Fall TV Preview

House First Look: First Season 8 Promo!

The key takeaway from the first promo for House‘s upcoming eighth season? Karma’s a bitch!

As the below video clearly illustrates, House is having a tough time adjusting to life behind bars. But as Hugh Laurie’s on screen BFF Robert Sean Leonard recently deadpanned to me, “Prison seems an appropriate punishment for driving your car into someone’s living room.”

House Spoiler Alert: Fresh Intel on Thirteen’s Exit

Watch the clip and then hit the comments with your reaction. Oh, and as if you didn’t already know, House returns Monday, Oct. 3 at 9/8c.

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  1. Austen says:

    YES! Looks like “Broken”! Just what I would hoped for.

    • Iris says:

      Broken (aka “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”–the bastardized version) was a self-indulgent, cliched hackjob; and Twenty Vicodin (aka “The Shawshank Redemption” on crack) looks to be the same.

      • Sam says:

        Broken was great, sure better than the awful and dumb Now What.
        Season 8 will be great.

        • Iris says:

          Now What was equally sh-tty, what with scrapping the original premise for an awkward and cringe-worthy replacement. In fact, there hasn’t been a good premiere episode in years.
          Season 8 won’t buck the trend.

          • DL says:

            If you dislike the show so strongly, why are you here commenting on it?

          • WhatDL says:

            Dear DL, the word “comment” doesn’t mean “praise”, therefore if someone wants to leave a comment they can say pretty much whatever they want on the subject, good or bad.
            Btw I agree, season premieres of House have sucked the last few seasons.

        • Liz says:

          This! Now What was the most awful season premiere ever. I didn’t even want to tune in anymore afterwards. Can’t wait for season 8!

          • @Liz says:

            This is about right and “when is a single word a very long sentence – Prison” is a better promo slogan (pun) than “it is going nuklear”.
            Season7 premier happened to be an awful snoozefest. No more Huddy :):):)

          • Kunal says:

            ‘This! Now What was the most awful season premiere ever. I didn’t even want to tune in anymore afterwards. Can’t wait for season 8!’

            gets the award for most hypocritical comment ever.

          • Lizz says:

            . . . What!!!!!!! Now What was the BEST season premier!!!! however season 7 finale was the WORST finale EVER invented!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ana says:

        Oh please. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

  2. Brittany says:

    That’s awesome! I’m so excited!

  3. Smoothie says:

    House will turn gay after being in jail, wilson will be happy with that!

  4. Ming says:

    I’m so excited. I can’t wait for this. It’s going to be awesome!

  5. jaded says:

    Broken Repeat! Can they write something original ever!

  6. Ryan says:

    I agree with the writers that the only way to realistically handle Lisa’s departure is to send House off to jail and jump ahead a year. See, the problem (in my opinion) with last season was not the plots, it was the execution of them that was poor. And personally, I hated Amber Tamblyn as an actress. If this is indeed the final season, this episode might be needed to close one chapter and open another that leads towards a conclusion. And this clip is awesome!

    • neen says:

      agreed about amber tamblyn. she must be a lovely person as she’s not the most attractive (which hwood loves, see olivia wilde/megan fox) but still gets cast a LOT and is always spoken well of by cast and crew. but her voice just IRKS. add that to the awfully annoying character they gave her to play and i just wanted to tear my hair out every time she spoke. And yeah, the storylines were very poorly executed last year. Just didn’t seem cohesive or germane to the character development that theyve shown us in recent years. All of a sudden Chase and 13 dig each other? Why? Bc they’re both pretty? House all of a sudden wants a sanctimonious med STUDENT on his team? Why? I wasn’t a hater or lover of Huddy. But if they’re going to have a relationship, make it realistic! I believe House somewhat vacillating between being mature and not with the relationship (although, he was married before, i think he could have handled everything better than he did- for example, Cuddy’s illness); but what was with Cuddy, who walked into being with House with eyes wide open (she even stated repeatedly that she knew what to expect and was willing to be patient) all of a sudden deciding “eh. nope. i can’t deal with you.” After years of knowing the guy. Ridiculous. And they always made her seem smarter than that. I hope this is the last season and that they actually end it well and truer to the characters that people came to be intrigued by.

      • Marcie says:

        Huh, I actually only returned to House last season because I enjoyed Amber’s performances so much.

        • J.Norman says:

          I think the character of Masters had a lot of potential. I thought that this character was the best candidate for a spin off.

      • iheartamber says:

        I love Amber Tamblyn, plus I thought her character was different from all the others characters on the show. however i do think her Martha leaving was right for her personality even though i was sad about it.

      • Deedee says:

        Thank you so much for pointing out what was ACTUALLY wrong with last season! It wasn’t the idea of “Huddy”,that made or broke it, it was the execution of not just their relationship, but the relationships and story lines of all of the characters. It was just disconnected,uncreative, bad writing all around. I agree with you that many times everyone just seemed out of character. For me I think it started the season before, when Wilson kicked house out of the apartment. Yes, he’s a womanizer who aims to please, but season after season we’ve seen his loyalty to House. Even when he thought he could put House out of his head and life after Amber died, there’s just something that brought him back to House in the end. There’s no way he would’ve just left him out to dry that way with no support, especially knowing his issues. Maybe eventually he would’ve had House move out, but only after making sure he’d be ok, not all of sudden like that. And I totally agree with you about Cuddy! It’s not as if she didn’t know House was like this; She, like Wilson, has always been someone who could see through House’s ridiculous actions, and see the real reasons that he does the things he does. She would understand House’s internal struggle; that he can’t bear the thought of losing her, but he wants to be there for her, so once again, he found an unconventional, but effective way achieve the desired result. I feel he was out of character in the finale as well. Of all the crazy ways House reacts to situations, he has never tried to hurt anyone but himself. Humiliate, annoy, inconvenience sure. But he has never been violent. Some can argue all they want that House assumed Cuddy and her guests were out of the room, but being as intelligent as he is, he would know there was no way to be sure, and he wouldn’t have done this. I could see him possibly crashing into her empty car knowing it would suck for her, but in the end her insurance would cover it, Or if he really had it in the back of his head to ruin her home in some way, I can see him doing something like finding a way to flood the basement or maybe even something as juvenile as spray painting graffiti on it, but he would never do something that would possibly cause her or someone else long term physical harm like that. With the other characters, we caught glimpses of development, but nothing really seemed to go anywhere. I can’t stand when people try to blame the whole bad season on Huddy! It’s so much more than that! I’ve been a total addict of the show since I started watching it a few years ago and I have seen every episode. But even as hardcore of a fan as I once was, I don’t think I will be watching this season, as it just seems to have fallen apart which is disappointing. I feel it’s a show that with the proper writers could’ve gone on successfully for much longer, but unfortunately, they have allowed “to many hands in the pot” so to speak, and none of them with a cohesive idea about who any of the characters are. It’s sad really. Anyway, thank you for pointingout that it’s the show as a whole, not just the presence or lack there of of Huddy.

    • Denise says:

      Amen to the hating of Amber Tamlyn. I thought that was the worst possible casting choice ever and still haven’t figured out what they were trying to do with that. FAIL! I hated her character and was so happy when she left.

  7. Ben says:

    So they are going the cliche route. They took this character too far with the finale and now they need to cement the mutilation. TPTB obviously don’t understand they screwed up with the destruction of this character. Further mutilation does not improve it.

    House deserved to be punished, but since I didn’t buy him being violent in the first place, I sure don’t buy this further mockery. It’s just more shock and awe as a plot device to introduce the new character and that prison guard. Then begins the real damage and glossing over of the real issue.

    I was prepared for this, and yet seeing it just proves to make me angry all over again. What were they thinking in destroying this character? Ugh!

    • Swit says:

      Since House is loosely based upon the character Sherlock Holmes who appeared to have committed suicide it appears that is the direction these producers are taking the show. Dramatic? Sure. Worth watching? No.

    • Sam says:

      ITA, they just don’t know how to save themselves at this point. They destroyed their “protagonist” and now they’re just going to burn the remains.
      Dammit, they’ve finally found a way to cut down on pirating because I’m about to delete all 150+ episodes of this garbage.

      • C says:

        >They destroyed their “protagonist” and now they’re just going to burn the remains.

        Well said, Sam. That’s exactly what they did at the end of season 7 – destroyed a perfectly good character, and now they’re pissing on his grave with this season 8 promo. It’s sad.

    • D says:

      “House deserved to be punished, but since I didn’t buy him being violent in the first place, I sure don’t buy this further mockery.”

      So, there’s nothing the show could have done? I’m so glad I read this thoughtful comment. Haven’t seen anything like it for the past four years. Nope.

      I mean, seriously, they’re literally doing what everyone said should be done, and you throw out a backhanded cliché comment.

      • Ben says:

        Actually there was a lot they could have done to prevent this since S6, but since the finale, there were only a couple of ways that would have salvaged the character and that would involve removing the scene that destroyed the character. There are a lot of scenarios, and people have been tossing them around for weeks. They chose to keep him violent and go the jail route. It is obvious, it is cliche, and since the showrunners constantly say they don’t listen to what fans want…

        And I haven’t seen anything like the destruction of a loved protagonist and the decline of a show to this measure in years!

        Fans were outraged they took House to violence. They actually were begging for a reversal, but DS chose to keep it real and kept justifying the act. So, when you say they gave fans what they wanted, you missed the point of the outrage. Fans were telling DS that this would mean taking House down this route of punishment and it was not a good route! This continued obtuse attitude to what is being said is why they are not drawing the fans back in.

        • Tina says:

          Exactly!!!! You can belittle fans all you want, but they’ve been expressing their contempt for the downward spiral of House since his relapse. Critics and fans for the most part didn’t like it. They kept taking him lower and lower, and fans kept yelling NO. Then they did their Kaboom and fans were outraged that they did that. They told him if he kept that real and didn”t fall back on hallucinations, or comas, or even affects of untested drugs that there would be an issue because he could not be redeemed. DS dug his heels in. Fans said, well if House really did this he will need to be punshed and they said they didn’t want that type of character or they’d tune in to other shows. Still DS justified and told us they were going back to fun and House will be miserable, Blah, blah,blah. So fans see this is not just punishing House for his crime, it’s taking extremes to take him lower still so he can’t be redeemed.

          There were creative ways out of this, but they want to take House to his lowest level. Misery lovers are happy, but they don’t represent the bulk of the audience. Like it or not.

          And it should be no surprise that reruns are being impacted now! Fans stated immediately that they had problems looking at the House of the past now that they chose to “reveal” this side of his character. People were rooting for a damaged, but noble soul, not the violent, pill-popping jerk that writers and directors seem to love.

    • J.Norman says:

      Agree that they totally destroyed the character. I find that I don’t even enjoy the House reruns anymore because I can’t shake knowing what an out of control jerk he became (in the last season).

      As far as prison is concerned, I don’t think that was in the original plan of David Shores at all.
      On one hand, DS had to man up and take criminal action against House or virtually be laughed off the network.
      With that said, however, I don’t think House would go to what appears to be some sort of maximum security prison. He probably would have gotten 2-5 in a minimum security facility and been out in a year.
      All of this is well and good and DS acknowledges that House would go to prison. The real issues, however, remain.
      1) How does he retain a medical license
      2) IF. . Thats IF. . he goes back to PPTH, how in the hell does he go back . .. that is, in what capacity. As department head? Highly unlikely!!
      3) What about the subsidiary storylines (What happened to Cuddy, how does Taub resolve his mess, Who runs the department, 13s health?

      • ?? says:

        Good point. Does Taub now have a couple of toddlers running about and for whom he is paying child support? Maybe he works the night shift at the 7-Eleven to make ends meet.

  8. Swit says:

    Looks like another very disappointing season of House. Too bad the writers and producers completely ran out of medical stories to tell. At least Lisa Edelstein has a great job to go to but poor Hugh stuck in this garbage. Awful.

    • Smoothie says:

      “Too bad the writers and producers completely ran out of medical stories to tell”

      Maybe it will change! but if it’s the same writers from the last 2 seasons, I don’t know.

      • Ryan says:

        Really? I actually loved season 6! That season finale could’ve been the last episode of the series, and I would’ve been satisified… well, minus the whole 13 “cliffhanger”. Season 7 is really the only AWFUL season. Granted, season 5 is probably my second least favorite, minus the hallucinations plot.

    • Liz says:

      Bitter LE fans are so much fun LMAO Hugh is not poor at all, he’s the luckiest guy in the world.

      • Jane says:

        Haters are so much fun! They show stupidity in being unable to participate in constructive conversation and debates wihout making troll comments. You are pathetic!

      • "Season 8 is gonna be GREAT/AWESOME/AMAZING etc" says:

        Good ol’ predictable Liz; never misses an opportunity to wax moronic about LE/Cuddy.

      • Top Dog says:

        Le’s exit was a stroke of luck.
        HL can act without being dragged into boring soaps.

        [H]ouse can go back to more interesting plots.
        Jail and how he will manage to prevail in an environment where he is not top dog is very exciting.

  9. Carly says:

    I found it well done, but too similar to Broken… and it’s not a good thing IMO – I liked Broken but they should try to be more original than this.

  10. Rachel says:

    Looks completely idiotic, which doesn’t surprise me one bit. Yawn.

  11. Dani says:

    Yay! More mindless violence… *sighs* Is this even the same show anymore? :/

  12. Juliana says:

    Oh he soooo deserves it!

  13. Tina says:

    I didn’t like what House did and I don’t like what’s being done to him here. The extreme distortions are an issue when the show’s magic was always in the subtleties. Hugh Laurie will do great at whatever script they give him, but it’s tragic they continue to resist giving him the deeper scripts in lieu of the shallow cliches. I guess I am as numb as House because this is the first season I haven’t been excited for the season. It’s hard to look forward to growth and development when there is none.

  14. Katie says:

    Looks too over the top to me. Just like the last episodes of Season 7. Of course, it’s hard to tell without watching the entire episode.

  15. Alicia says:

    So it’s just like when he was locked up at the asylum, except with more raep?

  16. Lisa says:

    Ode to Broken, but as good as Broken was it did not really deal with any of the issues they have revealed in House. It didn’t explore any of the open plots, and was very supperficial in many ways. It had dramatic value, but did not really provide the character study. Now this. They have to punish House because they took that ridiculous route in the season finale, and they have to jump ahead since LE left, but this just continues to feel off. The obvious choices with the plot devices and scenes meant for only drama to elicit sympathy from the audience to hopefully draw them back in. But do we really want to see House beat up? Further abused? Further brought down? It seems DS has a really dreary vision for this character. I didn’t want happy and sunset, and never expected it, but I did expect some growth into managed misery. This continues the downward spiral of the character and show.

    • Carmen says:

      @ Lisa

      Good post.
      I agree. I believe that fans wanted to see House as a flawed and troubled person but who ultimately came out as a winner. . or at least somewhat sympathetic.
      All that is gone.
      Now it is hard to view him as anything other than a bitter a-wipe of his own making.
      He’s in pain. . .boo, hoo, He has options on how to handle that other than taking vicodan like candy.

  17. tOBi says:


  18. kris says:

    OK first, mister RSL, Cuddy is not just ‘someone’.
    Second, I did not really care for superficial ‘Broken’ that never addressed any real and deep issues so I am really not sure I will enjoy a poor repeat performance in ’20 Vicodin’ in which House will predictably misbehave, challenge inmates, get himself beat up, get sent to the pharmacy to meet new hot doc so that she can sympathize with him and help him and pamper him, and do whatever they plan to do with the prison guard medically…
    Third, I’m not thrilled.

  19. Tim says:

    Bullies gone wild! Not why I started watching House. The really took a bad direction when they didn’t use Broken and then the relationship as a means to really go deep with House. Now they are just playing around with exaggerated scenarios to watch this hamster on a wheel. It’s sad they didn’t have the courage to really explore House, now it’s too late. His character is diminished beyond belief and even if they try to deal with some of the outstanding plots it will be rushed and superficial. I am sorry the loss of LE, the reduced time for OW and now possibly OA have created challenges for this team, but honestly the writing the past two seasons boxed them in and left no room for change, challenge or real creativity. This failure is all on TPTB.

    • Smoothie says:

      “the writing the past two seasons boxed them in and left no room for change, challenge or real creativity. This failure is all on TPTB.”


  20. Tom says:

    Yawn. Just end this show already.

    • Glory says:

      I don’t want the show to end, I just want them to put it back on course. This was a great show and could be again if they would stop with the game playing and actually tell the story. If it’s a character study, then explore the character for God’s sake! If it’s driven by medicine and relationships, then don’t keep the medicine weak and relationship unbelievable. Obviously we can’t ALL get what we want, but we can get what we need – if they’d just do the character exploration!

      • Tom says:

        I agree it would be nice if the show went back to it’s original premise. I used to love that show. But I think too many things have happened to ever take the show back to when it was good.

        House is another sad example of a show that made too many compromises in an attempt to win sweeps periods and end every season with a big cliffhanger. In the end the characters lost credibility and the plot lines became trite and predictable. If they let this show drone on for another full season it might hurt the syndication opportunities. The first few seasons of House were very good, but will people bother to watch those old reruns in syndication if they wind up hating the final season of the show?

        • Smoothie says:

          I still think that all tv shows should end around season 4 or 5.
          True Blood became stupid in season 4, the end for me, I won’t watch it anymore, House is not the show I loved so much 3 years before but there’s something that keeps me to watch, what will happen to Gregory? but before this, please Mr Shore, give us again good storylines with patients and stop boring storylines with Taub and Co.

      • JohnDoe says:

        Agreed. This show used to be all about medical drama. That all seemed to change in the 4th or 5th season. They just need to tone it down on the relationship crap, unless it’s House and Wilson’s friendship, like the early seasons.

        • Glory says:

          The relationship would have been fine it it had been handled as a support and not the main focus, and if it had been about revealing House rather than demeaning him. Also, the medicine has been weak for years, and it’s been a distractor rather than a means to reveal House. They haven’t utilized the tools as they did in earlier seasons, instead the distorted and exaggerated, and none of it was a support in the character study. Even Wilson will be a fail if it’s the entire focus and isn’t being used to reveal the character, but to distract from him. It’s a problem in their approach.

  21. Sam says:

    I’ll watch House again, great promo.

  22. Orsi says:

    Somebody know ,what is the song,under the promo?

  23. Thomas says:

    I see Hugh is wearing his “shaggy” weave. It juxtaposes nicely with his “closely cropped” weave from Broken.

    • Katy says:

      If you looked closely you would see it is his real hair (you can see the bald patch .. ). Jealous, perhaps?

      • Thomas says:

        If only I was a 50-yr-old balding, depressive case…

        • Top Dog says:

          Who would want to be in his place?

          At least here none of us is depressive, but we are all multimillionaires, needing bodyguards to fend of crazy fans who mistake us for sex symbols.

    • Bald is Beautiful says:

      Why can’t he go “weave-less” from now on? You’d think prison would make anyone’s hair fall out. So much for “Humble Hugh.”

  24. Lance says:

    *crickets chirping*

  25. Sally says:

    This looks amazing! Huddy was a major turn-off for me, I literally suffered through the first part of season 7, but this (and no more Cuddy, yay!) totally got me excited for House again. Bring it on!

    • Sam says:

      HIMYM fans think the same about Jennifer Morrison and Zoey. They are all screaming YAY! no more Zoey in our show. Take that SallyMD XD

  26. JohnDoe says:

    So both House and Patrick Jane end up in jail in the beginning of their new seasons. Interesting.

    • Alicia says:

      Except Patrick Jane is respectable.
      He has sworn up and down from day one that if he ever came face to face with Red John he’d kill him–and that’s what he did. He’s a man of his word and no one cane blame him for avenging the murder of his wife and child.
      House ran his car into Cuddy’s home because he’s an unhinged, destructive narcissist.

    • Bob says:

      Hmmm…a Brit and an Aussie in jail. I smell Hollywood conspiracy.

      • Right you are... says:

        It IS a conspiracy. The Brits and Aussies are taking over Hollywood and making all of the big money (which they’ll not be spending here).

  27. SusanM says:

    I know that promos can be misleading but it’s pretty clear that the writers intend to have House be a victim of prison violence. I don’t understand why they feel the need to respond to the viewer outcry over the violence in the finale with even more disturbing violence in the premier?? Do they think that’s what the majority of the audience wants? to see House suffer? In spite of what House did and my feeling that there has to be consequences for him, I do not want to see him physically abused by a bunch of thugs in prison! He has enough pain that he lives with every day, he doesn’t deserve more.

    I really hate prison stories so hopefully there will be some kinder, gentler moments for Hugh Laurie to display other emotions besides pain and fear when he gets his head slammed into a wall. :( What I will never understand is why David Shore and the writers chose to take House down this destructive path in the first place? His character was wonderful in the early seasons….why couldn’t we have just kept that guy?

    • geraldine says:

      I remember there was this very loud, malicious and rabid fans who yelled like crazy that after houses actions in the finale House has to go in jail. Now he is in jail the same people are still not happy. What do you want? Do you thought prison time is a bed of roses where people are kissing Houses scar. House is a very abrasive character. It`s not really a surprise that he`ll get into trouble and Btw we don`t know why all this happens. Maybe we should just wait and see how the things unfold. There is no way to predict it after this promo. Probably we should put some thoughts into the meaning of 20vicodins?!!

      • Lisa says:

        Actually fans didn’t want him to go the violent route in the first place, but once the writers took him there punishment and consequences are necessary. Does that mean it should be a prison riot, violent set-up to destroy the character further? No. There’s a thing called balance. Trying to make the fans look fickle does not take the responsibility for this debacle off TPTB. This is probably just a plot device to meet the newbie anyway, but House was dark enough, and when they took him to the extreme in S7 and it failed they sure don’t need to keep going extreme at the start of S8. Balance and subtlty worked in the past. Return to what worked! That’s what fans were asking. Jail wasn’t the point!

        • Dani says:

          The whole thing will most probably be a pityfest to make the viewers feel sorry for House again, rather than an opportunity to make him face his demons. Oh and a device to meet the new doc. It just seems like when they realised they’d got a later timeslot they thought ‘what can we do to make the show edgier?’, their answer being more gratuitous violence which just doesn’t fit in with the premise of the show. The writers seem to forget they aren’t writing for Breaking Bad or Boardwalk Empire as much as they wish they were. What the hell happened to the nuance and subtlety that they used to be so good at?

      • SusanM says:

        I was a fan that was upset after the finale but I don’t believe I was loud or rabid. ;) I do think House deserves to be punished for what he did but he doesn’t deserve to be physically abused. Being in jail or prison with the isolation, the restriction of freedom and the loss of creature comforts should be the punishment, not living in fear of having your head bashed in by a violent inmate. It disturbs me that my TPTB of my favorite show seem to have developed quite a propensity for violence lately. Maybe they should be writing for a different kind of show?
        On the subject of the 20 vicodins, I find it odd that he would have any amount of pills on his person. Wouldn’t he have to go to the prison infirmary it get his dosage at set times like he did in Mayfield with the SSRIs?

        • geraldine says:

          You have got a quite idealistic view of life. I would say your expectation are too high. Like i said before prison is no fun place especially for dominant mavericks. Again what do you expect that House lays the entire prison time on his bed and is super sad? This is pretty boring TV and again i doubt that the whole episode will be like this what we saw in the clip above.
          House is a very,very,very complicated character with a bunch of straws& problems. He tried very hard last season to change and fullfill cuddys ridiculus dream of a suburban life. I gave him the kudos that he tried. The House of the first 5 season would have never been engaged in said relationship what was doomed from the beginning,IMO, he knew it and she too. Unfortunately, Sadly House made the experience that he is not able to change into a run-of-the-mill character and he learned that his problems aren`t magically solved by the love of a sexy woman (who was incapable to deal with houses problems at all,btw).
          He tried and failed, now we have to watch what he trys next on his journey to happiness. I assume the foundation stone to this journey will be laid in the S8 premier.

          • Dani says:

            The next cornerstone of his route to happiness which we already know is destined to fail because DS has already told us he will never change or find some sort of peace of mind. Wonder if he pulled the wings off flies when he was younger?

          • karomana says:


            You have obviously found the successful route to happiness!

            As for the rest of us, who believe that happiness is elusive, are we sadists?

    • D says:

      I think you’re seeing what you want to see, personally. I can marginally buy a crazy person ramming his car into his ex’s house. Marginally. You couldn’t sell me that same crazy person going to prison, who is known for ticking people off, and not getting his beans kicked out of him.

      • SusanM says:

        We all see what we want to see – it’s human nature, our own unique perspective on life. Some viewers will enjoy watching House get beaten down because they think he deserves it or they appreciate Hugh Laurie’s fine acting when he’s in pain or they just like more violent type scenes. Then there will be others like me who will be fast forwarding through the violent parts because I just don’t like watching anyone in a vulnerable position get the crap beaten out of them. It’s not an issue of whether he does something in prison to deserve it. I just don’t like the dog eat dog mentality of prison life and have no desire to watch it.
        I hope it’s just one episode and the writers find some way to return the character of House to his roots in season 8 like David Shore has stated. I hope they can make it realistic. And I hope they allow House to feel remorse for what he to Cuddy’s house and her life and try to make amends in whatever way he can. I don’t think a beating in prison will do anything to help him along the path of redemption.

        • @susanM says:

          I promise, House will feel remorse & make amends. Keep watching!!!

          • Writer says:

            Um, no. That’s not the plan and YOU can’t promise that. Besides, feeling remorse doesn’t change that they made him violent. Now it’s part of his character. It’s no long “we’re all capable under the right circumstances.”. His character is forever altered, and you have every right to love it, but you can’t change that people are hurt and betrayed. And you certainly can’t promise what even DS can’t.

  28. Geraldine says:

    I loved it,very intense. Beats the heck out of “Magic Bath” ;)
    And I am not as worried as some. Promos need to emphasis the immediate and the physical as that is what can be presented in a twenty second spot.
    I fully expect House will NOT just sit there and be abused for an hour. And I expect great things when the brain starts to react to the brawn.
    Also, just had a strange thought in Baggage and again last season we learned that picking fights is something House seeks out. Well, at least here he wouldn’t have to go far and maybe he will get it out of his system.
    Season 8 will be the awesome. The best for last.
    I`m sorry for all the others who gave up.

    • Jane says:

      Yes, we’ve known for two seasons now he seeks to get beat up. Now they’ll do it again, but will they finally establish why? Probably not. That would mean going deep. DS won’t go there. Oh Well

  29. Angel says:

    I used to love this show so much but It STINKS NOW!!!!!!!!!They lost a viewer.

  30. Kasper says:

    Funny. Most people on here seem to really have a burning hatred for the last couple of seasons of House, where as those (bar seven, it was mediocre) are my favourites. The first three seasons I just found dull and formulaic, where as four, five and six were great and were more plot driven. I hope season eight turns out great.

  31. curious says:

    I am curious to see the ratings for the first few episodes (excluding the premiere, which is always hyped). Judging from my own little research asking friends and co-workers, who are casual TV viewers and don’t post comments or participate in fan communities, the loss of viewership could be quite substantial. The most pronounced argument – people seem to get bored with never-ending setbacks in character development and are upset about Ms. Edelstein departure. Personally, I was going to give it a try, but after seeing the promo, have suddenly realized that House doesn’t excite me anymore, not even a little bit. How did that happen?

  32. C says:

    It seems that the producers and writers have doomed House to the circle of hell known as rinse and repeat. As many have already said, this is just Broken in a different setting with different beatings – physical beatings instead of mental beatings this time around. Doctors and violence do not mix – not even doctors like House, and I didn’t start watching the show due to its awesome fight scenes, but for the humour, drama and puzzles. Season 7 started off with Now What? Season 8 should be called So What? Free Hugh Laurie.

  33. ultimate troll says:

    All the peeps whingeing on about how destroyed or awful the show is now are so hooked in by the writers. It’s kind of funny.

  34. anaclaudiarigolinferreira says:

    não vou assistir essa porcaria destruiram a relação House/Cuddy /Wilsom!!!!! isso para mim era o melhor

  35. karo says:

    Looks awesome!
    Agree your points of the ‘Justified-esque’ music, and the longer hair, and House out of his element.
    I’m more excited about this season than I have been in a while.

  36. Connor says:

    “Broken” in prison? This premiere doesn’t resemble the former season six opener to me at all except he can’t leave. This looks incredibly intense and daunting. I’m looking forward to the upcoming season. Hugh Laurie is always worth watching.

  37. Shirley Haworth says:

    It was my fav show, but I quit watching after 3 episodes last year, and won’t be watching it this year either. How can they take a perfectly good show and muddle it up with sex. Never fails. Sex may sell, but not in my house. I won’t be buying anything from their sponsors either

  38. Danny Bazan says:

    I seriously can’t wait for the new season! It’s going to be very interesting to see what has changed after a year has gone by…

  39. lae says:

    The sheer number of ridiculous comments (both for OR against this season) is astounding, given that it’s a 20 second clip (and really has half that in show content!)

    I’m reminded of a saying about a book and a cover, but the silliness here has made me forget.

    p.s. I enjoyed Season 7, and 6 before that and I’m sure I’ll enjoy season 8 also.

  40. hooiji says:

    ok, all of u people that hates the show way do u watch it, know one is saying u half to do it and ok he is in jail sow what, think of what is going to happen. what if he is going to get out or something weird like that. and my opinion is it is going to be an awesome season, and i hope it continues to me

  41. ragman says:

    Question: how in the heck does House even retain his medical license, much less return to the hospital, if he goes to prison? Doesn’t make much sense, but the show’s been going downhill for the past couple of seasons anyway. Lisa Eddlestein probably decided to abandon the sinking ship.

  42. holmes221b says:

    WOW 20 seconds, and he says hit the comments after viewing the video pfffft