Big Brother Recap: Slithering Heights

When the ever-angelic Rachel barked that Big Brother is full of snakes and snakelike behavior, I agreed with her (woah!) and immediately drew up a chart pairing every houseguest with a corresponding serpent. Zoobooks readers unite! Rachel, that reticulated Clairol monster, is a boa constrictor who wrings the patience and life out of her colleagues — even her own fiance. Shelly’s an agitated viper who finally jutted her neck and let her venom spill over. Kalia’s a sidewinder who laterally avoids becoming a prime target. Jordan’s a pretty but potent coral snake. Porsche’s a wriggly garter not worth dropkicking. And Adam — oh, Adam — is an overserved python waiting to perish in a Petsmart window. Hisssss.

The human snakes cackled and snapped like freaky heads on the same Hydra during Sunday’s HOH episode. My god, the loudness. Since there isn’t much to report plot-wise other than Porsche’s delightful HOH win (an impressive come-from-behind victory in that backyard snake-toggle game) and her decision to unlock the Pandora’s Boxoption in the HOH room (which granted her $5,000 but sadly re-enabled the old partner system for one week, giving Rachel and Jordan a fighting chance at surviving Porsche’s inevitable nominations together), let’s look over the best quotes from the screamy episode and figure out which HGs we most tolerate at this crucial stage.

Jeff, in a pre-elimination conversation with Adam: “I’m tired of watching [Shelly] skate by.”
Before getting to the HOH game, Big Brother revisited the confrontation between Shelly and Jeff that led to his eviction on Thursday’s double-elimination night. Rachel blabbed to Jeff that Shelly told of his Cornhole-throwing deceit, which provoked Jeff to approach Shelly and yell at her. Oh, how it turned deadly! When Jeff sensed that Shelly had dropped him to side with Porsche and Kalia, he found his lackey Adam and bemoaned Shelly’s wimpy gameplay. Nice try, Jeff, but you can’t make that point while confiding in the worst, most useless player who ever entered Chenbot Manor. Adam “skates by” like a regular Elvis Stojko! He turns triple axles and lands back in the hammock, every week. He zambonis the Jeff/Jordan rink! This is my main problem with Jeff and Jordan, who once had a stranglehold on the competition: They don’t get why other HGs would want to deceive them or defect. They’re too busy congratulating themselves for being “good game players,” touting their own purity, and ignoring the numbers game that was sure to turn on them. Baffling. They refuse to accept that some players don’t acquiesce like Adam, even though Adam’s behavior is downright bizarre. It’s like how popular people act in high school movies! Look out for Carrie, you two.

Jordan: “Jeff used the veto on Porsche last time, so it’s only fair that she use the veto to save Jeff this time.”
Back to high school: Is that not Mean Girls psychology? “We used Porsche, that underling, as a pawn in our obvious scheme to nab Daniele. She should be thankful, of course!” Sorry, Regina George, but it’s clear that Porsche had no reason to keep you or Jeff around, even if you think she owes you a valentine for, uh, acknowledging her existence. For a former winner of Big Brother, Jordan misread her partnership’s standing in the house.

Rachel, during Thursday night’s double eviction: “Of course Kalia’s going to put me on the block, she’s scared of me. Of course Kalia’s going to put Jeff on the block, she’s scared of him.”
Or you’re both gunning for Kalia’s alliance and she’s right to fight back! Same thing! I truly thought I was going to watch Rachel align with Daniele, desert Jeff and Jordan, and win a new, even cool position in the household. Why am I disappointed? For all of Rachel’s blathering, I’d like to believe she can drop the screamy smokescreen and compete like a champ. But no: She’s construing wrong motives, forcing tears when Jeff is eliminated, and disowning her mistakes. Rachel, you coulda been a weirdly interesting contender at this stage of the game. Now you’re just a surviving member of a dilapidated dynasty. Your brick-red tresses are fading into a dreary fuchsia.

Kalia: “You know what, Shelly? This isn’t the real world.”
Shelly’s histrionics, which include breathless conviction to Jeff and Jordan, chest-beating, and now feigned heartbreak over ruining her “gift” of an alliance, are a bit tiring. I respect her conniving social game, but she buckles, whines, and sputters when confronted. That’s why I quite enjoyed when Kalia — one of Shelly’s new partners — reminded her of the silly, ephemeral nature of the “friendships” in the game, even if she was just indulging Shelly’s devastated facade. Daniele once noted how personally Rachel took the game, but she’d have been just as right to call out Shelly’s blubbering antics. It’s as if Daniele’s stoic spirit is officially ingrained in Kalia, though it’s still difficult to love Kalia as a player. She’s an intelligent woman, but an unintuitive tactician. Guess which of those skills is preferable in the Big Brother house.

Jordan, to Shelly, following Jeff’s elimination: “I gave you a f*cking call home [in the Cornhole game], but I wanted to talk to my family! That’s how you repay me? You lied! You lied the whole time. All y’all wanna follow Daniele because y’all think she’s, like, the greatest! Her season was four years ago! Who gives a f*ck that her dad is Dick?”

Yet again, Jordan reasons that her competition owes her for her petty charity. Didn’t Jordan give Shelly the phone call because she hadn’t spoken to her daughter in weeks? Didn’t Jordan admit that she already has a family member (of sorts) in the house with her? Where is this rancor coming from? It’s like she refuses to understand how Big Brother works. Worse yet, she refuses to understand the privilege she enjoyed in having a partner in the house at all. That partner is the only reason she remains in the game — which makes the second part of that quote, the snipe about Daniele relying on Dick, so ridiculous. Mind you, the “Her season was four years ago!” bile speaks for itself. I just don’t understand rooting for a partnership so entitled and delusional that they can’t conceive of other players acting independently. And do you really want to root for someone who pouts, “I want to go home!” once her boyfriend leaves the house?

Were you as enthralled by Sunday’s episode as I was? What effect will the partnership stipulation have on this week’s gameplay? Is Porsche now the biggest contender for the win? What about Shelly? Rachel? Let your excitement and rage flow in the comments, read me regularly at, and follow me on Twitter at @louisvirtel!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kevin says:

    The worst part about the twist, is that it actually happened after Porsche made nominations (Rachel and Jordan), making it even more obvious who the twist was supposed to benefit. They rig the veto competition too, but I’ll wait until after Wednesday’s episode to rant about that.

    • Scott says:

      Incorrect. If you watched the live feeds, you’d know that Pandora’s box occurred BEFORE nominations, not after.

      • Buffy Freak says:

        I wonder why they edited last night’s show to make it seem like it happened after the nominations. Regardless, they still knew who Porsche was going to nominate so the whole PB comes off as a blatant attempt to save Rachel and Jordan.

        • darclyte says:

          Even though “production” brought back Pandora’s Box, they didn’t MAKE Porsche open the box. What’s even worse is that they were locked out of HOH which lead EVERYONE to believe that they were going to do Pandora’s Box. Kalia and Porsche talked about it and Kalia ADAMANTLY told Porsche to NOT open it because she felt that it could only lead to trouble. Kalia was right. So even if TPTB tried to “help” Rachel & Jordan, Porsche ultimately is the one who had to take the bait.

          What they didn’t show, though, is that when Porsche got her HOH room she didn’t get a letter. She said later that when she saw 2 glasses for the champagne, she thought maybe she was going to get a visit from her Dad (since Natalie in BB11 got a visit from her boyfriend as her Pandora’s Box reward.)

          It made sense to me that they’d bring back the duo twist with 6 left (3 duos,) but even though TPTB may have brought in Pandora’s Box and “manipulated” Porsche into thinking that perhaps she’d get to see her Dad, at the end of the day, Porsche had to make the decision to open it or not on her own…even after being explicitly TOLD by Kalia to NOT open the box.

          • Chmarin says:

            None of the things you said argue against the fact that the Pandora’s Box is a lame way to manipulate the game to try and keep the two girls in the game.

            You’re only lying to yourself? “It made sense to me that they’d bring back the duo twist with 6 left (3 duos)…”. Seriously? Seriously? Then it made sense for them to do it when there was 8 people left. Then they could’ve easily saved Dani.

            Allison Grodner wants to keep Rachel and Jordan, because her worst nightmare becam a reality when after Danielle, her sweetheart Jeff was evicted. I’m 100% sure, no, not 99, a HUNDRED percent sure, that PB wouldn’t have showed up if Jordan or Rachel won the HOH. I’m positive.

            And those two are just so annoying. They think that they’re entitled to be in this house and win the money. Accept the reality, you morons – this is your second time around and you’re failing. I mean, seriously, Jordan expecting Porsche to use the veto on Jeff because he used it on her and then blaming Shelly for turning of her after she gave her a call from home (!) is absolutely ridiculous. And this coming from the person who, apparently, doesn’t play emotional and on a personal level. The same goes for Rachel. She is a complete lunatic.

      • D says:

        It doesn’t really matter, because Kevin is still right. The entire point of this Pandora’s Box is to help keep Jordan and Rachel in the house, because they’re ratings grabbers. The producers knew who Porsche was going to nominate, and they knew how everyone would pair up.

        This entire season has been CBS/Endemol rigging competitions and manipulating the game. And it’s not like they haven’t done it before, but they were much more incognito about it and I could actually pretend I was watching a competition. I’m pretty convinced Lawon was paid to throw his competition against Brendon.

    • Delynn Coronado says:

      I can’t believe you would actually defend Shelly’s actions. She keeps claiming she wants to set a good example fopr her daughter however if she were my mother(thank god she isn’t) has done just the opposite. She has lied and backstabbed, and she wants to set that kind of example for her daughter. What a disgrace she is, also her coworkers at her job must be scratching thier head. Yes this is just a game, but you are on TV and everyone is watching her make a complete fool of her self. What makes her think that if she goes to the finals that she would get even one vote? Adam has played a better social game than she has, that is the only thing that they can judge!

      • filmex says:

        Totally agree. I cut Jordan some slack in her response to Shelly’s betrayal because Shelly has been laying it on so thick FOR TWO MONTHS about how much she loves Jordan, respects Jordan, and would NEVER do anything to hurt Jordan.

        Jordan, who not only generously gave up her phone call to Shelly, then had to wear that stupid unitard with a beanie for a full week on top of it!

        TMZ is reporting that Shelly’s family has been receiving death threats since Jeff was kicked off, which is ridiculous since it is just a stupid game, but it speaks to the general sense of betrayal that Shelly would say things to Jordan she really didn’t need to say, knowing Jordan is so trusting, just to end up stabbing her in the back because, as Shelly put it, Jeff stood between Shelly and the dough.

        Shelly sounds as backasswards as Rachel, “No one’s coming between me and my fortune!”

        • tripoli says:

          Well said. Up until her switching teams, I believed that Shelly had genuine affection for Jeff and Jordan, and they for her. It seemed like it could actually be something that evolved into a real friendship outside the house. That’s why her “game play” disgusts me. Had she had the decency to tell Jeff and Jordan that she was going to vote Jeff out, I would have been capable of feeling a little respect for her. Sure, there would still have been a blow up and lots of tension, but it would have been somewhat honorable, if she did in fact care for them as she so obviously tried to make everyone believe she did. Yes, it’s a game, but I wouldn’t betray my friends for any amount of money, regardless of where I met them, or how long I’d known them. I know that’s probably a crazy stance to take in a BB discussion, but I can’t help but go there. She played them too close to the heart to get off free and easy. On the upside, she’s not getting anywhere near the final 2 and even if she did, she burned her vote bridges. And as much as I dislike her, the death threats are just ridiculous and completely uncalled for.

  2. Buffy Freak says:

    Over the years I’ve heard alot of people whine about the producers manipulating the game but I’ve lawyas chalked it up to fans’ oevrreactions to their favorites getting ousted. But after last night I have to admit that I may have been wrong. The Pandora’s Box thing was clearly an attempt at saving Rachel and Jordan. But seeing as it could result in the elimination of Jim Carrey’s Vera DeMilo character (Shelley) I’m totally fine with the manipulation. Shelley and Adam are two of the worst players in BB history.

    • Sami says:

      They didn’t make Porsche open the box that was her own $$$$ greed. Kalia told her NOT to open it/. Shellys the worst person ever to play Big Brother the jury house is too good a place for her to be she deserves nothing. The witch tried to blame Adam when Adam was standing right there.

      • Lily says:

        Oh please! When is the last time a pandora’s box had the ability to completely change nominations?? Last sesaon it resulted in people dancing around the back yard when music played! This was 100% producer manipulation and done soley to proect Rchel and Jordan.

        • JD says:

          i could be wrong because i haven’t researched it, but didn’t Matt’s Diamond POV from last season come from Pandora’s box? that had the power to completely change nominations.

          • O'Brien says:

            You’re completely right. Porsche made the choice to take money now. What you always have to know in BB is that money NOW can keep you from getting money LATER – whether it be for the price you pay for it, or the fact that other contestants will vote you out because you already got something out of the game. It was stupid to open the box, when you finally have control of everything, and you know something could change.

      • Chmarin says:

        Oh please, the argument that she didn’t have to open it is complete BULLS**T (pardon my language). Anybody in her position would’ve done it. Especially after the producers made it look like she was going to see her dad. Because they knew that she would open it for sure.

        And Adam was in her ear before the Box was introduced, saying: Nobody has ever NOT opened it. You have to do it… I would’ve done it as well. How could she have known that the god-damn producers would use it against her and manipulate the outcome of her HOH. They could’ve just given Allison Grodner the HOH for the week and have her nominate Adam and Shelly.

        Yes, okay, I get that people hate Shelly, I can see why. But the whole BS of “setting an example for her child” is seriously annoying. That argument can be made for every single f’ing person who walks into that house and has children. IT’S A GAME. You can’t win without lying and back-stabbing. The fact that the so-called and self-proclaimed “big players” can’t understand that and play the game on such a personal level (even though they have to explicitly make it clear that they DO NOT every time they win HOH) is PATHETIC. Give me a break.

        Porsche FOR THE WIN!

        • tripoli says:

          Well if she’s a fan of the show, she’d be well aware that opening that box often brings a negative outcome along with the positive, often, screwing up the player who opened it.

  3. t.t says:

    louis is an idiot can’t slezak write these recaps instead at least when he’s showing his distaste with someone its more comical and less annoying

  4. julee says:

    I turned the channel after the nauseating dancing display by Porche, Kalia and the snake Shelly. I am done watching BB for the season. This season’s houseguests have got to be the worst group since I’ve been watching the show. I no longer care who wins. I seems to me as well that this season has been rigged. I have a hard time believing that the veterans played so poorly against this group of bozos (the newbies).

    • Lily says:

      Yea right, as if Jordan and Rachel wouldn’t have been dancing if they won! And Porshe won that HOH hands down. You are one seriously sore loser.

    • filmex says:

      Seriously? You really want to turn off the TV? Why, to miss out on three hours of Showtime2 and the feeds that feature Kalia continuously munching on something, like a cow chewing its cud, 24 hours a day, with a microphone just two inches away picking up on every ghastly sound and morsel swallowed…

      Her mother should have taught her it’s not polite to talk with food in her mouth…maybe she did…but that would mean Kalia is permanently silent, and there’s no way you’re gonna shut up that rat-a-tat-tat machine-gun mouth, even if it IS continually stuffed with food.

      Why, who could stand to miss that…?

  5. Michael says:

    Hahaha!! I don’t know how anyone can *not* be Team Rachel now that Daniele is gone. They both make for great TV. Who am I supposed to root for? Kalia? Or perhaps Porsche who’s having a total power trip right now. (Some of this stuff from live feeds.) Everyone in the house is just as bad, or worse, than Rachel. But at least she’s more entertaining (and plays, unlike Adam).

  6. Buffy Freak says:

    Adam makes former player Enzo seem like the Michael Jordan of Big Brother…

  7. Pittsburgh says:

    How boring was the last episode?
    And aren’t all HOUSE GUESTS going to be at one another at the end?
    So why the friends crap?
    Come on!
    Nobody is a friend..all want to win and I bet the ousted guests at the JURY HOUSE are just predicting the winner.
    I say the WINNER will be ADAM…
    well he seems to be everybody’s PAl..

  8. Oh Please! says:

    Please FIANCE make sure RACHAEL gets those BLOWN UP lips back down to normal size she looks like a big ol bee stung the lips!!!
    I do not like those lips at all …

  9. The WB Frog says:

    The worst season (and the biased blog entries) continues…

    I will say Jordan’s f**king call home quote was one of the best of the season. Glad Jordan finally woke up and aired one of my grievances all season long (Danielle riding her dad’s coat tails).

    As for the producers manipulating the game THIS TIME, it didn’t happen. Porsche hadn’t nominated anyone yet and she knew about the duos coming back BEFORE she nominated Rachel and Jordan. A bit of stupidity if you ask me.

    • Lily says:

      your post makes no sense. Porshe did not chose the pairs. If she nom’d Adam and Shelly they had very little chance of winning POV so there would be no point putting them up if she really wanted Jordan or Rachel gone. The pandoras box manipulation (and that is exctly what it is) gave BOTH Jordan and Rachel immunity if one of them won POV. Oh – and if Adam won POV and took them off then there would be no one left to put on the block! This was a last minute hail mary by the producers to protect their 2 favorite players and it stinks.

      • The WB Frog says:

        According to the live feeds, Porsche knew BEFORE nominations of the duo twist and she still put up Rachel and Jordan. She could have put up Adam and Shelly. Of course, this would have meant this season’s contestants thought for themselves, but it is obvious they chose this cast for their looks (past contestants notwithstanding).

      • ty says:

        Of course the pandoras box twist was to help out Jordan and Rachel. The producers have been manipulating the whole season. Just like last week they tried to get people to change their vote to keep Dani in the game. Just like they convince Lawon to vote himself out so he could get “special powers”. Just like they made sure that a veteran (Brandon) had the chance to get back in the game with the stupid Americas Vote twist. Just like the HOH and POV games are always tailored to whoever they want to win that particular week. That’s all this season of Big Brother is, how can the producers manipulate the outcome.

    • Chmarin says:

      You, my friend, should go see a doctor or something, because you obviously are blind and are in desperate need of a pair of glasses.

      Danielle riding Dick’s coattails? What has Jordan been doing this entire season if NOT riding Jeff’s coattails, just being one extra vote for the veterans, laying low in the background and not winning anything? And PLEASE don’t argue that she won an HOH, cause that HOH was handed to her and all of the decisions were practically made by Jeff.

      Why so many people are STILL so infatuated by these two annoying, disgusting and overrated players is just beyooooond me.

      • The WB Frog says:

        Of course Jordan has been riding Jeff’s coattails. Never said she wasn’t. What I DID say is that this season stinks. All it’s houseguests are boring. The show needs new, fresh producers who can think of new ideas.

        Not infatuated with any of these peoples.

  10. slg_66 says:

    The pure idiocy of this article, that is nothing more than a Jeff/Jordan bash fest, speaks directly to the individual who chooses not to value loyalty.

    Point #1- Adam gets bashed because he won’t cater to the Shelly/Daniele/Kalia/Porsche alliance, but instead is loyal to his original alliance of Jeff/Jordan/Rachel/Shelly. Nevermind the fact that he hasn’t worked with the mean girls the entire game, forget the fact that he has a personal friendship (at least in BB terms) with Jeff, but go ahead and be the bottom man of the totem pole of an alliance you don’t know, and become public enemy #1 to the other side of the hose you just double crossed. Smart plan Louis.

    Point #2- The edit Shelly is getting is insanely good. BB isn’t showing half the lies and the depths of how far she went to manipulate the people she fu@ked over. Live feeders saw how she continously told J/J how she wanted to go the end with them, wanted to push them forward in the game, didn’t care about the money because she’s already pretty well set, she was even telling Jeff that she would set him up with a 6 figure job after BB. Not only all that, but you had to hear her daily spiel about how honorable she was playing the game. Pffffffttttt…. maybe Virtel agrees with her.

    Point #3- “I just don’t understand rooting for a partnership so entitled and delusional that they can’t conceive of other players acting independently.” Once again, Louis likes to leave out certain facts that blow his moronic assertion ou of the water. J/J told both Adam/Shelly MULTIPLE times that if they didn’t want to work them, no problem, just give them a heads up. WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAT??? What’s wrong with wanting to play the game as straight up as possible. Where is it in the BB manual that says you have to continuously lie, manipulate, and backstab to play/win the game?

    • Lily says:

      your post is reeling in hypocrisy. 1) You can’t understand how K & P are “playing for Daniele” but yet you are appalled that Shelly was not playing for Jeff. Seriosuly?? 2) All of this loyalty crap – I hate to remind you but Jeff and Jordan and Rachel and Brendan each threw each other under the bus repeatedly throughout the game. That is pretty much the opposite of loyalty. And hardly “straight up”.

  11. JD says:

    I’ll agree that there has ALWAYS been a degree of producer manipulation in this game…it’s gotten worse as the years go by, from initially just asking “leading questions” in the DR in an attempt to brainwash the houseguests, all the way to now, where they will claim that Brendon won a popular vote to re-enter the house and instill twists on a whim. However, Porsche did not have to open Pandora’s box. Historically, Pandora’s box does always happen around this point in the game, and it usually (in one way or another) screws up the HOH’s plans for the week (remember last season when they whisked Brendon away for a day, and he thought he’d see Rachel, but instead they sent her back to the house while he was gone?). Porsche has been obviously greedy and money-hungry (she FREQUENTLY brought up how much money Jeff had won in competitions on the feeds) so even after Kalia told her not to open it, as soon as she knew money might be involved, she didn’t think any further ahead. this is no one’s fault but her own. and she was saying that initially she planned to nominate Rachel and Adam for eviction, so this did kind of change her plans. at least Shelly should leave now…if she had made it to the end it would have been horrendous. to hand her a penny more than her stipend would be an insult to BB.

  12. What is with the JeJo bashing? Are you related to Reality Blurred?

    I love ’em and am THRILLED that dimwit opened Pandora’s Box! I’m sure that Brendon & Jeff are going to be very psyched in that jury house when they see Shelly come barreling in!

  13. Sami says:

    Jordan gave up the phone call from home because she was a NICE person doing something for someone she thought was also a good person. Jordan feels stupid that she sacrificed her phone call for a lying evil witch like Shelly that would never help her in return. THat’s NOT knowing how to play Big Brother that’s Shelly not knowing how to be a human being and taking advantage of a good person like Jordan.

  14. Annie says:

    Now I could be wrong, but I’m guessing competitions and twists and Pandora Boxes are all planned BEFORE the HGs step into the Big Brother house. Production doesn’t just throw this stuff together within a day or two trying to benefit one side or the other. If Jordan had won the Flashforward HOH instead of Kalia Jeff wouldn’t have been nominated, most likely Shelly would go home, the vets would still have the numbers. Then if Porsche hadn’t won the snake HOH and possibly Jordan or Jeff would have won this would be a whole other story and people would be saying Pandora’s box was in the vets favor. You can’t talk like that, it’s all chance. Porsche chose to open Pandora’s box, she knew if she took something good for herself, the $5000, something bad would happen, that’s how PB works. Too bad for the newbies that Rachel and Jordan have a fighting chance and if you have the live feeds or read spoilers you’ll know what happens next, but don’t claim BB is trying to sway the game to one side’s favor because if that was true I think certain players would have made it further in every season and especially this one (Daniele definitely would still be there if this was true).

  15. Lina says:

    Well, tar and feather Jordan for feeling betrayed and having an emotion after her boyfriend is booted out. Jordan was sideswiped, give the girl a break.

    you don’t have to understand why some of us root for Jeff and Jordan actually I’m glad you don’t get it Louis. in any event your home girl Shelly is going home And Jordan gets to fight another week

    • JD says:

      i agree…she was shocked, cut her a break for having ONE breakdown this season, when many others have had several. Rachel and Brendon were separated twice, and both times they knew it was coming and were able to spend the week together knowing they were about to be separated. Jordan got the rug pulled out from under her in a 45 minute window. she has the right to lose her cool for a few hours.

    • Lily says:

      Oh please! Jordan is a brat with an extreme case of entitlement who is SHOCKED that there are people in the house who actualy want to play for themselves and not hand her and her bully boyfriend $500,000. It was very telling when she whined last night about the others following Daniele because “her season was 4 years ago”! Seriously, like huh??? In Jordan’s mind the universe should exist for Jordan alone.

      • duh says:

        Wow Dani, they let you post comments to a blog from the jury house.

        • JD says:

          hahahaha. nice one. also, anyone who watches the feeds would know that Dani was the MOST entitled brat in the house this season. she believes that the game was set up so that she could show the world that she could win without her dad. FAIL. she cannot. at least Jordan is good-natured most of the time. Dani was worse than Rachel. not great.

  16. Kelly says:

    I think what people have to remember is that Jeff and Jordan were having this happen to them in a span of 20 minutes. They are obviously going to be more bitter and upset than if they had a week to process things, like Daniele did. They need a couple of days to mull things over and accept them.

  17. Maxine says:

    Jordan was upset because she trusted Shelly. Shelly was playing on Jordan’s emotions of missing her mom. The least Shelly could have done was to be honest with them about wanting to vote our Dani. She should have known that when she voted that it would come out. Shelly needed to pick a side and stick with it. Has she ever watched the show? All secrets get out. Shelly likes to use her family as an excuse for her actions. They all have families or they are planning on making their own family. Jeff won 15,000 dollars, that is a far cry from 500,000. Please people. Jeff did not confront Shelly, Shelly tried to bully Jeff. Even when she is caught she is lying about other houseguests. Hope to see her go this week.

    • Sherry says:

      Shelly was the one to confront Jeff and tried to blame it all on Adam. Then she is the one that confronted Jordan. Trying once again to play on Jordan’s kindness and big heart she’s trying to get them to keep her. I hope Jordan is still mad enough not to make the mistake of believing her. She needs to go. Porshe and Kalai are so getting on my nerves. They both act like they are BB’s best players ever and that Jordan can’t win anything. Jordan was second place with Kalai’s HOH and second in the snake game with Porshe’s HOH. And that was all while dealing with Jeff on the block and then Jeff just getting sent home by someone she really trusted. So they really shouldn’t under estimate her.Shelly would have been sent packing along time ago if it wasn’t for the alliance she had with Jeff and Jordan. Just pray Jordan and Rachael don’t fall for more of her lies and they send her packing.

  18. Jsn says:

    The rigging on this show is insane. Alison Grodner needs to get over her Jeff and Jordan obsession. She’s probably the one threatening Shelly’s family.

  19. Paul says:

    What would have happened if Adam or shelly win Pov and took down Rachel and Jordan? Why wasn’t pandoras box promoted on Thursday’s show? Why was the veto endurance and the same one Rachel already won this year? None of it adds up to anything other than blatant rigging for Jordan.

    • Louis Virtel says:

      That’s the best argument I’ve heard for the rigging yet. How could they not promote Pandora’s Box at all?

    • JD says:

      first of all, when this happens (as it does when they get to the final 4), instead of being the “golden” power of veto, it is just the “power of veto.” this means that if you tke someone else down, the HOH can put YOU up. it happens at Final 4 every year…in that case, there is only ONE person who is not nominated, and if they win the veto, they can’t use it on a nominated person or else they have to go up. i don’t see anything wrong with this reasoning.

      also, endurance competitions have to be planned MONTHS ahead of time, as they are usually pretty serious construction projects. and this one completely made sense – that it would be a do-over of the first one, when they found out about the pairs the first time. one could argue that Rachel clearly was the best at that one, but one could also argue that they all knew what to expect this time and should have done better. if Dani was still in the game, the veto comp would have been the same, and she could have easily won. Porsche did well the first time too.

      i agree that there is some producer manipulation, but i don’t think that your points above are involved in that. my question would be “if Rachel or Jordan won HOH would the PB have been the same?” i’d think it would have to be, because after this week it’s impossible to play in pairs due to the number of contestants remaining. i think this one was planned a while ago. but who knows.

  20. Nichole says:

    I hate these recaps. Please find someone else to do them.

  21. Melissa says:

    It’s clear that Louis has very one-sided opinion and is leaving out a whole lot as far as what has actually happened – fantastic “journalism” there Louis – at least The Hollywood Gossip and even TMZ who are getting bits and pieces from Kevin and Lydia (bitter BB11 HG’s) are even recapping more nuetral than this. Jordan being upset had nothing to do with Jeff being evicted or Shelly deciding to make a game move. Her being upset had to do with she felt betrayed because she considered Shelly a friend outside of this game and had a ton of personal conversations with her which Shelly used against her. Jordan told her flat out, if you want to switch sides and do what’s best for you, that’s fine, we’ll be friends, just don’t be sneaky about it. Shelly continued to lie like no other…even worse than Ronnie. Which fine, but Shelly made it very personal even to go so far as to say she would save Rachel $400 and push her down the stairs so she miscarries instead of getting an abortion; that she would cut the legs off of Rachel’s stuffed dog (which Shelly hid and continues to deny having even after Rachel said calmly that she has it and was told that by several people)and paint red nail polish on it so it looks like blood; the constant personal jabs she has done about each and every one of them. She joined the mean girls (Dani, Kalia, Porsche – which CBS has shown none of the constant very personal and hurtful unwarranted bashing by these 3 – worse than Ragan, Britney and Monet ever were) and fits in really well with them, now that Rachel won POV, she proceeded to apologize to Jordan in an effort to get Jordan and Rachel to vote Adam out this week, yet continued to lie even when Jordan asked her for the truth. Jordan, Rachel and Adam know full well that Shelly continues to lie and now Kalia and Porsche do as well. If Shelly would own it and say this is my game, fine…but she doesn’t and plays the victim. She even stood over Jordan, got in her face and pointed her finger at her…no wonder Jordan went off on her and good for her. Shelly bullied Jeff, Adam and Jordan when she came after here when she was laying down crying. Jeff didn’t want the leader role, but everyone told him to take it (again poor edit by CBS) and thus the reason everyone said Jeff was running the show…what they didn’t show was Jeff going to each of his team asking what they wanted, each one said Dani up and out including Shelly. Everyone blames Jeff for going back on his word to Dani, again another wonderful edit by CBS, he never said that he wouldn’t, he said he wouldn’t about as much as she wouldn’t do that to him. The entire game Dani has been trying to get Jeff out, he just beat her to it, cry a f’n river. Dani played a terrible game and definitely proved she rode her dad’s coattails. J/J and B/R threw each other under the bus, well B/R did more than J/J, but J/J always had B/R’s back even after Dani told them what they did. That’s part of the game and they both understand it. So if you are going to report of the hypocrisy, you might want to report the full story.

    • D says:

      Are you crazy? Dick isn’t in the game! Daniele played a pretty decent game. She was a great competitor and usually dominated anything she was in. Her social game was fine, she never attacked anyone and only snapped when some people, let’s say Schmachel, literally followed her around to annoy her.

      Daniele was evicted for two reasons. 1) Kalia is stupid and wasted her week as HoH. 2) Jeff is an egomaniac and couldn’t get over himself long enough to realize he wasn’t her target. Every time he was in the Diary Room, he went on and on about how he could be backdoored or put up. The arrogance and the self-importance seeping from his lips blinded the guy to what was ACTUALLY going on the house, and he made enemies out of Kalia and Porsche because of it.

      Daniele was the only real player this year. Some people could win competitions, others were likable and socialable, but she was both.

      • Melissa says:

        No kidding, I’m not an idiot, Dick hasn’t been in the game for a long time and the entire game all she’s been whining about is getting out of Dick’s shadow and playing a better game than him, saying she has to prove she can do it without him…even Dick said her attempt at playing the game and game play was an Epic fail! She made so many mistakes. Are you kidding me? Dani was busted in so many lies by everyone and that’s why EVERYONE at one point in time wanted her out with the exception of Kalia, even Shelly. Dani was totally a part of the mean girls so for you to say that she played a great social game and never did anything wrong or attack anyone is bogus. She was the instigator in so much catty and petty crap, she was a part of hiding personal property, stealing alcohol, putting benefiber in milk and slop to make people who were have nots sick, saying that she would kick Rachel in the stomach to give her a miscarriage and so on. And she was just as bad as Rachel when things didn’t go her way and I’m in no way defending Rachel’s actions, but she was just as bad as what you claim Jeff is, if not worse, was responsible for Dominic leaving and now Shelly. Jeff had every right to do that and say that because that was Dani’s plan after Dick left and she wanted to backdoor Dick from week one, then he left and it moved to Jeff and when that didn’t work it moved to Brendon and that finally worked so she was onto Jeff again. People told Jeff that and therefore he had every right to say that in the DR. I’m not defending him by any means, but if you are going to call it, call it like it is. It was back and forth between Dani and Jeff. Dani is no angel nor was she innocent in any of it. All Dani did the last week was tell people about her “friends” in production that would quit if she got evicted, whine that she was on slop, whine about how unfair it was yet she was planning on doing the same thing to Jeff now that Brendon was gone, plot things with Porsche and Shelly to harm other house guests and so on. You clearly just watch what CBS shows and not watch and/or read what happens behind the edited version.

        • Cris says:

          Melissa – I think you should be writing your own reviews. I love what you wrote. I read your column for sure. lol

          I think Shelly made a huge mistake by betraying Jeff and Jordan. Many people are saying the Shelly made the best move for her game but I don’t see that. She made it so irrationally. She totally forgot about the jury people. If in the best case scenario, she makes it to the final two with another newbie, she will only be playing for second place. There’s no way she’ll get the votes from J/J or even from Rachel and Brenden. She ruined her chances to win the big prize now. I think she should of saved Brandeon got rid of Rachel and then planned with the other housemates to break them up. It would of been her plan and not Dani’s and it would of been better for her. I seriously believe she ruined her chances on winning anything now.

          • Cris says:

            Made an error – I meant to say the following:

            There’s no way she’ll get the votes from J/J or even from Rachel and Brenden. She ruined her chances to win the big prize now. I think she should of saved Jeff and got rid of Rachel and then planned with the other housemates to break them up. It would of been her plan and not Dani’s and it would of been better for her. I seriously believe she ruined her chances on winning anything now.

          • JD says:

            i don’t honestly believe Shelly could beat ANYONE at this point in the final two, but for someone who is an educated professional she really miscalculated this. yes, when jeff was there she had about a 1% chance of winning, but now she actually has zero. it only takes 4 votes to win, and she basically guaranteed that (assuming they are all in jury) Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, and Rachel would vote for whoever she’s sitting next to. stupid move.

        • Sherry says:

          Melissa – I think everything you wrote is right on. Dani thinks she is a much better player than she actually is. She does well in comps, but her social game stinks. Her personality stinks. The whole mean girl group act like middle school girls. I am surprised BB lets them mess with other peoples belongings and food the way they do. I really hate to see Por & Kal in F2. I would rather Adam, who hasn’t won any comps win than those two evil girls. At least Adam is not a mean person.

  22. Jan says:

    You are wrong. Jordan threw a hissy fit (until the producers saved her) saying that everyone in the house should be playing for her and Jeff to win so they can start a family. I am sorry Jordan blew her first 500k, but this entitled brat thinks everyone in that house is there to serve her and her bully bigot boyfriend. Poor betrayed Jordan. How dare somebody play their own game when she and Jeff apparently need over 1 million dollars before she can conceive.

    • Melissa says:

      Jordan didn’t blow the first $500k, she bought a house for her mom. I wouldn’t call that blowing it. She never said everyone in the house should be playing for her and Jeff to win, she said that the reason she came back was because Jeff wanted to win to start a family not everyone should play so we can win. Clearly you only watch the edited version, otherwise you would know how ridiculous your statements are.

      • Rick says:

        I watch the live feeds and I can confirm what Jan was saying. Jordan cried and screamed all Thursday and Friday saying that Shelly should have done more to get her and Jeff to the end so Jeff and Jordan could win the money to start a family. Jan used the perfect word – ENTITLED. Jordan is an entitled brat. It’s not surprising she’s that way. She is a functionally retarded person who has had everything in life handed to her because of her looks.

  23. Katie says:

    I think Jordan’s true colors came out with that Shelly fight. Though I can understand gamewise why she is upset, bringing up the phone call was pointless. Jordan seems to forget they almost voted Shelly out when she was on the block with Brendon.

  24. Jason says:

    Yes it is obvious the producers used PB to keep Jordan and Rachel. They are the onlyones that will give any entertainment on the show. With them gone you will have a boring final two weeks. Plus they’re hot!!

  25. Lola says:

    After watching this episode I hate Traitor/Flipper Shelly more than Rachel!

  26. Karen says:

    One thing I havent seen mentioned here.. Why did Dani get that first key anyway?? that was an unfair advantage from the beginning… She blew it.. but still .. why??
    I never liked Rachael.. BUT.. when I saw that Ragan and her are now Best friends.. it made me watch her closer etc.. She is a wreck when Brendon is around.. but by herself she proved to be an okay person.. who actually was sweet to Jordan and formed a friendship. I would of never thought that.
    Porsche was very catty when HOH.. and the things said about Rachael .. when she thought was pregnant.. a bit much.. although Ragan.. her best friend now.. also said things very close to what the girls did..
    One more thing.. when it came down to it.. Jordan stepped back.. told Rachael to fight and not worry about her.. and confirmed it again on the couch after evicted.
    Its Rachael game to lose now… she has played a good game.. whined A LOT.. Drama.. too much.. however a good game played.