Leah Remini Confirms Her Talk Exit, Says Holly Robinson Peete 'Hasn't Heard Anything Yet'

It’s official: Leah Remini will not return to The Talk this fall.

The outspoken actress has confirmed what has widely been reported in recent weeks: CBS has declined to invite her back for the talk show’s second season.

“I am sorry to say that I have NOT been asked back on the show,” Remini announced via Twitter. “Sorry to my fans. U worked so hard! I adore u guys.” The former King of Queens star went on to add that “no reason was given” for her sudden ouster from the gabfest.

As for rumors that Holly Robinson Peete has also been given the boot, Remini revealed that her co-host “hasn’t heard anything yet,” but still has her full support. “Holly, I have LOVED working with you,” she wrote. “You are the real deal… Hang in there.”

Deadline’s Nikki Finke reported Thursday that The Talk is already making moves to replace both women, initially with Kardashian mom Kris Jenner temping on the roundtable. Conservative radio personality Sheryl Underwood is said to be joining as well.

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  1. Robin says:

    I love the Talk probably because of the combination of hosts, and their chemistry together. They always get along it seems or has seemed to me. I do not watch everyday, but have watched more this summer even though they were repeats. I’m disappointed to see Leah go. Who cares about these other people they are thinking about using as “replacements?” Do we even know who they are? I could care less about the Kardashians…and do not know the other person…wouldn’t the producers rather have someone most of their audience “knows” and cares about?

  2. kate says:

    I will no longer be watching this show. I mainly watch it because leah is on there. yall are making a huge mistake letting her go!!!!! she adds to much character and life to the show!!!!!!

  3. Joey says:

    Julie….you sure cannot play nice. Unbelievable! I hope Leah and Holly get their own show and talk Sara and Mrs. O to their side. I guess Julie doesn’t like to share the spot light at all. One of the biggest blunders in TV today.

  4. Karrie says:

    Very disappointed in this move, Leah was my favorite! No more reason to watch, good luck to the rest of them. So sad, but my DVRing time will be cut down.

  5. Ds Eugene or says:

    Dvrd this every day just because of holly and Leah won’t watch the new season

  6. Debra May says:

    As far as Leah Remini is concerned, she is a scientologist. It is their belief that homosexuality is an abomination. They are not even supposed to associate with homosexuals unless they are going through the “audit” to rid rid themselves of the affliction. Gays are considered a “1”, gays going through the “audit” are “2’s” which makes them acceptable to associate with. Sara Gilbert is a lesbian and when she found out about this belief (Scientology was known, but not the “gays are to be outcast” thing) the producer spoke with Leah about it. It was agreed by all, including Leah, that she should leave the show because of this. Now see if you are so fond of Leah.

  7. Patti says:

    I am really sad about this. The Talk was the highlight of my day and I really enjoyed “me” time when I watched it, it won’t be the same now, it just won’t. Yes, they all had their different personalities but that is what I liked it for the most and they never argued like The View. They were really down to earth. I don’t think I will continue to watch, I will miss Leah too much, she is my girl! I am a King of Queens fan for many years and it was so great to see her on TV again. Bright side? Maybe Leah will be offered something great again…..we need her back on t.v., she is the real deal….No phony baloney with Leah, what you see is what you get….

  8. Jenny says:

    Wow, this news was shocing to me. I used to look forward to taking my lunch at this time just to watch the show. Leah was my favorite person!! Holly and Sara were tied for 2nd. I am very sad to see her go and can’t wait for the show’s 2nd season to fail. Julie is the only bad thing I didn’t like about the show because she is so BORING!. If I wanted something boring I would watch the news! I like the collected opinions the 4 make except for Julie….so annoying.

  9. athomemom says:

    CBS is making a huge mistake by getting rid of Leah & Holly. I think Leah is totally too loud and over the top, but I’ve gotten used to her. Holli is amazing and very real. Sharon is okay…the motherly type. Sara is boring and tries to be too philosophical. Julie seems fake…as if she’s scripted and trying to watch her words for fear of Les. The show as a whole is 100% better than The View. I love how the women on The Talk respect each other enough to listen and not talk over each other as the women on The View. I don’t think I’ll be watching anymore. This is very disappointing.

  10. RoomFullOfSheeple says:

    Some of you people that have commented need to take a chill pill. It’s only a TV show! You don’t know ANY of the people on the show, yet you are so quick to judge them and think that you know them. Get a life!

  11. Ashley says:

    I personally thought that Leah was annoying because she was always so loud about everything, banging her hands on the table, etc. Holly was alright – but I was sick of hearing about her 4 kids, 1 having autism, etc.

    The only one I really care for on the show are Sara and Mrs. O. Julie was OK, more like the moderator for the show. She should go back into news – stick with what she does best.

  12. cathy alexander says:

    i watched the “the talk” everyday and enjoyed it so much. even my husband liked the ladies. while Leah is a bit loud, chalk it up to she is a New Yorker and it comes with the territory. this show was so refreshing and the gals all seemed to get along, unlike the View. i stopped watching the View because of Elisabeth. talk about a nobody. i didn’t care for Holly during her time on Celebrity Apprentice but acutally found her extremely likable on the Talk. a real shame because the chemistry just won’t be the same without the two of them.

  13. Chelynne Nicole says:

    It is ruined.

  14. Patricia says:

    Big mistake CBS. Fired the wrong women!

    The best part of the show was the first 20 minutes of just “girl talk” where Leah and Holly entertained us.

    Leah & Holly are both beautiful with great personalities.
    Sharon could be vulgar and dense part of the time.
    Sarah has such a “wall flower” mousy personality.
    Julie is so conceited.

    I’ll not be watching without my girl Leah!

  15. jennifer collins says:

    I’ve watched the show from the beginning and I think removing Leah and Holly was a smart move. I got so annoyed when they were trying to have a serious discussion and Leah and Holly would suddenly have to start acting like immature little brats and start teasing Sara or hit each other. It really showed a sign of Leah that isn’t attractive. I think that Leah doesn’t realize that she can be interesting without having to hog all the attention. Watch a couple episodes of re-runs & you’ll see what I mean – she cannot handle the attention being away from her for more than a few seconds and when she does speak it’s to put Sara’s lifestyle down. So what if Sara is a vegan and tries to keep her kids from TV. I guarantee her kids will turn out better than Leah’s who think that it’s ok to lie to kids when they are six years old. Sorry, but you never really need to lie to kids at the level she lies to her kids. Poor little child.

  16. rita says:

    I liked Leah when she was on her sitcom but on this show she seems very uncomfortable so much so that she is constantly showing off and trying to be the center of attention. When you have to be the can’t get attention unless it’s at the expense of putting others down that’s too high of a price to pay. After a few episodes I stopped watching. I got so tired of seeing her make fun of and downright bully Sara. When will people in this country understand whether it’s on the school bus or on a talk show, bullying is NOT attractive or funny???? Glad to see her go!!!

  17. jocelyn says:

    So sorry that they took out Leah and Holly. Whenever Julie or Sarah are not present, the show becomes livelier and more interesting. I never knew Holly is so smart, articulate and beautiful. Leah is the life of the show or the whole exchange would just be one big snoozefest. So sorry to see them go.

  18. Courtney and Barbara says:

    I was so blown away when I heard the change they are making on “THE TALK” What a shame! I already changed my DVR! Leah and Holly were the show and although I do like Sara she will be way boring without Leah by her side! Julie Chen tried to act sooo cool and you could tell it was not natural for her and it was forced and half the time I felt embarassed for her. Sharon was hardly there! Kris Jenner??? Oh please people you have got to be kidding!!! I will miss that show every day! Bad bad move CBS!!!

  19. sorry in Delaware says:

    This news if true is sad. The chemistry of the four was brilliant!
    Sheyl Underwood…….Not!
    I loved that show! Leah and Holly cracked me up.
    Chris Jenner? WHY?
    They have their work cut out to replace them.
    What the _ _ _ _ !

  20. Katie says:

    I agree with the majority of the posters here… I LOVED this show for two major reasons; first because it wasn’t “The View;” and second, because the varied personalities worked well together… I like that Leah was loud and obnoxious – we all have one of those girlfriends in our lives and she makes us laugh – because frankly she says what we would never say and Holly Robinson Peete is a “Down to earth – tell it like it is,” person. I like Sharon Osborn too, but it seems she is sweet, but everywhere these days, so I can take or leave her. I also liked Julie, but am now beginning to rethink my opinion of her – she is beginning to seem like a spoiled brat…
    as for Sara Gilbert, I am sorry to say she never seemed to have much to say… unless she was prompted by Holly or more often Leah.
    BIG MISTAKE CBS – Oh and Don’t even get me started on the possible suggested replacements… Another Kardashian just what we need another BIG A*% on TV! Way to go CBS-you really messed up this one.

  21. Noelle says:

    I found The Talk last year and started watching it because of Leah and Holly. It was a terrific mix of women and frankly I found Leah hysterical and Holly brought Autism awareness to the public. As the grandmom of an autistic child I can not thank her enough for that. I can live without Sara, Sharon and Julie. And now I turn it on today find out that both are not coming back and turned it off. If they lose ratings because of this decision good ..they screwed up a good thing..they lost me as a viewer.

  22. Sharon says:

    I am so disappointed that Holly and Leah are gone from, The Talk. They were the reason I watched. Guess I won’t be watching from now on.

  23. J.& J Mac says:

    Love Leah and Holly, we are in our 70’s and just really enjoyed the show. sorry, to see such a bad move by removing part of the original five. Will take that show off our list. Oprah please put these funny and delightful ladies to work……

  24. Monique says:

    Oh well, one less show for my DVR to record now :/.

  25. Anna Marie says:

    After reading all these posts, I am in agreement with what is being said about Leah and Holly and how they will be missed. I won’t be watching the show from now on as Julie is boring, Sharon is self-indulgent, and Sara is very, very lack-luster. I always got a laugh out of Leah, and Holly was the balance person in the group. If Julie had something to do with this, then she made a drastic mistake.

  26. Sommer says:

    Leah balanced the boring!! The only reason I can see why they wouldn’t ask her back is maybe behind the cameras she is hard to handle. As far as Holly, I felt like she was too negative and thought she acted like her $hit didn’t stink, and have a feeling it was a money issue with her. Sheryl Underwood, is the only thing that COULD save this show, but it seems like CBS was trying to find a Sherry Shepard. Julie Chen seems like she is walking dead, full of spoon filled opinions and like everyone knows, is married to Mr. CBS. Then there is the stump named Sarah, who I thought would give a great prospective to the show but I was truly mistaken, guess it doesn’t hurt to be the creator. I cringe at thinking what Jennerdash will bring to the show, I’m sure she’s bringing her fullness of boring. CBS you just killed the show. Excuse me, Sarah and Julie’s husband, just killed the show.

  27. Jeanette says:

    I cannot believe what has happened! I loved this show and I am not a big fan of talk shows; this one was different. Sure each lady was different but they complimented each other perfectly. There was something for everyone. The show was so great because each person brought to the table who they are and they were great together from day one. There were no awkward moments. Today I have heard people fumbling all over themselves because they didn’t know how to express themselves. I told everybody about the show cuz I liked it so much. I will not be recommending it anymore! I don’t think the show will last without Leah and Holly…and that is really sad. I really like Sharon, Julie and Sara but they are not complete now

  28. PJ says:

    I am stunned about this. I just tuned in and wondered why Leah and Holly were not on the first day back.
    I agree, those two especially Leah were the real stars of The Talk. I cannot believe what a stupid decision this is. The combination made me laugh so much everyday. Sara is a bit boring but understand she created the show and deserves to be there. Leah and Sara were so great together too!
    I am taking The Talk off of my Tivo recording list and will never watch this again. Leah, I think you should get your own talk show.
    As for Kris Jenner…..Really???? I’m so tired of that whole overexposed family that’s famous for nothing. Kris. Jenner totally annoys me the most. All she wants is to look like her daughters which is in appropriate and is never going to happen.
    This is sad, now its back to the View. I give The Talk 6 months to be off of the air and its their own fault.
    Leah…you rock. You will be offered a better job soon I’m sure….we love ya girlfriend.

  29. lori wayne says:

    I looked forward to watching this show every day. I tuned in today,and it was just not the same. I can not believe that Leah and Holly are gone. They were to two that most women could relate too. they talked about problems that the average homemaker deals with . I was very disappointed in todays show. I’m going to find something else to do at 2pm.

  30. Kenya says:

    Leah and Holly are why I watched. Bad decision CBS

  31. Patsy says:

    I turned on to watch the ‘Talk’ and saw that neither Leah or Holly were there, now nor will I. Both of them are real women with real families although they are celebs they seem real not false. I am not familiar with twitter but I think I will learn just to big-up two fine actresses and down to earth celeb moms. They made me feel like part of their family without leaving my living room thank you ladies GOD be with you both.

  32. Mart says:

    Wow! What a big mistake CBS. If Julie is the reason Leah and Holly have been dismissed, I don’t know how she sleeps at nite. And if she does sleep, well that’s a scary lady who has deceived us all! No reason for me to watch anymore even though Julie is hilarious too. It just worked with all of them. REALLY sad the girls are gone. But hey, there are other smarter stations out there who could snatch Leah and Holly up for their own talk show!! How cool would that be? They’re real, honest in expressing themselves and just darn right funny, and beautiful of course. Hang in there girls, cuz it’s NOT the end for you. The Talk was just a stepping stone for bigger and better things to come :-)

  33. Nomore Talk! says:

    OMG!!!!! Good bye Julie, Sara, and The Talk! I have allready turned off my dvr for this show. Good luck Leah and Holly. I hopw abc and/or nbc offer these ladies a show!!!!

  34. Denise Bentley says:

    Holly and Leah were the best part of the show. Its like I would tune in to talk to my friends everyday.please reconsider and bring them back the show will not be the same. Don’t think I will watch if there not there

  35. beambit says:

    I was a faithful viewer. Taped every show to watch it in the evenings. It was so funny and I really enjoyed it. Not anymore. No more faithful viewer here. Really bad mistake getting rid of Holly and Leah. Doubt they would come back now. Leah and Sara were such good friends. Being the creator how the heck can she let this happen.

  36. metter says:

    I can’t believe Leah and Holly aren’t coming back this year. I don’t think the show will last.

  37. Katie says:

    So upset…Leah and Holly were what made the Talk worth watching! Today was BORING…turned the show after the first five minutes! I will not be watching in the future. CBS made a huge mistake on this one. Miss you Holly and Leah!!!

  38. Stefanie says:

    I was SO looking forward to The Talk today, and when I turned it on I couldn’t believe it. Last year I looked forward to this show everyday and even TIVO’d it if I couldn’t watch. If I had to choose between The Talk and The View, it would have been The Talk EVERY time. When The Talk had a guest on that I didn’t care about, I would watch just because Leah and Holly (Sharon as well) always made it interesting and FUNNY. Today’s show was boring and I ended up walking away while it was on…wake up CBS – you had a great show, and Leah and Holly were the reason.

  39. Nathalie says:

    I have to say I’m from Montreal Canada and most folks here loved watching the talk I looked forward seeing Lea and holly was very refreshing.
    CBS honestly you really made a bad decision you had a great cast why change it?
    I have to say without Lea and holly i no longer will be seeing the show including most folks in Canada sorry ……………

  40. Sandra says:

    I am really pissed off about the removal of Holly and Leah who made that stupid decision? Well I won’t be watching anymore I agree with most of the comments that have been posted. And really Kris Jenner are you kidding me! This woman has done done nothing to contribute to society and I must say that she is the most disgusting individual I mean really pimping her own daughters. What mother capitalizes off Her daughters sex tape some people will do anything for a buck. Had it not been for Ray J no one would even know those people are. Well CBS you screwed up big time bye bye ratings.

  41. Sandra says:

    I am really pissed off about the removal of Holly and Leah who made that stupid decision? Well I won’t be watching anymore I agree with most of the comments that have been posted. And really Kris Jenner are you kidding me! This woman has done nothing to contribute to society and I must say that she is the most disgusting individual I mean really pimping her own daughters. What mother capitalizes off Her daughters sex tape some people will do anything for a buck. Had it not been for Ray J no one would even know those people are. Well CBS you screwed up big time bye bye ratings.

  42. dee says:

    The talk was only show my husband and I would enjoy watching together after a long day at work. Not anymore. We DVR it every day and deleted it when we noticed Leah and Holly weren’t on todays episode. Just found out they are not coming back. Looks like we’ll find another show……Leah made the show! CBS deserves to lose ratings, bad business decision.

    • Karen says:

      Sucks, sucks, sucks! Thats all I got to say! Seriously was CBS even watching their own show? Obviously not or they wouldn’t have fired Leah and Holly! They might as well get all of their walking papers ready because the show will be cancelled!!!!! Looked forward to a good laugh everytime i watched instead all i was was confused!!!!!VERY STUPID MOVE!!!!!!!

  43. Connie Dodd says:

    I am so sick of hearing ” you liberals” I could scream. This is about a stupid move due to
    the Princess Julie. Stop the decisive talk it gets us nowhere. Remember, the party you defend got us in this damn mess. So discuss your oh so conservative party and in case you forgot you can change the channel.

  44. trinab804 says:

    nothing upsets me more than to discover a mid-day talk show worth watching have two of there “best” cast off. only in the second season “come on”… fow what possible reason other than someone (julie chen)feeling like they are not the head honcho of the show, and ppl enjoy the other two. i really feel like the show is done for. @ least 4 me anyway

  45. Elle says:

    Without Leah and Holly the show will not be the same. Whoever had the idea to let them go was obviously smoking crack, don’t care what viewers want, don’t watch the show or is being paid too much money to make rash, crazy decisions. I am no longer a fan. Julie has no personality, Sara is too backwards and conservative for the show. It’s not fair for Mrs.O to have to carry the whole show by herself. Bring back Leah and Holly!

  46. Kristen T says:

    So I decided to watch the show one last time and its horrible. The two new women are awful and julie gets on my nerves as always with her think she’s better than everyone attitude. Leah made the show she was honest and real and holly brought comedy to the show. I will definately not be watching this show again!

  47. Mandi says:

    Totally not feeling the talk anymore and that’s really a shame because I use to LOVE it. But the reason why I loved it was mainly because of Holly and Leah. I can’t understand why they would replace such attractive ladies. They were pretty in appearance and their personalities were lovely as well. If Julie Chen really did have a hand at CBS not asking Leah and Holly to return due to jealousy…Shame on you Julie…you’re an accomplished journalist, the host of a popular reality show, and you’re married to the CEO of CBS. What more do you want?

  48. pennie says:

    I won’t be watching the show, and if it’s true about Julie – that’s disgusting, those two were the best part of the show!!

  49. Laura says:

    So disappointed to not see Leah and Holly on the show. Tried to watch today and it just wasn’t the same anymore. Thanks Leah and Holly for all the laughs that you brought into my home.

  50. Sage says:

    C’mon CBS…wake up and ask them to come back. The chemistry is gone with the new subs. They made the show and trying to switch it up is going to lose viewers. Hopefully somebody reads these threads and puts a bug in the right ear.