Leah Remini Confirms Her Talk Exit, Says Holly Robinson Peete 'Hasn't Heard Anything Yet'

It’s official: Leah Remini will not return to The Talk this fall.

The outspoken actress has confirmed what has widely been reported in recent weeks: CBS has declined to invite her back for the talk show’s second season.

“I am sorry to say that I have NOT been asked back on the show,” Remini announced via Twitter. “Sorry to my fans. U worked so hard! I adore u guys.” The former King of Queens star went on to add that “no reason was given” for her sudden ouster from the gabfest.

As for rumors that Holly Robinson Peete has also been given the boot, Remini revealed that her co-host “hasn’t heard anything yet,” but still has her full support. “Holly, I have LOVED working with you,” she wrote. “You are the real deal… Hang in there.”

Deadline’s Nikki Finke reported Thursday that The Talk is already making moves to replace both women, initially with Kardashian mom Kris Jenner temping on the roundtable. Conservative radio personality Sheryl Underwood is said to be joining as well.

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  1. Kathy K says:

    Can someone explain this to me. Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete were the only reason to watch The Talk. Adding publicity whore Kris Jenner will not help the show at all.

    • Captain says:

      Agreed. They were my favourites too. I don’t get why they would fire their two best personalities.

      • along says:

        Rumor around CBS Radford where they tape the show is that Julie Chen didn’t appreciate all the attention that Leah and Holly were getting. They seemed to be everyone’s favorites. Helps to be married to the top guy at CBS, I guess.

        • Maribel Gonzalez says:

          I am sure that Leah has been offered by now better opportunities, remember Julie is used to stealing, she stold her ugly old millionare from his first wife and she can’t deal with the fact that the show is the combination of all five of them but primarily Leah. Without Leah, well, there is no show. God has an opportunity for Leah, I know it.

          • B.Robinson says:

            I agree, Leah and Holly were the best of the team, they should start their on show and kick The Talks’s butt! The replacements are boring and I will not continue to watch. Who is making these stupid decisions? Get a clue!

          • kendra says:

            …i thought at first they where just on a breif vacation…because i sure the talk would have meantion it if it were something else…but to realize and know that leah is no longer apart of the show…know wonder why i always turn off my tv when the show comes on…there cound never be a talk of substance anyway with out leah…honest to goodness reply and remarks…and i was just starting to warm up to julie…

          • Jackie G. says:

            I agree with everything that Kathy K. had to say! The first day or two that they were gone, I didn’t think too much about it, thinking maybe they were just taking a break, then after a week’s gone by and no-one even mentioning when their coming back, I am sure I will no longer be watching the show. Especially without Leah! Who’s bright idea was it to bring Kris Jenna on the show? Have we not seen enough of the Kardashian bunch? I’m just sayin’. Leah, you go girl!

          • Meg says:

            I agree!! Leah and Holly were the best and most enetertaining of them all!!! Thank God Sharon Osborne is still there or I would not be watching it. It is just not the same show any more. I used to look forward to watching it every day. I would laugh my butt off. Now I can take it or leave it. Leah and Holly I wish the best for you both!!!

        • lisa says:

          I’ve always said it must be nice to be married to the head of the network. Why else is she “in charge” of The Talk, and WHY did Big Brother last more than 1 season? I predict this is the end of The Talk.

          • Nancy Dillen says:

            I have been wondering and waiting for Leah to return.I thought I missed a day when they said she was on vacation and then desided to look it up. Leah was magnificent on King of Queens…should have been called Queen of Queens and she was the best on The Talk. Sorry, I won’t be wasting any more time on The Talk. Good Luck Leah. Nancy

        • Kathy conner says:

          That’s what made them funny and light now it will be like the view blah blah. That would be Leah and holly too bad that show is done with now it’s kinda boring without them.

        • lisa gill says:

          this is such a sick post why would they be the center of attention plus they were the ones that made the show i love the TALK im so sad leah was my favorite julie chen should have been the one to go but yet again julies husben owns CBS and if she didnt marry him she wouldnt have a job SHES A FAKE WOMAN PERIOD

          • Connie L says:

            U am very distressedd about losing my favorite hostesses. Leah was so sweet to Sara Gilbert, who doesn’t add much to the show, but she has to remain since it was her concept.

            I won’t be watching it anymore.

        • Susan says:

          Well, we’ll see where this gets them. I cannot and will not watch the show. The chemistry is GONE. They are BORING BORING BORING. I miss you Leah and Holly!

          • Keely says:

            I AGREE. I wit not be watching the talk anymore that is disappointing that Leah remini is no longer on it!

          • Tanny. says:

            I agree with u 100% on this (cbs can’t be serious) and why is the question in my (everybody’s) mind.

          • Kitten says:

            I missed watching The Talk for a few weeks and when I able to watch again I missed seeing Holly and Leah. I thought they were just on a break so I kept watching and wishing they would hurry back because this show is sooooo… boring but, now I find out they are not coming back. That is too bad and sad for the show because I and many others will not be watching any longer.. Well…HGTV here I come.

        • Roll Dog says:

          Well, is egotistical Julie and shy Sara getting all the attention now?

          If so, they are sure not getting it from me as an former viewer of their good-turned-boring show.

          • Karen says:

            I finally found the site to read why Leah & Holly haven’t been on The Talk… OMG..So Ms. Julie was upset over the attention Leah & Holly were getting? They were GREAT & made the show what it WAS. Julie’s husband is a dope for letting them go. I don’t watch the show like I used to – never missed a day. I could care now. The replacements are not any good at all. Boring!!! I don’t think The Talk show will be around long with what they did. What ya going to do next Mr. & Mrs. Julie?

        • Jeri Ubel says:

          Why is it every time there is a great combo put together, someone comes in to screw it up. Leah & Holly were so great, guess maybe its true, Julie Chen wanted all the attention.

          Well she’s got it now, its about as worthless as The View! Jenner is a publicity whore and I don’t even know who the fat black chick is,my God stick her behind the table, she is such a hog, and noone really cates what her opinion is.
          The “Talk” days are numbered!! Sad, was a great mix.

          • Daisy Rich says:

            Jeri Ubal u didn’t have to be so rude and disrespectfu “big fat black ugly hog” its obvious you’re prejudice against Black folks and fat people! I guess if you were prejudice against ignorant,disrespectful,rude peole..you’d be prejudice against yourself.so sad!!!

        • Dodie B says:

          Hey Julie, Get a Clue!!! The reason Leah and Holly got more attention is because they were fun to watch and people actually liked them!!!!! They both have unlimited talent and were the highlight of the show along with Mrs. O. Sarah Gilbert has been a great Executive Producer but on her own is very boring. You, Julie only have a husband who runs CBS or your butt would be canned. I will not be watching the show any longer and have no doubt that without Leah and Holly there will not be a 3rd season.

          • GM Cush says:

            I am officially upset. I found out truth today that Holly and Leah are not returning. Will no longer watch. I predict this is last season for this show. I miss you guys, Holly & Leah. Great things will continue to happen for you two.

          • Louise says:

            I have been waiting for Leah to appear on The Talk and just found out they got rid of her…..What a big mistake….The rest of the guests were boring….She was the reason I watched the show…..I am sure you don’t care but i will not be watching any longer…..I will now go back to watching The View………..Holly too made the show what it was……And she was let go too…..Another mistake…………..

        • Lora Lee says:

          I can not believe that Holly and Liah are not returning to the show. I was wondering where they were. I decided to check on line today only to find out they were fired. They were the main reason that I watched the Talk Show in the first place. I don’t understand why Julie wears her hair so big, she looks rediculous! Maybe she is trying to hide her slanted eyes. With all her money she should get them fixed. Oh well, maybe Liah and Holly will get there own shows. The Talk will probably not last after this year because it is definetly not the same. Time will tell.

        • citizen says:

          I Never Could Stand Either Of Them. That Is Why They Were Let Go. The PUBLIC didn’t Like Either Of Them!!

      • Bunny says:

        You answered your own question. Julie Chin’s personality is dead and the only reason she’s on there is because she’s married to the man. She acts like she’s afraid to be real for fear of putting a bad light on hubby dear. Leah and Holly are real and everybody knows it. I for one will not be watching and I’m not the only one. And that Kardasian child, you guys are truly desparate. I predict low, low ratings. Too much plastic in and out!Let’s rename it ” The Fake!”

      • m says:

        My thoughts exactly. I won’t watch any more.

        • Sandra says:

          I agree with most of all the comments that have been posted today was my last day watching the show. I just found out today that Holly and Leah were fired from the show that really sucks! Who made that screwed up mistake? I really think their rating are going down the drain as well as they should.

          • angie says:

            Well, I won’t be watching the show anymore!! The heart of the show is gone in Leah and Holly!!! It was the chemistry between them and Mrs. O that made the show. Now it just isn’t the same!! Leave it to a man to screw up a good thing!!! The show will not recover from this screw up!!!

        • Susan says:

          I agree, I will no longer be watching The Talk any more.
          Leah and Holly were my favorite people also!!!
          I never watch talk show’s but when this first began I thougt I would never miss it. Now I don’t even enjoy it:(

          • Jane says:

            I am done with “The Talk” !!!! With Holly and Leah gone the show is just another boring talk show…CBS, why did you have to mess with a good thing? You need to bring those ladies back..The mix was great and they all seemed to be having a good time and it was uplifting to see 5 different woman interact so well together. You can bring in all the guest hosts you want and it will not be the same..I think all us “EX” viewers should start a campaign to bring Holly and Leah back. It is a real shame. I was upset when “The Talk” took the “As the World Turns” time slot until I watched the show and I really liked it. Now I find the “Weather Channel” more interesting then “The Talk”.

          • Su says:

            I totslly agree. I dvr’d the show everyday and never missed a show since the first day. They lost a viewer here. Very dissapointing. And if Julie had anything to do with it, I won’t be watching Big Brother either

          • kendra says:

            …agree between leah holly and misses O the talk was Talk of substance…and julie keep everyone on course…not it blain…plain and blain…borning and of no substance

          • Nancy says:

            I am sooo disappointed. I loved Leah & Holly. I agree with everyone on here. The Talk is now a big bore. I will not watch it either. I love Mrs. O to but Julie if the reason they are off the show because you were jealous they got all the attention & made the show fun. YOU NEED TO GROW UP AND QUIT HIDING BEHIND YOUR HUSBAND!!!!!!

        • Edith W. Grimes says:

          I will no longer watch “THE TALK”. The best of the crew, Holly and Leah is no longer on the show; I thought they were on vacation or working on tour. The best shows were when Julie wasn’t there. I didn’t like Julie on early morning program. For a while, didn’t watch The Talk because of her. I am so sorry, Leah and Holly; pick up the pieces and I will look forward to seeing you in the near future on your new program.

      • Lisa says:

        I agree 100% with the 2 comments above

        • WB says:

          I agree also. Have it on right now and am now turning the channel!!! Get Leah and Holly back or The Talk will soon be off!!

          • Joann Melious says:

            I agree wholeheartedly with the above comments. I will watch this show no longer. Loved Leah and like Holly as well. Are they nuts????

          • Karen says:

            I too will not be watching anymore. BAD BAD BAD decision Julie and Hubby. Leah and Holly were what made the show tick. Back to The View!

          • val-maude says:

            I am really sorry that Leah and Holly are no longer on the show,

            The Talk will not be the same, there is really no reason for me to

            continue to watch, I guess it is really true “that all good things

            must come to and end”.

          • Dana Cruse says:

            I also agree with the comments above. I have been watching thinking that Leah and Holly were off doing something else and they would be back. I found out today they wouldn’t be back and I promise I will never turn this show on again, never!!! They were the two who made the show worth watching, Sharon Osbourne is also very good but she is always off doing some other project.The other two are dull and boring. If Jenner is truly a replacement then the talk is in deep trouble. She is fake she is dull and she has no personality.whom ever made this decision must have been wearing blinders and earplugs for quite sometime. I will never watch again!!!!!

          • Sherri says:

            I agree with everyone on here who liked the show better with Leah and Holly. They were real and not afraid to say how they truly felt about topics…they made me laugh because often they said what those of us at home were thinking. Sara and Julie are boring….I can’t understand the “noise” that comes out of the new cohost’s mouth who sits on the far left….she is too loud and gets into her “sistah girrrrrl” mode too much. She should go back to standup on BET. Before it was well balanced and now it’s talking heads…….JuIe should stick to being the moderator….she’s too dull to be a favorite like Holly and Leah were…. it’s almost as bad as The View….where the ladies all bow to Barbara….ugh. nausea….puh-lease. All of my friends feel the same way!

        • Janice says:

          I am so disappointed that Leah & Holly will not be on The Talk this season. I loved both of them & think Leah was outrageously funny. I’m not sure that I will continue to watch it. The ones to fill their seats are NOT interesting or funny! CBS lost two of the best!

          • Amy says:

            Holly and Leah need to start their own show! They were the best! I could relate to Leah. She made me laugh when I was having a bad day. She said the things we all want to say but are afraid to. Sadly a bad decision.

          • Sal'An says:

            I am disappointed Holly and Leah will not be returning they made the show. I wish them both the best of luck.

          • j manna says:

            I love Leah an Holly! Leah U r soo funny! King of Queens on every nite at my house! I really enjoyed The Talk; but now u both r gone. . .not anymore. Sorry. Good Luck Leah an Holly!

          • Darleen says:


      • sheryl says:

        it’s a shame now I am afraid the show will go downhill , I for one will not watch only because this show was suppose to be like we were all friends and now all of a sudden two of the best were stabbed in the back along with all of us fans!!!!! Too Bad for CBS…

        • Subie says:

          really thought your were all genuinely friends. Holly and Leah were the glue to the show. You may have to change the name of the show to “Have Spoken”.

          • Ode says:

            I won’t be watching anymore either. I was terribly disappointed not to see Leah and Holly back again. Ugh to the new ones. I would much rather have seen Mrs. O go.

        • Tanny. says:

          Sheryl I (agree with u 100%) couldn’t have said it better myself,why didn’t they tell us what was really going on,instead of saying guest host,I just assumed Holly and Leah were on vacation,I hope it’s not true that Julie is behind this(collossal)screw up,true Holly and Leah were the most attractive,but (come on) you’re professionals,this is what u do,is this why they brought in Sheryl Underwood? so Julie would feel more secure? lol

          • Steph says:

            I totally agree, the only reason I have been watching is I have been waiting on Holly and Leah to get back from vacation! Then I read this, WILL NOT BE WATCHING AGAIN!!! Leah and Holly MADE the show and I MISS BOTH of you and so wish you two would make a show of your own and I would watch EVERYDAY!!!! Love you guys!!

        • KENDRA says:


      • Shirley Tucker says:

        I watched because of those two ladies, they were my favorite, too.
        I will no longer watch the program. Too bad.

      • Patricia Melis says:

        Bring back Holly and Leah. The new additions to The Talk are like
        wet dish rags….. ugh. Go away Chen and Osborne, too.

      • Bernice says:

        I agree will all comments. If Leah was let go because she was supposedly too much of a diva, why nwould you all the “Mother” of all divas Kris Jenner to be part of the show. When I heard Leah and Holly nwould not be back, I took the talk off my DVR

      • Joan says:

        Sorry to say the show is boring. You let go the two who were carring the show. In my OPINION you should get rid of the two you just hired Sheryl makes jokes that are not even funny and Molly talks with her hands and makes faces when she talks. Well that will be one show I will not be watching anymore. Leah and Holly it is CBS loss that they let you go.Their show now STINKS. Joan

        • sandra says:

          What a shame! I thought it was extremely disrespectful to the viewers to overlook announcing Leah & Holly were gone. The pic of the original ladies is still televised and the producer is misleading the viewers since the best of the best have been removed. I sincerely don’t think The Talk will be popular at all due to the decision of the producer husband. Truly a shame “jealousy” rears its ugly head. Apparently the “true friendships” were not true at all. Truly a very BAD decision!!I won’t waste my time with the airheads appearing on the show now. The 3 replacements are just NOT what is needed on that show. Good luck Leah and Holly. You are BOTH very classy ladies and no doubt many offers have come your way already. Just a thought – how about starting your own show on another network.

      • Lori Ansel says:

        Leah and Holly was the reason i watch the Talk now it’s no fun those two ladies were a hoot they will truly be missed so now i Don’t watch the talk no more!!!

      • Cindy says:

        TOTALLY messed the show up by taking the BEST two personalities of the group. That show won’t last long now, that’s what happens when people get to power hungry:(

      • Diana Marzigliano says:

        I am very disappointed that they did not renew both Leah and Holly. I loved them the most. They were the most interesting and caused great talk. Is someone jealous of them…..????

      • helen van dam says:

        without leah rimini the show (stinks). She is a breath of fresh air. She tells it the way it is,She is the best. shame on you guys that let the best one go!!!!!!!

    • Cathie says:

      I agree. Julie Chen is a bore. Sarah is the hippie vegan, but she created the show. I think Sharon is a camera hog and a big mouth. Leah and Holly actually spoke intelligently and comically. I may not tune in this year. And who needs more of the Kardashians?

      • dane says:

        I’m DEFINITELY not tuning in this year. Kris Jenner is .. I don’t want to be rude, but suffice it to say I just think she’s irritating. She’s a wannabe celebrity who wears too much eye makeup, spends too much money and rides the fame of her daughters (and before that her husband). I relate to her in absolutely NO way and do not plan to watch the show at all now.

        • Jo says:

          I totally agree about Leah and Holly – they are more like all of the rest of us!! I definitely will NOT watch if Kris Jenner is on – she is so fake!! Leah made the show in my opinion, seemed to be so down to earth – this is definitely a mistake to take her off. Surely Julie can handle the competition or is she that insecure? If this is the real reason for Leah not returning then they will hopefully see the error of their ways when ratings go down!

          • Teri Brown says:

            I just googled to find out where Leah and Holly were and was so disappointed to find out they had been fired!!! They were the reason I watched The Talk in the first place. CBS has made a BIG MISTAKE by firing the two best hosts on this show. I like Sharon Osborne, but Julie is so fake and boring, but does have a husband who is head of the network, so we are stuck with her. Sarah is also extremely boring but she is the creator of the show. That leaves us with Kris K….after watching today and hearing how she thought her daughters were so clever at cheating while they were in high school, and looking at her over done make up, I, for one am done with the show! Too bad…I used to look forward to watching this show.

      • Pat says:

        I agree Julie needs to get a personallity and so does Sara Sharon needs to clean up her act If I see the Kardashians anymore I will scream. I watched the show yesterday and the only thing I didn’t fast forward was Giada. I agree the Talk will be no longer soon.

      • linda says:

        Why fix something if its not broke, the mix of the 5 was great,now its just another talk show (dull) like the View, and most of all I agree what kind of hold does the Kardashians have on everyone,you can’t turn on the TV without one of them on there. Sorry but I think you SCREWED UP

      • Louise says:

        I agree and i’m so disapointed that Leah and Holly are gone.
        Ladies hang in there, I’m sure someone will offer you a job, maybe Oprah. you were the two most talented on that show!
        Hope to see soon on another show or network together, I think this would be great.
        Looking forward to see both your pretty faces and great minds!
        Not going to watch The Talk anymore! Done.

    • upste says:

      Agreed – the show will be nothing without Leah. Although she can be loud and monopolize the conversation she is the funny one. Julie can’t hold a candle without here. If Holly goes, same thing. I think mabye Julie got upset because she wasn’t the center of attention.

    • mel and diane says:

      no reason to watch The Talk anymore if Leah and Holly aren’t there!!! they are truly the life of the show!!! OMG – Kris Jenner – OMG – now 2 old women! and boring Julie……..wow….cbs can give lessons on how to destroy a winner!

    • Donise Hampton says:

      I am sick about finding this out today. Leah and Holly are the spice of the show. Leah makes me laugh so hard everyday when I watch the show. She is as real as it gets. Please help me understand why CBS has decided to break up such a dynamic and powerful team of women. I love what each of them bring to the show. I am really disappointed.

      • Eileen Donahue says:

        Darn it….when I watched the show today I wondered where the rest of the cast were and thought it seemed strange without Leah and Holly at the table. I got on the computer and started hunting around. My suspicion was right!!! They are no longer on the show……..I could care less about the others. The show had good ratings because of those of those two ladies who made a woman (me) racked with pain on a daily basis laugh and laugh out loud and loud!!! Bring them back!

      • Mary says:

        I was so surprised not to see Leah and Hollie and I kept waiting for someone to say why they were no longer there or if they were sick, or on vacation. I feel like all the rest of you . They all made a good team.I had to get on the computer to find out why they were not on the show. All I can say it’s pretty bad that C.B.S. could’nt at least have the Balls to tell us on the air why they were no longer on.

      • Jeanne says:

        I just searched today to find out why Holly and Leah had be gone for so long. Very diappointed they have been dropped. The show is not the same. I like the replacement stars also but Hollie and Leah kept it fun and interesting. Please rethink your decision. Not sure if I will continue to watch because you did not notify your viewers of change like our feelings doesn’t matter to CBS.

    • Tere says:

      I believe we’re all completely confused as to why the greatest hosts were taken out of the show. CBS must be out of their mind to make this big mistake that will cost them super low ratings! It was these 2 women who actually made this show any good! I just don’t get it! and what is up with adding Kris Jenner to the mix? Like are they for reals? This makes me sick!

    • JoJo says:

      WE all KNOW why Julie Chen&Sara Gilbert are stayin because Chen is married to CBS CEO LES MOONVES&”The Talk” was brainchild of SGilbert who is a producer.

      BUT WHY MESS with success?This isn’t a Star Jones or RosieO’Donnel BS re: their exits from The View.These woman bring different things to the table.

      Sharon O is off alot and they have plent of room for Kris Jenner to Guest host.I cannot take that woman another minute.Hope she gets fired after she bosses around the ladies ala her bossing her entire family.

      HOLLY is GREAT..SMART and Funny…like LEAH!!!

    • dubyatea says:

      Bad move…might as well cancel the show now, it was just getting good.

    • Abena says:

      I agree… There is no longer a reason to watch the show… even my boyfriend would occasionally sit with me to hear what madness would come from Leah Remini next… and Holly Robinson-Peete was so sincere and quirky.

    • Andrea says:

      I agree. I love Sharon too, but Holly and Leah WERE the show! Dumb move CBS.

    • Theresa P. says:

      I was soooo disappointed about Leah Remini being replaced. I watched it mostly because I loved her on King of Queens and also on The Talk. I taped it every day so I wouldn’t miss it. She was a major reason for its popularity in my book! I don’t think I will watch it faithfully anymore. There is precious little that I like on TV anymore and now that is one more show that the producers have to change and not for the better in my opinion. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring Leah back!!!!

    • Kathy conner says:

      They were the best part of the show don’t think I’ll watch it now this show is done with they ruined it.

    • Janice says:

      Julie is a complete bore, her stories are never humorous and she is just plain stiff, as far as Ms. Jenner sorry won’t watch and contribute to her never ending search for more 10% and being so money hungry, I’ve had enough Jenner Kardashian over exposure and over kill as it is. Will not be watching the show anymore, I enjoyed the entertainment and humor of it now it will be nothing but boring. What a stupid decision they have made, this show won’t make it through the 2nd season

    • Sandra Grabham says:

      I agree. After the show I saw yesterday if that is the best that The Talk can do I will not be watching it either. Maybe it was first day jitters or maybe the ladies who sat in were just temporary but one of the reasons I watched the show was because of Leah Remini. I am not sure if I will bother to tune in again.

    • ann says:

      They should not have Leah Remini and Hollly Robinson Pette leav ethe show, they were the best and only watched the show for them, I will no longer watch the Talk

      • TESS says:




        • Rosanna says:

          I totally agree. What was CBS thinking??? In the beginning I was not going to watch this show because it took the place of As The World Turns which I watched for over 40 yrs. I still will not watch Guiding Lights replacement, never have,never will. I gave the talk a shot because of Holly. I did not know who Julie Chen was. Leah was very funny but always uninterrupted while a guest was trying to answer questions and we rarely got the whole answer. But I still thought she was wonderful. Molly Shannon is funny on shows such as SNL or movies but on here she could not string together her thoughts to make a sentence. Big mistake CBS. Guess I will just turn off the tv earlier now.

        • Sandi says:

          Feel the same way. not the same without Leah and Holly. Tried to watch, but got to bored!!!! Not the same, what a shame they ruined a good thing.

          • DeeDee says:

            I work so I usually do not watch The Talk, I was home sick today and turned it on about half way thru the show. No Leah & no Holly – so I googled and learned they were not on anymore. Why would they keep Julie Chen on she can’t even open her eyes – that bothers me. As I said I usually can’t watch but from now on sick days and holidays I will not be watching The Talk!

    • gail isabell says:

      i will be extremely dissapointed if both leah and holly do not return to the talk show..i will not be watching it..and i won’t be taping the show either…..you had a awesome cast…..why would you change it!

    • Judy Kendall says:

      I agree, they made the show and I doubt that I will continue watching.

    • Dee says:

      Soooo mad that leah and holly are off the show. It was my favorite show of all time. Leah was hillarious and made me laugh all the time. She was the most funny person ever. I just loved her and thats why i watched that show. I wont be watching it anymore. It bored me the last 2 days. They need to ask leah back.

    • auntchelle77 says:


    • Sandy Judge says:

      Leah is the only reason I even watched the show! Bring her back!

    • Elizabeth Eliot says:

      Well the network has killed this show for good…why not just fire everybody and cancel!

    • Shelby A says:

      I was so shocked to see CBS has let Leah and Holly go! They made the show! will never watch it again…..

    • Cathy says:

      I agree with you Leah and Holly were the best! They compleated the show, and I now CBS had to mess with things! Well I know that they are going to be looseing a lot of watchers, because its not funny any more without Holly and Leah funny faces, smiles, jokes, I mean come on, they made the show, can’t they fix it, I will miss you two very much, so get your own show going…

      • lexie says:

        Now get rid of Sharon Osborne and you can close up shop. What is wrong w/CBS. I watched the early show for years, actually seems like forever but the last changes getting rid of harry smith and maggie rodriquez killed that show and now this???? i have NEVER like leah till this show. she’s genuine and so refreshing. Holly is just a sweetie and w/sharon the 3 of them basically were the show. Julie is good to be the host but otherwise basically as the people from bad b rother had said she is like a robot and seriously lacking in personality. well that’s ok because i was glued to the tv for an extra hour i didnt need to be. now after the noon news i’ll be out and about. CBS YOU ARE KILLING YOUR STATION. KEEP MAKING THESE DECISIONS AND EVEN NBC WILL BEAT YOU IN THE RATING FOR DAYTIME!

    • linda fisher says:

      I totally agree. I,ll never watch again.

    • cathy says:

      The show has lost its attraction without Leah and Holly….bad move !

    • Cindy R says:

      I totally agree! Leah and Holly did make the show! They were the only reason I watched too. It’s just not the same without them and I guess I’ll stop watching it. And PLEASE Kris Jenner??? GAG!!!! That would be excruciating having to watch her on that show!

    • Judy says:

      I used to LOVE The Talk, but I can’t help saying that I don’t love it without Holly and Leah. They were fun and brash, and I loved them! They made me laugh, they made me thnk, they just made me feel good. I taped the show every day and watched it after work. It always made me feel better, no matter what my day had been like. Holly and Leah were just plain refreshing for my spirit, and I REALLY miss them a lot. I hate to say it, but they are why I watched the show. Now I’ll probably tape The View instead. I wish you luck, because I think you’re going to need it. Shows often fail when there are drastic changes made, and I’m telling you, these are drastic changes.


    • mcr5 says:

      WOW, I think whore is really out of line. I just will never understand the need to say thing like that on a public post. Just my opinion.

    • Terry Craig says:

      Leah’s outspoken, comical reactions was what I enjoyed. The show is BORING without her. I thought Leah was on vacation! What a disappointment! I’m not watching anymore AND I’m contacting CBS about it!

    • Stacey says:

      I was home last winter and only watched because of you, and then I started liking the others but I can’t stand Julie!

      You should come out with your own shown. xo

    • Lisa V. says:

      I have read all the comments and everyone has touched on everything
      I am feeling and wanted to say. Just one more comment re Mr CBS.
      Is he the MORON that cancelled “Moonlight” at the very height of
      the Vampire rage, which is still going strong? If this is so, then
      I am not surprised at the firing of Holly & Leah. The man is a real
      DOPE. The show stinks without them. Now if you told me Julie whats
      her name was not asked to come back, “no problem”. She is really,
      really annoying and so full of herself (in my heart of hearts I know
      she had say in the decision).
      So, I will no longer be watching “The Talk” or anything else on CBS.

    • cindy from (coral springs fl) says:

      exactly i no longer have the umph to watch the show im so disappointed they are no longer there ole well i will find somthing else to watch at 2pm….

    • Joyce Manning says:

      Leah and Holly should both RETURN to The Talk… what is wrong with the producers??? The five ladies blended so well together… watch the rating plummet if you don’t have Leah and Holly return…

      The diversity and mix of opinions were brillant… Guest hosts are okay, but all five ladies need to remain, Leah, Holly, Sharon, Sara and Julie…

      Again, what are the producers thinking… they should do a poll… or another one if they already did, etc…

      Sad :(

    • Lisa Manno says:

      Exactly! Have no interest in show since they are both off. They made the show and I looked forward to it everyday. Very upset about this!

    • shelley says:

      I dont think the show is as REAL as it was already…What were they thinking…now its like listening to the View…Not a smart move as far as I’m concerned…

    • Beth T. says:

      I only watched the show for Leah,Holly ans Sharon. Now I will more then likley not watch. It tends to be boring without Leah and Holly. And Sharon hasn’t been on lately either so it is especially boring.

    • Gail W. says:

      I was so sorry to learn that Leah and Holly were replaced on the Talk. I really enjoyed the show and these two were the main reason. What were they thinking? Maybe that’s the problem – They weren’t thinking.

    • Melony says:

      I agree.They are two of the main ingredients that made the show!!

    • pw says:

      Leah and Holly were the best! Sarah and Julie are boring, bland..

      The “new” women are annoying!

    • Sue Hansen says:

      Leah and Holly brought so much to the Talk. I didn’t realize they were released. I kept waiting for them to return. Today I went to this website to see what I could find out about their return. What a shock! Molly is so wishy-washy. She is hard to understand as her speech is lispy and her voice is monotone. She does not have eye contact with the audience. Her personal grooming, in particular her hair, is poor. It appeared greasy on a number of occasions and she is continually pulling on it.

      Sheryl Underwood sits and grins and contributes very liitle. When she does, she pipes up with smart aleck remarks.

      I turn it on thinking Leah and Holly are off for a few weeks as school has begun and maybe they needed extra time with their children. After watching almost two weeks worth of shows without Leah & Holly, I now turn it off immediately as soon as I see Leah and Holly are not there.

      I haven’t seen one show with any substance to it unless you consider gossip substance. They have had celebrities as guests promoting season prNo more real people, no more shows

    • Opal says:

      I so agree with you….I will not be watching it anymore….it will never be the same without them. They will not make it without them.

    • Cynthia Alston says:

      I am very disappointed that Leah and Holly are no longer on “The Talk” to the point where I might stop watching. Have no use for Kris Jenner. Underwood keeps some color on the show but she is no Holly Robinson Peete. Very poor decision on the networks part. Need to get rid of that snutty Julie Chen.

    • Cynthia Alston says:

      Just turned off “The Talk” in protest. Will no longer be watching the show if people in charge are that stupid. I love Holly and Leah and Im sure they will do well. I will go back to watching Judge Mathis.

    • Kuuipo says:

      I LOVED Leah and have missed her greatly. She was not only adorable to watch but real and hilarious too. I see how she might not have been appreciated by the network because she’s a bit of a rebel, but that’s exactly(!) why I liked her so much. Holly never seemed to really make an impression on me other than that she always seemed guarded and at first downright uptight. I just wish she could have trusted herself and us more by letting her true self come out. I actually really have enjoyed Kris more than I thought I would. There’s something refreshing about her so despite what some others here have said about her. She isn’t a Sharon replacement but a great fill in for sure.

    • kathleen says:

      Leah and Holly rocked the “talk”. Now we only have Sharon to look foward to. If she was smart she would run to because Julie, Chris, and sara are going down.

    • J Chittenden says:

      I agree with alot of the comments. I think the show will bomb without Leah Remini and Holly Robinson. It’s to bad too. I think they had a good thing going. People want to hear real life, not reality junk, but I guess these days, reality junk is what sells. Not for me. No longer a fan!!!!!

    • Lynda wilburn says:


    • Brenda says:

      Leah is the only reaso I watched. Not on my agends anymore!

    • Patricia Farner says:

      I agree.. The only reason I ever watched The Talk was because I love Leah Remini. I started watching the show the day it premiered last year, due to work scheduling I have just started watching this season. I am shocked to find out that Leah is not there. This show has been deleted from my Record List. Sarah Gilbert is good, but I don’t think she puts in “enough” to substantiate my watching the show. Leah, I love you. I hope you find something soon, I can’t wait to see something else from you and I will record and buy it all! I love your personality, and your “spunk”.
      Your devoted Fan.

    • Sheryl Gheen says:

      I LOVED Leah and Holly and I just can’t understand why they were ousted from The TAlk, they were the reason I recorded it every day and saved it fo evening. I laughed my head off at them. Leah, is just a hoot. Anyway we can get them back?

    • Sue says:

      I can’t understand why they got rid of Leah and Holly, they were better
      than the new ones they got now. I don’t like the show. Probably won’t
      watch the show now.

    • colette says:

      I agree Leah, Holly and Mrs O made the show. Will not be watching.This show will be cancelled before long if they dont change. I use to lmao, but it is so boring now…..

    • Cindy says:

      I totally agree!!!!! I don’t watch it anymore w/o Leah and holly. REALLY loved the before, not anymore!

    • Joyce P. says:

      I agree with Kathy K. Leah and Holly were the best on the show. Now they have “fill-ins” which I do not connect with. Then to see the mom of the Kardasians on there, was too much. We see enough of her daughters on television which I tune out. I liked Leah because she gave personality to the show as Holly gave her expertise. Now, I do not watch the show. To me, it is just another “The View” which I prefer watching.

    • Peggy Santa Maria says:

      I was shocked when I saw no more Leah and Holly on “The Talk”…I DO NOT LIKE the two ladies that have replaced them(Very boring
      and dull) and will not watch “The Talk” again. Leah and Holly are two great ladies and you can just tell that they both love life and people. Miss you Leah and Holly!

    • Donna McCarthy says:

      First , Leah Remini rocked that show but Kris Jenner is not a publicity whore. This woman made a business with and for her children. Don’t knock her for busting her ass to make sure all of her family members never have to worry about money or stability.

    • Amalia says:

      I liked Holly, but don’t miss her nearly as much as I do Leah. Cheryl Underwood is great and fits in well, but if Kris Jenner joins the crew, that’s it for me. Talk no more.

    • Donna says:

      Leah and Holly were the ONLY reasons to watch this show! BORING without them!!!!

    • Lisa says:

      They took the best two people off the show! They are the “real” girls, the most down to earth people and haven’t let fame go to their heads not to mention they are hilarious! The Talk will never be the same, I don’t even know if I’ll keep watching as faithfully I did the first season. What the hell is CBS thinking? They’ve removed all the good soap operas and now they’re messing with the shows that have replaced the soaps. Let’s Make a Deal replaces Guiding Light, REALLY? Then they create The Talk to replace As The World Turns and just as we begin adjusting to no soaps and start loving these woman and they take the best two away. I do love Sharon Osbourne, but she can’t do it all by herself!

    • Lola says:


    • nfernandez says:

      I agree with your comment. What a dumb move.

    • gerri says:

      me and my 14 yr old daughter was so hooked on the talk i just loved the personalities they meshed so well together but since they have chosen to take of Lisa and holly off we don’t find our self watching it as much maybe once a week now verse the every day view. I think lisa and holly should do a show together and i think it would do well.

    • Penny says:

      I will not be watching The Talk Leah Remani was the only reason I watched this show, she added spice and make it different from other Talk shows of which we all ready have enough of, so without her I have no interest in watching this boring show.

    • Millie says:

      I will not be watching the Talk anymore. I loved Leah. She made it so enjoyable. She is just hilarious. I hate it that she was not asked back. Everything happens for a reason, so better things for Leah and Holly.

    • christina says:

      I so agree I have no plan’s to watch the show anymore ….. what are they thinking…..

    • SUE SMITH says:

      If Kris Jenner is offered a position on the talk then I will not be watching this show anymore… I love Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert and Sharon Osbourne is my absolute favorite… Having visiting hosts every week is good..

    • what is wrong with cbs. i relly enjoyed watching leah and holly on the talk. they made the show. now since their gone i will not watch the talk. CBS you are the losers this time what the hell is wrong with u.

  2. M says:

    Sorry CBS but without Leah Remini I won’t be watching the new season.

    • Denise T says:

      Amen to that. It was the break in my day – so refreshingly different from The View. I will not be watching. The chemistry was so great with Leah & Holly. Julie – what is the deal? I honestly thought that you had all become friends and it was like I was sitting at the table each day with my best buds. I read somewhere that Julie did not like the attention that Leah & Holly got … is this true? What a shame to end it for me and a lot of viewers who appreciated the differences each personality brought.

      • Maukee S says:

        I agree, I will not be watching the new season. I do not approve of Kris and her publicity stunts – I hope that her joinging the show is something that will not happen. The show was also a break in my day — but guess I will be looking for reruns of other shows. It will not be worth watching another Kardashen trying to make more bucks.

  3. rebella says:

    Seriously! And Miss Osbourne…

  4. Danny says:

    So is this conservative “personality” a typical blonde dimwit? Or a mousey-looking anti-feminist? Because those are really the only two options.

      • Kathi says:

        I agree .. just watched that U-tube and all I can think of is Sherry Sheppard on the View .. and I stopped watching the View on account of her .. she became Star Jones … I love whoopi ! Wont be watching the Talk anymore .. how LAme is CBS … and how Lame is Julies hubby to do this .. what did she do cut him off if he didnt ? what a shame they had a winner … now its Nothing !

    • fireball says:

      Do you liberal bedwetters have to comment on every topic? Go back in your hole troll.

      • davey says:

        Yes, because conservative asshol*s are the only ones allowed to speak their minds obviously – and there lies the problem, see?

  5. Michael says:

    “No reason?”

    She. yelled. about. everything.

    • Lena120 says:

      I kind of agree. Leah was too loud and obnoxious for me. It’s like you’re not hailing a cab in New York, you’re at a table and you’re miked, use your inside voice.

      On another note, I LOVE Holly. They need to leave her alone.

  6. Lori says:

    I am SO disappointed with this news. Leah and Holly are the best part of this show. Not sure if I’ll be tuning in next season :(

    • Terri S says:

      I am disappointed with this news. Not sure if I’ll continue watching.The last few days were BORING please at least keep Holly :-(

  7. twinkle35 says:

    I loved this show – I will no longer watch this show if Holly is off as well. Can we all say BORING. A Kardashian is just the lowest of the low.

  8. janette says:

    Good riddance.
    Can’t stand her … Yells. About. Everything. All. The. Time.

    • PennDivision says:

      Leah’s gone…HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t be more thrilled to see that loud-mouth was put to the curb!! I’ve watched the show everyday since its debut, and overall, I like it very much, but Leah was a drag.

      Listening to her obnoxious, boorish, clueless rants, and hearing her berate her mother in that public forum on a daily basis (her mother was in the audience every day) got old in a hurry.

      Holly was/is GREAT, and it does sadden me to see her no longer there.

      Word is that Sharon Osbourne will be taking a sabatical from the show, and hopefully that too will untimately turn into her being let go. Like “Clueless Leah”, we can all get along WITHOUT Sharon’s mindless contributions.

  9. Pam solem says:

    I won’t be watching anymore! I loved her. She is gone I’m gone also.

  10. Michelle says:

    Somebody please stop this Kardashian infestation on TV!! Pretty soon I won’t be able to turn on the TV at all without having to see one and that will be the point I stop turning on the TV.

  11. Amanda says:

    It doesn’t seem that the people behind this show understand their audience at all. Because if they did then these two would be last ones they would be getting rid of. These are the two most relatable woman on the show and if you are going to change a show you don’t kick off the ones that people can connect with.

    • Orva says:

      Amanda, I completely agree. Were the ratings bad, because I thought it was working. I’m in my 50’s-older than most of them-but this show was sometimes one of the high points of my day-Almost always cracked me up. Is this a done deal-or can we E-Mail somewhere-I don’t tweet or???? Thanks for the help-Glad to hear I’m not the only one who feels this way.

    • Vicki says:

      I am crushed. I will especially miss Holly. What upsets me. watching the first new show today, no mention of the other two or any sort of explanation. How classless. Used to be one of my favorite shows-no more.

      • Karen says:

        Totally agree. No class at all. To not even mention Leah or Holly was just nasty and disrespectful. What a stupid business decsion. WILL NOT WATCH AGAIN!

  12. MEKISHA HALE says:

    This is what is the problem. How can you just simply get rid of the personalities that work fine with the show. “Holly Robinson Peete”and “Leah Remini” should stay are least make a deal,for what it depends the second season premiere of the show “The Talk”. If not now, hopefully sooner,the later.
    It just wasn’t fully discussed by the network. Why all of sudden that “Leah Remini” “Holly Robinson Peete” were let go. And maybe we as the viewers won’t ever know. But what was put into the replacement for them aren’t proven to be personalities that probably won’t work. Because there isn’t any comic relief. “Sheyl Underwood and “Kris Jenner”. I know of “Sheryl Underwood” personality on the radio. On “The Tom Joyner Morning Show” at one time was on the show. “Kris Jenner” of “The Kardashian Show on “E” Network Reality Show.
    I just don’t the click in this new co-hosts for this type of show on “CBS” Network. Look if the right people are put into a show and are working great then why put that show a risk, by replacing those work good on the screen,then replace those with personalities that just wouldn’t work. Oh well this is how the business works in entertainment. Even with something was working,just taking it to a level from stepping up,to now stepping right into a very uncertain arena will be the test for a show. That not to long ago just heard a new team behind the show the “The Talk”. Now this will be rating race that possible could put this show to extinct.

  13. Sissy says:

    Well if this is the case that they are letting the best part of the show go… then I am going too. I don’t want to see Kris K. pimping out her daughters. I want to watch real people in Hollywood like Leah and Holly… they are as close as you are going to get. If the formula worked with the lady’s enough for there to be a season 2 why mess with what worked. Just cancel the show if you want to end it… don’t drag it out with unknowns and a pimp mom…

  14. MaryAnne says:

    Well I for one will not watch the show anymore. I tune in mainly to see Leah. She is so funny at times and then she is spot on with opinions. I love Holly also. Don’t mean to take away from any of the ladies as they are great together. But I can’t see the show without Leah and Holly.

    • Kim R says:

      I feel the same way. The whole of the group is why it worked so well. Whether Leah was loud, Sharon was bleeped :) or Sarah was kidded with, it all worked. Girlfriends sitting together at the table to talk about things. I won’t be watching either. It just will not be the same. :(

    • Sean says:

      I’M OUT!
      Leah was my favorite. Why eliminate the personality from the show? She really seemed to bring out the best in Sarah, but then again, maybe Sarah felt pulled and wanted to get rid of her. Plus, I really don’t get the Kris Jenner fill-in. They have had many women fill-in and I would say just about all of them would be better than Kris Jenner. She is completely hollywood and in ALL THE BAD WAYS. What I loved about Leah & Holly is that they kept it real. The show the did everything possible to sanitize and avoid any controversial topics, so the show really became about the women’s personalities and how they related to each other. Why mess with that?

      • Teresa Starling says:

        I tape the talk every day and watch it when I get home from work.No need to tape it anymore. Their mistake Leah.you and holly were real.The two sitting in your place right now are No Good just gets on my nerves no entertainment at all.will not watch or tape anymore.

  15. Babygate says:

    Kris Jenner? Really? The same woman that wanted to change her name back to ‘Kardashian’ just so she could be more recognizable as Kim’s mother? Are you joking? Is she supposed to be someone who’s opinion and insight we value? Think again CBS, you can still make this right!

  16. Dee says:

    I loved The Talk and watched it everyday, but mostly because Leah was on it. So definately one more CBS show that I will no longer be watching. Leah and Holly were the ones that people can actually relate to. What demographics are you looking for CBS?

  17. C says:

    Totally agree, i will no longer watch. They got this one sooo wrong! Kris jennet?! What were they thinking? Great new show just went in the toilet. Sad.

  18. april-ann says:

    Although I found Leah and Holly annoying, I still enjoyed the show often. I won’t watch at all now with Kris Jenner on there. Just looking at any Kardashian, even just an unintentional glance (they are everywhere) makes me want to take a shower.

  19. Sarah says:

    I started watching the very first episode of this show and they lost me as soon as they started talking about pet names for their young daughters’ genitalia. What a horrible lesson to teach young girls and women that they can’t call it what it is! Leah Remini’s “cupcake” was particularly infuriating!

  20. Pat says:

    I agree, Leah and Holly are the best of all the women on the show.
    Sara is my least favorite–she can’t make a statement or comment on something without saying the word “like” so many times that change the channel. Maybe some other network will pick them up for a good talk show.

  21. Lori says:

    Leah Remini comes off as foul-mouthed and mean-tempered, so I really don’t see the news as shocking. I do find it sad that Holly Robinson Peete won’t be back because she is a great voice for Autism awareness. I hope she finds work again very soon!

  22. kim says:

    Well I can’t find my comment from earlier friday am, But do have to say, Why fix something that isn’t broke?!! regarding “The Talk” And by the way, for Julie Chen,I feel her real true self/personality! has come along way by showing that she does have a personal touch and soft side.!! As a viewier of big brother she hadn’t shown much personality!! Well this season as host of “Big brother” Julie has opened up abit more and “hasn’t been so stuffy!! So as to the advice you give to your co-host and audience “Julie” Just be your true self. I know you are married to the “Big guy” but… You never know who will be sitting in your chair keeping it warm as the next “new” co=host? just saying! I will miss the whole gang! there at the “TALK” I don’t watch the “VIEW” anymore because of all the changes and NO CONTROL!! talking over each other,..no connection to each other..And must I remind you that on that show they “LOST”! the sense of who they are. Wouldn’t want “The Talk” to make the same mistake!! may I add that at least two of the host on “The View” NEVER will let others that deserve a chance to talk share opinnions!
    don’t turn your show into that mess.

  23. So sad to see Leah and Holly go. They made the show complete. Why fix what isn’t broke. Please let me know when Kris Jenner is off the show THEN i MIGHT watch the show again!

  24. Richard says:

    Well now Leah can go back to TV sitcoms or movies. I’m good with that.

    • wenzy says:

      The only thing Leah has going for her are reruns of her sitcom. She is such trash and so is her hubby. Even her kid has problems. I remember the realty show exposing them as a family with deep issues regarding their daughter sleeping with them and sucking on a bottle when she was 5 years old!

  25. Lisa says:

    Leah needs her own talk show.

    • JMS says:

      You have got to be kidding!!!!!! I started watching this show and from the get go I could sense Leah Remini’s attitude. Like smell me mine doesn/t stink. I hope she is gone for good. Have gone back to watching since I foundout she is gone. Don’t give me Kris Jenner either.

  26. Marsha says:

    Leah and Holly were the best reasons to tune into the Talk. They brought energy and humor to the show and I could easily relate to both. Osbourne existed for “shock value” but it worked.

    It’s interesting that Julie, the boss’s wife, and Sara, the show’s creator keep their positions when they would be the least missed of any of the current hosts. Sorry, but I can’t help but point the finger at Ms. Moonves as a catalyst for Leah and Holly’s dismissals. I can’t imagine a survey of regular Talk viewers favoring Leah and Holly leaving the show and Julie certainly has the clout to keep the ladies on board. For whatever reason, Julie has chosen not to support her former co-hosts. Is it because they’ve proven to be more popular than Chen and the Queen B refuses to be upstaged?

    Kris Jenner’s “fill in” role brings nothing to the table. The majority of the comments on the sites that are running this story soundly reject her as a host so what focus group, if any, did CBS use to make the decision to add Jenner?

    I’m actually a fan of Sheryl Underwood but I also can’t help but to think she was simply brought in as Holly’s replacement.

    The Talk wasn’t broke CBS. Now you’ve really “fixed” it and lost this viewer in the process.

    Leah and Holly are great actresses. I’m sure there are bigger and better things in store for them.

    • Maria says:

      I think it is unfortunate that Leah will not be coming back and Holly is in jeopardy. What makes the show interesting is the different personalities and viewpoints that each woman brings to the show. Leah makes me laugh. While I like Sara Gilbert, she is not a big personality. She needs Leah and Holly to bring out her personality. I think the down to earth, everyday situations that Leah and Holly bring to the show is what I thought the Talk represented. While I respect the accomplishments of the Kardasians, frankly, I at my saturation point with them. It will be interesting to see the explanation, if any, given for Leah’s not returning. Come September, the Talk will be competing with new shows. So, we have choices.

  27. clare says:

    Leah and Holly are the best parts of the show. I am done.

    Julie is a self absorbed wife of the big boss at CBS. Reports are that she was jealous of Leah and Holly’s popularity. I tend to believe the reports.

    Sharon with her outrageously selfish comments ruin the show and Kris K will make it even worse.

    Sarah doesn’t matter in the least.

    I see the ratings dropping and BW and the View having the last laugh.

  28. Karen says:

    First mistake was trying to replace GL & ATWT! 2nd was trying to imitate The View. 3rd was Les giving his wifey whatever she wants.
    Leah & Holly were real, and poor Sara had an idea, but took it to the wrong people.

  29. Nadine says:

    I cannot believe Leah is not coming back to The Talk. I am from uk and as far as I can see she has the best personality on the show. I will no longer be watching.

  30. angie hall says:

    I watch the talk for leah and holly no more recording for me.

  31. angie hall says:

    I like julie and the others but come on leah and holly make it. Leah keep your head up there will be something better.

  32. Marcie says:

    I stopped watching The View because of the blonde conservative. Now they’re doing the same thing on The Talk? Sheesh! I’ll make sure the door doesn’t hit me on the way out.

  33. angie says:

    I love leah and holly. Leah us loud that is what made it funny..sarah i like when leah get on her.She makes the show funny.everybody get them back on please write. Producer tell her lower her voice that not a reason to fire her. Julie you suppose to be her girl..I like all sharon ok.

  34. Andrea says:

    Omg! I can not believe they let Leah go!!
    She made my day everyday. Loved loved her!
    So funny and real. Doesn’t make sense at all!

  35. Jamie says:

    Like most posters here, I am definitely not watching without Leah and Holly. Sara and Mrs. O were cool, but Holly and Leah kept the show incredibly entertaining and were much more open and honest about every aspect of their lives than the other women. Julie is just dead weight, but of course she will always have her job (cough*nepotism*cough).
    Adding the Kardashian mom is possibly the worst move they could have made. She is a major fame whore whose opinions I could not care less about.

  36. amie says:

    I am shocked! This show was my break in the day to listen to my girlfriends keep it real… With three kids home with me during the day, I looked to the talk for adult talk and some humor. Getting rid of leah and holly is just crazy! I am out of town right now, but as soon as I get home, I will be deleting the talk from my dvr… If they had to get rid of any of them, is kris jenner really someone vhs thinks we want to see? I am seriously disappointed!

  37. Dwight Lewis says:

    The show was the bomb the only dead beat is screwed my way to the top miss fake eye lashes Julie I married the boss, miss Julie lacked the personality of her cohost. She had to fire Leah & holly to get the attention for not having showmanship,I’m a retired hip grandfather & watched the show daily no more never again good riddance Julie !!!

  38. Tee says:

    Ew, a Kardashian.

  39. kim s says:

    I completely agree. I do think Leah was a little too loud sometimes, but I also think she was the pesonality of the show. With Holly, I do not like her constant use of the race card and you could play a drinking game for as often as she said she has 4 kids, but I found her the most relatable. She is a normal Mom living a normal life. I like that. Sara Gilbert rarely has much to contribute other than her idea of the show. I have enjoyed watching Julie Chen loosen up on the show. I actual ejoy her now. I like Sharon’s seasoned look on life.

    Why would hey bring another 50 somethig on with Kris Jenner. I also don’t want to watch her pimping her daughters. I also agree with there are enough Kardashian shows. I also agreed with the comment that Underwood is just a replacement for Holly.

  40. Mike O'Neill says:

    I hope Leah lands back on t.v. quickly. She has an infectious personality and I enjoy watching her.

  41. Donna says:

    I am so disappointed. I like all the woman but enjoy the humor of Holly and Leah the most. The show will not be the same. They all had something different to say and I liked that. I enjoyed the show so much so I should have known not to get attached. I doubt I will have any interest in continuing to watch.

    • pamela says:

      I totally agree with you Donna. I have been trying to watch it but I’m giving up as I also, like the others, thought the two were on vacation or a “special project” like others so often are. It was my break from busy home D.C. job at naptime. now I spose I’ll just go back to recording the view and watching that. It is too bad, however, as I loved the view until I saw the talk…WAS a far better show…It is just too dang bad and wish CBS would have let us choose or have a vote. Too bad for CBS as they have screwed up Sarah’s GREAT idea! I particularly can’t stand the horish gutter talk that spews out of the gal who sits in Leah’s chair..we don’t need MORE of that immoral trash talk on tv!!! Leah, Holly…get your own show going and invite Sarah to join you!!!!!

  42. abbyfromvt says:

    Without Leah and Holly it’s no longer “The Talk” that I enjoyed and tuned into every day! The show got picked up for a second season because it did so well….HELLO…..it’s not rocket science…they had the right team of 5!! I’ll not be watching, but I will be hoping to see a news blip saying “THE TALK” cancelled after just 2 seasons!!

  43. Markesh says:

    I along with ALOT of my friends will not be watching ..I think this
    mov has to do with both Leah and Holly over shadowing Julie
    which is really dry and stuffy on the show..no real personality for this forum…better for reporting I think.. the other 2 they want to replace them with.. what a joke! I mean what percentage of people are interested in these 2?? did they do thier homework?? I am sad because I started hating the View ..and was sooo happy to replace my mid day relax time with The Talk! it made me smile and laugh..I will miss it! what a shame!

  44. Renee says:

    I agree that Leah and Holly made the show. I also love Sharon. I think that Leah was helping Sara to become more likeable. It seems like Sara is becoming more outgoing and starting to talk more. When the show first came out I thought she was quiet and couldn’t get a single word in. But now I enjoy watching her and the way her and Leah interact. I think CBS is going to lose a lot of viewers and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is there last season.

  45. shari says:

    i love the talk becauce of leah and holley 10 of my friends agree not to watch if they leave.

    • DENAP says:

      What a total waste of a good show….. My friends and I have all agreed to not tune into The Talk without Leah and Holly. If I want Kris Jenners opinion, I will tune into E or pick up a tabloid at the supermarket.

  46. Ms. Allison says:

    The talk was a nice show that a lot of people could relate too. I understand change is good, but you have to know when to make a change, and in this case that is a bad move! Holly and Leah added fun and entertainment to the show. Ms. O can be entertaining too, but she can not hold it alone. It’s clear that Sara the creator, and Julie the producer will not lose their jobs as long as the show is on air, but they are the two that the show can do without! As for the replacement Sheryl Underwood, I see a couple of people mentioned how loud Leah was, Sheryl is much more louder than Leah, and she is annoying. And Jen or whatever her name is will serve absolutely no purpose. I will not tune in again! I guest the Young N the restless will be my only reason to watch CBS now, if that goes then Bye Bye CBS!


    Julie -the boss wife, and Sara the creator positions are set. It’s strange because they are the two that are least needed on the show. Sara is boring as hell, maybe she needs to bring out the personality she had on Rosanne at least she made a joke every now and then on there. Julie is sooooooo annoying. I enjoyed Sharon! Holly and Leah are the most entertaining and relate-able! I mean honestly how many women can relate to a GAY-ANNOYING-VEGAN, Sarah and an UP-TIGHT-SLUTTY-SNOB WITH NO TALENT! She is she there because she Slept her way there! And I think It’s sad because Holly and Leah have families just like you Julie, and they need their jobs. But what goes around comes backs around , God has a way of putting people who think they are on top back down to reality! So Good Luck Holly P N Leah God Will Bless U With Something Better!

    • dan says:

      LOL… You mention god after you called someone a slutty snob. Idiot. Go to church!

    • Shannon W. says:

      I was just thinking the same thing…calling someone a slut but then in the next sentence mentioning God.

    • Chrissysno says:

      You are ” TRULEEBLESSED ” by ignorance.How would you like it, if someone said nasty demeaning things about you or your family? It’s one thing to be upset because your favorite people were fired, but to rip Sarah with bigoted, anti-gay, anti-vegan slurs? Calling people sluts and snobs etc,? Everyone on this site has jumped on this nasty bandwagon. Support the ones you like,…but don’t gossip and insult everyone else.

  48. Winnie says:

    I have been a fan of “The Talk” mainly because of Leah and Holly. I really thought the panel was helping Julie’s personality…I have been a fan of BB since the beginning. I always recorded “The Talk”…now I am gone also…so sad you screwed up a good thing! I thought the panel were all friends…how could you do this Sarah and Julie?..Really, your big loss!

  49. Pam says:

    I am just flabbergasted, this show was great, I’ve completely quit watching The View, they argue too much and gang up on Elizabeth everyday. The Talk had such diversity, Leah certainly helped with keeping the conversations not too serious or depressing and Holly can very candidly include remarks about “her people”, they certainly help make the show a success and I think CBS is making a huge mistake! If you just want to get rid of anyone, Sara adds nothing at all to the show, she doesn’t even fit into their conversations, a gay vegan is a minority and no one wants to hear her opinions! I do enjoy hearing and seeing another side of Julie, just shows she’s human.

    • Dan says:

      You’re very ignorant. You just said, “The Talk had such diversity, Leah certainly helped with keeping…etc”

      Then, you say this: “…a gay vegan is a minority and no one wants to hear her opinions!”

      It’s one way or the other. You can’t have it both ways. #DUH

    • Chrissysno says:

      Wow Pam! I like Sara, and I want to hear her opinions! I think I don’t want to hear YOUR opinions.

  50. Jackie says:

    HUGE mistake getting rid of Leah and Holly. Julie, Les, and whoever else had a say in this made a very foolish decision and let egos get in the way of smart business decisions. The loudness, humor, spice, and realness of Holly and Leah made the show so relateable. Sharon is fairly useless in my opinion. She’ll occasionally pop in with something funny or an interesting story about Ozzie, but most of the time she doesn’t have a clue as to what’s going on. Julie is stiff and seemed to loosen up a bit with the other ladies, but clearly she still has that big ol’ stick wedged up her rear if she is part of damaging the show this much. And unlike most of the people here, I do love Sarah. I thought she brought a completely different perspective and personality to the show. I appreciate her intelligence and thoughtfulness, BUT, she needs people like Leah and Holly to balance her and to bring her out more. They were doing a great job at that too. Now, they are going to be another boring roundtable like The View. CBS, we already have that. Your show was different and now you’ve ruined that. I loved The Talk, but I absolutely will not continue watching. Leah and Holly, go pitch a similar idea to another network and put The Talk off the air.