The Glee Project Season Finale Recap: And the Winner Is...

After 40,000 applicants, 12 contestants, 10 weeks of performances, and four evenly matched finalists, the inaugural season of Oxygen’s The Glee Project has reached its undeniably surprising conclusion. There were showtunes and big band tunes and even a Dolly Parton tune before a twist that was worthy of a Law & Order “chung-chung.” And the winner is…Samuel Larsen. And the winner is also…Damian McGinty.

Yes, indeed, Glee co-creator and executive producer Ryan Murphy dropped a bombshell at the end of Sunday night’s season finale that both Samuel and Damian had won respective seven-episode arcs on Season 3 of the Glee mothership.

What’s more, fellow finalists Lindsay Pearce and Alex Newell scored pretty darn enviable consolation prizes — each winning two-episode guest arcs when Glee‘s action returns to the fictional William McKinley High School on Tuesday, Sept. 20.

For folks who love sad, tearful reality TV exits, Murphy’s “gold stars for everyone!” decision was the worst possible outcome. But after a season in which eliminations felt arbitrary at best and infuriating at worst, I thought the finale played out like a sweet, satisfying dessert that came close to salvaging an otherwise inconsistent meal. I mean, it’s not like Glee‘s third season was ever going to play out without new and recurring characters entering the fray. And with Samuel, Damian, Lindsay, and Alex all bringing something worthwhile to the high-profile audition process of The Glee Project, why not reward all four unknowns instead of handing out another gig to a Gwyneth Paltrow or a Charice or a John Stamos, right?

Glee Project’s Samuel Larsen on Christianity, Sexuality, and Cutting His Trademark Hair

The finale kicked off with a low-stakes homework assignment in “Glee-ality” that involved the final four — backed by their eight fallen comrades — performing “Don’t Stop Believing.” Not knowing we were headed in a kumbaya direction, I wondered if Mr. Murphy’s presence so early in the episode — and with a bejeweled skull on his back, no less! — meant one of our final four would get booted before the video shoot, but nope, everyone moved on up, quite literally.

The week’s video shoot found The Glee Project Top 12 sent directly to the roof of a 35-story building to perform Pink’s “Raise Your Glass.” Once again, Samuel wasn’t immediately booted from the competition for wearing his hideous hot-pink shorts to choreography rehearsal, while vocal coach Nikki Anders continued her inexplicable tradition of going all weak-kneed over Damian’s slurry-gruff vocals. And then we got a moment of minor drama when Alex took an unnecessary dig at Samuel for generously warning his competitors to exercise caution on the tongue-twisting “come on and come on and come on” portion of the ditty. (Side note: I actually thought Emily and Marissa stood out in the finished video, but maybe it’s just because they were my favorites in the competition and went home too soon. Anyone else with me on this matter?)

Glee Project Winner Damian McGinty Talks Sinatra, Jane Lynch, and His Almost Elimination

As with the homework assignment, the video shoot seemed to play very little role in the judges’ final decision, and instead it came down to the “Sing for Ryan Murphy and the Judges” round, which was expanded to “Sing for Ryan Murphy and the Judges and the Bulk of The Glee Project Season 1 Mentors.” (Raise that Gospel hand, Jenna Ushkowitz!)

The added twist was that this time around, contestants chose their own numbers, instead of performing what was assigned to them by the judges.

Lindsay was pretty astonishing on “Gimme Gimme” (from Thoroughly Modern Millie), and while she’s had to fight the “unlikable, too-driven, inauthentic, shrew-diva” edit all season, there’s no denying she’s got a powerhouse instrument and knows how to imbue every line of a song with theatricality and meaning. By comparison, Damian’s “Beyond the Sea” felt a little lightweight (and a lot hammy) — as Nikki told him beforehand, dude is “not the best singer, dancer, or actor” — but he melted the judges’ hearts by dedicating his performance to booted buddies Hannah and Cameron. Plus, I suppose from a purely commercial standpoint, it won’t hurt the Glee franchise to add another cast member whose adorable grin and perfect tresses have the potential to move a serious number of lunchboxes and t-shirts and posters and Trapper-Keepers. (Ryan Murphy had better make good on that promise to have Brittany find his character’s Irish accent completely unintelligible.)

Alex, meanwhile, performed his Dreamgirls ditty outfitted in drag that was decidedly more Doubtfire than Priscilla, and while there’s no denying the kid can hit his notes, I just wish he wasn’t always using a blunt object to do it. (Note to Ian Brennan: If bravery is wearing a dour wig and an unflattering fuchsia cardigan, then let’s get Alex the medal of honor!)

Samuel’s “Jolene,” however, was the weakest vocal of the episode — and his occasional pronunciation of “Jaw-lene” did him no favors, if you ask me — but what bugged me most was his substitution of the line “do whatever you wanna do, Jolene” in place of “whatever you decide to do, Jolene.” Seriously, the entire song is a desperate plea begging Jolene not to take the protagonist’s man; suddenly instructing her — mid-song! — to simply do as she wishes just doesn’t make an iota of sense.

Ah well, who’s keeping score anyway? As Ryan Murphy reminded us, the final decision wasn’t based on “any of [the contestants’] individual talents, it’s about the needs of the show.”

And thus we got a winner. And a second winner. And two other lesser winners. Whether or not the Glee mothership will also win when Samuel, Damian, Lindsay, and Alex hop aboard this fall, well, only time will tell. But I could think of worse ways to end this diversionary summer Project.

And now I turn it over to you to hit the comments and share your thoughts on The Glee Project‘s entire freshman season and its conclusion. What did you think of the show? How about that surprise twist: Genuinely sweet or sickeningly so? Did the right people win? If not, who deserved the grand prize? Sound off below! And come back to TVLine tomorrow for my Q&As with Samuel, Damian, Lindsay, and Alex.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. V says:

    The Glee Project wasn’t really just a competition it was a huge casting process that aired on TV. It’s not the first time Ryan Murphy creates roles for kids that inspire him (hum Chris Colfer/Kurt anyone) so I am not surprised! At all. I actually thought he would do that except he wouldn’t say it on TV. (I thought Damian would win, and then Ryan Murphy would announce on Monday that he had hired Sam, Alex and Lindsay … and maybe other GP contenders) to be on the show anyway.

    I’m glad they did it the way they did. I see it like that. The GP was like an internship, and if you have got to hire new people, wouldn’t you rather people that already know how your company works?

    Not a huge fan of Samuel, but I have a feeling it has to do with Quinn’s recent change of hair color (right? Rock’n’roll christian?), so if they make him a love interest for Quinn… Well I’d watch that.

    We already know Lindsay will be a rival school girl. I’m guessing Alex will be Mercedes’s little bro or at least protege. And I so hope Damian will come between Artie and Brittany hahaha. I’m wondering which one will be Sue’s nemesis, but I will go with Damian. I bet she’ll beat that accent out of him LOL.

    I hope they bring Cameron or Marissa back. ESPECIALLY Marissa, but gosh I also miss my Cameron-Damian bromance ONSCREEN lol.

  2. John says:

    Well golly gee, RM sets out to find an unknown talent for his show that inspires him to write for them, and he ends up choosing the well-known Irish lad who already has a tremendous international following from his professional singing group and a brooding faux rocker who is the only cast member to have previously audition for RM originally. Agenda much? Damian is clearly a ploy to bring in new viewers to some extent, while Samuel already new RM from previous additions. Alex and Lindsay never stood a chance.

  3. Gleekmom says:

    Ryan Murphy is a genius. What better way to remind the existing cast that they can be replaced, so divas and contract wars not allowed like those on other ensemble sitcoms of the past. And ALL those kids r extraordinary even if a bit unformed, so I feel very fortunate to have been invited to witness their evolution as performers while learning more about the grueling schedules, choreography, making videos, laying down vocal tracks, and casting. I also agree with RM’s choice of winners. Samuel plays 3 instruments well, is light on his feet, graceful, fearless, positive, and has a distinctive singing voice. And let’s not ignore the drive this kid has to go thru all this after losing on American Idol. Like many of u I too adore Hannah’s great heart and infectious smile and who wouldn’t love Cameron with his spaghetti legs and haunting vocals? Marissa was an obvious talent with her contemporary voice and Cleopatra eyes. I fell in love with the courage and commitment of all 12 of Murphy’s Muses, and thank them for keeping me intrigued all summer. Im hoping for great things for these kids.

  4. Annie says:

    I disagree. The Glee fandom doesn’t care about them. People are already complaining they’ll take screetime for their fave characters. They sing but they can’t act. Glee is already going downhill. The Glee movie bombed. Season 2 sucked. Critics slammed the writing. When people and the media watch the glee project kids on the tv they will be thinking they’re replacing the original cast.

  5. Michelle R says:

    I was cool with it. I’m really not an Alex fan, but he has enough talent that I can nod at a 2 episode arc and say “okay.” I think Lindsay was the most talented, but the Cruella edit made me unable to fully root for her, in case that was the true her, but 2 episodes makes me happy, because she has a chance to show she can play well with others. Damian is just a cute, earnest kid, and so that was a feel good, and I think that whatever his weaknesses, I’d like to see more of him. (C’mon, when he tried to hide his disappointment and just be happy for Samuel?!?) Samuel just grew on me somewhere along the way, and so I didn’t flinch when it looked like him alone.

    Also, if real life ever resembled a Glee plot, I’d love for Damian to give Hannah a snog, and make her crush a reality.

  6. Chatty says:

    I wonder who would have been out of the final four if Cameron had not decided to quit. I wish Hanna had been in the finals. Still, I am interest to see how this will all play out next Season.

  7. Claire says:

    I have no problem with the outcome and don’t find it that shocking. The people making this were from the world of dramatic TV, not reality game show TV. Although casting a show by its very nature involves competition, the emphasis in the minds of the Glee PTB is undoubtedly more on the casting than the competition, unlike somebody like, say, Survivor’s Mark Burnett. I don’t believe that Ryan Murphy’s reasons for his final decision were anywhere near as calculating as some posters are making out. The choice to give all the final four some screentime wasn’t to “improve his own image” but because over the several weeks during which the show was shot, he had to think constantly of what characters and stories he would write for the winner. It’s pretty clear that by the end he wasn’t ready to give up his (long-in-the-making) vision for any of the final four, so found a way to bring them all in. I’m expecting what he comes up with for Samuel and especially Damian to knock my socks off–Damien because he has the charisma and popularity potential to be this year’s Darren Criss, albeit in a straight role, and Samuel because he’ll be so totally different from any character they’ve showed so far. Of course only two get full 7-week commitments, so allotting a token two weeks of appearances to Lindsay and Alex gives them some exposure but hardly lets them take over the show. Ryan always said there was a possibility other contestants from Glee Project would pop up in smaller roles on the show, and I’ll be quite happy if Hannah and Marissa get a look-in, as well, at some point. Maybe even cutie Cameron could pop up for an episode that doesn’t involve any of the romantic high-jinks that set off alarms with him.

    • sandi says:

      Maybe we’ll go to Quinn’s (and Sam’s–miss you Chord!!!)church and CamCam and Samuel can be playing in the praise band or something and she will be thrown off by Samuel b/c she’s more used to guys like Cameron up there. If she goes to a megachurch, it could really work…

  8. MM says:

    Well played Ryan Murphy, very well played.
    This is the first time that I have actually liked Ryan Murphy.
    Extremely happy for the four winners, especially Damian. It was a very feel good ending. Loved it.

  9. Rose says:

    I agree other girls shined on the final video. I would like someone to explain to me why 11 performers were forced to put their gay on, in several episodes but not ONCE did anyone ever tell Alex to man up, show us if you can play a straight MALE! Talk about a double standard!! His Diva/drag queen got old fast. Can he do anything else? Possibly if he lost some weight we would enjoy watching him dance, and he can certainly sing but as far as ACTING, I say he should have been shown the door early on. He does fit Glee, but Glee has already done the gay thing, and done it big. Time to move on find a new schtick. I am anxious to see what they do with Sam and Damian as far as story line goes.

    • Claire says:

      The reason that other males had to sing a gay role at times was because they eliminated more women earlier, so that in “pair-up” assignments, there weren’t enough women to pair all the men with. Having Alex have to play a straight role, too, would have exacerbated that problem, not remedied it.

  10. scooterbeanbag says:

    I sure hope everyone who signs up for the next season doesn’t think they’ll all make it onto the show. I realize RM was just trying to be generous this season, but I think there should only be ONE winner from now on.

    With that said, I hope Damian catches on enough that they give him a second arc extension. He’s the only one truly deserving to be on the show, plus he will fit right in with the gang. Have him come in as a sophomore so he can stick around for a few seasons.

  11. garrison1117 says:

    As a gay man, may I just say that (I want to say hate, but that’s a little strong) I dislike and am offended by Alex even more than Kurt, who I also am bored to tears and embarrassed by.

    Other than seeing what they do with Puck this next season, the thing I keep hoping for his for somebody to convince Justin Timberlake to do a one time guest shot as Will’s baby brother.

    (Thought the finale was entertaining and much more fair than I expected.)

    • karenb says:

      Supposedly, there is only one guest star next season, one that Ryan has been trying to have on since the beginning of glee. My prediction is that it is Justin Timerlake! I hope I’m right! Love that guy!

  12. Zia says:

    Im glad damian won because he is just amazing and i think it would be awesome to see “brittany” meat damian because if his irish accent. But i am soooo mad samual won because he cant act and he can only sing one kind of music and he looks like he got hit by a truck and fell in a sewer drain and then rats made a house in his hair. I think alex should of taken his spot because whenever he sings i get teary eyed because of his AMAZING voice

  13. Anne says:

    I am delighted with the outcome. I’ve loved Sam from the beginning. Can’t wait for the new season of Glee.

  14. Marcus says:

    So… Season three is going to be all about these nobodies? Yawn.

  15. Spencer says:

    Whoa, this is insane; Ryan Murpphy is falling back on his word!! He’s NEVER done that before!!! (oh, sarcasm, how I love you). But yes, I knew Damian would win. And I’m interested to see how these guys are next season.

  16. Kelly says:

    Wow Slezak, you seem to be forgetting about the last reality rocker that had that sultry stare He also got a bunch of crap/spamming on the boards about his singing, looks, Chris Daughtry, while Taylor Hicks was the lovable showman. I think we know how that one turned out. Glee with all of its inclusion of so called “underdogs” kinda left out those “ultimate outcasts” of high school. I for one, was once again expecting the rocker to get the shaft. Whats new? And now they are gonna finally have a Rocker Gleek (and a REAL one, very important) on Glee. I say, its ABOUT FREAKIN TIME!! After he sang Animal, I realized he was legit, heard some of his stuff yeah he rocks it out and is the real deal. Disagree, Jolene was sick! Samuel is exactly what Glee needs. I stopped watching S2 now looks like i am gonna tune in again (Damn it)!!

  17. Amy says:

    I actually loved Sam’s version of Jolene. He could have pulled out what everyone else did in their safe genre (Lindsay-broadway; Alex-soul showtune; Damian – old classic number), but he is smart and knew Ryan wanted to see more than just rocker out of him. He wanted to show his musical skills, guitar skills, and emotion. This is the best of both worlds – skillful Samuel and charming Damian. Can’t wait

  18. HannaB says:

    I’m thrilled with the outcome because Samuel has been my favorite. Damian is cute, but I’d rather have Cameron in his place. As for Lindsay and Alex–nice voices but I don’t care for them enough to see them every week. The 2-episode gift to them was a nice gesture.

    Samuel’s Jolene was amazing & my favorite performance. I loved his voice, the delivery & the lyrics change. Perfection. :)

  19. brandy says:

    Switch out Samuel and Alex for Cameron and Marissa, and I would be one happy camper.

  20. Larry says:

    WIth all the talent these kids have I think it was the best outcome of any reality show I have watched. Personally I couldn’t choose between Damian and Samuel. Damian has the potential to be a new male leader -while Samuel brings something new to the table as a character not yet seen on Glee.

    Last night during the ustream, Lindsay did say when Ryan called her and Alex up he said “we sort of have you and we sort of not” -which implies that they are similar to what Glee has already. I wasn’t surprised since many people have been saying the same. To give them each a chance to shine is such a great gift for their hard work on the show.

    This show wasn’t about just talent. It was to inspire Ryan and company to write a part. I am often surprised how people react to the eaarly dismissal of some of the particular contenders. I think we are way to used to seeing the personality with the quick quip or the most talented driving the competition go far in competition. It’s ingrained in us after watching so much reality television. People need to sit back and really pay attention to what this competition was about. Once you do, how this competition played out makes total sense.

  21. Susan says:

    Blahhh outcome…Samuel. It’s all about what character the writers were looking for, so Samuel wins. He can’t act or can he sing well either. He didn’t even make it past Hollywood Week on Season 9 of American Idol. It’s just all about his look. I have been following Sam on twitter since last summer and he seems to be somewhat fake. He never cared about replying to any of his followers’ tweets to him before The Glee Project. He could have cared less when he was a struggling artist. To me that speaks volumes about a person. Now that he has fame and fortune to gain he’s been all over his twitter game… $$$$$. Also I love how he timed the release of his group’s EP to coincide with the finale of The Glee Project. Regardless he seems to be driven and from what I’ve seem of him thus far should do well. He’s got the right attitude for Hollywood and knows how to play the game. Thankfully the show has been able to work magic with his voice.

    On another note… Yay for Damian. He seems to have the right attitude. Who couldn’t help but cheer him on, so congrats to him.

    • Gleekmom2 says:

      Boo on you, Sue! I’m curious why you would be following Sam on twitter….when you’re so obviously not a fan?! Probably because you weren’t! Sounds like you’re just a bit disappointed Damian was second choice.

      • Susan says:

        Well I was a fan until he never showed love to any of the people following him on twitter. He ignored his very small amount of loyal followers at that time. LOL
        Actually I watched Samuel on live feed through an internet show. From what I observed he’s not all that bad. He is highly motivated, but on occasions self-absorbed. Like I wrote before he’ll be perfect for Hollywood!!

        Btw Cameron and Marissa were my favorites. Team Cameron all the way!!

  22. Dee says:

    I’m content with how it was handled. Come season 4 we should be getting a whole slew of characters that will probably make this season seem downright void, so might as well introduce half of them now.

    And I absolutely noticed all the Marissa in the RYG shoot, and was more than a little giddy. I sincerely Ryan gives her (and Emily!) a chance in season 4.

  23. Larry says:

    I don’t understand all the hate -but if that is what makes you happy to do -then go for it. With so many characters graduating at the end of the year -do you really REALLY believe that all these characters will come back next year. Sure, some will -most of the bigger characters -if the writers can find a new purpose for them. The main deal here is about 75% of this cast is graduating and there WILL be holes in New Directions next year. No matter how you feel -characters are leaving! It makes sense for a handful of new characters will surface NOW -instead of waiting a year -and almost everyone is new!

  24. Rachel says:

    My two favorites won the 7 episodes … My least faves got 2; I’m really hoping that the broader audience doesn’t fall in love with either of them … I have a sneaking suspicion that we’ll see more of these kids on the show … Cameron and Hannah at least …

  25. Mel says:

    Was it a cop out, maybe, maybe not. But it was a very Glee’esque moment. When Samuel won we we’re like “that’s ok Damian.” When Damian did win we all shouted and cheered!!! I totally trust the direction Mr. Murphy and Mr. Brennan will take the new cast.

  26. Nathan says:

    So glad Damian won. It is just too bad that Cameron and Marissa weren’t offered a spot. So pumped for Glee Season 3!!

  27. Winnie says:

    Michael, I too loved that Jenna Ushkowitz did the “gospel hand” in the middle of hearing that performance! In fact, I think I said your exact line (“Raise that gospel hand, girl!”) to the t.v. when I saw it. And yes, I just admitted I talk to the t.v. I also loved the ending and had a hard time choosing between Samuel and Damian, because I thought Sue Sylvester could have a field day with Samuel’s hair and Damian just seemed like a good guy. I thought Samuel had the edge and would win, but was so glad when Ryan “And YOU get a part!” Murphy gave a bit to everyone.

    I was (or should I say, am) hoping that previous eliminated contestants would get an appearance, and especially would love to see Hannah, McKynleigh(sp?), Emily, and Marissa (Cameron, too). It would be perfect if all of the eliminated contestants, along with Lindsay and Alex, played an opposing Glee Club that they have to perform against at Sectionals/Regionals. Perhaps Lindsay & Alex’s 2nd episode (or 1st) could be them “scoping out” and taunting the competition, maybe even a “day in the life at another school” (a la “LOST” episode “The Other 48 Days”) glee club showcasing Alex’s fear of being ostracized by schoolmates/school officials for desiring to perform in drag and Lindsay’s drive. (Yeah, I know – a post like this proves I’m not qualified to write a television program… or maybe even a TV line post!)

    • Sookie says:

      Love that idea Winnie about a day in the life of another school! It would almost be like a bizzaro world with people who are similar to the people in New Directions but opposite. A generous Rachel, a straight Kurt(you know the kind of metrosexual guy that you are sure is gay but isn’t), a boy version of Mercedes(Alex), a smart Brittney…Oh the possibilities!

  28. Kathy says:

    Just exactly do you have against these kids anyway? Not a Glee fan so you figured that The Glee Project was just a major waste of time? You have done nothing throughout this show in your so called “reviews” but bash this kids and complain that they had no talent. I would say that the the Creators of Glee and all the fans of the show and of the contestants would strongly disagree with you assessment. I would suggest in the future that if you find a show so distasteful that all you can do is bash the contestants, the premise, the talent (yes there WAS talent on this show), the creators and the outcome, then ask to be reassigned to another piece. Better yet, find a profession that better suits your abilities because this article once again proves that you are not a competent reviewer. Done reading anything with your name on it.

    • karenb says:

      Aww, come on. Slezak is awesome. While I usually agree with 99% of what he writes, I didn’t agree with his assessment of Sam’s vocal, but that’s ok. I’ve read his stuff for years (and loved his Idolatry and Idoloonies videos!)-he’s always been entertaining, and usually right on the money. I think he’s in the perfect profession for his talents. Slezak rules!

  29. LC says:

    I guess my take on this is a little different. Some people are complaining about what a cop-out it was for Ryan Murphy to name all 4 as winners, but really, these kids “won” jobs, not prizes, so Ryan just hired 4 people. Sure, the whole show marketed this as a competition, but in actuality, it was a casting. A very long and drawn out casting, but a casting, nonetheless. Instead of casting one actor, they cast 4. I think this is good for the competitors, but it’s also good for the show and for the audience. The show got a real “try before you buy” opportunity and the audience got to see the new actors before they took on their Glee roles.

    Looking at the newly cast Gleeks, I’m incredibly happy to see Damien and Samuel getting the 7 episode arcs. I did feel bad for Lindsey, who seemed to redeem herself from some diva-ish behavior earlier in the season (I totally changed my mind about her when I saw her working with the little girl), so I was glad to see that they gave her a shot, too. Alex seems to be the most divisive new Gleek in that either you love him or hate him…I wouldn’t say I hate him because hate is a strong word, but really could do without him.

    As has already been said by a couple of folks, these are not maximum numbers of episodes at all. This is just the number of episodes that they’re guaranteed to receive. After that, they could be extended or let go. It’s all going to depend on the needs of the show with regard to story lines and also by the reactions that the new characters get. So if you like them, be sure to say so! If you don’t, say that too! There are plenty of outlets for feedback…I’m sure you can find them if you spend a couple minutes on a search engine.

    And let me just add one more thing…it wouldn’t hurt my feelings in the least of Marissa showed up for a couple of episodes! I’ll be sending all kinds of positive feedback for that girl!

  30. Louis says:

    It seems pretty obvious to me that this decision to name two “winners” and two “consolation winners” was probably made the week previous when Ryan decided not to eliminate any of the final four. The final week’s antics/video shoot/performances were strictly to fill the hour. Those performances made no difference in the end. His decision had already been made.

  31. Allana says:

    They are losing more males than females and need some potential leading men. Alex not quite. And Sam and Damian are easy to write for- Sam looks edgy so make him edgy , Damian is the cute lovable guy that sounds fun to listen to ; so make him that. Not too tough.Lazy writing. Lindsey is like so many teenagers now; they want to be perfect to be the best, to not disapoint and they do whatever it seems people want them to do at their own expense. Mm sounds a little too much like real life, girls who actually become successful beating out their male counterparts with skill and talent are punished for it. Someone whose uniqueness isnt on their head or in their accent- but has some overachieving ways – that takes some time to develop and skillful writing. They all deserved to be on the show but based on acting, singing and so forth. There are lots of guys with smoldering stares with dreds who can and want to act. A guy like Damian is interesting he sings Frank Sinatra and tries hard. Alex – needs to go beyond I am gay see – he has a great voice and more to him than he is gay.

  32. Brit says:

    I really wish they would have just picked one winner. Even if Ryan Murphy wanted to give the others smaller roles, I think there should have been just one winner that got the longer arc. Out of those four, I am happiest for Samuel and Damian. I don’t think Alex should have made it to the final four. I would have picked Marissa or Hannah both over him. As for Lindsay, she is definitely the most talented one. But I just could never really like her. I know a lot of it was probably the way it was edited but I just couldn’t see past that, I suppose. Look forward to seeing what storylines they all have and who will stick around longer. And I’m really hoping Marissa and Hannah show up at some point too!

  33. Sookie says:

    I loved the outcome. I agree with the posters who pointed out that this was not really a reality show but a long casting show. I think the whole process got Ryan’s creative juices flowing. He came up with new characters and plot lines and didn’t want to give them up. Truthfully the show needs it. As much as I love Glee it has never been as good as it was the first 8 episodes. Ryan needs to get back to the characters and away from the stunt casting. And as much as I have loved the original cast there is only so much that can be done with those characters and some fresh characters for them to relate to will be great.

    • Marie says:

      I know, that’s how I look at it. It was basically a combination of a publicity stunt and a casting process. And I happen to love the process of people developing their performance skills, so it doesn’t bother me in the least that 2 people won (especially when Damian was one of them — lol) or that 2 additional people also got parts. I’m excited to see how all 4 of them end up performing on the show.

      And as someone who likes to write, I actually understand why Ryan wants to pick contestants who inspire him to create a character and write a story for him or her. There are certain actors who, for whatever reason, inspire me when I’m creating characters. I know it doesn’t seem very objective, but I don’t believe storytelling is particularly objective, and I think this competition proved how subjective creating TV characters and casting for a TV show really is. I don’t think Ryan is a jerk. I think he was just casting people who ended up fulfilling his creative vision for what is his show.

      Oh, and I could try to explain to Michael Slezak why Nikki got weak-kneed over Damian’s “slurry-gruff” vocals, but honestly, I think it’s one of those things where you either get the appeal or you don’t. I know I get it –LOL.

  34. Sookie says:

    My dream plot for Damien would be that he becomes the heart throb with all the beautiful girls falling all over him but he keeps talking about his girlfriend in Ireland. His dream girl who is the most perfect woman in the world and then she come to see him and it’s Hannah! All the skinny blond girls will look baffled but all the guys in the cast will fall all over her and try to steal her from him.

  35. Mara says:

    Since they were giving away Glee spots to anyone, they should have given one to Cameron over ‘Alex’.

    Glad Damian won! Couldn’t care less about Samuel or Lindsay.

    The 4 that should’ve won: marissa, lindsay, cameron, and damian.

  36. Dannie says:

    Oh Jesus Christ! The writer of this certainly didn’t like any other but Lindsay! I mean, I love her, but they all did great! He found something wrong out of the other three performances! And to be honest, the decision couldn’t have been better!

  37. Cate says:

    I was really happy with this finale. I had a strong feeling Damian would win because people seemed to love hm even though to me he didn’t seem like much of an actor. Samuel has a great look and I thought he stood a good chance.
    Alex and Lindsay are amazing singers and I am so glad they got something out of this too. Watching those final performances, each one was just so different and each had something different to offer, so a role for all of them seems appropriate.
    I do think Hannah, Cameron actually quite a few others – Ellis, KcKynleigh, Matheus, Marissa would all work well on Glee too!
    The Glee project ended up being a lot of fun and after the cruel and arbitrary eliminations, I’m glad all four of the finalists ended up winners! It will be interesting to see what sort of roles they get and who grabs onto it!

  38. JD says:

    Hope Hannah gets an arc or something. That kid’s got a lot of joy, maybe more than anyone else of the contenders.

  39. Canash says:

    I really like Lindsay’s singing, I hope they decide to keep her for more than two episodes!

  40. Lynsey says:

    I loved the Glee project, it was nice to have something Glee related to watch over the summer.

    The finale did annoy me though, I dont see why they said Lindsay was the best singer and the best actress then didnt choose her to win! The passive aggressiveness Nikki had towards her was highly objectionable, as a mentor you should be impartial. Plus I couldn’t help but feel Samuel was only put through because of his religious tattoo’s! A frankly ridiculous reason, he should’ve been booted weeks ago. He can only act one emotion!
    I do love Damian though, he definitely pulled himself along by his boot straps, well done that boy!

  41. B master says:

    As Glee is not actually just a series of music videos, I wonder why the acting (other than in a music video) wasn’t actually tested more. I think they missed an angle here to make a different kind of show other than a singing competition. Maybe they didn’t want to give away any character clues and looked at this behind the scenes.. I think Lindsay was the best by a mile- it’s just a shame she wasn’t portrayed in the best light at the beginning of the series (and Nikki clearly hated her with a passion)

  42. Karen says:

    I was stoked that they had TWO winners, and I’m really happy it was Samuel and Damien. Although Lindsay and Alex were the most talented (vocally), I didn’t like their attitudes. Damien is a sweetheart, and Samuel has that thing where your eyes are just drawn to him when he’s on screen. I would love to see Hannah and Marissa get roles on Glee too, coz they were both great.