The Talk Shake-Up: Leah Remini, Holly Robinson Peete to Exit

It looks like Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete are all Talked out.

According to our sister site Deadline, the Powers That Be on the CBS daytime talk show have decided not to pick up the co-hosts’ Season 2 contract options.

Translation: They’re both goners.

In happier Talk news, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne — who will soon take a brief family leave from the series — and Julie Chen are sticking around, which means at least three familiar faces will be back at the table when the show returns on Sept. 6.

The cuts are somewhat surprising given The Talk is coming off of its most-watched month since February.

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  1. JOJO says:

    I cannot believe this. Leah and holly are the only two who ever really have something to say and Leah is hillarious! She is the reason I started watching the show to begin with. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?????????

  2. Mar says:

    I thought the show was excellent with the Original 5! Now that Leah and Holly are not going to be brought back look for the ratings to drop! I like so many that commented will not continue to watch this show with out them. WHAT A SHAME YOU WERE SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE VIEW NOW YOU ARE GOING TO GO DOWN HILL LIKE THEY HAVE! MAY-BE EVEN BE CANCELLED FOR SUCH LOW RATINGS!

  3. i have been watching this show since it aired but no longer.I can’t believe that they are getting rid of leah and holly!the combination of these women work, why mess with it?i have an autistic child so i can relate to holly’s stories also why does the black american have to be one of the first let go?that is what is wrong with major tv stations today, no diversity.of corse julie chen is not going anywhere,that is obvious!Shame on you all!this is the first time ever that i have ever written to complain!NOT HAPPY!

  4. Laura J says:

    If I wanted a journalistic point of view (Chen) I would watch the news. No Leah, No Holly…I’m OUT!

  5. LisaLisa says:

    I heard they got fired for being upset they could no longer talk about the Casey Anthony trial without Julie being present. Julie’s husband said that if she was not there they couldn’t talk about it since she was the only “REAL Journalist”. WHATEVER! I think that was crap! I will never watch again!

  6. JV says:

    Are you kidding me? Holly and Leagone. Show gone. Watching Julie and Sara is like watching paint dry. Dumb move CBS.

  7. dani says:

    REALY??!! THE TALK wont be the same without LEAH or HOLLY..they’r the ones that make it funny and entertaining…i can relate to leah and it sucks that they’r going to be replaced:(

  8. Robin says:

    This is upsetting…I love Leah Remini, and Holly Robinson Pete…they are hilarious….

  9. chery says:

    omfg are you crazy the show will now die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ahole:(

  10. Pria says:

    Really enjoyed the show and loved the different personalities…it just shows that the CBS management team lacks a vision …if not they would know this is a good blend (except for ms.high & mighty Julie Chen) :(…well this is not the first time they have aced good show or people…hate the way Hollywood works!!!

  11. Rosalie Martinez says:

    I had never watched the Talk. I was always working. After an accident I found myself home in bed…now I look forward to watcing The talk and I am watching reruns. Sad they are going to break up. Leah and Holly are the only ones that make it fun. Good luck to them.

  12. Donna says:

    Finally a talk show I really enjoyed watching. I loved watching Leah and Holly so down to earth and so likeable. Very funny. I liked the topics they talked about and not screamed at each other and backstab as the View. Sorry but will not watch. The show any longer if those 2 are not back and the show gets to be like all the rest. You had a gr8 show going hope you continue.

  13. Jimberly Anne says:

    I am going to miss both of them dearly! Yes, sharon is not there sometimes. But when they are all together the show is a hoot! I will try and still watch but I just don’t think it will b as funny. I am sad also. :-(

  14. brittany says:

    Cbs you are making a stupid mistake. Leah makes the show. Holly is great also. The talk is gonna lose so many fans and the talk ratings are going to tank. Take my word the talk is gonna really suuuuucccck without Leah.

  15. NENA says:


  16. Loretta says:

    OMG I think CBS is making a bad decision this is the only good talk show on TV.The group has a special talent because of the age difference and the different back grounds.I run home to watch my DVR recording everyday.And I really think they enjoy working with each other.I hope someone picks up Leah,Holly they deserve to be treated better they have alot of talent.Best Wishes to Leah,Holly PS call Donald Trump he may be able to lend you the money for your own talk show!

  17. Pam Dickinson says:

    I love love love this show!!! Leah is too rambunctuous, Sarah is too sensible, Sharon is too brutally honest, Holly is too hip, and Julie is too perfect…but they all work marvelously together. They aren’t afraid to be who they are. They are non-stop funny and it is so much fun to watch them interact. They can disagree with each other, and give us two, three, four, or five different reasonable viewpoints to any situation, and not seem bitchy about it. Please please please don’t change a thing about this show unless you want to make it longer!

  18. ellen baldwin says:

    The Talk will tank without Leah and Holly. They are the energy and entertainmentof the show, as well as Sharon. Sara and Julie will bore us to death.

  19. gottabelieve says:

    Just give Sharon Osborne her own show already………she’s been on everything, and is VERY likeable. She appeals to the viewers on all of her shows, and boosts ratings. Get rid of the other idiots. HATE Julie Chen. So annoying – can you read a teleprompter in such succinct monotone as she does. She needs to go already – go AWAY completely!

  20. Judy olson says:

    I agree. Without Leah and holly on the show, I will no longer be watching. They are so funny. Julie, borrring! That show just went by by.

  21. Theresa Hunt says:

    I hope whomever made this decision….will regret it the rest of his career. These ladies had such on-air chemistry. I love them all, but Leah and Holly were and always be my favorite.If in turn, and it was there decision to move on…then good for them. You both will sorely be missed!

  22. Ladycoper says:

    Well here goes cbs blowing another good thing. you dont become #3 in the ratings without trying!
    seriously i dont see this show still on afyter 6 months w/ these terrible changes. maybe cbs can do a daytime version of csi or something…..they obviously dont have any fresh and new ideas. the talk was perfect…way to go cbs and mr chen…oops moonves…you managed to do it again!

  23. drjo says:

    Just heard this by Leah’s twitter acct. Well the show grew on me over time and that was due to Leah and Sharon. Sara is boring..sorry she is. Bad move CBS…..SOMEONE be smart and pick these 2 ladies show? Sorry girls. The Talk won’t last without them.

  24. Didimoe says:

    Holly and Leah are the best on the show. Of course Julie is great, that goes without saying.

    Something is just not right here. If Sara produces/created the show I believe she should work off-camera. Sara is not quite engaging enough though she is a very talented actress.

    When things seem weird, that usually means we just aren’t getting the whole story.

    Oh well, Holly and Leah on to bigger and better things!

  25. Linda says:

    Bad decision CBS! Leah and Holly were awesome. I have canceled The Talk on my DVR and will not be watching. The choice of Kris Jenner is ludicrous! The 5 friends is what made the show work. Sitting around the table talking about anything and everything is why I watched, not the celebrity interviews. And speaking of friends…SHAME ON YOU, Julie, Sarah, and Sharon for selling out and not sticking with your “friends” Leah and Holly!!!!!

  26. Amanda says:

    The only reason I watch is to see Leah & Holly!! They are ruining the show. I won’t be watching anymore.

  27. Christine says:

    I am re setting my DVR. I heard that Sheryl Underwood is taking Holly’s place. She is the most ignorant, loud stereotype and I won’t watch the show and torture myself to that. Leah and Holly gave the show energy and life and all five ladies played off of each other wonderfully. CBS can count me out as a viewer.

  28. Mary says:

    Its to bad, that the show will be removing leah and holly, the show was funny and kept my attention due to those two, and everyone I have talked to who watches the talk, says, including me, that we no longer will be watching with them gone. CBS, YOU ARE MAKING A BIG MISTAKE, YOUR RATINGS ARE GOING TO TAKE A NOSE DIVE, AND I PREDICT YOU WILL NOT BE ON THIS TIME NEXT YEAR. SO SAD,STUPID DECISION….

  29. Katie says:

    This was the one show I looked forward too! And it was because of Leah. She was laugh out loud funny! She made the show the success it was. So so disappointed. Really bad choice. I won’t be watching anymore. I hope she goes on and has her own talk show like Ellen. Have it the same time as the Talk is on….. That I would watch!!

  30. Linda says:

    I am astonished by this news. What morons are in charge with this decision? Wake up, morons, look at the show’s ratings!! This is the viewers’ telling you what they like. Sara does not have what it takes to carries the show and please, Julie is a no talent. Without the magic of these two talented ladies, Leah and Holly, adding to the winning formula, the show will bomb. Like many other viewers, I am done watching the show. Bye!

  31. Nancy says:

    Leah and Holly were the best thing going about that show!! Sharon is always a hoot — Julie Chen is just boring and hard to look at those closed eyes! I never knew Holly was so clever and funny and Leah just brought such humor to the show. Her brassy comments rounded out the otherwise (other than Holly) boring show. Holly is so much more entertaining than Julie. I thought Julie was brought on for the prim and pooper (oh did I mean proper??) BIG MISTAKE GUYS. I will not longer watch. Kim Kardashian — PLEEEAASSEE???????

  32. Nancy says:

    Leah and Holly were the best thing going about that show!! Sharon is always a hoot — Julie Chen is just boring and hard to look at those closed eyes! I never knew Holly was so clever and funny and Leah just brought such humor to the show. Her brassy comments rounded out the otherwise (other than Holly) boring show. Holly is so much more entertaining than Julie. I thought Julie was brought on for the prim and pooper (oh did I mean proper??) BIG MISTAKE GUYS. I will not longer watch. Kim Kardashian — Kris Jenner — how boring is that PLEEEAASSEE???????

  33. CD says:

    I did tape the Talk every day. My favorite is Leah Remini – she is so animated and I often agree with her view point. I rarely agree with Sara Gilbert’s view point. I do value her point of view being a part of the show but I think a little contrast in viewpoints makes it more interesting. I thought Holly was a little annoying at first but she eventually grew on me. Julie is a good lead person for the show but she adds little other value since she rarely shares her opinion on topics…I’m sure because her husband, the President of CBS, doesn’t want to be embarrassed. I don’t think I’ll be a 2nd season viewer or continue to record this show. This is a real bummer but I guess I’ll have more time to clean my house or watch HGTV some more!

  34. Dlynn says:

    Just deleted The Talk from my DVR list of programs to record. Leah and Holly made the show entertaining to watch and not worth watching if they are not coming back.

  35. LFL says:

    Leah and Holly definately make the show. Love the show but without the two of them its nothing. No longer a viewer.

  36. dotsiem says:

    I wish the powers that be would reconsider. I really like the whole group together. I don’t like the choices that they are considering. I definately don’t want to see Kris Jenner on it.

  37. mary gehrmann says:

    When something does not make sense you have to wonder why. Is there any chance they will reconsider. What a huge mistake cbs is making they can’t be that stupid.

  38. Minnie R says:

    Whomever is the decision maker for “The Talk” is making a terrible mistake for disrupting the mix of these awesome women that represent this show. I enjoyed everyday listening to these 5 women. Now it is over for me. The show will not be the same and I will not block the time to watch it. Presently, their opinions, humor, family values, and life experiences could be those of most of us(the viewers). How wonderful to know that we all share similiar life stories and concerns. Hope you are listening.

  39. Sandy says:

    I think it is sad to split them up… they all bring something different to the table everyday. It was Sara’s idea and a great one hope this can all be worked out with no hard feeling. Love the show an all of them on it.

  40. Donna Hillard says:

    Of all the women, I can’t believe Leah will be gone. She is so funny with her opposite views on racy topics. The show will be nothing without her.

    Sharon is the one who gets on my nerves.

  41. Lori says:

    OMG. Kris Jenner. I’ll have an hour of free time now I won’t be watching- FOR SURE.
    Hope Leah shows up elsewhere on a talk show!!!

  42. msgram says:

    The show will be so boring without Leah and Holly ! Sorry execs but losing this viewer

  43. Mo says:

    Is it possible that they didn’t want to return to the show? perhaos the chemistry isn’t as great as you think? I can’t imagine anyone wanting to work with Julie Chen for long. She seems so authoritative to me.

  44. Kim R says:

    I only watch because I Sarah, love her & her parenting practices! So I am glad she is not leaving and will continue to keep watching. Leah was to overbearing and loud and Holly was just too plain boring for TV…

  45. Jmidd says:

    This is a big mistake cbs is making wont be watching the talk any longer.

  46. Stacy K says:

    Granted, Leah Remini is a little unconventional as a typical talk-show host, however, this was what was so damn refreshing about the woman. She was funny, real, and unpredicatable sometimes breaking out a club dance move on the discussion table that was so desperately needed during typical day-time talk. Holly running into the the awaiting lap of her momma for comfort while sucking her adult thumb in response to an incident involving her antics was priceless. My friends and I were hunched over in stitches. Julie Chen rocks. She’s hot, feisty and intelligent and yes, she is married to the boss, but I do not believe she had anything to do with the decision of releasing the two woman from a contractual obligation to not continue. Sharon Osbourne does need to be there more than less and Sara…well, Ms. Gilbert lacks slightly what the two exiting powerhouses are blessed abundantly with – staying power, er…on some other program, I guess. *scribbles on freshly painted prostesting carboard to be used and picket CBS. Can someone give me a ride? Long live Leah & Holly! Ok, well, until at least good old ripe age and then off to Hollywood Heaven?

  47. stephanie says:

    I will no longer watch this show!!!! I loved Holly and Leah. Sara Gilbert and Julie Chen are quite boring. I hope ratings drop and the show is cancelled.

  48. REBKEE says:

    Without Leah and Holly the talk will be just a boring waste of time to watch. They kept the show lively and funny. CBS is shooting self in foot again. They seem to be getting good a that lately.

  49. Linda says:

    Leah is the show, she’s hilarious, what are you people thinking. I won’t watch anymore. Don’t fix something that’s not broken!!!

  50. Wobbler says:

    Leah and Holly are the reason most people watch the show and it certainly took me some time to warm up to the show in he first place. I don’t think I will be tuning in to watch the show without the two viewer pullers and as for for Julie Chen, she is so irritating with nothing interesting to say and what she says, sounds so censored and with so much effort at that.
    She should be the one booted off the show….her husband would only be doing her a favour.

    • markus says:

      Is it really so necessary to be mean, Wobbler? I understand we all have a right to our opinion…an opinion, not a durogatory remark by belittling someone unnecessarily. Julie Chen is a knockout woman whom happens to be intelligent and ambitious enough to pursue a career making more money than perhaps both of us put together. Do you really need to ‘go there’ to make yourself feel better about yourself? Women, well, humans need to stick together and support and raise above, not pummel, destroy, reduce by menacing powerful words for no apparent reason… You sound like a nice person that might have gone a tad too far in your critique and my intent is not to critize you but to possibly help you realize we have but one shot only to show ourselves when we publicly comment on someone other than ourselves or someone we actually care about.

      Take care.