are tremendous. Bring it, Shonda!

  7. Deion says:

    I love Kevin McKidd. But sir. Someone needs to tell these writers that writing Christina into these relationships with brilliant men who don’t accept her personal life choices is damaging to the character.

    Any man worthy of her would have accepted who she is before marrying her and then attempting to change her. Wow, the gall.

    • Jill says:

      I completely agree with this post. I’ve never liked Cristina and Owen together, so if their relationship is done if she does have the abortion, that would be great for me. And it would be completely out of character for Cristina to have this baby. I only tolerate Cristina and Owen together, but it would be too, too hard to do that if there’s a baby involved. It wouldn’t be Cristina.

      My most favorite relationship on this show is Meredith’s and Cristina’s friendship, and I’ve never liked how Derek and Owen seem to mock it and wish they would grow up. Cristina knows exactly who she is, and she shouldn’t have to apologize or bow down to anyone for it.

      • Ana says:

        Not only Derek and Owen. I mock it as well. Actually, it disgusts me. This is not a friendship, it’s a co-dependency that provokes a lack of respect of their respective relationships.

        As for CO, if this can end up their marriage, fine by me. In fact, I hope it goes that way. The way Owen treats Cristina…no, just no.

  8. Bev says:

    I love Owen and Cristina, I just want them to get through this together like they have everything else.

  9. Erin says:

    I am tired of hearing that Owen is the jerk for wanting to have the baby – it is also his baby too people! Oh because it is Cristina and she never wanted to be a mother but wasn’t smart enough to get her tubes tied even though she is a doctor, it is not her fault she wants to terminate a child that was conceived in love. Sorry, I feel bad for Owen.

    • xav says:

      I understand his feelings in that exact situation but I have no sympathy for him because of the way he constantly condescended to Cristina and assumed that she would want kids “when she grew up”.

    • Jennifer says:

      Kudos to you! Finally someone stated what I have been thinking all hiatus long and I also agree about using abortion as a contraceptive.

      I love Cristina but I want to see her think about someone else for once – “her baby” and the man she loves Owen. I understand not all of us want to be mothers but it is not hypothetical anymore she has a life growing inside her.

      • jj says:

        the point is that it is not realistic that this would happen to this character… AGAIN. This is what happens when writers put conflict development over character development. I could see this happening to a number of the silly vapid creatures they call doctors and surgeons on this show, but NOT Christina the way they had been writing her. And, seriously, how many baby storylines in a row can you have? Lazy writers can’t think of anything new? Well, then, maybe it’s time to end the show!

    • Deion says:

      Nope, no sympathy for him because he made his play. But if it comes down to “have this baby or we’re over”, that child is being used as a bargaining chip and that relationship needs to be over anyway.

    • bam says:

      I too feel for Owen, Cristina is just a selfish ***** in this situation. Seriously how would you all react if Owen was like, “oh no problem, go ahead and terminate my child, who cares” you would all be calling him a selfish noncaring ass – oh some of you already do. Love Owen Hunt and Cristina Yang and from past history I bet you they will get through this too.

      • ughhh says:

        Totally agree – Christina is just being selfish.

        • J says:

          It would be worse for the kid to have him just because your spouse wants to and not you, especially for a woman. I know a person who was had simply because her mother wanted to please her father, even though the woman never wanted to have children, but did it “out of love” for her partner. It’s not a nice situation. A kid should be wanted. Cristina is not being selfish, she’s being practical and she is right. It’s ok to no want to have children and the right thing to do in her sitaution would be not to have it, for the child’s sake as much as her own.

    • jennrae says:

      Erin, in the real world, getting your tubes tied isn’t as easy as it should be when it’s not a medical necessity and/or you have never had kids. Even if you are adamant about not wanting children, you will still have a helluva time finding a doctor to do it. For one thing, it’s a bigger liability than you would think, since all women will eventually want children, right? People who have never been in this situation are quick to offer it as an alternative, when it really isn’t.
      This storyline is flawed, because the only person who doesn’t want kids more than Christina is me at sixteen, and I was diligent in taking my birth control because pregnancy wasn’t an option. To be sure, Christina is that type of person. The pregnancy is a cop-out, and so is the “will-she?-won’t-she-have-abortion” fiasco because it’s all been told before. Everyone has an opinion on abortion, and most of the time it’s unwavering, so what is the point, except for this? Controversy to get people to watch.

  10. Dijea says:

    She doesn’t have to do either – she can have a miscarriage. But remember how upset Christina was when she lost Burke’s baby even if it was a tubal. I have a feeling it won’t be as cut and dried as anyone thinks.

    Either way is fine with me as long as it makes sense.

  11. Snickleboom says:

    I just don’t get how they got to where they are in their relationship without really knowing how the other felt about having kids. If Owen really wanted children that badly, he should have never married Christina. If Christina is so very opposed to the thought of having a child, then she should have considered how Owen felt about that before marrying him. It just seems crazy to me to be having these discussions now that she’s pregnant. But, I guess that’s Grey’s Anatomy for you. I still love it, though.

  12. Susan says:

    I really hope Cristina keeps the baby but either way I am excited because I have a feeling there is going to be some amazing scenes between Owen and Cristina and acted beautifully by Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh. Just hope it all makes sense and seems true to the characters.

  13. Dessy says:

    After that last AwfuL season, I can’t ever imagine watching another episode of this show. It’s become completely horrific. She wants to have the abortion why exactly? Seriously? I don’t care anymore if they stay together or not. I don’t care about Christina OR Owen. I don’t really care about any of the characters (except maybe Alex). The storylines have become jokes. Silly, stupid, ridiculous jokes. The show should just END. It’s so annoying seeing something like this have such high ratings and then shows like Fringe and Parks and Rec have a fraction of those ratings.


  14. linds says:

    I think Owen has a right to share is thoughts on wanting the baby..he wants it with her. He never said they had to do it tho. He just wanted her to INCLUDE him. In the end she didn’t do that. She did everything on her own. That hurt him, and of course he’s gonna be hurt and up set, it’s his baby to. Yes he knew she didn’t want to be a mom, but she has one growing in her. We all know Cristina never wanted to be a mother. She failed to do a better job at making sure that wouldn’t happen.

    With all that said. I would love for them to have a baby, I just don’t think it will happen. She’ll have a miscarriage. I think it’s the only thing that will keep CO from ending. Keeping it is to easy..IMO for shonda. She’s always got something up her sleave..

    I don’t believe Owen is forcing her. He has a right to talk it thru with her. Cristina really dosen’t change her view of life for anyone. Sometimes i feel bad for Owen because he just loves her so much..he has dreams for them..Nothing wrong with that. I think it’s sweet. he just has dreams..he wants everything with her.

    • xav says:

      The only problem with that is that they’re HIS dreams. They don’t include anything that she wants. He screwed over her career and specifically did not choose her for a job she wanted because HE thought she didn’t need it. HE wants children and they’re HIS dreams of having a family but never once does he think of what she might want.

      • linds says:

        Do you really think Cristina would have liked being CR? I don’t . The only reason she wanted it was because she thought she needed it to help her career.
        She liked the fight for it too.

        • Nancy says:

          And because she might not have liked the reality of it Owen had the right to interfere with her career plans? I’m sure Alex wouldn’t have liked certain parts of the job either and I don’t really see Meredith being all crazy about paperwork as well, but CR is a requirement or at least a big plus point when it comes to certain fellowships. Cristina and the other residents are still trying to build a career and I think it’s condescending for anyone to try and decide which steps they take to achieve what they want. Owen had no right to do that. If he can’t accept that Cristina wants to and has to make some decisions on her own and without his “help” than he is the wrong man for her.

          • Ron says:

            Exactly. Chief Resident is a first step up the career ladder in every field of surgery. I think the show wasn’t clear enough about it though. Maybe it will come up again once the characters actively start pursuing fellowships.

          • ana says:

            He was asigned the job of choosing the resident he saw more fit for the job. It wasn’t his wife. Does that mean he’s a bad husband?

        • xav says:

          It’s not about ENJOYING it. It’s about her career. So yes, I think that she would have enjoyed it because it was her choice.

          • ophelia says:

            She doesn’t get to choose whether or not she is chief resident. He did not take away her choice in the matter. The only thing in her power was to put herself in the running. Other people decide if she is fit- which she was not. Anybody could see it and I think any other attending would have made the same choice. Even Cristina could see it. I mean, have you watched the show at all? She is constantly undermining authority and belittling people who work under her. I mean, seriously, it annoys the crap out of me when people talk about Owen “derailing her career”. It’s just one of the ludicrous things the Owen haters pop off with.

      • ophelia says:

        So, it’s not a problem that HER dreams don’t include what he wants? Did SHE ever once think about what he wants? That’s what he asked her to do in the finale- just consider his side. You’re okay with it being a one-sided relationship, as long as it’s her side?

        Marriage should be a partnership where things are decided together- and yes this is a stupid plot line for them to be dealing with this issue when she’s already pregnant, but that’s Grey’s Anatomy.

        At the moment they are both being selfish. Maybe let’s wait and see what happens.

    • Allie says:

      Owen has been so sweet and supportive to Cristina, I want a Owen Hunt. I never want to have kids but if I had a husband like that and loved me the way O loves C, my mind could be convinced.

  15. Nina says:

    I hope Yang keeps the baby and dumps Hunt.

    He kicked out of her own home when she was feeling really ill.

    Hunt should have just got with Teddy and left Yang alone.

    This is what happens when you take advantage and marry someone at their lowest point.

  16. ana says:

    I love Cristina and Owen. But if she has an abortion she’s dead to me. After all Cristina has been trough I won’t believe it if she terminates the life of her own child.

  17. sal says:

    Love Cristina and Owen but if she aborts I will be done with this show.

  18. Bree says:

    First off, Cristina never had an abortion, she miscarried and lost a Fallopian tube. Big difference. Being a doctor has nothing to do with birth control. The only two sure ways of not getting pregnant is a hysterectomy or being celibate.

    I hope she doesnt keep the baby. It’ll ruin Cristina as a character. If Owen leaves her so what. Crisitina has always been dead set against having kids and Owen should have understood that before he married her. It may be his baby ton but it’s her body.

  19. kellsbels says:

    I don’t get all the hate towards Owen. Yes, he knew she didn’t want kids……….but he didn’t get her pregnant on purpose. And why is the only compromise – her way. Also, what if the situation was reversed? What if she wanted the baby and he didn’t, would people think it was ok for him to force her to have an abortion?

    Either way……weak story line.

    • xav says:

      It’s her body and her choice. That’s the long and the short of it.

      • Eric says:

        She is killing a child, that is the long and short of it. A child that is wanted and loved by one of the parents. A child that would not be brought into this world into horrible conditions but into one of wealth. So yeah the long and short of it says it all.

      • ophelia says:

        It’s not that simple in this situation. CLEARLY. That is the point of this craptastic turd of a story line!

        That said, I love Cristina and Owen and I hope the resolution to all this can find a way to not be ridiculous!

    • jennrae says:

      There is no compromise in this situation, only one person can get what they want. And as it’s Christina’s body, she has a right to do with the FETUS as she wants to. It’s her right. If Owen wants to leave Christina for that reason then that’s HIS right.

  20. muffin says:

    inb4 Owen hate.
    I kinda get Owen’s point that the parenthood can be doable at the same time not ruining her career. Hell, Bailey pulled off being a kick-ass surgeon while she was pregnant, later divorcing her husband and working out how to be a single mom.
    What worries me more in case Yang keeps the baby is Sandra’s contract. Because we all know how Shonda likes to put our beloved characters through near death experiences from time to time.

    • calirosesfly says:

      HOW did it not ruin Bailey’s career? Did you not see how being a parent kept her from pursuing the PEDS fellowship at the end of Season 5? She wanted it, she was REALLY good in PEDS…and boom the reality of ACTUALLY having a child derailed that dream. She made that choice because she already had a child.

      Cristina is facing the same kind of sacrifices, especially NOW when Owen’s character will be the next Chief (not hiding the spoiler b/c we are all here for them). Yeah, he’ll be involved… psfsh! please

  21. Monique says:

    I agree with the people above who said they’re pro-choice but not in favor of abortion as birth control. I’m totally in that camp. The way this was played, Cristina has been completely irresponsible. She is a doctor and she already had one abortion. If she’s dead-set against having kids, she could have had her tubes tied. And if not, she could have used way better birth control methods. Aborting a child just because you’re “not into motherhood” when you’re married with a guy who wants a baby by the way is just a completely selfish act. And I feel for Owen, too. That is HIS child too. It’s not just Cristina’s baby! As far as marriage, what goes for Owen goes all the same for Cristina, too. She knew he wanted children, she should never have married him if she’s against having children. Story has been written all wrong. If Cristina does have the abortion this way, I’m done with her character and the show. If she does, all the rabid Cristina fans will riot. So it’s a loss in both cases. Abortion here is being treated as a totally light means of birth control like any other. It’s offensive and irresponsible even for those who are pro choice.

    • xav says:

      Cristina has never had an abortion.

      • Sierra says:

        She was going too before nature took its course and she had an ectopic pregnancy. That even leaves it even more up in the air if she could have really gone through with that abortion – I think the answer is NO.

      • Carly says:

        Posting numerous times here doesn’t make your points anymore valid. Everyone has a right to state there opinion but obsessive much

  22. Amy says:

    Cristina choosing to have an abortion and miscarry would be exact repeat of S2, why waste time on that. I would like to see how these last few years changed her way of seeing things and feeling for things. Cristina still portrays this tough exterior but with Owen she has been able to open up her heart ( icicle removed) and feel things she never did before. So as long as C/O are together I will be happy but I don’t think it will be out of character for her not to be able to go through with it even though part of her wants too. I think it will be an internal struggle of her beliefs she had forever and how her experiences have influenced her. Plus I can’t see Cristina takng a life when it is so important to save a life.

  23. Wes says:

    Nobody seems to have caught on to what I saw in the finale: Christina constantly complaining of a headache. I see the pregnancy being harmful to her and that will further exacerbate the situation. Or of course it could be her having a House Moment and making it look like the pregnancy is harmful to provide an out. Like they’ve never done something like that before.

  24. Jan says:

    She ISN’T happily married. She has a husband who says he loves her and in the same breath kicks her out of her own home like a great big baby when he doesn’t get his way. A husband who yells at her and tries to push her friends away. That is NOT a happy marriage or a stable relationship. A child deserves to at least have their parents have a stable relationship and this relationship has NEVER been stable.

    If you look up every news article on google regarding Owen/Cristina, you find articles just like this. ‘Oh it’s a bumpy road, oh it’s angst, oh I hope they can pull threw this’ there has NEVER been an article that says ‘Yes, they are in a good stable place.’ What person in their right mind would throw a child into that situation? It’s practically child abuse.

  25. Kara says:

    You know – it’s one thing to not want kids, but it’s a whole other thing when you’ve already got one growing inside you. Add a loving husband into that and all bets are off. Life is about dealing with what comes your way. Personally, I’d love to see Cristina with a baby – mostly because it would be hysterical. And Sandra Oh is comic gold.

  26. Nicole says:

    Um…do we not remember that Owen has PTSD and almost choked Cristina to death?!?!? And until he got help she was afraid of him and still is when he got mad.

  27. ingmar says:

    I love the show but if they let Christina have a baby aswell I would get pissed. Christina was ALWAYS very clear about not wanting a baby and Owen knew it. But he kept whining. And when she got pregnant he asked her to think about it. She did. When she didn’t change her mind he kicked her out. IMO he doesn’t deserve her. Not every woman wants kids. It doesnt make you a bad person. She was always very clear about it and now Owen is just complaining afterwards. Honestly I want them to break up ; I never liked Owen or their relationship. Christina rocks when she is single or with a nice guy like Avery. But I guess christina and Owen will have a great talk in the premiere which makes Christina believe that she wants a baby deadly like the other female chars on the show! And Id hate that!

  28. Martha says:

    It wouldn’t be unrealistic for Cristina to have another ectopic; I understand that can be a recurring problem for some women. It might actually be an interesting direction to take – Cristina having to get a hysterectomy for her own safety (since ectopics can kill) and going from not wanting to have children to being unable to. Sometimes people don’t realize they want something until it’s not possible to have it….

  29. Liana in San Diego says:

    This whole discussion is predicated on the fact that we even care about Christina. I don’t one bit. Personally, I hope she chooses abortion, breaks up with Owen, and then BOTH of them can get written off the show. Can’t stand either one of them. And frankly, I’m at the breaking point of continuing to watch. Not likely to happen, since I am not invested in the characters any more. Good riddance.

  30. Nicole says:

    Yang and Hunt aren’t the best couple. It’s not like they have the same speciality and honestly it was purely his ruggedness when he was saving people in te filed that drew them together. What else besides they are both pretty brings them together. They are at odds about almost everything. And if you don’t have the kids talk before you get married then you have a whole set of problems. Maybe she’ll have it and learn to like it OR she’ll have it and Owen will quit working to take care of the baby.

    • Ros says:

      That’s your opinion, Cristina and Owen are the reason I watch Grey’s and they are easily the best couple to me. I love all their scenes – angsty, loving, passionate, etc., a lot better than simple and boring.

    • lili says:

      They are for me! You might not like them, but I’ve seen many more comments on this article and other crowen related ones that I’ve seen when Dempsey threatened to leave. I think that says it all. You might not like them, but the characters sell and the acting is way better.

  31. Jen says:

    This is exactly why they are doing this story line. So that all of these people would have some sort of opinion about it and comment and post and watch what would happen. I’m not too keen on the story, myself, but then, I actually always thought Cristina would be a good mom and only said she didn’t want to because she hadn’t accounted for pregnancy in her life plan. I’m not sure how they can do this story without making Owen looking bad, and that disappoints me, because he has been nothing but supportive of her up to the point where she refused to even consider the issue from his point of view for a couple of days before she made her abortion appointment. I do find it disappointing that this was an accidental pregnancy. After one mistake, I would think most women who said they didn’t want kids, especially a doctor, would get themselves on the most foolproof birth control on the market.

    • jj says:

      You’re right that they knew exactly what they were doing with this storyline by generating a lot of interest/angst/commentary. That being said, the show has been on the decline for a long while now. I, and many others, have increasingly found the storylines unbelievable and the characters unlikeable. I thought the whole unplanned pregnancy was stupid and alienating when Callie’s character did it- i began to ffwd anything concerning that plot line and didn’t watch the singing ep at all (i tried for a minute and just. couldn’t. care. less). And honestly, didn’t watch any of the final eps last season. I read about it in recaps and that was enough. Doing the unplanned storyline again is my final straw. I might check in for a couple of minutes for the season premiere, but unless it really hooks me i am honestly done. (no i’m not one of those empty threat throwers because i’m a shipper. there are just too many other shows on tv with likeable and/or believable characters to waste time and energy on this dreckfest.) Grey’s was once a fun, soapy medical drama. Now it’s just a depressing suckfest that i really can’t make myself care about.

    • J says:

      I am somewhat invested in this storyline because I can identify with Cristina Yang and the whole issue prompted me to ask my long time boyfriend what he would do in we ever found ourselves in Cristina and Owen’s position (he has never watched the show). He said he would absolutely respect my decision. I love you, Owen, but come on; you’re messing up.

  32. Molly says:

    This would be the first abortion she’s had on the show, not sure how that’s using it like contraception?

    • Angharad says:

      Thank you! Accidents happen, people! And even IF she has not taken all the precautions to never get pregnant (many suggest that she should have had her tubes tied but I’m sure it’s easier said than done), she shouldn’t be or feel forced to have this child if she doesn’t want it.
      And not even by her husband.

  33. Rebecca says:

    Owen and Cristina are my favorite couple because the fact they fight for each other no matter what and I bet you they will again.

  34. Annoyed says:

    I totally agree. Even though Cristina didn’t actually have the abortion the first time around, it was her intent to have one. Also since the first three seasons was only one year, and not that much time has actually past since then, it hasn’t been that long since that happened. From the way she figured out she was pregnant you can infer that she’s not even on the pill though. And she and Owen seem to go at it a lot so… WTH are they using? One would think that if you were a girl who felt that your only recorse if you got pregnant was to have an abortion then you might want to take much better precautions. People who have multiple unwanted pregnancies, and use abortion as birth control, make me sick. And yes, I know Cristina didn’t have one the first time, but she WAS going to. Cristina has always been my favorite girl on the show, but this story line makes me sick and I’m not even a fanatical anti abortionist. I just can’t help thinking that it shouldn’t be your go to birth control method. It’s sick, sick, sick.

  35. RainbowBright says:

    If you are having sex then you are taking a chance that you may get pregnant! If you dont want to get pregnant, DO NOT HAVE SEX!! Why kill a child just because it cramps your lifestyle? There is this thing called adoption!! There are many people who would love to adopt an unwanted child!! The ONLY time an abortion should be given is if the mother will die or was raped!

    Christina could have the baby, give up all parental rights, and let Owen raise it. This child is wanted by one of the people who helped create it and does not need to be aborted!

    • Gretchen says:

      You seem to not realize that pregnancy can be taxing to a woman’s body. It can affect her career, her health.

      The pregnancy is not wanted by the person whose body it is inside, that alone is a reason to abort. If the husband truly respected the wife’s desire to not have kids, he wouldn’t guilt her into carrying the pregnancy.

      If there are so many people wanting kids, why are there thousands of children in foster care?

  36. rainbowbright says:

    I have had a child so I am very aware of what happens….and i am fine and back to normal. Your are right, there are many children in foster homes that need families…so how about this, if you are a women who does not want children, tie your tubes or get rid of your uterus and keep your overies. I dont understand how a women can abort their child after they hear the heartbeat for the first time…its just a sad sad world we live in!

    • Gretchen says:

      Well, I know women who have almost died during pregnancy and childbirth.

      Tubal ligation and hysterectomy are invasive surgeries–ones that many doctors won’t do unless the woman has kids and most insurance won’t cover.

      I think it is sad that there are people who think a fetus has more rights to a woman’s body than she does, that she HAS to become an incubator, even if she never wanted kids. As a woman, I find that offensive. When I have sex, I am not consenting to pregnancy, just sex.

      • sherb says:

        You are consenting to whatever results come from having sex, be it and STD or pregnancy, etc. Actions have consequences. You opened the door, or I guess your legs. You can’t blame a fetus for it’s creation, you made it possible, own it. If you REALLY don’t want to get pregnant there is ALWAYS something you can do about it. I still can’t understand why its considered a double homicide to kill a pregnant woman, no matter how far along she is, and yet women can kill their own child up to 24 weeks, even when babies as young as 23 have survived- so yes, baby, not fetus.

        • Gretchen says:

          Nope. No one, be it a fetus or another person has the right to another’s body to sustain his life. My body, my choice.

          It is considered double homicide in those cases because the choice was taken from the woman. It is rare that a 23 week fetus survive and those that do are usually tremendously compromised. It is a fetus, not a baby. Your arguments to emotion, not fact, don’t work on an educated person such as myself, sorry!

          • sherberr says:

            So good for you, you’ve educated yourself out of a brain and into a robot.

          • Robbin says:

            Gretchen we get it! you want her to terminate. Your point is made..posting over and over again is not necessary. again we got your opinion

  37. maddie says:

    It makes me mad that they had to mud up the beautiful lovestory of Cristina and Owen over such an controversial issues for drama sake. Love this couple and just want to see more of them. I am pro choice too but this is pushing the envelope to far. Validating abortion just because you don’t feel like being a mother, she even admited she would love it so that is not the issue. Use to love the Cristina character, not so much now.

  38. Ex GA fan says:

    ICAM about Cristina being dead cause wtf Shonda? she wants them all to get married n have babies now and I don’t understand it? its one thing to have the lesbians have one with Mark but now Cristina? no. And to top it all off Mer can’t even get pregnant. Shonda has destroyed her own show! Why can’t there be some drug or alcohol sl instead? I’m still done. All the spoilers for this season SUCK

  39. camila says:

    I’m not saying Cristina HAS to want children and that Cristina is a horrible woman for choosing not to have them. But now she IS actually pregnant and things changed. SHE HAS THE RIGHT TO CHANGE HER MIND AND WANT THE BABY! Why would that be out of character? People change. And Cristina has been the character who changed the most over the last 3 seasons. I’d be more concerned if the writers have her authomatically have an abortion without thinking about it.
    That said, I am very surprised with all the Owen hate. It’s not like the guy got her pregnant on purpose and he isn’t forcing her to have the child. But it’s his baby just as much as it’s hers and he just wants her to think it through. Mark, Alex and Derek are all bastards and much worse than Owen has ever been. Finally when Derek asked Meredith to think about adopting Zola, would that mean Derek “FORCED” her to adopt her? Absolutely not. Same situation here

    • J says:

      Derek didn’t give Meredith an ultimatum: We adopt or you’re out of the house.

      Still, the reason we don’t want Cristina to change is that is rare to have a female character you root for so much in scripted shows and that represents a very real demographic of women who don’t want children for whatever reason (career or otherwise) and who are tired of society telling them women need to want to have babies in order to be real women.

      • ophelia says:

        That’s not the reason he told her to get out. It was because she refused to take any time to consider his side of it. When she said “Because I’m denying you a baby?” he CLEARLY shakes his head no, at which point she screams at him.
        I love the way Owen haters re-write history…

        …again- let’s wait and see how this plays out. We don’t know how this is going to end up.

    • Ana says:

      That’s a weak defense. Out of all of them, Owen made the worst choice and attitude, especially on this issue.
      If I recall correctly, Derek actually asked “If you don’t want to do this…” unlike my friend GI Joe, that just went all the way and kicked her out. What a charmer. Oh! Wait, I forgot: Meredith WANTS a child. Little difference there. Meredith and Derek are on the same page. Owen and Cristina aren’t. It’s not the same.

      • Robbin says:

        Owen actually told her “I am not saying that we do this lets just think about it for awhile” I don’t understand the Owen hate here. Sorry MerDer is not pregnant yet but hating on Cris and Owen because they are is silly

        • J says:

          For a while might be a bit too long under the circumstances. She thought about it. He still lost it. I LOVE Owen and I love him with Cristina, but I can’t take his side here. And I actually think it’s great that MerDer are adopting. Much lovlier in my opinion. I’d be happy if they raise Zola and Cristina remains childless forever.

  40. Lyndsey says:

    Amen to that Monica!!! I don’t get why people become so invested in TV characters. Sure it’s a fun way to pass the time but are people really dropping lines like “she’s dead to me”?! Seriously?!! It’s just a TV show!

    I’m approaching my mid-30’s and admittedly I’m undecided on the children issue. Of course, in my situation adoption would be my only option because of health concerns but I’m honest enough to know that right now I’m far too selfish to have children. I enjoy being able to go and do exactly what I want when I want (health permitting). I have others friends who feel the same way & not one of them has ever accidentally turned up pregnant. That’s a big part of why this storyline ticks me off. The other is that Cristina should absolutely not have a child if she doesn’t want one BUT she should have been using better birth control (a Depo shot or implant work much better than pills you always forget to take at exactly the same time) and it was completely unreasonable for her to just announce she made the appointment without having a real discussion with Owen. This is his baby too and he does have the right to at least get to talk about for longer than 2 minutes. I just think that the show’s handling of the situation has been very unrealistic & kind of ridiculous!

    • Michaela says:

      I’m not sure I understand why it seems only the people who don’t want Cristina to have the child get the “it’s just a tv show” speech. Clearly a couple of people who really want her to keep it are at least equally invested in this fictional pair of characters and the current plot.

  41. donna says:

    so on the bottom line, whatevery cristina decides to do, people will be pissed. this is definately not a win-win situation. can’t win them all! for me, i’m just gonna wait and see, i understand both sides and be open for anything.

  42. SD says:

    I will be surprised if TPTB will allow this character to get an abortion. I think it will be like last time she was pregnant. The decision will be taken away from her before she can act. I’m guessing from the promo (stop reading if you haven’t seen it) that she and Alex get into a physical altercation and she looses it. That would take this issue off the table, at least temporarily, and provide more hate on the Alex character.

  43. bex says:

    Prediction: Cristina will have a second ectopic pregnancy. She will then lose both tubes and will never be able to have children, let alone want them. This will put Owen in the difficult position of deciding to stay with her, knowing he can never have a child.

    Long-term show-ending prediction: Owen leaves Cristina, possibly ending up with Teddy after all. Cristina is single (maybe with Jackson, once he lives up to his full potential). Mark and Lexie end up together. Meredith does have alzheimers and decides she would rather die than live with it (isn’t that so Meredith?) and she and derek decide to go out together all romeo and juliet-like. And Cristina ends up caring for MerDer’s adopted daughter, because while she could never love any man enough to have a child with him, she loves Meredith enough to raise a child for her. End scene.

    There you go, Shonda.

    • J says:

      Hmmm. I could get behind this.

    • Michele says:

      Wow. That’s all I can say. I can see that stuff happening, I just wish something good can happen. (That’s my cup half full, mentality) The first prediction would be good. That way, she is not pissing off either of the for/against abortion sides. Totally makes sense! I must say that I want Teddy to be with Henry. They both deserve that!

  44. Angela says:

    Wow. Roe Vs. Wade, ya’ll. This is not the dark ages. She has a fetus that she does not want. The relationship that she is in is far from stable- as one poster pointed out, the only articles ever regarding the couple talk about how they’re in a dark place, how they’re going through trying times, yadda yadda yadda- so fans, argue that they’re all in love until you’re blue in the face. You see it, that’s great- I’m happy for you. Even if both parents want the baby (and they don’t- only one does, for whatever reason) shouldn’t the baby have a stable home?

    I mean, stability is kind of necessary for a child. Routine. Loving parents. Yeah, I get you’re all lifey or whatever and that comes down to your beliefs but saying that a female fictional character is dead to you for doing something responsible and not having an unwanted child is just beyond me.

    As far as ‘she should go cut out her ovaries, remove her uterus, get her tube tied, yadda yadda yadda’ maybe she WAS on birth control and being that this isn’t the only sexually active relationship she was in and had managed to go without getting pregnant for years, it simply failed as birth control does from time to time. Having a hysterectomy for a young woman in her 30s is not only medically harmful in terms of hormonal imbalances and the like, but it’s also difficult for somebody working towards becoming a surgeon as it demands 6-8 weeks off of work. Same for tubal ligations.

    If they both knew that Cristina never wanted kids, even after she had to clarify to him on two separate occasions, why the hell didn’t he go get a vasectomy? Why didn’t he jerk off instead of having sex with her? It takes two to tango people, not only in sex but in rearing a child too. Unfortunately, it only takes one person to carry a child and it’s that person’s choice whether or not they want to go through the nine months of hell that is pregnancy.

  45. Michele says:

    Christina is a Doctor and I’m pretty sure she knows where babies come from. Why is it then this is the second time she has accidentally gotten pregnant when she makes it completely known in almost every episode that she never wants kids. If that was the case, she would be on some Birth Control. There has to be something deeper. She doesn’t want kids, but doesn’t protect herself from them? Makes no sense to me.

  46. Sally says:

    Let’s not forget that Christina is a fictional character. That being said, she’s stuck to her guns since the beginning of the show and I hope she continues to do so. She didn’t let Burke change who she was, so why should she let Owen? One person shouldn’t force another to do something that they don’t want to do. Marriage just implies that they should discuss it and hear each other out, but in the end, they need to make their own decisions.

  47. Veronica says:

    No u wont

  48. Irene says:

    Did It ever occur to anyone that perhaps Cristina is okay with a baby and she’s just scared like so many new parents are at the thought of having a very, very dependent life thrust upon them, ready or not. “(She) will love a baby after all. She’s not a monster,” says Cristina.

  49. Kim says:

    Sticking to her guns was one thing with Burke, because they weren’t married. Once you marry someone, it is no longer your choice alone. Owen is not FORCING her to have a baby, he is requesting they talk it over, think about it, and make a decision together, as the unit they are. She is making the decision on her own to do what she wants, could care less what anyone else thinks about it, and it’s simply not an option when you are serious about being in a marriage. If I were Owen, I’d have thrown her ass out too! You state your case, you allow the other party to state their case, and you talk it over like adults and come to a decision together, unless you are 4 years old and fighting over crayons. He wants to be heard. He deserves to be heard, and she is still all about herself.

  50. Sarah says:

    I could have sworn she had an abortion, not a miscarriage, way back when during her first year of residency?

    • Lucia says:

      No, she had made an appointment for the abortion but she collapsed in the OR during a Burke surgery. That’s when she had the miscarriage because her fallopian tube burst and they discovered she had an ectopic pregnancy. It happened in the episode 2 x 3 Make Me Lose Control.