TVLine Items: House Vet to Good Wife, Big Bang Mom Returns, LUX Boss' New Show, and More

Not unlike his former co-star Lisa Edelstein, House‘s Peter Jacobson (aka Dr. Taub) is dropping by CBS’ The Good Wife this fall. Might the two cross paths in the courtroom?

Unfortunately, they will not. Jacobson will appear in Good Wife‘s Season 3 premiere (airing Sunday, Sept. 25 sans Edelstein), where his character will be involved in the trial of a Muslim student accused of murdering his Jewish classmate.

In other Good Wife news, Vulture blog reports that Broadway star Bill Heck has been cast as the “much younger Legal Aid” — and potential love interest! — to Christine Baranski’s Diane.

And in other Baranski news, the actress will reprise her role as Leonard’s emotionally-stifled mother in the season premiere of The Big Bang Theory, airing Thursday, Sept. 22 at 8/7c.

Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

• Friend of TVLine (and creator of The CW’s short-lived Life Unexpected) Liz Tigelaar is reteaming with LUX exec producers Gary Fleder and Mary Beth Basile on The Joneses, a drama series in development for ABC based on a 2009 indie starring Demi Moore. Joneses tells the story of a seemingly average family that’s not really a family at all, but rather stealth marketers working product integration into everyday life. Tigelaar’s writing skills will also be on display on ABC’s much-anticipated fall fantasy Once Upon a Time.

• New Kid on the Block Joey McIntyre will guest-star on the Oct. 14 installment of CBS’ CSI: NY as “a man that ends up in a shooting” that involves one of the Crime Scene team members, per Hmm, could it be this shooting…?

• C’mon, get happy! So You Think You Can Dance/American Idol exec producer Nigel Lythgoe is in talks with The CW to develop a Partridge Family-esque singing competition series, TV Guide Magazine reports.

• Carla Gugino (Sin City) has landed the lead in TNT’s Hide, an upcoming telepic based on Lisa Gardner’s crime novel about a Boston detective’s search for six missing women, per The Hollywood Reporter.

• Looking to own every single episode of Law & Order ever — even though you can always find one airing on various cable channels? Well, you’re in luck. On Nov. 8, all 20 seasons of the NBC legal drama will be available in a nice, not-so-little, 104-disc (!) package, and for a pretty penny: $699.99! Or you can pre-order now now on Amazon for the discounted cost of $489.99.

Which TVLine Items have you talking today?

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  1. lucy says:


  2. bruna says:

    Taub nooooooooooo. LOL

  3. Karen says:


  4. Ugh says:

    Ugh! I thought I’d be rid of this guy when I stopped watching House. Thank god it’s only 1 ep!

    • Liz says:

      Hehe, even better for me. Taub AND Cuddy gone, it almost can’t get any better! Can’t wait for House, season 8 will be awesome!

      • Ugh says:

        Then how about posting on House spoilers instead of TGW spoilers, troll?

      • trolololololololol says:

        Oh sweety, you’ll be glad to hear he’s not gone :D I agree. It’s gonna be awesome. Can’t wait for Taub & his 2 babies called Smeagol & Smeagolette :D

      • Iris says:

        Your reading comprehension needs work. Taub isn’t going anywhere, he’s still going to be on House. The whole season. Every episode. Enjoy!

      • raveng says:

        Liz we know how much you love Cuddy and Lisa, you are truly obsessed with her, but this is TGW dear, go and play outside while they post another House spoiler, then you can come in again for your obsessed Cuddy/Lisa fest. :)

  5. trolololololololol says:

    looool I love how everyone hates Taub.

  6. Joy says:

    Why doesn’t Jesse Spencer drop by The Good Wife too. I wouldn’t mind him having a hot affair with Lisa Edelsteins character ;)

  7. Andrea says:

    Re: Diane’s love interest
    Where the heck did Gary Cole’s McVeigh go? I’d rather have him back ahead of anyone else—young or old.

  8. Sarah says:

    RE: The Joneses

    In the movie The Joneses Demi Moore and her fake family were not “guns-for-hire” as written above. They’re basically sales people- selling their “perfect” life and all of the belongings that go along with it to their neighbors/community. At no time did any character commit homicide so “guns-for-hire” is really not even close to being an accurate description of the movie. Unless the sentence above was meant to describe the future show, which, if that’s the case, it’s unclear.

    • Justin says:

      Where do you see “guns-for-hire” written in the Joneses, cause I’m not seeing it? It says they’re “stealth marketers working product integration into everyday life”, which is exactly what they did in the movie (I saw it, I would know). You need to read more closely.

      • Sarah says:

        When I originally read the article several hours before you, it had mistakenly said “guns-for-hire.” They have very smartly corrected it. But thanks for assuming I can’t read rather than logically coming to the conclusion that that change had been made.

        • Justin says:

          Oh, sorry about that! That’s quite a slip-up on them. However, I never assumed you can’t read. I just assumed you misread one line about guns-for-hire, cause you explained the whole point of the movie very well, just like they did.

  9. Riley says:

    actually it’s VERY fortunate that Jacobson wont cross path with Edelstein!

    I can’t stand him anymore after the overuse of Taub on House!

    I cannot wait to watch Lisa :)

  10. Sam says:

    Taub has some sort of X factor. ‘The Good Wife’ is turning out to be the best fall bet. Now, let’s hope they put these characters into good roles but i really couldn’t be bothered to worry about that because the writers are brilliant.

  11. Amy says:

    Yea for the return of Leonard’s mother! Now if they can just get her and Sheldon’s mom in the same room.

  12. mars says:

    OMG Dr. Beverly Hofstadter back in town!!!!!! This is the best news ever!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Libby says:

    Lisa Edelstein & Jesse Spencer look very cute together! I also hope that we see them on screen together again some day on TGW or another show.

  14. Tom says:

    It looks like the cast of House are out looking for their next opportunity. Taking cameo roles in other programs would be one way to limit being seen as one type of character. For instance, I suspect Jacobson doesn’t want to be limited to “Dr. Taub” characters. Who knows if this will be the final season for House, but it appears as though the cast are assuming it will be.

    • Ava L says:

      Christine Baranski will make an appearance on Big Bang Theory. So does that mean that the cast of TGW are looking for new opportunities as well? Maybe the cast is assuming this will be the last year of TGW.

  15. Shiloh says:

    Poor Taub. Getting all the haterade. I genuinely like Jacobson, but Taub, well– It’ll be interesting to see him on a different show and it’ll be weird, since I’m not watching House anymore, to see two of their actors on another show.

    As for my vote for who to see Lisa on screen with, Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein have some of the truly best chemistry I’ve ever seen in a television pair. After Hugh finishes with House, I’d love to see those two in a show together again. It’s such a shame the show wasted such amazing chemistry like that. But what’s done is done. No use crying over spilt milk I suppose.

    But, yeah, Hugh/Lisa in a sitcom, drama, IDC what, together- whoever makes this happen is my hero and will have no problem getting viewers for that show, I guarantee. :)

    Thanks for The Good Wife news, Megan.

  16. Gina says:

    Oh wow the lisa-fans flooded the side. I feel sorry for PJac having to put up with this nonsensical crap.
    Please note: He’s just an actor, not the writer. Just because you dislike the character of taub doesn’t mean you should bash PJac.
    Again, good luck to the TGW team dealing with LEs very charming fans.

  17. Danielle H says:

    Wow, that’s freaky because when I saw The Joneses it screamed ABC series to me. It’ll probably look like The Gates without the supernatural aspect; I bet it’ll premiere during the summer.

  18. lisa says:

    Shook my head, rolled my eyes and sighed…
    at least he’s not in the same epi Lisa is in coz I seriously want her to have her time and depart from anything House so that we can fully get into her new character and focus on her.

  19. meg says:

    Im a little less excited now coz of this. hopefully he’s not featured that much and thank God he’ll be gone when LE shows up.
    I suppose, where’s the media tho? Why no Assiello report? Cause he is not LE Lol
    only one epi is fine by me tho. glad it’s not with LE too.

  20. Kim says:

    Yes, because TGW is all about LE!

  21. Kim says:

    Ops, my post was for Lisa and Meg

  22. Jason says:

    As soon as the TGW producers notice what kind of freaks the Lisa Edelstein’s fans are, they will let her go and not book her for more episodes. The Good Wife already has a female star and they will not want to get all this negativity get in the way of their success.

  23. smkemper says:

    The big surprise is that we’ve never known Peter Jacobson will be in TGW premiere before, but we know that Lisa Edelstein will be in (only) three episodes later.

  24. Claudia says:

    Good for him!! Pjac is a very good actor.
    I´m glad that he founds another show where he can prove his talent. The trial sounds ethical & morally intriguing,too. Good to know that the focus of the premier won`t be solely on Will/Alicia in bed. ;)

  25. anaclaudiarigolinferreira says:

    Queria muito ver Peter e Lisa contracenando juntos sou muito fã da Lisa e não gosto muito do personagem Taub,mas o Peter é um grande ator e faz muito bem qualquer personagem e gostaria de ve-lo em outro personagem ,sucesso para ambos!!!!

  26. Tia says:

    With all this news, my reaction was NO MORE NEW SINGING COMPETITIONS. Between AI, XFactor, American Karoke, Accappella Singing on NBC, The Voice, and to an extent, America’s Got Talent, I don’t need any more shows devoted to reality singing.

  27. D says:

    When you step back and consider how screwed up the characters on House are, you start realizing with no more Cameron, that Taub is the moral center. He’s got the best bedside manner hands down and is the one talking and connecting with patients. I’ve got a whole new appreciation for the character and Peter Jacobson’s chops. Will be checking out the premiere.

  28. May says:

    Sometimes I feel very embarrassed by some of LE’s fans, who are way too obsessed with her and are like hungry for her. I genuinely admire Lisa Edelstein and it’s awful for me to read those creepy comments about her. They idolize and would stalk her like crazies but they don’t respect her at all, they think they do but their actions show something entirely different. And for those who accuse PJ for stealing LE’s screen time, come on… Now that LE will be appearing in TGW, it’s all of sudden THE best show on Earth, just because she will make an appearance in only three episodes. -.- And for those who stalk her and throw insults at her just to feel better about themselves, are simply too stupid to live.