Awkward Exclusive Video: Jenna Walks Away From Dreamboat Matty!

You can only expect a girl to hang around so long when you keep ignoring her in public.

On Tuesday’s Awkward (MTV, 11/10c), Jenna finally gets fed up with Matty’s behavior and, as you can see in the exclusive preview clip below, makes a bold move that might “kill her kind of relationship” with the cute jock.

But no matter how much Matty strings along sweet, sarcastic Jenna with secret makeouts and his refusal to commit publicly or privately, Beau Mirchoff thinks his character’s got a good heart.

“Matty’s actually a very nice person,” he says. “He’s maybe a little naive, but he’s not a bad guy. I don’t think he would ever do anything to intentionally hurt Jenna.” Hopefully, Jenna’s got a forgiving heart.

Check out the sneak peek below, and tell us if you’re Team Matty or Team Jake in the comments. And stay tuned for more from our chat with Mirchoff featuring scoop on what’s ahead for the couple and his soon-to-be introduced onscreen bro!

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  1. Tabitha says:

    While I agree that Matty’s not an intentionally bad guy, his actions still have hurtful consequences.

    Team Jake!

    • Claudia says:

      TEAM JAKE ALL THE WAY! He’s so sweet and Jenna deserves it. :P

    • Kaylene says:

      Definitely Matty even though he’s like this i think he still loves Jenna and wants to be with her
      G.O.S.H i am Team Matty

    • Gabbriela says:

      Matty is trying and i hope that Jenna notices! Team Matty

    • rachel parker says:

      i so tottally agree with ya im going for team jake not just because hes hot but because hes a lot more better that matty and not embarassed to do anything out in public!

    • rachel parker says:

      why chose team matty when he’s to afraid to go out in public with jenna but not afraid to have sex with her im on TEAM JAKE because he can do what ever and she doesnt mind and they are happy together and when matty and jenna were together there wasnt a chance in them together so im so totally going for TEAM JAKE!!!!!!!!=]

  2. sianna says:

    Yeah Matt is not a bad guy but he’s really “awkward” lol
    Team Jake

  3. Deb says:

    Realize as a 40 something I’m not in the MTV demo anymore but I love this show. Matt just needs to get a clue but I want to see some Jake and Jenna.

    • Janet says:

      As a memeber of the 40ish group…I too LOE this show! I love Jenna and her sidekicks! Jenna’s parents remind me of my husband and I! WTG MTV on a huge hit even with those of us outside your demographics!

  4. Lauren says:

    I’m pretty neutral, I like both of them. I was very Team Matty until Jake kissed her and now I’m split, I really want her with Jake but a little bit of that is to do with wanting to see Matty jealous. Doesn’t really matter, the show is awesome either way.

  5. scooterbeanbag says:

    Jake is better for Jenna. Plus he’s not the intended romance of choice. He kind of came out of nowhere, so it’s not as expected and far more interesting.

  6. Jen H says:

    Obsessed with this show! It’s definitely warrants repeat viewings. I’m in my early 30s and just adore this show. Enjoying it more than my old staples.

    I think Matty is just a confused teen, very realistic. But Jenna has the right to not be hidden in the shadows. Jake is such a great guy, why shouldn’t Jenna be with him? He has no problem speaking to her in the open and telling her how he feels. As Jake said to Matty at the Knick-knackers party: this isn’t junior high. Jake knows Matty met someone over the summer and Matty wouldn’t even tell his best friend who it was. Right now, Matty can’t even be completely honest with himself, why should Jenna have to stick around and wait?

    Team Jake! Team Matty if he can stop being a jerk but right now Team Jake is everything Team Matty isn’t.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode!

  7. april-ann says:

    I’ve never heard of Awkward but just the names Jenna and Matty got my attention – 13 Going on 30 lol, love it. Reading the article (and the comments) makes me want to watch Awkward, sounds fun.

  8. tamara says:

    So obsessed with this show too. I’ve seen each episode twice, and last week’s 3 times.
    I’m 28 but I think this show is awesome!

    I’m team Jake, but I like Matty too.

    • Beth says:

      I am 27 and love it!!!!!! You are not alone. I am neutral on both because the guys are both likeable. Love Jenna!

    • djm says:

      Well, since we are playing “true confessions” – I am 44 and male and this is my favorite show on TV right now – I just think she is AMAZING. And that scene last week when Sadie breaks down was by far the funniest thing I have seen in scripted television in FOREVER. I re-watched that scene like 10 times and was laughing so hard my face hurt. I hope they don’t ruin this show and it lasts for a long, long time.

    • Syl says:

      I really think this isn’t just a teenage show. I’m 41 and I really liked this show since the begining. In fact I’m watching it with my 2 teenagers and we’re all loving it. Love both guys but Matty needs to behave.

  9. Q says:

    Definitely Team Jake. I saw the spark from the very first scene and so glad the show isn’t making me wait several seasons before I get some good scenes (I am looking at YOU Buffy!).

  10. Ashley says:

    Team Jake!

    Nice guys can come in first sometimes. It should be shown more often.

  11. cassandra says:

    hey guys i hear what your saying in regards to matty. But i really think he the right person for jenna. So i’m sorry team matty

  12. Melinda says:

    So difficult to choose! Cause I like Matty. He can be super sweet at times. And I loved the way he got jealous, but I am slightly leaning towards Jake. I love those relationships where you didn’t really see it coming.
    Team Jake!

  13. Shellee says:

    Team Matty all the way!! You need conflict to make a story go, and with Jake there’s no conflict. Who wants to watch a show about people who can be together and happy? I want to watch Jenna and Matty deal with their issues.

  14. Jenny says:

    I honestly don’t like how Matty treats Jenna. I mean, he can say that it’s not intentionally trying to hurt someone but come on having sex with someone and then acting like they don’t exist in public. How is that not hurtful? I’m glad Jenna is not acting like a fangirl anymore, and standing up for herself.

  15. torontogirl98 says:

    I love this show too, Jenna is totally who I wish I was so unapologetic and unaffraid to say what she wants to. I think Matty is cute but team Jake for sure!

  16. Hilarie says:

    Team Jake.

    Jake isn’t afraid to be with Jenna or keen on hiding his feelings like Matty. Granted Jake has a girlfriend, I think he’d dump her immediately if Jenna gave him the signal. I like how Jake gets all sweaty and nervous about Jenna its so cute. But we all know how these love triangles turn out in the end, Jenna and Matty together forever. AWKWARD. pull a Dawsons Creek and put Jenna and Jake together!

  17. Kristy says:

    I’m so hooked on this show! I tried it out this summer when my DVR was bare and am now so hooked! I actually can see the appeal of both Matty and Jake. But the main reason I tune in? Jenna! Love her. At this point, I think Jake would be better for her (well, if he ditched the girlfriend).

  18. em says:

    I am 32 years old and LOVE this show!!! I am totally team Jake, have been since the first time Jake talk to Jenna. The sparks fly between those two. Matty is cool, but don’t like how he wants Jenna but doesn’t want to go public with her and is not ready for a realatonship. She deserves better than a booty call especially from a guy who sniffs his armpits.

  19. *lg* says:

    LOVE this show, it’s been said that it’s a bit like a live-action Daria. And I have to add, the “I couldn’t help but wonder” line in the clip above is VERY Sex and the City

  20. wooster182 says:

    How can you not be on Team Jake on a teen show? It’s like you’re being unfair to Molly Ringwald somehow. I’m pretty sure she’ll end up with Matty by season’s end because that’s who her heart really wants, but I’m so hoping for Jake. He’s just such a nice guy. And he’s ready for her now, just as she is.

  21. sadie says:

    my name is sadie but i dont like her in the show. matty and jenna make a great couple he just needs to grow some balls and stop making her his secret. jake is a great guy and him and jenna are cute but she loved matty first and did u see in the last episode how worked up about the kiss between jenna and 49% team jake and 51% tam matty. imagine what it would do to there friendship fighting over jenna.can u imagin the invisiale girl is now being fought over by the schools coolest guys. i think jenna should want to be with matty or jake and follow her heart!

  22. shelby says:

    teammm jakee all day erryday

  23. amanda says:

    Team Matty…I think she just gave him a slap in the face that hopefully sent him into reality. We all must remember Jake did cheat on his girlfriend, so why wouldn’t he cheat on Jenna?

  24. Destiny says:

    Team Matty!
    I mean, I hate how he treats Jenna sometimes, but I love seeing him jealous and try to fight for her. Matty really does mean well.
    There’s also the part of me that loves Jake! I love how Jake treats Jenna, and I would like to see more of the two of them together, but I’m still Team Matty.

  25. chelsea grig says:

    Love this show please have more like it!! Maddy just go with your feelings don’t be afraid to show what you want and don’t want!!! MTV THATS WHAT YOU SHOULD BE TEACHING PEOPLE ITS OK TO SAY WHAT YOU WANT

  26. Lily says:


    He’s definitely not a bad guy but has to learn that the life is not so easy. And Jenna is helping him to.

  27. sam says:


  28. Dee says:

    I love that so many of us watching are in our 20s! I actually really love this show. I wish it was available in Canada. MTV Canada, take note!

    I’m also Team Jake, but he needs to break up with his stupid girlfriend.

  29. Meg says:

    But you have to remember that even though Jake seems like a nice guy & all…He is still in a RELATIONSHIP! Cheater Cheater… pumpkin eater :X

  30. KATIEEE says:

    I want team Matty because he is really hot…the only thing is i kind of want jake and jenna to have a thing so matty gets jealous and wants to make their relationship public…hope it happens be cause they’d make a cute couple!! :D

  31. kayla says:

    Matty is really cute, but I think he’s looking for hook ups not relationships. :)
    Team Jake!
    Jake is so cute he’d be lucky to be with jean

  32. Valentine says:


  33. Naomi says:

    Team Matty… he’s what Jenna wasnts NOT Jake he was sorta of a rebound dudee !

  34. Nan1017 says:

    Team Matty!! Jake cheated on his girlfriend…he needs to decide too. Matty all the way!

  35. Mary says:

    I am so team Matty I think that Jenna should stand up to him, Matty needs to take there relationship public….. I love Jake to though he’s so sweet to Jenna but i would love to see Matty make a statement and step out of the jock cool kid stereo type and date Jenna in public that way the show can set examples to teens or young adults that no matter what kind of click your jn you can be what Ever you want it’s cools to be different!!! Team Matty all the way!!!!!!!!

    Wish the show was longer like a whole hour I can’t get enough of it!!!! Love all whole cast especially Matty!!

  36. Taylor says:

    TEAM MATTY ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!! :D :D

  37. ozieee says:

    I think she should give Matty a chance to make it up to her and redeem himself. I had a fling with a guy who looked EXACTLY like Matty and acted EXACTLY the same way. So i like seeing Matty as the main interest because it’s something I as a viewer can relate to personally. Plus its a weird deja vu watching “my life” on tv.

  38. Nessa says:

    TEAM MATTY!!!!
    i can’t imagine jenna seeing jake as more than a friend.they’ll im just not getting that vibe from them. if anything they’ll make her and jake try the relationship thing for awhile just so it gives matty the opportunity to get jealous and MAN UP.
    maybe they can stick jake with one of jenna’s friends…
    but again TEAM MATTY

  39. mischa says:

    Jake’s sweet but I think the show is gonna try to make Matty grow as an individual.He’s not your typical jock, he’s sensitive and I sense some issues in his life.Jenna will be good for him and maybe this Jake n Jenna thing will make him be more assertive about what he wants.
    I’m rooting for Matty

  40. ally says:

    TEAM Matty <3
    anyday n everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Senna says:

    make matty jealous and i believe it’ll do him some good. he really likes jenna but a dose of reality will make him behave.
    i can’t stand the idea of jake and jenna.
    and isn’t jake like cheating on his gf , points lost in my book.

  42. hannah says:

    if she ends up with jake i can’t see the show lasting very long , but if they let matty find himself, and become more assertive and not be a typical jock, then that would be interesting.


  43. Sylvie says:

    TEAM matty of course!!!!

  44. Vicki says:

    jake is chasing jenna but he still has a gf, thats wrong even though his lissa is a total fool. i don’t understand their relationship, he’s always blowing her off to do anything but hang out with her,he just doesn’t seem into her even after only 3 months. and the whole stringing her along while chasing after jenna is just wrong.


  45. Paige says:

    i think jake’s a cheater and matty’s just not confident in himself or his decisions,c’mon he’s a teenager. he just needs to grow but otherwise he’s perfect.

  46. zee says:

    I’ve been Team Matty from day 1. Yes he’s a douche sometimes and Jenna doesn’t deserve that but I really think he’s actually falling for her. He’s a typical teenager wanting to impress friends but conflicted at the same time – everyone should remember those adolescent dilemmas. I think she’ll end up with him in the end, he just needs to grow up a bit and maybe seeing her with someone else (Jake) will make him realize how strong his feelings are.

  47. Mare says:

    Team Matty! <3

  48. sophie says:


  49. tabitha says:

    im lovin matty, sorry other guy
    matty just encompasses what the show is about, he’s a pit sniffing self conscious AWKWARD teen.

  50. Jessica says:

    Team Matty!!!!! He really does like her and i love seeing him jealous when jake and jenna are getting closer. I really hope that if the whole jenna/jake thing does happen, it will make matty jealous and fight for jenna and in the end jenna and matty will end up together!!!!!!
    I love Matty!!!!