Leah Remini Confirms Her Talk Exit, Says Holly Robinson Peete 'Hasn't Heard Anything Yet'

It’s official: Leah Remini will not return to The Talk this fall.

The outspoken actress has confirmed what has widely been reported in recent weeks: CBS has declined to invite her back for the talk show’s second season.

“I am sorry to say that I have NOT been asked back on the show,” Remini announced via Twitter. “Sorry to my fans. U worked so hard! I adore u guys.” The former King of Queens star went on to add that “no reason was given” for her sudden ouster from the gabfest.

As for rumors that Holly Robinson Peete has also been given the boot, Remini revealed that her co-host “hasn’t heard anything yet,” but still has her full support. “Holly, I have LOVED working with you,” she wrote. “You are the real deal… Hang in there.”

Deadline’s Nikki Finke reported Thursday that The Talk is already making moves to replace both women, initially with Kardashian mom Kris Jenner temping on the roundtable. Conservative radio personality Sheryl Underwood is said to be joining as well.

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  1. Kristie says:

    I haven’t been able to watch much but I thought they were just on vacay or something! Finally decided to check online today & I’m very disappointed. I won’t be watching anymore. Too boring! I thought they were a refreshingly real show compared to that crap The View but now seems to be just as bad.

  2. Susan says:

    I will Not be watching the Talk anymore. It’s not a great show anyway, but to take out Leah is going to bite them in the butt. I would rather watch an hour long political debate!!

  3. NataChance says:

    Hold on… I never thought I’d need a cup of coffee in the middle of the day, but after today’s episode. Zzzzzzz. They should change it to a late night slot so that I can get to sleep faster.
    HOLLY & LEAH!!!! I, along with the rest of America, miss you!

  4. P.Trezza says:

    It was a great talk show with Remini and Peete…the others just don’t cut it ….I actually liked it better than the View!…No more I will not watch now…not interesting…good luck Leah and Holly…u r truly missed…u both kept the show funny…

  5. Angi Mixon says:

    Leah and Holly, I also thought u were on vacation. I won’t be watching the show anymore without u both. I’m so sorry CBS did that. But they messed up bad. The show won’t go on. You both will find something much better.
    Angi Mixon ~Ok.

  6. Katrina says:

    The show really stinks now. Sorry, Sara, I know you’re an exec. producer, but really, what were you thinking??? Kris Jenner???? She’s so blah that I fall asleep everytimne she opens her mouth. At least Aisha has something to add to the show. But I guess I wouldn’t really know, because I don’t watch anymore. This show is destined for cancellation. Huge mistake, letting Holly and Leah get away. I guess I’ll stick to The View. It’s a shame, I really felt like The Talk appealed to a new demographic and could’ve gone far. Now as far as I’m concerned, it dead in its’ own tracks.

  7. Rebecca says:

    I stopped watching The Talk for the simple fact Leah Remini is no longer on! She was the star of the show and kept it real. She probably didn’t kiss a@@ and that’s why they have who they have now. But when one door closes another door opens! Can’t wait to see whats her next project. Shes hilarious and I’m her biggest fan! Hope the show gets canceled! Lol.

  8. Meagan says:

    I’ve been scared to actually see if Leah n holly got fired. Small part hoped they would b back. I’m sorry I can’t even make myself watch it. It’s just not the same.

  9. Ro Bianco says:

    They got rid of the two best reasons for watching the show. Julie’s a phoney and wouldn’t be there without hubby’s help. The show won’t last… Leah and Holly should get a successful show of their own, steal Sara and Sharon, and rub Mr. and Mrs. Moonves noses in it!

  10. Judy Welch says:

    I was shocked when I realized Holly and Leah were not back on the show. I set me VCR so I wouldn’t miss an episode. Thank God you have kept Sharon. I have NOT been impressed with the replacements and do not have the same “Just cant\’t miss the show” feeling I had before. You had a good thing going and loused it up. I do NOT like the lady who was supposed to be a radio host. She is too crude. I am tired of seeing Jenner on every TV show in town.

  11. debi says:

    I havent watched in a while, and I was wondering what happened and now I know… and I diffently will not be watching……

  12. Rose S says:

    We have noticed the absence of both of these hosts, especially Leah from The Talk. I would not be surprised if your ratings take even another dip due to this stupid move. Leah was a great asset to this show.

  13. Trace A says:

    Wow, I thought it was just me with the perception of Julie. But it adds up. The show lacks genuine personality that Leah and Holly brought to it. I’m not watching anymore. Leah and Holly, I’m waiting on your next chapters. Good luck, hope to see you both real soon.

  14. Ann says:

    I just watched for the first time this season as I moved across country and haven’t had time till now. In the past, I loved the humor and fun of the show. Great relaxing break after work. I couldn’t believe that Leah and Holly were gone and googled to find out what happened. I will not be recording the show anymore as I am not a fan of Sharon and the chemistry of the show is now gone. Shame on you CBS. Julie needs people like Leah and Holly and now the show is just sad.

  15. Summer says:

    In my opinion, YOU (Leah and Holly) are the talk!!!!!!!!!!! SOUTH AFRICA LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

  16. Kim says:

    This sucks! What was a great show is now the most boring show of the season! Please bring Leah & Holly back or I will not be watching anymore! .

  17. Teri says:

    I have been waiting for weeks to see Holly and Leah re-appear. Only after the Craig Ferguson show yesterday evening did it finally confirm that the two were not returning. I have been suspecting this all along. I’ve seen all the fill ins for weeks, Chris Jenner give me a break! Sick and tired of the Kardashian buzz these people are famous for doing NOTHING. I really only tuned in for Leah, Holly and Mrs. O. I’ve merely tolerated Julie Chen and it was obvious from the beginning that “The Talk” was turning into the Julie Chen show. Send her to a newsroom where she belongs. Can’t stand Big Brother and really wonder where TV is going, I take that back it’s going to the dogs and people like the Kardashian’s who have no talent what so ever. The Talk is no longer funny. Aisha is fair don’t know who the hell Cheryl Underwood is? If they are banking on these two holding up “The Talk” they are in for a rude awakening. I used to tune in daily but now its hit and miss. What I think is most disrespecful to the viewers is the fact that “The Talk” did not have the courtesy to tell its viewers that Peete and Remini were no longer part of the cast. The only thing that tipped me off was the opening credits. This indicates to me that “The Talk” doesn’t give a hoot about its viewers. Replace Julie Chen she is a square peg in a round hole. She should stop riding the coat tails of her husband.

  18. Amy Abraham says:

    Leah and Holly were (and Sharon) were the only reasons I watched (past tense note) the Talk. I loved Leahs realness and down to earthness! But most of all I watched for Holly Robinson Peete as I relate to her with her sons autism as I have 2 boys and my oldest now 4 is high functioning autism like Hollys son – my 18 month old son may be on the early path to it we hope not but we r getting early therapies for him…I, and my husband who scouts in the NFL loooooooooved how she brought autism to focus on the show as a platform for awareness for it- what r we going to do without her, her experienced advice on the show and the countless expert guests brought on the show…what a dumb network decision to let go of Holly n Leah! Love n miss u Holly n Leah! :)

  19. Davida says:

    Sorry those two fine perfomers were let go. It was funny to see Leah was exactly the same as her character on King of Queens, I guess she wasn’t acting. THE FUNNIEST thing is I have heard Sara say many times… “When I came up with this idea…” LOL Maybe she doesn’t have a TV and has never seen the View…LOL. It is an exact copy. I wish them all well, Holly and Leah are great and will land on their feet.

  20. Debra Scarcella says:

    I used to stay up late to watch The Talk episode I had taped. Since Leah and Holly are gone and Shaton only appears periodically I no longer watch or record the show. I miss the old chemistry

  21. diane fowlds says:

    I was so sorry to see leah and holly not on the talk any longer. why would the show let them go. they were both very entertaining. the sow is definately missing something now. no pun intended. i hope to see thes two women on tv in something else. wont be tuning into the talk any longer.

  22. brown says:

    Leah Remini on The Talk is who I watch. I am sad to see her gone. It is a big loss for that show. they made a mistake in letting Leah and Holly go. I stop watching the show.

  23. Bien says:

    It is sad to hear Leah and Holly are no longer on The Talk. They are actually the Talk show. Now they are gone I can assure you that show will be gone too. Sad because it seems like ego and emotion of others were the reasons for Leah and. Holly being gone. Really sad.

  24. Rox says:

    Very sad, I was hoping Leah and Holly were on vacation.

    I will truley miss you Both.

    Holly, you are the best, bravest and God has his Plan mapped out for you.
    Leah, you are the Bomb, you speak from the heart.
    God Bless you both.

    CBS, you have no clue……………….Losers

  25. Crystal says:

    I don’t watch the talk anymore since Leah & holly aren’t there anymore!

  26. 38csgii says:

    Stop bashing Sara. She’s the creator and executive producer of the show. If it weren’t for her the show would never have been there to begin with.

  27. kim says:

    This show is a pitiful rip off of the View, it sucks! Julie Chen is a Yawn and sharon is everywhere ad nauseam. Bad show, embarassing to watch them at times. ugh, I no longer watch.

  28. diaNA says:

    i too!!!no longer watch!!!i really missed Leah & Holly!!!they did them wrong!!!i don’t like that!!!they should cancel the show!!!

  29. comcitizen says:

    I’m Sorry But I Am Infinitely Glad Both Leah And Holly Are Gone. The Were Burg So Uncouth And Vulgar. Getting Sick Of Osborne Now. She’s Gotten A But Full Of Herself And A BIt Sanctimonious. Hire Marie Fulltime!!! She Is Perfect!!!