Matt's Inside Line on CSI: NY, The Good Wife, Supernatural, Parks and Rec, SOA and More

Will CSI: NY‘s stirring season opener cover all the bases? How Big will Chris Noth’s Good Wife presence be this season? Will Supernatural‘s Crowley ally with the boys or Cas? Can Leslie Knope handle the end of the world? Read on for those answers, plus other teases from some of TV’s hottest shows.

CSI: NY | Ever since TVLine started previewing the new season – namely, the Sept. 23 opener revolving around 9/11, when Mac lost his wife – I’ve had a lot of readers ask if we’ll get the perspective of other team members as well. As seen in the First Look photo I shared, you will indeed get Danny and Flack’s take on the tragic day, which happened to have served as the setting for them first meeting each other. I also hear that although Lindsay and Adam were not in New York City at the time, their whereabouts will be accounted for, seeing as they each hightailed it to the Big Apple to volunteer with the bucket brigades. Likewise, we will get the viewpoint of Jo, who of course was in D.C. – the other target of the terror attacks – at the time. All told, Anna Belknap (aka Lindsay) says of the hour, “It was more emotional than we thought it would be.”

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The Good Wife | If you’re among those still grumbling that Chris Noth’s presence in Season 2 felt more medium than Big, the Good word is that the acclaimed CBS drama won’t Peter out any further. (And with that I set a record for groan-worthy puns in a single sentence.) Since That Championship Season, the Broadway play which Noth was a part of last spring, has wrapped its run, “We are in a much better scheduling place,” says series cocreator Robert King, “but we cross our fingers every time we say that” – if only given Noth’s in-demand status, on both stage and the big screen. “Hopefully we’re better off this year,” reiterates King, who anticipates featuring Alicia’s especially estranged husband/the newly elected State’s Attorney at least “10 percent more” in Season 3, which christens its new Sundays-at-9 time slot on Sept. 25.

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Supernatural | As you may have heard, pulling scoop out of Mark Sheppard is like getting blood from a stone – if only because the actor finds great enjoyment in having viewers be surprised, no matter the show on which he guest-stars. That said, I like to think I culled from him a hint of what’s to come when Crowley resurfaces this fall, particularly as to whether he teams with bigger, badder Castiel to raise heavenly hell, or collaborates with Sam and Dean to demote this new deity. “Isn’t that the best part of Crowley, when he’s dealing with the boys? Isn’t is so much fun when he does?” Sheppard effused, fanboy-like, when I asked which side of this supernatural standoff the King of Hell might land on. “So yeah, I really hope that’s what happens. I think it’d be a lot of fun to see.” Wishful thinking or morsel of scoop? I relate, you decide.

She Likes It Roughness: Callie Thorne Analyzes Dr. Dani’s Love Life

Necessary Roughness | Fans of the freshman USA Network series who clamor to know just a bit more about the Hawks’ enigmatic “fixer,” Nico (played by Gilmore Girls vet Scott Cohen), would be well advised to keep an eye out for the season’s finale two installments, kicking off Sept. 7. “There is a very Nico-centric [storyline] that everybody’s kind of been waiting for,” teases series lead Callie Thorne, “and they held out long enough on it that it’s going to be very rewarding.” How so? All Thorne would allow is, “There are things you’re going to learn about Nico that are very sexy, but very fantastical. It’s good stuff!”

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Breaking Bad | As previously reported, Hank will employ Walter, of all people, to assist in his hunt for the elusive drug kingpin “Heisenberg.” But what’s more, he’ll also enlist his son. Previewing this Sunday’s episode, Dean Norris says, “I have Walt Jr. take me on a little trip to Los Pollos Hermanos,” the fast-food stand where the sidelined DEA agent plans to conduct a little stakeout. “Yeah, I check out ‘the chicken guy’ [Gus] a little bit.” But will Hank grill him?

Parks and Recreation Scoop: Meet Ron Swanson’s Mother

Screened & Heard | I’m a few episodes into the new season of FX’s Sons of Anarchy (premiering Sept. 7), and I can hereby tease that the brotherhood is poised to take one of its most monumental votes ever, over an issue that will divide the club if not “destroy SAMCRO” altogether (as one character puts it)…. ABC’s Happy Endings this season will hold a Halloween party in which one character’s costume leads to an extended and very funny case of mistaken gender identity…. As if Leslie Knope didn’t have enough on her plate as head of Pawnee’s Parks and Recreation department, this fall she will have to contend with the end of the world – at least as predicted by a small, local cult comprised of hippie doomsayers. The best part? How Ron parlays the group’s “end of days” into a personal payday.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Can’t wait to learn more about Nico!!! He’s easily the best part of the show (and that’s saying something, since they’re all amazing!)

    • Neen says:

      eh. the show is ok. the characters and actors better than the storylines. the psychological issue of the week is usually silly and dealt with in a very pat manner. just like royal pains’ medical case of the week. almost always it’s something that could’ve been diagnosed in the first five minutes- even if it took a lot longer to fix- if ONLY the person had just told what the problem was. For example, on Royal Pains, Paige’s big secret was that her mom was depressed? Big whoop. So are most americans nowadays. And then she couldn’t just come out and tell Evan? I HATE people acting stupid and doing the whole “i know what you’re going to tell me” and being wrong solely for the sake of conflict. On Necessary Roughness, are we really to believe that that golfer wouldn’t have mentioned that his caddy likes to drink… alot? I just don’t buy it when EVERY time the characters are all obtuse and leave out critical info for their docs. Sure, it happens sometimes, but not ALL the time. Surely, the showrunners could find a way to create interesting storylines without boring us to death…

  2. Amy says:

    Of course Pawnee has a cult that Ron can use for personal gain. So very excited to return to Pawnee.

    • ScrubsGuy says:

      Technically, Ron is the head of the department – Leslie is the deputy. …unless that was supposed to be a mild-mannered spoiler?

  3. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    It makes sense to go into the perspective of everyone on the team during 9/11, not just the ones in NY. 9/11 was a national tragedy, it will make it all the more powerful to highlight the feelings of the people who could only watch in horror from their TV sets as well.

  4. Alicia says:

    Thanks for TGW scoop; though do the Kings really think people are clamoring for more Peter? The guy’s a snake and the less time he’s onscreen the better…
    Also, any more news about LE’s character “Celeste”? Can you find out what “[she] shares some colorful history with Will. We partied around a bit” means exactly? Thank you ;)

  5. Tracy says:

    Interesting CSI:NY info. I saw somewhere else that Lindsay and Adam weren’t going to be covered because Lindsay wasn’t in NY during the attacks and although Adam was, they didn’t have room to show everyone. I also saw elsewhere that Hawkes and Sid would have flashback scenes, but that’s not mentioned here. I’m interested to see what actually pans out in the premiere.

  6. Mikaylah says:

    I love Nico on Necessary Roughness. It will be great to learn more about him. Scott Cohen is amazing.

  7. Cemre says:

    had to say, love you for the Sex And The City nod

  8. Ruby says:

    I ADORE Necessary Roughness. Most surprising treat of the summer for sure!

  9. Hallie says:

    Thanks for the CSI: NY scoop and comments! And for the quote from Anna. :)

  10. Dee says:

    Love, love, love when Crowley interacts with the Winchesters.

    He mocks them incessantly and just calls them dim-witted.

    Hope he comes back in many episodes.

    • MJ says:

      I agree, they better not kill him. And I don’t think Crowley can be on Castiel’s side since he betrayed him and now Cas wants him dead. I think he’ll be helping the Winchesters at first but he’ll end up, like always, having his own agenda and doing things for personal gain.

      • Carrie says:

        Yes, didn’t Cas blow Crowley up in the finale? I don’t think he’ll be wanting to team up with him again. I do enjoy it when Crowley teams up with the boys and I’m glad he’ll be back. He’s the one who restored Bobby’s legs and I love it when he calls Sam names like ‘Moose’ :). I even love how he has his own humungous hell hounds.

        • DonnaT says:

          No, “Castiel” allowed Crowley to get away in the finale but Raphael couldn’t “fly away”. When Rafe protested that Cas allowed the demon to get away but not his own “brother”, “Cas” said he had plans for Crowley and then turned Rafe into “gazpacho”.

  11. King says:

    Thanks Matt for CSI: NY scoop.

  12. Lorie says:

    A very sexy and fantastical Nico-centric episode…YES!!

  13. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the CSI:NY scoop and Anna quote! I would love to see all POVs, but I know it might not happen. Regardless, this will be one heck of an episode that will surely get the waterworks going.

  14. Lady says:

    That’s kinda rich if the boys work with Crowley after giving Cas so much grief when Cas worked with Crowley to win the Heavenly Civil War and stop Apocalypse 2.0 from happening. Just goes to show, what you do is only wrong if your last name isn’t Winchester or Singer. When did these guys become such god-awful hypocrites?! I’ll be very disappointed if the boys work with Crowley against Cas come S7.

    @Carrie – Cas blew up Raphael, the archangel who would have started the Apocalypse, and let Crowley go. Crowley gave Bobby back his legs cos he’s such a wonderful guy, free of charge. It’s not as if Crowley had Bobby’s soul or anything. Cas resurrected Bobby after Samifer killed Bobby cos Cas is such a villain and bad friend. *sarcasm*

    • Anne says:

      THIS! As much as I would LOVE to see the Winchester working with Crowley again for the amusement factor… this would be incredible hypocrital of them ¬¬

      • Jayne says:

        The hypocrite meter will be off the scales if the brothers work with Crowley after all but declaring Cas evil and an enemy for doing the same. And considering they had already worked with Crowley a couple of times themselves, they already are complete self justifying hypocrites. So nothing new there.

        • Are You Kidding? says:

          Why do you bother watching this show if you’re just going to sit there and call the brothers hypocrites? THEY are the main characters of the show, not Castiel. Sorry to break it to you, sister.

          • Lady says:

            Call a spade a spade. Just because someone is a main character doesn’t mean they get a free pass. So, what is it going to be next? Sam and Dean suddenly become serial killers and that’s OK because they are the main characters? The boys aren’t Dexter. They’re heroes and have a good heart. But working with Crowley after declaring Cas persona non grata and Public Enemy No. 1 for doing the same is just too much hypocrisy to take. Unlike some people, I have a mind of my own and will not blindly accept and forgive any bad calls and decisions just because “they are the main characters” and I happen to like them.

    • Are You Kidding? says:

      I’m trying to figure out where you people have seemed to picked up that “Sam and Dean will work with Crowley indefinitely” when all Mark Sheppard said was

      “Isn’t that the best part of Crowley, when he’s dealing with the boys? Isn’t is so much fun when he does?”

      Dealing with can be taken in many different contexts, such as actually having to deal with their crap, in the words of Crowley most likely or having scenes with Sam and Dean. Where does it even once suggest that the boys will work with Crowley? What gives you the right to call them hypocrites when we don’t know WHAT they’re going to do yet this season? Oh wait, let me guess, are you one of those ECGs who’s panties are in a twist so she takes it out on Sam and Dean? Must be.

  15. Rhylee says:

    Thanks for the CSI:NY scoop Matt.

  16. Jayne says:

    Thanks for the CSINY info. I really appreciate that so much thought has gone into this episode.

    • Jayne says:

      And… the necessary roughness intel. I am one of those fascinated by Nico–the characters are all so great.

      And of course, thanks for giving us a quote from Anna Belknap!

  17. Juliab. says:

    I forgot to add my thanks as well for the Good Wife and the news we’ll see more of Chris Noth.

    I also like Necessary Roughness and the news on Nico. Thanks again.

  18. raelee514 says:

    Mark Sheppard is awesome. He should be on ALL the shows. And have his own show, why doesn’t he have his own show! Really? Seriously? Why isn’t Mark Sheppard being deliciously Mark Sheppardly and delightful on his own show? He doesn’t need to be the lead, he should be the leads naughty alter-ego or something. Being sarcastic devil on his shoulder. Sigh.

    Thanks for the attempt at a spoiler. I’m sure Crowley will be driving both the boys and Cas crazy in the opening episodes.

  19. Jayne says:

    I’m not sure that I’ll say this right–I’ve couldn’t post it the right way earlier, but whether Lindsay’s character talks about it or experiences the episode through the others, just the fact that they’re sharing the experience to her is representative of how the rest of us–non New Yorkers experienced 9/11 and the memories of such and how we’ll experience it as we watch, that it is shared to her, it is shared to us. Or, if she does share her story, than she’s representing the part of America that is watching that wasn’t there and didn’t experience it in nearly the same way. Its a different (I’m not sure what the correct writing term is) way to connect.

    I just know its going to be a difficult episode to watch, even after 10 years, and I just appreciate how it all seems to be coming together. I think this is something that needs to be told and remembered, that the voices it speaks–for each perspective–is part of what happened that day.

  20. PeternAlicia says:

    Brilliant news on Chris noth getting more screen presence! i think Alicia and Peter work really well together with all their drama and angst. Peter being in the series makes it a whole lot better and the husband adn wife team definately share more chemistry than Will and Alicia. I do hope thye focus on the positive of Peter instead of never giving him a chance to redeem himself.

  21. k9et says:

    Thanks for the Necessary Roughness update. Can’t wait for the Nico centric episode. Team Nico. Hope the show will be renewed. Any news on the renewal?