Men of a Certain Age Gives Up on Finding New Home: 'We've Reached the End of the Road'

Some six weeks since being canceled by TNT, and after amassing more than 6,000 petition signatures and 10,000-plus Likes on a “Save Men of a Certain Age” Facebook page, the bosses of the midlife dramedy have given up on their effort to find the show a new home.

In a letter to fans, cocreator Mike Royce writes:

Unfortunately there’s been nothing to report. And at this point, since we want to be straight with you guys, I have to tell you that we’ve kind of reached the end of the road. Hard to admit, but it’s true.

If you can think of a network, we called them. Of course, Men of a Certain Age doesn’t really belong on certain networks. But we called them too. We called everybody. We tried online, satellite, alternate content providers, corporate sponsorship, Taxi TV, filmstrips… everything. We’ve exhausted every possibility and then some.

I was certainly hoping –- actually, naively expecting a different outcome. I thought somebody would pick us up. Ray and I feel strongly that there are places where MOACA would not only be an excellent fit, but a home run. But we couldn’t persuade others to see it that way. And at a certain point, you gotta move on.

Sure, a miracle could still happen somehow. So please don’t “unlike” [the Facebook] page or unsign the petition. It’s still good to be able to show the world how much you guys care about the show.

We can’t thank all you enough. So many of you have worked your asses off to help us find the show a home. To see the support continue to pour in now weeks and weeks later is really incredible.

It’s also hard to express how grateful we are to the awesomely talented 200+ people who made the show. The cast and the crew were not only the best but made it a joy to come to work each day.

And we also want to thank TNT. I know it’s natural to look at it like “they’re the ones who cancelled it,” but a more accurate viewpoint is “they’re the ones who put it on.” Honestly, the notion that a show about the lives of three 50-year-olds was on television at all in this day and age is a miracle. It shouldn’t be, but it is. On top of that TNT gave us the rare opportunity to do the show the way we wanted.

The end result is, we’re proud of the work, proud of the critical response and mostly proud that the show seems to have secured a deep place in people’s hearts that isn’t always reached. Like some of you, we feel a little like we’ve lost a friend. But the good news is, the 22 episodes live on. They even end in a good place (if too soon).

So think of us as not as a cancelled show but a “mini-series by accident.”

Because really that’s our biggest hope: if you are a fan, turn other people on to it. We want it to live on. Hey, for better or for worse, the ratings tell us there are plenty of people out there who haven’t seen Men of a Certain Age. We hope they check it out.

Thanks, and see you on the hill.

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Are you ready to say this final goodbye to those Men of a Certain Age? Were you counting on another network to offer them a home?

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  1. Mike says:

    Great show. I’m sorry that more people did not give it a chance.

    • blingedup.susan says:

      I agree. Whenever I asked a friend if they watched the show, I always got the same response. “No. I haven’t seen it. When is it on? What station?” I know some of them would have loved it and gotten hooked if they had watched just one episode. Pick any one, wouldn’t matter which.

  2. céline secada says:

    One of the best shows on television: about MEN, mature, funny, poignant and REAL. It goes to show you that network executives need a check-up from the neck-up!

  3. blingedup.susan says:

    I’m so disappointed.

    This was a smart, well-written, highly entertaining show buried in a cesspool of crap tv. It’s a shame. Subtle humor is out. Snookie and the Kardashians are in. (May have misspelled that – don’t care enough to check.)

    The list of tv shows I’m willing to spend the time to watch is getting really, really small. This was my favorite.

  4. Nerdista says:

    What a bummer, this was an amazing show.

  5. Templar says:

    How could this not fail? Sure, it was a good show, but it was aimed at a demographic that won’t admit to vulnerability, a soft side or the existence of mid-life crisis. Men of a certain age wouldn’t dream of taking over the TV for a show dealing with this subject matter.

  6. Lyn says:

    This is very sad. I miss this show even more as I see “season premieres” and “season finales” of so many mildly entertaining but utterly formulaic shows. “Rizzoli-Isles-Suits-WhiteCollar-Bones-CovertAffairs-BurnNotice-InPlainSight-NecessaryRoughness-RoyalPains” and others . . . not all BAD, but you could remove one grumpy character or wacky sidekick, replace him/her with one from another show, and hardly know the difference. “Men” was interesting, well-acted and insightful. Not always a work of art, but so very far above most of the crap that’s going to remain on TV.

    • Bozzy says:

      Part of the problem of GAINING an audience is the difficulty of locating the shows ..Each ‘provider’ gives it a different number slotting, then factor in most of us do NOT have tv schedules and even the various providers are dismal in allowing easier access to the info(must remember, ‘we’ have been cultivated for short attention spans/etc…)The old ‘major’ networks are excrucitingly horrific in their respective line ups and even when a series IS attracting audience, we get repeats due to various sked of ‘special events’ which are excruciatingly BORING ad thensome as well as most series only put a small fraction of WHAT USED BE a ‘season’ and at top dollars too. THE AUDIENCE IS FICKLE and BORED and many have cut cable/sat/etc as well as the cost to the family budget just can NOT support the garbage tht proliferates as supposed entertaining entertainment for OUR enjoyment but hey “THEY, those in charge figure they can keep scamming us endlessly with the dirthable !!

  7. BCG11 says:

    I loved this show so much it actually feels like a loss. I watch very little TV because it’s just dumb anymore. This show touched every emotion in one hour. Not many other shows can say the same. Thank you Mike Royce and Ray Romano for which you now term a “mini-series by accident”. Canceling this show is a complete travesty!

  8. cheryl says:

    I have to admit that it took some time for this show to grow on me. I wasn’t thrilled with it at first, but it got better as it continued. I actually just watched the finale last night (dvr) and wish it would continue. I will miss it. Never a big Ray Ramono fan, but the entire cast was great (though didn’t love the Scott Bakula character).

  9. BCG11 says:

    Perfectly said! It is hard to even give them a try b/c you already can play it out in your head! You’ve seen it before. It’s groundhog day everyday with these shows.

  10. Terry says:

    One of the great shows from the last few years. I really hoped that Direct TV would take it, like they did Friday Night Lights. I will keep hoping.

  11. Ram510 says:

    When ge was talking about networks the show wouldve been perfect fit with I really got the feeling he was talking about AMC

  12. Nev827 says:

    Keep working at it, fans. Maybe you can get a movie made out of it to tie up any loose ends, like they did with Firefly.

  13. Patricia says:

    This was truly the best show on television. I have many friends who DVR’d it, as they never knew when it was airing so I think the number of fans was underestimated. This show was brilliant on so many levels…the writing, directing, acting, stories and last but never least…the music. “Seinfeld,” “Cheers” and “Friends” were not immediate hits, and each had a 22 episode season on NBC. These shows took time to gel and find an audience. I am very sad that TNT didn’t promote this show or give it a consistent time slot.

  14. Anne says:

    i’m so bummed…… what a great show. really going to miss it. thanks TNT for for bringing it to us, just wish you could have brought it to us longer…

  15. Ginger says:

    I watched one episode of this because I like all three guys in it. It was dreary and depressing. Sorry, guys, good try tho.

    • EG says:

      One episode of anything is never really a good representation of a show. I hope you give it another chance. If not, it is your loss. The rest of us will watch the 22 episodes we do have and find subtle nuances we missed the first time around. Sheer writing brilliance.

  16. kayk says:

    We miss this show already. Well-written, well-acted. There was nothing else like it and we looked forward to it each week (when we could find it!). It was a show where I actually cared about all the characters! I hope it comes back sometime, somehow, somewhere!

  17. kaiulani says:

    Too bad, II really liked this show. Glad that it ended on a up note.

  18. gjo says:

    Wow, just read this article. I was certainly shocked that the show was canceled. It was a great show. I watched it every week and even t’voed it so that I could see it again. Too bad!

  19. Emgee says:

    *Sigh of relief*

    Whew. Even the trailers for this show bored me to tears.

  20. David McLeod says:

    Plain and simple the best show on TV! I feel like someone just kicked me in the stomach! It will be missed!

  21. David McLeod says:

    you must have never watched an episode either that or your a brain dead 18 year old

  22. Miffy says:

    Nice, well-done show, but after watching a few episodes, you could see that it was clearly a niche show that was not going to appeal to a wide audience. They were lucky to get two seasons.

  23. Rhett Butler says:

    I am a 50 year old man, and I’ve enjoyed the work of all three actors that held the lead roles in this show. I wanted to like it, I really did. However, I found the characters to be whiny stereotypes, and found it totally unwatchable after the first three episodes.

    There are enough channels out there that I feel for the folks that liked the show and will miss it, but frankly my dears, I don’t give a damn.

  24. Kathy says:

    The BEST show EVER!!!!! What a shame to see it go! All three of the ‘men’ are spectacular actors. I didn’t miss a second of all 22 episodes. Too bad Lifetime won’t give it a chance — I think it would be perfect for that channel. I can only imagine that many more women watched the show than men! Beautifully written and superbly acted. Thanks TNT for giving it to us for as long as you did. We’ll miss it badly :( !!!!!

  25. Craig says:

    Best show about running a business and the stresses from it. Please find another home and continue. As a business owner myself, it made me not close down my business during some hard times and now I am doing OK again. Wish there were other sows giving the truth about business and family business – mine is a family business. So many parts were hilarious.

  26. Dave says:

    Some on here that viewed Men of a Certain Age didn’t like it, said it was boring, depressing and maybe felt it did not compel them enough. In my opinion and unless I am wrong here that show is the signs of our times right now in 2011 – for most. This show was REAL reality as a storyline folks not fixed or forced reality show crap with scripts behind the scenes. These three guys displayed things happening to the middle to upper middle class paying most of the taxes in the US. The storyline was indicative of real life situations NOT some BS scripted totally unreal storyline or plot like southland or CSI some producer parcels together from three other shows. Seriously folks CSI = there is a crime, there is evidence and a powerful microscope and analysis is used, then…..wait for it…..wait….they catch the guy who did it. What happens next week on CSI when ……they Rinse and Repeat with a different scenario. Folk is simply “Murder she wrote” on steroids – get over it….same old same old. Look if you all want more Drama packed Cop and investigative shows, or Hillbilly Hand Fishing please check your I.Q. for a pulse. LA Law – Law and Order – CSI – etc etc are all rinse and repeat shows. Its truly sad to know our nation is expecting more of the same with TV and allowing the networks to pump it out. Seriously how many people with a mesa level IQ would get off on watching Ice Road Truckers but yet its on the air. Its appears to be obvious that most people don’t want REAL reality stories anymore, they want a cop show most can figure out in the first 5 minutes, they want guys catching fish with their bare hands and they want a boat in choppy sea water pulling up the same damn basket of crab – Uh-oh big waves scary…cue the music…..please!!! I enjoyed all three actors and the show and for some who actually have intelligence beyond that of an Ameba and demand more from an hour of TV this show was “more” indicative of reality. I guess the economy has pushed this type of programing back because the level of intelligence in the mass demographic is far below what it used to be and people are more inquisitive on how to catch a catfish by hand and want to see if Roseanne’s Nuts. TNT is a network and they are in it for the $$$$ I get the cost-benefit or break-even analysis part of it, I guess I am more embarrassed for TV viewership as a total in our nation and all its Wrestling fans converted to NASCAR to now people watching reality shows that have no substance. It would have been nice to see more folks get behind this show but nobody wants a show that gives them REAL reality though evoking because it may make them think about life. God forbid that for one hour a week you feel emotion based on REAL lifelike situations vs. getting amp’d up because some guy on CSI is going to get caught or some Antique Picker is going to find the first Harley ever made. For those of you who actually got this show and wanted more of it, just let it go like a High School sweetheart you married who just got run over by a train. That train is the TV production cash cow and as long as the money keeps coming in and america remains obtuse or completely idiotic in choice of program selection this type of show will never make it. Ray I tip my hat to you sir you are now the Iron Balls McGinty of Production – thanks for making a run at it guys!!!!

  27. I’m a WOMAN “of a certain age” who loved this show. RIP to the show’s characters…and much success to the uber-talented actors who played them. Looking forward to seeing where you land!

  28. Susola says:

    This totally sucks! All the good TV gets cancelled, yet crappy reality TV reigns supreme. Sorry to see you go, guys, you rocked with grace! One of the best shows on TV… ;-(

  29. Randy says:

    Finally being cancelled – bout time. I give a show about five episodes to see if I like it or not. I didn’t the fascination of this show. I’m guessing it had alot of Ray Romano fans (which I’m NOT) watching. P.S. Didn’t like his other show either (Everyone Loves Raymond), but I gave it a try.

  30. Ike says:

    Big big loss we finaly get a show that is intellegent with the wrighting and story line plots and they cancel it yet there are so many dumb shows on that cant even come close to men of a certain age and they go on for ever go figure.