Rookie Blue: The Men in Andy's Life Face Off

Luke Callaghan, you’ve been a very bad boy.

Rookie Blue‘s erstwhile good guy shed his Mr. Nice Guy image earlier this season by cheating on fiancé Andy with his ex. But that’s only one half of Andy’s messy love life. The rookie and her former training officer Sam Swarek have been making eyes at each other since Season 1 of the ABC series (airing Thursdays, 10/9c).

TVLine chatted with the men behind Luke and Sam — Eric Johnson and Ben Bass, respectively — to find out what’s ahead for the love triangle and why they’re right — and wrong — for Andy.

THE CRIME | Although cheating is a big no-no, Johnson had “a tremendous amount of fun” dirtying up his character’s perfect facade. “We saw a side that wasn’t as composed,” he adds, “wasn’t as put together. That was a little compromised.” But if you’re going to do the crime, you gotta do the time, which brings us to…

THE PUNISHMENT | Luke will definitely be feeling the consequences of his infidelity. “He’s at rock bottom,” says Johnson. “Things aren’t pretty for Callaghan right now. … We’ll have to wait and see if he’s able to pick himself up and… redeem himself to a degree.” That won’t be easy now that all eyes will be on the detective as news of his betrayal spreads throughout the precinct. “He’s definitely in the doghouse [at work],” adds Johnson. “There’s not a lot of love for Callaghan. Nor should there be.” Not surprisingly, Sam is among those not too happy with Luke. “Sam wants to pound the living daylights out of Luke,” says Bass. Replies Johnson with a laugh: “By the end of the season, that feeling’s going to be very, very mutual.”

TEAM SWAREK | For being a guy’s guy, Sam “has a certain sensitivity, and he’s aware of what’s going on with [Andy] emotionally,” says Bass. He’s keen to the fact that Andy needs space right now, so “he’s not pushing the issue” of their UST (unresolved sexual tension). “He’s just quietly dealing with his feelings for Andy,” explains Bass. The unrequited lovers have found an unlikely supporter in Johnson himself. “I’m always cheering for the underdog myself, so I totally get the Team Swarek,” he admits. But Johnson warns that “being with Sam could be a little dangerous for Andy too. He’s a bit of a cowboy [and] a loose cannon. Life’s a little predictable with Luke, but at least it’s safe.” Is it really? “Unless there’s a guy in our house trying to shoot us,” he adds with a laugh.

TEAM CALLAGHAN | Luke isn’t giving up on winning back Andy. “That ship hasn’t sailed by any means,” maintains Johnson. “There’s definitely still a lot of love there.” Just don’t expect a quick and easy reconciliation between the two. After all, the damage to their relationship has been done, and although “there is hope” for the couple, it’ll take time to heal the wounds. “[I don’t think] that they’re going to get back together right away,” ponders Johnson. “How could you? It wouldn’t look good on her.” But should Andy even take Luke back down the road? “After what he did? Absolutely not!” exclaims Bass. “Andy deserves better than that. … Sam’s not perfect, but he’s loyal and faithful.”

THE VERDICT | It’s complicated. As Season 2 winds down, things between Andy, Sam and Luke get “really tense,” teases Johnson. “The stuff hits the proverbial fan.” While Luke’s trying to keep his head low and stay out of trouble, Sam will make a bold move. Realizing that a relationship with Andy is not in the cards and not wanting to be around her because it’s too painful, Sam seriously considers going back undercover. But a relationship cliffhanger will bring those feelings back to the surface in the season finale. “He’s moving towards asserting himself romantically with her,” previews Bass. “But there’s a twist of fate that happens that changes everything. Everything goes in a very unexpected direction.”

Rookie Blue fans, are you Team Swarek or Team Callaghan? Can Luke ever be forgiven?

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  1. Gwen says:

    Aaaahhh! Can’t wait!

  2. Kim says:

    Even in a interview Sam/Ben is charming! Love him! And Love Sandy to Btw! Can’t wait for the relationship cliffhanger!

  3. Lani says:

    I’m all for Team Swarek! I feel that Sam understands Andy a lot better than Luke does and there’s been many times that it has been proven.

  4. Bonnie says:

    Disgustingly addicted to this show and Sandy. ugh! They are the best couple ever! And I am the original TIVA fan saying this!

  5. Heather says:

    Team Swarek definitely! LOVE their chemistry.

  6. Isabel says:

    Rookie blue is amazziinngg and i cant wait till thur! Im definitely team swarek, always have been from the very beginning

  7. Katie G says:

    Definitely Team Swarek, dude is HOT!

  8. jen says:

    Team Swarek!!!!!!!!!!! i never liked callahan, found him boring and predictable. sam is the total opposite, which is fun and exciting.

  9. Gaby says:

    I loveeee this show!

    I’m definitely Team Swarek! In the season premiere, after she got shot and he grabbed her and pulled her to the back of the truck… The way he was looking at her had me puddle on the floor!!!

  10. Alice says:

    “But there’s a twist of fate that happens that changes everything. Everything goes in a very unexpected direction.”

    So, what I get from that is that they’re not getting together this season. I was somewhat hopeful that they’d go for it since they had the Luke/Andy thing end so quickly, but this just seems to point to a little more “will they or won’t they?” sort of thing.

    • Ryan says:

      So, casting news says they are casting a new love interest for Andy next season who is a rookie training under Swarek…..This better be like Grey’s, where I have to frustratingly deal with pent up UST for three seasons before McSwarek becomes a firm relationship at the end of season 3.
      They are *so* perfect for each other. He is absolutely adorable and perfectly flawed and she’s an idiot for not realizing it!

  11. Erin says:

    Team Calleghan! Forever!!

    • Zoelov says:

      Team Calleghan for sure.Luke loves Andy & he was at his wost when Jo seduced him.
      sam is a good guy yet can be an A– .

      • cathy says:

        Luke is the coolest guy ever

      • Megan Shaw says:

        Jo is an idiot and she is FAKE!! I don’t know why Luke even got with her. I didn’t really like the guy either until i watched the episode where he took Andy to the cabin. But why did Andy break up with him for cheating on her when she basically cheated on him with Sam? How come she didn’t forgive him like he forgave her? I don’t understand!

  12. Mikaylah says:

    This is definitely my guilty pleasure show. I am Team Swarek all the way. I was never a fan of Luke, and he always seemed like a bit of a jerk. Can’t wait for the finale. I was glad to hear that ABC is considering putting it on the Fall schedule. :)

  13. Juliana says:

    Eric saying that “fife’s a little predictable with Luke, but at least it’s safe” made me remember of a quote from the movie Steel Magnolias, from Julia Roberts’ character: “I’d rather have five minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special”. I can translate that into “I’d rather have five minutes of Sam than a lifetime of Luke”.

    I like Luke, but he’s to nice. Don’t like the hero type.

  14. Katie says:

    Team Swarek!!!

  15. SusieEmm says:

    I am afraid that this season is going to end in a cliffhanger. I love the character of Sam and of course was hoping to see him get together with Andy. That needs to happen writers. Callahan is too Lukewarm! Ben Bass and Missy Peregrym sizzle together. There is too long of a break (9 months) between seasons for there to be a cliff hanger. Bring this series to the regular season and give it more weeks!

    • Juliana says:

      Couln’t agree more. When I read that they were coming back for a third season I already knew they were going to push the Andy/Sam relationship for next year, but the break is way too long! Have a little pity on us, please.

    • Terri says:

      I couldn’t agree more! Nine months is definitely too long to wait between seasons. And for crying out loud, get Sam and Andy together
      where they belong! You’re killing us! I love this show, all the characters are great, but please no more episodes without Sam and Andy in scenes together. Terri

  16. CriMiBird says:

    Team Luke all the way here. If Luke can prove that he regrets what happened with JotheHo, and that it was a mistake he will never apologise enough for, to andy or to anyone else. I love Landy!

    • spikesgrl says:

      Wow, CriMiBird; looks like we are the only Luke fans around!!

    • Carolinagirl says:

      I disagree….I dont think he ever even wanted to propose – he only did bc Andy found the ring and what else was goin to do to explain it? It was Jo’s ring or meant for her originally – who would propose with a ring that was originally meant for someone else? Team Swarek!!

      • Megan Shaw says:

        No. He wanted to propose to Andy because he loves, he LOVES her and she was his girl and Sam and Jo had no right to come between the two of them. Luke made a mistake and he is paying for it. He bought that ring for a reason. Maybe he was waiting for the right time. Just because he didn’t propose to her straight away doesn’t mean that he wasn’t going to, it just means that he was scared.

  17. Lakz says:

    All we want is for Sam n Andy to be together. They make an awesome couple. Hell, if Andy doesn’t want Sam, I’ll take him any day. Haha. But rookie blue is an awsesome program n I’m all for Team Swarek!

  18. GIL says:

    Love this show!!! Team Swarek for me!!!!

  19. emma says:

    Team swarek all the way! Can’t wait to see where the rest of the season goes!

  20. Sarah says:

    Rookie Blue is my FAVORITE summer show. Love it! Missy Peregrym is amazing and she has chemistry with everyone, but I’ve never seen a romantic arc set up to create such an amazing love story as I have on Rookie Bluw with Andy and Sam. So often, they make the guy “say he loves” the main girl, but then he dates everyone under the sun because she isn’t available. I think RB has done an amazing job of creating a character (Sam) that just knows that he’s found the person he loves more than life and is willing to wait for her while also supporting her. I want to see them get together without all the stupid backwards and forwards stuff that so many shows throw out there. There is tons of tension and suspense to be found in being cops and in love. So, I think they couls really get Sam and Andy together and make them as epic as they are in the being stages (now). I hope Tassie keeps this progression going because if Andy goes back to Luke, she will look REALLY bad. She’s better with Sam and Sam need Andy more than Luke does. Team Sandy and Swarek for the win!

    • Tabitha says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Sam is rough around the edges, but compassionate towards and in tune with Andy. It’s amazing (and refreshing) to see a character put the needs of the one he loves ahead of his own desire (to be with her, in this case). He is just THERE, showing support without imposing himself. Will the turtle win the race here? I hope so! TEAM SWAREK FTW!

  21. Chauntae says:

    TEAM SWAREK!!!!!!
    and no Luke should not be forgiven!!!
    Can’t wait for the finale now!!!!!

  22. Thanks says:

    Well Andy doesn’t deserve either guy any longer. She’s become an annoying bore in S2. Even the actress (whom I discovered with & really like in S1) grates on my nerves. I mean she is totally failing her acting 101 here: she doesn’t show us in the least bit that Andy has any feelings or remote attraction for Sam. Ben Bass is acting circles around MP! Sam deserves so much better. By the time you bring Sam & Andy together I’m bored! Missy Peregrym needs to step up the acting or just replace her with a new hot love interest for Sam Swarek.

    On another note, I’d like to see this show when it’s cold out. The season premiere was gripping and mind exhilarating awesome but it’s gone downhill thanks to the dumbing down of Andy. I wanted 23 episodes like a normal season but right now, I don’t know. I still enjoy the show but DID ANYONE NOTICE THAT THERE WAS BARELY ANY BEN BASS AT ALL THIS SEASON except for last week’s episode?

    Did they dismiss the show’s top writers or what’s the deal here? Well at least there’s 2 positive things: 1) Peck is 10% less annoying and nasty and 2) They got rid of Jo. At this point I wouldn’t mind looking at Lauren Holly’s transformed visage, as long as they insist on giving us the soporifically boring Andy. Bring the character back like it was on S1.

    Oh and MORE BEN BASS PLEASE! He’s uncontestably THE #1 STAR OF ROOKIE BLUE.

    • Ryan says:

      He is heavily HEAVILY featured in the final episodes leading up to the end of the season. The episode summaries are floating around, but they almost all revolve around Swarek. I cannot wait! The last scene in the past episode where he and Andy boxed was amazing.

      • Megs says:

        Where can one find said summaries?

        • Ryan says:

          On the abc boards for the show…..a fan got ahold of them. Ill try to find the link but it soundS like we will at least get a bit of andy/sam action to pacify us. Also releases a new synopsis every Monday. Theyre up to “best laid plans” at this point.

          • Kel says:

            Two Worlds Collide: A Sam Swarek/Andy McNally fan forum has a great spoiler section with the episode synopsis.

    • Carolyn says:

      Don’t think Andy is boring. Great actress. Just need more Sam and Andy.

  23. Kelly says:

    Agreed…we need more Swarek in every episode. Even random exchanges with Andy are steeped with chemistry…and I love when Swarek has scenes with Oliver as well :) Now…this cliffhanger. Cliffhangers are dangerous, because they are often lame. If Andy finds out she’s knocked up with Luke’s baby or something predictable like that…I will be so angry. Please, writers…stick with the quality from season one and the first and last few episodes of this season (the ones in between were just “meh”.) Also…thank you TV Line for covering Rookie Blue…you have some loyal RB fans who are thrilled to read about something other than “Glee.”

  24. D says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Andy and Sam sleep together in Season 1 while Andy was seeing Luke? If anything, she cheated first. AND never told him about it.
    Poor Eric Johnson. I love this actor, and he keeps getting stuck with characters that people end up not liking as much as other ones.

    • Alham says:

      Im so with you she did the same thing with Sam why is she geting mad and Luke
      I think Luke is better for and hotter then Sam

    • Carolinagirl says:

      If my memory serves me correctly there was a blackout – think she went to his place, they started making out and the power came back on and all of a sudden she realized she shouldnt be doing it and left???

    • Mills says:

      No. They were going to but stopped and yes, Luke did find out. Sam showed his love for Andy and selflessness by telling Luke it was him that made the move and Andy shot him down so he should forgive her. Speaks volumes to the true love Sam feels for her. Team Swarek all the way!!!

    • Kelly says:

      I loooooove Luke. If anything, I think he’s too good for Andy. Let’s get him a different girl., for instance ;)

    • Terri says:

      You are wrong. Sam and Andy almost slept together during the blackout but the lights came back on and ruined the mood. There is no chemistry between Luke and Andy. Sam Swarek sizzles! Besides, how many times has Luke put his cases before Andy. She really needed him after she killed that guy but was he there for her? UH-UH!

  25. Arby says:

    Team Swarek BIG TIME!!! Love them! Go soak ur head Luke!

  26. D says:

    I hate cliffhangers though. Can’t Andy see sam’s perfect for her? He’s crazy about her and personally, I think she’s crazy about him too, but doesn’t want to admit it..

  27. Roxy says:

    We need some more swarek and McNally interaction.. Heart and sparks was the last time I saw them “connect” please, keep in interesting!!

  28. Alham says:

    Team Callaghan all the way and Luke is hotter them Sam .. Sam look like he on drug all the Time so i think so will realize that she still love luke..

    • Megan Shaw says:

      Not that i don’t like Sam, he’s cool but he needs to open his eyes and and take into consideration the fact that what he did to Andy was wrong! Luke cheated, sure, but he was in a much more understandable situation with Jo whereas Sam let his sorrows and pain take over him completely. And don’t forget that Luke was the one who told him to grow up. I’m not saying that i am on Team Luke, but i’m leaning more towards him though.

  29. Naomi says:

    I REALLY liked Andy and Luke together. I mean, they were cute, perfect, and whatnot. But while they were awesome together…I’m still a Team Swarek fan, all the way. I HOPE Andy doesn’t get back together with Luke, but rather realizes her feelings for Sammmm!

  30. Alphonse says:

    Andy did not sleep with Sam in season 1 – they came close but she stopped it and left his apartment. The way that Sam looks at Andy reminds me of the way that Derek looked at Meredith in the early days of Grey’s.

  31. TayMads says:

    I may be in the minority but I really, really like Luke and Andy together. I was really disappointed when he cheated on her but I am hoping they will work it out. I don’t like Sam and Andy together because I feel like that is one of those things you felt like was going to happen in the first episode. The writers set it up that way, so I feel like no matter how I feel about it, Sam and Andy will end up being endgame. I like Sam though so I wouldn’t be too bummed if they got together. So I am team Callahan.

    And didn’t Andy and Sam sleep together while she was with Luke so technically didn’t she cheat first? Even if that is the case, Andy was still cheating on Luke because she has unresolved feelings for Sam. In my book, if you still have feelings for someone else but chose to date another person, you shouldn’t be with that person in the first place unless you know for sure it won’t affect your relationship. That and I just love Eric Johnson. I loved him on Smallville and I love him on this. Why is it that he always plays the guy that NEVER gets the girl??

  32. marina says:

    Luke makes Andy smile, but Sam makes Andy laugh!
    Team Swarek!

    • Megan Shaw says:

      Jerry died, yes and Sam were close but that doesn’t give anyone the right to hurt someone else. Luke was wrong for cheating on Andy, but believe me it hurt him A LOT more than it hurt Andy.

  33. Kathryn says:

    Thanks SO much for interviewing these two! Team Swarek all the way!!!! Always have been, always will be. Love, love, love Eric Johnson, though. He’s one of the funniest guys on twitter, and very personable and patient with fans. Plus, he throws a rockin’ virtual #RBparty each week when the show airs. ;)

  34. Kathryn says:

    Also wanted to add that I’m really curious how the writers handled Sam deciding things were going nowhere with Andy and possibly going off undercover. He put Guns & Gangs off for WEEKS while Andy was still getting really serious with Luke, and then goes away NOW??!! WTH? That really makes no sense to me, so I hope they came up with a good reason. And it better be more than Andy just going on a date with her new equine unit instructor! Come on! His response to that should be space time is over, time to step up and ask her out himself!!

    • Kristen says:

      My guess is he sees Andy and Luke interacting. Maybe Luke talks to her at the bar, or asks her for a drink to talk, and she accepts. Sam see’s this, and immediately he thinks she’s going to forgive him and take him back, and that there really isn’t a chance for them.
      Regardless, Sam and Andy are where it’s at. They are amazing together. The way I see it is Sam did one of the most selfless things by defending Andy to Luke, knowing it would be the demise of any chance they had. He did that, b/c he knew that Andy deserved better than the person he thought he is/was. Sam saw Luke as the better option for Andy, and he supported them.
      Luke loves her, yes, and he also proposed to her with a ring he originally bought for another woman, and I’m willing to guess he wasn’t even intending on proposing to Andy that soon. He also cheated on her, after having moved in with her, and proposing to her. I can’t imagine that Sam would’ve done the same things.
      As for Andy almost sleeping with Sam. She didn’t, and Luke found out, not to mention this was when they were dating. Luke made a decision to cheat on Andy, and then lied about it, after they were already engaged and living together.

      • Megan Shaw says:

        You make a good point. But even getting as close as Andy did to sleeping with Sam while she was dating Luke is still considered as cheating even though they didn’t actually sleep together.

  35. Lola says:

    Team Callaghan!! I have been since day one! Yes I;m upset he cheated but I still love them together!!

  36. Elizabeth says:

    So glad i’m not the only Team Callaghan. I really like Andy & Luke together!! Was not happy at all with the direction the writers took Luke. It’s all to build Sam up to look like the true soulmate of Andy’s. Why couldn’t it just be ‘may the best man win’ instead of making Luke act like a douche?! Ugh. I hated Jo with every fiber of my being lol. Hated that storyline!!
    I still like Luke & would love to see him work it out with Andy. But I know the chances of that chances are slim.

    And while I do like Sam a lot, I don’t care for Andy & Sam as a couple. Just not into it like most fans. Sorry, don’t find Swarek all that. Good guy? Yes. Smokin’ hot? No, not my type. And I can’t say his personality outshines Luke either.

    But I’m ultimately prepared for Andy & Sam endgame.

  37. SusieEmm says:

    I think the reason the ratings went down from last year and also somewhat from the beginning of season 2 was that there was no Sam and Andy at all. Most people don’t want to see Andy end up with Luke. Another reason is the 10:00 start, but it is frustrating not to see Swarek with McNally, since that’s where season 1 was headed for the most part and then it was taken away. People can only take so much.

  38. Sara says:

    Okay, going out on a limb with the unexpected cliffhanger…Andy sleeps with Sam, few weeks later discovers she’s preggers but isn’t sure if the father is Sam or Luke. What to do what to do?

  39. lori says:

    Team Swarek for me!!!!Team Swarek for me!!!!Team Swarek for me!!!!

  40. Kiren says:

    Team Swarek!

    Andy has got to have some screws loose if she doesn’t want to be with Swarek! I really hope the other character entering for Andy doesn’t pan out but I’d get what they were doing if Sam and Andy didn’t end up together… I’d just be really glum about it. I’m tired of Sam’s feelings getting pushed aside.

    • therese tucker says:

      love Sam Swarek, Andy and Sam belong together,………….Team Swarek all the way!

    • Megan Shaw says:

      Andy didn’t deserve what Luke did to her, she didn’t deserve what Sam did to her. But neither of those guys deserved what SHE did to them either! Andy and Sam almost sleeping together is just as bad as JOTHEHOE seducing Luke.

  41. LMS says:

    How can we talking about season finales already???? Why does) get a full 24 episodes?

  42. anna says:

    Team Swarek until the end
    c’mon Andy, you are being stupid, Sam is all that you need, how can’t she not see that? is she blind or what?
    I’m tired of waiting

  43. Marcy says:

    There is no mutual Teaming . Lkke doesn’t get a team. it’s been Sam and Andy since Day 1. Luke’s cheating just cleared the way….

    GO SANDY!!!

    • Megan Shaw says:

      Sam and Andy were cute, but after watching what Sam did and hearing what he said to Andy, i’d much rather kiss a baboon on the ass.

  44. Yaraisy says:

    Team Swarek…….. I cant wait!!!!!!!

  45. SamsGirl6114 says:

    SAM’S THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Kwildcatsfan says:


  47. Sam says:

    Total Rookie Blue junki right here :)

    What now? There’s another option other then #TeamSwarek ? ;) I’ve loved #Sandy since the start, #Landy has zip chemistry in my opinion, I just don’t get that relationship.. AT ALL.
    Sam is a good guy, he’s not the loose cannon everyone says, he’s far more reliable then

  48. Maria says:

    Team Swarek. I rooted for him ever since the first episode during the locker room scene. I don’t see the point of this whole Team Swarek or Callaghan thing. Luke is a boring character, about 95% of the audience prefer Sam and Andy over Luke and her, so why keep asking questions which team you are on when you already know the answer? The writers tried to make an even playing field by showing Landy happy in 2nd season, but it was just blah and unbelievable. Great interview though.

    • Megan Shaw says:

      Sam is a good guy, but he needs to grow up. At least Luke tried to get Andy back whereas Sam let Jerry’s death take over his life completely. He broke Andy’s heart because of something that happens everyday. Because of that i choose Team Luke. A friend or family members’ death is not an appropriate excuse as to why you hurt other people, seriously it’s not!

  49. Kim says:

    Both are hot and bet they’re great in bed!

  50. Kathryn says:

    Here’s my thing with Luke. He’s super self-centered. Like stand-out self-absorbed, not just for this show, but for all of TV if you leave out the extreme criminal anti-heroes. Most of what he seemed to like in Andy was how she made him feel about himself, for one. He didn’t even make the final decision not to leave her for Jo until Andy stuck by him and proved him right about the serial killer.

    Plus, he’s not that bright. His attempts to cover his cheating tracks were beyond pathetic. I guess you could write that off as subconscious self-sabotage because he was guilty. But he headed the Martinelli task force for three YEARS and didn’t find the storage locker Andy tracked down in a couple hours. Come on! Andy needs someone in her league.

    • Megan Shaw says:

      Guys are no different when it comes to cheating. They all do that. they all try to cover up their tracks like luke did, and at least she found out because some guys cover up their tracks so well that their wives or girlfriends only find out a few years later and sometimes never. i’m pretty sure that sam would also have covered up his tracks like luke tried to.