MTV Renews Awkward. for Season 2

Hapless high schooler Jenna Hamilton may have just experienced her first good break: MTV has renewed its freshman hit, Awkward., for a second season.

Barely a month into its debut season — and with seven episodes still left to air! — the quirky teen comedy is set to return for more high school awkwardness come 2012.

Awkward. has really resonated with our young audience marking yet another successful push into scripted programming and the further diversification of our schedule,” MTV head of programming David Janollari says in a statement. “[Creator] Lauren Iungerich has created a truly unique, contemporary young female voice, brought to life by the show’s incredibly talented cast.”

Awkward.’s pickup comes on the heels of the cabler’s cancellation of sophomore series The Hard Times of R.J. Berger and second season order for the supernatural thriller Teen Wolf.

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  1. Shay says:

    Its a shame that they will not bring out season 2 until 2012! That’s another 2-3 months away, MTV will have to do alot of advertising to bring back the old crowd aswell as new!

  2. mery :D says:

    i love this show!!! i can`t wait for second season! i want to watch it NOW!! ;D

  3. awkward(L) says:

    omg i love the show its like the best.. but i want j town with matty .. jake is nice but he would still be with the blonde if it wasnt for saddiee!!!!and matty just belongs with j town. this show is like just as good as pll :) i cant wait for both these shoes to come back!!

  4. awkward(L) says:

    who can wait for 2012 i cant why would they put season 2 so far away !!!!:(:(:(

  5. Jill says:

    I love this show and seriously ? Her mom wow season 2 needs to start cannot wait :o

  6. Sperminski says:

    I don’t think Awkward is terribly bad but for god sake why did they cancel frigging RJ Berger for this, it’s just madness and incredibly stupid. But didn’t except anything else from MTV, they cancel most of their best shows after 1 season.

  7. Joanna says:

    actually the best show… just watched the whole season again today… and i honestly cant wait till next year for season 2… its soo good. they should really hurry up and realses it!!!!!!! haha :D

  8. jen says:

    i’m really psyched about jenna ending up w/jake, but afraid that they will bring back the jenna/matty team up next season.matty is nice but jake and jenna, they really talk with each other!:) give us a date pls!!!can’t wait for s2!:D

  9. jacey says:

    Im in LOVE with this show!!! An I can’t wait that long to come back on!!!:(

  10. Morgan says:

    Does anybody know certain date when it will come back on? I think the mother did the letter because she’s just obsessed with high school still and made mistakes in hers and is giving Jenna tough love to help her live her high school years to the fullest and not regret how her high school years went like her moms. I can’t wait till season 2 though i hope she gets back with matty because in every relationship people make mistakes and at least he has realized his and is trying now besides her heart belongs to him.

  11. Laceyy! says:

    Ilove this Tv show!<3 I seriously cant wait for it to come back out! If i was Jena i seriously couldnt chose both of them! Matty is soo cutee&& Loves Jena && cares for her but, he hides her/: && Jakee is cutee, nice sweet hes just perfect! && he doesnt hide herr…But Jena lost "It" with Matty soo, its tough && She loved him first.? So, tough!

  12. corey says:

    im a guy and i know this shows mainly aimed at girls but its def one of the best shows ive seen on tv in a while its funny, witty and gripping which seems to be rare these days. better than jersey shore and all that other crap mtv like’s to play. definitely cant wait for season 2

  13. carmese says:

    I can not wait till awkward comes back it a great show who ever wrote this show gets 2 thumbs up from me…..i was upset when it stopped at 12 episodes…i really hope matty and jenna get and stay together and i hope that the mean girl learns to be nice…..this show has alot to dill with things like other teenagers even thow im only 13 i still understand the concept of this show,,,,,,but any way i just wanted to say great job and keep it up can’t wait until this show comes back on……….<33

  14. carmese says:

    jenna just needs to realize that matty is truley in love with her yea he got his flaws but jake seems like the guy who wins up getting hurt i just dont undersstand y they didnt tell jake but i feel the connection and the love between matty and jenna,,,,,i just hope jake and jenna will not work out they wasnt meant to be together…she should have went with her heart and not her hand…………….#taem jenna_matty…not #team jenna_jake…………..<33

  15. amber says:

    Can’t wait love this show…..

  16. BrittanyC says:

    I LOVE this show but HATE that it is only 30 minutes!!! I would watch it even if it was a 2hr movie :)

  17. kelly says:

    i would rather have a 3rd season of hard times of rj,, than this show !! 3just saying

  18. Ellice says:

    I’m 29 years old, married, step-child, and a dog and I still love this show. lol MTV should be smart and not cancel this one.

  19. Keily says:


  20. Kate says:

    Just watched the awkward marathon and can not wait for the show to return.. I got hooked when it first came on but now seeing it again only made the wait for season 2 seem like forever!!! Anyone know the actual date yet???

    • CarrieLovesAwkward says:

      Whens season two I need to know NOW! Cant wait till spring or even later dis yr. *team jake* srry matty lovers!

  21. Ally says:

    I LOVE awkward… Today was the first time I’ve seen it and I’m already hooked…. I love matty and Jenna together:(

  22. obsession2 says:

    OMMMMMMGGGGGGGGG! I’m obsessed with this show! Love it<3 it should be coming back ob soon sence the first season came back on yesterday!

  23. Missael says:

    this is a awesome show

  24. KayleelovesAwkward says:

    Sorry Matty lovers, but Jake's such a good guy, but i do agree Matty is quite to keeper.
    love this show, but it's April, cmonn unleash the date already:) Season two, i love Awkward " )

  25. becky says:

    I am excited for the second season! :) I can’t wait to see what Jenna says to her mom about that letter! And I am so glad her and Matty didn’t end up together because he put her through too much.

  26. Awkward_Lover says:

    I lov awkward cant till season two! Team Jake!

  27. whats her face says:

    I for one am gld that jenna chose jake over matty…..with jake she doesnt have to pretend to be someone shes not….she doesnt have to lie to anyone if they start dating and jake likes her the way she is ii hope jenna can really get to open up her heart to jake i had to deal with my own matty and jake and i choose my jake over my matty any day because the humiliation, denile, and secrecy isnt worth waiting for the day he realizes what he had. good for you jenna

  28. Jasmine says:

    When is it coming back its already april and every other spring show is back why can’t this show be back.. they keep playing marathons of the show so I guess that’s a sign that the show will be back. •hopefully•

  29. Jasmine says:


  30. nobody says:

    Yay!!! New season!!! I absolutely can not wait, I love this show so much!!! The cliffhanger at the end of season 1 was just to much to bear!! Hoping there won’t be such a gap between seasons 2 and 3 as there is between 1 and 2 – this wait is so irritating!!

  31. Kylie says:


  32. Bizzy says:


  33. imawk says:

    OMG no way! Im tuning in soon!

  34. amy says:

    Can’t come soon enough. I loooove this show. It’s like a modern-day “My so called Life” but better!

  35. Maddie Genzer says:

    This is my Fav TV show Im so mad because theyb said it would be back on 2012 and its not on! Grrrrrrrrr

  36. Maddie Genzer says:

    When is it coming back!! OMG im so irratated come back on please!

  37. leda says:

    comes back around july 12th 2012 :) your welcome xD

  38. Ileigh says:

    I’ve been waiting for tooooooo lonnnnnng for season 2 to start! I love this show and will watch every episode. Also, I hope they replay season 1 in a marathon just before they air season 2. I always like to refresh my memory!

  39. Laura says:

    June 28th

  40. Johana says:

    When does the nexts awkward come on I really wanna see it lol