Big Brother Recap: Eviction Conniption

A thought occurred to me (!) about halfway through Thursday’s Big Brother: It’s all downhill from here. When Julie Chen sullenly declared that we’d witness a double eviction, I realized that dropping from eight to six houseguests jumpstarts not only a new leg of the game, but a new game. The old alliances? Warped and contorted beyond repair. The new lineup? A sinister tableau of underestimated, overblown, and fairly shell-shocked contenders. My verdict? Big Brother turned itself inside out and just became fantastic. And with this episode, the real fight begins.

Even before Julie Chen blasts the interrogation strobes on the two eviction candidates, change is afoot in the Big Brother manse. While Kalia pouts over Daniele’s potential departure and Jeff pouts over Daniele’s turncoat politics, Daniele herself paces on the patio and deduces a pretty great plan. If she can cajole the somewhat malleable Shelly and Adam, she can earn the votes to survive elimination. Wacky! And mysteriously, the task isn’t too impossible: Shelly realizes that defying Jeff and Jordan and voting for Kalia is more likely to propel her into the Final Two than staying in a partnership with the house’s remaining power couple. To be honest, this sliver of common sense feels downright life-affirming. If Shelly’s going to be a no-nonsense mama with a sweet caramel shell (literally), she has to know that Jeff and Jordan’s word doesn’t matter for long. She’s torn up about betraying them, though.

“I need to go against the two people that have given me the greatest gift in the game!” she sobs. Uh? Is that gift… one of Jeff’s specialty tanktops? A guaranteed third place? Friendship? A turn in the humilitard? One of Jeff’s radiant haircuts? Help me out here.

Shelly assigns herself the task of wheedling Adam into backing Dani and voting out Kalia. He won’t budge. Why, you ask?

“I don’t know if I can trust Daniele,” he murmurs. Oh, Adam. This is one of the reasons you’re not only the dumbest chap ever to play Big Brother, but one of the lamest, too. You know you won’t get into the final two with Jeff and Jordan. You know you have to make a move of some sort at some point if you’re going to survive. And when you’re presented with that obvious opportunity, you balk. Unless Adam has a hidden-away agenda that I can’t detect, I don’t see what he’s even doing playing the game. He’s like Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club, hanging around for no reason than having to hang around somewhere. Anywhere. Except Ally Sheedy rules, and Adam is a harrumphing disappointment.

So Shelly, who is now an unscrupulous, damn lovable game player, moves on from Adam and seeks out an unlikely ally (not Ally) in Rachel. Yes, that Rachel. The Rachel with the Rugrat squawk whose definition of “floater” is as dubious as Brendon’s degree. Shelly baits the burgundy-tressed Gorgon with one simple line: “Jeff threw that cornhole game.”

Rachel’s eyes expand to IMAX proportions and she replies with a hushed squeal: “He did?” Shelly’s referring to the P.O.V. game that Jeff could’ve won to save Brendon. After a quick confirmation with Daniele, Rachel seems — and let me make sure you’re hearing this right — on board with backing her. And no one is more shocked than Daniele.

“Then comes a glimmer of hope in red extensions and furry boots,” Daniele sighs. “I will do anything to stay, even it means making a deal with the devil.”

I dare you to root against that. I dare you to root against 1) that honesty, 2) that vaguely film-noir description of Rachel’s grotesque presence, and 3) that Daniele didn’t rely on a moving-target boyfriend to remain in the game. She’s clearly the season 13 fan favorite, if I’m the fan in question. And right now, I am. Weeee!

We move on to the night’s first elimination. Daniele stands up and denounces contestants who do nothing but “write a check for Jeff and Jordan.” Haha. Cute. What a funny thing to say before staying in the game! The votes come in, and the tally is Daniele, 3; Kalia, 2. Wait. What? What? Does that mean — Daniele is eliminated? But what about humanity? And grace! And righteousness! And her jawline fit for Rushmore!

Oh, wait, here’s the issue: Rachel anxiously changed her choice and claimed to vote based on “bad gameplay.” Was Kalia’s gameplay really much better than Daniele’s? Whatever the reason, Daniele is gone. Gone. And no amount of monologuing about her fine leadership, self-possession, or sharp mandible will save her. Worse yet, if Adam had only followed through with Shelly’s reasonable request, she’d still be here. I could bloviate about the injustice of this scenario, but I’m already psyched for the night’s second elimination — particularly if it’s of Rachel, since she capped her D.R. confessional about Daniele with the following slander: “You’re arrogant, rude, pretty much a horrible b*tch. Yeah I said it, you’re a b*tch.”

Just a thought: Maybe Rachel doesn’t know the meaning of arrogant. Second thought: Maybe Rachel is the meaning of arrogant.

Since Chenbot has alerted the contestants about the double elimination, she forces them into another HOH game called “Before or After.” It’s simple: The HGs are given two events from the game and have to decide which happened first. Now, this is a thinking activity, so you can imagine how quickly Adam and Porsche drop out. Like marbles in Ker-Plunk. But can you imagine that Kalia topples Jordan in a final-two showdown? Because she sure does, earning herself HOH and a pass into the top 6. The sex blogger has become her own ringleader in the past 15 minutes, rising from Daniele’s quivering underling to a focused crusader. Carrie Bradshaw could tie up a lame column with that kind of literary triumph. Kalia wastes no time nominating up the two most conspicuously loud players: Rachel and Jeff. They’re sure they’ll win the veto, so we don’t see thoughts of fury race across their faces like Manic Panic streaks in Rachel’s hair.

And yet. Oh, and yet. In the fast, ensuing Double Dare-style P.O.V. game, Kalia’s main ally Porsche beats the odds, finds two clown shoes in a Chuck E. Cheese-like ball pit first, and earns veto power. How’s that for a spike in the game? We see Jeff’s disappointment, and I’m sure he babbled something about “floaters” getting all the power. Here’s my new thought on floaters: If you play 10 hands of a poker game, win zero, and continue playing, you’re not a loser. In fact, if you’re playing to win a maximum pot, it’s better to win and gamble more at the end. I don’t know why I’m dignifying the “floater” stigma with a Texas Hold ‘Em analogy, but let’s remind ourselves that the term “floater” was coined to protect players who have no idea how to practice restraint on Big Brother. ‘K? Great. Especially since Jordan remains the most obvious floater of the season.

Unsurprisingly, the final vote between Jeff and Rachel ends in a tie. Porsche and Shelly pick Jeff while Jordan and Adam vote for Rachel. As the deciding vote, Kalia steps up, invents an explanation about respect and strategy because she’s Douglas MacArthur, and boots Lieutenant Haircut (Jeff) to Julie Chen’s bench of embarrassment. Do you hear me? The man who prided himself on his every game move — even though his success had more to do with an ingrained veteran alliance than active smarts — is kaput. In a typically misogynist move, he complains to Julie that no one in the house “has a sack,” and relied on him to advance in the competition. That may be so, Jeff, but that’s also your fault for not building alliances that hinged on mutually proactive participation. Sorry!

So where does that leave us? Our remaining contenders are Shelly, Kalia, Porsche, Jordan (who is honestly insufferable, if you watch this Big Brother After Dark clip), Rachel, and pointless ole Adam. Who’s going to win? Team Daniele, are you rooting for Kalia? Are you rooting for Shelly, whose social prowess is officially second to none? Or somehow Rachel, who might’ve executed the dumbest move of the season by voting out Daniele instead of Kalia? Hit me in the comments, read me regularly at, and follow me on Twitter at @louisvirtel!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kristen says:

    Last night was the greatest night ever after my initial disappointment of Dani leaving. Jeff has been an arrogant prick and is a bully in the way he has talked to Kalia, she is annoying as hell but he has been downright ugly to her, so it was karmic retribution that she got rid of him.

    At this point for me Porsche for the win!!! Rachel needs to gtfo next.

    • Katie says:

      Agreed. Can’t believe I am saying this but I have switched to favoring Porsche and Shelly. I can’t bring myself to like Kalia all that much though.

    • JohnDoe says:

      Big Jeff got got last night.

      His biggest failing was causing a huge fight by calling out Shelly before the live show on her gameplay of playing both sides. Had he not pissed her off, she would of surely voted to keep Jeff in the house, and gotten rid of Rachel, since she can’t stand her. But no, had Jeff kept his silence, and disposed of her when he didn’t need to use her anymore, he could have stayed. He probably doesn’t realize that right now, but that IS his mistake. All he needed was her vote. Big mistake, big Jeff.

      At this point, I’m rooting for Kalia to win, because she’s actually tried to win HOH, and has done it twice.

    • mandd01 says:

      I have been reading this blog all summer long and I just finally have to make a comment. Here is my opinion, I just cannot hold it in any longer. I am just not a Dani fan. I wasn’t with her first season, nor this season. She was playing a great game until she flipped on the Vets. It wasn’t that she flipped either, it was that she flipped too soon. Pure and and simple, she had a lady boner for Dom and stamped her little foot like a 4 year having a tantrum when it became apparent that he was being voted out. She is really no different than Rachel stamping her foot and being catty when she is not in power. Actually, D and R are alot alike that way. They both need power, and with it, become arrogant to a fault. Without it, it’s tantrum time. So, to me, Dani’s whole game after Dom was evicted had been one long, painful to watch tantrum. Sure she’s made big moves, but for all the wrong reasons. I just wanted to take her hand and lead her to the corner for a well deserved time out. That’s right Dani, when you are ready to stop whining and sulking you can get up from time out. I don’t see this spoiled, petty little girl with the same rose colored glasses as the person who writes this blog. I just had to put my two cents in.

      • catbean says:

        I agree mandd01 – if Dani could have stopped herself from trying oust Jeff week 3 (“Because I was bored!” she tells Julie – brat) then what an alliance and Jeff would have been able to trust her. How she comes off so great and Jeff is some tyrant (yeah, when Dani was HOH you went to HER THRONE as she wouldn’t commit to anything but when Jeff was HOH he went TO people and talked to them) is beyond me. And yes, Jordan is REALLY upset right now, but put yourself in her shoes – Shelly was up their butts from day one (Oh, I love you guys, I want to push you to the end so you can start your lives together.), they never went to her and said hey lets have an alliance. Then bam, forget you guys, I’m switching sides and not telling you so you can prepare to say goodbye if one of you leaves. The game move isn’t an issue to me, its that Shelly made it super personal with Jeff/Jordan from day one (oh, and the ‘best gift she gave me’ was the phone call from her family – I thought you watched this show) and has spent the last 3 days (I read the live feeds) bashing Jordan just because Jordan won’t roll over and forgive Shelly. Jordan is a sweet person, whether you think she ‘plays’ the game or not and Shelly’s betrayal was personal because Shelly made it that way. And now she’s going around calling Jordan names. Really – you want to root for that, fine. Game play is one thing, but personal attacks are another. You can’t hate Rachel (Shelly!) and then turn around and do the same damn thing to someone else that never did anything to you.

        Okay, I’ll stop ranting now. I hate how these stupide reality shows suck you in.

    • metoo says:

      Agree! I was team Dani from the moment the vets deemed her an enemy. I was very sad to see her go, but with Jeff right after her was a nice hot plate of justice. I don’t like Kalia very much either so im TEAM PORSCHE! all the way from now on. My order goes

  2. Kevin says:

    Even though I was Team Dani, I’m not as sad that she’s gone since Jeff walked out right after her. My biggest fear was that Jeff and Jordan would waltz to the finale but it looks like a newbie’s going to win this season. Yay! I’d be happy with either Shelly, Porsche, or Kalia winning right now, Adam is just insufferable. And Jordan needs to get a grip, she’s crying more than Rachel was when Brendon got sent home. Jordan needs to learn that it’s a game, of course people are going to lie! She needs to get the heck over it. Go Porsche, Shelly, and Kalia!

    • Tim says:

      yes, i’m bummed about dani but the jeff eviction was priceless—worth the loss of dani—it may be one of the best evictions in big brother history.

      • april says:

        Just think how stupid Shelly is. Shelly knew Dani was being evicted they didnt have the votes to keep her. She didnt need to reveal to J&J she was flipping. She couldve kept quiet and then when Jeff went on the block, secretly voted him out. Then she couldve contended it mustve been Adam and poor ole Jordan most likely wouldve believed her. Then Shelly could still be floating with them all, Just a dumb red neck. Ever noticed how most contestants on BB are really nothings. Either life time students or dont have a real job. Just bums that we all watch.

        • carole says:

          I agree. I haven’t enjoyed this season until last night when Jeff went home. I also enjoyed the ouster of Brendon. Now for some serious watching. I wish they could find away to bring Dani back.

        • Guess says:

          Yeah Shelly could have done that, but I am so tired of her flipping sides in every episode. Now that Jeff is gone because she voted for him I think she might be stuck on one side now. hopefully.

    • El says:

      Nothing would ever compel me to cheer on Shelly and Kalia! Cannot stand either of them and haven’t since very early on.

  3. How is Jordan the most obvious floater? How is she a floater at all?
    In BB a floater is someone who “floats” between alliances and doesn’t win anything.
    Jordan has been with the Vet Alliance since Day One and stuck with it whereas Dani jumped from that alliance and it ultimately got her booted.
    Jordan also won HOH.
    Some might quibble, but remember she sank the best shot after ALL the other HGs went and had a chance (except Jeff & Brendon.)
    While Jeff and Brendon deliberately missed their shots, there is no guarantee that they’d have beaten her mark (which was a pretty good one.)
    They more likely either would have over powered the shot, or in an attempt to not over power it they’d have under powered it.
    Regardless, she got the best shot after everyone else who wasn’t in her alliance had a chance and they all blew it, she didn’t.
    If the floaters had a queen it’d be Shelly. Not only has she gone back and forth between alliances and faction in the house, she hasn’t won ANYTHING.
    At least Adam won a Veto.
    But on the whole, Shelly and Adam are the biggest floaters in this game, not Jordan.

    • Chmarin says:

      Adam won a veto because Danielle and Jeff threw it. You can’t be serious.

      Jordan IS a floater, as much as I hate to say it because I frickin’ hate that term. She’s been riding Jeff’s coattail this entire game, and now that he’s gone, she’s given up. Also, she won an HOH that was GIVEN to her. Remember?

      • Leini says:

        A floater in BB terms is someone who floats between alliances. It is not someone who rides on someone’s coattails. So Jordan is NOT a floater, in the BB world. Why can’t people get this straight??

        • Chris says:

          I totally agree with Leini. Jordan is not a floater. I hope she wins again!

          • tripoli says:

            Agreed, She’s the only one worthy of rooting for. Sad to see Jeff go before some of the worst people to ever play the game. He’s far more deserving of a final spot than most of the players left. Hope Shelly is next out. After her betrayal of her J & J alliance, she’s as bad as she called Rachel out for being last week. I get that it’d s a game and such, but you can’t claim to be all full of integrity one week and a soulless back stabbing biotch the next. Clearly her friendship and affection FOR J & J wasn’t all that important to her after all. She’s still not gonna win, and now even if she manages to get to the final 2, I’m pretty sure she’s lost 2 votes from her former BFFs. Terrible game play, Shelly, just terrible.

          • Aredt says:

            Jordan is a floater; a BIG TIME floater. Her fans are idiots if they cant see this simple fact. Forget the “proper” definition of a ‘floater’. She has done nothing in the game. After Jeff its Rachel who is giving her a ride. Rachel will repent it if she takes her to final 2.

    • Michael says:

      Ummm….. Adam didn’t “win” a veto. Danielle and Jeff threw the comp and they let him win, and he still barely pulled that one out.

      He is the worst player this year, hasn’t done a thing or made any good game moves….actually any moves at all. He is a super fan that is just enamored to be around the vets…..he didn’t come to play, he came to fawn.

      And as far as Shelly, at least her social game is top notch, let us not forget it was her that flipped the house into saving Rachel. She may not have won anything but she is excelling in the lies and manipulation that is required to advance in this game. Remember Dr. Will, he too didn’t win any comps but ended up winning.

      Jordon on the other hand won her HOH on a game that required no skill and really amounted to luck, other than that she has won nothing and relied on Jeff to carry her. It will be interesting to see if she can step up her game.

    • Tina says:

      jordan is a floater becuase she has done nothing but ride the coat tails of Jeff who is no better than Rachel. Horrible game play on all three of them. they came in the house stuck up all knowing and didn’t attempt to play well with anyone other than each other.

      • Michael says:

        THAT IS NOT A FLOATER. The ONLY real floater in this game has been Shelly and, despite the fact that she makes me want to vomit, she’s played the crap out of that role. Jordan is just horrendously bad a competitions. She’s not all that bright and she’s not all that athletic. End of story. No matter whose coattails she rode, she road those same coattails until they were tattered to shreds.

        • Nancy says:

          Talk about lying. If Shelly opens her mouth; she either smoking or lying. Also, Adam could have went to his alliance and told them that they had a delector; but he didn’t. Neither one of the newbies left deserves to win the entire game. Two have slept the season away, and the other two have lied.

      • Troy says:

        Why would you post somthing for everybody to see when you have no clue what you are talking about?? No don’t answer me I can’t read another line from another Idiot with a bad opinion. A floater is a person who goes back and forth between alliances. I can see the words Duh and Whut forming in your underformed brain. At the very least please know what you are talking about before you leave your 4th grade educated opinion

    • cokielr says:

      Oh! My Gosh! Jordan is the biggest floater in not one BUT tow big brothers. She was sweet and cute in first BB and people voted on her because they hated who she was up against. This time she only won HOH because Jeff and Brendon didn’t try when they saw she could win. She is fairly cute but absolutely DUMB! And Jeff was cute and nice the first game but Evil Dick he is not, although he tried to be a BULLY. I was so excited to see him evicted and the two cry babies left. I think a couple of days ago Rachael was saying what a bad attitude Dani had and how she was just rude. Talk about a loser – Rachael and Brendon must be in parenthesis in the dictionary. Rachael is such a mooch with everyone’s food but didn’t offer hers to anyone. I would have snatched it out of her mouth if I had been Dani. I think she and Brendon must have worms or are just glutons one. She definitely needs an etiquette class – don’t smack and eat with your mouth open. I expect to hear that she and Brendon start making porn! I was always taught to let other people brag on you but she thinks she is so gorgeous and i’M CONVINCED she must have cataracts because she is trampy looking and definitely acts the part. Don’t think I could have made it in the house with her for a week because (now please believe I am totally a nonviolent and nice person) but I would have slapped that red off her hair and that face if it had frozen would have been a scary thing! Well, Mr. Adam – the big lover of BB – is ABSOLUTELY the dumbest player ever. He thinks he knows everything about BB but cant win a question quiz and only won the one VETO because Jeff let him. LOSER! Shelly – Oh! MY! I am proud you finally stood up and showed you do have a brain but girl you should have stayed at your good job. Just hope you have one when you get back because I wouldn’t want someone working for me that flipped and flopped like you did and didn’t mind lying at all. Know you love Josie but I’m embarrassed for her. As for them being celebrities – give me a break. Adam needs and Agent about as much as I do. Shelly just pray you still have a job. Rachael may get a few porn nibbles. BB please get decent people in there and not tramps!

      • playeret says:

        Yes Jeff threw the VETO, but dani also threw it and would of easily beat Jeff and Adam and won the VETO if she choose to.

    • Jan says:

      I totally agree. Shelly is so stupid that she actually believed she was loyal to Jordon until this last week. She tried to throw Rachel under the bus because she cant remember trying to make a final 3 deal with Rachel and Brendon.
      I cringe at at the thought of Porsche (mean amd very immature), Kalia (obviously doing Danis bidding while professing she’s not) or God forbid Shelly (most dishonest executive you want associated with your company) winning the money.
      I’m so glad Dani is gone. i guess she’ll have to find another way to get over the fact she lost her season to her Dad.
      The only reason I was watching this rubbish was for Jeff and Jordon.

  4. Chmarin says:

    I am SO sick of the term FLOATER. It’s an excuse for people who are too dumb to hide their gameplay and it’s and excuse for people when they get evicted even though they’ve won a competition or two. “Oh, this person’s a floater, he/she never does anything, he/she has never won a single competition.” Well BOO. F***ING. HOO. It’s a strategy, people.

    Anyway, that was the most insane 60 minutes ever. I’m also a big Dani fan, and I was also happy by the end of the episode despite the fact that Rachel eventually turned on Dani.

    HOH SPOILERS (for Sunday’s show) ………………. **R**** won it, and I am so happy because this means the bitter veterans will be handing a newbie a check for a million bucks. It would’ve been STUPID had one of them won this season, just like last season of Survivor sucked because of Boston Rob and his idiotic minions.

    • Captain says:

      It may get you to the end, but it’s not a strategy anyone can respect. There’s no glory in alligning yourself with stronger players, doing nothing the entire game and being carried to the finals because you’re so useless that you have no shot at winning. Few true floaters actually end up winning. It’s possible to lay low and make game moves at the same time.

      • Chmarin says:

        Well, you can’t respect Evel Dick’s gameplay more. Insulting and belittling people got him half a million dollars.

        Why would anyone care about being respected as a player if their strategy – floating by until a certain moment in the game and then waking up because you don’t have many other people to rely on – is working? Divide and conquer. Let the big game players take each other out while you sit back and enjoy the drama. Doesn’t work every time, sure. But there isn’t a clear formula for winning this game. The same goes for Survivor. It all depends on the people you get stuck with and luck. Sometimes you ca float by and win (Jordan), sometimes you can be the most loud and obnoxious person and win (Evel Dick) and sometimes you can fall into an alliance that takes you to the end and you end up winning (Hayden). It just so happens that the newbies realized Jeff and Jordan would easily end up in the final two and go home with 550,000$ if they didn’t do something. Being a returning player among newbies is a gift and a curse. It was more of a gift for Boston Rob on Survivor, who probably had the easiest time winning that game, and it was more of a curse for Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon.

  5. Sivat says:

    I am upset and disappointed that Daniele went home…but I am OH SO HAPPY that Jeff followed her right out that door!!! Talk about an ego-maniacal, arrogant, prick! He had an annoying sense of entitlement, like he deserved to be there because he lost before.

    Hey Jeff, your “big move” blew up in your face! If you hadn’t backdoored Dani, they would’ve voted out Rachel before you.

    Hahaha, sweet revenge for Dani’s unjust eviction! I love it! :D See ya Jeff, you stupid, pathetic a-hole!

    • El says:

      I think Jeff still would have gone. He should have no regrets in backdooring Dani. He did took her out before she had the chance to take him out. Not sad to see Dani go. Her gameplay was horrible without her father. This season is horrible.

      • Sivat says:

        Daniele was a great player—you’re just bitter your Jeffy is gone. Jeff actually got himself kicked out because of his dumb game play. He made a mistake backdooring Daniele and then her allies took revenge. And it was sweet. :D So glad Jeffy’s outta there!!!

        • El says:

          Your reply is hilarious because I’m not and never have been a Jeff fan. But keep uncorrectly labeling all non-Dani fans as Jeff fans lol

        • Colin says:

          I think it’s funny you are quick to say that6 Jeff made a mistake by backdooring Daniele but forget to mention that Daniele made that same mistake very early in the game by trying to backdoor Jeff. Daniele gets soo much love on here yet there is nothing that the others have done that she hasn’t. The same people that condemn Jordan for Riding Jeff’s coattails, preach about how great Dani is and Forget she did the same thing with Dick in her first go round. My opinion is that at least Jordan seems to be a decent person who has shown selflessness and cares about those around her… you can’t say that about many other people in that house.

          • playeret says:

            Dani won 5 VETOS and 2 HOHS season 8, she was a fiest competitor and its ridiculous when people imply all she did was ride her dads coattails. The biggest cocktail rider ever is Jordan.

    • B says:

      I just wish they could show Daniele’s face when Jeff walked into the Jury house not long after her. Must have been priceless, like she had won the half a mil!

      Now all I have to do is cross my fingers that the loathsome Rachel is out next, and all is well. No way Jordan survives to make the final two…the newbies (Adam notwithstanding) have FINALLY WOKEN UP and realized that the vets never had any intention of taking any of them to the final 3. Now, it’s on…with these mostly boring, formerly hapless (again, other than METAL Adam) people…but I digress. I have come to enjoy the stripper (I think we know who that is) and actually liked leatherskin from the start.

      • Sivat says:

        They will probably show jury house stuff next Thursday. I am excited to see Daniele’s ecstatic reaction to JEFF! Hahahaha!!! That’s what you get for going after a Donato, Jeffy!

        • Whatever says:

          But that will be impossible…
          Because you said in the previous BB Blog Post that if Daniele was evicted you would NOT BE WATCHING BB anymore this season.

    • Colin says:

      speaking of Pathetic a-holes…. you forgot to mention that Dani’s “Big Move” also blew up in HER face. yet her eviction is Unjust? get over yourself and stop acting like your opinion is RIGHT and not simply your opinion.

  6. Chad says:

    You hit the nail on the head. And that video of Jordan shows the truth. She may be mad, but when Rachel has to tell you to stop and remind you that you aren’t acting like yourself …you have problems. ALSO: Jeff wasn’t only A misogynist…he was a homophobe too. A homophobe who loves his hair, boy bands and being with a girl he shows no emotion too, and clearly has no plans to marry.Doth protest too much. If they are together (really together) I’ll eat a shoe.

    • Chmarin says:

      A homophobe who loooooves his chapstick. As evidenced in last night’s episode, right before the live HOH comp. :D

  7. The WB Frog says:

    The WORST season continues. Danielle was one of the worst houseguests ever! She wouldn’t know how to strategize if her life depended on it! Of course, the rest of the houseguests this season are just as bad.

    One question for Shelly: How do you look your daughter in the eye and tell her you played the game with the same kind of morals you wish your daughter to have? I know this is a ‘game,’ but it is a direct reflection of how you live your life.

    Worst. Season. Ever. Don’t care who wins. Can’t wait until Person of Interest captivates me on Thursday nights, Amazing Race on Sundays and Survivor on Wednesdays.

    Oh, and buh bye, Danielle. Good riddance. Bye, Jeff. Big dummy.

    • Laur says:

      I totally agree. This season is horrible, and this blog is the most biased piece of s ever. Danielle played too hard too fast. She was a target and could easily manipulate the girls. She had to go. Jeff was the strongest player in his alliance, and because of that, he had to go. I don’t understand where this blogger gets off on the video clip he provided of Jordan as being insufferable. Someone she trusted the whole time turned on her, and didn’t give her space to vent. I think I would be slightly pissed too. You know who was insufferable? Dani the WHOLE DAMN week. The girls and her holed themselves in the HN room and threw a week long pity party. It was sad. Clearly Dani fans don’t watch the feeds. She stomped around like a brat and threw her father’s rep in the other houseguests faces. Not to say that Jeff was any better with his bullying, but correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Dick’s whole strategy his season to bully everyone? It doesn’t matter, this season lost 2 great competitors and we’re left with people who slept their entire stay. Oh and the girls aren’t playing for themselves, everything they have done so far, they have referred to “This is for Dani!” “Dani would be so proud!” and Porshe’s lovely Dani dance “Dani! Dani! Dani!” This season is going to end on the same lines as Season 6, The Nerd Herd Part 2, but replace Cappy with Dani. That is all.

      • The WB Frog says:

        Nothing else to say. Thank you for sizing it up for us.

        • Laur says:

          Lol. I don’t know whether to take that as sarcasm or agreement. To be honest I am actually very surprise at the number of Dani fans on here. If you go over to a place dedicated to the live feeds (like Jokers) she only falls in the middle of the likability polls. I just think she got a great edit, because she’s friends with a few of the producers. (Jeff got a great edit too, so please don’t attack me, lol.)

          • The WB Frog says:

            Not sarcasm. You summed it up beautifully! I watch the live feeds (why, I don’t really know–perhaps it’s the train wreck effect) and can’t stand a single person in the house.

      • El says:

        Perfectly stated! This season is downright terrible. And the Dani & her minions crap? Someone shoot me. Do they even have the slightest clue that Dani couldn’t care less about them? She just wanted them to write her a check. Stop looking like such fools with that nonsense.

        Ugh. So much has made this season basically unwatchable for me. Stopped watching the feeds about 5 weeks ago and only sporadically have watched the episodes.

    • Tina says:

      I agree worst season ever bringing back past player copycat of Survivor but I don’t see how Dani was the worst houseguest? Rachel is just vile horrible person. Dani at least could see that breaking up the vets would further everyone in the game it took til last night before anyone else could see it.

    • JohnDoe says:

      Worst season? You clearly didn’t watch Seasons 9 or 12. Awful, awful. Last season probably had the most undeserving winner of all time.

    • Laurel says:

      Ditto WB Frog…

  8. Tovah says:

    I was firmly Team Dani, but now I am (much to my own shock) Team Porsche. I hated her in the beginning, but after all those 2nd place finishes, I think she has what it takes to step up with Daniele & Jeff gone.

    • playeret says:

      i was also a big Dani fan, i think she should of won season 8 and have been rooting for her the start of this season.

      With Dani sadly gone i want Porche to win. But i don’t like anyone else

      Adam – worst housemate by far and biggest floater
      Jordan – already won and didnt even deserve that win
      Kalia – wins the award of worst HOH ever when she put up Lawon instead Jordan as a replacemnet nominee and one less person in her alliance
      Shelly – lying is ok but at least own it in the DR and she cant win a comp if her life depended on it
      Rachel – cant stand her, she is sooo annoying and thinks she is a much better competitor than she is

      Porche, winning comps now, funny on the live feeds and willing to make big moves

  9. ultimate troll says:

    Geez, I get you love practically everything about Dani and hating on Rachel is something you’re sort of in a groove on but damn – Shelley is not lovable. She’s a grunting, loud and abrasively blunt object in the house.

    The gameplay this season has been horrendous from everyone. Yes even Dani, for every challenge win or sensible bit of gameplay she’s made some collosally bad moves and held plenty of pity parties herself. But everyone else seems to be hell bent on making big moves that keep dangerous players in the game. That’s a big dumb move.

    • Judas says:

      Shelly just became most hated player in BB history huh?
      what she did was not really game play it was a back stab to jordan after what she gave up for her. Really really low after how2 Shelly bitches about honesty, itegrity, bulll Shelly you are just like Rachael. I bet you made your daughter cry on that one. Go have a smoke.
      Well anyone notice how Rach has a double personality. You hate her when Brendon is there to back her up, and then when she is alone she is diff. and you almost like her. Will the real Rach please stand up?

      • JohnDoe says:


        People lie in Big Brother…as a matter of FACT, that’s how you win. Will, Boogie, Maggie, Jun, Dan, all of them.

      • chris says:

        Shelly DIDN’T ask Jordan for the phone call, Jordan is just that type of person, kind and generous, so to blame Shelly is pointless. Shelly is there to win money for her family, not to make friends as everyone else should be. Jordan is very naive, she should have listened when they told her that brenchel was trying to get jeff bd’d. Dani was in an odd situation where she came in with support like the rest of the vets, she found herself alone after a couple of days and had to scramble. The smartest game moves were to split the couples ASAP. Something that took the newbies a long time to realize.

  10. Tim @rural_juror says:

    If I’m the fan I question, then Daniele is the Fan Favorite too. Screw BRJJ.

    • Me says:

      Yep, I am definitely a Dani fan!! Win or not, she was the best player this season. Perhaps she moved too quickly, but she made it possible for anyone other than vets to win this season. This wouldn’t have been the case without her. Love ya, Dani!

  11. JD says:

    if they had half a brain, Porsche and Rachel would team up now and completely decimate the rest of the house. and i think it would be a close vote at the end between the two of them. unfortunately, no one thinks that way, and instead we’re going to have to see either Shelly or Kalia (or, god help us, both of them) make it to the final 2. terrible. i could get behind Porsche if she steps up her game, or Rachel, or even Jordan or Adam if they actually start trying to win things now, but Shelly and Kalia are horrendous. they would be the worst final two since Ivette and whoever that other chick was from The Season Janelle Should Have Won (BB6 i think).

    • JD says:

      also, can you imagine what would have happened if Kalia had been voted out instead of Dani? it’s entirely possible that Jordan would have won the fast-forward HOH, since she lost to only Kalia, and then Shelly probably would have left in DE (assuming Jordan would have put up Dani and Shelly, and then Porsche would have won veto and used it on Dani), and Jeff would still be in the game. HUGE difference. could you imagine if the final 6 were Rachel, Jordan, Jeff, Adam, Dani, and Porsche? it would actually be worth watching. now it’s going to be a complete bore. Sigh.

    • Eliza says:

      I agree! Shelly & Kalia are horrendous!!! Floored anyone would want to see either of them win. Yuck times a million.

  12. Sean says:

    Perfection! I miss Dani, I miss Dom even more, and I hope Jeff has a case of crabs that lasts a lifetime!

  13. fred ziffel says:

    Glad that Danni was voted out. She was a bore, just like her dad. Jeff the misogynist homophobe was at least interesting. Now we are left with Shelly, a lazy boring rehash of Sue Hawk (survivor 1, adam (boring), Kalia (dimwit), Jordon (female Gomer Pyle) and Rachel. At least Rachel is such a screwball she would be at least interesting to watch. However, with the new HOH crowned the boots will be predictable. Therefore thank you CBS, now I can turn off the show, be p**d that I’ve invested so much time for nothing and watch something else. No one will care when Kalia walks away with the 500K.

  14. frank1961 says:

    what a boring house now , cbs do something sent the floaters life vests and get them out

  15. frank1961 says:

    all these people floated by without making 1 move they wait for the strong people to do their work and sit back no game play , kahlia
    shelly , porsche ugh great cast cbs , not !!!!!!!!!!

    • Growler says:

      Floating can be an art and can be a good strategy. Yeah, let all the dominant “gameplayers” vote each other out, and then get “your” game on, by winning some comps. Why can’t people see that?

  16. Ham says:

    Could we get someone to write these recaps who is a bit more impartial about what is going on? I can’t stand Daniele, couldn’t since her first season, and how she treated her father. She needs to point that so-called intellect in the mirror and take a look at herself and her actions. I read some of the live-feed posts, and every one of them has her talking about how “disgusting” someone is. Really? Get over it. Get over her. She’s as loathsome of a person as any of the people this author clearly dislikes.

    • Eliza says:

      100% agree.

    • fred ziffel says:

      Agree, Danielle and her father were awful in their season and worse in this one. She was exposed as the whinny entitled brat she is. Too bad Dr Will and Mike Boogey have real (although pathetic) lives and wouldn’t do this show this season.

    • Laur says:

      I think that’s the difference between feed watchers/readers (ie Morty’s, Joker’s) and people who watch the edits on TV. You’re 100% right about Dani. And almost all the other houseguests are just as miserable to watch. I ALSO AGREE, that the person who blogs about BB should be WAY MORE IMPARTIAL.

    • E-a says:

      Daniele is just as delusional as someone like Brendan in thinking she’s this great person above all others and that she has a superior intellect above all others. She needs a reality check.

    • april says:

      Agree Dani was a good player but ever soooooooo jealous of J NJ being Americas favorites obvious that Dani wanted to be the fav.

    • eggplant says:

      Reply to Ham; Daniele treated her father much like he treated her all her life. Example; all he did was criticize her game play instead of cheering her on and telling her that she “can do it.” Daniele practically raised herself, with her loving Grandma’s help, but Grandma can never take the place of a mother and father who abandoned her. She has done well for herself, in spite of the role models of her absent parents.

  17. Right, because Louis isn’t fellating Jeff & Jordan he’s clearly not qualified to write a recap to Big Brother. I think he’s hilarious. If you don’t like his recaps, don’t read them!

    • Tom says:

      Just because someone doesn’t like Dani doesn’t me they are in love with Jeff and Jordan. Watch the feeds, get a clue. Dani is a horrible mess.

      • chris says:

        i watch the feeds…….dani is not as horrible as most of the other players. jeff treats jordan horribly, brendon, well he’s so self absorbed, and no matter what he says, he treats rachel horribly.
        I think Dani was thrown a cuve ball at the begining and she had to scramble, she wasn’t really a “vet” because she had nobody.

  18. O'Brien says:

    Can someone explain something to me? Because from the YouTube clip, it looks like Jordan is sitting with Rachel crying, and Shelly is standing over her, and is the one who starts it. I mean, if I were crying, and someone started getting in my face, I’d go off, too. What was going on before that? I mean, why is Shelly getting in Jordan’s face? Did Jordan get in her face before that? That confuses me as to how that makes Jordan insufferable. I mean, Shelly made a move she had to make. I don’t think she should be a martyr about it.

    • Kevin says:

      Shelly tried to explain to Jordan why she did what she did and Jordan got mad at her, so that’s how it started.

      • O'Brien says:

        What I was able to find at Hamster Time is that Shelly wanted to talk to Jordan, Jordan said she didn’t want to talk, started crying, Shelly insisted, and then BOOM. Is that accurate? And I do wish Shelly would just own what she did – I mean, she’s been a crying mess since, too. It was a great move strateigically. Stop being soppy about it, you know? If she thinks that explanation is going to help her, I don’t know, feel better about it, or make Jordan like her again, that’s sophmoric and, well, it’s not going to work. I think it’s awesome she double-crossed them, and I like J/J. It’s a game. You’re trying to win money. We’re not here to be sorority sisters. All that said, Jordan needs to stop crying, too, and pull it together. If she could manage to win another $500K, maybe she and Jeff wouldn’t have to reenter this awful game in order to spend the summer together.

  19. perry says:

    Betrayal is a character trait that has to be the worst ever. Shelley was always a bit odd in her love for J/J, but it SEEMED sincere. Then we find out she is the ultimate backstabber. She switched teams to get further than 4th with J/J, but now the mean girls will ditch her at 4 also. Is her daughter still proud that her mother couldn’t stick with her initail convictions and flopped like a dead fish?

  20. Mel says:

    I might not watch until the final week, it gets kind of boring with only a few people left. I think it’s interesting how people have kept Rachel around for so long because they know that can beat her in the end. She was enemy #1 for so long.
    I liked Dani a lot, and she was so cute in her interview with Julie. Unfortunately she picked Kalia to be on her side, who annoys the crap out of me and who I really wanted voted out last night.

  21. jj says:

    Both couples came into this thinking they somehow ‘deserved’ to win. Acting like they were some kind of royalty. While Brendon and Rachel were tawdry and tacky, Jeff and Jordan were mean and dumb. But at least the guys did get off their butts and play the game.
    Besides the one HOH which they basically gave to her what has Jordan won? Or worked for? She let Jeff do all the [dirty] work while she laid around eating and sleeping. There was a time when I thought she was playing at being dumb, however after the “interview” with Shelly, I’m convinced she may be the dumbest person ever to be in this game. She relies on her sweet, child-like demeanor to get her ahead and she just came up against a couple of women who weren’t buying that (Danielle, Kalia).
    I find it amusing that the three strongest players there conspired against each other, worked to get each other out, and ended up doing just that. Leaving the game to be played by dimwits, lazy luckie-loos. Of those left only Shelly has genuinely “played” the game. She did what she thought she needed to do to get further in the game. Sadly she won’t get any further than third place with P& K, which is two places closer than the fifth she would have gotten with the J/J/R/A alliance. One thing is for certain, Shelly came to play the game and play she has. Why is she any worse for turning on J/J than J/J for lying to Danielle? Shelly has done what she needed to do to survive. Just like Jeff. It just worked out better for Shelly.
    Last night’s show was the best ever. With the exception of Dani’s being evicted.
    I wonder if Jeff even realizes that if he’d kept Dani they’d both be there today. If Dani had stayed Kalia and Rachel would be in the jury house today and the game would at least still be somewhat interesting.

    • ty says:

      Come on Dani had tried to get Jeff backdoored. She is the one who started the lies. She obviously could not be trusted. Jeff made the best move at the time. Just like getting Jeff out was the best move for the 2nd elimination. I think Shelly made the best move for her to stay in the game and there is nothing wrong with what she did. I just wish she would stop saying how she never lies and plays the game with integrity.

    • Jan says:

      rely to JJ:
      No way would Jeff still be there if Dani survived. She would have evicted him for sure! It was a no win situation for Jeff unless Jordon won HOH and clearly that didn’t happen.

  22. Jennifer says:

    I completely agree that Shelly made the right decision to turn on her alliance with Jeff and Jordan. My only thing is I don’t want to hear anything from her about how she’s a good person and she doesn’t lie and she is playing with integrity. Just get into the mud like everyone else! It’s nice and warm :)

  23. Heather says:

    Way to be a journalist and stay impartial

    • Sivat says:

      Awww, poor widdle Jeff fan got her panties in a wad?! Hahahaha!!! :D That’s what he gets for going after Daniele.

      • ty says:

        I don’t get it why do you think that Jeff should not have gone after Dani. She was the biggest threat left in the house that was not in his alliance. She may have been telling the truth about wanting to work with JJ at that point, but all the lies and attempted back stabbings in the past made Dani hard to trust. It was the best move for Jeff at the time. It didn’t work out because Kalia won HOH and did the best move for her which was get Jeff out of the house. But that doesn’t mean that Jeff didn’t make the best move for him at the time. I also think that Dani would have gone after Jeff if she stayed in the house.

  24. Netia says:

    I understand Shelly making a good game move and flipping. My biggest problem with Shelly is that when she is in the diary room she does not own her actions. Past BB players that play both sides OWN it in the DR. The other problem that I have with the so called “newbies” is the hiding of the dogs and ducks, chess pieces, and alcohol is silly, personal and child. For instance last night, Rachel tried to give them a pass and just ask them to put the dog in the storage room, but they didn’t. Then they talk about Jeff being a jerk and going against his word, but yet they can’t OWN their actions. I don’t hate the game (SHELLY flipping), I do hate the player that doesn’t OWN their actions. On the Jordan topic I think Shelly owed Jordan some space she came and got in Jordan’s face and started yelling, I’m my view Jordan was emotional and liable to say things she didn’t mean which is why Shelly should have known to give her space. I all for good game play but to me this is at another level.

    • JD says:

      i’m also tired of watching Shelly in the DR crying about how she’s trying to win this “for her family.” from the videos of her at home in the first episode, and the one last week of her husband and kid, it made it look like they have plenty of money. she has a high up position in an outdoors goods business, and she lives where the cost of living is extremely low. clearly she’s able to provide for her kid perfectly fine, or her husband wouldn’t be a stay at home dad. no one is falling for the whole ‘i’m lying and being a terrible person to provide for my family’ line. she’s just a liar and a terrible person. period.

  25. JJ says:

    Well if Shelly is a liar and a terrible person then so are Jeff and Jordan. They lied to Dani. They lied to Brendon and Rachel. Jeff got in Shelly’s face, screamed and cursed at her in a way no man should ever talk to a woman. He has no respect for strong, independent women, thus his ‘love’ for Jordan. Her obvious naivete and child-like mentality makes it simple and easy for him to manipulate her.
    Shelly cut them loose the same way they cut Brendon loose. She did what she had to do to further herself in the game. She’s there to play.
    What I don’t understand is the uproar by the fans about the “lying, the back-stabbing, etc.”. You’ve watched this show for years, you know what it’s all about and yet some of you always seem shocked when someone does exactly what they came there to do. Play the game. You can’t not lie. And sooner or later you’re going to have to cut someone loose, even in the strongest alliance. Shelly is no different than any other player. With the possible exception of the fact that she actually does feel bad about what she had to do. Jeff on the other hand (and Jordan as well) clearly felt no qualms about lying to Danielle’s face, and throwing a competition where they could have saved their ‘bestie’ Brendon.
    Shelly is there to play and I hope her husband is explaining to their daughter that some people are just mean and cruel and say ugly things because they hate when their ‘guy’ looses.
    Be proud of your Mom baby girl Josie, she’s playing with all her heart and soul to try to win this game. Don’t let the haters make you feel bad.

    • The WB Frog says:

      Jeff, Jordan… all the houseguests have acknowledged their machinations, except for Shelly. She claims to be a woman of integrity; a woman that wants her daughter to grow up like her one day. As you so eloquently stated, people who get on Big Brother know the inherent risks of showing one’s true colors. We know the real reason anyone comes on this show–money. Shelly essentially sold her “friendship” with Jeff and Jordan for third or fourth place.

      No manner of explanation from her husband to her daughter will be enough to show her daughter that life isn’t about money… it’s about friendships.

      Again, this is Big Brother and we all know what the show is about. This season, however, stinks. Bad casting all the way around. And Shelly’s selling of her integrity didn’t help anything.

    • Netia says:

      I can appreciate and respect Shelly’s “game” move, and knowing when to “flip” to another side. I would give her much more credit if she owned her lies in the DR and she doesn’t. If you remember Dan of BB10 he played every side of the house there was to play but when he went to the DR he OWNed his actions or “game moves”. I was a fan of Jeff in BB11 and was also a fan of him this season, however I knew the writing was on the wall for his eviction. I’m not so mad about him leaving as I am disappointed with Shelly’s lack of personal reflection additionally: Shelly, Kalia, and Porsche “Mean Girl” behavior with hiding stuffed animals and ducks, etc. As for Jordan I don’t think Jordan is weak at all and I am pretty sure she is very independent. She has her own job and lives on her own, making her own decisions. She is hurt at this point and anyone can understand why. It’s not about Jeff leaving its about feeling betrayed and I think she deserves a moment to be upset. I love watching Big Brother but I think attacking people’s intelligence crosses the line, especially when we are not in the bubble they are in. For instance Shelly is a smart player, however I do take issue with her DR session but I wouldn’t attack her intelligence or independence.

    • JohnDoe says:

      True that. Will is probably the greatest player to play this game, and he lied to other players for 2 seasons. The first to win, and the 2nd to get all the way to the final 4.

  26. chyron says:

    FLOATER is NOT listed in the dictionary as being either of the two definitions so won’t you idiots stop arguing about it. You’re NOT going to change each other’s mind! Jeff is gone, hooray! Hopefully soon his dumb as mean-spirited bimbo will join him, as well as the crazy Rachel. Adam is a non factor, a moron, a simpleton who just wanted to be on TV. Well he got his wish. Personally, I hope Porsche wins it all, with Kalia getting second place. And Shelley with all her lying should be fan favorite, because she played an unreal “social game”, flipping the house the way she did.

  27. traci says:

    Bias much? If you watch the show only I would tend to agree with you, but if you watch the live feeds, you’d know exactly why Rach feels that way. Those 4 women are mean, nasty witches, who’ve spent the week being mean for no reason. Dani was mean since Monday to Kalia who still seems to love her for no reason…even kissing Dani’s picture with two fingers…*eye roll*
    Shelly is loveable? No, she’s a liar and a mean spirited woman who spent the week trying to decide if she’d go through with ripping up something that someone’s mother gave her, that Shelly stole and hid.

    A backdoor is only a backdoor if someone did not play in veto and Dani did. You can check with Evel Dick on that definition. (He also agreed Dani deserved the boot…about the only thing I would agree with him on)

  28. ty says:

    So I am confused. You like Dani’s speech where she calls out floaters and the reason she is getting voted out is because people can’t think for themselves, but you don’t like Jeff’s answer to Julie which is essentially the same thing. You obviously like Dani, but come on you are being a little hypocritical.

  29. Colin says:

    ok, IVe heard slot of things said about jordan but mean-spirited? are we watching the Same show? Jordanan seems very sweet and kind. she may not be the brightest bulb but ibdo not see mean spirited

  30. sherknd says:

    I have a couple of questions.. If YOU were in the Big Brother house, would you trust anyone? Would you always tell the complete truth?? Would you put your life on hold to help someone else win the money? I dont get all of the negative comments about most of the houseguests. And I am not a Shelly fan, but really, do we need to criticize her parenting? Seriously, I think some of the fans are worse than Dani, Jeff and Rachel combined.

  31. Tonya says:

    Just wondering, if Daniele rode her dad’s coattails, what is any different in what Jordan did this year with Jeff? Sad to see Dani gone but Jeff leaving behind her made it a little better. I just hope Rachel, Jordan, Adam and Shelly go next, in that order.

    Team Porsche!

    • playeret says:

      SEASON 8 Dani won 5 VETOS and 2 HOHS season 8, she was and is a competitor and its ridiculous when people imply all she did was ride her dads coattails. The biggest cocktail rider ever is Jordan

      I was TEAM DANI and and now TEAM PORCHE

  32. Dan says:

    That was the best episode of reality television I have ever seen. I am so glad that nasty misogynistic bigot Jeff is gone. Poor Julie Chen was scared he was gonna hit her. Can’t wait to see how the season plays out with the self proclaimed king gone.

  33. cokielr says:

    It is very obvious Jeff and Jordan ball faced lied to Danielle about back dooring her but still deny it. Are they both IDIOTS!???! I think everyone in the house tell so many lies they forget what they have said. But Jeff and Jordan certainly changed after Brendan left and had he not thrown the VETO his “friend” would have been safe and good old Big Brother brainiac (NOT) Adam would have been gone. Wonder what Brendan will think about that. At least you knew the character of Brendan and Rachel but Jeff and Jordan basically floated until Brendan left and then BULLY came out. Jordan better watch out because they should be in the “honeymoon phase” of their relationship. However, it doesn’t appear that Jeff has any desire to marry Jordan and she has certainly stated that she would marry him. If they are looking for good press they (JJBR) sure didn’t get it this year. It really is kind of sad when you see Jeff and Jordan’s true colors show through. I feel for her family because even if they didn’t show them having sex on tv like Rachel and Brendon laying up there in bed with him and sleeping with him for three months has to be sad for her family. What happened to morals? And Rachel and Brendon openly having sex with other houseguest in the room is just downright trashy ! But she can’tunderstand why noone will hire her. And Brendan is apparently smart (except where it concerns to Rachel and exposing himself on the internet) UCLA has to be embarrassed. How do you feel?

  34. playeret says:

    Who does everyone think will win Americas Choice and get the $25 grand finale night

    My choice is Dani – she played the game and made big moves

    i think a veteran will defiantly win it and i think two newbies will make it to the finale

    Jeff – i’m worried he might win it and will be pissed if he does as misogynistic, bigot and intimadates other housemates
    Jordan – does nothing
    Rachel – is vile

  35. Joseph says:

    There are some pretty big issues that the house guests are not dealing with nor are they all being honest.

    People can complain about Shelly but she has at least been trying to work the house and waited until later in the game before declaring her side.

    As for Dani she made a mistake doing a big move early on which made it that much harder for those she turned on to trust her.

    Jeff he went off about how others do not deserve to be there but he messed up and played it safe rather than making sure Brandon could continue.

    A lot can happen , but my money is on Kali or Porche in the end.

  36. Jason says:

    yeah it’s true about Jordan NOT being a floater.

    Adam: floater–pretty much the definition therein.

    Porsche: Former semi-floater. Though I believe this has more to do with the fact that she’s shallow and easily impressionable.

    Kalia: picked a side and rode no coattails.

    Jordan & Rachel: Not floaters. Jordan was riding coattails (Jeff’s), but by default really because she hasn’t the Machiavellian instincts required and expected to play Big Brother. Also, she does not perform well in the silly comps which, more often than not, are a crap shoot that really don’t require any real-world talents (or any talent at all, really). The endurance comps, on occasion, demand willpower and physical prowess. I think Rachel has been a little unlucky with comps, even when you take her dubious HOH wins in to consideration (she was thrown both by alliance members).

    Shelly: Is not a floater. She strategically switched sides when she knew it was time to do so, *spoilers* AND this would have paid of BIG TIME if it weren’t for this stupid and convenient (For Jordan) twist.