The Talk Shake-Up: Leah Remini, Holly Robinson Peete to Exit

It looks like Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete are all Talked out.

According to our sister site Deadline, the Powers That Be on the CBS daytime talk show have decided not to pick up the co-hosts’ Season 2 contract options.

Translation: They’re both goners.

In happier Talk news, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne — who will soon take a brief family leave from the series — and Julie Chen are sticking around, which means at least three familiar faces will be back at the table when the show returns on Sept. 6.

The cuts are somewhat surprising given The Talk is coming off of its most-watched month since February.

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  1. maiv says:

    Well, it was pretty obvious that Chen would be invited back. And wasn’t Gilbert one of the actual show’s producers? But I genuinely like Osbourne so I hope she’ll choose to stay on.

    • Amanda says:

      Yes she is. I’ve always heard the show concept was her idea.

      • Tom says:

        Actually the shows concept was Barbara Walters’ I dont understand how you can blatantly reproduce a show that already exists and call it your concept. That being said if Leah and Holly go, so does my viewership of the show. Im sick of clueless execs either canceling or ruining shows i enjoy watching.

        • Kim says:

          Leah and Holly are the reason I watch. I love Leah!!! I really love them all together. Leah and Sara play off one another so well. They put some laughter and fun in my afternoon, and I am so sad right now.

          • jrs says:

            No offense, but the fact that you’re sad over this is sad.

          • Michelle R says:

            Like magic, the “no offense” made the completely rude statement non-offensive and you look like a credit to humanity. How DID you do that? Yes, I’m being sarcastic, but … no offense!

          • suzanne says:

            I totally agree with Kim. Leah and Holly are great for the show. They are real down to earth people that many of us can relate to. I watched the show because of them too. Leah and Sara do play off one another and it’s good to see Leah make Sara laugh. Now without Leah Sara will just sit and not say much. I will truly miss them both. The show will not be the sam without them. I think it is going to be boring. CBS I think this is a bad move. Huge mistake.

          • csm says:

            I agree..Leah is the only reason why I watch……it just doesn’t make sense…MAYBE…Leah and Holly are going to have their own show!!! YAY!!!

            Julie…ugh…..can’t stand her……….Sara…..boring…….Sharon I like!!

          • LB says:

            Leah & Sara crack me up! They’re the only reason I stay tuned when this show is on. Julie Chen comes off as a robot, and Mrs. O — bless her heart — is totally clueless and miles away 80% of the time. I could take or leave Holly’s personality, but they definitely need to add another woman of color if she’s gone.

            I hope Sara manages to speak up without Leah around. It often seems like the other women will start going off about their husbands and the differences between men and woman, which naturally isolates Sara from the conversation. She only seems to engage thanks to Leah’s good-natured teasing and flirtiness.

          • pattie says:

            Well, I have to say the ONLY reason I watched and continue to watch The talk, was Leah and Holly. I am sorry the other 3 three are just stepping stones. I looked forward to watching and even had switched from The View to The Talk. Well, back to The View. Why fix something that isn’t broke. If it did well enough in the ratings why change it. If this is a matter of keeping Chen happy, sorry to say she needs to grow up.

          • Carmela Tresky says:

            I agree. I am sad also and will not be watching the TALK anymore. They made the show. I would like to know why they are leaving. I know many, many people who loved them. It cannot be the same and they can not be replaced.

          • sue says:

            i will not watch i love leah and she was the show julie chen should be off off

          • Susan says:

            I totally agree – I just tuned in to watch yesterdays show and was shocked. I googled to find out that both Leah and Holly will not be back – I will not be back either. I laughed so much, made me feel good to hear two women speak honestly. I cannot believe this, would be nice if the two ladies get together and are going to be on there own show. I am sad and now the program is off my scheduled recordings. CBS you are not thinking properly, sorry but it is true.

          • terry says:

            A huge mistake!! I will not longer watch this show. Leah was the best.

          • becca says:

            Leah’s personality and humor brought so much to the show. She was the one I looked most forward to seeing…she made me laugh every day. The show will not be the same. I’m sure I won’t be the only viewer who won’t be watching any more!

          • Jennifer Dumancic says:

            The only reason I watched the show was for Leah and Holly they made the show now I won’t watch it.

          • Sandy says:

            I just wonder if Julie was jeasous because they brought more to the show, What I see now is a show going no where but DOWN! Not watching anymore!

          • faye evans says:


          • maggie says:

            They are the girls I liked the most. I like all of them But I think I laughed more with them I am not going to watch anymore I did watch this afternoon but I don’t like the girls on there now. Sorry

          • Momma T says:

            Dumb move CBS! Leah & Holly were the only reason I watched. No more of “The Talk” for me!!!

          • skylar says:

            I cannot believe they got rid of the two BEST – I guess Leah had to be replaced by an obligatory Oprah type. Goodbye ‘The Talk’ –

            I was always torn b/tween The Talk & The Five – well, no more…..Hello FOX – goodbye CBS!!! Dumb move. And, I’ve had ENOUGH Kardashians/Jenners – and Osborne is an arrogant Brit’ – enuf Brits!

          • Suzy Baumsteiger says:

            I agree with I loved Holly and Leah. I don’t like the women from SNL. she waves her hands too much. I guess I will have to find something else to watch.

          • Ossy Ozzbourne says:

            I have an idea for a new show, you could combind the chew and the talk and it could be about kids on the playground playing hopscotch, it could be called HOLD ON TO YOUR SEATS the Chalk.

          • Christine says:

            I will no longer watch the Talk because I watched it mainly because of Leah and Holly. I find the show VERY boring now. Lost all interest, I just don not understand why “they” always get rid of the “good ones”!?!?

          • joanne says:

            I agree with Kim. The dynamics among the original group was wonderful!!! As far as I am concerned, GOODBYE “THE TALK”

          • E says:

            I agree Leah was the best person on the show. I HATE Chris Jenner! What a pig! Doesn’t she have enough billions by now. She has nothing to offer except a big ass (in more ways than one)! How can we get Leah and Holly back? This was one of the only shows I actually will sit down and watch. What is up with the stupid “cooking” segment?

          • Sarah says:

            I agree with you Kim. I have suffered through the last few episodes thinking that Leah, Holly and Sharon may have been on vacation or something. Now that I know they won’t be back, neither will I. Chris Jenner and the cooking segment confirms my lack of interest and current dislike of the show. What are they thinking????????????

          • Amber says:

            I am outraged that Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete are not allowed to return to the show! I LOVED the original cast! They made me laugh hysterically! It was so much better than The View (even though that is where CBS got the idea). Leah says how I feel and I can so relate to her. She is absolutely beautiful inside and out!!! Holly was such a delight to have on there. She was such a sweetheart and beautiful to watch. I am ticked at CBS and will no longer be watching the show. STOP DICTATING WHO STAYS AND WHO GOES! LISTEN TO AMERICA…WE ARE THE ONES WHO WATCH!!!! IT WASN’T LIKE JULIE CHEN NEEDED ANOTHER SHOW TO PROMOTE! DAMN!!! I LIKE HER BUT GET SICK OF SEEING HER ON EVERY CBS PROGRAM I WATCH! STICK WITH LEAH REMINI AND HOLLY ROBINSON PEETE! THAT IS WHERE YOUR RATINGS LIE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! KING OF QUEENS WAS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE SHOW AND IT WAS BECAUSE OF LEAH!!!

          • Aida Vasquez says:

            I never watched this show before, until one day I saw leah remini and holly robinson peete and the rest of the girls, that’s when I started to watch it because of leah reimini and holly. I also like sara gilbert but my favorite is leah remini and that’s why I was watching it in the first place. Well I guess I’ll watch something else being that their are not coming back. It’s a shame when their do things like this I hate it. The way they had the group was perfect now they mess it up.

          • candy says:

            I too am sooo sad. I LOVED Leah and Holly. They were the funniest. Leah was my absolute favorite. She was hysterical. Holly and Leah do play off each other and it was soo funny. BIG mistake on CBS’s part.
            The show will go off the air without Leah and Holly. The show has been so boring with them gone!

          • Emma Shramek says:

            I tape the show, then play them back, started seeing some one in Leah place, so with Holly and Leah, gone , I stopped watching and so did my daughter. So bring them back . The Talk was a top rating show, now it too boring , P.S. Sharon O. has a dirty mouth and so with Leah and Oh so funny Holly, I never watched T.V. during the day an I am 72, but loved that show.

          • Jeannie Hendrix says:

            I agree.Leah and Holly make the show. I don’t enjoy it much anymore. Bring them back asap!

          • Cheryl says:

            I won’t be watching anymore. Sara is boring and Julie is phony. Holly and Leah come off as honest and sincere. Sara has been extra boring and sad since her relationship blew up. Sharon is great all around too.

          • mindy says:

            I hated to see Leah and Holly leave they were a big part of the show its hard to get used to watching it. Leah made the show she is awsome sorry she is gone. Dont get me wrong like the rest of the women but she just was so funny and down to earth. Surly missed by alot of people. I know alot of my friends wont even watch show any more.

          • Mary says:

            I loved the combination of all those women and when I turned it on and didn’t see Leah and Holly I was shocked. Nothing bad about any of them, but Leah absolutely made that show. She is a real person and I loved that about her. I haven’t watched the show since then. Its just not the same without Leah. That is what made it special. Whoever made that decision made a huge mistake in my opinion. Time will tell I guess.

        • Sonya says:

          Because it has a panel of female celebs it’s a rip off? So does that mean that Ellen is a Rip off of Oprah? Maury Povich is a rip off of Jerry Springer? Just because it’s a panel, doesn’t make it a rip off. They didn’t talk about the same things that the View did and the things they did talk about, they came at from the positions of moms everywhere.
          Oh and yes, the show was Gilbert’s idea. It’s supposed to be similar to an on-air mommy support group… which it was.
          That being said, Holly and Leah were the only really interesting parts of the show, without them it’s just not worth watching.

        • marcy maire says:

          The talk and the view are nothing a like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But now that Holly Robinson Pete and Leah Remini are leaving I won’t watch it either. The view is a very annoying show.

          • Bobbi says:

            I really looked forward to watching,The Talk, for two reasons, Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Pete…Why are they not coming back..They
            are the only reason why my partner (female like me) watched. I like
            Sara Gillbert, she brought deversity to the table and Leah helped
            bring it out of her, as I believe Sara is a bit to shy..
            My partner and I will not be watching The Talk anymore…Ms. Chen
            your husband made a big mistake with not renewing their contracts

          • Guerda Vieux says:

            I won’t wash it either it so boring now. bye bye the talk

        • Cathy says:

          The Talk does not, at all, have the same goal as The View. Sarah thought up The Talk after having her second child. Feeling overwhelmed she enjoyed a “Mommies group” with other mothers, where she got so many good parenting ideas and found people with experience to discuss parenting issues. Her idea was there are many mothers at home that can not, for whatever reason, go out to a Mommies group, so she wanted to create a show with exactly that in mind. A group of mothers that discuss parenting (or other family) issues, laughing and having fun along the way….that these mothers who can not go out to a group would be able to at least watch.

        • Rebecca H. says:

          I also will not watch this show if you take leah and holly off their great and the four always seems to work well together if you bring others into this ,it wont be the same and I will not watch

        • Gloria Dothard says:


        • susan says:

          I will not be watching anymore

          • Bridget says:

            I will not be watching either!

          • Jena says:

            I think CBS is making a huge mistake. I won’t be watching “The Talk” again. They kick the two funny ones off, but keep the fowl mouth Osborne on whom I love, but it doesn’t make any since. It was great while it lasted. Doubt it will last very much longer.

        • Mel says:

          I sooo agree with you. I just found out when I sat down to watch the DVR of the first show of the season only two find out the two best host were canned. This show will be cancelled within a year.

          • Becky Ridge says:

            It is too bad they messed up a totally good show. Without Leah and Holly there is NO TALK…

          • eileen says:

            the start of the season and the shows stinks it is so boring what a big mistake taking leah and holly off the show hope the ratings drop and everyone else has to go. its a shame cbs had a good thing going now its gone

          • Bridget says:

            I hope CBS gets their act together and asks them back in a hurry or you are correct the show will not make it a year!!!! I stopped my DVR for the Talk as soon as I heard Leah and Holli were not invited back….CBS is making some big mistakes!!!

        • Barbra Zarvis says:

          I cannot believe that Holly and Leah are gone. I was becoming addicted to this show because of the chemistry going on between these woman and the honesty that took place in their conversations. It was real! It was as compelling to watch as the Oprah show. What in heck is wrong with the producers?!? You can’t fake honesty and chemistry and you had it all. What were you thinking?

        • bebeblooz55 says:

          Yep-I’m so otta there too.I watched today just to see the new ladies.Sorry-I’m sure if you run the TV as background noise/company while cleaning the house it’ll be fine.But Hollys’ passion for ending Autism and Leahs’ long history of comedy will surely be missed.Bye,The Talk…

        • Terri Richards says:

          Well said. I was an avid watcher of this show – and especially for Leah and Holly.. their interactions were funny, yes, but they also brought some “street cred” to the group. Leah and Sara were adorable together as well.

          The chemistry is gone, and so is my interest. Bye-Bye “The Talk” ~ no longer a fan or a viewer.

        • Karen says:

          I agree with Tom. I tuned in on Sept. 6th and when I saw that Leah or Holly weren’t on the opening credits, I changed the channel. I loved Leah especially, she’s the kind of woman you can relate too. I’m surprised Sharon was asked back, cause Sara brought the idea of a group of women getting together & ‘talking’ to CBS. Pretty well the same as Barbara Walters on ABC. Anyways, one would assume they asked her back and well, Julie will always be there of course. I also don’t understand why they feel the need to fix what isn’t broken. I am however, curious as to the ratings now compared to season 1.

        • Louise says:

          I agree with you completely!

        • juanita says:

          I agree. Why in the world would you et rid of Leah and Holly. There seemed to be a great chemistry between Leah and Sara. I dont understand. Leah made e laugh every day and Holly cared about helping people to understand Autism. Sharon uses fowl language every chance she gets and the kept her. Really. I used to watch the TALK everyday. I will not be wathcing the TALK any more.

          • Vee says:

            I agree – time does not heal everything. The rating will not improve. So what if they took attention Away from Julie – they are better than Julie – your managing style is questionable. Holly and Leah made the show. Why would you keep Sharon and Sara — REALLY!!! I tried to watch the show – but it BORED me. The jokes should be on another show – this is not a comic show. You lost another viewer!!

          • sandra n says:

            I agree with everyone. I will not be watching anymore. I didn’t miss even one show last season. It’s off the tivo now. Holly and Leah made the show. Maybe we could just take Julie off. We would all watch.

        • carrolyn nimeic says:

          I watched because of the chemistry between all of the ladies. It was refreshing and funny. I really liked Leah and her tell it like it is attitude and enjoyed the others as well. I think Julie and her husband (CBS exec)didn’t like that the attention wasn’t all on Julie. She has that attitude that she is better. So, my viewership is done. I have that control.

        • Pam Smith says:

          Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete were the main reason I watched the show. I’m going to delete it from my TiVo line-up.

        • Billie says:

          I agree, I won’t be watching any longer. Leah was fun, I was entertained with what she came up with next, also Holly and enjoyed hearing about her family.. I am so disappointed, I think the View has dropped so in interest, all they do is talk over one another, I was glad the Talk came aboard to replace them. But, not for long, they both stink in my estimation.

        • ronnie says:

          i not going to watch the show anymore im sure it will lose its ratings

        • sheila says:

          I can’t believe it! People always say I remind them of Leah. And I have been wondering where the heck she has been and Holly. So I decided to look on the net and found out there gone. I was so shocked and sad. I just thought they were on a family Vacation or something. To tell you the truth, I am not surprised because those two woman were not brought back, because they were awesome. They were the show. Sara Gilbert acts like she is shy, and can’t talk, and she is so stupid sometimes, saying boring stupid dumb crap. Leah always made fun of her, for good reason I would say. But I know that Julie Chen is so stuck up, her nose is floating in the air at all times. I knew if someone out did Chen,she would get rid of them fast. I will no longer watch this stupid show. I loved Leah, and Holly. You can have the stupid Sara Gilbert, and weird Sharon Osbourne. Finally had something good on TV, and destroyed it with stupid decision making. BRING BACK LEAH, BRING BACK HOLLY. WE SHOULD START A PETITION!!!!!!

          • Betty says:

            Yes, we should start a petition!! Where does a person go to do this? I loved this show, and now it is sooo boring. I haven’t been watching it. I tune in to see if leah and holly are back (not believing it is true and hoping they will all of a sudden appear..), and then I change the channel. The ratings of this show are going to drop drastically and will be cancelled very soon!!1

        • Linda Combs says:

          I too really enjoyed Holly and Leah.The show is not the same without them.I’m sick of CBS firing nice people. I’m still mourning the lost of Dave, Harry and Maggie.There was no cause for that.Dave went on any assignment they thought up, even going hungry and walking for miles and look where it got him.
          Every Soap Opera magazine listed Cane and Lily as the favorite couple
          week after week but they still killed Cane. When the fans loudly
          stated their disapproval, they punished the fans by bringing Cane back and still turned Lily against him. Lily forgets that Cane saved her babies.

        • Betty says:

          I also, am very upset Leah and Holly are not coming back on the show. I just found out today, after watching it, and wondering where leah (my favorite one), and Holly were. I will not be watching it now that they are gone. It is soooo boring with Julie and Sarah, and the other three filling in. Why them?????

        • SHAWN REVEL says:

          I will not watch the show without Holly and Leah on it. my friend will no longer tivo the show. She said it is just wasted on her tivo.
          We are really upset about this shake up.We could just spit!

        • amber says:

          I totally agree!!! The whole reason I watched was b/c of Leah!!! I have loved her since King of Queens! Not that big on Holly, BUT the show just won’t be the same without all the originals!! Why can’t these execs see that the reason ppl watch was because of those women!! I know that have lost my loyal viewing!!

        • Denise says:

          I agree I watch it like 5 minutes and I am out. I like Holly and they have relace her yet with anyone as good as I like her. The temps are good but not for me to watch. People need stability now and you taking these two women off is a mistake. Leah I enjoyed just needed to turn it down one notch. Those two women made the show. Holly is so funny. Leah is funny and you just never know with her and that makes it fun. You need these two. I don’t care for your new show the way it is now. YAWN

        • smeyer says:

          I agree. Leah and Holly MADE the show…it’s now boring!!!!

        • Betty says:

          I watch the talk and I was wondering what happen to Lea and Holly
          I’m sad that they had to leave. I don’t care for it that much now
          the show is not that interesting as it was with Leah and Holly.I Like Osbourne and Julie but it is better when the four of them were together!

    • faye urbanek says:

      that sucks they are losing the two best one on the show they are why i just started watching because they made it funny am really sorry to hear this will miss them

    • lola says:

      Sarah is actually one of the producers on the show, and so it would be quite odd to dismiss her from the very show she helped create.

      • bruce buckner says:

        sarahs lame never talks and julie chen is married to boss of cbs shes boring holly and leah was scapegoats sarahs a boring lizzy

    • karol nelson says:

      I loved Leah and Holly on the Talk, they were so funny, and had the best stories and they became best friends, I think Julie was jealous, Julie is boring, sorry Sarah you were so boring, I thought you were a producer, you did this to your friend, Leah. Holly and Leah need a talk show together, If you want to call Julie’s husband, thats why she has the job, this is a direct number, call and complain, 2129754545.

    • Traci says:

      With LR not returning, niether will my viewership. As for Holly, also fabulous on the show. Of course Julie will be back, she married to the boss, that’s a no brainer. Why would Kris Jenner be a seat filler – what does she add?

    • Mo says:

      Julie Chen didn’t have to be asked back, she is married to the head of the network. You think she has so many opportunities because she actually has talent? Nope!

    • sue says:

      cbs you screwed up on the show the talk. get rid of chen and get back leah will not watch.

    • Colleen says:

      I am one of the many that will NOT continue watching The Talk. There “seemed” to be such great chemistry among them. It now seems forced. With Leah and Holly, the group seemed very light hearted and cohesive. It is now very FLAT and no longer provides the chuckles it used to. Thanks CBS for a really poor decision.

      • Kathy says:

        I totally agree with Colleen. I am another one that will not be watching “The Talk”. Very upset with Julie and Moonves. I only gave this show a chance because of Leah. If she was not one of the co-hosts, I would of never even watched. I really LIKED the show and NEVER missed it. I liked all of the women TOGETHER, but now it feels like a big emotional break-up or divorce. I’m sad to. JUST CAN NOT AND WILL NOT WATCH ANYMORE, GOOD-BYE “THE TALK”. Oh yea I love Sharon and thank goodness I can see her on ABC with AGT. I wish I had never even watched in the first place. Now I know how all of the ATWT’s fans feel. Boy it looks like CBS keeps making BAD decisions over there. Well I should have never cheated on Ellen at NBC. Remember when you invest your time, energy and feelings into a TV show, YOU WILL GET HURT. I am hurt and I know CBS doesn’t care. My husband keeps telling me to stop doing this, that they DON’T CARE!!!

      • Rebecca from maui says:

        I have recored this show since the first! When I watched this week and saw my favorites gone!! I have removed your show from my record list.
        You made a BIG mistake. OH sigh… for your advertisting

        • Burch says:

          I agree. I have taken this show off my recording too. The first week was so boring. There is no chemistry between the girls and I miss Leah and Holly. What is wrong with TV, you get something right then change it….oh well onto to something else to watch….If they bring Holly and Leah back – I will be watching again…

    • Geraldine Garrett says:

      Leah was so funny and entertaining and Holly so bright and funny.

      Can’t believe you’re keeping Sharon Osbourne. She takes her shoes off while the visiting guest is being interviewed. Every man guest she hangs on and rubs their thighs like she really thinks every man, young or not, wants her. UGH

      I have watched The Talk since day one and told everyone what a good show it was. Not so sure I’ll continue now. I love Julie, but maybe Ellen is my choice now.

    • louise says:

      I think that the show just uses Sharon Osborn for her contacts! She has more contacts then CBS the Talk. I think most guests come on the show because Sharon asked them. I miss LEA! I am done watching the show when Sharon leaves. Back to the view I guess.

    • deedee says:

      i miss these ladies on the show

    • Kathie says:

      Surely Julie Chen would have some pull for God’s sake – her husband runs the studio! Unless Leah and Holly were better liked? The show has already lost it’s appeal and I will not watch it without Leah and Holly. Without them it’s just another View

    • chris says:

      I am so sad to see Leah gone…the vibe she had with Sara was awesome..This is really going to take an effort to watch now, I even took it off my recording…I love Julie and Mrs O, but its just not the same with out Leah.

    • val rust says:

      i will not be wtching the talk now that you have fired the two gals that i like lea remini and holly robinon pete

    • Stan says:

      I agree I think this was a big mistake…. I was devastated…. No offense to the other ladies or the replacements, but they removed my two favorites. I know Sarah is the creator and Julie has the corporate connections…. the stars of the show were Holly, Leah and Mrs O. Holly and Leah you will be sorely missed and I am very sure I will eventually lose interest. Mrs O can not carry the show alone and if I wanted to see Saturday night live host Molly Shannon I’ll watch old Saturday Night Live re-runs, and if I want a pure comedy show featuring Ms. Sheryl Underwood, I’ll buy a ticket to see her.

      Love you Holly … Love you Leah. I only start watching because of you two ladies in the first place…. not usually a talk show kind of a guy.

      (I have my big boy pants to think of Holly)

      Signed:Sad face

    • Xotchilt Robinson says:

      It is to bad. they along with Sharon made the show. Julie is dry and very stern and Sara is nieve and cheerful.I see why she is staying she came up with the idea and is the producer. But Julie her husband owns the network, so it is really whatever Julie wants and it is to bad. It should have been what is good for the viewers. since this was not considered, my friends and I will no longer be watching this show.

    • diana says:

      I just turned on The Talk…wow it is so boring now….what a big mistake….I will have to find something else to watch or just turn off tv..!!!!!

      • skylar says:

        Chen’s only on b/cuz her husband’s the prez – Sara a bore – Osborne -enuf’ already (stay home w/your crazy husband) – and look for talent w/Piers –
        Leah & Holly made the show – wake up CBS. What the hell happened – then the Oprah factor replaced Leah – omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Natalie says:

      Without Holly and Leah I feel the show is a flop. I had been DVR’ing the show and enjoyed….but with the substitutes the show is nothing worth watching. I for one will no longer watch this loser of a show….a really bad attempt to compete with the always good The View

    • PAT KARLSRUD says:

      Will miss LEAH- she was so funny. it was Sara’s idea but she has no personality. Holly had a tendency to seem distracted. will wait and see but so far just okay!

    • Deb says:

      What goes around will come around. Sarah is boring. Leah and Holly made the show. I won’t watch anymore. Your show will fail without Leah and Holly. I loved the personality of Leah and look forward to watching the show when they were on it. The new show has no personality and is BORING.

    • Dee says:

      I like Leah Remini. I liked here on King of Queens and on the View.
      Yes, she did speak her mind, but she was like that on past shows, also. But, she was not crude. Many people that I have talked with are sad for her departure. Please bring her back.

    • Diane says:

      I am so sad , too~! I LOVE Leah Remini- I’ve kept DVRing the show and waiting to hear when she is coming back because they keep announcing the new people as “guest hosts” and just foung this out from here. Leah says it like it is- the show will go down without her. They better get her back before its too late!

    • Sheryl says:

      I love this show. I think Leigh,Sharon,Holly,Sara, and Julia make this show!!! Leigh Remey makes me laugh with her wisecracks! She, as well as Holly,Sharon, and Julia make the show interesting and fun to watch. Especially when Leigh gets all fired up and makes funny wisecrackes. PLEASE DON’T GET RID OD THESE LADIES! THEY ALL MAKE THE SHOW INTERESTING AND FUN TO WATCH!

    • Beverly Crespo says:

      I guess smart people do dumb things too.

    • Marianne says:

      What a BIG MISTAKE kicking those two funny ladies off. They were great with Sharon. They were so down to earth and so honest. I feel Sarah is boring at times and sometimes doesn’t have common sense. Julie at times is funny and keeps things under control and add class to the show.

      Recently I have been wondering where the 2 ladies were and thought they were on vacation but now that I know well I will not watch the show.

      I wish the other ladies the best.

    • debbie brengle says:

      i only watched the show because of leah you need to get rid of sharon she drives me crazy with they way she talks i don’t watch the show anymore i loved leah

    • debbie brengle says:

      oh and i don’t like chen either acts way to happy drives me crazy leah was the best

    • JOHN F.WYNN says:

      the talk show i think you chen and cbs will be off tv it is smart your to co-hosts holly robinson peete and leah remini for season 2 the too gone from the john wynn will not be see the talk show at 200pm by four goods john

    • Sandra says:

      I can’t believe the changes you took a great show and made it just like all the rest. I enjoyed the interaction from them all. But now it is boring and again its just like the rest. I thought that Leah was a refresher she said what was on her mind and made the other co-host also speak up. How sad I will not be watching anymore.

    • KIMMI says:

      I hate the talk now without leah!!!! she and sharon make the show!!! Why do we NOT know why they are no longer with the show???/ Dont you think you owe the viewers an explanation????? BAD BAD DECISION!!!

    • J.P. says:

      Chen’s husband runs the Network, she’s not going anywhere. Love Osborn, if she goes, I am not sure I would watch it. I miss Lea.

    • Ann Marie Diaz says:

      I no longer watch this show and I deleted from my tivo. Holly and Leah were great on the show. Maybe those 2 should create their own show called, “The Truth” because they speak their minds and tell the truth. Best of luck to them both.

  2. Anthony Newhall says:

    The reason I began watching was because of Leah Remini. Now I have no reason to watch, so I won’t.

    • Adri says:

      I watched the show for leahs and holly real deal profesionalism. And inspiring ways of making me feel like they hear my comments while I watch the show. While am watching I make a comment at home and all of a sudden guess who ends up repeating my opiniom like if they heard me. leah or holly. So keep them both or give them a better show…

    • JJ says:

      Agreed Leah Remini was the absolute BEST PART of the show!! She made it so enjoyable to watch.. now i won’t!!

      • Avid viewer says:

        Totally agree with you. LOVE Leah and Holly. However, think about it. Julie is married to Les Moonves who is the Exec. Has anyone thought that Julie wasn’t happy about all the attention Leah and Holly were getting and mentioned it to her husband? Just saying….

  3. Kim R says:

    Huge mistake. The mix of women is what makes The Talk so enjoyable. They all have different points of view but are all obviously friends. Unlike another show that shall remain nameless. It won’t be the same and CBS should rethink this decision.

  4. brandy says:

    Leah and Holly were the two ones I actually kind of enjoyed on the show. (I’m using the word “enjoy” very loosely here.) This show is a mess.

  5. Brittany says:

    Leah is my favourite part of this show. Ugh.

  6. Amber says:

    I actually liked Leah. I thought she was better than Sara whom they are keeping, although I like Sara as well. Holly was okay, but I’m really surprised they are getting rid of Leah. She brought a very different perspective than the others.

    Maybe they should audition some of the actresses who lost their jobs when The Talk took over for As The World Turns.

  7. emma says:

    Seriously? HRP and LR have way more personality than Chen.

  8. kingdom says:

    Don’t both of them have reputations for being divas? If so that was probably the main factor as a daytime daily show doesn’t not have the budget nor need to put up with the same behavior that may fly on a prime time TV series.

    • notchu says:

      Actually neither of them made demands or anything. The Queen Diva herself has issues with anybody taking her spotlight and threatened people’s jobs on a daily basis… actually, I guess they weren’t really threats now were they?

  9. Danielle H. says:

    Don’t watch this, but all I could think was “OUCH!”. Daytime TV might as well just be infomericals anymore after the death of soaps and game shows.

  10. Anthony Newhall says:

    Not to mention, Sara is lovable, but has no personality. Sharon is never there. I love Julie, but she would never leave anyway, thanks to her husband. This show is bound to fail if you take away Leah and Holly, they give the show the energy it needs, especially when you are over run by substantially bland personalities as Sara and Julie are. Incredible loss to the talk show line. It was the only genuine talk show out there.

  11. Josh says:

    That’s disappointing. I thought the five of them had nice chemistry. It’s odd to me that the two with the most likeable personalities weren’t renewed.

    • bjv says:

      That’s exactly it – the FIVE of them had great chemistry and made the show work. Without Leah and Holly (or with unknown substitutes), it won’t be worth watching and sadly, I won’t.

      • MelanieB says:

        Amen! If Leah and Holly go… so do I.
        Julie is just a little to FULLl of herself, which is
        Sickening! Lice me some mrs.O tho
        What’s a girl to do :(

        • georgia says:

          I am amazed that the show was considered sooo good and with this shakeup –it will be a disaster…just then repeat “The View” Julie is too stuck on herself…Sara is a bore and Mrs. O is the only one left that makes the show fun! You have now lost another viewer!

      • Betty Lou Clarke says:

        I am sad to see Holly and leah leave. I find the show now very boring. I will not be watching the show anymore. I loved the interaction of the original five. It beat’s the view hand’s down. I told all my friend’s what a fantastic show the Talk was. well, it isn’t anymore. Bad decision.

  12. Em says:

    Big mistake. Julie Chen is the problem with that show. I know she won’t get fired because of her husband, but that show is not the place for her and she will continue to drag it down. She can’t completely be herself anyway because of her husband. Can’t be making fun of the bossman on tv.

  13. Pam says:

    This show is so serious and boring! Julie Chen stinks, Sara Gilbert is nice but uptight and boring as is Leah. I was very surprised the show was renewed!

  14. Lisa says:

    That sucks. I think Leah was the funniest person on that show and the way she interacted with Sara was priceless. Those two together work well. I’m surprised to see them losing two popular ladies after only 1 season! I may not watch anymore depending on who they get.

  15. Erika Carolyn Young says:

    Well I won’t be watching anymore. Holly and Leah made the Talk better. BOOOO to CBS

    • Tina Linder says:

      I know I won’t be watching anymore, if Leah and Holly are not there anymore I sure don’t want to watch Sara act like she is better than anyone. You guys will be going off the air if these two do not stay. I’m very upset about this. Please keep the show ROCKS with them.

      • Carol O'Brien says:

        this is truely a gigantic mistake, these two women are the best on the panel and I will seriously rethink my viewing of this show.
        why do they want to ruin a sure thing?
        if they do not rethink this decision they will surely regret it in the long run.
        they both will do quite well as they are really talented women regardless, and I hope they are not feeling hurt over this terrible mistake, as the viewers love them very much.

      • Maria says:

        I watched the show because of Leah Remini, if she leaves i stop watching the show. The show will be boring with Sara Gilbert she has no personality and Sharon Osbourne i could take her or leave her. i am disappointed in Julie. I really liked her until this happen. I am sadden that Leah won’t be back. I agree your show is going be boring without Leah and Holly.

      • Stacey says:

        I will no longer watch the show if Leah and Holly are not on in the fall. In the beginning it was painful to watch, but I continued to watch only to see what crazy things Leah and Holly might do. I don’t know about you, but I credit them for the increase in ratings toward the end of the season and I think that we will see the ratings drop in the fall if they are not back. They really make the show fun. I was so suprised to hear that the two may not return. Each lady is unique and bring a different perspective on the issues. I don’t mean to bad mouth anyone but I don’t see the appeal of Julie Chen. I thought that she was the creator, not Sara. She seems to always have the last word as if her opinion is the most important. I did not know that her husband was the head of CBS but I can’t say that I am surprised. She is the only one of the five ladies that has no personality in my opinion.

    • bev says:

      When I heard the news of this,I was shocked and saddened. I went home and watched my dvr episode (was a rerun but I usually watch those too because I enjoyed the show so much) and I looked at it in a whole different perspective (with Leah and Holly gone). Didn’t work at all. Such a wrong move on the part of CBS.

  16. Denise says:

    Nooooo, Leah is my favorite.

  17. Silvia says:

    i bet Julie Chen didnt really like Peete or Remini cuz theyre so outspoken,and had them kicked off.i wont b watching anymore.which sucks cuz i really like Gilbert and Osbourne.

    • davey says:

      Really? You honestly just wrote that you believe (from your vivid imagination) that Julie Chen doesn’t like these women “because theyre (sic) so outspoken, and had them kicked off”….most ridiculous statement of the day!

      • Kay says:

        Sorry Davey but you’re talking out of school here! Ask any woman and she’ll tell you that cattiness in the workplace runs rampant and few women actually want to work for a female manager because they are usually harder on you than on your male counterparts. Sadly, women judge women more harshly. Julie wants to be the star and she has her husband’s clout to back it up so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she had them kicked off! Men need to stop talking about women’s issues as if they “know” when the only knowledge they will ever have is second hand!

      • Abe Froman says:

        Davey, do you know something to the contrary? It is widely known that Chen butt heads with the head of CBS daytime so much they canned that VP. And it’s also known there is tension on The Talk set because of personality conflicts. So, Davey, I think it’s YOUR statement that is the most ridiculous of the day.

  18. Amy says:

    Well there’s an empty slot on my DVR. I started and continued to watch because of Leah and Holly!

  19. Mrs O says:

    Never seen it. Still p’od that they cancelled As the World Turns for more lousy talk shows

    • Betsy says:

      I still miss Oakdale!!!

      • cej says:

        I do too! I finally got over the cancellation of “World” and gave the Talk a chance (and got to really enjoy it) and now they are not giving themselves a chance to continue a great show. YET ANOTHER STUPID MOVE CBS!!!!!!!!

  20. Sunny says:

    Holly and Leah r the show. If they are not on the show,I will not watch any more.

    • Lisa T. Pope says:

      Well i became a true fan of the talk and those five ladies were GREAT together; I am very disappointed because leah made me laugh every day and i know sarah should miss her even more because she always made sarah smile. I have always been a fan of Holly no matter where she worked. the RATING for the talk will truly decline because i will no longer watch that show. SORRY

  21. GS says:

    Well I won’t miss Holly but Leah is great. I really prefer this show to The View so I hate to see them mess with it but as long as Sharon is on, I’ll watch. She is just awesome!

  22. Denise says:

    I watched for Holly and Leah,loved both their personalities. Will only watch now if the show has really great guest.

    • Leah Renaud says:

      I LOVE The Talk. If Leah and Holly are no longer on I will NOT be watching it!!!!!

    • michelle r says:

      i am truly disappointed that both women are let go. This show can not continue to go on. i can not see it, but if it does, it will not be because i am watching. Good luck to the cast, you sure are going to need it. julie chen should get off of her high horse and get her feet back on the ground. I now understand why she is no longer doing jouralism, they probably couldn’t stand her there as well. Who’s next to feel the wrath of Julie, Mrs. O? Julie, you really need to do some soul searching. Really…

      • Wendi M says:

        I completely agree. Julie has always bugged me. It was so nice when Julie was on vacation or working on the Big Brother Show and Holly led the The Talk. The show was so relaxed and a lot of fun to watch. It seems as though everyone has to agree with Julie and if they don’t they get reprimanded. Julie is not the goddess of knowledge. Everyone has a right to their own opinions. If anyone should be gone it should be Julie. I really enjoyed Leah, Holly, Sara and Sharon. Those 4 really made the show. I will not be watching the show anymore. So sorry. Big mistake.

  23. Trisha says:

    I never watched the talk but I am familiar with all 5 hosts. I attended a taping last February to see Adam Lambert and I have to say, Leah was so annoying I wanted to crawl under my seat. She talked nonstop, made faces, and dominated every conversation. Holly had an attitude and seemed more interested that her mom was in the audience that day than in anything being discussed or happening on stage. I realize the show (like The View) capitalizes on over the top personalities, but (like The View) is self-defeating – that many dominant voices in one room cancel each other out. Hopefully they’ll find interesting but less shrill replacements.

  24. forrest says:

    never saw the show, but follows the pattern of many new start ups: Have a large group and see how the chemistry mixes. Budget cuts? See who demands what – and then cut down to a core group – fewer participants. We may never know what the real causes of the cuts were.

  25. Joey Jo Jo says:

    They had the wrap party at Holly’s house. Leah led the couple of line dances. I’m pretty sure they didn’t see this happening. This news is a crying shame. Of all the ladies, HRP and LR were the only ones I really related to and I enjoyed watching every episode because of their input. So since Sharon is always out of town, that means it will be Sara, Julie, and the odd celebrity who will sit in will be hosting. This is bound to be a mess.

  26. Jon says:

    Leah Remini is annoying. She’s loud and tries to be funny (but fails). I prefer The View.

  27. Amanda says:

    Honestly shocked that Sharon wasn’t the one cut. I’m really surprised by this. They honestly seem like they get along and they don’t obnoxiously talk over one another like on the view. I hope CBS had really good reasons to do this. Messing with chemistry that works is kind of odd.

  28. Alysse says:

    Lets be honest Julie has zero personality that its actually awkward to watch her. Only watched the show for Leah & grown to love Holly & Sharon. The Talk is done. CBS might as well drop it completley.

    • Kim R says:

      Agreed. Well put…Julie is awkward & hard to watch. Leah, Holly & Sharon bring the life to the table. I do like Sara as well, with her quiet viewpoint. It is a good mix & I think if they wanted to remove anyone from that mix it should be Julie. Nothing against her but she is so bland she would not really be missed. That’s my opinion anyway. :)

      • Sharon says:

        I totally agree that Leah and Holly make the show!!!! At first I wasn’t sure about Leah, but after watching the show,I found she seems to be an extremely nice and caring person!!!!! The best ones on the show are Leah, Holly and Sharon. I won’t say anything bad about Sara because she is such a sweet person. The Only one I could do without is Julie!! she tries to be funny and really is NOT at all. she also tries to act soooo New York as well. Always talking about her BIG Hair!! YUK.

      • Sheryl Prewitt says:

        Julie is kind of stiff, I guess it’s good to have a husband whose pres. of CBS. I miss Holly & Leah. I never heard of Sheryl Underwood Or Aisha what’s her face. I’ll tune in from time to time but not everyday like I use to. Why were they let go. These ladies were down to earth & told things like they were. Sara was the stiff naive supposed to be grown up. Sara acts like she’s afraid to voice her opinion. Leah sometimes made fun of Sara but I thought they had that kind of relationship & it was being done in fun, but I guess not. Sara smiled & giggled at Leah but behind her back her & Julie were getting together to backstab them. Typical women, so sad. Good show ladies & I know there will be more opportunities out there for you because you’re good.I’m looking for you guys everyday for a couple of weeks & nothing was ever said, well CBS they were there & you’re not mentioning them will not in anyway make it seem like they never existed. You owe your tv audience a little more courtesy & explanation you need us we don’t need you CBS there are other chsannels to watch; like Cable, ABC, NBC etc. you get it?

    • bev says:

      That’s exactly right!! No Leah and Holly – No Talk. Period.

      • Lara says:

        I totally agree. I recently started back at work full time, and I will have to say I was that I would be missing The Talk, not so much anymore. No Leah and Holly, means no more Talk for me. They made the show.

    • maryann kane says:

      sorry I will not be watching the talk . I can”t believe they took off LEAH AND HOLLY FROM THE SHOW. SEE YA

  29. Mark says:

    Honestly, no big loss on Holly. Her intellect seems very average, most of her comments are extremely banal, she plays the African American race card wayyyyy too frequently, and frankly she’s just not funny. HOWEVER, Leah Remini I do enjoy. I can see why some would find her annoying but I just think she’s fun. I think she has great chemistry with the rest of the cast, especially Sarah and I’m really disappointed. She seems to be the only one able to bring Sarah out of her shell. Otherwise, Sarah is quite boring. So I’m fine with Holly, but not happy at all with Leah.
    Kathy Griffin for one of the replacements?

    • Gigi says:

      God, I hate the term “race card.” Racial issues are serious and they are not a game, or a card to be played, as that term implies. I will miss both Leah and Holly. They each brought a unique perspective to the show. I can’t wait to hear the story behind their firing. I doubt either of those ladies are going to go gently into that good night, without letting it be known exactly why they were let go.

    • jodee says:

      Why when any African american mention anything about their race they’re accused of playing the race card– shut up!!! Julie Chen has mentioned her Chinese roots, “tiger” Mom , and Culture more than anyone on the show.

    • Sheryl Prewitt says:

      OK bigot!!!!

  30. sharon says:


  31. Brandi G says:

    UGH! Will not watch without Leah! She makes me laugh on a daily basis!! I agree with others that the show willbe boring without her.. :(

  32. Jason says:

    No Leah, no Holly….no ME.

    Those two are FAR and AWAY the best of those five gabbers. Man, CBS makes some idiotic decisions. Guess ya gotta be sleeping with Les Moonves to have any job security. ‘Cuz, ya know…Julie Chen is just sooooo freakin’ talented, otherwise…right? Not.

    • SPW says:

      I agree. Just like Les is letting Julie call the shots on the way Big Brother is going. It’s a freakin disaster. It is so staged!! She should just stick to hosting or being a news anchor!!

      • michelle r. says:

        i agree with the comment about Big Brother being staged. i have been watching that program for years, and each year it is getting more and more obvious that it is staged. What is puzzling is that CBS doesn’t give enough credit to its viewers. They put those in that they want to win and adjust the game so they acertain those they want to win, win.

  33. Denise says:

    Tell me how to complain. Give me a link. Bad move CBS!

    • SPW says:

      I need to know a link too!! I’ve tweeted, added comments on Facebook now I need to send something to CBS.

    • Ermetra A Black Thomas says:

      I phoned and was dismissed with a phone click. This is the number given for Les Moonves by an earlier commenter. Good luck. As a journalist trained at Northwestern’s Medill 1970, Chen’s rationale is specious given the tempest in a teapot premise of this program.

  34. Jealousy? says:

    Leah was becoming the break out star of the show. I’m guessing Ms. Chen couldn’t have that happening.

  35. Jimi says:

    Yup.. Leah Remini was the only reason I actually enjoyed the show.. well.. Her and Sara Gilbert, and the way they related together.. without Leah.. I can’t say I’ll be much inclined to watch.

  36. SPW says:

    Seriously? If they get rid of Holly and Leah, the show is going to pot! They were the reason I watched the show. The brought such comic relief to it. The ratings will go down just like they’re going down on Big Brother. Julie, let the producers handle producin and stay out of it. Thank you.

  37. Kara W says:

    Its unfortunate CBS is messing with a formula that works. If ratings were at an all time high in July then that speaks well of the current group so why tamper with success?

    Maybe Holly and Leah knew their fate during the last original episode. If so, they both left with a bang, having a food fight during the cooking segment that ended the show. Maybe they just didn’t care anymore. But it was fun to watch.

    Could this news be a publicity stunt? Since new episodes have ceased until the show returns in Sept maybe this is a cliffhanger of sorts to start a lot of buzz around the series. Wishful thinking but if that’s the case, its working because this story is getting a lot of press.

  38. Lynnette says:

    Those were the two reasons I watched, so I guess I don’t have to anymore!

  39. corey says:

    Leah Remini was THE best out of all the hosts on that show.

  40. Katie says:

    This show is just painful to watch IMO. I hate Leah Remini but she is the best one on that show. The ladies’ interviews are horrible. The interviews are not conversational usually and it sounds like they read from cue cards. It it weren’t for Moonves’ little Chenbot, I have a feeling the whole show would be canned.

  41. amb says:

    The only interesting one on that show is Holly. The worst is Julie. Can not stand when she is there. Love when she is off doing big brother. But we all know she is not going anywhere. Loved Sara on Roseanne, but am so disappointed with how boring she is in ‘real life’. She barely opens her month. Leah is plain annoying. Mrs O and Holly were the only thing entertaining

  42. Barbara says:

    I’ve been watching since they debuted. I was caring for my mom who was under hospice care from Oct.-Mar. The Talk was and still is a bright spot in the day. We continue to watch together and laugh everyday. She just celebrated her 87th birthday and she said the other day that she would love to see that show in person. I’ve never heard her say that about any other show. These ladies really seen to enjoy each others company, and I love how they can laugh and cry together. Unlike that other talk show they are fresh and real. I appreciate what each of these women bring to the table. IT WORKS! If Leah and Holly are gone it won’t be the same, and we wouldn’t watch. That other show didn’t start out at the top, just give these ladies a chance!

  43. Trudy says:

    The show is a low rent knock off of the View, but I will miss Holly.

  44. DD says:

    Well, with Leah and Holly gone, I will no longer be watching The Talk. It would make sense to let Sarah go and keep her on has an executive producer since the show was her “concept”. Keep Sharon, Leah and Holly!!! Bye-bye Julie. Julie already has Big Brother, but I guess when your husband is the boss, it’s hard to tell your wife she’s fired:(

  45. Angi Wujcik says:

    I am sickened by the news that Leah and Holly are off the show. This show has brightened everyday for 1 hour. It is wonderful to have a show where the different personalities mesh so well and make it so entertaining. I don’t understand why CBS would ruin a great thing.

  46. Robert says:

    I do not think Chen likes Black People. Since the Cou d’tea stunt she pulled on the black girl on Big Brother a few episodes back it’s obvious she dislikes Blacks. I don’t like to watch her.

  47. Danel says:

    If Leah is gone so am I.

    • Jesse says:

      It takes 21 days to form a habit. I have watched The talk for more than 21 days. It is a habit by now. People will watch;it is good TV.
      I think Holly and Leah are better at scripted show and physical comedy, which they proove on those halarious cooking segments.

      • Miss VanOrmer says:


        • Bonnie says:

          It was so nice that finally there was a talk show where 5 people seemed to get along so well and thats how I felt about The Talk. I was shocked that Leah and Hollys contract was not picked up for the new season. I was so looking forward to it coming back until I saw Leah and Holly was not their. Was’nt sure if they were just still vacationing or what until we went to and found out what we did.. All I can say is I will no longer watch the show. Why change good things that work? I laughed my butt off with Leah & Holly. They were so funny and honest and heartfelt..they will truly be missed and I do not see the show making another season..It’s never to late to correct a wrong..get em back!!!!!

    • Beryl from,VT. says:

      I will turn the station,loved Leah R, Miss her fun to watch!!!!!

  48. Dee Karvois says:

    Interesting, I would have thought they would choose not to pick up Sharon’s contract (no disrespect to Sharon, I just don’t think she works). I like the other two. Maybe their personalities are too much for the group. I will miss them!

  49. Beverly says:

    Why take the best two off “The Talk”? Why not take Sara and Julie off. They are about as interesting as watching paint dry. Oh that’s right, Julie’s husband owns CBS so, of course, she stays. Leah and Holly are the only two reasons I watch the show. Leah is so funny and cute. Oh well, after a few weeks or months, we won’t have to worry about it because the show will be cancelled anyway without these two ladies. Guess I’ll have to start watching a soap opera during this hour. YUK

    • Janet McElwain says:

      The talk was the best talk show on TV. Leah, Holly & Sharon were the favorites. Without them, it will be nothing! The 3 of them brought humor, authenticity and brilliance to the show! Learning that there were “disagreements” between them and Julie Chen, is quite disturbing. Of course, Julie’s husband runs the show, so no matter what she does, she will have a job. Sara, has no personality for a talk show host. So what will they have left?? Apparently they didn’t think this situation out before deciding not to renew Leah and Holly’s contract. They were the strongest players! Sharon reportedly will be back occasionally, but without her daily presence along with no Leah or Holly, will not be worth watching anymore. They had a great thing going, but didn’t think about leaving well enough alone! Sara and Julie, better start looking, because I don’t think there will be a season 3. Can’t have ratings with no one watching!!

  50. glenda boyer says:

    if they brake up the original 5 i will no longer watch the show. i have not missed one episode since day one but I will no longer watch

    • Debra Coppola says:

      I feel the same way, there is “NO SHOW” without Leah & Holly, I was so crushed to find out they were not coming back this year, they did make the show I have to agree. Leah brought an edge and humor to the show that made it entertaining..After watching yesterday’s show I am deleting the show from my DVR, it did not entertain me at all…sad CBS, shame on you.

      • michelle c says:

        omg yesterdays show was awful,i am done chris jenner seemed as if she was pmsing i can not stand her, then she had sara teary eyed ,nothing gets to julie don’t like her either,and that male guess i forgot his name was not funny at all trying to make a joke with cheryl, the show was terrible it should be cancelled because of friday’s show

        • Renie says:

          I agree. The show is just dull now. Leah and Holly made it funny. Chris Jenner, really. She is just as boring and I am so sick of the Kardashians and Jenners I could puke. It’s a really boring show with boring guests now. Get rid of Sara, who doesn’t talk anyway. Also, all of the guest Talk hosts are dull, dull, dull.