The Glee Project: What Did You Think of This Week's Results?

It seems like just yesterday we were all watching the series premiere of The Glee Project and wondering “Which of these crazy kids is going to be rubbing shoulders with Rachel and Mercedes and Brittany in the halls of McKinley High next season?” Now, the penultimate episode of Season 1 is in the books, and I’ve got to ask: Who are you hoping will win it all? Look for my full Glee Project recap on Monday morning right here at — UPDATE: Full Glee Project recap is now liiiive! Click here to read it! — but until then, hit the comments and discuss what you thought of this week’s episode, and how you’re feeling about the remaining contestants! And to get an alert the second my recap posts, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Stacy says:

    Glad the Ryan and Ian were the ones making the call. Can’t wait to see the Journey tune next week!!

    • Stacie says:

      Um, this was one waste of an episode. Why have this episode at all? The 3 people watching these performers throughout the whole week weren’t there to help Ian and Ryan, and then they didn’t even pick anyone to go home. If they had no intention of getting rid of someone then get rid of this episode and go straight to the finale. This was just a silly episode.

      • jenna says:

        completely agree! What was the point in even having the video shoot if it was going to mean nothing in terms of judging. This just seemed like a waste of a week

    • CatBirdCatNYC says:

      This is the most solid arguement i’ve seen and i agree one hundredpercent

  2. Koboldin says:

    Seemed pointless – why is Alex still there? His attitude was off-putting, and even his singing suffered this week.

    Wish/hope Damien will win. The writer sure seemed to get gooey when Damien opened his mouth, so that bodes well!

  3. Anon says:

    I really want Damian to win!

  4. tara says:

    Damian should win! He’s amazing!

  5. Dan says:

    Very disappointing. Why have a homework assignment, video shoot, dramatic announcement, a new judge and extra performances? Oh, yeah, to fill time. They should’ve sent Samuel and Alex home, so we could have a focused finale with the two awesome contestants.

    FYI, I still think Marissa’s elimination was extremely stupid. “Let’s splash her with slashes and hope for an electric performance! But let’s keep the guy that keeps whining and can’t finish a sentence because he’s too cold.”

    • Tarc says:

      I liked Marissa as well, but honestly, she’s pretty, can dance, can act, and she can totally blow. She’s not the show.

    • Violet says:

      So true! She was robbed. And then the guy they saved instead quit. If I was her, I’d be so angry. But if you look around online, there’s an interview with Ryan Murphy where he says he should kept a contestant on in the sixth episode (“Tenacity”) and even believes that person may have won. He goes on to say how he’d love to give that person (obviously Marissa) a role on Glee. So let’s hope he gets right on that.

    • Dimas says:

      Totally agree… Marissa did not deserve that, not even Matheus and Abraham… But if bottom 3 includes Cameron and Alex, this third person has no chance.
      Cameron finally demonstrates to be a real man when he quit… But it was ridiculous Ryan claims to have him back (and I really think that we will see him at Glee, no matter what).

  6. Sharon says:

    Lindsay to win it all!!! She is so amazing!! If not, hopefully she’ll be in for S4!

  7. Victor S. says:

    I hope Lindsay wins. If she’s not the winner, I hope Damian is.

  8. Janet Gorman says:

    gona say Samuel since I know him! LOL if not then maybe Damien!

  9. Jill says:

    Lindsay should win. Her talent is AMAZING. LOVE her!

  10. Me2354 says:

    McKynleigh Abraham, but she already went out :/
    I don’t know why people is still supporting that guy Cameron when he could’ve let another person to enter the contest (I also blame RIB for this). And why everyone see something special in Damian. I saw the show, and he isn’t as nice as everyone painted him, just like this other guy Alex. But the looks factor plays a lot on people’s mind (will someone admit that’s the reason why they’re connected to him so much?). And he doesn’t have a very good voice, not even for Glee and even his fans say he sings good when he doesn’t. At least Alex has that. And I also saw the fan poll, and the five most atractive people are the top 5 (this doesn’t include the ethnic actractive people). I don’t think that’s a coincidence, because when girls are obsessed, they’re obsessed. And easily the biggest fail of this show is that the acting judgement is absent in almost its totality. And no, 3 seconds of a music video don’t count as acting. I see a lot of comments here and a lot of sites judging who’s a good actor and who’s not. Again, we can’t judge on only 3 seconds from a music video.
    I also don’t know how I can feel identified with the popular contestants when they all look like models. I can identified myself with Matheus, McKynleigh, Alex or Hannah or at least laugh at Emily’s jokes (she shows more personality than Samuel, Cameron and Damian together).

    • maddynf says:

      Agreed I do believe that that is a huge factor the only reason why I think Damien should win is that he is the only one that I think can add to Glee. Lindsay could only be a mini Rachel, Alex could only be a mini Kurt (although no one will ever be as good as Kurt)and Samuel which I don’t mind and could possibly bring something new but I’m just not feeling anything when I see him preform.

    • lily says:

      If you can give examples of when on the show Damian was not nice that would be great…you know to support what you said above. I can’t remember any but am all for listening to a well substantiated argument…

  11. Chris says:

    I want this hour of my life back. What a waste of time. Damian is the only remaining contestant I can see on Glee.

  12. SpeckyGit says:

    Samuel was by far the best contender this week His interaction with Alexander was lovely and My Funny Valentine was brilliant…. and he cried, unexpected.

  13. maddy says:

    Damien hes the only one that I think can actually add to Glee everyone else will just repeat the plot lines.

  14. Benn says:

    I am ok with this. My dislike on Alex has wavered the past episodes so I am interested to see if he will do something to impress me.

    I am, however, in love with the Idea of Damian winning and Brittany never being able to understand him. Would be awesome!

  15. Dan says:

    I want Damian to win! I feel like Alex wouldn’t add anything new to the show (he’s like Mercedes and Kurt both), and neither would Lindsay (she’s basically like Rachel Berry 2.0). I can see Samuel bringing something new, but he’s so cold, overconfident and isn’t really comfortable with gay people or homosexual storylines(hell-o, like half of the cast and characters on “Glee” are gay!). I think Damian’s a cool guy and that he’d take direction pretty well.

  16. Christine S. says:

    I liked Emily, Marissa, Cameron and Hannah, lol. I love listening to Damien talk but I can’t stand to hear him sing. Lindsey bugs on a personal level but she’s such a great singer. I think she’s the most talented left by far. I could live with either her or Sam. I can’t believe Alex is still around. He has such a crappy attitude and they’ve gotten rid of several of these kids for that very reason.

  17. Scott says:

    I wasn’t really crazy about the thought of Damien being on the show until Ian Brennan talked about Brittany never understanding him. Alex being with Mercedes and Kurt would work well too.

  18. Kristi says:

    I’ve been rooting for Lindsay pretty much from the beginning. She seems like she’d be really good as a musical theater version of Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. I also thought her performance in tonight’s episode was awesome; it’s one of the only times I’ve seen “Defying Gravity” performed where it didn’t seem completely derivative. I’m trying not to get my hopes up to much, because I don’t get the impression that Ryan Murphy likes her as much as I do, but I’d really like to see her win.

  19. sarah says:

    I think its a little bit of a cop out that they didn’t get rid of 2 like they were supposed to!

    I think Damian or Samuel should win but I have a funny feeling u may c Marissa and Cameron popping up during S3.

  20. Liam says:

    Wasted hour of my life. I was pissed that no one was eliminated.

  21. Emily says:

    I think Samuel should win, mostly because there is no one like him on Glee. He’s got an intensity none of the current males have, plus there’s a whole punk-rocker appeal that isn’t there either (as well as the Christian thing, which, whatever, anyone can play a Christian).

    If not Samuel then Damien, because I think he has a great energy that he can bring to the show, and again, his voice is different from the ones already available.

    Lindsay is basically just a poor man’s Lea Michele, and Alex is an amalgamation of Kurt and Mercedes. No, thank you.

    • garrison1117 says:

      I like Samuel and here’s why: they’ve already established that Puck is Jewish (and they can’t figure out what to do with him) and Chord Overstreet is like firecracker that fizzled because of the Byzantine story lines) so you have somebdoy that can do what these other characters didn’t.
      I don’t see the fascination with Lindsay or Damien. At least Damien is likable. Alex? Puh-leeze.

  22. Jenna says:

    Damien so wins. Did anyone see the GLEE CONCERT MOVIE. Damien was the only one who got a cameo. I think we all know what that means.

    • alsj says:

      Damien having a cameo in the Glee Concert Movie (made before the GP) would be counter to Ryan Murphy’s indication that the GP has an unexpected, unlikely winner. Although Damian has struggled some on the GP, he went in from the very start with the most recognition and the best credentials as a professional entertainer. More recently, RM has noted that by spending time with the winner he’s discovered that the winner turns out to be a pretty nice, approachable person after all–again, not Damian, who is an instantly likeable “Mr. Personality”. Samuel or Lindsay are the ones he’s been having a hard time rooting for, not Damian (or Alex).

    • What says:

      Damien could have bought a ticket to the glee concert on his own. Then they saw him and recorded him just cause he was there or for fun. That doesn’t actually means he won, but i probably won’t see the movie so i don’t really have a clue. but i would be okay with Damien winning… i guess. I wanted it to be Hannah.

    • aznSeddie says:

      Damian was just attending as a regular audience member at Glee’s Dublin concert. The camera just happened to catch him in the crowd. It had nothing to do with whoever won. He didn’t even know until he attended the LA premiere with the rest of the Top 6.

      I hope that clears things up.

  23. HarryR says:

    Damian has my vote to win. In thinking about the comments about the remaining contestants, a standout is that Damian is the one who has grown the most and tries the hardest. The others are, for better or worse, fairly fully formed personalities. Damian is still growing. Very talented, admittedly a poor dancer, he worked all night to learn enough dancing to make it work during one of the videos. This week he had no ego problems learning enough drumming from an 11 year old to be convincing for this week’s video. He alone of the remaining four has the potential to be a full member of the Glee cast, to grow beyond the promised 7 episode story arc. He adds a unique talent to the Glee cast, consequent has my vote.

  24. Chris Stanley says:

    Really, people watch this crap of a show?

    • HarryR says:

      And yet you it seems you took time to not only watch but to even comment. Guess you got a lot of time on your hands.

  25. iowaguy says:

    I hope Lindsey wins. She could be the next lea for me however I agree with Ian when he said Damien writes himself and couldn’t stop laughing when he talked about how “Brittany would be totally confused by him.” I too though miss Marissa. Ps: Im so over the christian character thing they keep wanting to write.

  26. TrueT says:

    That was the biggest waste of time ever. Nothing mattered in the 1st half, and then nothing mattered in the second half. How is Damian still surviving this competition? Or Alex for that matter? Hope it comes down to either Sam or Lindsay..

  27. Lindsey says:

    Again I will say it has been obvious from the beginning that Damian will win.
    I still don’t get it. His nationality is the only thing unique about him. And you know what, I’ll bet they could have found plenty of other cute Irish guys with accents who have FAR better voices than Damian.
    Ryan Murphy already screwed things up with his spoiler details. By indicating that the winner won’t have the best voice, it eliminates Alex, whose vocal performances have impressed RM. By indicating that the winner won’t be the best dancer, it eliminates Samuel, who won the dancing homework assignment. Lindsey’s edit immediately eliminates her from the running. That leaves Damian, who in this episode they insisted had the most “personality” of the group. Really?? What about Alex, who cross-dresses in half of his performances and is the biggest diva of the group? Lindsey deserves it but will probably finish in second behind Damian.


    1) Lindsey
    2) Samuel
    3) Damian
    4) Alex


    1) Damian
    2) Lindsey
    3) Alex
    4) Samuel

    • lily says:

      I would disagree that it has been obvious from the beginning…first of all he was in the bottom 3 twice in the first 3 weeks. Then he was eliminated in week 7 only for Cameron left he would be out. Ryan has been lukewarm towards him most of the time, he has never won a homework project and in the music videos he is usually the one with very few lines and not much screen time. And yet he has become one of the most popular contenders who seems to be very well liked by all the others (who actually know him unlike us) I actually don’t think he will win but he should…in my opinion :)

      • Lindsay Q. says:

        It was very obvious to me too. Cameron got the frontrunner edition, so you knew he wouldn’t win, while Damien got the underdog edit, as a nice guy who escaped the bottom twice and dug himself out of a hole. That angle will only earn you support from the viewers, which is what RM would want for a new cast member.

  28. Lindsey says:

    Oh, and this episode was a huge waste of time.
    I also forgot to reiterate that they are casting an actor to play a character. Can the writers not write a character that is distinct from the actor’s personality? That just seems so stupid and unrealistic. Lindsey seems to be the best actor of the group by far, but because we’re not getting to know her deepest, darkest emotions and insecurities, she’s not considered a frontrunner.
    Truthfully, it is very unprofessional to make everything about you when you are an actor on a set. An actor plays a role. If a role requires one to be a psycopathic murderer, that actor will not be a psychopathic murderer in real life. Otherwise, we would have a very dead cast. Hopefully the producers will be smart in the end and pick someone who can ACT, someone like Lindsey.

    • HarryR says:

      Writing for a series is entirely different than for a one off piece, such as a movie or play. For a series the actor and character become a synthesis with the writer. Two And A Half Men and Degrassi are examples of this as the writers create parts that use elements of the actors personalities and what is going on in their lives. It appears from the various episodes of The Glee Project that Ryan and the other writers create parts that use the actors as inspiration. Consequently they are not looking for the best actor or singer or dancer but a cast member with a personality that does all well enough to inspire a character they want to create. Ryan was candid enough in this episode to mention he kept Lindsey as a contestant because he needed someone of her type to keep the contest interesting, not because he envisioned her as a potential member of the Glee cast. He in fact wanted to eliminate her several times but reluctantly kept her on. I don’t think Lindsey will be selected.

      • Lindsey says:

        You are right that writers incorporate elements of actors’ personalities for believability, but here, with a few exceptions, the writers are contributing nothing. Matheus was given a tip to be the big man on campus despite his small size, while Ellis was advised to play a high schooler who acts her age and resent looking young. What have the writers told anyone in the Final Four? All Damian has gotten is to keep being Irish so that Brittany can’t understand him. Alex was told to perform in drag, but why? High school drag queens are few and far between, and I doubt even RM would go here with Glee. Samuel has gotten nothing but the potential Christian storyline, but only because better candidate Cameron inspired it but didn’t want it. Lindsey has gotten nothing but “find yourself because I currently dislike you.” It seems that the kids are expected to do all the work here. It’s not truly a synthesis if the writers contribute nothing.

        • kim says:

          i too am confused about the whole alex in drag. Where would he even be going?? I’m pretty sure a high school student isn’t of age to go to a drag show…

          • Alexandria says:

            Agreed. We don’t need more LGBT representation, and I don’t feel lie drag queens are prevalent in the typical midwestern high school. Heck, I think that the gay/lesbian population is already too high in McKinley for a typical midwestern high school, especially since we’ve only been introduced to a small fraction of students. Assuming there are others we don’t know, that seems high already.

  29. sam says:

    I’m rooting for Damian.

    But if not Damien, then….. ANYBODY EXCEPT LINDSAY.

    I’m actually surprised that Lindsay’s still in the running because, aside from her obviously impressive singing talent and intriguing face (I have to admit that she just might be the most vocally-gifted, visually-striking person in the entire competition)… aside from all that, she embodies everything that Glee purports to fight so hard against. She’s so blatantly disingenuous, and she has proven time and again that she’ll do anything, BE ANYONE, to be on this show. (Fake tears, “surprise” kisses, subversive back-stabbing, bouts of intensely uncomfortable over-the-top feigned emotions… and now what’s with this whole self-rediscovery “I’m too perfectly perfect, and it’s all because I was adopted. boo hoo.” gimmick? She makes being adopted look like a disease [disclaimer: I’m adopted, so that bugs me.])…. To me, she represents the opposite of what this show is about — Glee is about striving to be your best while remaining true to yourself. She’s nothing but a manipulative, eyes-on-the-prize, fake-it-til-you-make-it attention seeker. There’s just no way I could ever root for her.

    • Jo says:

      You need to pay better attention to EDITING. You don’t have a damn clue what you are talking about.

    • ashley says:

      wuts wrong with u?????? Lindsay is like the best thing in the world!!! she is sooooooo nice!!! and did u see how nice and sweet she was to that girl named Lily??? think about it!!!!!

  30. Nathali says:

    I love Damian… I can see him walking around McKinley talking to people and Brittany making a question mark face! <3

    • George says:

      I could see Brittany making a face then being like “I can’t understand you I don’t speak irish” or when ever he talks she just shakes her hand and pretend like she understands.

  31. KC says:

    Seriously these are the people that are supposed to be chosen?
    I’m afraid that if they continue with this gimmick, Glee’s viewership will drop DRASTICALLY, and I say this as a major fan of Glee.
    The people from TGP are nowhere near talented enough to be on the show, I was hoping RM would have learnt from the Sunshine Corazon angle, which was painfully cringeworthy, that a good singer does not a good actor make. Look at Beyonce Knowles, phenomenal singer, mediocre to poor actress (Obsessed anyone?).
    I wish that they would stick to making good comedy and drama and stop worrying about gimmicks, and start thinking about fans.

  32. Donna says:

    I can’t believe that Lindsay is still in – she is so fake.

    • Em says:

      I agree to a certain level. I view Lindsey as more calculating. She clearly understands that it is a competition and a reality show. Take the kiss a few episodes back with Cameron, for example. She was calculating about it and candidly said it was a competition. In fact, the only part I think that is fairly fake about her is that she wants the producers to think of her as weaker one moment and strong the next. She should have just said that she’s a strong, maybe colder, person who is in it to win. I think she is talented, but I would definitely like her more if she was honest/frank about how she will do anything to win/be perfect. Because then we have a Blair Waldorf like character who I find very fascinating. And Glee definitely needs strong, flawed female characters that represent other types of girls.

  33. Denise says:

    Love Samuel! I think he is wondering what to do at this point, but he is in it to win it and I totally respect that!

  34. Renato says:

    It perplexes me that people liked Cameron. He was terrible in his last two shows. Terrible actor, can’t take direction, doesn’t know the difference between real and fake.

    • Lindsey says:

      It perplexes me that people like Damien. He lacks singing, dancing, AND acting ability. And yet he is deemed perfect for ‘Glee’ by many.

      Call it even?

      • Renato says:

        So your defense of Cameron is a criticism of Damien? It doesn’t work that way. But oh what the hey, I’ll bite. At least Damien didn’t call his mommy and cry like a little girl. Cameron’s vulnerability word should have been Crybaby or wimp

        • Lindsey says:

          Dude, you proved my point. Everything in your comment was an opinion, so I did the same for Damien. I think both are competent, but you are acting like your opinion is fact. I happen to like Cameron, so I disagree.

          • Renato says:

            Not really. I’ll let terrible actor slide as an opinion. Can’t take direction. Fact. He couldn’t kiss Hannah when he was directed to. Doesn’t know fake from real? Calling his mom to cry because he felt like he cheated. That proves that. He’s a crybaby? Well he did cry.

  35. Jed says:

    I really want Damien to win! He’s pretty much the only person on the show that I can actually. I feel like every time Lindsay speaks, I want to punch her in the face. Same thing goes for Alex. As for Sam, well he can be sort of like a new heartthrob or maybe a very religious character but he really doesn’t have a lot of personality. I can just imagine Damien being on the show stumping Brittany and also becoming Sue’s enemy. GO DAMIEN!!!!

    • Tim says:

      Damian isn’t talented. He can’t act, can’t dance and is a limited singer. He should not win just because he gets little girls screaming. It’s people who can’t recognize and appreciate talent that need to be punched in the head.

  36. dreadhead says:

    This episode really pissed me off. It was pointless, disorganized, and senseless.
    I really hoped someone would go home, less competition for my pick, Samuel. He has so much energy and intensity, I’m seriously in love with him. He has so much to offer Glee.

  37. Cyn says:

    I hope Damien stays. He’s the only one that is in any way real. Samuel and Lindsey are the biggest phoneys! I don’t think many people can identify with them. They lost the person with the most personality and believability when they sent Hannah home. Samuel really pissed me off when he stole Hannah’s “skadush” on his rap and then told the judges he had made it up himself – really dirty. Lindsey has a good singing voice, but she is such a know it all I have wanted her off since the first episode.

  38. karenb says:

    I figured people would either love or hate the outcome of this episode. I, for one, loved it! IMO, Samuel is the one most deserving of winning the role. He proved his resiliency (this episode shoulda been entitled “Resilency.”). He had never heard “Funny Valentine” before (while the other contenders were familiar with their songs), was clearly struggling while he was rehearsing, and then pulled off the one single most intense performance of the season…without screaming his head off. While I love Damian and his personality, I have a very hard time understanding him. Thank God for the subtitles! But I’m hoping Sam wins it all. Go, Sam!

    • ska says:

      “pulled off the one single most intense performance…”

      And that’s his problem. Intense is all he does. I enjoy his singing, and he has an interesting look, but in the acting department he only has one expression. It reminds me of Zoolander.

  39. JVC says:

    I agree with what everyone is saying in terms of wanting Damian to win. Not only is the most likably and he’s taking everything w/ a grain of salt, he can add something new to glee. Alex how he’s gotten this far I’ll never know because he’s be screaming kurt/mercedes hybrid and he’s unlikeable to me. Lindsay as talented as she is, I find a little unlikeable too. The last girl standing should’ve gone to marissa, hannah, or even emily. Samuel I probably wouldn’t mind winning, but I haven’t been rooting for him as much. So that leaves Damian.

  40. Cate says:

    I thought Alex had blown it as he really didn’t connect with his kiddie partner at all, but his singing was amazing in the final 4 sing-off. I like Lindsay a lot! Yes, she has seemed very manipulative and fake – but is that just the editing? You do have to wonder whether they would cut the show the way that they have if she was to be joining the show. But then again, does the role HAVE to be a sympathetic character?
    Damian has grown on me a bit. I still find it hard to see him having the acting chops and if they subtitle him on this show, what the hell will they do on Glee?
    I wondered whether Samuel would blow it as he was so uncertain preparing for My Funny Valentine, but I thought he did a fantastic version of it. Still hate how he is now all ‘I’m so Christian’ since the chat with Ryan the other week.
    The winner so much depends on what they actually want the character to be on Glee. Any one of them COULD be a character – but then so could Hannah, Cameron, Mateus – almost any of those others.
    Just because everyone else hates her, but also because she is beautiful and a great singer, I think I’m cheering for Lindsay. :D

    • Lea says:

      Truthfully, who gives a rat’s behind if they connected with the kids? What does that, or “Generosity” in general, truly have to do with being on ‘Glee’? It’s not like they’re going to found a charity after their 7-episode stint…

  41. samantha says:

    People need to stop saying Damian can’t sing. He sings swing and big band music really well. Michael Buble completmented him on that last year so clearly he can sing.

  42. cara says:

    I can\t believe hannah went home, we are supposed to be finding someone for glee, not finding the prettiest most fake person to be on a show. lindsay should not be there, she will kiss anyone and fake cry her way to the finale.
    The producers just made thousands of people in america realize even glee the show where not fittin in is good, is all about looks and what they think is a perfect voice. Hannah had a beutiful voice and was relatable, not lindsay stupid pretty and fake! not relatable at all,. well not to the people that watch glee and think its an amazing show for casting people that don’t normally fit in!!!!

    If lindsay wins I will never watch Glee again, at least Rachel can play a believable not liked character and be pretty. lindsay is annoying and is not believeable even though she thinks shes such an amazing actress.

    Extremly dissapointed in this weeks show. Also to the producers of the show, can’t beleive it. You went against everything that you told the contestants to be when they tried out, you should have said if ur pretty fake and think you’re amazing, this show is for you!!

    Go damien!

  43. Severus Snape says:

    My top pick for the win would most deffinately be Damian. He just seems so genuine and i know he may not be the most talneted, but as everyone keeps saying glee isnt all about talent. Mike can’t sing, Fin can’t dance. And seriously Lauren can’t really do either but people just like her as an actress. My next pixk would be Lindsay, I know everyone hates her, but she just reminds me of Rachel, she seems very confident in herself. She may seem fake sometimes, and hey maybe she is but none of us can really judge her on that saying we don’t actually know her in real life.
    I just really don’t want Sam or Alex to win, personally i don’t think that either of them would bring anything special to the show. Sam seems like a replacement for Cameron, who was obviously much more talented and was a shoe in for the win.
    That’s just my opinion, don’t take it personally.

  44. Anna says:

    I want to see all of them get a part. Three are leaving, so why not give 3 a full time role and then the 4th the 7 week arc. I see Sam as the cool Christian, Damian as the foreign exchange student, Lindsay is an exceptional actress and singer- they need her. As for Alex, I would love to see him doing a duel role- a twin sister since he looks beautiful in drag. Or- they may think he has a twin sister, but it’s really him the whole time. Don’t you think Coach would understand? Finally, I soooo miss Hanna. I hope the rest of the group gets some time as the competition at Nationals.

  45. Audrey Curtis says:

    Everyone keeps saying that Lindsay is fake, but I think she’s the most real. She’s honest that this is a competition and she’s here to do whatever it takes to win. She is an excellent actor, singer, and dancer. She’s willing to change who she’s being in order to win (hello, acting). And I disagree that she’s exactly like Rachel. While they have similar qualities, I think Lindsay definitely looks distinct from Rachel with those piercing blue eyes. In addition, if we’re discussing the writers doing something from her actual personality, she could be the young girl who has secretly looked up to Rachel’s talent. She could be someone who’ll do whatever it takes to be perfect in every way because she has deep-seeded insecurities about being abandoned since she’s adopted, and she could find solace in Rachel’s similar experience. If the show is realistically looking for people to replace the current cast, I think shed be top notch as a similar-but-not-exactly-the-same Rachel/Quinn hybrid. All of that being said, I still think Damien will win, and movie/recording studio magic will make him look and sound fantastic even though he’s not a great dancer, so he’ll fit right in with the rest of the cast.