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New Castle Captain Lays Down the Law: There Will Be No Sexual Tension In My Precinct!

Being at Beckett’s side as she fights for her life isn’t the only crucible lying in wait for Castle‘s titular mystery writer when the ABC drama kicks off its fourth season on Sept. 19.

Instead, once the dust has settled on the season finale’s shocking shooting – which came on the heels of Captain Montgomery being killed — Beckett will find herself having to break in a new boss. But Victoria “Iron” Gates is not one to bend easily, if at all.

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“She’s definitely the challenger, where when you’re in her presence, you’re going to be better than your best,” says the new captain’s portrayer, 24 alum Penny Johnson Jerald. “She’s there to make [the officers of the 12th precinct] better than before. But mind you, she won’t put up with the way they’ve been getting [to that level] before, so there may be some trying times.”

So, Beckett, Ryan, Esposito et al now have a hardass at the helm? “I couldn’t say those words,” Jerald defers. “But pretty much, yes.”

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The actual officers and detectives, however, will have it easy compared to Castle, whose sweet gig shadowing Beckett’s investigations will soon be in great jeopardy.

“My side of it is, ‘Why is he here?'” Jerald explains with a chuckle. “He’s not a police officer; he’s an irritant. But it’s all those wonderful little nuances that make for great television.”

Jerald won’t say if Gates directly acts to have Castle removed from her ranks, but says that just her wanting to may be enough. “Even believing and wishing he wasn’t there is pretty much diminishing the presence of someone,” offers the actress. “She doesn’t see his value yet, but perhaps [it] will come to light. And even then, maybe she won’t even [admit] it!”

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Then again, stepping away from Kate’s side may be in Rick’s best interest, seeing as another of Gates’ no-no’s at the NYPD is UST (read: unresolved sexual tension). “She’s on to it… Oh yeah,” Jerald says of the partners’ unspoken yearning to be partners. “[But I’ll have] none of that in my precinct.”

What do you think, Castle fans? Will Rick be able to (eventually) win over Captain Gates? If not, how else might he stay in the mix – and close to the lady he loves? (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Sally says:

    Of COURSE he’ll be able to win her over! He IS Castle, the charmer after all :)

    • Tamela says:

      We just dont like the new Captain Victoria Gates played by Penny Johnson Jerald. It not about her personally just the hardcore mean lady captian. They need to change her charactor to be just a little bit on the kind side

      • Wes carter says:

        I agree. Why do they always. Have to put a black lady in charge on a good police show. It was good as it was. Get her off. She is ruining the show.

        • Wes says:

          Get rid of the new capt. She is wrong for the show. Does the producer have an agenda by placing a black lady in charge. Let’s get real. Put someone in the capt slot that is qualified.

      • Samantha says:

        I totally agree about Gates. I can’t abide her. After the last show aired where Castle went to Atlantic City without Beckett, I realized my Castle watching days are nearly over. It is NOT a love story. It is a quirky police/mystery show with sexual tension. There shouldn’t be any “will they?” question. They should not ever become a couple. It would ruin the show.

  2. Kristen says:

    This is going to make for some interesting TV for sure. For some reason when she confirmed that she’s basically a hardass, I couldn’t help but think of AD Skinner on X-Files and how he was at the beginning and by the end he was basically Scully’s right hand man, a believer, and pretty darn epic. My point is that she may not be a hardass for long….

  3. Penny Jerald is one of my favorite actresses. Please, PLEASE don’t make me hate for messing up Castle. They need shake-ups yes, there is no doubt, but we do not need another Bones here. Bones almost lost me as a watcher b/c of their determination to keep B & B seperate. Castle doesn’t want to be a repeat of that love/hate relationship.

    • lipsticksocialism says:

      ICAM! I finally gave up on Bones in season 6. I was just too exhausted. I think I might be making my way back to them in season 7.

  4. Diana says:

    I’m kinda hoping he doesn’t win the captain over… Maybe if he can’t be at the precinct as much as usual kate and him will be forced to hang out together outside of the precinct in a less professional and more friendly setting =D

  5. Mariapiaw says:

    I can’t say I’m all crazy about what’s coming. Badass women diminishing people around has kind of become common place. The good thing about it is maybe Beckett will stand up for him now… that would do the trick ;o)

    • Gary says:

      You’re right here…”new boss comes in beating their chest”…such a ‘tired’ cliche’…I was really hoping the next Captain would be a lot like the “old” one!

  6. Michelle says:

    Prediction: We’ll all hate her for being mean to Castle. Castle will do something brilliant to solve a HUGE case, then she’ll get over herself and we’ll all love her. ;)

  7. Monique says:

    I hope he doesn’t win her over that fast.
    I’d LOVE to see Kate fighting for her man (Castle).
    We’ve seen Castle fighting for her, but now it’s her turn to stand right beside him when it’s needed!

  8. Holly says:

    It may take a while but Castle will win her over. Woman love Castle.
    I cannot wait for the premiere!

  9. Mark says:

    I’m a little surprised that this storyline is being met positively.

    Every single thing I’ve read on this sounds so damned annoying.

    • xav says:

      Well, everyone that’s watched television before knows that this sort of character is introduced at some point during a show like this and everything works out fine.

      • Jeff says:

        Yes, and that’s the problem – Castle is going down the same well-worn path as a hundred other shows. So to hold off the inevitable a little longer, they get rid of the nice captain and bring in the mean captain. Lame – sorry, I expect more from the writers.

      • Mark says:

        It really doesn’t work out fine. It’s an annoying storyline that never works. Like Vogler on House or early-days Hightower on Mentalist, just to name some recent similar examples.

        It’s unnecessary and disappointingly story worn.

          • Kirstin says:

            I am inclined to agree here. There is more than enough story in the way Castle and Becket interact that the idea of some pain in the ass boss trying to keep them apart is not giving me warm fuzzies. Beckett does that well enough on her own.

    • apolonia says:

      agree completely!!

    • Zak says:

      You know if you left out the names of the characters you could confuse this show with Bones half the time. I almost stopped watching Bones at the start of season 2 (now I kind of wish I did) cause they did this with Brennan and Cam and it was more annoying than interesting storytelling.

      I don’t like this bit of storytelling since I’ve seen it in many shows in the past and it’s not been interesting in one of them, but Castle is a good show so I’m not going to completely write it off but at the same time I’m not holding my breath that it will be good television either.

  10. xav says:

    That’s a pretty standard storyline for an established show. They did it in the X-Files with James Pickens Jr and they did it in The Mentalist with Aunjanue Ellis and probably many more.

  11. Cosmab says:

    Sounds SO predictable to me. Why are they ruining my show? Having the new boss want Castle gone is boring and a waste of airtime. We’ve seen this B4. A million times. Snore. She was great on 24 but not a good fit here IMO.

    • Jeff says:

      Wow, the same old lame plot device used by a hundred other shows – and they’re even going to use the old “no fraternization” plot device – I haven’t seen that one since the last time I watched “The Mentalist”.
      Why not just try to have Castle and Beckett get together at a SLOW pace – no need to have them jump in bed right away (some people don’t have sex on the first date, believe it or not). Why not just have them actually go on dates (which would have ample opportunity for seeing B&C in different, potentially funny environments)?
      But I guess that would require some originality from the writers…

  12. B. Robert says:

    Geez.. Conflict everywhere you turn in this series anymore.. I’m still wondering how they are going to handle the big cover-up of Montgomery? Not a good idea to leave the precinct series as law breakers instead of law keepers. Has this lady ever played any likeable roles? Or is she always the ‘baddy’?

  13. Darren46 says:

    If there’s no UST allowed, I sincerely hope she’ll be telling off Ryan and Esposito as well. /shot

    • Laura says:

      This comment just made my day. *high fives*

    • MissWanderer says:

      That’s why she can’t do that. She won’t tell Esposito and Lanie that they can’t be in a relationship only because they work together. None of the actors or producers have hinted at a Lanie/Esposito break up. All the new captain can do is tell Castle/Beckett, and Lanie/Esposito to focus on their work while they’re at the precinct and not flirt at the precinct. She can’t really prevent them from getting together.

  14. PeppyInsignia says:

    This sounds fraking horrible.

  15. JerryTAZ says:

    Why mess with success? Season 2 had a better comedic, romancing dance of Caskett fun. Now Castle is headed to the road of other procedural shows.

  16. This seems like a perfect recipe for ruining a fun, enjoyable show. Betting heavily that I’ll be done with it by midseason if this is the angle the producers want to take.

    • WasCastleFan says:

      I agree w/ your statement… so far I have seen all episodes to date (2nd week in October) of the 4th season. The change does not work for me. I have been a HUGE Castle fan out the gate. This change reminds me of all of the other changes made to good tv (Bones, Mentalist, etc…). Kate is supposed to be the leader and the hard-a#s… that’s what makes her attractive. The attraction of the show before was a collaborative/cohesive group that could make fun of eachother made for the 21st century… Oh well, I guess I will find another series to watch…

  17. Ethel says:

    Well, all I can say is if she does not let Castle hang around her station, he can come hang around me!!I will so my best to make him forget Beckett and that mean old police captain….lol

  18. Bubbles says:

    LOL…the title of this article alone!!!! I can see it now…the entire case solved…at the local coffee shop so we can see Kate and Castle, Esposito and Laney. It will make for an interesting season. I will miss Montgomery, but I know the shake up will add to the show (and the stress of working on one coast and his family on another surely was adding up). Can’t wait to start watching the new episodes. :)

  19. zaza says:

    Castle actually does contribute to the team and I think that even the new hard-nosed captain will eventually see that. At least, I hope so. There is no show if Castle isn’t working with Beckett.

    • Fitch says:

      “There is no show if Castle isn’t working with Beckett.”

      Exactly. We know it, the producers know it, the writers know it.

      So the challenge this season is for the writers to find original ways for indispinsable characters to maintain and grow their romantic tensions, keep the other characters fun and interesting, win over/deal with the new tough boss, while solving cases that are standalone worth watching and building suspense about the longer arc of danger from the bad guy mastermind that was pulling Montgomery’s strings. Done right, it will be fun. Done wrong, it’s the beginning of the end.

  20. Huh says:

    Is this the new trend? Bada$$ african/american woman department head/bosses? The Mentalist, Suits, Castle etc. That kind of makes women of color seem cold and off putting, which they aren’t.

  21. LILY says:

    ….! calm down guys .
    so yeah , may be this all Bad-ass new boss is not very original .
    but if you noticed , in all 3 season of castle they keep the comedy and the drama and the mystery all mixed together , that is the beauty of this show and it is the original thing about this show . it’s never too heavy and the writers know how to mix it with humor . stop being grumpy
    the writers are good . Have faith

  22. amanda says:


  23. Tom says:

    Honestly I think this show is in deep trouble. I thought the ending of last season was lame and this twist makes things worse. The old by-the-book new boss theme has been done so many times it cliche. Of course things are going to get back to “normal” because the relationship between Beckett, Castle and the team is the reason people watch the show. This story line is as predictable as Beckett’s miraculous recovery from being shot. At best they are going to waste half of next season pursuing this silly story line only to make it magically resolve itself by the November sweeps. Really sad because that means the first half of next season is going to be total yawn.

  24. José says:

    ´People… please be calm…remember and if you don’t remember i let you know… that like in real life new boss when arrive want to change things…put her ou his hand on it…when they arrive at first time to the place can’t be smiling no way…they don’t know people so they star being not so good but when he or him start to meet people and trust them the things get much better and change. People here who happened that situation confirm that things are like that on real life..but i see here to much young people..never work or had a boss…of course Castle is a tv show…but because of that must be a mix of real life and dreams and that until now Castle is doing very good. i think the humor will be present many times..like drama and tension between Caskett… my advice enjoy episode by episode and season 4 begin quickly lol.

    • To all says:

      I’m sure you believe you understand what Jose thinks he said, but I doubt that you realize that what you read was not what he meant. LOL

    • Hols says:

      Uh — no. I’ve lots of bosses and some are just like this character. But I don’t want to watch it on television if I KNOW that there is no way any of her new decrees are going to stick. That’s just pointless. And annoying. And cliche.

  25. Kat says:

    I really don’t like Penny Johnson Jerald as an actor so I’ll probably keep watching but I am very disappointed that they hired her. I think there could have been so many better choices out there. Plus, I watch the show for the chemistry of Castle/Beckett and I like the way the team has always supported each other. I don’t think they need to change the dynamic by throwing a hard ass into the mix. It’ll be different but I don’t think it will be as entertaining as the show has always been. Castle wasn’t broken…there was no need to fix it but showrunners never seem to understand that…

  26. J, Norman says:

    This doesn’t sound good at all. Why do they (the show writers and producers) think it is necessary to bring in a hardass female commander? Who are they attempting to please with a storyline such as this?
    I will undoubtedly turn in to see the season premiere, but from the description I don’t think I am going to like the direction the show wants to travel.
    What are they trying to do? Slow down the chemistry between Castle and Beckett? A little late for that.
    What exactly was the purpose of having Beckett shot in the finale. We know she is going to survive so it is a pathetically lame cliff hanger in that regard.
    So they can have an excuse to continue the Jr. High School games into another year?
    I hate to say it, but if I don’t like the opening episode, I am likely to pass on the show until midseason (when they may have gotten the message to bring the successful format of the show back)

  27. Kate says:

    Castle became my favorite show in part because of the choices the producers/writers have made over the last three years. They’ve earned my trust, and I don’t believe they’re going to mess it up. The cast is incredible, as are their interactions with each other. I’ll really miss Captain Montgomery, but I’m looking forward to seeing how this new captain challenges things. I’m hoping that her not wanting Castle around will force Beckett to step up and fight for him, which I think would be fun to watch. I can’t wait until the new season starts! I really hope the people who are complaining before it even airs figure out a way to go into it with an open mind and just enjoy the ride.

  28. Kristen says:

    Wow. Lots of interesting comments on this. But to answer the author’s original question, the only way for Castle to prove his worth is to continue what he’s been doing: contribute to the solving of cases. Once this Captain sees how much of a help he is to Beckett’s team, and TO GATES’ CAREER, since she’s so focused on that, I think she’ll keep him around, but on a short leash. He needs to show her how keeping him around helps HER.

    And look on the bright side: if she doesn’t allow any UST in her precinct, maybe we’ll get some nice moments at one of their apartments or out on the town.

    I agree with everyone who hopes that Beckett will fight for Castle. She knows he’s a big help on the cases and he makes her a better detective. I’m just worried that the first time Beckett goes rogue will be her last.

    Lastly, to everyone who says this new storyline is “cliche”, point out a storyline to me that isn’t. Everything has already been done by some other show before, so let’s just enjoy this for what it is as well as this cast’s marvelous performances.

    • Jeff says:

      Making excuses for the writers isn’t helpful. We all like this show, but allowing the writers to take the easy lazy path will only make the show go downhill, not improve things. Once they know the audience expects better than this, we’ll get it. But if you sit back and accept crap, crap is what you’ll get.

  29. Dana says:

    Obviously the writers are not creative sufficiently. They are copying The Mentalist, NCIS, The Glades, Memphis Beat, etc by putting in a black hardass.

    This series has been successful due to the characters working together as teams do – yet each has their own personality.

    Enough with the messing with the relationship – let them acknowledge then do their own dance. So what if they do get married – this show is not all about their relationship.

    It is finally a clean, fun detective show to watch. Unfortunately, unimaginative (must be serial killer, must have hardass black boss, must kill off good characters, must have negative, ugly, predictable) writers are going to ruin this show as they have House, NCIS, L&O, etc etc etc.
    They lose the ability to think outside the macabre black box enough to have heroes that do win and do get ahead and do get what they want. They have to mar everything good. SAD SAD SAD.

  30. M says:

    I am so disappointed with Castle, I was such a big fan, but this boring story line about Beckett mother’s killer has been going on and on and on… The humor, clever lines, wit, interesting story lines for the early show are gone. What happened, did the writer’s just run out of material?

  31. christie says:

    I was so excited for the season premiere but it was disappointing :( I’m hating this new captain and I think that she is going to ruin the chemistry between the characters.

  32. RG says:

    bad casting on new boss, they should buy out her contract and cut their loses.

  33. gail says:

    Why enter a new character to a formula that is working? This sort of move should be reserved for a show that is tired, desperate for ratings. I dislike the character “Gates”, she serves no other purpose except to annoy. She is making irrational decisions based on what? Personal feeling? I just don’t get it. How can she over ride the Mayor? Isn’t he the one that asked for Castle’s character to shadow Becket’s character? I don’t believe a police capitain has veto powers stronger than a mayors?? It is a sham the writers went for the tried and true, aka unimaginative character for the “Gates” part. I am sure we could have had an enjoyable addition to an already wonderful cast of characters, (even though the sophmoric behavior between Castle and Becket is tiring at times :) , and how Castle’s teenage daughter behaves more adult than her father all stereotypical), but does not take away from the charm or enjoyment of the show. So as a fan of “Castle” here’s hoping the creators and writers get savy FAST and work their magic on the Captain’s character, give her some dimension, depth, and for petes sake smarts! :D