Big Brother Recap: Is Shelly Lying to Us?

Wednesday’s Big Brother yielded a cute veto game (with beanbags!) and a couple great Daniele moments (including a delicious last-minute backdooring), but the episode mainly served as an intense psychological examination of Shelly, A.K.A. The Beigest Person On Television. She’s Frappuccino beige, you guys, and damn near Danielle Staub beige. Fascinating lady, this Shelly. Let’s compare notes!

First things first: Adam and Shelly competed in the veto competition (against Daniele, Kalia, Jordan, and Jeff), and Adam won the Power of Veto after convincing Jeff to throw the final round of the game. Swell, I guess? This had to irk Jeff, who was not only a fine “Cornhole” player (in the Midwest, we call that beanbag-tossing game “Bags”), but a fine competitor in general. Letting Adam win is anathema to Jeff’s victory instinct. But I bet that feeling passed once Daniele opted to replace Adam on the chopping block with Brendon, who stands a big chance of earning his second eviction tomorrow night. Any Brenchel disintegration is a good thing, it’s safe to say. No power couple has been this gross and unhinged since Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie — or maybe even Sid and Nancy? Hide the knives?

But onto Shelly, who warrants a dissertation today: Though we numbered her highly in our power rankings last week, Shelly’s nonchalant alliances with Jeff and Jordan and Brenchel and some lingering newbies were bound to work against her. That’s the danger of playing “alone” in Chenbot Manor; in your quest to rally enough voters to tolerate your existence, you have to join forces with as many willing passersby as possible. Loyalty with your allies is a momentarily obligation, not a long-term promise. Shelly made so many promises in the first month of this game that it’s possible she can’t remember the deal she forged with Brenchel to work with them until the final three. Or is it possible? Is Shelly — the yammering yokel — the most sophisticated liar in the house? Is she lying to us? Why does this offend me?

That ambiguity is actually what makes Shelly fun, whether you like her or not. Her heady gameplay is a fizzy refreshment on this rather staid season of Big Brother, and it’s mesmerizing to watch her stride up to allies, snicker about nothing, and convince them to love her. Even when we watched Shelly gawk as Rachel and Porsche spilled her secret psuedo-plan to vote out Jeff and Jordan, I couldn’t tell whether Shelly’s shock was feigned or genuine. She’s the opposite of Porsche; I can read everything on Porsche’s guileless face, but on Shelly’s, I only see strain and beigitude.

“Liar! Liar!” Shelly pouted at Rachel. “Rachel, don’t do your squintin’ and ‘gwintin” at me!” So upset was Shelly that she invented a senseless new word. Whatever “gwintin'” mean, no one wants to be it, I’m sure.

If that display wasn’t strange enough, Shelly’s anger melted into a tearful vortex by the end of the episode as we watched her accept a “prize” of 24-hour solitary confinement so she could speak with her family on the phone. As she wept to her husband Tony (a subdued Jim Parsons lookalike) and sobbed to her daughter Josie on speakerphone, one thing became abundantly clear: For a strategic player, Shelly’s emotions and calculations are too intertwined. She was just as upset speaking to her family as she was being pegged as a traitor by Rachel, and I think that vulnerability will do more to hurt her than help her. Perhaps you’re not as interested in Shelly as a potential supervillain as I am, but she vacillates so much between weeping self-victimization and casual betrayal that she might be Big Brother‘s stealthier version of Rachel. Does that freak you out? I’m shivering, personally. It reaffirms my love for Daniele, who called out Shelly’s “sketchy” tendencies before anyone else, but it also gets me excited for Shelly’s potential as a cunning cockroach in the house. She’s been stomped upon several times, but it looks like she’ll outlive Brendon tomorrow night (at least by my tally), so maybe she’s safer than we all expect. Weird. But if Shelly’s status as a viable player remains questionable, Daniele’s status as the BB13 heroine is not. When she called Brendon a “zombie we keep trying to kill” and Rachel “his zombie bride,” I cheered. I’m ready for the Brenchel zombie flick, Night of the Living Dead Eyes. Edgar Wright, please take the reins.

What did you think of this episode? Did you learn anything new, interesting, or troublesome about Shelly? Is she a relevant player or just an expendable pawn in Brenchel/Jorff/Daniele’s game? Who’s going home tomorrow? Leave your commentary below, read me regularly at, and find me on Twitter at @louisvirtel!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Loladear says:

    I don’t know what part of the Midwest you’re from, but here in Ohio, it’s cornhole.

    • davey says:

      …and where I’m from, “cornhole” means something different entirely. Kind of ironinc that it’s Jeff that you are saying is a good “cornhole” player! LOL. Too funny!

      • Tim says:

        Jeff seems gay to me—i don’t believe he and Jordan have sex for a second.

        • carol says:

          no way is he gay thats the way he is you can tell how much he loves jordon dont say people are gay unless you know for sure its disrespectful you can usually tell he is a very handsome guy

          • Michael says:

            I don’t pick up on the gay vibe, but sorry carol, calling someone gay is not disrespectful or insulting. The fact that you think it is says more about you than anything else.

        • Katie says:

          I’ve gotten that gay vibe too. I’ve thought his raging homophobia is a sign. And some of his clothes are a little out there. Not that I think there is anything wrong with that- I wish he wouldn’t spout off so much gays though!

        • ultimate troll says:

          Lol, Tim seems troll to me -i don’t believe he thinks Jeff is gay for a second.

          Katie’s just not a very bright lightbulb. Count to one Katie.

    • Ashley says:

      I’m from Chicago and its definitely called “bags”

    • Mackenzie says:

      In Iowa we call it bags

    • Katie says:

      You beat me to it Loladear! Also called cornhole in my part of the midwest!

    • kym says:

      In Chicago it’s called bags.

    • Andrea says:

      I was thinking the same thing! I am an Ohio girl and it is Cornhole here!

  2. Laurel says:

    I think Shelly is losing it.
    And she has talked so much sh*t to so many of HG’s she’s forgotten what she’s said and to whom she’s said it.

  3. The WB Frog says:

    Worst. Season. Ever.

    • Chmarin says:

      Last season was way worse. The Brigade? Seriously. Just typing that word makes me wanna vomit.

      This season is pretty fun, actually. Keeping my fingers crossed for Dani.

    • Tim says:

      yeah, this season sucks but last season was worse. Shelly irritates me but she is the most interesting of the newbies, just hate how loyal she is to jeff and jordan, one of which will probably win the game.

      • harold says:

        selly just lies so much she dont remember i wish all the new people would of come togetter and got all of the vets out. and come on wich is realy worse bendon ,rachel ,dani come on those three are the best game players

    • Tego Livi says:

      I can’t imagine another season ever approaching the time Dick won. The funny thing is, I kind of like Daniele this time around.

      • Captain says:

        Agreed. I HATED her in Season 8 but I kind of love her this year. Maybe it’s because she’s the mastermind instead of letting her daddy do everything for her.

  4. bb_fan75 says:

    It’s funny how all of the members of the ‘Regulators’ alliance have been eliminated and none of the members made it to the jury… ‘Worst Alliance Ever’ in BB History?

  5. Rock Golf says:

    I don’t think Shelley knows she’s not telling the truth.

    And can I suggest a Jordan 2016 Presidential campaign? She’s got a great understanding of people, an even temper, empathy, and is genuinely charming. Okay, she has the brains God gave a thimble, but that still would still put her in the top half of the Republican candidates class of 2012.

    • Tego Livi says:

      You probably know this, but Jordan is too young to be President. I don’t think she’s actually all that stupid, though. She has little education and isn’t particularly curious, but she’s more intelligent than most people realize. And she seems like a basically sweet and sincere person. I like her more each show she’s on. Less impressed with Jeff, though he’s OK.

    • Katie says:

      I agree with Shelly not actually always knowing she is lying. I think she came out playing both sides hard and now everything is catching up with her and she can’t keep it straight!

      • Autumn says:

        ITA here — Shelly has told so many lies in the beginning that she has forgotten the lying, and I honestly think she has herself convinced that her lies are the truth!

    • Michael says:

      1. LO-Freakin-L. Hilarious
      2. She seems to be one of the more genuine people to ever be on a reality show. No pretense whatsoever. She isn’t a worldly human-being but she’s definitely one I’d like to know.

    • mandd01 says:

      I would so vote for Jordan for President! What a great idea!

  6. Candy says:

    I would love to see the faces of everyone when/if they rewatch these shows. Im sure Shelly is aware of all her deals but she knows how gullable (but lovable) Jordan is. Only wish Jeff would be smarter like he somdtimes seems.
    Side note: Id rather have Brenden in the house than Rachel.. Just sayin!

  7. Sivat says:

    Thank God for Daniele because she’s the only reason I’m still watching this lousy season.

  8. RainWelch says:

    Wow. Anyone saying Jeff was good at the game didn’t watch Daniele nail it everytime. (until she decided to intentionally lose the game). Shelly has told so many lies she doesn’t even remember them. She’s a leach, stuck to each HOH.

  9. topsyturvy says:

    Dani, on what planet is Brendon better at winning stuff in this game than Rachel. Last and this year she won TONS of HoH competitions and Brendon never seemed to ever be able to win anything … remember the ski thing a few weeks ago when Mr. Workout fell pretty early, sending Rachel into a fit? Dani should get Rachel out before Brandon.

    Shelly is just scary on so many levels–emotionally, vocally, physically. I think she thinks she didn’t say anything to Radon about a final three (the clip CBS has replayed at least TWICE!). In her mind/universe she probably didn’t mean what she said. Who are we going to believe? Shelly or our eyes? Roll the clip … “That’s not what I meant.”

    Her fan love for Jeff and Jordan borders on the creepy. (And I have a feeling she’s more in love with Jordan than Jeff).

    • JD says:

      getting brendan out first is a better idea…as we saw last week, Rachel completely falls apart without him. so she’s basically taking them both out.

    • deepsilvr says:

      Thank you for pointing out her obsession with Jordan. Glad I am not the only one who finds it creepy!

  10. Katie says:

    Did anyone else think Adam was totally delusional/pathetic on being so proud of his POV win? At first I thought he was just acting to throw off Brenchel, but then in the DR he was bragging?! I really think he thinks he is America’s favorite. I think he is the worst this season besides Lawon and Keith.

    • Chris says:

      I totally agree. Adam did not earn the POV it was given to him. He’s still a huge floater in the house who hasn’t done anything but sit back and shave his beard.

    • Autumn says:

      I thought he was too, Katie. He was like, he worked so hard to win that POV – uh, Adam – wake up — Jeff threw it and in a way, so did Danielle, I think. Anyway, if he’s America’s fav well, don’t know about that, but IMO he isn’t really doing anything except run his big mouth!

  11. Plum says:

    Please stop covering this foolishness. It’s not real news and is made by the stupid for the stupid. You are too good for this TVLine. Scrape this mess off your shoe and cover real news, not these trainwreck shows.

  12. Stacy says:

    Being from the border of Ohio and Michigan where the game gained all it’s popularity, it is definitely cornhole, mainly because the bags are filled with “corn” and you try to get them through the “hole”.

    And as for Shelly, just because she asked Brenchel about the final three does not mean she has a deal with them. Did they ever shake on it and promise? No. If this was the case, everyone would have a final three deal with everyone else in the house. I think Shelly has been extremely loyal to Jeff and Jordan and has only “played” both sides of the house to get information for her true alliance with Jeff, Jordan, and Adam.

    Bottom line, Brendon needs to go and Rachel needs to follow next week. They are both disgusting and have the most unhealthy, disturbing relationship I have ever witnessed.

    • Magically Suspicious says:


    • RainWelch says:

      Yeah they do. Second is th way Jeff treats Jordan. I mean really, he calls her stupid and tells her to shut up? Not healthy.

    • NW Ohio in da house says:

      Wow, I’m from NW Ohio (Michigan border) too. But I remember way back in elementary school playing a game called “Bean Bag Toss”, which coincidentally, is just like this game. I suppose if the bags had been filled with corn instead of beans, we’d have called it “Corn Bag Toss”. I don’t think the game originated from this region, either. I saw children in Europe playing with bean bags, so there’s a chance that it originated there and was brought here. In my NW Ohio dialect, playing ‘Cornhole’ would have to do with BEING ‘cornholed’, which is about, uh, ‘drilling for corn’. And that’s a game I’ve never played, and would never want to! LOL

    • coopdbil says:

      Stacy, I am so glad to see your post. I totally agree with you. Shelly asked them as a moatter of fact, and never ONCE told them she would be in an alliance with them. They said yes, she only asked. No deal at all.I like Shelly, and think she’s just a very nice person. Notice when anyone was down, she was there to pump them up.As far as Brenchel are concerned, I was disgusted to see them enter the house this year along with ED. The three are a disgrace to human kind.What in the world is so cool about an old wrinkled up tattoed, rude ignorant 20’s wannabe , looks like 60 man like ED anyway. Gla he left. He’s sickening, and Dani is almost as evil.

  13. buffy522 says:

    I guess I’m the only one pulling for Rachael and Brandon. I thought I would like Shelly but I can’t stand her now. She’s losing her game.Every time she blows a kiss to her daughter, her lips make me wanna vom. These idiot players may end up giving this to Jordon again.I think the whole couples thing was stupid unless it was all former couples.

    • jc says:

      Nobody slithers and lies like Dani…she invented deception and it will probably serve her well in this BB House this very predictable season.

  14. mima says:

    To all you Bren and Rach haters lets get past their relationship and look at how they are playing the game. This is a game of win or lose $$$$ not about relationships. If it were not for Bren and Rach what would you people be chatting about Jeff and Jordan how sweet she is Boring or Danielle with her childish pranks and jealousy or Shelley the Liar who is riding on Jeff and Jordan’s tails or Adam who thinks he is the greatest player or Kalia who talks and talks and talks about nothing and then Porsche what does she do? Bren and Rach are the show they make me want to watch with them gone its back to cable and old movies.

    • Michael says:

      Danielle is jealous of what? Rachel’s split ends? Or is it her icky personality.

      Rachel is a strong competitor. She usually does well in physical or mental comps. That doesn’t make her a good game player. More importantly, she’s demonstrated time and time again that she isn’t a very good human being. She’s selfish and self-absorbed and won’t listen to constructive criticism. I’ll admit that I want her to stay as much as I want her to go but that’s only because I won’t have anyone to hate after she and Brendon leave.(I dislike Brendon as much as I do Rachel because he is an enabler.)

    • Martha Vee says:

      I am in total agreement. Shelly is a scumbag. If she gets her nose any further up all their A–es it is going to turn brown and fall off.Brachel should win this one. they have been treated badly.

    • Pat swearingen says:

      I agree. Without Rach and Brendon, show would not be interesting/ The others are so boring and childish- acting , it makes me turn off CBS and watch reruns.

  15. Ryan says:

    Really pulling for Dani this year. The funny thing is I loved Jordan/Jeff during BB11 and found Daniele grating during BB8. This year, I’ve had a complete turnaround: loving Dani and her winner-take-all attitude and finding Jeff/Jordan to be insufferable. They (especially Jeff) have been talking a big game yet outside of the one veto and a questionable HOH victory, have failed to deliver. Adam is worthless (but has yet to realize it), Shelly started off playing a good game but overplayed her hand and spread herself too thing, Kalia is far too emotional, and Porsche has yet to prove herself (here’s hoping tonight she pulls it out in the HOH, showing her value to the D/K/P alliance). I would love to see Rachel team up with D/K/P tonight after Brendon leaves..unfortunately I think her emotions will get the best of her and prevent her from seeing the positive potential in allying with them.

  16. melanie says:

    Honestly I really am pushing for Danielle this year. At first it was because she opposed the pure awfulness of Brenchel, but I’m really starting to respect her gameplay. Lets just hope she doesn’t screw everything up. Brendon has to go, not Rachel. A Brendon without Rachel can survive and wreak vengeance, a Rachel without Brendon is a puddle of pudding.

  17. Buffy Freak says:

    So if Brendon gets voted out tonight (fingers crossed), how long before CBS announces yet another twist giving him an opportunity to gte back into the game? Okay, only kidding (kind of) but it’ll be great to see him ousted if only to see Rachel suffer anotehr breakdown where she cries without tears.

  18. tina says:

    Bring back Dan from season 10! he is pure genius!

  19. Hall says:

    OK, let’s start with Shelly. I have no problem with BB players who play a manipulative and deceitful game. It’s a legitimate strategy. The hands-down best player ever (Dr. Will) played it to perfection.

    But with Shelly, it’s not the subterfuge which makes me despise her, it’s the hypocrisy. Don’t aim that creepy grin at me, fresh from removing the knife from your latest victim’s back, and attest to your loyalty, dignity and integrity. You are 0-for-3 on those qualities.

    Now let’s talk about Jeff and Jordan. These two should have never returned to the Big Brother house. They had a great thing going as “America’s Sweethearts”. We all loved Jeff’s rugged tenderness and Jordan’s wide-eyed naivete.

    Well, the jig’s up! If you watched last week’s version, you got to witness the magic of J&J turn into Brenchal before your very eyes. Jeff terrorized and bullied Kahlia to tears, and Jordan did nothing but bitch and moan.

    She actually made a speech about “people who’ve done nuthin'” getting ahead in the game. If you closed your eyes and inserted the term “floaters”, I swear you’d think it was Rachel.

    Who’s she kidding? That dingbat rode her partner’s coattails all the way to $500k, around the globe in “The Amazing Race”, and this time (OK, Jeff and Brendon threw her a HOH) as well.

    Their cover was blown! They’ve calmed down a bit now that they’re not in imminent jeopardy, but their true colors have been revealed.

    • Chris says:

      I agree about Shelly. She was the only one of the newbies I really liked but she is totally getting on my nerves now. I think she’s lost track of all the conversations she had and what she had said.

      I totally disagree abput Jeff and Jordan. Jeff and Jordan are playing a really good game this season. In reference to what happen last week, they weren’t showing any true colours! They were playing the game. Kalia just told them she was putting up Jeff as some sort of pawn. Their reaction was totally based on the fact the her decision to put him up didn’t make sense. I thought it was a great game strategy and in the end it worked.

      • tripoli says:

        Agreed. Jeff made some perfectly valid points to Kalia. Getting a little heated as he did was not berating her into tears. She’s just weak and has no idea how to play the game. As for Jordan, I think she’s got a point as well. She may be the quiet one out of her duo, but I think she’s played more of a game than the people she’s talking about, who really have done nothing to deserve getting to the end. Plus I imagine that it’s tough to see your partner on the block and potentially going home, especially since they do not live in the same state currently. She handled that far better than she who will not be named. Still a fan of J&J. Everyone else irks me terribly.

    • Ashley says:

      I have to disagree with the comment about J&J’s true colors being shown. While I do agree they got rather emotional I think everyone in the house is allowed some kind of meltdown at one time or another. As far as comparing Jordan to Rachel in terms of whining that really does not match up. How sweet was jordan giving away her phone call to home and instead receiving that unitard?

      On another note, Jeff and Jordan are a huge target but are smart game players. They know that by having Brenchel with them their target is minimized. They don’t win much, unless absolutely necessary (see Jeff’s Veto) and they are keeping an almost flawless social game.

      If the house guest wanted to win they would focus on getting J&J out. They could easily make it to the end unscathed. Who wants to sit next to them during the final? You would have no choice of winning. Sitting next to Rachel anyone looks like a saint.

      I’m betting on a repeat of Jordan’s victory. Letting everyone else take each other out and sit back and watch.

    • janie says:

      i know a lot of people on here do not watch BB Afterdark on showtime or have the feeds. I read about the feeds though and what they didnt show on the tv show was that when jordan yelled at Kalia like that it was because she had been on slop for a week already and just found out she had to be on it a 2nd week. She thought Shelly had thrown the slop competition just to stick her on it longer.. It was the start of her time of the month and she had just been crying her eyes out in Have Not room….

      Now Jeff I have no excuse for.. but you notice Kalia has no problem with him now.. thats because Jeff can blow up and get it off his chest and then later be fine.. Brendon/rachel have a hard time doing that.. if they get mad, they stay mad..

      One thing we all have to realize is that these are real people under a lot of stress in a small house filled with different personalities.. I truly believe Jordan is a good person and would never knowingly want to hurt anyone’s feelings.. but she got “fustrated” as she says it and just had to explode.. I get it..

  20. Di says:

    I liked Shelly until her real personality came through and she’s downright mean about it. Her “do as I say and not as I do” game play is just plain disturbing. I think she believes her own malarky and she really tries to make Rachel as this really horrible person and i don’t see it. They’re more alike than she probably would like to admit, very emotional and self serving and mean spirited. I love Jordan, she’s just so nice and sweet and a horrible game player but what can I say. Danielle is playing the game too hard…her and Adam should have teamed up because they both think they are the super player. It’s really laughable.

  21. carol says:

    I am tired of Shelly just telling everyone what they want to hear. She has done that since day one.

    I am tired of J/J. Everytime he gets mads now they have to bleep his language. Jordon just sits there with that blank look on her face.

    I am tired of B/R. Who COULD like these people?

    This is a boring year of BB. If they keep bringing back past contestants I will quit watching it.

  22. Rachel says:

    I didn’t and don’t think Shelly is lying. It’s a manner of semantics. She never said I want to be in an alliance (to my knowledge) she asked “could you see us in a final 3?” Those are two different things.

    Being a business woman I think she has learned to say and not say things in a way that may sound different to someone else. Kind of like politicians. lol

  23. Michael says:

    Everyone is so “tired” and “annoyed” about the “most boring season ever” and doesn’t want to watch anymore… yet this season is shaping up to be the most watched ever.

  24. coopdbil says:

    Worst season ever??? Did you not see last season? Floaters doing nothing, just waiting to become famous when show was over? A supposed adult man that ate like a hog and acted more immature than a kindergartener. Best part of the whole show was Matt, Ragan, Brit, and Brenchel with all their fights. Still a nerve wrecking thing to watch. Glad to see J/J back, but would have been happier with all new players. But, look what we got with the new playes. A boring metal head who bores everyone to tears. Two totally lazy girls in Porche and Kailia. All Por does is sleep and look in the mirror and try to poison peoples food. Kailia eats all the time while talking and wants everyone to see her bush and hear her sing.D/P/K make fun of everyone and seem to think they’re superior. NOT! Give us allstars or some interesting newbies. Not a bunch of losers.

  25. johnny says:

    You people are all idiots! This season is really boring and one of the worst. Shelly is the biggest liar in the house and the most crooked and annoying. She is also rich and and a master manipulator she does not deserve to win. And to the people saying Jeff is gay? How is someone gay just because he is against homosexuality? Most of the people in the world are against Gays/homosexuality so are most people also gay? Homosexuality is disgusting,unnatural,immoral,evil, and dangerous. Hollywood and the media as well as some other entities have manipulated many Americans into thinking being gay is a gift and something your born with and that its normal but being gay is wrong and unnatural by God and Science(evolution). Its a act they choose and if being against gays/homosexuality is wrong then being against pedophiles,polygamists,liars, prostitutes should also be wrong because they also are doing something they enjoy!