True Blood's Hoyt-Jessica-Jason Triangle Heats Up! Which Team Are You On?

If you haven’t seen this week’s True Blood yet — flippin’ awesome, by the way — get to your DVR, watch it, then come on back, because if this story was any more spoiler-stuffed, it would burst like a vampire that’s been staked.

Now then… though the hour concluded with an amazing witches vs. vampires showdown (Sookie got shot; Bill, taken hostage; Eric, mesmerized into some sort of extremely hot lapdog), even bigger fireworks were set off in the Hoyt/Jessica/Jason love triangle. First, Bill’s progeny rewarded Jason for saving her from being deep-fried by the sun by planting a big ol’ kiss on him. Later, she murdered Hoyt when, during an attempted break-up, he insisted he didn’t want to live without her.

That, of course, was just a nightmare. (Albeit one that turned into a kinky dream when Jason got all turned on by the prospect of getting jiggy with a blood-spattered Jess.)

 When the redhead really tried to call it quits with Hoyt, he flew into a rage that ended with him more casting her out than letting her go.

Afterwards, she ran right to Jason, but, out of loyalty to Hoyt, he showed her to the door. (Well, technically, she kinda flew out the door when he rescinded his invitation inside.)

Obviously, though, that will hardly be the end of the story. So the question is, which couple would you prefer to see coupled — Jessica and Hoyt or Jason and Jessica? Vote in our poll and then present your opening arguments in the comments section!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Laura says:

    Why aren’t more people, Team Hoyt? :(

    • Pop Vulture says:

      It’s fun to see Jason actually having real feelings, both for a female, and for his buddy. It’s an unexpected arc for a well-loved character, allowing him to stretch in some nice new directions. Plus: nice abs.

    • Kate says:

      I just find that the Hoyt/Jesscia storyline has run its course. It’s boring now…

      • Danielle H. says:

        I totally agree. Not only is it boring, it really does go against Jess’s nature. She needs to explore who she is as a vampire, and at the end of the day I think Hoyt is just repressing everything that he really wants in life just to be with the pretty redhead who pays attention to him (not that she even really does that anymore).

        I wanna see Jessica teaming up with Pam and just having fun and being a wild baby vamp! :)

    • lorna says:

      i like hoyt and jessica. i just dont feel any chemistry btwn jason and jessica.

    • KevyB says:

      More people aren’t on Team Hoyt because Hoyt has turned into a white-trash, borderline-abusive, lazyass bore. The real question is Why is ANYBODY on Team Hoyt?

      • dbandlou says:

        Yeah no. Hoyt is still Hoyt, the sweet guy who just wanted to meet a nice girl and fell for the vamp with the beautiful smile. His heart has been broken. Cut the guy some slack. Also, he’s way smarter than Jason. Though I do like Jason too, he’s been a real player for a long time.

        • Jerry Tee says:

          Yeah no, actually KevyB pretty much nailed it, Hoyt turned into a mean border-line abusive slob whose impression could easily be viewed as gutter trash, the way he treated Jessica because she wanted to beak up. He doesn’t treat her like a woman at all, just because shes vampire.

    • Marie says:

      Totally agree – Hoyt was a snivelling little roach before, now he’s hot! There is nothing less attractive than a downtrodden man, first his mother and then Jessica. But not so! I don’t care about Jessica or Jason, I want to see more angry Hoyt. Hurrah!

    • Cari says:

      I admit I was much more team Hoyt before this episode. I’m actually kind of mad at the way they took the adorable Jess/Hoyt relationship and mangled it into something something unrecognizable and horrible. There was plenty of quality stories to be found just dealing with them living with each other, but they had to up the drama by making Jessica lust for other…donors. I was really disappointed by that.

      But I’m definitely not on team Jason (I was actually really proud of him for choosing Hoyt over Jess, even if it was like kicking Jess when she was already down). I think Jessica needs to take some time away from the Bon Temps boys.

  2. suz says:

    Neither. Smartest thing Jason has ever done – bro before vamp.

    • Corinne says:

      Couldn’t have said it any better. Plus, Jason even said so himself, all the bad things in his life are because of the women he gets with. What would make this any better?

  3. Alex says:

    I never cared for Hoyt/Jessica but I have always liked them. They were an innocent couple , until this day. All the mean stuff Hoyt said to Jessica pissed me off, therefore, Team Jason/Jessica.

    • Realistic_Dove says:

      Who CARES? Jessica cheated on him, drank from others, glamored him to keep him from knowing the truth, and when he tried to fix it, she’d shut him out constantly. She deserved a little talking to like that because she needs to realize Hoyt is not some kid she can string along. He LOVED her, gave up a hell of a lot for her. What the hell did she give up? NOTHING. She won’t even bother to cook for him, not even frozen dinners, which she wouldn’t have to touch raw food. Even a damn SALAD from a store with meat ON it would have sufficed I’m sure. Jessica and him were together for a year, she should have bothered to do more. Instead, she took the low route. Hoyt was completely justified. I was upset at his words, but I knew he was angry and just look at her dream! She sees Hoyt as a child who needs her but in reality, he’s a grown ass man who has all the love he can give to her, and she just says it’s not enough, I want your best friend who I BARELY know.

  4. J says:

    I know!! I love Jason too, but Jessica belongs with Hoyt.

  5. k says:

    After tonight’s episode and the way Hoyt reacted I’m all for Jessica and Jason if only he would just give in and go for it

    • Liz says:

      Your right they should have just gone for it…come on he ran across town JUST to keep her from dying now that’s LOVE. Plus I’m finding Eric and Sookie so boring. Hate to say it but I actually like her with Bill now. Eric is such a damn pussy right now. But now I see why Jason and Jessica were Alan Ball’s favorite couple to write for.

      • kait says:

        Okay just want to correct you … jason didn’t run across town … the only thing between sookie and bills house is the bon temp cemetary … you would know that if you were a real fan

        • Sam says:

          >>>you would know that if you were a real fan

          Give me a break. You’re a real fan if you’re outspoken about enjoying a show (without being obnoxious) and introduce new people to it, not whether you remember idiotic details like that.

          To Liz and k, Jason too often thinks with his sex drive, it’s surprisingly mature of him to put on the brakes in a moment of desperation. If Jason and Jessica are to hook up, there will be plenty of opportunities that do NOT enjoy sleeping with your best friend’s ex the very night they break it off. I want all three of them to be happy, and I especially do not want Jessica to come between Hoyt and Jason. Assuming Jason’s patient, there may be a way to resolve it peacefully without cutting ties.

          And I know Bill’s unpopular especially among the book readers, but he’s one of my favorite characters. Comparitively, Sookie’s relationship with Eric seems very rushed.

    • Lulu says:

      The way Hoyt reacted to having all of his patience and love and understanding being rewarded by Jessica cheating on him, mind raping him to make him forget that she confessed, and then having the hots for his best friend? (Even though he doesn’t know it’s Jason yet…) I think Hoyt AND Jason can do better than Jessica!

  6. Julie says:

    Jason already has his thing going on with that were-panther… I doubt we’ve seen the last of them. And thinking about Bill’s “daughter” with Sookie’s brother just is too weird… and Hoyt brought Jess back some “humanity” as Bill doesn’t stop insisting on… so Hoyt and Jess it is for me!

  7. SS says:

    Jessica and Jason makes sense b/c eventually Hoyt and Jessica will be no more b/c for goodness sakes Jessica is a 17yr old vampire! She hasn’t even experienced life yet – let alone relationships – and everyone wants her to be committed to one right off the bat. Its exactly as she said. I’m not saying its not possible – its not probable. Jason, on the other hand, will be just the crazay kind of fling Jessica needs – and even though I don’t care for Jason, I hate to see him destroy the only friendship he actually has with Hoyt.

  8. Lisa says:

    Team Eric and Sookie!!!! But really if I had to pick between Hoyt and Jason for Jessica I’d pick Hoyt bc I don’t want to see Jason hurt his friend like that. And Hoyt is sweet, even though he said some mean, mean things to Jess tonight.

  9. Desdemona says:

    I’m on team Hoyt/Jason. Bros before vamps, as suz said. Although I think it will be Hoyt/Jessica in the end. The Jason thing is idealized because he tasted her blood and saved her life, but Hoyt/Jessica connected for real reasons and are just too young to figure it all out so easily.

  10. Chmarin says:

    I’m on team ‘cancel this show already’. It will never be as good as it was in its first year. It’s an embarrassment, an R-rated version of Twilight.

    • Just Jules says:

      R-rated version of twilight <– why I love this show.

    • Polly says:

      i’m on team “cancel this show” too.
      this season is written in a plain embarassing way compared to the previous ones.

      • Tarc says:

        I’m so glad it just got picked up for another season due to teriffic ratings…

      • kait says:

        Are you guys stupid or just retarded. 1. If you hate it so much stop watching it and certainly don’t get on the discussion … or is it just that you have no life so you have to go online for show you don’t like and bash them 2. The story lines are based off the books … and there is a reason that they turned it into a show because it has so many fans for the books … so it must be pretty damn good for it to go from book to such a successful tv series … next time think before you open your mouths because you just sound dumb

    • Katie says:

      Then why are you reading and commenting about True Blood? If you hate it so much, just go away.

    • Delon says:

      yea, the show is really becoming like Twilight. I loved this show because of the supernatural, mystery, and violence. Now, it’s like a silly soap for spinsters. I can’t take this stupid romance crap. Last night i was like “i hope Antonia kills both Eric and Sookie”. The only reason i’m watching this season is because of the witches(i LOVE witches and warlocks) and i want to see how will the fairy business in the first episode of the season will play out.

  11. Bek says:

    While the whole conflict breaks my heart? I’m on Team Jason/Hoyt – they’re best friends. Since forever. That can’t be messed with.

    But, I am not anti-Jessica. I am actually also Team Jessica/Pam. Oh hell yeah should Pam get a… protege.

  12. Michelle says:

    Team Jason.

  13. Samantha says:

    Team Hoyt/Jason here too! I like Jessica with both though :P

  14. amoree says:

    I, too, vote for Team Hoyt/Jason! Go Team Bros!

  15. Alicia says:

    Jason all the way. Ever since Jessica was introduced I’ve wanted them to hookup. The two best-looking people on TB deserve to be sexing. ;)

  16. handtalker says:

    Neither! Team Jessica!

  17. Nicotine says:

    It hurt me to see Hoyt act like a jackass. He’s always been a really decent guy. But at the same time, I could tell he was hurt and he didn’t mean anything he was saying.

    I’m on Team Hoyt because he’s been nothing but loyal to Jessica before tonight’s episode. Jason, meanwhile, is really only attracted to Jessica because her blood is making him. Eventually, the blood will pass, but Hoyt’s heart will remain broken.

    I have to admit though, in real life Jason & Hoyt would come to blows over this because: A) Jessica is frakkin’ hot and B) people are idiots and have no loyalty to each other. Trust me, I’ve been in this exact same situation (well, almost exactly – there were no vampires involved) and I lost a good friend because I chose the girl over him.

  18. Jake says:

    I used to love Hoyt and Jessica but last couple episodes ive liked Jason and Jessica more and tonights episode officially made me into Jessica/Jason! especially how Hoyt reacted to Jessica.

  19. Julie says:

    I am team Hoyt in the long run but she needs to explore and have some fun. Who better to have fun with than Jason? I think a story with Jessica and Jason will be fun to watch play out.

  20. JasonFTW says:

    TEAAAAAMMMMM JASSSSSSOOOOONNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. silly says:

    Team Jason… but can we speak about this meesed up shower scene??? Alan Ball screwed up AGAIN! hate him!! he ruins everything!

    • Realistic_Dove says:

      And them being in the shower for a SECOND doesn’t count.
      I’m so disappointed.

  22. JHarnes says:

    First: Jason is loyal to his friends, and Hoyt is his oldest friend.

    Second: Jason is a rape victim and his nutty girlfriend is a werepanther and no, she is still there. I expect that nut case to be back soon.

    Three: After everything Hoyt has gone through for Jessica she really treated him badly. He stood by Jessica when it seemed like the whole world turned on the vamps. Then just because Jessica gets a blood connection to Jason she goes in “love” with Jason. My lord he has never been loyal to anyone unless she was murdered before he moved on to the next bimbo. Jessica needs to grow up and realize what she just lost.

    P.S. The dream scene when she just killed Hoyt was just sick!

  23. Jennifer says:

    I really hate the way this season is going. This witch war story line is tired and distracting. There is way too much going on and none of it makes any sense. They should have stayed closer to the book story line.

  24. jrs says:

    I’m on team-jason…just any excuse to hook him up with someone, ’cause we’ve not seen him naked enough lately!

  25. BrianR says:

    I’m for team Sookie and Jessica.

  26. vibes says:

    Im really tired of jessica. I have been for a while. Hope she gets killed by the end of the season.

  27. Selbs says:

    I personally am not on any particular team, but I really hate The Eric/Sookie match-up. It doesn’t work for me on any level. BUT, what is Alan Ball thinking this year?Toooooo much going on that makes no sense and has no relation to the core of the show! The witches plot line has me walking out of the room whenever it’s on. It really incenses me and I find it distracting. Lafayette’s role is utter nonsense. Yes, I know, he was killed off in the first book and Alan saved him. But give me a break. He was a great character and now Alan is winging it with this story line. And the ghost looking for her baby? Where the he’ll does that come from? And what purpose does it serve? I am not a happy camper so far this season. Please, Alan, give us the show we loved. Yes, you have to keep it fresh, but not this way!

    • Realistic_Dove says:

      I know!
      The entire last episode I was SO confused!
      What’s with the baby doll? Who is this lady?
      Why can only Lafayette see her?
      Why does she keep going into him?
      What the hell is up with Arlene’s baby and why do we care?
      Why do we care about Andy’s addiction to blood? It’s pointless.
      I love Eric/Sookie but that shower scene made me mad and it was kind of cheesy but I can forgive it since I love them lol
      Where is Jesus?
      When will he be killed off? (I can sense it coming even though I’m sad about it)
      When did Lafayette get back from Mexico? Honestly, one clip he was in Mexico the next he’s in the kitchen cooking at Merlottes.
      Will Tommy ever learn? And do we care?
      Look at all these plotlines! Come on, just stick with the WAR.

  28. mary says:

    It’s not real feelings from Jason. It’s the blood exchange that has him feeling this way.

  29. ggny says:

    after the things Hoyt said last night im on Team Jason all the way…You dont say that stuff to someone you claim to love

    • You do... says:

      ….if they break your heart. Have you never been at that moment when you deal with broken heart by trying to save your pride? And Jessica didn’t seem all that eager to leave before he threw her out. I think they will get back together somewhere down the road.

  30. Lily says:

    Even though Jessica is probably my favorite female character, I am definitely team Hoyt/Jason friendship. For sure.

    and please don’t attack me guys, but does anyone else think the Eric/Sookie storyline is poorly written? I know there was a lot of pressure on Ball to please the fans by this couple… but honestly… it’s come off like a bad fanfiction the way it’s written. I don’t believe Sookies love for Eric. And I miss pre-amnesia Eric. I don’t know, but this has to be my least favorite storyline this season, which is a shame.

    • Erin says:

      I completely agree. I’ve never read the books, so I’m not a rabid “Eric & Sookie 4 EVA!!” fan, but I still thought they’d be hot together. Instead, I find myself groaning at every scene.
      Eric without his memory is a boring, pointless blob. And somehow Sookie has become a gushing idiot. When they finally had sex for the first time, my reaction was “Really? That’s it?” When did these two become so boring?

    • Sam says:

      The amnesia thing just sounded like an thinly veiled way for Sookie to hook up with Eric since she would never have otherwise. Yes, Eric is very hot, and a very interesting character, and I love Alexander Skarsgard, but the idea of Sookie naturally falling in love with him is one I have always found absurd.

      I think Ball did the best he could with such a ridiculous excuse to live vicariously through Sookie in having sex with random, supernatural, beautiful men. But I quickly fell out of interest with the books after book 1. Glad to see I’m not alone in finding this storyline a bit contrived.

  31. Suenix says:

    Neither! She has got some growing up to do before she can be happy with someone.

  32. C. Stulz says:

    Why can’t team Jessica be an option??

  33. what are we voting for? says:

    are we voting who we want for Jessica? if so, Team Hoyt because I want Jason for myself so I’m Team Jason in that sense

  34. Amanda B. says:

    Remember, Hoyt wasn’t in an relationship really seriously before Jessica, so he was really eager, at 28, to get serious. Jessica was way too young and had way too much going on to be that person for Hoyt. They were doomed from the start.

  35. Allison P says:

    I’ve been a fan of Hoyt/Jessica from the start. But I think that relationship’s run its course for the time being; I’m extremely interested in the feelings Jason and Jessica have for each other and can’t wait to see where this storyline leads to.

  36. Fabricio says:

    I recognize that Jessica/Jason are really hot in picture,.. but Jason is a totally ass with women, for me her relationship with Hoyt is more deeply and human, even if she is a vampire.

  37. Ally says:

    Honestly, after all the terrible, completely uncalled for things that Hoyt said to Jessica, I’m completely on team Jason/Jess. I was losing faith in the Hoyt/Jess relationship to begin with, and as soon as they threw Jason into the mix, forget it. Jason and Jessica would be so hot! Plus, I love seeing Jason with real feelings for a girl. His stupidity is endearing and makes him seem so innocent even though he’s not, and I’d love for him and Jess to get down and dirty. Not even ashamed to admit it!

  38. lacey says:

    I’m torn but ultimately went with team Jason. I love Jessica/Hoyt but they need a break right now, plus I like the idea of Jason having real feelings for a girl.

  39. dianithe says:

    Erick and sookie romance is not rushed it was long overdue..I love Eric&sookie

    • antigone says:

      Then you should enjoy it while it lasts as they are veering off from the books in a BIG way in the season finale. (spoiler)a certain swedish actor is looking for new acting gigs(spoiler!)

      • Corinne says:

        Not sure where you heard that, but all of the main cast of True Blood having been still working on movie projects. I can’t see them killing Eric off, even if they don’t follow the books, about half the fans are rabid Eric fans, it would be stupid to let them all down. I do agree people should enjoy it while it lasts, Eric/Sookie don’t make much sense as a couple, and AB has stated repeatedly he prefers Bill.

  40. Bobmaloogalooga says:

    I think the vampire part of Jessica wants to get nasty with Jason, but the human side of Jessica that’s still in there somewhere will always love Hoyt. Hoyt and Jessica’s break up was so real and raw- there are deep feelings there. Jessica and Jason are more like a fantasy romance.

  41. Is there a team that’s not really a team but really doesn’t care if it’s Hoyt or Jason. Rather this non-team focuses its energy on being passionately against all this TEAM Giant Douche vs TEAM Turd Sandwich stuff.

  42. Milly says:

    Really? I’m team “whatever makes this season suck less!” Paging Eric’s ego, paging Eric’s ego. You’re wanted on the set!

    • Team-Where-The-Fauck-Is-My-True-Blood says:


    • Carrie says:

      Amen! I’m all for Eric and Sookie being together as a couple, but bring the old Eric back. If he’s back to his old self where he’s strong and powerful and cares about nothing but himself and then still loves her above even himself….then it’s hot and passionate. But him having amnesia and loving her because he doesn’t remember anything else is anything but hot and it’s putting me to sleep. I know AB was trying to give Sookie a “reason” to be with Eric…but what happened to good ol’ fashioned lust? If she just gave in and then she could just see that Eric truly loves her through his actions of him protecting her and not devouring her. And BOOM there’s her reason to love him! And Eric gets to be the loving bad ass hero we all want him to be. Get it together AB.

      • ShilaLevi says:

        i so agree with that i want the old eric back.i love sookie and eric but i dont like this eric. please bring the real eric back but keep sookie and eric 2gether thanks

  43. Arising Angel says:

    Team both – Eiffel Tower!

  44. Haren says:

    Jessica/Hoyt are SO sweet but Jessica/Jason are SO hot. With that said, I am on team both or team none because I can’t decide. Jessica/Jason have that new passion, sexual tension and excitement that has been lacking in the Jessica/Hoyt coupling due to settling down that practically become a cliche “boring, married couple.” This is exactly like Sookie/Bill and Sookie/Eric. It’s always sweet and romantic vs. sexual tension and passion.

  45. HELEN says:

    she kinda flew out the door when he rescinded HER* invitation inside…
    PS. I’d just like to see the jason/jess sexy hook-up for like a season then back to the sweet hoyt/jess relationship. Did this bitch actually expect jason to embrace her with open arms and betray his bff?! although hoyt was so harsh, jess has been acting bitchy towards hoyt this whole season.

  46. LIA says:

    UGH. CAN’T JASON JUST HAVE A NORMAL, GODDAMN RELATIONSHIP WITH A NICE, NORMAL GIRL LIKE SOOKIE?!?! Then again…. there’s no such thing as “normal” in Bon Temps. Smh.

  47. Team Joyt. says:

    I’m tired of people saying they like Jason having “real feelings” for a girl. I guess you all seemed to have forgotten about his love for Amy, or the care he felt for Crystal before all that mess. Jason has NO, and I mean NO love for Jessica. He BARELY knows her. I can’t remember a time that they even interacted up until this point and when they do, it’s after he’s consumed her blood, which by the way created a bond between the drinker and the provider. THAT is not love. It’s the same thing Bill used to get Sookie attached to him. I’m not saying Jessica did this because she didn’t, but my point is that Jason is attracted to Jessica’s looks, and the blood bond only helps that. It’s what’s making him feel so close to her. Their wouldn’t BE a relationship between them really if it weren’t for that so enough with the Jason/Jessica love thing already.

    If ANYTHING, Hoyt will be with her in the end. Jessica will sow her wild oats with Jason the man-w*ore before realizing what she had. A man that truly cared for her, without the blood bond.

  48. bigfan says:

    I think jason’s attraction to her is because of the blood she gave him when they found him injured. Bill used it to get Sookie, Eric used it for the same. I think she was already growing bored of Hoyt and can ‘feel’ Jason’s attraction so she’s thinking she likes Jason….I don’t think Bill ever explained to her what happens with the whole blood thing so whatever is going on with those two – it’s not real.

  49. mcchick says:

    I am completely in love with this shows ability to play with the ideas of sex and violence in such open and unique ways. I have always been a huge fan of the Bill/Sookie relationship and yet Bill is simply not the same man as he used to be. Becoming King has changed the overall image I had of Bill. Eric is gorgeous and mysterious and frankly I love his typical personality but also adore the sensitive and caring qualities that have arisen in recent episodes. Personally I think Sookie deserves to be happy and I’m more than satisfied that Eric can be her knight in shining armor so to speak. As far as the Jason, Jessica and Hoyt love triangle, I could have seen that coming frankly. Jason has always been the type to follow his physical motivations rather than mental suggestions that stare him directly in the face. I find Hoyt annoying and childish at times, however it was refreshing to see him take a stand against Jessica and not back down. He is becoming more of the strong willed man that Jessica needs. I find the idea of Jason and Jessica appealing in the physical sense due to obvious reasons however I can’t see long term commitment in Jason.Jessica’s future. It seems to be the writers way of adding something new to the mix however I can only see this ending in tragedy and being toxic for multiple parties involved.