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Office Scoop: Josh Groban to Play Andy's Bro?!

The Office has added another branch to Ed Helms’ increasingly eclectic onscreen family tree.

According to TVLine’s sister site Deadline.com, singer Josh Groban has been cast as — no joke — Andy’s brother.

As we reported earlier this week, 7th Heaven‘s Stephen Collins and E.T.‘s Dee Wallace have been tapped to play Andy’s parents.

For more details on this scoop, visit Deadline.com.

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  1. Kiki says:

    LOVE Josh Groban! I can envision his part as the brother who is everything Andy wishes he could be. Better singer, better looking, more accomplished, and a ladies man. The Parents preferred child.

  2. R_Patz says:

    All I see when I look at this news is: Andy and Josh duet. Make it so, Office writers.

  3. ScottB says:

    I wonder if he is Andy’s younger brother, who was named (andy’s father’s name) Jr, because he represented the name better. I don’t remember the exact wording they used in the episode, but “andy”s name was changes after his younger brother was born because they thought the baby fitted the name better. too funny.

    • madhatter says:

      Here’s what I hope will happen, no matter how unlikely. Andy is made manager and his parents come to visit him to say that since he’s so successful and his brother isn’t they’re going to change his name back and have his brother be Andy. His brother will be upset at this and come to try and ruin his life. Somehow the office mates or Erin will realize Andy likes being Andy and will help his brother be successful or make Andy look less successful that he really is.

      • Luis says:

        Madhatter, I posted this idea in a previous post (I was the first to write in the post), and I got an angry mob cause of it.

        LOL. Andy will be manager for sure. He is the only character that is goofy enough, and make us laugh all the time.

        • tripoli says:

          Probably because it’s such a stupid idea. Try again.

          • fluglehorn says:

            not a stupid idea! i don’t know how realistic the name changing is but youknow it could happen! you see now, he DID become manager so there! :) I seriously cannot wait for Josh to be on. He would be an awesome Walter Jr.! I hope they sing a duet.

  4. Noodley says:

    I KNEW something was up!! Josh tweeter earlier today about how great The Office cast is. Hilarious. He and Ed look nothing alike, but Josh’s sense of humor will fit perfectly in The Office world. I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a duet too!

  5. Kaye says:

    Yes, duet please! I am such a fan of the family they cast for Andy. So much potential for funny.

  6. N says:

    So is it safe to assume Andy is the new manager?

  7. Elena says:

    Please let this be true only so that they can sing together.

  8. Rachel says:

    Andy already had parents. They were there when he proposed to Angela!

    • Dana says:

      It’s not a big deal, though. They one visited for a breif scene. Plus, the show did the parental switcheroo before, too. Pam’s mom came to visit in an early episode (I think it was the sexual harrassment awareness one) and was played by a completely different actress than the woman who played her mom in more recent episodes (the story arc where Michael dated her).

  9. Deena says:

    I am loving this! When Josh Groban was on Glee he was great. He also hammed it up doing the Top Ten on Letterman recently. The potential things they can do with this is off the charts.

  10. Templar says:

    I’d like to see him play Augie’s [Chris Gorham] brother on Covert Affairs.

  11. Ticked at spoilers says:

    Will you PLEASE STOP posting information in headers????? Where is the “The Office: Josh Groban to Play …” headline??? Some of us do NOT WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING IN ADVANCE. Give us the option to click or not.

  12. Amber says:

    Well, his guest spot was funny as h*ll on Glee, so I think he could do a good job on The Office. I do expect one thing to happen though. I expect Josh to make a play for Meredith, because as we all know, “throngs of screaming teenagers don’t do it for Josh Groban, no. Josh Groban loves a blousy alcoholic.”

  13. Lauren says:

    Am I the only one not excited about this? I scrolled to the comments expecting to see other people who felt the same as me, but I guess not. I really really didn’t like Groban’s acting in Crazy, Stupid, Love. He was so dull and delivered all of his lines Shatner-style. I mean, whatever, I’m not terribly unhappy about it, but definitely not excited.