Emmys 2011: Who Deserves the Supporting Actor In a Comedy Trophy? Take Our Poll!

If you thought the men of Modern Family had a strong grip on Emmy’s Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy category back in 2010, then this year it’s nothing short of a stranglehold. Four of the six actors in the 2011 race — Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ed O’Neill, and last year’s winner Eric Stonestreet — hail from ABC’s uproarious Wednesday-night sitcom. Only 2009 Emmy winner Jon Cryer (nominated for the sixth straight year for Two and a Half Men) and 2011 Golden Globe winner Chris Colfer (up for the second straight year for Glee) keep this category from being redubbed Best Supporting Actor from the Pritchett-Dunphy Clan.

What would you do if you had the power to send one of these fine gentlemen to the podium when the Emmys are handed out Sept.18? Take our poll below to vote for your favorite — TVLine voting closes Sept. 10, so act now! — then hit the comments to justify your pick!

Every day for the next month, we’ll launch another “Who Should Win” Emmy poll, so come back to TVLine.com every day to weigh in on who’s most worthy of TV’s biggest honor, and to stay up to speed on all our races, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Chmarin says:

    Anyone BUT Jon Cryer and Chris Colfer. Thankyouverymuch.

    • Juliana says:

      Couldn’t agree more!

      • MRC says:

        Chris colfer certainly deserves this emmy nomination and he Also deserves to win. He is an immense acting talent and can play comedy as easily as the more dramatic. He is an all-rounder and up against these seasoned professionals he really holds his own. He shold win this especially if the catagory is judged as it should be as in it is for the best performance IN acomedy and not for, as usually assumed and voted, best comedic performance.

        • tripoli says:

          Um, no. To every word you said.

          • Jamie Morris says:

            It’s a shame that people are so jealous of Chris Colfer’s talent that they feel that they have to denegrate him. There is no denying his immense acting talent and people should have more respect. He deserves this nomination and he deserves to win.

          • Sarah says:

            UM! YES, to everything MRC said. Chris Colfer deserves this.

          • Somebody says:

            Chris Colfer DOES deserve it. Unfortunately Glee is a dramedy, considered a comedy, but all of Chris’ parts this year were heavy on the drama side. He is still very talented and his portrayal of Kurt was outstanding.

          • Tego_Livi says:

            I don’t know if Chris Colfer can act, never having seen him in anything, but he is incredibly unnatural at having his picture taken. TVLine has about 30 pictures of him every day, and every last one of them has the exact same expression–a ludicrously exaggerated fake smile, dead on at the camera. You can tell it’s fake because it doesn’t reach his eyes, but he tries too hard so it nearly reaches his ears. I hope he has other expressions on the show.

          • RM says:

            I will pee on everything you love. Chris Colfer is amazing and more talented then any of those actors showing that he is the most brilliant actor on the show he is in.

          • gleeker says:

            you’re an idiot, at least state valid reasoning behind negating someone’s comment. This just makes you appear childish. Chris Colfer is fantastic and completely deserves the nomination.

          • G says:

            It’s a shame you cannot actually come up with a well supported response to a well written comment.

        • SM says:

          His voice is shrill and annoying, as is his face. Painful to watch him sing, honestly. Sadly, the Modern Family nominees will probably cancel one another out.

          • Mark says:

            Actually, the Modern Family guys stand more chance of winning, as they each get to sumbit an episode, so there are four more things that they can be seen in. Chris Colfer can only be seen in his own episode, so the odds are against him. Shame, because, much as I like Modern family, Chris Colfer has performed outstandingly this season and definitely deserves to win the Emmy.

          • Freya dIxon says:

            Painful? God, his voice is just different, god i hate it when people say that he can’t sing. He’s an amazing singer and an amazing actor. And yes i think he should get this award, he try’s so hard. Oh yeah Glees all about accepting who you are , yeah they’ve chosen a boy who has the voice and talent rather than the looks. You have Darren Criss for that. Just my opinion have a nice day!

          • Elle says:

            “His voice is shrill and annoying, as is his face.”

            Um, no. Wrong. But way to be shallow, petty, and jealous. Chris Colfer is an all-around talent and he’s accomplished more at his age than most people do in a lifetime. His character on Glee is so important to so many different people, and he absolutely deserves this.

          • Jen says:

            Won’t the Emmy voters see three episodes of Glee? If Jane Lynch submits Furt, which is a stunning vehicle for her incredible range as Sue Sylvester, and the show itself, also nominated, submits Grilled Cheesus which had amazing writing and showcased moving and brilliantly comedic yet dramatic performances by every member of the cast, then Chris could submit any of the episodes he is largely featured in and the voters will see his incredible range as well as his natural, subtle, moving acting with YES, fantastic comedic timing and sensibilities. I hope he submits Original Song, which has lots of his understated comic timing (watch him acting throughout the opening number Misery; it’s splendid, and “Blaine and the Pips” … come on, his delivery of comic lines is perfect) and his scenes are peppered throughout the episode, with a great range of acting style proving his transcendent skill, deserving of an Emmy.

          • Michael Poynter says:

            Chris Colfer definitely deserves to win this Emmy. Someone commented about the judges seeing three of Chris’ episodes because Jane Lynch and Dot Marie Jones will also be submitting. I couldn’t reply to that comment, because it wouldn’t let me click on it. However, the judges of Chris’s catagory will most likely not be judging Jane or Dot Maries catagories, so they will not get those episodes to watch unfortunately. It would be great if they could, but Chris’s episode is outstanding. He is up against it, however, because the modern family guys get to be seen in each others episodes. Chris Colfer is an amazing all-round talent. He’ll hopefully go far in Hollywood. He certainly deserves to.

          • Madison says:

            Oh goodness. The face thing was unneccessary.He is amazing, outstanding, and inspirational. He is flippin’ hilarious!! And he is super fantastic at singing. He is my favorite singer, and he is not even a singer!!! Stop being shallow, and go look up talent, because Chris Colfer is the definition of it.

        • kyrjar says:

          Chris deserves the nom but is not even close to the talent of any of the four modern family guys. Give him a few years but right now his acting is not as subtle and his comedic delivery is often wanting. See great things for him in the FUTURE.

          • L M Jaques says:

            I’m sorry, but i disagree on the whole with your comment. Chris Colfer is an extremely subtle actor and his comedic delivery is always spot on.

            Your post is also an example of subtlety. Make it seem as though you are supporting someone, but then add the little digs and negative comments. Well done, but not good enough. Chris Colfer has proven his acting talent. The Golden Globe is not given out to just anyone and Chris well and truly earned his Golden Globe. Chris Colfer does deserve to go far in the acting world. He is extremely talented.

          • Mike says:

            So true, Chris is great I’m not gonna lie, But in this category, I can see two more actor with better performance than him, and one of them won last year.

        • Duane says:

          Chris Colfer deserves to win, but not in the comedy catagory. As someone else said, most of his scenes are drama, and he deserves to win for that.

          • Jamie says:

            The catagory that Chris Colfer is nominated for is Best supporting Actor IN a Comedy and NOT best comedic performance. I do wish people would read the Catagories properly.

        • Kay says:

          You are absolutley right.

        • NICOLE E CURRY says:


        • sara says:

          Chris colfer of course<3

        • Doreen says:

          I AGREE Vote for Chris!!! Amazing Kid what a talent we’ll be seeing alot from him!

    • Roma says:

      ^THIS! :)

      • HeMan says:

        Ed O’Niel the only straight man in the bunch.

        • Brendon says:

          I am going to ignore the homophobic undertones of He-Man’s post as it is beneath contempt.

          Chris Colfer is an immense new talent and he fully deserves his place among the nominees and quite frankly, I think he deserves to win the Emmy.

        • Karelia says:

          Not to mention the fact that actors who portray Gay people on TV are not necessarily gay themselves, ie: Chris Colfer. Do your research before you make statements that make you look uneducated :)

          • sam says:

            actually chris is gay, just saying. he totally deserves to win

          • Jordan says:

            Chris colfer is indeed gay. Darren criss isnt. I would know because im kind of obsessed with Chris. He is, he said so himself in an interview.

          • Emmy says:

            Actually, Chris is gay. Not trying to be rude or anything like that, I also totally love him and his portrayal of Kurt is extremely inspirational. He deserves to win more than anyone else, just wanted to point that out :)

        • CherBear says:

          Maybe you should do some research before you say stupid crap! Not all of them are homosexual!

        • tellitlikeitis says:

          HeMan and his ignorance. Wow. Ty Burrell and Eric Stonestreet are straight. Dunno about the guy from Two and a Half Men because I don’t watch it/have no interest. And who cares whether they’re gay or not? It’s about TALENT, not sexual preference. Idiot.

        • Amber says:

          Is is possible that he meant the word in the traditional sense when comparing acting styles in comedies, i.e. Ed O’Neill plays the straight man to his costars zanier performances?

          • J D Morgan says:

            very diplomatic of you, but if that were the case, then Chris is also what could be perceived as the ‘Straight man’ of Glee being as how every one is keen to point out that his role is not comedic, so there would be two straight men in the bunch. Chris Colfer really deserves to get the Emmy this year. His performance shows his immense overall talent and in the funny moments he has on Glee, he really shows a great comedic talent also.

    • s says:

      abed jeff troy

    • Lindsey says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself!

    • lawyerchick99 says:


    • Samantha says:

      Agreed…sort of. I definitely don’t think 2 1/2 men should be nominated or win anything but Chris is more deserving than Jon. My vote goes to Ty though.

    • kirain says:

      yes please

    • Chris says:

      Yes. From most deserved to least deserved:

      1. Ty Burrel (or Nick Offerman or Danny Pudi)
      2, 3, & 4. Ed O’Neill or Jesse Tyler Ferguson or Eric Stonestreet
      5. Jon Cryer
      6. Chris Colfer

      • Lauren says:

        I agree with your rankings. And before everyone jumps down my throat, I am a Glee fan and have been since the beginning. I’m also a Chris Colfer fan, but I think Ty Burrell has been outstanding for the past two years on Modern Family, and he’s been overlooked. He is the most deserving.

        • ViewerLA says:

          I agree Lauren. I think Ed O’Neill is perfect too. Sometimes, they are so good it doesn’t come across as acting.
          I realize there’s a big group of Chris Colfer fans. I think what his role on the show has done to educate and inspire teens is amazing. However, despite how some of you make it sound, he’s not an academy award or even Emmy caliber actor. Honestly, I think there are more deserving actors on Glee that should have been nominated instead. I love the show – I enjoy the comedy, drama and music. I just don’t think the role is much of a stretch for Chris – and Matthew Morrison or Corey Monteith play much more complex characters.
          And before you accuse me of gay-bashing..I am gay..and the award should be based on talent as an actor, not role model. I am thrilled for his nomination, and again, the exposure it brings to the world about acceptance of the gay and lesbian community!

          • Andrew says:

            Chris Colfer has proved his acting talent and ability. He already has a Golden Globe under his belt and deserves many more awards like this. His character is the most well-rounded and complex in the show. He acts with such truth. He is a wonderfully subtle and believable actor and gives powerhouse performances all the time. Chris Colfer is the most talented actor on the show and he deserves his nomination and he deserves to win.

          • MDB says:

            Don’t know where this Gay-bashing thought of yours suddenly came from. Makes me wonder why you said that and mentioned that you were Gay yourself. Weird!

            Chris Colfer’s sexuality has nothing to do with whether or not he can act. He is an incredibly talented actor and is also an all-rounder. I feel that he could cope with anything that is thrown at him acting wise and will always give a powerful and believable performance. As for Glee not giving him enough of a stretch, I agree, he could cope with so much more than that. I think he’s got an incredible career ahead of him and as I’ve already mentioned, it should have absolutely nothing to do with his sexuality.

          • Penny says:

            Actually, I didn’t think it was a huge stretch for him either until I watched a lot of his interviews and read more about him. I honestly don’t think he’s that much like Kurt Hummel–at least, it’s ridiculous to say that other actors have more of a “stretch.”

            I do enjoy him as a performer, and I do think he has a lot of room to grow. This is basically his first professional job if you don’t count the indie short right before it. He just turned 21. I kind of hope he wins the Emmy, because he is a good actor and seems like such a sweet, genuine person, but the other nominees are honestly just as deserving.

            I think he would have had a better shot with a submission like Prom Queen; he does have a full range of emotions, expressions, and positive and negative traits that just don’t come through in Grilled Cheesus.

          • Martin says:

            I think what the comment about Chris’ role not giving him much of a stretch in Glee was referring to, was not that he was so much like Kurt that it was easy for him as Chris Colfer is very obviously nothing like Kurt, but he has managed to create a character that is completely and utterly believable. However, because of his immense talent, Chris can be stretched a lot further, so he shouldn’t just be tied to Glee. He should be given a much larger variety of roles and be given many more opportunities to shine. His talent should not be wasted. He definitely deserves to win this Emmy.

      • John says:

        LOL, and your name is totally Chris.

    • w marts says:

      Cryer should get it just for working with Sheen.but my fav is GLEE Kids all the way.

    • klisses says:

      Chris Colfer deserves this more than anybody.

    • Mike says:

      Amen to that! :D

    • Becky says:

      Anyone BUT the Modern Family cast.

    • mie-lha says:

      What’s your reason? I gotta be honest, I literally hate him at the first sight because he looks like a girl and because he’s on GLEE and at that time I thought it was the cheesiest show ever but upon learning about the story, I started to like GLEE so I dug a little more information about this Colfer guy and I found out that he’s actually a nice guy and has a big personality. And I also like him being sarcastic about everything and the person on the show that can make me laugh the most is him (facial expression, body language, his voice, his comments). Now I really like him and his character…

  2. Li'l Sebastien says:

    Nick Offerman

    • sara says:

      ITA! let’s hope people are smarter next year.

    • Em says:

      No kidding. I like Modern Family, but seriously – nothing beats Ron Swanson.

      • Me says:

        I could be down with Swanson having an Emmy even if I’m firmly in the Danny Pudi camp.

      • Mike says:

        Phil Dunphy does by far

        • Li'l Sebastien says:



        • henry hayze says:

          never, ever, ever
          that is sacrilege, and you sir don’t deserve to comment on or watch either of these shows. i love both, but it is an indisputable fact that ron swanson is one of the greatest comedic characters out there, and that he is much better than the guys on modern family, i can see one or two deserving the nomination, but to have four, especially when you exclude swanson, abed, troy, and the like, is an absolute disgrace. the emmy’s have been so diluted because of retarded decisions like this

    • Walter Prager says:

      I love Modern Family, but the best sitcom on network tv is Parks and Rec. Ron “Effin” Swanson should, at the very least, be nominated, so the voters could come over to his house and SHOOT HIM IN THE HEAD!

    • Alice says:

      When Ron Swanson was asked whether he was ready to be considered the best supporting actor for the 2011 Emmies, I believe his response was:
      “I was born ready. I’m Ron *beep/blur*ing Swanson.”

    • Janet Snakehole says:

      Word. I am still shocked that 4 of the actors on MF were nominated and the man behind Ron FREAKING Swanson was snubbed. I used to really like Modern Family but it was stale this year, Offerman should have been nominated and should have got the win. The end.

    • Olive says:

      Hell Yes!

  3. sara says:

    This is really a battle of the “Family” men, and while I really enjoyed all their performances, Ty Burrell takes home the gold for me!

  4. rod says:

    i dont know why they keep nominating Jon Cryer, he is just awful to watch in Two and a half men

  5. Sean D says:

    My pick out of these six would be Jesse Tyler Ferguson, but only because I’m not so in love with Modern Family that I think Stonestreet deserves 2 emmys, although he’s the best of the male cast.

    But, I think we all know, there are a wealth of names missing here. Admittedly, I’m a bit biased towards the NBC sitcoms, but I was really rather outraged to see a short list void of Community’s Donald Glover and Danny Pudi, and Parks and Recreation’s Nick Offermen and Adam Scott. In my opinion all 4 should have been nominated.

    • liam regan says:

      i agree with you about the noms, it’s outrageous, and i don’t think the winner can truly consider themselves as being the best without having to beat out those guys. the guys on modern family range from great to good, but they are destroyed by the guys on community and parks & rec. also tho, i think mac from it’s always sunny deserves to be up there too

  6. nathália says:

    you go ty! you deserves it sooooo much!

  7. Sean D says:

    I think the Modern Family men will all split the votes, and this award will go easily to Chris Colfer. Curse you Glee!

    • Jessica says:

      That’s what I’m afraid will happen too. I think Chris Colfer is overrated. He doesn’t suck, but I can think of many actors who deserved a spot over him. I hope the Gleeks don’t put a hit out on me now!

    • Ken Adams says:

      It didn’t happen last year, so don’t sweat it this year. Plus, with each of them able to submit multiple episodes, voters will get to see the equivalent of half the season before they cast their ballots. I’m sure that’s enough time to realize that any of the four have more comedic chops than Chris Colfer or John Cryer could ever dream about having.

      • Ymar says:

        You sir are an idiot.
        Chris colfer is am amazing actor his wit and humor are far better. I’m sure you have never even seen him act. So stfu

        • Amber says:

          I’m agree, Chris Colfer is not and never’ll ve overrated, he is an incredible actor and he deserves so much to win. Than men is a star and he is by far the most incredible actor from above.

          • Emmy says:

            Agreed, plus he`s soooo sweet, have you guys heard his speech from when he won this Emmy the first time? Or his more serious interviews, he`s just so nice.

        • Ken Adams says:

          You sir, can’t type. I’ll take being called an idiot by someone who can’t properly place a semi-colon.

      • Lucy Loo says:

        I agree. I am a religious viewer of Glee and I can tell you, Chris Colfer dosen’t deserve this nom. He isn’t funny and never has been since the Pilot, he gets zingy one liners similar to Naya Rivera or a funny moment. He gets this nomination because the Emmy’s want better ratings and need to nominate someone gay to recognize that community and get LGBTQXYZ from jumping down their throats. He won’t win and frankly he is overrated. I need to see him do something outside of Glee.

        • autumn says:

          oh come on!
          from the first moment that little boy oh-so-nonchalantly smoothed his coif back in place with the bored flick of a finger while hitting a high note for 30 seconds, a star. was. born…

          Chris Colfer is the real. deal. and he’s just getting started.

          the other nominees have been playing (okay, refining…) these same parts for 20 years — they just changed networks.

          But big hugs to Jon Cryer too — you damn well do deserve that emmy for putting up with that dumba– for all these years — heck give one to his ex-wife and dad and brothers too! stay strong, jon!!

          • Ken Adams says:

            I’m curious. Do you have a daily quota of periods you have to reach with each post? That’s. Not. Cute.

        • DUH says:

          your ignorance is stunning. last year’s emmy winner was for a gay character.

        • Jess says:

          I don’t know how many times it has to be said, the title of the category is “Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series” NOT “Outstanding Comedic Actor”. Chris Colfer doesn’t HAVE to be funny by those standards, just has to be a great actor.

          Now with that said, Nick Offerman should have not only been nominated, but won the whole damn thing. But if I have to choose from the nominees, Ed O’Neill for sure. As much as I love Ty Burrell and I do mean LOVE him on MF, Ed O’Neill kills it for me every single time. Watch the scene where he picks up Mitchell and Claire from their old childhood home or the scene where Gloria’s stray makes his sales pitch for “Good Doggie, Bad Doggie” treats. He kills it.

          • Lauren says:

            Cannot believe Nick Offerman didn’t get nominated. Ditto Danny Pudi. I really dislike the four nominations for an average series, especially when people like the two above get snubbed in exchange.

    • J.Norman says:

      As as been often mentioned, Glee is not really a comedy and has no business in this category.
      The problem is, they have to put it somewhere as things now stand.
      They can’t really call it a drama and there is no official “dramedy” category.

      • Sara says:

        ^^^ This has always been my issue. Glee doesn’t fit very well into any catagory, so they put it comedy for lack of a better place. Chris is an amzing actor and himself is very funny, but his character in the show often takes a backseat to others, leaving him just short conversations in many episodes. Also, his biggest and his most memorable storylines have been emotional so when he does get more screentime he’s usually crying or angry making these emotions what he is remembered for instead of his numerous comedic onelines which have been so spread out throughout the series they aren’t acknowledged often.

        Just pointing it out :)

  8. fanseriali says:

    Ty Burrel!!!

  9. China Blue says:

    Burrell is amazing on that show.

  10. Sarah says:

    Nobody but Chris Colfer

  11. Lore says:

    I love Ty Burell, Phil Dunphy is awesome, i wish i have a dad like him, he is just amazing, his reactions, i love him

  12. Seth says:

    Haters gonna hate! Chris FTW!!

  13. Maeve says:

    If it’s anyone other than Ty Burrell, I’ll be shocked.

    Good Cop Bad Dog was one of the best episodes of MF this season. Burrell killed it.

  14. Jonathon says:

    Chris Colfer is by far the most outstanding actor of the Emmy nominees. He should definitely win. I know his performance wasn’t comedic, however this catagory is for best performance IN a comedy and Chris colfer’s performance stands out way above the Modern family guys and jon cryer.

    • Laney says:

      I agree so much with you

    • Zooniverse says:

      I agree. The category is for “performance in a comedy” not “comedic performance”. Chris Colfers submitted episode was incredible, for the longest time I avoided listening to I Want To Hold Your Hand simply because I was so overcome by emotion every time I heard it. And his dramatic performance balanced nicely with the humor in the ep.

    • Darsy says:

      I just looked that back up since it’d been a while since I saw it, and YES. Holy crap, in tears now. If he loses, I’ll have to think that the voters thought ‘not comedic’ or decided he’ll have other chances.

    • Jon says:

      All he can do is cry that all he does on Glee, Ty and the rest of the MF guys are far better

  15. Ally says:

    I would love it if Ty Burrell or Chris Colfer won. However I feel like all the Modern Family men are deserving. While Glee has gone downhill I do think that Chris Colfer is a consistent good part of the show. I just wish Nick Offerman or Danny Pudi could have taken Jon Cryers spot…

    • fragil3thing says:

      ^ This. Chris Colfer is one of the few consistently good things on a show that has been very erratic in its story arch and quality… I want Chris Colfer to win this Emmy, because I felt that his performance on the submitted episode was simply amazing. However, I also have the same ambivalence as the others, because Glee is not exactly a through and through comedy series as the Modern Family. That being said, Ty would also be a good choice for this category. He cracks me up so much on MF.

  16. tracy says:

    first of all, obligatory NICK OFFERMAN. otherwise, ty is by far the funniest imo, but i’m rooting for colfer because i just love that kid.

  17. alyssa says:

    Ty Burrell! Easily my favorite character on Modern Family.

  18. Sam says:

    Obviously Danny Pudi.


  19. Ann says:

    Anyone but Chris Colfer, please. He’s not funny and has no comedic timing. It isn’t really acting if all you’re doing is playing yourself on tv!

    • Laney says:

      Hes NOT playing himself, nor is he a comedic character. The show is the comedy and he the supporting actor, doesn’t mean he has to be comedic.

      • Rico says:

        Glee really isn’t a comedy.

        Name one actor that has won best actor/supporting actor for playing a dramatic role in a comedy show.

        • Alice says:

          Edie Falco, for Nurse Jackie. But she’s way better than Kurt. He got the Golden Globe because the Hollywood Foreign Press is less than 90 people and Europe loves Glee. But there are way more Emmy voters, and they seem to prefer other shows with more nuance performances.

          • Gaby says:

            Let’s forget about the category. Chris Colfer is one of the most incredibles actors on earth, he deserves to win and even if he doesn’t have lot of comedy scenes, he is funny.

          • Emmy says:

            Can I just say he HAS won any Emmy before. And it was fantastic.

    • Kaci says:

      In what way is Chris Colfer “playing himself?” I’m trying to give you the benefit of the doubt by not assuming that you mean “well, he’s gay and his character’s gay” because by that logic, then Jesse Tyler Ferguson shouldn’t be on here, either. (And neither should Ty, Ed, or Jon, since they’re all three straight men playing straight men.) Anyone who has read a single interview with Chris Colfer knows that other than sharing a sexual orientation (and perhaps the fact that both can sing well), he and Kurt Hummel are nothing alike. So in what way is he “playing himself”?

    • Evyn says:

      Do you even know anything about him? maybe you should watch a few of his interviews, he is nothing like his character the only thing they have in common is that they are both gay and share the same body.
      This category is best supporting actor in a comedy it´s not his fault that most of his parts are drama, and every time he does get funny stuff he nails it.
      He deserves to win just as much as the modern family guys.

    • Haley says:

      Actually, honey. He is nothing like his character. The only similarity is that they’re both gay. Plus, this category is for actors IN a comedy- not best supporting comedian. Chris Colfer is by far the most deserving. His character is very real and deep and he pulls it off perfectly. Your argument is invalid.

      • Rico says:

        And how is your argument valid? Because Chris’s character is “very real and deep”, he is most deserving of an Emmy.

        It’s more difficult to be funny than dramatic.

        I’d argue Ed O’Neill’s character is more deep than Colfer’s, it’s just more subtle.

    • Francoise says:

      If you actually think he’s playing himself, you really haven’t ever seen him outside of Glee. The only things Kurt and Chris have in common are the face, the voice and their homosexuality.

      And if you think he’s playing himself because his character is gay, then you don’t know the first thing about separation between character and actor.

    • Kat says:

      Someone’s got a case of foot-in-mouth disease. You just made yourself sound like a giant homophobe for implying that because Chris is gay he’s exactly like Kurt, not to mention making it completely obvious you know absolutely nothing about Chris outside the role he plays on television. If you’ve ever read a single interview with him, you’d realize he and Kurt have almost nothing in common. He’s outlined their differences himself quite a few times.

    • lallafrall says:

      He is certainly not playing himself. Have you ever seen an interview of him? obviously not. He puts so much emotion into his characters and makes sure that none of them are alike. And not one of them is like him. That’s what makes a good actor, and he is one hell of an actor. So have a good day now :)

    • Jo says:

      He is not playing himself you ignoramus.

    • fragil3thing says:

      OMG, your ignorance is showing. just because he happens to be gay in real life, it doesn’t mean he is playing himself on tv. would you accuse Ed O’Neill for playing himself, just because he happens to be playing an old straight man on modern family?

      Filters, Ma’am. Check yours; you are embarrassing yourself.

    • Shelby says:

      You are so ignorant. You really do not know Chris Colfer. Do you? No. You’re just assuming since he is gay…and his character is gay…that they both are very similar. Not. at. all.

      Do your research before you post something online.

    • Lily says:

      Chris Colfer is an awkward mostly conservatively dressed sarcastic nerd who plays an obnoxious, snappy flamboyant fashionista…. Not quite the same person.

  20. Joe says:

    i’m sorry but did modern family really need 4 people nominated?? Offerman needs to be on here, Danny Pudi as well

    • Ali says:

      And if Emmy voters watched their shows, I have no doubt they would be. The hang up is getting more eyes watching Parks and Rec and Community. I definitely prefer the Mod Fam boys over people from 30 Rock.

      • Amy says:

        Honestly, I LOVE 30 Rock and my BFFSM(Best Friend For Six Months) loves Modern Family, so we had this competition to see who could get the most people who liked the other show to become hardcore fans of the other`s show. It was WAY easier for me to get people to love 30 Rock. I believe this is just because it has such amazing writing, as well as the fact that it`s super fresh and new, Modern Family does a lot of the same stuff over. I mean, even when Tina Fey was on SNL as head writer the sketches were a bit better than they are now, except the Digital Shorts; Samberg rocks those.

  21. martin says:

    Can I just make an argument AGAINST Chris Colfer from Glee?!?!

    No matter what you thinking of Colfer’s acting skill on Glee, his big scenes are always the dramatic ones stemming from his sickly father or the bully at school or his crush on the Warbler guy.

    If we’re trying to award someone for a COMEDIC performance, any of the men from Modern Family (but particularly Burrell) deserve the Emmy.

    Just my opinion

    And yeah, this category was sadly missing some amazing talents from Community and Parks & Rec

    • Haley says:

      Its not about a COMEDIC performance. Its about performance IN a comedy. It’s not about the role having to be comedic. It’s by show category. Your argument is invalid.

      • martin says:

        hmm…. i mean that makes sense, I guess I never thought of it that way.

        well…. i guess my point is that I don’t like Glee AT ALL and am being immature and taking it out on its cast.

    • Evyn says:

      That´s just it the award isn´t for a comedic performance but for the best performance IN a comedy. the award should go to the best performer it shouldn´t mater if it´s dramatic or comedic.

  22. Kaci says:

    Say what you will about Glee, but Chris Colfer’s performance on it is phenomenal. The problem, of course, being that the show competes in Comedy, and yet Chris’s work is Drama. So it’s hard to compare him to the cast of Modern Family, because strictly speaking, it’s apples to oranges, and the category is designed to judge the oranges.

    I will always root for Chris to be recognized for what he does, so I can’t say I’m rooting against him, but I absolutely can’t be mad if he doesn’t win because like I said–this isn’t really his category.

    That said, I voted for Chris to win because I want him to be recognized for his work, but by the strictest definition, my heart is with Ty Burrell. I think of the Modern Family guys, he had the best year last season. But of this entire category, the only one I’d be disappointed in a victory for is Jon Cryer. Everyone else is deserving of recognition.

    • Raya says:

      Your comment summed up everything I feel. I am absolutely cheering for Chris and would be thrilled if he wins, especially because the performance isn’t for comedic timing it’s for a performance in a comedy and his episode will stand out. At the same time, I will understand if he doesn’t win, since it is an unconventional submission. Basically, though: just about everyone nominated deserves to be! They’re nominated for a reason, and I wish people would stop and realize that.

  23. Poly says:

    Totally and completely sure that he must win Chris Colfer!!

  24. miri says:

    Ty Burrell all the way he is the best in modern family, and Nick Offerman deserve the nomination better than Cris Colfer!!! I love Glee but Cris is more dramatic than funny in the show

  25. Sandra says:

    Modern Famly is the most over rated show on TV. Colfer is a gay man playing a gay man, so don’t know how much acting is involved there. Jon Cryer is the only one left. I guess he’s the most deserving.

    • Francoise says:

      Just because Chris Colfer is gay, doesn’t mean he’s playing himself. So is every straight actor playing a straight character playing himself, by default? Of course not. Only the gay guys are, right?

    • Evyn says:

      Jon Cryer is a straight guy playing a straight guy so by your definition he is playing him self, just because an actor shares the sexual orientations of his character dosen´t mean he is playing him self. Chris Colfer is nothing like his character.

    • Darsy says:

      Cryer is a straight man playing a straight man, so I guess he’s disqualified too, amirite?

    • Ann says:

      “Colfer is a gay man playing a gay man, so don’t know how much acting is involved there.” That is an ignorant statement, therefore your opinion is not valid.

    • yes man says:

      Agree, Modern Family is overrated. It isnt that funny and repeats plots and is predictable sometimes. Julie Bowen and Sohpia Vergara are nice additions. But eh, I rather DVR it.

    • Melissa says:

      Hey Chris Colfer is not playing himself, he is very different from Kurt Hummel. If a gay actor who plays a gay guy is not considered acting, then all the straight guys who play straight guys arent great actors either way!!!!! Gosh I wonder how old is this Sandra person do you even think??

    • DUH says:

      by your ridiculous logic, the only person in this list of nominees that’s deserving of a win would be eric stonestreet.

    • fragil3thing says:

      “Colfer is a gay man playing a gay man, so don’t know how much acting is involved there.”

      OMG, your ignorance is showing. Just because he also happens to be gay in real life, it doesn’t mean he can’t act. This comment is bordering on the homophobic.

  26. Larry says:

    Chris Colfer for the win!

  27. Kyle says:

    Neil Patrick Harris!

  28. the girl says:

    It might not count for much but I put my weight behind Ed O’Neill. He was comedic gold last season for Modern Family, and really holds down his position as patriarch. For his character to not get lost in the company of Sofia Vergara, Ty Burrell, and Eric Stonestreet is pure genius.

  29. Jenny says:

    Just can’t vote for Chris Colfer in a comedy role. His character has its wit and humor but compared to the cast of Modern Family, no way. He’s a fantastic actor and I’d vote for him for drama maybe, but comedy: no way. I voted for repeated for Eric Stonestreet. His character cracks me up most of the men on Modern Family.

    • ATLgroove says:

      I have to say, Colfer can deliver a f’n great one liner that comes out of absolutely nowhere.

      “She’s dead, this is her son.” (When asked what he says when he picks up the phone.)

      “Oh Rachel, how I’ve missed your insanity.”

  30. YOU MOCK US! says:

    I think Chris Colfer is a wonderful and talented actor who deserves everything he’s gotten and more. Just because your choices are losing does not give you the right to insult ours. Chris is someone who has inspired and help so many people out there. He’s nice, funny, charming and amoung other things he works his ass of making Kurt Hummel the funniest and most sassy character on Glee. He’s fans love him for who he is as well as he loves them in return. So enough with the hatred against our boy because seriously we haven’t said a single bad thing about your picks!

  31. nyla says:

    Glee is not a comedy, though I do think Chris Colfer is lovely.

  32. ayu says:

    I’m Happy and excited for Chris to be Nominated this year. He deserve to be in this set of Accomplished Actors. but as a Kurtsie and chris fan, I’m definitively voting for Chris everyday! >:)

  33. me, duh says:

    Chris Colfer is a phenomenal actor.

  34. hi says:

    The category is Best Actor /IN/ a Comdey Series. NOT Best Comedic Actor.
    Chris should win.

  35. Rizzo says:

    Chris Colfer!! He’s inspired me as well as so many other people, and has taught me that no matter how many people put you down, you can always rise above and be greater than anyone thought possible. I will stand by him forever!

  36. Ashlynn says:

    For those of you hating on Chris, keep on hating. He has more heart & soul than you ever will (and actually puts it to good use). While I know all of these men are extremely talented, Chris deserves to win for all of the dedication he has for his acting. He truly is an amazing actor.

  37. ayu says:

    Kurtsies will Stand by him FOREVER!

  38. lpdenka says:

    Chris Colfer should win! He is just great actor and a beautiful person, he deserves it!

  39. HD says:

    I vote for CHRIS COLFER. CHRIS COLFER wins for being the most amazing actor in his category. He is a wonderful comedic AND dramatic actor, he sings and dances beautifully and plays a very complex character who is witty, funny, emotional and so deep. Chris Colfer talks about Kurt with eloquence and you can see that Chris isn’t Kurt. Chris totally created Kurt and made him a real person. Chris Colfer deserves to win this award.

    • marie_in_ok says:

      I completely agree with your comment. Chris is an amazingly talented actor who has more than earned the right for his nomination (and hopefully win). His character is really one of the only ones i watch Glee for. Don’t get me wrong, I am a total gleek, but without Kurt the show would be much less interesting. Chris’ character is absolutely believable and honestly more deminsional and well rounded than the other characters.
      I really hope that those judging won’t make the same mistake as some of the commenters have and judge him as a “comedic performance” instead of “supporting actor IN a comedy” which is what the category is.

  40. Jess says:

    I love how people are saying Chris Colfer doesnt deserve to win because “he’s playing himself” or “he’s not funny at all” okay, first of all, if you have ever seen Chris outside glee, you would know he is NOTHING like his character. He’s gay like Kurt, so what. And second, it’s actor IN a comedy. It’s not chris’ fault that his character is more emotional. Just stop your stupid bitching because it makes you sound dumb. Chris FTW

  41. Mallory says:

    To all of you Chris Colfer haters saying ‘he isn’t acting he is playing himself’ and ‘Colfer is a gay man playing a gay man, so don’t know how much acting is involved there’ have you even seen him outside of glee? No. I bet anything you haven’t. He is nothing like Kurt. And saying just because he is gay playing a gay character means there isn’t acting involved, is like saying every straight actor playing a straight character isn’t doing much acting. So don’t go around blabbering your mouth about how Chris Colfer can’t act and isn’t worthy of this award. He deserves this. Chris is an amazing guy and should be respected by more people. I really hope Chris wins this, he should. He deserves it.

  42. AjL says:


    This list is invalid.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Yes, yes, yes!!
      Nick Offerman is amazing.

      And while I’m at it, Donald Glover & Danny Pudi are just as deserving as anyone on this list imho.

  43. Joey says:

    Ty Burrell FTW.
    Chris Colfer is talented and deserved it for Season 1, but less so for Season 2, in my opinion.

  44. xwiseguyx says:

    I’m proud to be the lone supporter of Jon Cryer on this forum…


    President of the Jon Cryer Fan Clue.

  45. xwiseguyx says:

    (Corrected version…sometimes spellcheck isn’t enough)

    I’m proud to be the lone supporter of Jon Cryer on this forum…


    President of the Jon Cryer Fan Club

  46. ceebee says:

    I’m on the Colfer bandwagon – his character has had the most impact on a show this year…plus he consistently steals any scenes that he is in….I believe this is his year and the MF guys will split votes….shudder at the thought of a Cryer win…(blech)!!!

    • Eli says:

      Someone made a good point above- that because 4 Modern Family guys are submitting episodes, it means the voters will see ALL of them 4 times as much as the other two, which could increase the odds, rather than split them. Ask Eric Stonestreet.

  47. Eliza says:

    Everybody needs to calm themselves. This award is for best supporting actor IN a comedy not best comedic performance. Chris Colfer, in my opinion, is an amazing actor and human being and I think he deserves this. Sorry?

    • Mallory says:

      THIS. ^

    • Jane says:

      I’d agree with nearly all of that. Colfer does an awesome job, but personally I’m hoping Ed O’Neill gets it, because I think he deserves it. That doesn’t take away from the work that Colfer’s done – strip away the Glee haters and the Glee fanatics both, and maybe we can vote for the actor we like best without having someone jump down our throats for the heresy of holding a different opinion!

  48. Barry says:

    Nick Offerman!!!!

  49. Beth says:

    What is with all the Chris Colfer hate ? He is an outstanding actor, and he deserves this Emmy more than anyone. He has come from a tiny place in California, where he was constantly bullied and constantly told that he couldn’t make it as an actor. But he stayed strong, and carried on with his acting career. He then went to the Glee audition, auditioning for the role of Artie, and the writers didn’t think he was right for Artie, so they wrote him his own role. Not many people get a role written specifically for them in a hit tv series. He was 18 when he started filming Glee, he had literally just left school.

    Since then, his career has escalated and he has got further than most people will do in their life time. He has written and sold a pilot to the Disney channel, he is writing a book, and he has just written and starred in his own screen play.

    He has endless talent. He is an incredible singer, and an amazing actor. He can portray a wide range of emotions in a matter of a few moments, and he reduced thousands of people to tears during “I Want To Hold Your Hand” in Grilled Cheesus.

    This category is Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, and Chris is by far one of the most talented actors I have seen.

    And for those of you who are saying that Chris is just playing himself. No he is not. They are completely different. Chris has adapted Kurt, and made him something special. Something unique. Something different.

    So in case you were wondering, and hadn’t quite gathered who I want to win this Emmy, CHRIS COLFER FOR THE WIN. <3

  50. Zahra says:

    Chris Colfer is an amazing actor. He had a role created for him on Glee at the age of 18. He started writing a movie when he was 16 and in which he plays the main character. This movie is called “Struck By Lightning” and they’ve just stopped filming. He’s also writing two books and creating a show for Disney. Those were all supported by people in the business, who actually know what they’re talking about.

    About Chris playing himself on Glee? The only things that are the same about Kurt and Chris is that they both were bullied in high school and that they are both gay. That’s about it.
    Chris knows Kurt. He knows every little thing about him. Even in background moments, he is being Kurt, and that’s what they call ‘acting’. Becoming your character during the show.
    For all of you who think Chris Colfer is overrated: go watch an episode of Glee. Then you can come back and tell me why he isn’t a good actor. Because I, as well as all the award shows, can’t see where he is being a bad actor. He is amazingly talented.

    About the other nominees: All those guys of Modern Family deserve it as well. They’re great actors as well. I’m not saying Chris should win, I’m saying that it would be well-deserved if he did win.

    • Anna says:

      :) You know nothing about Chris Colfer my dear, he is not playing himself in glee, Chris Colfer is nothing like Kurt, Chris has learned a lot from Kurt, yes, because he was bullied, yes.
      He wasn’t bullied because he was gay, he was bullied because he was an over achiever, he was in every play, debate, academic contest, etc.
      Chris Colfer was bullied because he was like his co-star character, Rachel Berry.
      He had his writing club, now he is directing and starring and producing in a movie he wrote, big actors and actresses are in it, plus, he writes children stories.
      Chris is awkward, he didn’t know fashion, boys, or about having friends.

      If you want to speak like you know him or the show, you should know Kurt Hummel is a character Ryan Murphy wrote based on himself, Kurt is Ryan, you could say. And yes, Chris is an amazing comedy writer, but you don’t know that, do you?

      Chris is nothing like Kurt, he says that if he was a little bit more like Kurt, it would have been easier.

      Did you know no one knew Chris Colfer was gay until Chelsea Handler forced him to come out on her show? not even his parents! He didn’t think that was true until he was 18, the age he joined the glee cast.

      Chris is the most wonderful person I’ve met, he’s funny, he’s kind…

      He’s helpless with fashion advice…

      I love Kurt, Kurt has helped a lot of people because he’s a dramatic character but every funny line he says, every silly or clever remark, that’s Chris adding his star.

      He is a star

      and you don’t know him

      You’ll never be nominated for an EMMY or win a golden globe or a teen choice or a people choice, or a glaad, or anything.

      And He will

      • Kurtsies4eva says:

        Seriously? Zahra was just explaining how Chris and Kurt AREN’T alike, and how they are only similar in that they were bullied and that their gay. He was bullied because of his voice, his sexuality, AND the fact that he was an overacheiver. Chelsea didn’t out him, he was going to be open with his sexuality but was told that he should keep it on the down low. I bet you don’t know him either!!! I’m one of his biggest fan, and I’ve seen every interview, but I don’t know him personally.
        Also, he does learn new things for and from Kurt. He incorporates new things into Kurt with the help of RM. He doesn’t have any fashion sense, but that doesn’t matter at all. I was so confused by your post. Make sense next time please.