True Blood Exclusive First Look: Will Scott Foley Make Love or War?

Bon Temps’ population will climb by one in the Sept. 11 season finale when Scott Foley makes his debut as an old friend of Terry’s (Todd Lowe).

“He was Terry’s platoon leader in Iraq,” series creator Alan Ball explains of Foley’s character, Patrick. “So they [share] a military history.”

The Felicity grad’s arrival — captured in the exclusive first look below — will tee up a major Season 5 storyline involving Terry and Patrick (Foley will have a major recurring presence next season).

Major True Blood Spoiler Alert: Finale to Feature Surprising Comeback

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The TB gig isn’t expected to impact the actor’s current day job on Grey’s Anatomy, where he’s playing the husband of Kim Raver’s Teddy. We have him around for a decent amount of time,” confirms Grey’s creator Shonda Rhimes. “We’d keep him around forever if we could.”

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  1. CKD says:

    This is a hunk, a hunk of burning love. HOT-O-LICIOUS! Bring him on. Hey Sookie, here’s another hot guy for you to conquer!!!!

  2. Amber says:

    My comment is simply this people need to stop taking apart a dam good show and just watch it I have watched true blood from day one and have loved it all there is nothing wrong with any of it an I think allen ball is doing a wonderful jod!

  3. Michele says:

    I’ve read all the books; own all the CDs, have HBO just for the this series and am hooked. Have I loved everything about either the books or show? No, but they have never failed to entertain me. It is a pleasurable escape from reality and for that I thank both Charlaine Harris and Allen Ball!

  4. Alex D. says:

    He Is SO Sexy! Can’t wait to see his sex scenes! And F.Y.I. Season 4 Has Been Da Best Season Thus Far! LUV PAM Da Baddest BITCH On Da Show. Jason Is the most USELESS/SUPIDASS Character I Hope They Just Kill Him OFF!

  5. Allison Lileikis says:

    Love Scott Foley. More hotness!!

  6. Marsha says:

    Quin was a pussy. His character dosent deserve a spot on the show. That Marnie cow is butt ugly and really weird as hell. Witch bitch gotta go.

  7. I want MORE ERIC & SOOKIE!!!!!! XD If she ends up w/ Bill,I NEVER NEVER WATCH THE SHOW NEVER AGAIN!!!! DX




  8. Skye says:

    wow you so have no Idea that this series is based on the supernatural of all types.. What did you think this was a twilight movie or something better switch it off cause you need an open mind. I am a truebie and have read the books I love every episode. If you are annoyed watch that vampire diaries or re-watch twilight…

  9. Casey says:

    Wow. I think his looks have actually IMPROVED. I didn’t think that was possible. He was already gorgeous. I’m so excited to see him on True Blood. I hope they don’t make his character a total dick. Yay Scott Foley! :D

  10. Lisa G. says:

    I loved the books and i love the show. I also really liked the Quinn character in the books but although Scott Foley is no Quinn he was great on The Unit.

  11. truebee says:

    I am already worried it will be over soon and i have got to wait another year for season 5. Its so exciting, love al the characters and a cliffhanger in every episode. i watched them all from the begining and started to loose touch with what was real lol. i spent every night aawake watching them n every day sleeping Loved it… LOve u true blood

  12. Carrie Barr says:

    I agree with sophie a 100% well said! :)

  13. Carol says:

    First, I have to say I don’t know what’s more frightening … watching True Blood, reading the books, or having to read comments by people who don’t know how to spell or use grammar correctly!!! (I KNOW I’m going to get flamed for this comment!)

    Second, the show had to evolve or it wouldn’t have continued for this long.

    Series 1 was good. It introduced a story line and characters. The end of series 1, the watcher knew the main characters and understood their strengths and their idiosyncracies. I learned to like some, tolerate others, and outright loathe a few. I do agree with an earlier comment about the character of Tara being a whiner and not taking responsibility for her actions. Rutina Wesley is a terrific actress but I don’t think Alan Ball has tapped into her potential. The Tara portrayed on the television series is no where near the same as the Tara portrayed in the books. I’m not sure of the logic behind that decision.

    Series 2 started strong but I became bored with the MaryAnne story line. Ms Forbes is an outstanding actress however, the story just didn’t cut it. I couldn’t wait for it to end. Series 3 was okay. Better than series 2 and that’s what kept us coming back each Sunday night. As for series 4 thus far, both my husband and I are thoroughly enjoying it. I loved the “you killed my fairy godmother” statement by Sookie to Eric and there have been some lines that had us laugh out loud or just turn and stare at each other with “did I just hear what I think I heard?” looks.

    It was recently announced that Alan Ball was going to move forward with one last series and, if I read the interview correctly, I’ll paraphrase him when he said he’s pulling out all the stops. There will be new characters and others will be killed off. It’ll all come to an end.

    I don’t know how Scott Foley’s character will integrate with the rest of the cast. We don’t watch shows like Gray’s Anatomy so I’m not familiar with his acting style. It will be interesting to see how it pans out.

    As a fan of the books AND the series, I am looking forward to the last three episodes and the next series.

  14. Annie says:

    I just wanted to say that True Blood is the best show ever. You have to have a true understanding as well as passion for the supernatural in order to fully appreciate the show. If by some chance you were fortunate enough to read the books then you have a different perspective than the rest of us. Although I have never actually read the book(looking forward to it though) I can honestly say that it would not change my perspective of True Blood one bit. The very fact that Lafayette is still on the series says it all for me. I love all of the characters good and bad. I love the storylines of all seasons, Season 3 on the other hand was a little suspect, but as a fan of the show I enjoyed it nonetheless. They can bring trolls to the show and I will still be up on it. As long as the introduction makes since its all good. I believe that the doctor that treated Sookie in the second season is some sort of gnome, but of course they won’t delve into that her story is not necessary, but it could be introduced as a minor story in later seasons. What I am basically saying is that if this is all too much for you then too bad. This is the epitamy of everything supernatural and I am just eating it up. I am in love with this show bottom line. Keep the seasons coming :)

  15. faye byrd says:

    Don’t know who he is.The writers have all ready got things in order.They can’t please us all but if you are really a True Blood fan you will take the good with the bad .True Blood till the end.

  16. TB groupie says:

    Hello, too gory and vulgar are you serious. It’s True Blood.

  17. Stephanie says:

    Well all I have to say for being a big True-bi fan myself… of the show which to me is by far one of the best shows on HBO and tv… I am loving this season… I love all the mess and the problems, fighting, drama I mean for me personally as each season goes by the show gets better and better!!! Besides the ratings and the fans of the show will defend it to the end!!! Hope Scott Foley is Quinn… and I hope for a Russell comeback… and I know it will happen since he was just placed under cement… he was never killed… :-))

  18. amy t says:

    So Terry was in “The Unit”? Cool!

    • Guess says:

      That’s what I was thinking, it takes his stories about the Unit to a WHOLE new level: Once again, well done True Blood!

  19. D. Marie says:

    I’m glad he’ll be on True Blood, but they’d better not LVAD him on GA.

  20. sammy says:

    My GF’s and I can’t wait to re-live every episode that was shown the prior Sunday the following week! No other TV show have we followed like this one! AMAZING! We (I) NEVER miss an episode!!!
    I love all the different ideas and odd things they throw into the mix in ALL SEASONS (Yes, Witches TOO!!) Blood, Sex, Passion, Fear, Sook’s Enthusiasm!!! When Gran’s voice came on and spoke to Sookie I came out of my seat LITERALY! I got tingles all over LOVED IT! Because of the witches that it brought me in to her world how she may have felt wich I thought was so awesome! I cannot wait to see where they go with Antonia because I loved a scene in last season with the character Russell Edgington when he said “We will eat you, after we eat your children, now the weather, Tiffany”. Brilliant!
    All Season A+

  21. jjshooter says:

    having only seen the show, i can understand ppl being upset that it doesnt follow the books… i mean i cant count the number of truly left-field, awful book-to-screen adaptions ( out of all the movies,shows ect. made from Stephen King only 1 or 2 are even decent yet the books were SOOO amazing lol) anyways i LOVE TB and really wish HBO didnt give us just 12 episodes p.s. Jason is smokin hot but does it bug anyone else that Ryan is ……. British? great actor tho ^^(just not as”:all-american” as lead to believe :P)

    • Anne says:

      Jason (Ryan) is actually Australian not British. Eric (Alex) is Swedish, Anna (Sookie) is a New Zealander & Bill (Stephen) is British! Sorry but plenty of “fake” accents on TB :-) And heaps of talent…

  22. yasmin says:

    I think the books & the show are both great in their own their ways and I like the fact that the show doesn’t follow the books exactly as there would never be any surprises. And I love the way Alexander is playing Eric this season, he was sooo funny & cute in the 1st few episodes when he lost his memory he made me in hysterics!! But I was not happy bout the shower scene on the show it SUCKED!

  23. yasmin says:

    I love both the books and the show, It’s good that the show Isn’t exactly the same or there would be no surprises. And I love the way Alexander is playing Eric this season, he was soo funny & cute in the 1st few episodes when he lost his memory he had me in hysterics!! I was not happy bout the shower scene however, it SUCKED!! And I can’t believe most people want 2 see bill & sookie back together, there so boring! I hope that when Eric is back to his usual warrior self that his & sookie’s story continues, loved them together in the books!! love TB!!

  24. Guess says:

    I think Eric its been a much welcomed surprise this season, acting like the viking man he was supposed to be all along: truly amazed at modern world, trying to grasp a glimpse of the old, with child-like wonder at every discovery. It’s been a refreshing change for a familiar character and I’m glad we had the chance to see it.

  25. Sara says:

    I think book 4 is a good start. The series covered the jist of the first 3.

  26. botanscore says:

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  27. botanscore says:

    Watch True Blood Season 4 Episode 10 Online..
    ——->>>>> http://tinyurl.com/3tvmsg2

  28. Anne says:

    I agree with people on the big let down with the shower scene not been used when Sookie & Eric got together. It was a huge letdown that had no build up and was like an add on or after thought of them outside in the forest?!! There was no proper buildup or seduction. I started reading the books from book 5 after watching the first 3 seasons on tv. It probably makes it harder as you do compare them. I don’t mind them changing the storylines from the books but surprised they don’t pick out the best bits for them. This season has been a bit flat and is taking a while to get going. Last weeks episode though has finally started to heat up and I personally like Marnie & the witch storyline & think that Fiona is doing a great job. Was glad to see Tommy go & it was even sad …& I don’t like that character! Also loved the lines where Nan is saying that she is a first aider after the big fight scene in the convention centre … hilarious. So pleased that things are improving just hugely disappointed it will soon be over again. Looking forward to seeing Scott Foley too. Thought they might bring Sookie & Alcide together this season and also surprised that Claudine was killed off so early on. Maybe next season will be more on the fairy wars.

  29. Jenny Stark says:

    About 75% of the story lines this season have a lot of potential, but in the end they all sort of fell apart. Being more faithful to the novel it was based on would have made things a lot less complicated and much more interesting. The only exception would be Jason, he was missing for the entire book and has been my favorite character this season. Crossing out “monster” on Jessica’s box from Hoyt? Defending Sookie against vampires last night? Awesome!

  30. Sande says:

    Two Words:

  31. anon ymous says:

    i wish the ‘bookies’ would shut up too
    just like someone above said, the show is going into the fifth season now…if you havent figured out that they arent following the books then maybe its time for you to find something else to do… I can understand watching a show that you may hate…but why must the effort be taken to get on your computer, find a site like this, and spew your discontent and ‘opinions’. True, everyone is entitled to their own, so why not just talk about it amongst your friends in real life. Get off the computer. This is the first post i have ever made regarding a tv show and most likely the last, but I swear every site I visit about shows based on books are littered with complaining bookies and just complainers in general. Come on…its time to go outside for a change. Post predictions for the future in comments sections. If you have an insatiable desire to complain, exchange e-mail addresses and do it in private. But please, don’t subject everybody to your rampant negativity. That said, why cant people just sit back and watch AND enjoy the show? It’s a show! expectations are set ups for let-downs. I have personally enjoyed every season so far. Sure, I may prefer some over others, but my feelings are not strong enough that i feel the need to run to a computer and put it on blast. Its quite easy to not tune in every week if you are not satisfied with the direction the show is taking…it just makes me wonder…these people must really have a thing for TB, no matter what they may say. Im not generalizing every book reader, just the ones who complain about everything. There is such a thing as sharing thoughts and opinions without stepping on toes and sounding like an uneducated, incompetent little brat who isnt getting their way. I assume most of us are adults watching, so please, lets all act like it.

  32. christina says:

    I love TB since day 1 season 1 was great season 2 was crazy in a good way season 3 was so dark and sexy and season 4 even though I agree it was the wrost season its just because it was all over the place and they dropped the fairies, the werepanthers story linesand the ghost was really point less even though I did like the actressthat played Mavis but when it came down to. The main storyline with the witches and Sookie coming back from fairie land and feeling all alone was great I hope thet stay closer to the books in the future make jason a half. Panther and please bring John Quinn even though I don’t think its going to happen amd get into the. Werewolf world! Just my opinion :-)

  33. Tblood is NOT a Great show , granted its very colorfully splashed with some way over the top fantastic varaiations on ONE THING ONLY. It goes NO deeper in a Plot more than a partial human fairy girl waitress that is growing up in a town that has childhood story book monsters in it.

    And just like in child hood when we read these ghost stories before bed, by MORNING they are all gone and so is the memory of each episode.

    UNlike CW and very strong acting and more simplified takes on fantasy vamps and legends , when you keep the story line LESS weighed down by trying to keep up with TONS OF variations of new types of wackadoo supernatural freaks and trim it down to a few types and let writers crank out better writing and story lines that are memorable ,,

    then the characters are allowed to grow with the story season after season AND audiences attach and love the characters and will tolerate a bad accent here and there.

    But i think TB uses nudity and sex as its SHOCK AND AWE, simply becasue it lacks true ingenuity of layers of great plots that keep audiences coming back in droves yr after yr as on the CW with Vampire Diaires that although for younger audiences won Golden Globe best new drama and Nina won best actrress for new drama.

    The main complication is that there are SOOOOO many twists to any sort of LOVE relationships going on and they are too fleeting and therefore not memorable given how vamps are portrayed as fleeting : when both bill and eric say F..k sookie, WOW>

    When they are her 2 leading men supposed to be in love with her in season premier June??

    It Made the whole show crumble in that one line from ERIC . Because for all her tolerance and changes she made to change who she was to accept them, they were BOTH too cavalier in how they turned on her simply cause shes in love (by their blood in her) iwth both as if they are so mad and dont get it and blow her off by saying that.

    Just shows whether male vamp, shifter, were , or where -ever we live, MEN SUCK! LOL