Emmys 2011: Who Deserves the Supporting Actor In a Comedy Trophy? Take Our Poll!

If you thought the men of Modern Family had a strong grip on Emmy’s Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy category back in 2010, then this year it’s nothing short of a stranglehold. Four of the six actors in the 2011 race — Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ed O’Neill, and last year’s winner Eric Stonestreet — hail from ABC’s uproarious Wednesday-night sitcom. Only 2009 Emmy winner Jon Cryer (nominated for the sixth straight year for Two and a Half Men) and 2011 Golden Globe winner Chris Colfer (up for the second straight year for Glee) keep this category from being redubbed Best Supporting Actor from the Pritchett-Dunphy Clan.

What would you do if you had the power to send one of these fine gentlemen to the podium when the Emmys are handed out Sept.18? Take our poll below to vote for your favorite — TVLine voting closes Sept. 10, so act now! — then hit the comments to justify your pick!

Every day for the next month, we’ll launch another “Who Should Win” Emmy poll, so come back to TVLine.com every day to weigh in on who’s most worthy of TV’s biggest honor, and to stay up to speed on all our races, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Alex says:

    None of the above. Danny Pudi of “Community”

  2. the tenor says:

    In my book the winner will be the runner-up, because Nick Offerman was ROBBED. I mean, no disrespect to Ed O’Neal, he is funny and good on Modern Family, but there is no way he deserved a sympathy nomination over Nick Offerman’s BRILLIANT season.

  3. Allison says:

    CHRIS COLFER DESERVES TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NUFF SAID!

  4. Lucy says:

    I really think that Chris Colfer should win.
    Chris Colfer is the best that could ever happened to Glee, to FOX and to television. I mean he is only 21! And he was already nominated twice! He is incredibly talented, he is a Golden Globe Award winner, he is filming his movie and publishing books beetween Glee and others things.
    I don’t understand why or how people can hate him, he brings hope to so many people around the world, and not just for people who are gay, to people who is straight, who people that re misunderstood, to people who have to deal with bullies and who people who don’t understand how it can get better.
    He is amazing and I could be more happy that the world discovered him, he inspire me in so many ways and I can’t believe someone that awesome is real.

  5. JohnDoe says:

    Gonna go with Stonestreet on this one. What he does on Modern Family has me in stitches.

  6. Summer says:

    I love Chris Colfer and all, but Ty Burrell deserves this award, I think.

  7. Laurie says:

    Chris Colfer FTW.

  8. markt says:

    What year are we living in where so many people think an actor being gay and playing a gay character means there’s no acting involved? Are you kidding me?

    I stopped watching Glee regularly a while back mainly because the writing on that show could have been done by a four year old with a box of crayons, but I know enough to know that Colfer is the best thing about it, especially since they’ve butchered Lynch’s character. I can’t say he’s my first choice to win (Ty Burrell is) and if I’m completely honest I’d have loved to see Nick Offerman and maybe one of the Community guys up there too, but the fact of the matter is Colfer can act. I doubt he’ll win this year but I fully expect him to deservedly go home with an Emmy after he leaves Glee and gets himself onto a decent tv show.

  9. Claris says:

    Chris Colfer is a fantastic actor and he deserves to be the winner in this category, even though his character’s storylines weren’t comedic this season. Like it’s been said, he is playing a dramatic role in a comedy. Kurt’s storyline was dramatic this season, but Chris had showed his comedic abilities in season one, he just proved he is amazing at drama AND comedy.
    Chris’ performance in the episode Grilled Cheesus is breathtaking and he deserves to win because of his performance, regardless if it’s comedic or not, he is just brilliant.

  10. Abby says:

    CHRIS COLFER. have you seen him act? He can be witty and funny one second, then have you in tears the next.

  11. Katelyn says:

    Chris Colfer all the way. He is actually doing something amazing and saving people’s lives.

  12. Mike says:

    Look I like Glee and Chris but I like MF better and Ty killed it this year, if he doesn’t win its a travesty. And for those of you complaining about PR and Community yes those shows are funny to me but they need more exposure as that seems to be big in the Emmy’s eyes.

  13. Ariana says:

    GO! Chris!

  14. FeedThemGlitter says:

    I am consistently blown away by Chris Colfer’s performance on Glee. He has only recently turned 21, and has no formal training in acting. He is a completely natural talent. He moves me to tears, sends me into fits of laughter, and sends chills up my spine. All within the role of Kurt Hummel, who, while an amazing character, is nothing like Colfer himself. He has chemistry with virtually every person he shares a scene with, and he, along with a few others (Michele, Rivera, Criss), completely carried this past season of Glee. The nomination is for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy, NOT Best Supporting Comedic Actor. This, however, is irrelevant, because Colfer has impressive comedic AND dramatic chops. I think he deserves many accolades, including this Emmy, and I can’t wait to see where he goes in his career. This is only just the beginning.

    • Jon says:

      Glee is not a comedy and that might hurt him, and may be why it does win for best comedy

      • FeedThemGlitter says:

        Glee is a comedy-musical with dramatic elements. Most of Colfer’s work this past season was on the more dramatic side, but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s a phenomenal actor nominated for best supporting actor in a comedy. If Glee wasn’t considered a comedy, it wouldn’t be nominated in the comedy categories.

  15. Orna says:

    I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving than Chris Colfer. He really takes the time to get to know the character that he plays, his comedic delivery is perfect, and he really is one of the nicest stars of this generation. Best of luck to Chris.

  16. Rachel says:

    Personally I hope Chris Colfer wins. Not only does he have the voice of an angel but he’s an AMAZING actor! You just need to look into his eyes during a scene to see that – they’re so full of emotion. He does heartfelt scenes and scenes when he’s upset perfectly. Not only this, but (as people who are not fans of his may not know) he’s very clever and talented – he has so many projects going on at the moment including a film which he has written and starred in, childrens books and a show for the Disney channel! He’s very talented at speech and debate and generally brilliant academically and it shows with his quick, witty responses to questions. I can’t wait to see what his future holds – I really hope he wins this award!

  17. Melissa says:

    In my opinion, Chris Colfer totally deserves the win. He is extremely talented and even though his character, Kurt, isn’t really a funny character, with what few comedic moments he’s been given, he outshines everyone else in this category. That’s not to say the rest aren’t great – they are! Especially the Modern Family guys, they’re all amazing. But Chris … He’s special. He’s got this way of captivating you with everything he does, and even when Kurt is the background, you just find your gaze shifting to him, wanting to see how he reacts. He’s truly a great actor, and even if he doesn’t win this time, he’s only 21! I predict a lot of nominations for him in the future.

    • Gin says:

      “He’s truly a great actor, and even if he doesn’t win this time, he’s only 21! I predict a lot of nominations for him in the future.”

      I’m certain that’ll be the case.
      And he doesn’t have it easy – you see by this comments alone: Being openly gay in Hollywood is not an easy task.
      Nevertheless he tries hard. He’s putting all of his soul in his current role and is working his butt off to ensure himself some work in the future.
      Much, much respect to this young man.
      He takes his future in his own hands. In interviews he seems driven and likable.

  18. Soso says:

    NICK OFFERMAN by far !!!!!!
    Otherwise, Eric Stonestreet for me :)

  19. Brad says:

    You got to hand it to the Chris fans they are dedicated, but the thing is Glee is not realy a comedy and I know its nominated in that category but its a mix of comedy and drama. And so that might hurt Chris’s chances and Glee’s chances, we shall see.

  20. Allie says:

    *Okay… Ignore the hate… ignore the hate… Just vote for Chris. Take a breath, vote for Chris and ignore the hate. Don’t read the comments…Don’t read the comments. Chris Colfer is amazing and I’m voting for him because I want him to be happy and because he is very talented… Just. Ignore. The. Hate.*

  21. M says:

    Ok look I know some of you are fans of offerman and I am too he is funny, but he was not nominated so why keep bringing him up, the question is of the nominees who should win.

  22. Ena says:

    i think Chris Colfer deserves the Emmy the most, because he is a true idol to all of us. He is not afraid to accept who he is and i feel like this is something we should honor. He is an extremely talented actor and his personality shines. I respect him so much and just think he is so young and yet he achieved so so much. He just deserves it all.

    • Jane says:

      An idol to all of us? Hyperbole, much? He’s no idol of mine, no matter how much you presume to speak for me. I mean, I think Colfer’s a great actor and he seems like an all-round nice guy, but he’s only human. Let’s not build a cult around him – no-one can live up to that.

  23. Jamie says:

    I personally think Chris should win for his acting ability – while his character isn’t exactly comedic (or at least hasn’t been so far) he is an incredibly talented actor and anybody who says he’s playing himself needs to watch a minute of a Chris Colfer interview to see that they’re two completely different people other than the fact that they’re both gay. Maybe it’s more natural for him to act in the relationship Kurt is in but episode three of the past season (Grilled Cheesus), which I’d say was one of of Colfer’s best so far, involved no real reference to either Kurt or Chris’ sexuality. Out of the three shows represented I only actively watch Glee (only watched a few episodes of the other two, couldn’t tell you who was who!) so I can’t comment on the other actors but I do believe Colfer is a deserved nominee and if you don’t like him, tough, because he’s going to be around for a long time!

  24. Ali says:

    If Chris Colfer is playing himself because he’s gay, Jesse Tyler Ferguson deserves to have the same criticism for acting gay. The same goes for Jon, Ty, and Ed for acting straight. With your logic, Eric Stonestreet should win because he’s the only one who’s not “playing himself”.

    • Starkidbug says:

      well i hope you enjoy being stereotypical. Here, let me lay some knowledge on you. Yes Chris Colfer may be gay, but he is almost nothing like Kurt Hummel. He is a huge nerd and very hetro when it comes to fashion, he knows almost nothing of designers and trends. Kurt Hummel, is a diva who only wears the finest clothes and styles his hair A LOT. Chris may have been bullied at school, but so is everyone. Might as well say none of them deserve it because they’re playing people. that are alive. like the actor is.

      • Ali says:

        I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I’m just responding to people who claim that Chris is playing himself. I am, in no way, bashing Chris. I just think that it’s unfair to him that people think he’s just playing himself because he’s gay.

      • Kyle says:

        I think before you go off and be a patronizing ass, you should understand what the OP meant.

  25. Elaine says:

    This is a tough category. There’s so many good actors here.

    I love Modern Family.I don’t see why Ty Burrell is the favourite, as I personally don’t think he’s the best out of them. I prefer the other three so much more than him.

    However, this award should definately go to Chris Colfer. He’s been amazing this year.

    However, I do think he is at a huge disadvantage as the voters will be able to see each of the Modern family men pull off 4 different storylines, as they’ll see 4 MF episodes but they’ll only see one Glee episode. Chris is amazing in Grilled Cheesus so I hope he wins. If it was based on the whole season, Chris Colfer would win hands down but unfortunatelt it isn’t. :(

    Although I love the Modern Family men, I’ll be so disappointed if Chris doesn’t win, he’s been the star of Glee this season.:)

  26. Kathryn Bell says:

    Definately supporting Chris Colfer. His performance on Glee is incredibly moving, whilst still showing great comic ability

    He carries the support of the LGBT community flawlessly; anyone who doesn’t think he’s made an impact need only talk to viewers of the show, be that Gay kids who feel much more confident about who they are, or just people who now have a new outlook on life.

    Also, that guy is a wizard. He had a difficult childhood but didn’t let that phase him from acheiving his ambitions. At just 21 he’s already written, directed, and starred in his own movie, and written a children’s novel.

    He is an inspiration to people everywhere. I think he deserves this Emmy.

  27. Donna says:

    Ron Swanson

  28. Blainers says:

    Chris Colfer deserves this so much. He’s talked time and time again about how when he was younger, he’d practice his award acceptance speech in the mirror when he had spare time. He’s been an influence on so many people and helped so many people. He’s an amazing singer and just a flawless actor. Not only did he start Glee when he was just 19, he went on to do two world tours, write Disney episodes, a book, AND a movie, THEN filmed and starred in it. He’s 21 now and he’s accomplished more than most people can even dream of. He’s an inspiration and a motivation to many people, including myself. If anyone deserves this, it’s Chris.

    • Vera says:

      Despite being a hardcore Chris Colfer fan myself, I feel that I need to point out that your arguments are invalid, amazing and awe-inspiring they may be, as the Emmy award-giving body won’t be judging him outside the Grilled Cheesus episode that was submitted. :)

      Having pointed that out, I would just like to say to the rest of my fellow Chris fans, that yes, he may have saved lives of bullied kids. That is, however, not a category for judging in the Emmys.

      As to his likelihood of winning in this category for his ACTING ability, I would say that he actually stands a good chance at this. He has proven both in seasons 1 and 2 that even the deteriorating writing of Glee cannot deter him from showing off his acting chops. His performances, whether comedic or dramatic, are always nuanced, reflecting the depth of which he studies the character he’s playing. We Kurt/Carson/Chris fans know how Chris is so different from the characters that he’s played.

  29. Courtnee says:

    I agree with this 100%, Chris has done so much and tried his entire life to succeed, and people are saying he shouldn’t win because he isn’t funny or because he’s gay. Chris Colfer is such an amazing person, I mean, he has done so much and is only 21 years or age. He is an amazing role model and I agree with you, because he should win this.

  30. Ryan says:

    Chris Colfer is the best in this category by far. He so deserves the Emmy. He has acted his storyline so well this season. I’ve lost count of the number of times he’s made me cry. :)

    Eric Stonestreet would be a close 2nd though. He’s hilarious. :)

  31. Ellie says:

    I am appalled by some of the previous comments I have read. You should all be ashamed of yourselves – you know who you are.

    Personally, I’m using this medium for it’s original intent:

    Chris Colfer is my pick. I believe he is extremely talented. It is my opinion that he is the most deserving of this award.

    Good luck Chris.

  32. Katie says:

    Chris Colfer has accomplished more then some people could ever dream about. He wrote his own screenplay when he was a teenager, and now he’s starring in it. He started on Glee when he was only 19 for pete’s sake! He’s writing a book, and did I mention he’s ONLY 21?! He deserves this award more then anyone. He’s an AMAZING actor…did you SEE his storyline this season? Phenomenal!

  33. Dave in Alamitos Beach says:

    Actually, I’d be okay with anyone winning BUT Ty Burrell. I just don’t think he’s a very good actor. He plays it too obvious for me.

  34. Danielle alzate says:

    Bitches. CHris colfer deserves this award more than anyone for how brave and amazing he is. I dont know how anyone can hate him. Hes so full of love and appreciates everything that has happened to him and he loves his fans. I met him and he was just the sweetest person ever. I will forever be a colfer supporter. Screw the hateers!

    • Jon says:

      Brave and Amazing are not why this award is given out, give him a GLAAD award then for helping out the gay community. People have a right not to like an actor.

      • Vera says:

        Your opinion is valid. In defense to my fellow Chris fans, there was a previous homophobic comment, you see, saying how Chris is a gay guy playing a gay guy on TV, and ergo should not be even on this list. This naturally led them to an impassioned defense, which then, I must admit, veered out of topic.

        I have already aired out above my reasons for rooting for Chris Colfer, putting aside his life-saving and awe-inspiring abilities.

        And I do believe he and his onscreen father already received a GLAAD award.

  35. Syd says:

    Because I’m “old and sentimental” (hah) I vote for Ed O’Neill. However, I love Modern Family and if any of his fellow stars win, I’ll be happy. I also love Jon Cryer and Chris Colfer in that order. So whoever wins, I’ll applaud. I’m just saying that Colfer wasn’t given that much comedy to play so I think he’s least deserving of a
    comedy award.

  36. Justin says:

    Ty Burrell for the win. I love all the Modern Family men, but Phil Dunphy is easily the funniest one out of all of them. However, in my opinion, Nick Offerman definitely should be in this category instead of Jon Cryer.

  37. MB says:

    I hope someone from Modern Family wins. While I found the second season to be slightly inferior to the first, I still think that Ty Burell is a much better actor than Chris Colfer and Jon Cryer.

    I’m not a fan of Two and Half Men so I’m a bit biased I guess. Chris Colfer will probably win because of the popularity of Glee. I think he’s a good actor but I would like to see his Kurt do something beside crying on Glee.

  38. Amber says:

    Who is spamming the Chris Colfer votes on this site???

    I feel forced to vote for a Modern Family actor here as I thought Glee had a terrible season 2 and Chris Colfer didn’t quite shine the way he did in season 1. Plus I think Two and a Half Men being on the air is a sign of the apocalypse, so not even affable Jon Cryer would get my vote here. I am happy for Chris that he won the golden globe. He seems like such a nice fellow. But nothing and no one deserves to win an emmy for Glee’s craptastic season 2.

    So my vote went to Jesse Tyler Ferguson. I think his performance on Modern Family is very underappreciated compared to his costars. But I definitely think Ty Burrell will win it. I’m not crazy about that, and I don’t really get the Ty Burrell/Phil Dunphy love, but whatever. The beloved Ed O’Neil also has a shot at it, I think, but it probably goes to Ty.

    • llc says:

      are you serious? As much as I despise Glee season 2. Chris Colfer’s performance was absolutely stunning. I watched Grill Cheesus. He was amazing in it.

    • Melissa says:

      Although to a lot of people Glee’s second season wasn’t as good as the first one, Chris’ character had a lot more focus in this one, and his acting has been nothing short of amazing. I agree with you on Jesse Tyler Ferguson being really under appreciated … He’s the funniest person on the show to me, and not a lot of people give him enough credit. I think Chris deserves to win, but if he doesn’t and Jesse does, I won’t be too disappointed.

  39. leighton says:

    chris should win! he’s extremely talented!

  40. Dick says:

    The whole “it’s an award for performance IN a comedy not for comedic performance” is horsehockey. Colfer did good work, but it was all of a dramatic nature. If he gets this award it’s an insult to the entire purpose of having comedy categories, and an insult to all the actors who have put up good COMEDIC performances.

    If Parks and Rec and Community deliver again this season, there will be no excuse for loading up on Modern Family nominations like this next year. It’s a shame Swanson and Pudi at least weren’t recognized.

  41. Jacob says:

    I’m sorry, I absolutely believe Emmy voters see comedic performance as key to winning an Emmy in the comedy category. Nobody in the past, dramedy or not, has won in that category with a dramatic performance (Peter McNiccol being the only “dramedy” winner, but clearly because he was absolutely hilarious on Ally McBeal).

    Sorry, ladies, but Ty Burrell is one of the funniest actors on TV these days, and deserves the Emmy, without question.

    I’m pretty sure most voters will wonder why Colfer is even in this category.

  42. llc says:

    Glee sucks, but Chris Colfer is brilliant. Period

  43. sammy says:

    Modern Family guys are great so very great. Totally makes us laugh every week. But I surprisingly think Chris Colfer could deserve this award. Glees episode ‘grilled cheezas’ was something special. This script is sucks and other actor wasn’t much helping his act But he makes episode phenomenon by only his act and song performance. Modern guys are all talented adult actor can helping each other in good way its good chemistry and script is really funny. Then the young actor, Glee kids are all talented and good too but all so young and less experience, Colfer makes the episode onesided confess to his father by a song and monologue . Acting is just him. I’m impressed. I don’t know but It’s something special to an actor.

  44. Chris says:

    Ron Swanson. or Nick Offerman.

  45. matt says:

    My vote: Ty Burrell…people who are posting on here need to remember the category: COMEDY.

    Also, agreed…there are many glaring omissions (actors from “Community” especially! Also, any of the kids on MF should have a shot, too.)

    Let’s hope next year Ed O’Neill submits his name for best actor, not supporting!

  46. Anna says:

    Anyone but Burrell. I don’t get the love at all. His character is irritating, and all the other actors on the show are so much better (and most of the actresses too). Why does he keep getting nominations for awards? Why does he get more buzz than anyone else? He’s okay, but he doesn’t deserve the hype. JTF and Stonestreet deserves the accolades far more.

  47. Chris Colfer says:

    It should be Ty Burrel. Thanks.

  48. jay says:

    Jon Cryer should win, he’s clearly had a far far harder job to do the past few years than anyone realised.

    I wouldnt be upset if Chris Colfer did win, although this year its not been the comedy that has been his best work.

  49. Darth Dingdong says:

    John Noble!!!!

    • Mandy says:

      You know Fringe isn’t a comedy right? If he were going to be nominated it would be supporting actor in a drama, not a comedy.