Fall TV Preview

Scoop: NCIS: LA's Daniela Ruah Taking Kensi to Hawaii Five-0 This Fall

The worlds of NCIS: LA and Hawaii Five-0 are about to collide.

Daniela Ruah’s NCIS: LA character, Agent Kensi, will cross over to fellow CBS crime procedural Hawaii Five-0 this fall, an Eye spokesperson confirms to TVLine.

Ruah leaked the news on Twitter early Thursday. “Aloha,” she wrote. “Read my lips closely… Kensi will make her way to Hawaii Five-0 this season! Stay tuned… ”

No further details were made available, but it’s probably safe to say the crossover will air during November sweeps.

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  1. elsie says:

    Man, CBS will do anything and everything to try to help out this flop.

    • Don J says:

      H50 wasn’t a flop, but wasn’t a breakout hit either. I mean it averaged anout 10M viewers and 2.5 in the demos which are good enough for CBS. Plus, CBS signed a very lucrative syndication deal with TNT for H50 repeats, so this show isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

      • Kristen says:

        Agreed. Nowadays it’s about profitability and with all the tax breaks the production ges from Hawaii not to mention syndication rights stateside, this show makes tons for the network. The ratings are good, not great, but it’s sticking around. If they moved it away from Monday Night Football on to another day, I think it’d do even better.

        • Tim says:

          CSI Miami was against Monday Night Football too and it made way better numbers than H50, so Football is just an excuse for the bad numbers.
          Profitable?. Castle got the same TNT deal, almost $2 million per episode, and the show is way cheaper than H50. Castle is more profitable for ABC than H50is for CBS. CBS can get the same ratings H50 is getting with a cheaper show ,making it more profitable for them.
          H50 right now is the lowest show in demo from Monday to Thursday on CBS, and the lowest in million of viewers in the whole week.That is a flop for CBS, they can do so much better.

          • Kathy says:

            CBS wants to attract new viewers to this show. At the same time they are alienating last seasons viewers by adding a new team member (so called ‘female McGarrett’) who from the released photos will be a third wheel in the Steve/Danny scenes and further erode any chances of Chin and Kono getting more screen time. CBS should look at the weakest parts of this show which is the writing and so called ‘creative ideas’. The character stuff became a Danny soap opera in the finale. This year is all about ‘love interests’ for everyone. Last year I watched the show live but this year I will be watching it on DVR so I can skip the silliness. At least, so far, Kensi doesn’t have to be a ‘love interest’ to be on the show.

          • Karne says:

            Guess you skipped right past the tax break part.

          • Jen says:

            Kathy. The writing was never Hawaii 50 weakest part. Kurtzman and Orci are some of the best in the business.Very talented people. They made a big mistake with the cast. They have a very weak cast,McGarrett should had been someone older and with talent. No just eye candy and 0 acting. They are adding new people to the cast because that is the only way to try to solve the problem, giving the weak actors less airtime. Scott is the one saving the show.Love Scott, but Hawaii 50 is terrible.

          • Kathy says:

            Jen: Kurtzman and Orzi don’t write the show. They are too busy writing movies. I disagree with your opinion of the cast…in particular McGarrett. I too, enjoy Scott. However…the whole Rachel/Danny soap opera pregnancy finale was stupid. It is a perfect example of the poor writing and lack of creative ideas.

          • Don J says:

            The show makes money. As already said, there are tax breaks for shooting the show on location in Hawaii.

            Peter Lenkov is the showrunner and he IMO is doing a great job. Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci are still credited as Executive Producers, so I assume they still have some creative input in the show.

          • King says:

            Errr. Castle was only sold for $1.4 million/episode. H50 is more expensive $2.1 million/episode both to TNT.

          • Sugarysalt says:

            What? Castle got 1.4 million for an ep from TNT who are serious industry players and know what they’re paying for. HFO got 2.5 same as NCIS LA.

            HFO – also got better demos than most other ten pm dramas on any network. You can’t compare previous years as every single year the networks are losing about 7% viewing numbers!! You can only compare HFO this year to CSI Miami this year. That is what the analysts and advertisers do and that is all that matters.

          • Sara says:

            I totally agree with Jen about Alex O’Loughlin. He’s a terrible actor!

          • Ash says:

            Jen: Actually their adding the new people because the four leads were run off their feet last season, there was at least one of them in practically every scene. I have to disagree with you, I like all of the cast members and unless you can see the future or have read the scripts there’s no way you can actually know how the new team member is going to effect the dynamics. If I don’t like how the show develops I’ll stop watching but I’d like to see how the writers resolve the finale before I say they screwed everything up, since that’s usually what most shows do in season finales, screw things up so that you come back next season to see how it’s going to turn out.

    • Ryan O says:

      H50 needs all the help it can get. Daniela would be a positive addition. The old H50 was a decent show but that was back in the good old days when Goliath always beat David. There are different weight classes in professional fighting because a good BIG man will always beat a good small man. Could be the North American public finally realizes that giving small people a false sense of physical power is not only dangerous to them but unbelievable to those who know better. If H50 wishes to increase its ratings it may try replacing ‘small and smart-mouthed’ with ‘seriously tough’….. (Good Luck)

  2. Don J says:

    Why an NCIS: LA/Hawaii Five-O crossover? Since H50’s executive Producer Peter Lenkov used to work on CSI: NY, I would have rather seen Mac Taylor make his way to the islands.

  3. mallory says:

    @elsie, NCIS: LA is not a flop…Their ratings are outstanding, with over 16 million viewers overall per season. For its second season, I’d say that’s pretty darn good. :)

    • tim says:

      16 million? what r u smoking? Try 10 or 11. It lost over 5 million viewers in just one season.

    • dave says:

      I think they meant Hawaii Five-0 was the flop not NCIS:LA

      • elsie says:

        Thank you Dave.

        • tim says:

          NCSI LA is a real hit. No doubt. I love it. Great show with great acting and great numbers. I was talking about H50, lame show with bad acting. Not the quality type of shows CBS produces.That was why the show finished with less than 11 million viewers and crashed by Castle.

          • Dannisgirl says:

            Actually HFO got better demo’s than any other ten pm show on CBS except for The Mentalist. It won’t get the same numbers as LA as it is not a nine pm prime time show.

            HFO beat CSI, CSI Miami, CSI NY, The Good Wife and True Bloods in the ten pm slot for CBS dramas.

            HFO also beat Castle overall for the year by a fair few overall viewers and totally killed it in the demo.

            Get your facts right.

    • as524 says:

      Pull LA away from its cushy spot after the mothership & see if it pulls in those ratings….
      Face it – this is just a desperate attempt to prove that NCIS:LA is *not* a spinoff of NCIS so they don’t have to pay DPB

  4. Kev says:

    NCIS was the most watched scripted TV show last year, Hawaii Five-0 also had a good amount of viewers, what flop are you talking about exactly? If anything, Fox is in a flop.

  5. Mikaylah says:

    I did not expect these two shows to ever cross, but I love H50 and Kensi so I am thrilled! :)

  6. NickC says:

    DAMN!!!! you all are lame…Kensi Blye on a beach…maybe in a swim suit?…Win bleepin Win!

  7. juli says:

    Bring on Kensi/McGarrett!

  8. Rach says:

    I can see them bantering over something stupid, but i really want Kensi to be with Deeks :)

  9. KMG says:

    Anybody but me hoping for Daniela Ruah & Grace Park to have extended scenes together on the beach modeling the latest in microscopic swimwear?

  10. Renee says:

    I can see this working. And working very well. I like Kensi.

  11. The WB Frog says:

    H50 is a very profitable show. DVR ratings for H50 placed the show #1 for a majority of the year. TNT has a deal already to rebroadcast. The scenery is pretty and it’s a good, old fashioned crime drama.

  12. Doni says:

    I think they are making a big mistake with this Lauren chick. They seem to be taking screen time away from Grace Park (whom I read on the web is rumored to be leaving after Season 2-can you blame her if this is true?)I agree with another site, this crime drama has now turned into a soap opera. I don’t watch soap operas.

    • Sarah says:

      Wow. When did you see season two…wait it hasn’t aired yet. I place very little stock in internet rumor/speculation and will see how the first few eppys are.

  13. Monica says:

    I sure hope this season doesn’t turn into one big soap opera like everyone on the internet speculates. I don’t see that savings the show if the ratings are truly what I have been reading they are. As far as Grace Park leaving, I don’t see that happening. My hope is they would try to make her happy and stay. Hopefully this Lauren girl will only be in it a few times like the Catherine character. I wish Catherine could have been made permanent instead of bringing this Lauren in. She just doesn’t cut the mustard.

  14. Rich says:

    Hmm, so if this crossover links Hawaii 5-0 with NCIS:LA then…

    That would further extend one of the largest Television Universes ever.

    Magnum P.I.
    Hawaii 5-0 (Original)
    Simon & Simon
    Murder She Wrote
    Quantum Leap
    First Monday
    Hawaii 5-0 (Revamp)

    I’m sure I missed a few more, but damn. Bellisario likes the one universe idea.

    • Rich says:

      Oops, I did some further checking, and it looks like the Quantum Leap/ Magnum P.I. crossover never happened (but was planned)

      Also, I thought JAG and Magnum P.I. Shared the same universe, but now I can’t find confirmation.

      So instead we get…

      First Monday
      Hawaii 5-0 (Modern)

      Still pretty large.

  15. Makes an interesting continuity error, though. In Season 7 of NCIS, Gibbs said to Tony, “Book’im, Dannozzo.” To which Tony said “Nice Hawaii 50 reference, Boss.”

    So, the old show existed in the same reality the new show exists in? How meta is that?

  16. lynnrxgal says:

    I actually thought that the crossover would be with McGarrett and Sam having been Navy SEALS together at some point.

    Love both shows… although they have the CBS “formula” in common, they both have their plusses and minuses. H50 is finding its footing on Monday night. Stay tuned; I am!

  17. Hope says:

    Love NCSI LA, but H50 is totally lame. I tried a few episodes, bad bad show. NCSI LA is 100 times better than H50.

  18. MovieNut says:

    They’re forgetting one thing: “Hawaii Five-0” was established as a TV show in the “JAG-NCIS-NCIS Universe”. Gibbs once told DiNozzo: “Book ’em, Dan-nozzo!”

    DiNozzo: “Good ‘Hawaii Five-0’ reference, Boss!”

  19. webruce says:

    I would agree that Sam and Steve would have fit as 2 Former NAVY Seals working together on a case. But as also mentioned before Kono and Kensi undercover on a beach works better,lol But hopefully both teams will work it their way and not have to compromise. Surprised though that Kensi would be sent alone?

  20. Lane Cudmore says:

    Dear Hawaii Five -o and NCIS:Los Angeles & Daniela Ruah,

    You are really on the Hawaii Five -o show is Kensi Blye from she in because about Hawaii Five -o and she play also in NCIS: Los Angeles and why! I want Daniela Ruah send e-mail to me on my laptop about her answer is because my laptop with me at Disney World and come back home in Naperville and Aurora new house can you tell her to see me at my School and Job is Buffalo Wild Wings on Tuesday and Thursday because I want tell her about Chris O’ Donnell thing and you tell her my School is Wheatland in STEPS Program in Chicago.

    Thank you,