Leah Remini Confirms Her Talk Exit, Says Holly Robinson Peete 'Hasn't Heard Anything Yet'

It’s official: Leah Remini will not return to The Talk this fall.

The outspoken actress has confirmed what has widely been reported in recent weeks: CBS has declined to invite her back for the talk show’s second season.

“I am sorry to say that I have NOT been asked back on the show,” Remini announced via Twitter. “Sorry to my fans. U worked so hard! I adore u guys.” The former King of Queens star went on to add that “no reason was given” for her sudden ouster from the gabfest.

As for rumors that Holly Robinson Peete has also been given the boot, Remini revealed that her co-host “hasn’t heard anything yet,” but still has her full support. “Holly, I have LOVED working with you,” she wrote. “You are the real deal… Hang in there.”

Deadline’s Nikki Finke reported Thursday that The Talk is already making moves to replace both women, initially with Kardashian mom Kris Jenner temping on the roundtable. Conservative radio personality Sheryl Underwood is said to be joining as well.

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  1. melonie says:

    I can’t believe the nerve of CBS and whom ever else made such a poor decision to cut these two interesting, funny ladies. I have never been a fan of talk shows but this one I couldn’t get enough of. They all bring something to the show but i really look forward to leahs hilarious comments and hollys silly side. I forsee that this light-hearted funny show is going to become just another View ugh…. I’m with everybody else and no longer will watch. If rumors are true about Julie than she needs to be told to put her big girl panties on and stop acting like a spoiled brat. And last but not least CBS you should be ashamed of yourself!

  2. Susann says:

    I was so sorry to see that the original cast did not return. The chemistry was wonderful between the five women. I am sure that the viewership will drop significantly.
    I like Mrs O who can be outrageous. I like Sara Gilbert but she is too reserved about a lot of topics. Julie Chen is a moderator and never really gets involved the way Holly and Leah did.
    I am afraid a truly great show will now be mediocre.
    Whatever the reasons, it is a large mistake.

  3. Ruben says:

    Leah and Holly where part of a 5 lady team. Good luck CBS, you had a great team. I am a retired Naval Officer who appreciated your ladie’s team conversations and opinions. No longer a fan. Darn, I really liked your show.

  4. Jar says:

    Just found out about the Leah and holly news. I tried watching the second episode of the new season and tuned out after the first ten minutes. Leah and sarah’s bantering was the reason I started tuning to this show. Leah is hilarious and holly was the one who kept the show professional without being stuffy, like Julie. I am so over this show now. Great job, CBS!! :E :( bring back Leah!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Barbara says:

    OMG you are kidding me, right? I anxiously awaited the new season. I was hooked and Leah and Holly were my faves and the w/o them in my opinion there IS no show. I was waiting for an explanation of why those two were missing. Not a word. How freaking tacky can you GET? If they wanted to give someone the boot, why not Sara? Or foul-mouthed Sharon (who no doubt costs the network money with her constant trash foul slip-ups, which are NOT funny, just nasty and classless. Yes Sara created the show but she is a total BORE, not to mention she just seems so FAKE. She seems like she is somewhere else in her head and not genuinely interested in the guests. She also seems a little put off by Leah’s ribbing of her; I think she is too thin-skinned. Ya Leah is a bit loud but she is hilarious, interested AND interesting. I LOVE HER and sad to say I’m going to have to go back to the View. Damn them.

  6. Nikki says:

    this is horrible, Leah was my favorite! me and my mom watched it BECAUSE of Holly and Leah. guess theres no more reason to have “the talk” huh…?

  7. brenda w. says:

    Just found out leah and holly are gone. Leah sarah, sharon and holly made that show the best. Julie is a up tight snob, get rid of her give us back our girls who make it fun to watch. Now it will suck might as well go back to the view. I don’t understand why someone can’t do something. I like sarah and love sharon but wiithout the other two the show is over.

  8. Deb says:

    You took the words right out of my mouth.

  9. Mana says:

    Sometimes it got on my nerves how Leah interrupted so much, but I still like her… Holly was hilarious and I will miss her a lot. That said, I love Molly Shannon but she might be too weird for The Talk. I am not familiar with Sheryl, but she had me cracking up yesterday. Time will tell I guess.

  10. Felica Goolsby says:

    I guess the C in CBS stands for crack, because that’s what their smoking if they think taking two of the key hosts off the Talk will be good for ratings. JUST SAY NO!

  11. Andrea says:

    Sharon..please tell me that you will be next! They don’t deserve you. In my opinion,Leah,Holly, and yourself were the most real! Sara I think that leah helped you loosen up:) Julie, mmh mmh mmh, poor Julie SMH

  12. cathy says:

    The show is no longer interesting. Holly and Leah added much needed humor. The five balanced each other. Probably won’t watch as often. Unless a guest is booked that I want to see.

  13. karen says:

    Can you say “STUPID MOVE”…. wow! Getting rid of Holly and Leah was really dumb. Someone needs to pull their head out of their butt. It was a good show because they all worked well together. If anyone should have gone because they are boring … sorry, but that’s you julie!! But, we all know that wasn’t going to happen. Why change something that was working though?? STUPID

  14. Julee says:

    The amazing ingredients have been omitted now… Tried to watch…no longer interesting..they made a huge mistake..huge…bye bye talk….lost another Viewer!

  15. mary says:

    Loved Leah and Holly on the view. Will not be watching the show anymore there’s no point.
    The best two people to watch are gone .Bad move CBS.

  16. mary says:

    I’m a stay home mom and watching the Talk was my favorite part of the day. I’m having a hard time believing viewers where unhappy with the show because of Leah and Holly they truly where the reason everyone watches the show. Its always nice to watch a show that leaves you feeling happy and sara,sharon,and julie just can’t give that to the viewers.YOU HAVE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE CBS I HOPE YOU CAN SEE EVERYONES DISAPPOINTMENT AND GET HOLLY AND LEAH BACK.

    • Shirley says:

      Bad idea certainly when you have variety why not leave it that was
      CBS shame on you! I will not watch the talk again. 9/9/11

    • Florence Britton says:

      You destroyed a show that had so much potential. You dumped the best part of your panel and expect us to continue watching something that destroyed the heart of what made the show worth tunning in to. I did not watch everyday but I did watch frequent enough to check it out everyday to see who would be guest or what the subject matter was for the day. I kept thinkingHolly & Leah were on vacation or sick then decided to goggle their names and bingo. I’m finished with the talk it is so not worth tunning into now.

  17. Good2baSurvivor says:

    I’m somewhat older than what is probably The Talk’s average viewer and was afraid it would be a show mostly about raising children. After giving it a chance I loved it, particularly Leah and Holly. Was never a fan of Julie, but the others drew something “real” out of her stiff self. Sara is rather timid and it was great to see Leah bring so much out of her personality. There was no doubt they all clicked, so I also have to believe it was about the top dog’s wife not getting the most attention. I don’t mean to be a hater but the mannerisms of Molly Shannon are driving me crazy and don’t believe I’ll be able to watch anymore…..what a shame they took the best away.

  18. gzink says:

    I was so happy when the show started up again, only to be totally disappointed when I didn’t see Leah or Holly. The only reason to keep watching would be Sharon, but she can’t carry the show by herself. I already took it off my DVR and will not be watching any more. I think The Talk is DONE!

  19. Jo says:

    Julie has loosened up quite a bit since the show began. Plus she is needed there to reign in Leah. I like Leah but lets call a spade a spade, she cuts ppl off in mid-sentence. Not to mention how loud she is and always needs to be heard no matter who she is interrupting.

  20. Vicky says:

    It really makes me mad that holly and leah are not on the show anymore. Those five on the show were a great combo. Bring them back!

  21. Jeanette says:

    And you think what you have is better??? NOT!!!

  22. Jose Alva says:

    I couldn’t believe it. they made the show which made the others better. I’m a married dude and me and my love the show. I had it recorded daily. Not any more. I guess I will something else. I looked foreward watching the show. Thanks CBS!

  23. Phyllis Paul says:

    Sad to see that my two favourites Leah and Holly are no longer with the talk. Though I love Sharon and Sara no offense girls but Leah and Holly made the show, I watch it because of them. In my opinion CBS have made a Huge mistake in firing Leah and Holly, So I to will be saying Bye Bye to the show won’t be watching the show anymore!!!!!

  24. Ginny says:

    I totally agree. The Talk is nothing with out Leah & Holly. Julie is boring, Sharon is crude, Sarah is alright. I enjoyed the banter between Leah and Sarah. Holly and Leah were the most real people on the panel. It was a good show, and I gave it a chance and I am done. Molly Shannon is terrible, and enough with the Kardashians, and Sheryl Underwood is not funny. CBS again made a bad move.

  25. Becky says:

    No more “The Talk” for me! I LOVED the show BECAUSE of Leah and Holly! It was light-hearted and fun! If you are trying to make The Talk the new View you are beating a dead horse! I DO NOT want to hear women argue politics and bash people! Leah and Holly are beautiful, grounded women whose opinions I respected. Kris Jenner? Please! And if Sharon cuts her air time, the show WILL tank folks!

  26. ldn says:

    It is rather interesting that a person(s) can be fired (contract not renewed) in a public forum and the audience not be informed of the lack of presence of a couple of members of their family. This has been an ongoing issue with CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) which has ceased to exist in my mind. They are now CBS (Champion BS System).

  27. liz says:

    That is to bad, I watch the segment today “boring”.
    “The Talk” will not survive another season. Leah & Holly made it work, Julie I felt always reminded everybody that she is the bosses wife, and I don’t think it’s fair that she is in control of what can be said, I felt she was like a babysitter.

  28. Jeanne says:

    Okay, sometimes Leah was too loud & annoying & interupted people too much & Holly grossed me out a couple of times (sucked the snot out of her kids nose with her mouth!), but they made the show interesting and funny. I like Sara but she is boring, I like Sharon but sometimes she is clueless as to what’s going on, and Julie Chen seems like a bit of a snob. I am upset as I liked The Bonnie Hunt Show & Julie’s husband, Les booted her off to give Julie this show & now they are messing it up. Im not a soap opera fan though so will miss not having this option to watch. Big Mistake CBS!

  29. connie says:

    I agree with everyones comments… Leah and Holly totally made the show fun and interesting and they were the reason to tune in and watch everyday. I boycot anything Kardashian and will no longer watch the show. Why would CBS want to sabotage their own show? It seems pretty clear that the show is controlled by Julie Chen and what she wants, she gets. I guess Leah and Holly weren’t high class enough for her but what made us love them was that they were real people just like the average viewer and not fake like Julie Chen. CBS, if you see these comments, you made a critical mistake by taking Leah and Holly off the show. I’m very disappointed that you could be so STUPID!!!!!

  30. CRHnATL says:


    However Holly was a breathe of fresh air and they should have kept her and got rid of Sharon.

  31. Tami says:

    I am soooo disappointed with CBS!!! I love the compatibility of the ladies on The Talk. I think they made a huge mistake by getting rid of Holly Robinson-Peete and Leah Remini! I do not like the replacements that they have chosen for them. They are awful. CBS, you need to reconsider your decisions and bring back the funny and intelligent ladies you let go.

  32. Lala says:

    wow, got rid of two that made the show….no humor in it now.

  33. Tamara says:

    I agree these two Women were the whole Show!It Sucks that Leah and Holly were let go.Like the saying goes”If its not broken don’t fix it.I won’t be watching the boring Women!

  34. Tessa says:

    Well, I loved the Talk and got the idea the five were friends and it was fun. I turn on for a new season and see two strangers and the magic is gone. I love Sara, it is nice to have a different point of view and Leah brought it out for her and really made her shine. Sharon is so funny next thing you know she will be gone, maybe the four of them should go and leave Julie holding a bag of empty dreams for breaking so many fans hearts. If something is not broke don’t fix it, I loved Holly and as of today as much as I respect Mrs. O and Sara I am done with the Talk! Big Mistake! Julie is not the star of the show!

  35. Chrsti says:

    It wasn’t a bad show as far as talk shows go, but I can honestly say I was appalled in the spring of 09 when CBS announced it was cancelling the OLDEST running soap opera in American history in As the World Turns. After viewing the Talk and seeing who was in the pilots sit it wasn’t hard to comprehend that ole Julie “talked” hubby dearest into axeing the beloved soap so that she could insert her into a Barbara Waters type gig. But Julie, Ms Barbara Walters you are not!! My question is simply this: why isn’t the success of Big Brother (which I ADORE) and the Early Show not enough? Even the success of the Talk, (at the expence of a time honored CBS tradition,) was not enough to satisfy Julie’s selfish appetite for the spot light and now that unfeeling need for attention is going to destory a decent show. What I LOVED about the Talk was how well it spoke to a younger generation of women and mothers, as a stay at home mother of two a really identified with this show. And that was, for the most part, due to Leah and Holly! I whole heartly agree with the post calling for a name change for the show from the Talk to the Fake but I say a change of the entire CBS network to the Julie Chen Broadcasting Company would better describe the network! I close with this bit of advice for CBS and Mr. Moonves DO NOT hire Kris Jenner the mother of the “three tabloid trashies” one media whore on the payroll in enough!!

  36. s says:

    I got curious as to why holly & leah havnt been on this week & was shocked to see they’re not returning. I wont be watching anymore -just like i stopped watching the early show when they fired all the anchors several months ago. I love molly, but NOT on a talk show -she’s been boring to watch this week. Julie is fake -leah & holly kept it real… So long TALK…..

  37. S says:

    Once again cbs has disappointed us -jyst like they did several months afo when they fired the anchors on the early show. I stopped watching that show & now i’ll stop watching the talk. Holly & leah kept it real. Julie is a bore -always playing it “safe”. I like sharon & she’s the only reason i may tune in from time to time. Sorry molly, i love your comedy, but a talk show is NOT. your thing -it shows.

  38. Jo says:

    CBS just made another hour of free time for me. I will no longer be watching either. The two new ones are not even close to what they have lost. Wonder when CBS is going to get a clue about what the people really want. Never did like Big Brother.

  39. Paige says:

    It is strange to me that the two people with personality are let go? If I were NBC or FOX I would sign up Leah and Holly and call the new show MAKE YOUR POINT!

  40. Florence Britton says:

    You are a 1000% correct.

  41. I think CBS has made their biggest mistake getting rid of Leah and Holly. The chemistry is now gone, I looked forward to watching the talk on myubreak, well no more. I have nothing against Sheryl Underwood or Molly Shannon I think that they are both talented intelligent women. It just goes to say if it aint broke don’t fix it. CBS was really on too something big with these five women, the chemsitry was great and they complimented one another, you can also see that there was a great deal of love there. So sorry the new addition has sent the show dry. I think As much as I don’t like the view I may be a returning viewer unless the Talk bringd Leah and Holly back.

    Disappointed viewer

  42. Tami says:

    They made a big mistake letting Leah go. They need to undo the mistake! I’m going to cbs.com right now to let them know they are off their freaking rockers. Julie should have told Les how it was going to be and that Holly and Leah should stay and get raises.

  43. Karen says:

    I Agree I Loved Leah since the King of Queens, I was so excited when she was on The Talk. I tuned in on the first day of the new season and there was no mention of Leah or Holly. I watched and was not impressed. Leah get your own show!!!

  44. Jff says:

    NBC. FOX. E, ABC, etc. This is a great opurtunity get Leah and Holly there own show and run it against The Talk. Add Rosie Odonnell to the panel maybe ms Grey. The lady from will n grace, Leah n Holly and 2 more would be an awesome show.

  45. mcr5 says:

    I will miss Holly and respect all that she stands for. Something will come along that is bigger and better. Oprah loves her, need I say anymore.

    Leah was funny sometimes, but she drove me nuts. I won’t miss her.

    Sarah, snor, she should have been out a long time ago. She has no place in a talk show. You have to talk to do that and when she does speak it isn’t worth listening to.

    Sharon, she makes me laugh. But I think that she may be coming a little over exposed.

    Julie, Julie, Julie – she is luck her husband is the boss. But, I love Big Brother. I watch it every summer.

  46. Tracy says:

    When the show first started I told my husband that they picked the best combination of co-hosts to almost perfection. All the ladies on the show complimented each other to the point that both my husband and I looked forward to watching every night after a hard day work. This was the one show we both enjoyed. A large part of what made the show so enjoyable was Leah and Holly. Leah especially has a gift of bringing laughter. Ive been watching the show since they left and dont feel the same way. Although Sharon always cracks me up I find myself fastforwarding through most the show. Please bring Leah and Holly back otherwise the Talk is coming off my recorded list. Its just too boring without Leah and Holly.

  47. andrea says:

    i have seen the show since Holly and Leah are not there and i have decided not to watch it anymore…they were hilarious and made the show and i bet the ratings have dropped without them and the show wont last…i think they should start their own show!!! Way to go CBS u just messed up bad!!! NO MORE TALK FOR ME!!

  48. Marcey blackburn says:

    Oh hells no (in a leah voice)!! Ive been dvring the talk and and today I started watching the tapings to realize leah and holly is not there so I desided to google it and was feakin shocked that there gone!!!!!!!!! What there fudge happen? So I went to my dvr and erased the recording!!! They were my favorites!!!

  49. Charmaine says:

    “The Talk” will not last now that the two best people are gone. Why on earth CBS made such a stupid decision is beyond many viewers beliefs. Lea was hilarious,and I looked forward to watching every day because of her. I’m hoping we’ll see something in “The Talks” time slot sooner rather than later. Huge mistake CBS!

  50. Kristine says:

    I’ve been waiting for Leah and Holly to come back thinking they were on vacation. After days I finally decided to check things out and see they are gone, WTH? Everyone had their addition to the show but I cannot believe that they are gone. I have read the posts and if they were let go due to Julie being an attention grabber I see more changes to come. The two new additions are ok but won’t keep me watching. Kris Jenner, love her on Kardashians but if she’s taking Sharon’s spot permanently, forget it. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!!!! I will be removing THE TALK from my DVR. The chemistry is gone.