The Glee Project Comes Down to the Final Four: Who Should Win? Vote Now!

Season 1 of The Glee Project, Oxygen’s frothy summer treat to find the next breakout cast member of Fox’s megahit Glee, comes to a conclusion Sunday night (9/8 c). The show’s sometimes hard-to-decipher judging methodology — one week’s elimination is based on singing ability, the next on professionalism, the one after that on who inspires Glee creator Ryan Murphy to write a new character — means there’s no real front-runner heading into the season finale, but that’s not going to stop me from ranking the final four:

1) Lindsay: She’s gotten the “inauthentic” theater-kid edit, so she probably won’t win it all, but girlfriend pops on screen more than any of her competitors, and her impressive pipes and solid acting chops often make her rivals look like members of a middling high-school drama club.

2) Samuel: Ryan Murphy’s sudden obsession with the dreadlocked hottie’s Christian beliefs — a character trait that also made him enamored of cast dropout Cameron — makes him a good bet for the win, and he’s certainly got enough charisma and vocal ability to position himself as a viable alternative to Lindsay.

3) Damian: Previous work as part of Celtic Thunder gives him a built-in fanbase, but his vocal work on The Glee Project has been surprisingly uninspired. Irish accent has been his distinguishing character trait to date, but hard to fault him in the looks and charm department.

4) Alex: His last few “sing for your life” solos have been undeniably powerful, but his haughty and entitled on-set behavior make his Glee dreams hard to get behind. Sometime drag queen is severely lacking in the camp and comedy departments, too.

Are you with me on my Glee Project rankings, or do you see it a different way? Sound off in the poll below, then hit the comments to share your pre-finale opinions! And for all my reality commentary and recaps (including a rundown of tonight’s season finale) follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. GJ says:

    Anybody but Samuel!

    • jeremy basham says:

      i think damian should have been gone a long time ago. alex is a great singer, but he’s just a male version of mercedes plus who needs another high ranged gay guy. we already have kurt. lindsays beautiful and can sing really well, but she’s too much like rachel, not really an individual. i think the winner should be samuel becaus i think he would add a different style to the show. he’s an amazing singer plus he has some amazing dreads…lol

    • Dee says:

      I agree we don’t need another Rachel character – Lindsay can go.

      • mike says:

        That’s stupid to say that… she on’t be playing herself ! She will have a charachter of her own… it would be like saying that Heather is as stupid as Brittany !

        • Rowan says:

          The point of this competition was to create a character that Ryan and the writing staff will then write to. Lindsay has ripped off everyone who does anything that gets attention. She calls people amazing simply because they walk into a room. She doesn’t mean anything she does. She’s a transparent in her behavior and I’m glad Nikki has made a point of letting Ryan know.

          • Duck Wellington says:

            Agreed. And thats why I think Lindsey won’t win. You want to have the people you work with like you and honestly, I don’t think Nikki and Ryan really care for Lindsey. Damien seems the most genuine and I think Alex could be likeable to an extent. He’s funny. But I am only making a judgement of people I don’t know. But actions speak louder than words and Lindsey’s actions scream bloody hell.

        • Teri says:

          WEll Ryan has said on more than one occasion that he wants to see them …the real them so he can write for them. I agree that we don’t need another Rachel. It is time to change up Glee a bit. We don’t want it to get stale. I think he uses their real personalities to generate what he writes.

        • Kathy's says:

          Damian s accent rocks there’s nothing wro ng with him or is accent. At least he did act fake or some of the rest did.Ilove his reaction every time he made the callbk list. Love that Irish accent.

      • Jake says:

        Either SAM, LINDSAY or DAMIEN should win, but I wanted Damien to be the next Glee kid. :P If Alex wins, well, that’d be a BIG joke…

    • anninvt says:

      Need to consider the demographics of who watch Glee….based on that, it should be Damien. Not saying I agree…but you need viewers and people to buy the merchandise…just saying

      • rowan says:

        Based on the demographics Samuel should be the one. Looking different, yet sexy with a great voice.

        I hope it’s Damien, though. Ryan said it isn’t who you’d expect and Samuel was the one we all expect. If it’s Alex, then Ryan’s been lying about how their behavior behind the scenes matters. Alex is a diva and not worth the hassle. I won’t watch Glee if he’s on it. He was so mean to Matthias,

  2. Tyra says:


  3. Dan says:

    As long as Lindsay or Samuel wins, I’ll be happy.

  4. Nina says:

    When Ryan mentioned that Damian would be fun to write for because Britney would never be able to understand him, right then he became my favorite. The show could definitely use more comedy.

  5. Eva says:

    I really don’t like any of them.. Damian’s accent drives me crazy, Alex on my screen drives me crazy, don’t get Samuel at all and Lindsay is the same character as Rachel.. but if I had to choose, I’d go with her, at least she sings well.

  6. Lamia says:


  7. Jennifer says:

    I like All of them but Alex so Go Lindsay Samuel and Damian

  8. MaryKate says:

    wanted Cameron to win but oh well.. If he can’t win might as well be his best friend Damian… TEAM DAMIAN.. But I think Ryan Murphy will still put Cameron on the show.. HOPEFULLY!!!

  9. Kendal says:

    Samuel should win for me. He’s the only one I can really see fitting in with the rest of the cast. He brings something different to the table.
    If not, Lindsay would be a great addition. Really do not see what is so special about Damian. He makes me feel nervous and surely his accent is of some concern? And don’t even get me started on Alex.

    • Debbie says:

      Samuel always seems to be confused and I don’t think we really know him. He has changed to be what Ryan wants. I think he is giving us a sales job.

  10. champmav says:

    Any of them can do it. Whether they’re liked by the masses will depend upon the way their character is written. And stop hating on Lindsay, she’s just a victim of selective editing.

  11. Natalie says:

    I know who wins i pretty sure its Alex. On the Radio Amber and Kevin were talking about glee and the said that they met Alex recently. Amber then suddenly said. mabe we said to much and quickly went on to the next thing

    • Jill says:

      Alex tweeted about meeting Amber recently at the Glee movie premiere. Kevin, of course, saw him last week on the show (or was that 2 weeks ago?)

  12. Maybelibe50 says:


  13. sarahlou says:

    I love the Irish fella but I think Lyndsey will win as pretty sure there was talk of a new female glee club member but no casting info yet. We have had info for the other new cast members.

    • Captain says:

      The female that hasn’t been cast is kind of a tough biker chick if I remember correctly (Although, that could change at any moment. We never got Rachel’s Christian rival or Mercedes hip-hop boyfriend either) I can’t see that being Lindsay.

  14. Aubry says:

    Damien should have been gone first week. He can’t act, dance and his singing is nothing special. WTF people but be a group of 12 year olds voting over and over.

    I say Samuel. I was not initially a fan but he won me over more and more week after week. He is intriguing and he is the most different than the originals on Glee. He looks different and adds a different sound. Besides he is so interesting to look at. Eyes Baby Eyes

  15. scooterbeanbag says:

    Damian is the only one I can see on Glee, especially for the role Ryan is creating for the winner.

    Since Ryan never does anything I like, I’m sure it’ll be Alex or Samuel.

  16. Captain says:

    Samuel is definitely my pick. I think he’s add something unique and different to the show but Lindsay would be an awesome rival to Rachel. I’d love for a kind of All About Eve storyline with her, something they seemed to be doing with Charice but kind of backed out of. Damien is just way too one dimensional and Alex has no range.

    • Jann says:

      Eh, no more stupid rivalries for Rachel. I think Rachel will be too involved with her big decision (to stay in Ohio—with Finn, or go to New York), her mom returning, and graduating to be focused on that. Maybe, a rivalry for Santana or even Quinn?

  17. Justin H says:

    You all have to remember this is a “reality” show so there’s a lot of editing going on! If I look back at most of the episodes, theres a bit of something in each one that I like and don’t like. They choose to air what they want. Vocal prowess and storyline in my opinion goes 70% to alex, 20% to Samuel, because they’ll need another hearthrob with blondie lips not coming back this season, and 10% to Damian just because he is downright adorable!!

  18. marlisa says:

    I think Lindsay should win. She’s been consistent from the very beginning; she’s amazing at acting and singing and I think she would be a great addition to the cast.

  19. Captain says:

    Based on overall talent, I’d say these are perfect rankings. However, based on likelihood of winning it would be 1) Samuel, 2) Damien, 3) Lindsay, 4) Alex.

  20. angelstorm says:

    I want Lindsay to win . . . but she won’t – I don’t particularly find either Samuel or Alex very likable at all so I’d rather they didn’t win. So I guess I’ll go for Damian – even though I’m not quite convinced about his vocal ability at all . . .

    • scooterbeanbag says:

      Perfect vocal ability shouldn’t matter much since they’re all enhanced for the studio versions we hear on TV.

      Not to mention, Cory Monteith has lasted this long and he’s average at best.

  21. Click says:

    Cameron was the clear winner but with him out, I guess I don’t care who wins as long as it’s not Alex. Samuel would make a poor replacement of Cameron for Christi
    Ian boy. I hope Ryan Murphy doesn’t make that error.

  22. Kate says:

    DAMIAN OR LINDSAY!!!!! or both? :)

  23. cecilia says:

    I think that Damian should win, but i think that Lindsay is going to win. In the begining of Glee Project it was said that if guy won the show, he would date Mercedes on Glee, but it is already know who is going to be Mercede’s boyfriend on the show. So i think that Lindsay is the winner .x

    P.s: sorry if there are some mistakes in my comment, english is my second language xp

  24. namirayasqi says:

    I think the winner whether Damian or Samuel. Damian is such a new character for the glee,and so far none of the rest glee cast is Irish,right?:)
    Samuel is not only an amazingly rock-boy-band but he also a christian-boy,and of course,he can be the new love for Quinn. In my opinion :D

  25. SpeckyGit says:

    I’m fine with Alex. Nearly all the Glee characters are obnoxious from time to time – stalker Kurt, scary Quinn, weasel Finn. Alex does have a wonderful voice and is vocally creative. An openly gay balck youth opens up some great story lines.

    But when you look at their last two additions, Darren Criss and Chord Overstreet, you have to guess they will go for Damian, a genuinely likable teen idol type.

    Team Samuel personally. Sexy straight androgyny is rare and wonderful. Bowie, Jagger, Morrison…. Samuel could go there – open up whole new catalogs – the first Glee cast member to rap believably.

  26. Jake says:

    Lindsay or Damian!!! i cant see Samuel or Alex fitting in with the cast at all. Yeah Alex is a great singer but we already have alot of gay storylines on Glee and the only story glee hasnt explored is the making a Guy bisexual but doubt Alex could do that and then the fact that hes pretty much Kurt/mercedes together. as for Samuel i really liked him the first couple weeks but idk when but i just stopped liking him and his voice didnt even sound that great anymore. And the whole religious thing bothers me like ohh because Ryan wants a christian character all of a sudden he wants to tell people hes religious like he should of been upfront with it from the beginning like cameron and not hidden it because it makes him look desperate unfortunately. just stating my opinion and i know everyone else has their own opinion. Anyways seeing all four on Glee would be cool maybe the ones that dont win could be lead singers for rival schools.

  27. Paul says:

    as much as I hate to say it… Alex is going to win. Ryan is obsessed with him and sadly he’s going to win. GLEE does not need another gay character Kurt,Blaine,Santana,Karofsky…. Plus I don’t like alex at all.

    • Kendal says:

      This is my worry. And I feel like saying this will cause offensive although I do not mean to cause it at all; if Alex does win, it’s because of his sexuality (and because of Ryan’s). The last thing the show needs is another gay character; it’s not going to help the accusation that Glee has a gay agenda (although it doesn’t…)

  28. delainey combs says:

    I absolutely loved Cameron, but since he can’t be there to win it all, I want Damian to win.(: He’s the best out of everybody that’s left. I just want anyone but Alex to win. He was a meaneyface to Mathews! >:(

  29. Intrigue says:

    I hope Samuel just because he seem’s unique. I think it would be a really bad idea to cast Lindsay. The show already has a Rachel Berry and they are going to saddle it with a poor man’s version of the character?

    • Jann says:

      EXACTLY. Even though Rachel is obnoxious and annoying, she’s likeable. Who dosen’t love Rachel, really. The cherry on top is that Lea Michele is extremely likeable. Lindsey is not likeable and I will scream bloody murder if she is the character suppose to replace Rachel. She just grates me, and I can already see myself fast forwarding any scences she is in. *barf*

  30. Janet says:

    Damian will likely win although it strikes me as odd to cast a person who can’t sing, can’t act, can’t dance, and needs to be subtitled in every episode, on Glee. He’s nice enough though.

    I just don’t want Samuel to win. He is disgusting. He needs to take a bath. And I have to deal with insane xtians enough in real life, so Ryan Murphy’s idea for his character does nothing to excite me.

    • susan says:

      Cory Monteith can’t sing, act, or dance, yet they’ve kept him around. Damian’s accent is not so thick that subtitles would be needed. Maybe you need to clean out your ears if you’re having trouble understanding him.

  31. Romain says:

    I was rooting for Marissa or Hannah, but both got evicted the first time they went to the last chance performance, which is pretty unfair considering that both Damian and Alex went four times and are in the final.

    All bitterness put aside, I think I know who wins it based on what we know from Sue’s storyline next season which is said to include the winner of this competition. I may be mistaken, if so the surprise would be welcome.

    I’ll be fine with either Lindsay or Damian taking it. I like Samuel as a person and as a singer but he has shown time and again that he has absolutely no acting range and Alex is just completely unnecessary to the show. The only character I could see him as would be the lovechild of Kurt and Mercedes in a fantasy sequence set 20 years in the future… and that fantasy sequence would most definitely not be spread over seven episodes.

  32. Dawnie D says:

    Anyone but Alex, please.

  33. Lauren says:

    Love this so much. You nailed it on the head, all Damian’s got going for him is that he’s adorable and has an Irish accent. It’s pretty obvious that there’s no long-term character ideas for him. All they’ve said was that Brittany would have trouble understanding what he says. That’d be funny the first couple of times, then where do you go? They’re building on the Christian rocker thing for Samuel, and the “love child of Kurt and Mercedes” for Alex. That’s got actual potential, not just a one-joke thing like they’ve got for Damian.

    Not even going to comment on Lindsey, she just brings nothing.

  34. Annaelle says:

    Damian can sing. He has a pretty deep voice that we can’t hear in the Glee cast yet. And we cannot say that he can’t act because we didn’t really see the contenders acting yet, or maybe in one episode (cf. ep.8 believability) and i didn’t find him so bad at acting… For dancing, this is true that he’s not the best (maybe he’s the worst) dancer of the contenders. But Ryan Murphy said that the winner would be given acting and dance lessons. So it doesn’t really matter. I’m rooting for Damian.
    (sorry is there are some mistakes, english is -also- my second language)

  35. jenn says:

    I think they should just stick the winner in the background for the required 7 episodes and forget this mess ever happened…

    Or Lindsay.

  36. DameronLover says:

    oh! i hope damian win!, i love him. Really, cameron is my favourite, and still today i cant understand why he left the glee project. I love damian too. He is my favourite too, i love when his eyesbrows move while he is acting and singing, he is so cute. I LOVE HIM. I AM A DAMERON LOVER!, DAM:DAMIAN, AMERON:CAMERON, i love both. I LOVE GLEE, ALL OF THE GLEE CAST, INCLUDING CAMERON AND DAMIAN ARE THE BEST! xoxo

  37. topsyturvy says:

    Didn’t the preview show us Alex once again breaking out the middle-age Medea drag for his final performance? Gurrrl down.

  38. Sivat says:

    Lindsay is a fake-ass bitch, so I hope she doesn’t win.
    Alex is just awful. If he wins, I don’t even think I’ll be able to stomach Season 3 of the main series.
    I used to like Samuel but now he’s too Christian for me.
    I’ve liked Damian all along, so out of these four, he’s my pick.

  39. Sami says:

    Anyone but Samuel

  40. Duck Wellington says:

    Ugh, can we stratch all of these contestants and start over? Lindsey is 100% fake to me, c’mon guys remember her “kiss” with Cameron, her crying for Nikki and if she was SUCH a great actress like Michael seems to think (although, I dont know WHY because I’ve never seen her with a script, a twinkle in the eye during music videos does not make someone a good actress) people wouldn’t be able to see through her BULL.

    Damien will win, he will be easy to write in and write out

    I don’t understand all the love for Sameuel. He has one look and tries to hard for me. Next. Next. Next.


    Regardless of who wins, dont make any of them a love interest to anyone. Grosssss.

  41. raelee514 says:


    If Hannah was still there. AS SHE SHOULD BE! I would be torn between the two of them would probably try to judge on how they do tonight. But since she’s not there because Ryan and whoever was ridiculously STUPID and didn’t cut her.

    Damian is the only one that deserves it, would work with the current cast and as I said DESERVES IT.

  42. Kevin says:

    Unfortunately, fangirls can be very shallow and go strictly how cute a guy looks. It’ll be Damian. While Lindsay is the most talented and Samuel could bring a whole new vibe to the show -the fangirls rule this show and it will be Damian. It’s a shame though that Ryan Murphy would go to the lowest denominator to cast a new character which is basically a replacement for Finn -but what can you do? Hopefully there will be more diversity in new characters next year when some of the core characters graduate.

  43. Jill says:

    Team Damian all the way. The judges even mentioned last week that his character “writes itself”. Sam has the same look week after week, Lindsay is Rachel 2.0,and Alex is too much of a diva.

  44. Grace says:

    Michael, generally you and I are on the same page (and maybe on some level we are because more than anything I’d love for Emily to make a shocker reappearance and win it all, and I think you might agree), but I have to totally disagree with these rankings. I think it goes:

    1) Damian: I’ve been scratching my head for weeks trying to figure out why Damian bothers you so – I find the kid distinctly inoffensive, which shoots him right up to the top of this pack for me. I think he’s got a pleasant enough voice, and he’s actually quite charming.

    2) Alex: I do totally get why you hate Alex – I’ve had kind of a love/hate thing with him all season – but I’m actually intrigued by the character they’re trying to create for him, especially if that character gives more screen time to the criminally underused Amber Riley.

    3) Lindsay: Reality TV editing or no, I truly believe that this girl is the real life Rachel Berry, and I LOVE that and I think it’s AWESOME and anyone who disagrees with you that this girl has the best acting and singing chops on the show is wrong. HOWEVER, the last thing the show needs is another Rachel Berry. One is MORE than enough, and if they’re trying to find a Rachel Berry 2.0 to replace the first one when she graduates, that worries me.

    4) Samuel: I just… hate him. I find myself cringing every time he opens his stupid mouth or tries to smolderingly stare me to death through the tv . Am I alone here? I mean, he’s a talented kid, but holy Jesus, the producers could bring a real live, walking, talking screwdriver out on stage and it’d be less of a gigantic frackin tool than Samuel. Gross.

    • Katherine says:

      Agree. Underused Amber Riley? She gets just as much screen time as the rest of the supporting characters. Glee has a big cast, its hard to give everyone a big 3 or 4 episode arc. And yes, Rachel is featured in every episode with a 8-10 episode arc but she’s the main character and lead and Lea Michele is recoginzed as that in awards catergories. I guess Amber will have story time this year with her new beau, but she’s not graduating so she can stay hidden until S4. I could see Alex playing Mercedes brother, remember she said he had a brother in S1 when she asked Quinn to stay with her. Alex dosen’t have to play a ‘gay’ character, Chris Colfer orginally tried out for Artie and Neil Patrick Harris plays it straight, and the guy from Modern Family isn’t really gay. However, this granted that not all those guys are as flamboyant as Alex, but still acting is acting. Lindsey is talented, but so are thousands of other girls who are actually likeable. I don’t consider Lindsey to be a real life Rachel, she seems more like a real life Quinn. . .who can sing. I totally totally totally agree with you about Samuel. Ugh, if he dosent win. I’ll be satisfied.

  45. Babygate says:

    I think Lindsey is uber talented but I don’t think they will give it to a girl. Damian is adorable but he’s inconsistent. I vote for Samuel although I did not like it when he took credit for ad-libing a rap line that wasn’t his. But really, I’d vote for anyone but Alex and his unbearable diva behavior. Talent is not everything and professional he is not. I cannot see him on set with the rest of the Glee cast. I think he would bring tension from the get go…

  46. Dasha says:

    A few people brought up an interesting comment. Why wasn’t there a real acting challenge where they learned lines and did a actual scene? They could have brought in one of the good actors on the show like Kurt’s father who has done some emotional work, or even a comic routine. Carrying a tune and dancing around the stage does not make a television drama-comedy.

  47. Evelyn says:

    I really really really want Damion to win. He’s not the best singer, or dancer, or actor, but there’s just something about him. You want him to win, you like him, you can see him on the show. It just makes sense. My bet’s on him or Samuel, and I’d be cool with either really.

  48. Kitty says:

    I agree!!!! Dancing and singing are one thing but if they can’t act then what will they do with the character?

    I do think Cameron will be back it would not surprise me to see him on Glee in the future…maybe that’s the surprise winner?!?!?!

    My pick is do NOT like Lindsay I do NOT like Samuel I do NOT like Alex. I LOVE Damian.

  49. dan says:


    Someone has already tweeted a picture of Lindsay on the set of Glee, one of the extras. It doesn’t mean she wins, but they are giving her something to do on the show.

  50. Annie says:

    Lindsay or Damian. Like most have said, Alex is a Mercedes and Kurt love child and we certainly don’t need that. Sam is one note. He can’t do different genres and only has one look. Ryan can make anyone the Christian character he’s been wanting, the actor doesn’t need to have the same character traits.