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Grey's Anatomy Scoop: More Angst for Callie/
Arizona? Nope! Sexual Hang-Ups? Maybe!

After enduring a bit of bedlam last season, Grey’s Anatomy newlyweds Callie and Arizona (played by Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw) may only face problems in the bedroom this go-round.

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Between an emotional and geographical separation, assorted stresses caused by babydaddy Mark’s presence in their lives, disapproving parents, and a car crash that nearly killed a pregnant Callie, “They went through so much last season,” Grey’s creator Shonda Rhimes acknowledges. “There was a lot of darkness. I sort of want them to get to be in the light this year.”

To that end, Rhimes says that in Season 8 (premiering Sept. 22), “We’re going to enjoy them as mothers” — though that will include “see[ing] what motherhood does to their sex life, their relationship, and their work life.”

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Even so, no amount of such growing (a family) pains will come anywhere close to rivaling the crucible the ‘Calzona’ romance survived in Season 7.

“We’re going to let them be a three-dimensional happy couple, and we will watch them have struggles that are their own,” says Rhimes, “but we’re not going to play intense angst with them.”

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  1. lei says:

    Ha, I never post first.
    Thank god! I love Callie, Arizona (and Mark), but last season they were too much. It will be nice to see them lighter this season.

  2. Kelly says:

    I do enjoy C/A I just cannot stand C/A+ Mark, maybe they can actually give him a storyline that doesn’t just involve staring at Lexie and shouting about being a parent? just a thought

    • xav says:

      Totally agree. They’ve ramped up the Mark/Callie friendship but it cost the Mark/Derek friendship and I just really want to see Mark and Derek confiding in each other this season. Mark needs to interact with people other than Callie, Arizona and Lexie and Derek needs to interact with someone other than Meredith. Perhaps someone that will talk some sense into him.

      • Ana says:

        Thank you! I also want to see Mark/Derek again. They were so great and with so much history…it’d be nice to see more of this friendship.

      • Mandy says:

        Now that they are both dads, it would nice to see them bond over that. Or be hopelessly lost together.

  3. xav says:

    As long as they get over it. Lesbian Bed Death is one of the most boring storylines they give to lesbians.

  4. Noreen says:

    I for one could do without the Callie/Arizonastoryline. It doesn’t add anything to the show and sometimes slows it down. i like Callie but Arizona gets on my nerves. Her character thinks too much of herself and I think Callia could do better. Just my two cents. i always enjoy lookingat Mark. I think he’ll be a great dad. Let him and Lexie get back together. They’re so cute.

  5. Lucia says:

    Happiness does not sell well on Greys. This clearly means that they will be in the background for much of the season. If you understand the Greys psyche, angst is what gives you major storylines.

  6. aussie says:

    Agree with the Mark/Derek brothership being built again. So i want them to interact together, talk about being father’s and for Mark to kick his derry air, talk some sense into him about Mer and tell that she is best thing that has ever happened to him.

    As for Callie/Arizona think it will be nice to see a lighter side of their struggles.

  7. Reenon says:

    Oh noreen youre such a hater. You might wanna watch the whole season 5-7 to understand where Arizona is coming from. Anyway! some people just dont understand some storylines here. we cant control that. Mark is a good dad thats for sure, its all bec hed lost lots of babies and its eating him alive. But I for one is so much sure that Mark has never been a “good” friend.. To Derek (whom he screwed Addie-Derek’s wife) To Callie (whom he screwed again and took advantage of the situation that Callie is feeling at the moment they did that freakin sexual sorbet). For me, hes the worst FRIEND in the GA history. I like Lexie though, but Lexie doesnt deserve all the crap Mark’s put her to.

    Anyway Im so giddy to see a HAPPY CALZONA in sept23! but hope that we could see more of Arizona’s backstory about her family and previous lovelife.

  8. stop the torture says:

    We’ve already had a season full of Callie whinning. Wasn’t that enough? Now we’re going to get a season full of Callie whinning about her sex life. God, what happened to this show? Ship them off somewhere because they bring nothing to this show. Just maybe Derek and Mark can be close once again.

  9. Sara says:

    Last season sucked and I think they should call the show Gay’s Anatomy because the storyline was dedicated to Callie/Arizona/Mark

    • unicornwasp says:

      real original, sara. it’s not like every single homophobic grey’s anatomy fan says the same thing or anything.

    • Nattie says:

      Are you the same person that keeps saying the same lame things over and over again at TWOP?

    • David says:

      Agreed with Sara

    • Nicole says:

      Really? So ONE gay couple compared to the MANY straight couples Grey’s has had over the years makes you call it “Gay’s Anatomy”. Yes C/A had a bigger story arc last season, but it was for half the season and it was the first major story they’ve ever had.(I don’t count the baby fighting story because it was only for 3 episodes) The first half they had nothing to do except fight over paint colors. Cristina and her PTSD was the major storyline for the first half of Season 7.

      • Mona says:

        It’s always a small group of people behaving like petty children because their favorite characters do not get everything they want for them all the time. They complained about Izzie’s Anatomy, George’s Anatomy and Yang’s Anatomy too and next season it’ll be another character’s turn. I wouldn’t give this much thought. It’s not worth it.

    • Leslie says:

      Gay’s Anatomy is the best idea ever! Callie and Arizona could get a storyline that didn’t involve Mark…he’d be too busy with Derek. And Cristina and Owen and Teddy would be in one complicated and surprisingly functional poly relationship. Alex would be a woobie bisexual and April would still be her adorable panromantic asexual self. Meredith and Addison could be the central power couple of the show: pity whatever interloper tried to get in their way. And Bailey would still deal with the crushing breakup of a long term relationship, but her partner would be a FAAB man.

      Gay’s Anatomy would be totally cool and you know you’d watch it. Hot people having sex (or cuddling and playing Scrabble in April’s case) and occasionally saving lives? That sounds like quality entertainment. There’d be a token straight person, too, so the heterosexual experience would be represented…Gay’s Anatomy strives for inclusiveness.

  10. Sparky says:

    I’ve heard so much about this year already. What happened to Shonda’s famous no spoilers rule? Hmmm…..Is this Paul Lee’s influence at work?

  11. chris says:

    Hated the CAM storyline. NOT a fan of anyone having kids on this show. Not Callie, not Christina (knocked up for the second time no less) and Not Mer. Jeez – these are doctors, don’t they know how to use birth control?! Lets get back to sex and scalpels and leave peoples wombs out of the stories!!

    The writers are out of ideas and keep recycling the same olde same olde. The chief steps down – again; mer and der break up – again; christine is pregnant – again; an incompetant who doesn’t command respect is chief resident – again; another male doc who is going to change things around SGMW gets made head and keeps running to the chief for advice – again; teddy and denny 2 fall in love – again; mark chases little grey – again – come on this show needs some new ideas for stories!

    I love C/A and would like to see them back together sans mark and the kid – write the kid out already! Give us back a C/A as a REAL couple equal to the rest of the couples on this show, give them a sex life! Making them moms with a kid anchor around their bed just seems another lame excuse for NOT showing them as having a sex life/any intimacy. These two have a ton of issues – like why is callie such a narcisist and why does az actually love her? If they did this kid anchor on work and relationship thing to Mer/der the whole fandom would be up in arms. Finding yet another way to write callie and az as platonic moms exhaused and frustrated from no sex life – no thanks thats not going to bring me back to watch this lame show.

  12. S says:

    I don’t even recognize Grey’s Anatomy anymore because that is how much Shonda has destroyed her own show. I’m so sick of the marriages and babies on this show and Private Practice. One couple or even two is one thing but almost the whole cast? and then all the babies? really? Boring zzzzzz. The only couple I ever cared about having a kid was MerDer and even them I didn’t care until maybe the series finale and she can’t even give them a real one. I can’t stand half of the characters anymore because she also destroyed them like Callie and Mark. Ruined! I think I’m finally done with GA…. I was going to stick around for MerDer, Alex and Cristina, the regulars but eh I think I changed my mind. Good riddance.

  13. Jim says:

    If memory serves me correctly the title of the show is Grey’s Anatomy. Too much Calzona. Too much “let’s learn to love the lesbians of the world” stuff for me. And I’m gay!! I’m like “enough”. I didn’t even bother watching the last few episodes of the season after the Music Event. I was experiencing Calzona Fatigue Syndrome, and only a steady dose of Meredith, Bailey, and Cristina could bring me back to Viewer Health. Seriously, if I am force fed one more preachy Calzona storyline, I’m going to puke it back up and find something else to watch.

  14. Olive says:

    Calzona is a great couple, they had so much space this season because the other storylines were boring, starting from all the Cristina&Owen’s. It’s good to focus on something else that is not Meredith because, just like the actress say, we have seen so much of her. I agree with who said that Mark is a bad friend to anyone.

  15. Karen says:

    The talk on some venues is that Grey’s, Shonda, or ABC, not sure who the culprit is, has continously treating Callie and Arizona’s lesbian relationship differently than the hetero relationship on the show. Many arguments, one being the m/f couples are constantly shown in intimate moments and sex scenes, while Calzona hold hands, chaste kiss, if at all, and have Mark in their bed or interrupting.
    Shonday denies this, but if they show the decides to portray the lesbian couple as the only one to have sex issues while the hetero couples do it like bunnies on kitchen counters…..what does that say? if claim they are the same as the other couples, please portray them that way,show us they are MFEO instead of just talking about it, or why bother having them as a couple?

  16. Caro says:

    And again: Grey’s Anatomy news that doesn’t interest me. Is there anything about Grey’s that is good news? Any interesting developments, or only Callie/Arizona, abortions, breakups and more drama about people I’m not interested in?

    • JeniLee says:

      LOL Caro. NOPE. I officially took Greys off my DVR. I had considered it a year ago, gave it this past season, and found I was more forcing myself to watch it because I told myself “you dedicated so much time to it just see it to the end.” But I can’t anymore. I was SO bored last season. They have added TOO many characters and I just dont care about most of them. Every time I read new news and spoilers it furthers my decision to give it up. It doesnt sound like it will be getting any better!

  17. Jessica says:

    Doesn’t Callie and Arizona have to have a sex life in order to have problems in the bedroom? I guess we have to assume since they’re only allowed cheek pecks and a few occasional kisses on screen. The kiss at they’re wedding was even lame!

    • Amy says:

      That’s what I was thinking. In order to show the impact of motherhood on their sex life they have to show them having one! Enough of the blocked kisses and no touching rule!

    • Mary says:

      I was thinking the same thing, Jessica. How can they have sexual problems starting NOW, when they apparently don’t have a sex life?? At least we don’t see it, nor hear about it, and we don’t believe what we don’t see nor hear. You should know that, Shonda. I’m so sick of the fact that C/A can not be treated/ portrayed equal to the other (straight) couples of the show.

  18. Onlythis says:

    Calzona is an awful combo.
    It either sounds like an italian dish (calzone) or like a “female” piece of underwear (calzon -a). Don’t care for this couple, but don’t call them that, please. Sounds awful!

  19. mcyummy says:

    Haha, some comments on here are too funny! I love Calzona! I love Sara Ramirez and I love Jessica Capshaw! I think pairing them together was brilliance on Shonda Rhimes part. We have the dark, beautiful, sultry latino and the adorable blond southern U.S. sweetheart mixing to create one of the most beautiful relationships on television. Seriously, Jessica Capshaw is a sweetheart! Don’t believe me, just follow her on twitter.

  20. Goodbye.. For Good says:

    While I understand that shows have to change to stay fresh I don’t recognize this show anymore. The original characters of Derek, Meredith, Christina, George, and Izzie are why I tuned in. While I enjoyed the arrival of Mark, Callie, Arizona I didn’t realize the entire series would shift to them. I despise April and don’t remember the last time I enjoyed an episode. So I am saying goodbye for good.

  21. Teresa Faulkner says:

    I just want to see Meredith and Derek get to be parents and back together! We have waited and watched their pain! Also bring Lizzie all the way back! I would love to see what she can bring back to the show!

  22. Shar says:

    I love this couple..Beautiful and mature relationship..I just hope they don’t fall into the background now. They just got started.

  23. ET says:

    Hi Matt…Thanks a lot for the reviews, I really like them. Please keep the Calzona news coming. They are the best couple ever.

  24. BJohnson says:

    Anybody who watches enough of these night time soaps, which is what they are, know that any smart writer would downplay a couple who ended up with a lot of screen time. Clears up for more story lines that took a backseat. Bailey’s love life, though it was clear she was having one, will probably come forward more (not everyone knew she was with the guy, did they?) Then of course we have to deal with the pouty baby in the woods AGAIN! Of course if Christina decides to have the baby (which she will, I’m sure) then it will definitely need the time to explore her as mom. She has this season to write Lexie and Mark back together or else I’m done. LOL

  25. Cailtin says:

    I started watching GA only because of C/A. I loved them in s5-6. Season7 with C/A/M was terrible and I strolngly dislike this posrtayal of one big family of three, with Az being the outsider. I used to like Callie and Mark as friends, now I cannot stand him. C/A has never been treated equal to the straight couples on the show regarding couple interaction, affection, intimacy, kissing scenes. The difference is glaring. The few scenes that have been have either been played for fun or been interrupted. I’m sure now they will use Sofia for interruptions all the time, and making that the excuse/the reason as to why they don’t show more affetction/ love/ intimacy scenes between C/A. We all know that is not the real reason.

  26. J. says:

    Unlike some fans, I think that Callie and Arizona have both been terrific additions to the cast of Grey’s and their storyline has been fantastic to watch. And this is coming from a viewer who has watched the show from the very beginning. Don’t get me wrong, I totally acknowledge that the Meredith character is the very root and heart of this show, but the supporting characters and ensemble cast that they have created to surround her have always been great additions in my book and the fact that more and more emphasis keeps getting put on these two in particular is great news to me.

  27. Julee says:

    As long as that “third dimension” is the baby and not Mark, I’m okay with this.

  28. donoterase says:

    I really think these two are fantastic together; last season.was rough and i would like to see them have happy times. I don’t really mind mark because the way i see it the type of character he is he is very likely to.lose interest. I think that they should let him and lexie get together, he does seem more mature but this whole ‘he has as much say as callie or arizona’ is crazy. He can be named sofia’s godfather or something but for the rest of the time i just want him to butt out. I saw a clip of these two and they are the reason i started watching the show so i really hope they dont mess with them