True Blood Exclusive First Look: Will Scott Foley Make Love or War?

Bon Temps’ population will climb by one in the Sept. 11 season finale when Scott Foley makes his debut as an old friend of Terry’s (Todd Lowe).

“He was Terry’s platoon leader in Iraq,” series creator Alan Ball explains of Foley’s character, Patrick. “So they [share] a military history.”

The Felicity grad’s arrival — captured in the exclusive first look below — will tee up a major Season 5 storyline involving Terry and Patrick (Foley will have a major recurring presence next season).

Major True Blood Spoiler Alert: Finale to Feature Surprising Comeback

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The TB gig isn’t expected to impact the actor’s current day job on Grey’s Anatomy, where he’s playing the husband of Kim Raver’s Teddy. We have him around for a decent amount of time,” confirms Grey’s creator Shonda Rhimes. “We’d keep him around forever if we could.”

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  1. Sivat says:

    Not sure what he will bring to the show, but okay.

    • hollyglightly123 says:

      oh wow, i so don’t agree. the witch storyline is the first bad adversary plotline i’m enjoying on this show. i HATED the maryanne storyline and the werewolves last year annoyed me to no end. Russel Edginton was OK (the actor was great but the s/l again i couldn’t get behind). i’m thoroughly enjoying the witch storyline bc the way they’ve done it is believable. when I first thought ‘witches’, i thought they’d be equally as impotent as the werewolves but having it be a necromancer hell bent on revenge? now that’s a storyline that makes sense as an adversary for vamps.

      • Crystal says:

        I totally agree!… That whole storyline with maryanne was too gory and vulgar. This season is great!

        • Chickadee_42us says:

          Agree completely, could not stand the last two seasons – started to not watch this one, glad I did. I prefer the books but this season has taken True Blood into a realm of its on and I am enjoying being able to view the realm.

        • Aprilcot26 says:

          Gory and vulgar? Um…you *do* realize you’re watching True Blood, right?

      • Rachelle says:

        Read the books… Vamps, were’s, shifters, and witchs!!

      • Sookie Stackhouse Novels Fan says:

        If you read the Sookie Stackhouse Novels you’d know that the supernatural aspect is expected these are characters from the books and the show is based on theses books. There is a character in the book that sookie “Hooks up” with that is a were tiger. Now whether they add him in the show or not is up to the writers of the show. The show is not just about Vampires it is about a town in Louisiana full of supernatural beings.

        • mindy says:

          I’ve read the book, and watched every episode so far. The Show is very loosely based on the books, in my opinion. I started out watching it(Season 1) because of each ending was a cliff hanger and I had to see next week what happened. I agree season 2 was the worse so far. I skipped buying that one when it came out.

        • Ann says:

          I read all of the Sookie Stackhouse Novels too. I hope that we will see Quinn the Weretiger. He would be an awesome character to play but they need somebody who is very tall, strong and muscular maybe a former WWE star like Dwayne Johnson. Quinn in the novels really was interested in making a life with Sookie not just Hooking Up that’s so temporary and involves no feeling. Great storyline this year. Loved the haunted doll storyline. Perfect.

        • Sande says:

          Dear GOD I hope they bring in Quinn…who will play him? He’s clearly the hottest character in the book but when you have someone like Eric and Alcide in the mix, this dude’s gotta be something special…My saliva glands wait in anticipation…

      • JUDY says:


    • caligirl21000 says:

      Yes please no more witches….

    • Manny says:

      If you are complaining about the witches storyline so much, and you truly hate it, why do you continue to watch? I am LOVING this season. They do not stick with the books to the “T,” but they take the main Storyline (werewolves, witches, etc.) and create a whole new world!

      • Christina says:

        I totally agree! I’ve read all 12 books that are out. I really like both the books and the show. Although, I wish they would’ve made Jason a werepanther. Oh well! Eric, Pam, and Tara are my favorites!

        • Alica says:

          Maybe they still will. If you remember in the books He didn’t change right away. It wasn’t on the first full moon it was on a full moon a few months later and he was half panther, half man. There are two reasons why they could be holding off. 1. Because they can’t figure out how they want him to look as a half and half or, 2. Because they will make him a full panther but later on in the show. Only time will tell.

          • Matt says:

            I think that in the finale this year when the Antonia thing is all said and done and the “epilogue” starts. Just when everyone thinks the worst is over and they can all relax, BOOM! That’s when all the early season storylines will pop up again. the Were panthers which means Crystal who will mess things up with Jason and Jess if that works out, and Jason might turn. Also the fairy land civil war will come back and Sookie will somehow get drawn into it. And apparently the Scott foley thing, and who knows what else which will lead into yet another mutli cliffhanger ending like they did last season

    • Andrew says:

      I’m enjoying all the metaphorical eye-poking between the fans. Season 4 rocks! Season 4 sucks! As a fan of the show (can’t wait for all the metaphorical mud-slinging from my comments), here are my thoughts:

      Season 1: The show had to get its feet under it and the actors gel with their parts and each other. Grade: B-

      Season 2: Some scream vulgar foul-ball and others ate it up. Ms. Forbes as Marianne brought charisma and integrity to her role. She was so compelling. The sex was a bit over-the-top. Grade: B+

      Season 3: The show officially hits its stride, tones down the gratuitous sex, and deals with character development. Russell Edgington (and the actor who played him) was a fantastic and credible badass, even if plot was a tad slow at times. Grade: A-

      Season 4: All over the fricken’ map! The fairy story gets dropped like a hot potato, as does Claudine. We get a baby-napping ghost to give Lafayette & Co. something to do, Sookie has lame-ass dreams, and…hideous drumroll, please…Marni the Witch is about as welcome as ringworm. Fiona Shaw can’t even get a grip on her nasal, Southern-cum-Hispanic accent. She would have been more compelling as a Brit!

      Granted, we are only 8 episodes in (very dry sarcasm there). The show will have to pull quite a few show-stopping vamps out of its coffin if it wants to keep its ratings, because a Season 5 like this one and…game over, I’m afraid.

      Please, keep all hate mail and vein-popping rants to yourselves. The coffin lid is still open on this one.

      • Shaila says:

        And what the hell with the were-panthers?

      • Maggie says:

        I agree with all of your grades except this one. I love this season. Last week pulled lafayette back into the story beautifully. Eric, Sookie and Bill will always be the story but you need others also. The witches were ok…but Marhne scared the crap out of me..so I guess she is ok.

      • Alex says:

        I think saying an other season like this one would be ‘game over’ is being a little dramatic. A ton of people still like this season or think this is the best one so I don’t see it being anything that spells the end of TB. Evidence of this I think is the fact that so many people say the hated this season or that season for what ever reason yet they are still watching the show so there you go.

      • judyjag says:

        You are so right about Fiona Shaw’s accent – changes from Italian / old Roman speaking Latin to Hispanic / Southern. “What are you?” I’m getting tired of witches and looking forward to their defeat / demise. Love the ending of the “tolerance” fair. Never too much.

      • callie says:

        I thought this was a very good review of the shows. I’m dissapointed with this season..but I keep watching. Gotta love the vamps! I feel they have pulled so far away from the books there is no going back…Which is probably what they intended. The new guy is probably gonna be Quinn and the comeback Russell (I HOPE he was a HOOT!)

        • aceegee says:

          Aint it possible Terry’s war buddy is Quinn? That’s what I’m kinda thinking…It’s been explained how “weres” were able to be in the military before they came out.

      • Shannyn says:

        Andrew: I could NOT agree more. Hear, hear.

      • Jess says:

        I love tb!! But i bascially agree with your grades. i wish they would of stuck more with the books. This season was my fav book of all if them. I just think i expected more from them. :(

        • Mary Beth says:

          Love seeing everyone’s thoughts, but I have to disagree on sticking with the books. I like knowing there will be surprises and I don’t know how things will turn out. Besides, if they stuck with the books, Lafayette wouldn’t even be around and Tara would be a one dimensional, thoroughly boring character. I find Marnie’s southern accent to be annoying and I wish we had seen more of Claudine, but the line “You just killed my fairy godmother” made it worth it.

          • EDS says:

            I hope they either get rid of Tara or give her a major attitude adjustment. She is probably my least favorite character on the show. At this point, why is she even necessary? She never takes responsibility for her own actions, she lays blame on everyone/thing else and then complains about her situation. She has not been a good friend to Sookie (allowing Marianne to move into her home???) during the entire series. Basically, a pointless existence. So far the only thing she has convinced me she is good at is converting oxygen to CO2. I will add that Sookie does get self-absorbed at times, but when has Tara ever truly “been there” for Sookie? I think Tara on TB is even more one dimensional than she is in the books. At least in the books she is an independent, successful business woman without all the “hate” baggage she carries on the show.

      • Lisa says:

        Doesn’t Mr. Ball have enough pull at HBO to get Fiona (Marnie) a descent dialect coach? I completely agree. Her accents are constantly changing and not very good.

        • Matt says:

          Well if all of you are wondering why Tara is around, you seem to have forgotten a few things from past seasons but Im talking about this season. By the season finale, in the finale probably while(This is not a spoiler, just a guess) Lafayette and jesus are fighting Antonia. (This I read) Sookie and Tara are confronted by Debbie. So there will be some good Sook/Tara moments and maybe some ass kicking too!

      • cassiopia says:

        Totally agree. This season is disappointing. Trying too hard to give everyone on the show the spotlight, and the effect is watered down. I want to see Bubba!

      • dina says:


        I like your reviews. I don’t agree on season 1 with your rating because that storyline was very tight and had some surprises even while staying close to the books. I think it was an A-

        When you pointed out the problems with plots that were built up only to be dropped, it really hit home with me.

      • Vicci says:


      • Heidi says:

        When I saw the first True Blood, I was not impressed. Each season seems to get worse and farther away from known storylines. I have not enjoyed this season. The Antonia storyline, Sookie’s wet dreams, and Lafayette the “medium” are a waste of time for me.

        I don’t feel this series is doing justice to the books and the deviations will be ever more difficult to reconcile in future seasons. I think that I would enjoy the show more if I had not first been a fan of the book series because I was already emotionally invested in the characters of Eric, Quinn, and Sam. The show has yet to treat Sam fairly, or demonstrate his close friendship with Sookie. Eric the Viking has become a lapdog, we’ll see if they even introduce Quinn in the future… I think the show is trying to cultivate a Sookie/Bill romance again, in spite of the books because the actors Paquin and Moyer got hitched.

      • Michele says:

        I totally agree with your comments about this season. I think it’s been rather absurd. The whole thing with Lafayette and Sookie’s ridiculous dream were so obviously just time fillers and had absolutely no bearing on anything. Having said that, absurd or not, I won’t stop watching. lol Keep hoping something good will show up.

    • Guess says:

      I’m guessing he’ll be the hunter that start killing all those shapeshifters next year, it’s supposed to start with werepanthers and scalate to werewolves, shapeshifters and skinwalkers as well. I don’t know how Terry fits into this, he’s such a sweetheart but I guess they’d see the shifters as animals that look human rather than the other way around

    • sophie says:

      I wish people would stop comparing True Blood to the books, if it was exactly like the books, and you read them, you’d all be bored as hell! It’s not supposed to be realistic…at all. It’s supposed to be vulgar, bloody, sexy, weird, raunchy, and crazy.

      • Catherine says:

        Well the books ARE vulgar, bloody, sexy, weird, raunchy, crazy…and I would add Better! I love love love True Blood, but the books for me was way better! I dont think I would be bored if it was exactly like the books because I anticipated so many things to come, like the shower scene in the fourth book…insanely HOT….and on t.v. they made snow fall on them and a bed apeared beside the bath… But I love True Blood still!! And for those who read the books… WTF
        King Bill!!!!!!!!

        • Rebecca says:

          I couldn’t agree with you more about the shower scene…..in the book the sex is SO sensual, or at the least hot and steamy….I expected the chemistry to be amazing and the sex explosive….and the show totally f-ed it up! Book 4 was my favorite book, and so far the show this season has fallen WAY short of my expectations! I loved last season….HATED season 2

          • Misti says:

            Oh, the shower scene…I’ve read that more than once! WTF with the snow??? I totally agree with book 4. It was great!! I was ready to see some action. They need to at least use more of the books storyline and if you’ve read them, you obviously don’t know what’s going to happen because they go out of the box when they shouldn’t. Book 4 is nothing like this season. I read it in April and could hardly keep my mouth shut on what was coming. I was so excited for the season to start!! Marianne season didn’t exsit and they wasted an entire season on it! The fairy storyline is part of the last 2 books. I love the show, but while reading the books and playing it over in your head has outscored the show this year big time!!

        • Misti says:

          I agree with the shower scene! WE were cheated! I’ve waited all season for that, and they give us snow!! I’ve read that scene a few times!! What a let down. I enjoy the books that I read them twice. There are similarities, but I found the books to have more depth, There’s a lot of crap they wasted for the show where they should’ve gone by the book. It is disappointing to know what’s coming then what the show uses. There are parts that are realy good in the book that will never be told because they are already dead on the show. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a TrueBlood junkie, but if you’ve read the book for this season you would see it’s really a let down. There could’ve been some good stuff. I think it’s too early for Quinn and doesn’t even fit the body of Quinn n the book. I hope it gets better. Waited forefver for the season to start and see it going where it is…..

      • Guess says:

        If True Blood were exactly like the books it would be as boring as Game of Thrones – where the only fun te book readers have is to spoil the plot for non-book readers – this way it’s fun for everybody!

        • Matt says:

          As a reader I can appreciate wanting a tv show or a movie that is based on a book or series to be like the source material. But come on people they RARELY are! And in the case of TB the show is in it’s fourth season, you guys should have realized by now that they are NOT following the books except the basic plot. go to wikipedia and it says every season is LOOSELY based on the books,sorry but that’s the way it is. And Game of Thrones is NOT boring! I don’t know what show you were watching!

      • Misti says:

        Reading the books isn’t boring, it shows you how different they are. Yyou think you know what to will happen and it turns a whole other direction. If they go by the books more we can get years of series from this show.

    • what i really think of this show is this show is really good but strange but the weard thing is i know that their is a war with the vampires can’t the vamps have a war with the whereswolves not a necromancer that is whats gets me about this show i just think that is weard i’m a big fan of the show

      • Guess says:

        The vampires already had a war with the werewolves last year (“the year of the werewolf” it was called), this is the season of the witch so a necromancer it is.

  2. ggny says:

    anything that takes time away from the dumbass Witch storyline im ok with

    • your mom says:

      clearly you’ve never read the books, the “dumbass witch storyline” is a huge part of the series’ mythos :/ if you don’t like it, don’t watch it ;)

      • Sivat says:

        The books don’t matter—the show doesn’t follow them to the “T”. If that were the case, Lafayette would be long gone….

      • gia says:

        I wish people would shutup with the books. Just because it works in the books doesn’t mean it works in the show, as obvious with the stupid Eric/Sookoe storyline.

        • cncsmom says:

          I agree completely about the Eric/Sookie relationship – doesn’t work at all for me! I liked Sookie and Bill together. I also like the show better than the books (and yes, I have read ALL the books). Also think the witchcraft thing is dumb, whether it’s in the book or not! Guess these differences in opinion is what makes the world go round!

          • Noel says:

            In the books the witches were not drag out as in the series. It seems like the should start focusing on something eles. I loved the books and understand that they are in Sookies perspective but from reading one book they made u want to read the next. These are hit and miss shows.

          • Maggie says:

            You are so right. The difference of opinion is what keep this debate firery! But sookie is much more into Eric in the books then in the seasons. But the series gives faces to the book. The script writers in my opinion are better writers then the author of the book. I love both though!

          • tbfan says:

            I agree about the Eric/Sookie relationship. It doesn’t work because Eric is ruthless and cares for no one but himself. I like that about the character, so it doesn’t go along with Sookies character. Bill is not as uncaring and ruthless as Eric, and unfortunately lost some of this humanity that he found in his relationship with Sookie. The chemistry between Bill & Sookie was more believable than Eric. Hurry up and break the spell! Still love the show!!!!

        • trubielover says:

          Omg you people are all crazy the books are great and so is the show its like having a whole new sookie story stop complaining about either one just shut up and enjoy them both!

      • cncsmom says:

        I’ve read all of the books and I don’t like the witchcraft story line either, whether it’s in the books or not. Can’t understand thinking someone shouldn’t watch a show though just because you don’t like one little part of it…

        I want Bill and Sookie back together too! Eric and Sookie just don’t seem to go together!!!

        • Debbie says:

          I really would like to see Sookie and Alcide together. I don’t like Debbie’s character at all. I really can not stand the whiner Eric is right now…. I want to give him a true death myself, bring back the warrior Northman. I kinda dig the witch aspect, works well Lafette and his boy toy…

          • Alcide is hot says:

            Would love to see alcide and sookie together even though it hasn’t happened in the books. I agree that one can appreciate the books and show separately having consumed both with vengence

      • donnatella ashtiani says:

        I LOVE everything….although sometimes it might seem a little campy, that is part of what makes the show so addictive. I am sad we will have to have a hiatus from the new shows. :(

      • suteko says:

        problem is the witch war story line in the books is WAY different than in the show…love them both but AB changed a bit too much IMO

      • Dee says:

        Actually the witches in the books are nothing like on the series. Marnie is not a medium and Lafayette is dead by this point in the books.

        They are not necromancers and while they do make Erik forget who he is they never control him.

        And Bill is never the king. Sophie Ann is such a big part of the books I am curious to see how they deal with the vampire conference.

        • Catherine says:

          Seriously, Queen Sophie Ann was a big part of a big story… I’m sad it wont happen like in the books… I would have loved to see Wiebert and Sigbert..and tho whole thing!!!

        • Ang says:

          I agree…I have read the books 2x .The books and True Blood are completely two seperate things. The characters may be similar,but there is alot missing. Maryanne had a very small part in the books. The witches were different,Eric only lost his memory and got it back. The conference never happeen in TB,Bill was never King, Sophie Anne died from injuries and a take over,not from BIll and the AVL killing her.Layfatte was dead in the first book. The plots are different from each other. You can not totally compare the two.So enjoy them as seperate stories.Plus the books are from Sookie’s point of view. There is alot she does not see or know about. True Blood fills in that info.

      • melissam says:

        Umm thank you totally agree. Maybe some of these people should try reading the books that the series is based on!

        • Alex says:

          Why should they? I read the first two books and found that I didn’t like them as much as the show. Even so the TV show stands very well on its own the books are not a need to do thing. Just like watching the show is not a need to do thing if you like the books.

    • Melissa says:

      The story line is what it is because of the books. Stop being stupid. If you dont like it dont watch it.

      • camy says:

        its not anything like the book at the moment…have you read them? its currently somewhere between the storylines of books 4 and 8 with plenty extra added in including charaters who should be dead still living and completely new made up ones being included… please read the books if you are going to blame them. the books are great and the tv show is great but they are very much different and have been almost since the beginnning.

        • Princess Wendy says:

          First of all, the series cannot follow the books exactly, they are all written from Sookie’s perspective. I like the books, but love the show. Quite frankly Charlaine Harris has gotten a little out there with adding Were-tigers, Were-panthers, Were-lions to go along with the vampires, fairies, shifters, Were-wolves and witches. And Jason Stackhouse needs to get back to humping everything that moves!

    • angela says:

      yeah, im not sure how im liking this story line. i hate that we know what snookie is, but not really their purpose is.

    • angela says:

      oh ok, ive never read the books either, but im sure it will all come together! i still like the series either way. i am addicted to this show regardless.

    • lorna says:

      The witch storyline was great in the books. Stupid ugly Marnie. Just like Tara, she was great in the books bc she was barely in them, terrible on the show. I love Scott Foley.

      • AndyLuvr says:

        I thought Hallow seeking revenge on Eric just because he wouldn’t boink her for 7 days in a row was a very weak motive to make Eric’s memory go poof. I dig this whole Inquisition/Vampire Priests angle the TV show took. Hallow would have translated poorly onscreen so I’m glad the show took another route.

        • maggie says:

          I agree totally. It seems the show is targeting a more mature audience..not only physically but mentally as well. I didnt appreciate Hallow’s reasoning. Very lame.

        • A says:

          yeah i agree the witch plot is more filling in the show then the book. I wonder if Sookie will still dis Eric once he gets his memory back? But I kind of miss Sookie’s new friend from New Orleans. The witch girl that accidentally changed her BF in to a cat. Ah well still a good show on it’s own.

      • Alex says:

        What does the way Marnie looks have to do with anything?

        I find this story and character way more believable and her acting of to so separate people in a single body to be awesome.

    • cyndip says:

      Ggny: ditto!! I wish Jess would hurry up and eat her like she said she would!!

    • nat says:

      This season of the witch, just sucks, badly!!!

  3. Tanya says:

    Love him!!! What a great addition to TB, and soo glad it won’t impact him being on GA. Yeah!!!

  4. Seanti says:

    …but will he get naked?

  5. A says:

    MTE, lets see dat ass boo!

  6. Cindy says:

    Seanti beat me too it — the main scoop would be, Do we get to see his ass???

    • Sivat says:

      I’d rather see his penis.

      • Machelle says:

        Id be happy with him just shirtless. Which almost all of the hot guys get… yum. But theres been some that didnt need to be naked. Including Sams lil brother. That boy can stay fully clothed at all times PLEASE.

        • Sivat says:

          You are easy to please—you must be fun in bed. Tommy is hot. We saw his pubes last season and I’d like to see more.

  7. silly says:

    yeah bring on more characters… the show doesn’t have enough already…

    So tired of all the storylines… 2, maybe 3 would be enough!

  8. TVDIVA says:

    Maybe he will help Terry do an intervention on Andy’s V addiction.

  9. Sue says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I am really excited about Scott Foley on True Blood…Hope they have a spicy (naked) storyline for him…

    • Snarkland says:

      Perhaps yet ANOTHER love interest for Sookie? Perhaps he’ll be the ‘Quinn’ of TB??

      • silly says:

        urgh quinn… :( worst thing that happened in the books :P

        • Sara says:

          I’m so glad I’m not the only one that felt that way. I hated Quinn with a passion.

          • Snarkland says:

            I completely agree about Quinn. I think CH started to run out of story and decided, ‘Oh what the hey?!? Let’s just introduce more characters! Won’t that give me more to write? Let’s just hope they don’t get confused by the crowd I keep put into my books!’ Personally I think she should’ve just stopped there, just before the introduction of Quinn. The books really just weren’t that good anymore. My opinion though.

            I will be EXTREMELY happy if we never see Quinn on screen. EVER. But I can’t wait to see how Scott will contribute.

          • April says:

            I just finished reading book seven and totally disliked Quinn. I don’t think he was even a good distraction in the story. I know the show doesn’t follow the books (only taking elements from them) but I truly disliked that character and can’t imagine him being mad likeable. More Eric and Sookie chemistry, please. :)

          • lorna says:

            ME 2. PLEASEEEE no Quinn on the show. Let’s tweet Alan Ball that lol.

        • Charlene says:

          I agree about Quinn….I didn’t like the Quinn storylines. (Sookie and Eric get better once he gets his memory back and is back to his OLD self!:)

        • Misti says:

          Totally agree…Quinn sux!

      • Catherine says:

        Oh no…. QUINN was Vin Diesel in my mind while I read the books!! Quinn needs to be way buffer than that!!
        I loved Quinn… great distraction from Bill and Eric, I thought it was good for the time it lasted!! It was for sure very hot!

  10. JD says:

    Wow, he is dam hot, he should have played Quin instead, at least he is in the book, unlike whatever character he would be playing, but like I said he is HOT, so I am all for him being in the show.

  11. Melissa says:

    I like Scott, he is a wonderful actor. I wonder if he is going to be Quinn?

  12. lena says:

    quinn was bald

  13. Marc says:

    I guess the army will want Sookie’s power.

  14. Tena Fleming says:

    Season Finale????/ Not ready!!!!
    Wish the witch story line followed the books more! I just can’t believe the season is ending! Didn’t we just start again? :( Hate my trueblood withdwawals! Ugh!

  15. lafemmeroar says:

    ooh I can’t wait for this load of sexiness to appear on TB. I’m thinking a group sack session with my two fav vamps, the werewolf, the shifter and this military cutie will be in my daydreams on moments of dullness … so they’ll be in my mind 24/7 … ooh la la

  16. Penny says:

    Welcome to the show as long as he’s not crazy like terry and can we see him with less clothes on ?

  17. Angel-arnette says:

    Whilst I for one would NOT complain at seeing his sexy naked ass, I think he may be too “pretty” to be a platoon leader. But all that could be fixed with a few scenes of him in his fatigues… ;)

  18. Sarah says:

    I think he is going to be the sniper in season 5

  19. Joleigh says:

    I prefer the books to the tv series…still love it, though, and the witch story line would be more relevant and interesting if it followed the book’s story line. I am not thrilled with Scott Foley..seems a little too PG for TB. I hope we don’t see his ass…and he could never play Quinn…Quinn was too godlike…:) HMMM quinn :)

    • Teri says:

      Quinn was the hottest thing to hit the books! I keep waiting for him to return, but alas… just the usual characters. Alcide was good in the books, but seeing him in the flesh is even better!

  20. ~BECCa*@ says:

    I really wish they would add more episodes to the season. I know that shows start off with a few episodes to keep cost down and inevent the show would bomb. COME OFF IT THOUGH, SEASON 4? HBO needs to add more episodes to the list and allow more depth into the story line. I know its not exactly following the books, buts its not even hitting the high points. I won’t MORE TRUEBLOOD, who IS WITH ME!

    • Spellfire says:

      I agree I want more episodes you should be making enough money by now! I find I’m alittle confused sometimes it’s l;ike something is missing … and I wish the witch story line made more sense! I like lafayette and Jesus. can you please ditch Eric and Sookie YUCK! Sookie and Alcide wahoo! oh and BOO on the loss of Ten mins in the first episodes !! Jessica Rocks, and more mystical powers would be interesting.

    • Princess Wendy says:

      We got screwed. 10 episodes does not a season make! But the bonus of a naked Eric lessens the sing a bit!

  21. Chantelle says:

    Anything but the ware panthers again… please… no more…. spare us….

  22. Robert Higdon says:

    I so wish that was me.. I want a role on True Blood Sooooo Baaaad!
    I was a extra in the movie The change up.. and in an episode of the vampires diaries. Love True Blood!!!!

  23. alicia says:

    If I remember correctly Quinn was a giant black man. . .

  24. Jade says:

    Who care if it follows the book it’s never said based on this strict book guideline, blah blah. The show is Amazing the actors are HOT and gifted and the story keeps me glued for seasons upon seasons! I love TB! Book or no book.

  25. Sara says:

    I’m a fan of both the books and the series. And yes I can keep the two separate and appreciate both for what they are. I can tell you that because I’ve read the books I know exactly who Patrick is and where he fits into the story. I think being Terry’s friend actually fits really well though that was not the relationship in the book. But I will not spoil it for those who don’t know and those who’ve read the book… think back. I know you’ll put it together. Very excited to see them play this out. And I’m a Sookie/Eric fan and this season is based off my favorite book so I’m quite pleased with the season. So =P Oh and I can’t believe they killed Claudine.

    • Inga says:

      I don’t think they actually said it was Claudine. I mean, it could have been her identical twin/triplet. She had a female twin/triplet/ whatever that you could read about in on of the books. (The second-to-last book that was a collection of short stories that wouldn’t work in the book series, but CH published anyway.) There is a story about Claudine and Claude try to figure out who killed their triplet-sister and they probably just hijacked that storyline. I wonder how they intend to punish Eric? hmm.

      I am also disappointed about Queen Sophie-Anne’s demise! Maybe they couldn’t afford her incredible wardrobe. Glad to know I am not the only one who cannot stand Tara! She is so annoying! Get OVER it already!

  26. maria says:

    Major sexiness! Can’t wait to see him….all of him!

  27. Jess says:

    Ok I want to start reading the books but I do not want to stArt at the beginning please someone who is familiar with the books tell me where I should start to be where the show is now and yes I get it that’s it’s not quite the same but well hopefully you get what I mean – thanks

    • April says:

      Book four covers elements of season four with the witches storyline. I’d start with that one. :)

    • Bob says:

      Just read the stuff on wikipedia. Books suck or they wouldn’t have invented TV :)

      • Suteko says:

        Grow up Bob…tv would net exist if not for books…All the really great shows right now are based off of books. AB doesnt follow the books close enough but at least his casting if flawless.

      • Celticopia says:

        I think I enjoy true blood cos it stimulates imagination, and if you don’t read your imagination sucks, so suck to all the book haters, I too love both.

  28. Nikki says:

    I love him and can’t wait. I remember him from The Unit.

  29. jenifer says:

    So cannot wait!! I love anything an everthing about true blood !! I wanna see when they are going to bring the fairies back… or if laffyette will handle that witch…. cant wait!:)

  30. jwalker9 says:

    Great, I’m excited to see him on the show! The only thing that is driving me crazy this season is the whole Eric and Sookie thing!!! She belongs with Bill….I cringe every time her and Eric are together!!!

  31. Brittney says:

    For those that say Scott Foley is too “PG” and couldn’t see him as a military man- he was a FANTASTIC member of The Unit! Very convincing and realistic!

  32. Devon says:

    Patrick Furnan, is that you?

    • AndyLuvr says:

      I was wondering about that: he’s a little young to be Patrick Furnan though isn’t he? He’ll probably be an amalgamation of PF and the sniper shooting the weres in Season 5. Or not. I don’t care. Just yay! Love, love, love Scott Foley!

  33. Melis says:

    I have enjoyed both very much! Did you know the writer is from AR? I’m enjoying watching Alcide very much. I hate that it only has a few shows left, what, like 2. I also wish they would have expounded on the Claudette,Claude, and Claudine a little bit more. Just more pretty to enjoy!

  34. Lulu says:

    I LOVE everything about the show, INCLUDING the witches. Would like to know more about the faeries, but I’m sure that will come. I’m sure Scott’s character will rawk, too! SOo..haters…feel free to change the channel. Kthanks.

  35. bloodfan706 says:

    I am loving this witch storyline. Great so far can’t wait to see how its all pulled together. I would like to see zombies introduced somehow. Maybe a virus in the blood that turns humans to zombies and the vamps have to save mankind. Who wants to drink fake blood for eternity? Just a thought.

  36. AndyLuvr says:

    OMG. I don’t care what character Scott Foley plays. Love him. Welcome to Bon Temps!

  37. Andrew Mancia says:

    Is sookie going to sleep with him next?

    • Guess says:

      There’s, technically, the problem that Sookie is still Eric’s – or so he thought before he lost his memories – so they would have to adress that before she can move on to any other male character.

  38. Amm says:

    I would love to see the Quinn character just for were tiger part. That would be an awesome visual. I can gladly skip the part where Sookie sleeps with him. In the books, she wishes she hadn’t. But maybe we will get to see Sam do the lion.

  39. Helen says:

    I also hate the witch story! Love Sookie & Bill together. Eric has no sex appeal whatsoever!!

  40. Bill says:

    I am watching the season now and somewhat happy with it. I so want Bill to rip out Marnie’s throat and end the witch revenge trip. Alcide is better with Sookie, he is the coolest character in my opinion. I kind of like Marcus too. I really don’t know where the show is going really. It is pretty fun to watch though. Guilty pleasure for me.

  41. EJ says:

    To all the haters, this is a FANTASY/SCIFI type show and you really do need to check reality in at the door before you sit down to watch.And don’t rag on the books until you’ve actually read them and can honestly appreciate how Alan Ball and his team have done an amazing job adapting the series to television, whilst maintaining a lot of their own creativity. I can’t wait to see Scott Foley in this new role! He’s great in everything I’ve seen him in so I bet he’ll bring some awesome to this role too.

  42. lynn says:

    One of my favorite series, like the witches, just they need to not focus as much on them the show is true blood, not true witches…
    and yes I agree, eric lost his sex appeal when he turned good, for some reason it worked with Bill. bill and sookie belong together and then Bad eric can sneak in now and again : )

  43. Caity says:

    Personally, I want to see somebody play Bubba.

    • meri says:

      I agree.. we need Bubba and Quinn.. and wth is up with Debbie Pelt, she never liked Sookie! Her sister Sandra needs to have a reason for revenge :) I love the books and the series

    • livvyrose says:

      Amen to seeing Bubba come outta the coffin. Thank goodness the freaky ghost woman and her horrible nails down a blackboard song is finished. Thought it couldn’t get any worse then Lafayette called her bitch. Honestly how embarassing.

  44. truebie says:

    Alcide is WAY hotter than Bill or Eric…

  45. Alcide is hot says:

    And I’d be absolutely thrilled if Quinn showed up on tv. That scene in the book in the kitchen! Sizzling. And how he calls sookie “babe”. “lover” seems a bit wussy

  46. inglorious reader says:

    Eric is by far my fav character! I could have done without the icon factor of the Marianne storyline, but live everything else. I wish Russell could have lasted longer.
    I can not wait to see what shows up in Bon Temp with Mr. Foley!

  47. Bethni says:

    I cant believe i’m in a minority here, but i love Eric and Sookie together….Bill always seemed a tad tame to me.How can you say Eric has no sex appeal? Come on he’s …wow…wow….I mean hot! I’m loving Alcide too. Don’t get me wrong, i like Bill but i prefer him as the love lorn puppy and Eric as the lion lol. The series rocks wether it’s like the books or not, both the same but so different lol

  48. Val says:

    What I don’t understand is WHY they’ve gone so far from the books. I mean I totally understand adapting books for screen, it’s always done and there is always a little taken away and a little added. But this is so far off course, it makes it frustrating to watch if you’ve read the books. I keep telling myself that it’s different, but still having read the entire series it’s a hard thing to do. One keeps finding themselves comparing where they are at in the series to the books. I think that’s why people are so up and down about their opinions. Don’t get me wrong, I love the show and while I can do with less of “controlled” Erik and the Shapeshifters story, and even the witches is getting old, I will continue to watch it and keep telling myself to stop comparing this to the books, lol.

  49. damnitsvan says:

    I always got the gay vibe from Terry… I dunno. I might be wrong, but I always thought he and Lafyette were gonna get it on, either that or He’s part of some army cult a la Buffy season 5.

  50. LCLCanada says:

    As a reader of Charlaine Harris’ fantastic series I have to say that Alan Ball and the entire TB gang are doing a fantastic job of following the books yet making it new, fun and at times truly creepy. The witches are great as far as I’m concerned and I like how the other characters are being developed further. The only thing I thought was odd was how fast the whole fairy storyline got dropped…not that I really enjoyed them. Loving Eric!!! Alex Skarsgard is nailing “amnesia Eric” perfectly. Looking forward to next season already.