The Glee Project Recap: The Kids Stay in the Picture, But Who Deserves to Win It All?

A single, dramatic tear streaming down a contestant’s cheek may have altered the outcome of this week’s episode of The Glee Project.

Indeed, head judge and Glee executive producer Ryan Murphy seemed to be on the brink of booting dreadlocked Christian hottie Samuel from the competition, noting that he’d never seen the kid break down and then have to pick himself up by the bootstraps. “When was the last time you cried?” Ryan asked suspiciously. “You’re not the underdog.”

Samuel revealed that he’d actually shed some tears just a day prior when he wondered if it wasn’t God’s plan for him to win Season 1 of The Glee Project, and thereby score himself a seven-episode arc roaming the halls of William McKinley High. Ryan seemed underwhelmed by the admission, but then, as Samuel gathered to await the ultimate verdict with fellow finalists Alex, Lindsay, and Damian, it happened: The squish-squish kerplop of that tear, forming in the corner of Samuel’s eye, then journeying down his face in full view of the cameras. And despite the fact that he’d once again worn those wretched, hot pink workout shorts to dance rehearsal, Samuel was allowed to advance to the Final Three.

Wait, scratch that! Samuel was allowed to advance to the Final Four, because in this, the penultimate episode of The Glee Project season, there was no elimination whatsoever. Ryan’s “spare ’em all” decision — made with Glee co-creator Ian Brennan (stepping in for Robert Ulrich and Zach Woodlee) — wasn’t particularly dramatic, but given the somewhat arbitrary process of elimination exhibited on The Glee Project this season, I can’t pretend I’m surprised or upset. It’s all good, I suppose. Sing it for the boys! Sing it for the girls! Every time that you lose it sing it for the world!

The week opened with a homework assignment about “generosity” in which our remaining quartet had to perform “Lean on Me” in front of Kevin McHale. “Who am I?” asked Lindsay, submitting to the show’s core idea that participating in a reality television show should not only bring up a host of existential crises, but ultimately make you a better person. Lindsay was declared the winner, though, on the basis of a superior performance, as the astute Mr. McHale pointed out that Alex’s face often fails to convey the emotions of the songs he’s singing. (I wish he’d also pointed out Alex’s tendency to view songs as things that should be crushed like aluminum cans in a recycling bin, but not every dream can become reality.)

At the video shoot, when Zach told the Final Four they’d be “playing musical instruments,” my mind immediately envisioned Lindsay dressed as a violin, but that’s not what he meant at all. Instead, the contestants would form a faux rock band and perform “Sing” by My Chemical Romance while paired with children from Education Through Music Los Angeles.

“I have no idea what a bass guitar looks like,” declared Alex, further cementing my desire for him to not win this competition.

“They’re mini versions of us,” cried Lindsay of the two little boys and two little girls who were clearly not mini versions of herself and the three remaining male contestants. Then Lindsay showed her typical bone-deep bravado by noting that her pint-sized partner was just like her — “smart and really talented!” Oh gurl.

Everyone had at least one problem with the week’s workload. Damian made forced faces for the camera. (Have I mentioned that I just don’t see what’s so special, or even pleasant, about his voice?) Samuel struggled when Nikki tried to push his voice in a new direction. Alex failed to work out fun antics with his assigned child. And Lindsay messed up her lipsynching when she got too into her “guitar playing.” Oh, and there was also the problem of vocal coach Nikki Anders despising Lindsay. Anyone else notice the way her eyes go mean every time Lindsay enters the room? Someone needs a lesson with Tyra about the proper technique for smizing!

As a result of so many snafus, no one was exempt from giving a last-chance performance to Ryan and Ian. Alex was assigned “His Eye Is on the Sparrow” — a song that was played at his dad’s funeral — and had the judges imagining him playing “the love child of Kurt and Mercedes.” (Oh please, no.) Damian gave a middling take on “I’ve Gotta Be Me,” but Ryan and Ian liked the idea of his Irish accent causing all kinds of comic confusion for Brittany. (Note to Ryan: You could also hire a better actor and ask him to play a role with an Irish accent. Just a thought.) Lindsay absolutely killed it with “Defying Gravity,” and Ryan admitted he always wanted to cut her but never could. And then Samuel kind wobbled his way though “My Funny Valentine,” a song he claimed to never have heard despite it having been butchered by Tina in Season 2 of Glee.

Right down to the end, I thought it would be Samuel or Alex getting the boot, but I’ll say I didn’t see the non-elimination coming. Why go to the trouble of having Robert and Zach sit out the week, bring in Ian for a special judging session, and then keep everybody? Ah well, next week I expect no such indecision. It’s going to be the season finale, and somebody has to win! I’m rooting for Lindsay, but I would also accept Samuel. And under threat of Alex in drag, I would also be okay with Damian, I suppose.

What about you? What did you think of this week’s episode? Were you okay with the non-elimination? Who do you think should win The Glee Project? Is there anyone you’re actively rooting against? Hit the comments to share your thoughts! And for all my reality recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mel31602 says:

    Damian has my least favorite voice among the finalists but like Ryan said last night you just want to root for him. In fact he is neck and neck with Cameron right now for fan favorite and no one else is even close.
    Based on pure talent it should be Lindsay but like someone said last week she is getting too negative of an edit to win. Same with Alex, though the last few weeks he’s been amazing in his last chance performances. Sam is likable and has more talent than Damian so he will probably win and then everyone can get all up in arms about how Ryan can’t write a Christian character (can you all give Ryan a chance before you destroy him?) Damian though does have the unique voice and does not sound like anyone else currently on Glee so that may help him in the finals

    • Jack says:

      Damian may have an “in.” He’s in one of the audience scenes in the Glee Concert movie! I thought he sang fairly well. Lindsay did knock it out of the park, but she’s such a phony. Alex has a great voice, but he’s just way too over the top. And Samuel did fine with the song “he never even heard of..” Curiously, they all seemed to be at the top of their game….so I suspected that they’d all stay for another week.

      • C says:

        It has to be Damian. Since Cameron left, I’m totally torn but Damian has something in him that works with me. Plus I did see him in that Glee 3D movie… Of course I was swooning over Darren. Anyway, i think Alex is too over the top… Lindsay is nice but a phony… And Samuel is just weird and misplaced, basically the odd man out. As long as Alex doesn’t win then I’ll be happy. That’s my two cents. (:

      • lasrry says:

        while that a good thought, damian was there with his cousin and friends when the glee musical came to dublin. the reason damian is seen 9is becuase puck? came down off stage

    • Tarc says:

      Frankly, I’d add Hannah back in and call that five the new Glee members for the coming year. They’re all great.

      • laurirose says:

        Since all the news is about characters needing to graduate and be replaced by new cast members on Glee, I’ve been hoping those Top 5 would somehow all go through in the 2012 season..
        Could that be possible?

  2. Shelley says:

    I’ve actually been pretty surprised at what songs the contestants don’t know. Damian didn’t know Jessie’s Girl, Lindsay didn’t know Maybe This Time, and now Samuel didn’t know My Funny Valentine. These have all been covered on Glee.

    I wasn’t surprised by the no elimination, but really didn’t care if any one of them had been sent home either.

    I think it so weird how they’re trying to shoehorn Cameron’s Christianity into a roll for Samuel. It seems really forced.

    Most of all though, I don’t understand why the actors have to be like the possible character they would play. Cory Monteith is not naive and dim like Finn. Dianna Agron is not a prudish Christian.

    I like Damian a little more than you do, personality-wise at least, Lindsay grates my nerves something fierce, Alex induces an eye-roll everytime I see him on screen, and Samuel just seems blah to me.

    Whatever, I like the show because of the behind the scenes aspect of it. It’s cool to see how the creative process probably is for the actual Glee cast. Unfortunately these contestants just don’t do it for me. They cut Marissa too soon.

    • Rowan says:

      I wouldn’t be so surprised that some of the contestants haven’t seen every episode of the show and therefore know every song they’ve used. It is possibly they have a life beyond watching TV and are a more casual viewer.

      My take on who’s left: Samuel. He may be Christian, but he never played it up until Ryan Murphy made it clear to him he REALLY wants to write a Christian character. Now if Samuel doesn’t behave Christiany enough, Ryan questions his commitment. It disturbs me a great deal that Ryan complained that Samuel hasn’t cried on the show yet. Apparently you must break down and sob for Ryan to be happy with you. Sounds like an A-hole to me.

      Lindsay doesn’t have an original bone in her body. Samuel and Marrisa kiss in their video (because the director told them to) so Lindsay kisses Cameron in hers. Alex cries because the memory of his father’s death is too difficult to use as a sense memory thing for the song, so Lindsay manufactures a reason to cry, too. She does this crap every week so it’s about time Nikki realizes that as talented as Lindsay is – she is a phony.

      Damian needs to have more confidence – and needed acting lessons before coming on the show. But he’s so sweet and has a great voice. What’s not to like?

      Alex is a cold, conniving biotch. He makes a point of undermining others (that alone should have gotten him booted because that is very anti-Glee), is smug, and (as Kevin McHale said) looks disconnected from what he sings. If he wins I won’t watch Glee. He is a horrible kid who needs serious therapy. Personally, I think he’s a sociopath.

      • Sharon says:

        That kiss was directed per Lindsay, Cameron, and Robert’s blog. Why can’t anyone understand that this is an edited show? If you listen to Lindsay’s KingRadio broadcast, you would know that Lindsay had a rough week that week. She had received several letters from friends telling her that the theater dept. at her school had basically been cut. She wasn’t allowed outside phone calls. Are you surprised she was stressed and emotional? I don’t think that you can call someone phony that you don’t know based on a couple of hours of manipulated footage. They splice things together to look a certain way. I’m sure you were in that recording booth the whole time to see what exactly happened.

        • Jim says:

          Viewers are stupid. That’s why they don’t understand that Lindsay’s audio and video have been hacked up by the editors to purposefully MAKE her unlikable.
          Go read her twitter morons. She’s a sweetheart in REAL LIFE.

      • Stephanie says:

        “If he wins I won’t watch Glee.”

        OH, you will too! Every reality show brings this reaction and guess what? You tune in because you are invested and want to see how it pans out. I said the same thing about American Idol last year and I find myself wondering who the judges will be so I know I’ll watch.

  3. Anne says:

    I’m rooting for Samuel. Yes, he’s good looking: so is nearly everyone currently on Glee. Of the four, he’s the one who brings something new to the picture. Alex has nothing we haven’t already seen from Kurt and Mercedes. Lindsay is too similar to Rachel, but not as good and not nearly as believable. The only thing Damian has going for him is his accent.

    • Lori says:

      Completely agree with you Anne! I really hope Samuel wins, but I have a feeling it will be Lindsay or Alex.

    • Christin says:

      I think (& hope) Samuel wins. I think he’s something different for the show which is needed. If Ryan tries to recast every character on the show Glee will not survive graduation. As adorable as Damian is I just can’t picture his character & I thought I was the only one who isn’t the biggest fan of his voice either! I think the editors have portrayed Alex & Lindsey in such a diva-bitch persona that they can’t win cuz America doesn’t really like them for the most part. I also think the strategic tear @ the end of the episode is a good sign Sam may come out on top. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing the the top 5 & Marissa on a future season. With some more training, I think they’d all do well.

    • EJ says:

      I completely agree with all of this

  4. JJ says:

    Agree with you on the possible winners/acceptable alternatives with the current situation. Eventhough some people shouldn’t be here still (alex/damian) and others shouldn’t have been cut (mckinleigh/hannah)…

  5. Dan says:

    I really don’t want Samuel to win. Ever since he stole Hannah’s rap lines and did not give any credit, AND seemed okay with that, I lost all respect for him. He has only one face for the camera, and changes his attitude according to the judges demand. Suddenly he mentions his Jesus tattoo. Suddenly he cried the night before. I mean, come on.

    • Mandy says:

      I agree with you completely! He seems very fake to me. I wouldn’t like it if he won.

      • Daphne says:

        I agree, too! He never mentinoned once he was a Christian and then suddenly, he does. How convenient! Ugh.

        • amy says:

          Sam hasn’t talked about God that we’ve seen. Neither has Damian, but he has said they’ve had conversations about their beliefs when Cameron was still there. I’m like Sam – I am a Christian and will talk about my faith if asked, but I don’t preach about it. He wouldn’t have put JC on his body if he was a faker.

          • Stephanie says:

            Um, I personally don’t know why he put Jesus on his neck as a tattoo at all, but LOTS of people get tats they regret or don’t understand why they get in the first place. You wake up one day and look at this thing and you go “WTF was I thinking!!!??!!???”

            Plus, considering the Bible actually says not to permanently mark your body, says to me that he doesn’t know a lot of stuff about being a Christian in the first place.

          • Paulette says:

            Stephanie, now this may be just silly talk, but I’m pretty sure that you can have tattoos AND still know what it means to be a Christian.

          • lacey says:

            I’m not saying Samuel isn’t Christian but I do think he only brought it up was b/c Ryan kept saying how he wanted a Christian character. No one else brought up religion at their last chance performance and I highly doubt that Cameron and Samuel are the only Christians.

          • Sookie says:

            To be fair to Samuel Ryan brought it up when he asked Samuel about his problems playing gay. Samuel did say at the time that he thought his ultra conservative mother wouldn’t like it. However, Samuel did seem to jump on the “you bet I’m a Christian” bandwagon.

  6. Denise says:

    Samuel is my least favorite. His squinting look gets on my nerves and he just…ugh, not sure why I don’t like him. I would be happy with any of the others winning although I don’t think Alex puts in the work.

  7. Volcfom says:

    Given that three new characters were leaked for the upcoming season, and all but one girl’s role has been cast, I’m assuming the winner will be a girl. So Congrats, Lindsey!

    • Melinda says:

      In an interview with Ryan, he said that the winner is not who you might think it would be, so I’m guessing it might be Damian. I believe he also said something that led me to believe that even those who have been cut might still have a chance (but that could be wishful thinking on my part…) Anyway, I can see Damian winning the 7-ep prize and then Lindsey being brought in as a diva replacement when Rachel graduates. She would be perfect for the part. My biggest problem with Lindsey is that she seems so phoney and manipulative. I can’t see her fitting into the Glee cast. However, that impression may have more to do with the editing that her real attitude.

      • Ruby says:

        I don’t buy that editing is the issue with Lindsay. I mean, it’s the things that come out of her mouth…like last night’s “She’s just like me, very intelligent!” crap. It’s not like they’re editing those words together, she’s just saying them. Also, the fake crying in the booth after Alex cried a couple of weeks ago was just gross. That girl has problems. I kind of feel sorry for her.

    • Gia says:

      Where is this?

    • Sookie says:

      The winner gets 7 episodes this season. No one said they were being cast for next season.

  8. Alex says:

    Ryan is right that Damian is the group’s Mr. Personality. You just want to root for the guy. He takes direction well and the mentors seem to like working with him. He isn’t a belter so some people think he doesn’t have a good voice but his fans see that he just lights up the stage when he sings. You don’t have to hit the high notes to be a good singer. Besides, his voice is so different from the rest of the TGP and Glee actors. There’s a clip of him singing “Puppy Love” from his early days with Celtic Thunder and you can see the audience and even the members of the orchestra smiling at his performance. I think the producers are looking for someone the audience can relate the most and judging from his fan votes, he has the most number of admirers among the top 4.

    • Melinda says:

      I agree about Damian. I see him like Cory Monteith, who also is not the greatest singer or dancer, but is still one of the most endearing characters, to me, on Glee.

    • wtfnyc says:

      I agree 100%, Alex. While I do think both Samuel and Alex have “something,” I’ve just found myself rooting for Damian from the very beginning (Lindsay, to me, is just a much less talented Lea Michele, with extremely bad fashion choices). Probably because I’ve felt like he was the most open, honest and easily REAL of all of them — whether in his despair and exhaustion at being in the bottom so much or in his pure, unadulterated (sorry) glee at some of the fun/funny things that have happened. I think he’d be a great winner for this show, for so many reasons. As for his character, as Ryan (I think) said this week “It writes itself,” including with the Brittany stuff. Although I think an even funnier twist might be if Brittany were the only one who DOES understand him!!

  9. JoMarch says:

    Lindsay has a phenomenol voice, but I don’t think she’s a good actress,because she can’t even act sincere. Another poster mentioned Samuel changes depending on what the judges want, and that’s true, but so does Lindsay. The only genuine person seems to be Damian, but, unfortunately, he’s the least talented imo.

    • Suz says:

      This contest finished taping a long time ago. Ryan said at the time that we might be surprised at who they picked because it was not the best singer. On the basis of that, I’m thinking it might be Damian. I sure hope it’s not Alex

  10. Mairead says:

    Thought the “Final four” thing was a cop out, but whatever.
    On another note, they should NOT hire another actor to do an Irish accent, because once in a blue moon are they ever done right. It’s actually insulting.

    • Suz says:

      Hiring an Irish actor isn’t the same thing as hiring an actor to *do* an Irish actor. :-)

      • Mairead says:

        I know that, but with the amount of terrible Irish accents on TV, if you were Irish, you would get irritated too. Take, for example, Fiona on Burn Notice. She had a GOD-AWFUL “Oirish” accent in the pilot, and the got rid of it because it actually put people off viewing. If Glee want an Irish accent, fine. They don’t need to hire Damien for that, but at least hire someone whose attempt doesn’t violate eardrums.
        Sorry, rant alert, but it annoys me.

        • MamaLarson3 says:

          Fiona from Burn Notice (the actress portraying her) is at least British. Its like a Yankee like me trying to do a southern drawl… yes?

    • C says:

      I absolutely agree with you on please NOT hiring a non-Irish actor to play an Irish character with an accent, ESPECIALLY a North Irish accent. I’m not Irish but most of the time it’s so painfully terrible when it goes wrong, which it normally does. If Damian doesn’t get hired but they still want an Irish accented kid, they need to actually go and get a kid from Ireland.

  11. karenb says:

    I think Ryan and Ian wanted to let Lindsay go, but wanted to avoid the eventual backlash of an all-male finale. Go, Sam!

  12. JD says:

    It was really interesting to see an episode without either Hannah or Cameron. It was the first time the show felt empty to me. I like a number of the finalists, but I’m not really sure I want any of them to win. I love the backstory that Lindsay is now offering, being adopted and being too perfect, I think that would work very well on Glee, but I get angry every time she’s on screen. She just seems so fake. Damian’s a charming bloke, and clearly a very good person. But he just can’t sing.

    And Sam — until last week, we had never heard a single religious word come out of his mouth. Now it’s all Jesus this and God that. I do not doubt that he is a religious person, but this isn’t ringing true (especially alongside what we saw from Cameron). He got that note from Ryan last week and it feels like he’s now desperate to capitalize on it. Ryan, I love you, but if you want a religious character, just write one in. The Jesus tats are not enough. And you were right last night, Sam’s too perfect for the show. He is a rock star, a fantastic rock star, not a Gleek. (Why does he even want to be on the show? What does he identify with?)

    That leaves Alex, I think. The transvestite thing could be very interesting. On him, it never feels like a stunt. It brings a wonderful vulnerability to him, in fact. I’m not sure he’s ready for Hollywood, but to my mind, he’s the one to beat.

    Boy, I wish Cameron and Hannah were still around.

    (Last note: loved the rock badger line. Ian Brennan, hilarious.)

  13. Sivat says:

    If there is a God, Alex won’t win.

    • Jess says:

      I completely agree with what u said i’ll settle for anyone but Alex winning cus i don’t like the way he shoves the others and acts like he’s better then them. In my opinion Alex should have been gone the week Matheus was eliminated, if not earlier.

  14. Jenna says:

    I would rather they pull a random person off the street than put Alex on that show.

  15. Pop Vulture says:

    J’ADORE the pink workout shorts. Back off!

    • SpeckyGit says:

      MOI AUSSI!

      Sam’s the leading man they’ve needed. Love Corey, but he was never man enough for Quinn. Sam’s a fighter – I admire him.

      I could see any of the contenders on Glee – and hope to.

      Sam’s interlude with Alexander about fear of cameras was the most personable of the show by any of them. People who say he’s all sexy squint aren’t paying attention.

  16. Kendal says:

    For me, Samuel deserves it. He’s been my favourite from the start and I can really see him on the show. I don’t even think he placement in the bottom two last week was justified in any way at all. If he doesn’t win, I’d happily see Lindsay take it. For me, Damian is weak and Alex is far too obnoxious. If he wins, we all know why though…

  17. Robbie says:

    You know, I’m kind of keeping my fingers crossed for Damian. He’s been the underdog all the way through the entire season, and just when you think he’s out, he’s pulled back into the game. I think he REALLY does have a lot to offer, and I want to believe that he could win. Realistically, though, I wouldn’t mind if Samuel won. Lindsay and Alex just give me the feeling that they expect to win just because of their powerhouse voices. And that’s not enough.

  18. Lynn says:

    I’m tired of Nikki sabotaging every girl contestant. She did it to McKynleigh, Marissa, Hannah, and now she’s going after Lindsay. She keeps letting her personal feelings get in the way of her professional opinion. Also, do you think everyone would like the actors/actresses on Glee in real life? Maybe you wouldn’t. You only know them by the character they portray. I really don’t care if Lindsay comes across “false”, I think she’s really talented and I love her singing voice. Out of the 4 left, she’s the only one I could watch on Glee.

    • Daphne says:

      I agree with you about Nikki. You can just feel how much she dislikes Lindsay. When she went into her rehearsal room and told her she was “going to be great”? Come on! It sounded like she was being forced to say that, no conviction at all. You could almost see her roll her eyes. I don’t like Nikki very much.

      • Nikki says:

        Nikki ADORED Lindsay until Lindsay showed her true colors. You can’t witness what a fake someone is and continue to like them. Of COURSE Nikki doesn’t like her now, after that fake crying stunt she pulled. It’s Lindsay’s own fault.

    • Frimi says:


    • Tarc says:

      Yeah, Nikki is getting the worst edit of anyone on the show – and I’m guessing that’s because they’re having trouble finding shot where she doesn’t look/see two-faced or manipulative.

  19. MM says:

    What’s your problem with Damian, Slezak?? Leave him alone.
    The kid is very very likable, whether he is a good actor or not. And Ryan was right when he said that you root for him the most.

  20. Amy says:

    I think Samuel is the most creative talent on the show. He at least tries to make the songs a little more modern, i.e. True Colors. You can tell Nikki loves him too – I think he is amazing.
    We don’t need Alex as he is such a retread character, Lindsay is Rachel Berry lite with her annoying personality, and Damian (who I also love) just doesn’t have the range that Sam does. I would personally love to see Sam and Damian both win a role on the show.

  21. Kim says:

    I felt like Samuel’s Christianity thing was forced/fake. He had to mention all his Christian tattoos, he had to talk about “God’s plan,” but all season we’ve never heard him talk like this. It felt weird…

    I thought the whole idea of Britney never understanding Damien was funny. I would get a giggle the first couple times. But I think my biggest problem with Damien is he seems too easy to write for. Sorta’ like Sam and his parents thing, it’s easy to have him pop in for _____ number of episodes, then pop out.

    I think my problem with Lindsey is she is a real life Rachel Berry, which I think someone here mentioned awhile ago. And while we love Rachel on the show (or at least I do. I think she’s a hoot), in real life, we all have known that type of person… And I know in my case I wanted to sock that person multiple times through the day (and I’m a non-violent, laid back person).

    Don’t like Alex. Thought he should’ve left far before Marissa. He makes me want to turn the channel. I get tired of Kurt/Mercedes storylines occasionally so the love child thing…

    Please bring Cameron back. He was hilarious.

  22. Rae says:

    I’m in the minority and cheering for Damian. Love his speaking voice and think he would be fun on the show. He would be different. My all time fav is Cameron and I hated to see him go. He would have made a great character. Lindsey has a great voice but reminds me too much of people they already have. Alex reminds me of Mercedes but could be fun. Samuel is different but I haven’t felt who he is if that makes sense.

    It would be nice of others from the Project and not just the winner make it on the show.

    • Abbe says:

      I”m cheering for Damian, too! I wanted Cameron to win so much and think his Christian line would’ve been interesting because it’s a natural extension of who he is at his core. He’s so sweet and naive. Samuel and Lindsay are fake, fake, fake. Unlike Cameron, Samuel keeps pushing his so-called faith now that he knows it’s popular with Ryan. Samuel only has one look: Intense. Nikki pegged Lindsay for who and what she is. I don’t root for her, just like Ryan said. She has an amazing voice, but I wouldn’t care anything about her in the show. I can’t see her as a likable character on Glee. Alex is a Diva and thinks he knows it all because he can dance. Damian is fresh, and fun. He would bring a cute story line to the show. And you want to cheer for him!!!! I hope he wins!!!

  23. Bwags says:

    Damian FTW! Actively rooting against Lindsay. I’m with Nikki in my mutual dislike for her.

  24. doug says:

    How could anyone take listening to Alex overemote on every single song he performs? He is just waay too dramatic. Like others on here, I don’t get why Ryan always says stuff like, “I can write to that” and makes it sound like he can’t write a Christian character for someone unless they happen to be that in real life? Its very strange. Anyone should be able to play a Christian character or whatever. Obviously, it is easy to see that Lindsay could play “Rachel’s sister/cousin…whatever; Alex-gay closet dresser/flamboyant queen (he sure can’t do much else though); Damian-Irish exchange student?-(makes sense for a limited 7 week role in my book); and Samuel-out there guy with his dreadlocks that doesn’t fit anything really.

    To me, Samuel and Alex are the most one dimensional and haven’t done anything special. Samuel has the same expression and tone in all his songs and performances..squinty eyed stares. Alex is simply another queeny gay guy..very stereotypical.

    I’d take Lindsay or Damian over them. I prefer Damian because he seems the most normal and doesn’t overdo it on the singing..seems more down to earth. I could definitely see him and Lindsay playing their parts on there.

    • Ruby says:

      I’ve been wondering why these kids have to have a personality that Ryan feels he can write to, instead of being like EVERY OTHER ACTOR and playing something that may be against type. The only thing I can come up with is that Ryan is a hack writer who can only write what he sees in front of his face. And I think that’s pretty much been proven by the last season of Glee, which was basically crap. Also, Nip/Tuck was terrible after the first season.

      • Owen says:

        Okay, once and for all, the idea of “The Glee Project” came from the casting of Chris Colfer. He auditioned for Artie, but he wasn’t right but they like him, and created a tailor made role based on some of his experiences.

  25. lovetorun says:

    first of all, this is gold: “‘They’re mini versions of us,’ cried Lindsay of the two little boys and two little girls who were clearly not mini versions of herself and the three remaining male contestants. Then Lindsay showed her typical bone-deep bravado by noting that her pint-sized partner was just like her – ‘smart and really talented!’ Oh gurl.”

    I like Damian for the same reason as Ryan. He isn’t the best singer, but he’s still good and he’s got a good personality. The other three are better, but I can’t stand Alex and Lindsay. Samuel is alright, but he that ooone squinty face is getting old.

  26. Samfan says:

    Samuel deserves to win. He’s the most unique of everyone who made it to the top 10. And I disagree with Ryan when he said everyone they have is the underdog. Um no. What about Quinn, Santana, Puck and Britney? They were all popular and cool before they joined glee. The criteria shouldn’t be just losers. And besides Sam can act. Can’t say that about Alex.

    HATE Alex. Why would they want a hybrid of Kurt and Mercedes? One of them is enough! We don’t need their cheap replica wannabes, thanks!

    Damian’s cool but I’d be afraid of needing subtitles every time he speaks. Their needed for the glee project, who’s to say they won’t need it for the real show too.

    Lindsay is just a Rachel wannabe. And she’s come off as fake when she needs to convince us she’s a perfectionist. Pretending to show emotion to Nikki? She saw right through her. I don’t have any sympathy for her.

    • Erin says:

      Are you actaully dumb enough that you can’t understand a mild irish accent?

      Jeez man. Get out and culture yourself.

    • Sookie says:

      The only time they use subtitles for Damien is when he is just talking to the others, sort of mumbling. He wouldn’t be doing that for the show. And I can totally see Brittney looking at him completely confused every time he talks. Then she would shrug her shoulders and ask him, “you want to make out?”

  27. dan says:

    Lindsay has been walking around with darker hair, at least in the youtube videos she’s posted with hannah (or rather, the ones that started on her Facebook page). I think one of the wiki’s said that it’s rumored she’s playing a joan jett character named Sheila that was announced. So … I’m thinking she’s going to win it.

    I could stand her winning, although she comes across as being unlikeable. Damian would also be okay, but please not Alex or Samuel.

  28. QJ201 says:

    Lindsay is a fake

    Samuel seem permanently stoned…and didn’t Quinn start out as a “good christian girl”?

    Alex, love child of Mercedes and Kurt is brilliant, one gay kid graduates, another comes out of the closet

    Damian has the most charm…and it’s not like the ENTIRE cast of Glee is filled with brilliant acting or singing.

  29. Julie says:

    The casting process in Hollywood is unique to each show. What makes a performer right for one show does not make them right for another. Also, we must consider that the audience is judging these performers like reality TV stars (which at this point they are). Ryan and Ian are judging the performers as they would in any other audition. Darren Criss auditioned for Glee several times before he was brought on for a guest starring role. He had to show up with his hair cut and show that he could act the part of Blaine as the breakdown description described. In the case of Chris Colfer the part was written for him and that’s what Ryan and Ian are going for with TGP. They want to write a part that is not another Mercedes/Rachel/Finn etc. but could fit in and fill those holes when the original characters graduate. So, when looking at it from Ryan and Ian’s POV we see how a character could be written and how well that character would fit in the cast and premise of the show.

    That said, I read something about Dot-Marie Jones suggesting that Damian be a foreign exchange student that Beiste hosts. Maybe they could have a soccer team too and Beiste coach that. I can see so many possibilities with Damian in the cast. He fits. And that’s why I want him to win. He will fill the Finn role (I think Ryan mentioned this earlier). My vote to win is Damian.

    Alex has a good voice but he is too much like Mercedes and I’m not sure that Mercedes is graduating. I’m open minded and appreciate LGBT on TV but I also think that the show is at its best when it has heart to go with its comedy and Chris has that and Alex doesn’t.

    Samuel might be an interesting choice for another show but I don’t see him on Glee. I wish him well though.

    I haven’t seen the breakdowns but I have heard that they are casting a couple of mean girl cheerleaders. I think that the pairs video was an exploration of this idea. An over the top rival for Quinn and Rachel both would be great fun. I can see Lindsay doing it.

    I am betting that we will see more than one TGP contender turn up on Glee.

    Michael – you are judging TGP as a reality show.

  30. Lily says:

    As one of the posters said… we have no idea how the actors of the original Glee cast are behaving behind the scenes… Are they all diva’s or gleeks or a mixture of the 2 ?
    Lindsey and Alex may seem to be unlikable behind the scenes but if the writing and acting is good, those 2 performers can portray “likable characters”…
    I root for Sam, long before he pulled out the “Christian card” because I like to have a “no loser” in Glee club.. Just a guy who just feels good about himself and about being in a Glee Club.. what is wrong with that ? but I still think Lindsay will win…

    • karenstak says:

      Thank you! I also do not know what is wrong with a normal, confident, good looking guy being a part of the Glee Club. Not everyone needs to be a suicidal nerd, gay, overweight, bullied, etc. Sam is definately the one to beat in this competition!

  31. Em says:

    I actually like Damian. He may not be a belter of a singer, but that is refreshing to say the least. I’m sick of these competitions where people believe that shouting or diva warbling is singing. There is no real talent in that.
    Alex just grates on me, and that’s just the attitude! Tone it down mate!!!

  32. Unanimous says:

    I’m Team Damian, but will be accepting of Team Lindsay if she wins. Damian seems to be the most genuine, likeable and real contestant and person on that show. Writing a character for shouldn’t be that hard. Even though his voice isn’t as strong as some of the others, they make it work. The acting may take a few to get the hang of, but hey, you don’t learn acting overnight. That’s why there is a break between the end of the show’s filming and the start-up of Glee filming; to learn.

    Lindsay may not be as likeable, but as some have said it may also be because of the editing. But it is probably because of how driven she is. Like she said on the show, she strives to be perfect. People like that turn people off, which is understandle. When she was doing the same kiss in the music video, it was most likely because she wanted to excell also like the other group. When she was crying, I agree, it may have been a little bit of a cheap move, but she may have also been trying to get some over all attention from Nikki which she hasn’t been getting. I think that being on the show for her would be good because her voice, no doubt is great, but she could add another young fresh high school teenager, with a flexable personality, based on what the writers want. Because she is so determined to succeed I could see her willing to try anything.

    The other two I’m not so keen on. Alex is way too flamboyant, in my opinion. I understand he is gay, no direspect. But there comes a time when you’ve gotta tone in down a bit. He also seems as though he expects a lot things. He expects the recording sessions to go good. He expects the last chance performance will go good if he gets a song he likes. I think that his attitude may get in the way of his success. A character for him on the show would be really difficult I feel because you already Kurt and Blaine and Santana and Dave who are all gay and then you’d add in another gay character, it would start going a little over board with that storyline and stop focusing on the overall high school plot.

    Samuel is a little bit of a one-trick pony, I feel. All of his acting poses and emotions in the homework assignments have all come down to the same basic constipated-squinty eyed look. Whenever he sings, it always sounds rock. Even My Funny Valentine sounded rock. When he’s in the bottom, it’s as though he is finding ways to beg and pull things out of mid-air to keep him there. Begging is not attractive. A character for him on the show is possible, but not common schools nowadays. A rebel with dreads and a guitar that sits around and plays. I know when I was in school we didn’t have that and I just graduated 3 years ago.

    So on a scale of who I’d choose in order of 1-4:
    (Very Very thin margain)

  33. Stephanie says:

    Lindsey certainly did not “kill it” with Defying Gravity. Her emotion was just all wrong–it was all “Look at me, I’m sweet” and not the power song it’s supposed to be. And if she played Wendy in Peter Pan, I’m the Queen of England. She said that so the kid would think they were similar or so she could brag about an achievement she did not have. You could read it in her voice. I’m SO over her.

    UGH I just hate this drawn out process. Why they did this show and didn’t just cast one (or four) of these kids in roles in the first place is beyond me. With Hannah and Mattheus gone, I’m afraid I don’t really care who gets this now. When they crown the winner, I may think about it for a second, then turn the channel to Hair Battle Spectacular.

    • Ruby says:

      I agree with you about Lindsay. Everything she does seems designed to fit what she thinks the person wants to see in the moment. NOTHING seems to come from a genuine place. I saw someone on another board call her a sociopath, and at first I rolled my eyes, but the more I thought about it, the more I kind of agree.

      • Sookie says:

        Wouldn’t it be funny if next week Lindsay became all conservative Christian because she heard that Ryan was looking for that? Or better yet one of the other kids tells her that Nikki loves snakes just to see if Lindsey starts talking about her pet snake?

    • Alex says:

      First of all, she did kill it with Defying Gravity. And second she did play Wendy in Peter Pan. If you don’t belive me, watch the trailer of the play.

      • Emily says:

        Ok, so she was wrong about Wendy but I have to agree with her that Lindsey had the wrong emotion going during Defying Gravity. She sang it well enough, but this is a kick butt song and Lindsey was singing it as if it were a song about getting a kitten.

  34. christy says:

    Damian is my all time favorite. He has a voice unlike anyone on Glee. I think he’s just absolutely hot and funny. I hope he wins!!!

  35. BBarbara Bear says:

    I loved Cameron. The guy had a talent that was so unique. Wonder if he regrets the decision to leave. He could have done so much good for his faith if he would have been cast. I say give him the part an way! Bring him back!

  36. topsyturvy says:

    Team ABA (Anyone But Alex)

  37. Tiffany says:

    What’s not to like about Damian?! Who ever doesn’t like him must be out of their mind! TEAM DAMIAN!

  38. Erik says:

    As long as Daminan or Lindsay win, i’m okay. Ryan and Ian basically said they don’t think Samuel is right for the show and Alex annoys me.

  39. Ruby says:

    To be honest, this show is lacking now without Hannah and Cameron. Of the rest of them, only Samuel has any star quality. Lindsay is too grossly self-absorbed, Alex is a jerk, and Damian, cute as he is, is not a star. So it’s kind of boring watching those remaining.

  40. Mark says:

    Here is hoping Lindsay,Damian or Samuel wins. I can already see Brittany thinking Damian is a leprechaun,Rachel Vs Lindsay and Quinn Falling in love with Captain Christian himself Samuel. Not to sound mean also but I am sick of seeing Alex in Drag we get it you are gay, you dont have to go out in drag to show the producers and others hey look at me I am different. I just feel he is trying way to hard and this whole competition he has been really, all these unnecessary high notes, the not doing rehearsals because he thinks he has it. I just feel as if he has been showing up the choreographers and the other people in the competition which wont be good on a set of glee where you must check your ego at the door and work as a team.

  41. Scott says:

    Does anyone else think Lindsay should play Quinn’s little sister or is it just me?

  42. Norah says:

    Dear Mr. Slezak: I usually agree with you but I can’t believe you support Lindsay. She’s so self-absorbed and superficial. Ack! She’s like a Rachel mini-me. Insensitive. I miss Hannah — she had heart.

  43. Melissa says:

    I enjoy Damian. I think you do want to route for him. I looked up some of his Celtic Thunder stuff and he can sing. They don’t give him great stuff on The Glee Project. Not impressed with Lindsay or Alex. I’ve seen them before. Samuel’s okay. Would prefer Damian to win, but Samuel wouldn’t be so bad.

  44. ScottishGirl says:

    Haha, American girls! We laugh about you over here in Scotland because you will like anyone…as long as he has an accent! I know Damien is a nice person, but some blonde American isn’t going to lie and say that they didn’t like Damien until they figured out his personality, they all liked him the minute they heard that accent! Those stupid American girls will date the biggest douche if he has an accent…Haha!

    • Katie says:

      Excuse me, but as a ‘stupid American girl’ I find your generalization quite offensive. While of course Damian’s accent is certainly an attractive part of him, that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing that causes me to root for him.
      His attitude, his enthusiasm, and his generosity toward the other contestants is what makes him truly likable in my book… not the accent.

    • Chris says:

      Well, this blonde American girl is going to say that I started liking Damian based on his personality, and I’m not lying. It took me a couple of episodes to decide what I thought about him, as well as the other contestants. And why do you have to single out blondes when you refer to stupid American girls? As a natural blonde of Swedish descent, I find it insulting, because it feels like you’re suggesting that women of my ethnicity are superficial, brainless bimbos. You shouldn’t stereotype people’s personalities based on their physical features.

  45. DF says:

    Acting and personality/likability are the most important skills of a Glee cast member. From the first episodes, it was clear that Damian, Cameron, and Hannah were the standouts in these two regards. I don’t find Sam to be a good actor or to have a pleasant voice. My first choice was Hannah, but Damian was a close second-favorite, and I’ll be happy if he wins.

    I’m also shocked that Murphy and gang think that the characters developed from these actors must be so close to their “real” ones. What a weird vote of no-confidence in these young performers and in their own ability to imagine.

  46. Chris says:

    I don’t watch Glee on a regular basis, but of the times I’ve tuned in, I’ve gotten the impression that the show is essentially a musical comedy that sometimes detours into drama territory when tackling serious subjects. So assuming my impression of the show is accurate, whoever wins this competition must possess natural comedic ability. Of the remaining contestants, the only one who comes across on camera as genuinely funny week-to-week is Damian. That’s not to say the others aren’t capable of being funny, but they have yet to demonstrate to me that they have that ability. Just thought I’d bring that up.

  47. Chris says:

    I don’t watch Glee on a regular basis, but of the times I’ve tuned in, I’ve gotten the impression that the show is essentially a musical comedy that sometimes detours into drama territory when tackling serious subjects. So assuming my impression of the show is accurate, whoever wins this competition must possess natural comedic ability. Of the remaining contestants, the only one who comes across on camera as genuinely funny week-to-week is Damian. That’s not to say the others aren’t capable of being funny, but they have yet to demonstrate to me that they have that ability. Just thought I’d bring that up.

  48. Claire says:

    Really want Damian to win! I thought maybe others didn’t think the same but a couple weeks back I missed the show on TV so went to the Oxygen website to see it on free video. I found they were running a fan favorite contest there. Turns out that, of the whole cast of original competitors, Cameron and Damian were wa-a-ay out in front with over a million votes. Damian was ahead at that time, but this past week Cameron slightly overtook him. Marissa and (surprisingly to me) Lindsay were the next tier with I think about 500,000+ votes. Marissa was in third place, and I’m wondering whether she’s the one Ryan was referring to when he said in an interview that he had goofed this season and sent one person home way too soon. Samuel had about 85,000 votes and Alex was near the bottom with only about 18000 votes (lowest score was Bryce who exited on the first episodes). I gotta say, I’m all for a Cameron win, but am expecting Sam, unfortunately.

  49. gleeky says:

    omg this is supposed to be a recap.. its way too biased- stick to facts please. not opinions.

  50. blackrising says:

    Still rooting for Lindsay.
    Her performing ‘Defying Gravity’ once again showed me why I love her so much and it was one of the few times she really seemed to be herself. Confident in her ability, but feeling insecure and unsure about who she is and who people want her to be (and determined to not let it get to her). :)

    Nikki obviously doesn’t like her very much and it annoys me to no end. Sure, we can’t like every person we meet, but there’s such a thing called professionalism.

    Although I do want Lindsay to win, I’m kind of afraid of what will happen if she does. Considering Ryan Murphy’s writing, I just know he’ll end up shoving her character into a ‘relationship’ with every douchebag in McKinleigh High and once again completly destroy my love for Glee and it’s characters.

    Is it obvious that I think RM is one of the absolute worst writers I’ve ever seen? He screwed up Season 2 of Glee, apparently can’t write a character without the actor playing the role essentially BEING that character, judges on a complete different basis every week, blames someone for not breaking down and crying every second day and now he told us he wanted to CUT LINDSAY SINCE THE BEGINNING BUT NEVER COULD. Great, RM. No really, bravo. Way to go and be an a-hole. I mean, she obviously deserves it for being a fake bitch, right? And really, what’s up with her getting so ‘upset’ over being called “fake” and asked “what the real her is” by you?
    Because she obviously has no right to get upset just because you might have hit a weak spot there. After all, it’s not like she said time and time again that she regrets losing herself in favour of being the perfectly polite, happy girl.
    God, RM, can you just crawl into a bush somewhere and die? That’s be great, thanks.

    *clears throat*
    Sorry for the rant.

    Now, if Lindsay doesn’t win, I hope it’s Damian. He’s not the best singer, but very cute and friendly. I didn’t expect to like him as much as I do.
    Alex is so friggin’ annoying. I hate his constant high, quiet…squealing/whispering. You know, the way he sound whenever he talks to Nikki, for example. I also can’t stand the look on his face and ESPECIALLY the pouting. It makes me want to smash his face into concrete. (And no, I’m not usually a very volatile or agressive or hateful person. And yes, I do feel bad for being so mean to him)
    Sam…well, I liked him in the beginning. Now he’s starting to annoy me just as much as Alex does. (Well, maybe not quite as much) When he used Hannah’s rap thingy, I wasn’t angry at him or anything. Hell, I’m sure he wasn’t trying to be mean. What really gets on my nerves though is his fake Christian commitment. What, now all of a sudden he’s a faithful church-goer? Funny how he only started being all ‘Jesus Christ’ and ‘I love God’ and ‘God’s plans for me’ after Ryan Murphy told him that he wanted that character on the show. You’re more of a phony than Lindsay ever was, Sam.

    *sigh* Damn, felt good to get that all off my chest.

    • Yulia says:

      yes!! i agree with this so much! i thought i was the only one irritated by Sam (although not as much as i hate Alex, he’s such a diva, he deserved to leave a while ago.) i really really liked him for a while. more than i liked Cameron, because he was all religious and stuborn, and couldn’t really act. but i respected him for standing up for his beliefs. but Samuel was the really cool one i liked. and then he goes and pulls this christian boy stuff out of his butt, just because ryan is obsessed with a christian character (although you know, you should write a role first, then look for an actor, it works that way for a reason ryan. you have to think about what character would be good for the show, not what character you can squeeze in there because of the actor- of course if ryan’s brain worked this way we wouldn’t have the glee project would we?)

      at first i disliked Lindsey and then i saw videos of her in real life and i realized that the editors really have something against her, she’s actually really nice and talented (although i can totally see how Ryan would make her the next rachel and she would just be on relationship drama all the time)

      Damian i like. and i like his voice when he sings swing, he’s very good at that. but not too great at the other stuff. but i think he would be an interesting addition to the show. so i want one of them to win (mainly lindsey, but if that doesn’t happen, damian.)

      (wow i went on a rant… sorry.. but conclusion: the other writers should kick ryan murphy off the show, or at least off the glee project.)