True Blood Recap: Three's Company?

You know the drill: If you haven’t seen this week’s episode of True Blood yet, don’t read this story until you have. That is, unless you’re a spoiler whore and wanna read all about it now. In which case, here we go…

A lot happened — and we’ll get to it — but what you’re likeliest to discuss over the watercooler Monday morning is the dream threesome Sookie initiated between herself, Eric and Bill. Personally, I thought, as pretty as everyone looked in that nice, gauzy lighting, it felt like filler. She’s in love with them both. We get it. Moving on…

Oh, and in case you hadn’t guessed, no, Sookie did not die from the gunshot wound she sustained last week. In fact, as soon as she recovered, her general “Where’s Eric?”-ness so turned off Alcide that he went and committed himself to pack politics for Debbie’s sake. This immediately got him in trouble, as Marcus’ first order of business was beating the crap out of Sam… who turned out to be Tommy incognito. (I’m hoping his taking Sam’s place at the smackdown was his way of redeeming himself, but you never know with Tommy.)

Meanwhile, Nan played what would have ordinarily been the Pam scene with Jessica (where was Pam, anyway?!); Jason rebuffed Jessica again, then, ever classy, boffed her in the back of his pick-up about two seconds later; Debbie started doing V like it was Jell-O shots at last call; Antonia ordered Eric to kill Bill; and Lafayette and Jesus finally concluded their episode of Ghost Whisperer by digging up Mavis and her baby.

So about that almost three-way? Did you feel like you’d seen hotter on Skinemax? Or did it get you all hot and bothered? Let the debate rage on below…

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Dennis says:

    I don’t care about that scene. I loved gthe scene in the back of the pick-up. That’s what made it worth watching.

  2. Alan says:

    Love Nan…She always reminds me of the spokesman for the American Petroleum Institute. Actually the other way around…always think of Nan Flannagan and the
    AVL when I see their commercials.

  3. Will says:

    The Lafayette scenes were the best for me. I didn’t care for most of the rest, especially not the shifter/wolf stuff.

  4. mary says:

    I just want Eric to get his memory back. I’m so sick of Alan Ball shoving Bill down our throats. Sookie/Bill had 3 seasons give Sookie/Eric a chance or just stop making it so cheesy.

  5. Mike says:

    Why focus on the Sookie/Bill/Eric dream? The Lafayette/Jesus/Mavis story what was makes the show so good.

  6. GT says:

    Tonight, we saw another “out of the park” performance from Nelsan Ellis. Wow! the Guy is talented!

    • Rachel says:

      agree with this … i kept saying to my husband – isn’t he great? omg he’s so amazing .. blah blah blah… really amazing

  7. julie says:

    This has to be my least favorite episode of the season. That scene (and last week’s “shower” scene) totally down my love for this season. (Though I have to say I loved that they changed Eric’s hairdo in the dream! Yummers!!!) But please bring old Eric (or at least more Eric…. we barely saw him this week!!!) and let’s just tie all the backstories too! I’m pissed at Jason for not keeping at the bro code but whatever.. and seriously how can he be done with those werepanthers???

    I can’t wait for Antonia whatever to be gone and have old Eric back!!!!!

  8. R says:

    Seriously, I thought this episode was a joke and poorly written. The dream sequence could have had substance but the music was cheesy, the scenes were cheesy and no matter how hot Eric is, even he couldn’t pull me into it. Sookie was just so OTT. I loved Jason with Lafayette, hated Jason sleeping with Jessica. The whole Lafayette/Mavis deal was a big WTF? Seriously could have been a good story there if written well. Sam is so blah to me, I don’t care a thing about him, Tommy or his problems. The only thing in this show that I would pause my DVR for is Alcide’s backside. That body. Goodness. I truly, truly want Eric back to his old self in some capacity so he can kick Marney/Antonia, whatever her name is, behind. It should be him. Not Bill, Sookie, Nan or Tara’s simple behind. It should be an Eric/Pam double team taking her out. I don’t understand how TB can give me an episode that has me loving every second and then the next having me smh in disappointment. It’s a seesaw. I love my TB characters. Not loving all of the stories.

    • ultimate troll says:

      Well don’t you just have a complaint for everything, bless your heart.

    • Fudgefase says:

      Actually, I’m inclined to agree. That was one tight a**. Lol. But seriously, I also felt that this weeks episode floundered about looking for a plotline to follow. I can’t believe that they wrapped the ‘cursed doll/ghostly Mavis’ up like that (though MUCH kudos for Nelson, again – consistently the best actor in this whole series. The witches v vampire fight just disappeared into the ether (we followed Sookie and Alcide, while the vamps were getting taken apart outside) and there was no real tie-up to that. The doll storyline unfortunately fizzled out (though hopefully they can buy the kid a nice clean Elmo toy instead of that foul, dirty looking doll) and the new Eric just got lost in this one. Sookie was also a pain in the tonsils this episode, and the ‘Festival of Tolerance’ ending didn’t make any sense at all. Really hating the witches storyline. Really, really finding it insubstantive and irritating.

  9. sladewilson says:

    Sam gettin’ his swerve on with Luna and Jason bumpin’ and grindin’ wit Jess was the best parts of the show. The rest… eh, it was alright…

  10. Martin says:

    Ba*&$#ds did it again, major cliffhanger at the end of the episode to keep me good and tortured until next week. Lafayette performance was really good, the whole Sookie Bill Eric thing, nothing really happened, i was sort of waiting for Bill and Eric to kiss, and speaking of that, sort of, True Blood always has pretty vivid sex scenes, so when are we gonna see a Lafayette/Jesus one, they had no problem with Tara and her girlfriend so why not?. Overall, can-not wait until next week, and the promo at the end made the wait even worse, this season was a bit of a slow start but definitely picking up ground now anyway, loving it at the moment.

  11. Martin says:

    Also, the whole Sam/Luna thing is boring, am so sick of listening to that, and totally agree with the commenter about Alcides back side.

  12. Hali says:

    Watched this in Spanish when I turned to HBO Latino by accident. Stayed because they spoke in Spanish-accented Spanish… so. funny. An experience I recommend at least once if you have the channel.

  13. Robert says:

    This week’s episode was sooo good…. I didn’t like the possession storyline with Lafyette that much, but it was entertaining this week. Everything was soooo addictive to watch this week, but the sad part is as mentioned above, No Pam…. :-( Sad she wasn’t in the episode considering that Eric is her maker and is under the possession of Antonia. However, I feel she will be in next week’s episode, at least I hope. Also, Debbie finally did something worthy and something that made me not dislike her character. I think if she keeps doing what she’s doing, I will grow to like her, except with the drinking of the V.

    • suz says:

      Debie is helping so she gets rid of the girl her boyfriend cannot stay away from and to get access to a vamp to suck directly from it. She is two streets past crazy! Do not trust her.

  14. sookie says:

    The episode was confounding. Eric is a bloody puppet. The threesome was so rated G. Marnie seems to have powers that defy the equilibrium. And Sookie was perfect (Anna, bless you for being SOO talented!!!), but not quite situated–for starters, she needs to have more influence over Eric, fer christ sake! Sookie is a fairy–Marnie is an old dead witch!

  15. Martin says:

    Just Wondered, how did it end last week with Bill being trapped under chains and then this week he is free at the start of the episode without any explanation and did miss Pam, also i think Debby was trying to drive off without Sookie but her car wouldn’t start.

    • silly says:

      I think you missed one episode… ;)

      • Fudgefase says:

        No, he’s right. Bill had just been grabbed by a bunch of witches and bound. Next scene he’s chasing Alcide. No explanation – no resolve to the ‘battle’. D – for storywriting effort this week.

        • SadieCakes says:

          Bill’s hands and feet weren’t bound, he had silver placed on the side of his face. When he sensed Sookie being in need of help, if you remember, he exclaimed “Sookie,” he was distracted thinking of her as the witch laid the silver on Bill’s face. However, The pain he was feeling from the silver was not painful enough to keep him from moving the silver off himself to free himself to run to Sookie. When he got to Alcide and bumped him during the opening last night, he got Sookie to the couch, and his face was already healed where the silver was placed. I totally agree and wish they showed the ending of the vamp/witch fight to see what happened and all that good stuff.

  16. sookie says:

    One more observation, Alex and Stephen are also wonderfully talented. Bill has some great material this season–Alex has been short schrifted. Pam was absent from episode 9–bad call… Loved Tara and the rebellious witches!

  17. Chris says:

    BEST EPISODE of the series so far. Why all the hating? Don’t watch it if you don’t like it.

  18. lethargic says:

    What was the point of Sookie getting shot? Was it simply so they could have a cliffhanger last week?

    Pre credits, Sookie won’t drink Bill’s blood and is going to die, the vampire and werewolf are praying, things are look dire, something crazy is going to have to happen to save poor Sookie!!

    Post credits, Sookie is completely fine, nothing happened whatsoever, and no explanation of how.

    • shaun says:

      Fairy self-healing?XD

    • silly says:

      eric’s blood?

    • Dr. Matt says:

      After the opening credits, she thanked Bill for his blood. Pre-credits, we were just teased that she might not drink his blood, but she was barely conscious and that’s why she wasn’t.

      Best line of the night … Terry, upon seeing Mavis’ ghost leave Lafayette’s body: “What the F&*k?” … couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m so glad that storyline is done. It was stupid – we already knew Lafayette was a medium after he was possessed by Jesus’ uncle.

    • Fudgefase says:

      There was a lot of really unsatisfactory stuff this episode. Poor writing.

  19. Desdemona says:

    I didn’t think the threeway or the quickie in the back of the pickup was very sexy. Bored. Hoyt/Jessica had way more build up and actual story to it than Jessica/Jason, and at this point I think Sookie is stupid for not giving Alcide the time of day unless she needs his help. I loved the Scooby gang that convened at Hoyt’s place, though, to solve the great Mavis mystery.

  20. ellysha says:

    i felt like most of this episode, not only the threesome, was filler. barely anything happened. it only got interesting in about the last ten minutes! also, where the hell was pam??

  21. Auds says:

    The scenes with Lafayette & Jesus normally can tend to be a little ridiculous, but it ended up being the best part of the episode! I just wish Sookie would quit with her BS “where’s Eric” charade through this whole season.

  22. River says:

    Simply because we do love the show doesn’t mean we have to love every single episode, story line or twist. Something wrong with having a different opinion than yours? I don’t fault you for loving last nights episode so why do you care how other’s thought of it? The only opinion that matters to me, and should matter to you, is our own.

  23. Kristen N. says:

    Worst episode of the season.

  24. Liz says:

    I thought it was a GREAT episode!! I loved it.
    – The dream was really cool (wow Anna, I wish I had a body like yours!), I love a feminist Sookie, lol! Why indeed couldn’t THEY be hers?! I bet the three of them laughed a lot when they shot this!
    But yeah, the dream was there to show us & to show Sookie herself that she still loves Bill.

    – The scenes between Debbie & Sookie were very good too. I liked Debbie in this ep, which is amazing.
    – Alcide being a good guy, Marcus being a coward, Tommy trying to protect his big brother.
    – Finally, the Mavis storyline is over. Now Lafayette & Jesus can help the vamps.
    – Jason & Jessica are GREAT! Hoyt was such an *ss with his “monster box!”

    • Laurel says:

      I enjoyed the episode too.
      It was good to see the old Eric again even if it was in a dream.

      I think the Eric / Sookie storyline will be more interesting when Eric is back to himself and his memories of this time are restored.
      That takes awhile though.

      Crazy jealous Debbie is so much more fun to watch than domesticated Debbie.

    • Rachel says:

      really – you liked anna’s body? ugh – i thought OMG she’s way too thin.

  25. TVDIVA says:

    We only have three episodes left so I would appreciate no more dream sequences that can be summed up in five seconds/words – Sookie loves Eric and Bill. Moving on… I think the whole Mavis storyline was to show Lafayette and Jesus with powers at full throttle. Now they can team up with Sookie and break Antonia’s spells and banish her forever. I think Jason will feel so guilty he will as Jessica to glamour him. Terry is gonna have a Bellefleur intervention with Andy. I hope witch boy Roy gets killed by Antonia. Tommy was being his cocky self when he went to Marcus. He will probably die from the injuries which is fine with me. New Debbie is freaking me out! The writers have done a terrific job keeping us guessing as to what she will do next The same with Antonia. Anyone notice that while Russell gutted one newscaster, Antonia gutted three bodyguards using the sheriffs of LA? Let’s hope the last three episodes are as good as this one (and have no dream sequences.

  26. JD says:

    That 3 way conversation scene was horrible. I think it completely jumped the shark on the tone of the show. A car wreck of an episode.

  27. HRU says:

    I gotta agree about the shooting of Sookie and the Silvering of Bill at the end of last week in the grave yard. What was the point? I hope that this season we will see The real Eric and his interactions with Sookie as he tries to remember what happened.I am team Eric no wait team Bill wait wait Eric.. Bill.. Oh hell Kill Tommy

  28. Ashley says:

    Well I liked it.

  29. toni says:

    I fast forwarded the B/E/S scene because I just can’t stomach that girl ,Eww… Alcide,Lafayette,Jason,Tara, the couple with the baby (can’t remember their names) are the only reason I watch the show. I know the show can’t please everyone, so fast forward the crap that doesn’t interest you and you will still feel satisfied.

  30. Danielle H. says:

    I loved seeing old Eric again. He’s 10x hotter as badass Eric. Hopefully we get him back before season’s end!

  31. BBussey says:

    How the Lafayette/Jesus/Mavis storyline concluded foreshadowed how Marnie/Antonia are going to be separated. I get the feeling that Jesus is the key to dispatching Antonia.