Fall TV Preview

First Look: Dexter's Angelic Season 6 Poster

Here’s your first look at Showtime’s provocative key art for Dexter‘s much-anticipated sixth season, bowing Sunday Oct. 2.

Despite the spiritually-tinged image, Showtime boss David Nevins recently downplayed religion’s role in the new season.

Dexter Spoiler Alert: Watch the Season 6 Promo!

“Jesus will not be on Dexter this year,” the exec deadpanned to reporters earlier this month at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, adding that the overriding arc is more about Dex figuring out what it means “to raise a child given the Dark Passenger” he’s carrying around.

Thoughts on the image? Creepy? Cool? Creepy cool? Your opinion is desired in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Emily says:

    It’s so creepy but cool at the same time.

  2. Gusar says:


  3. starbuck says:

    Great idea, but very BAD photoshop :S
    Shadows & contrast are just too much.

  4. Dexterina says:

    I’m not into gore or serial killers, but when it comes to Dexter I am completely hooked! This is one hell of a poster! The more I know about this new coming season, the more excited I get. Way to go, Dexter!

  5. DL says:

    Awesome. Great poster.

  6. Sivat says:

    I hope this means we’ll be seeing IT/Moloch this season!

  7. Nadz says:

    I luvs it! As soon as i saw it i had 2 put it as my desktop.

  8. Kelley says:

    Love the pic! It’s soooo creepy

  9. jamie says:

    All the posters have been brilliant, but what has been really really genius is the opening credits. I think they were done by the same company who does the opening credits for True Blood ? Friggin’ awesome !

  10. O says:

    It’s definitely creepy cool!

  11. windrunner says:

    The scale is bad. An Angels’ wings would be larger. It looks like graffiti gone where? The Angel of Death would be better. Avenging Angel naww. Don’t forget he killed an innocent photographer. Also got his wife killed by being a blunderer.
    Now if the wings where overshadowing him I think that would create a monstrous statement. What say you?

  12. Mike says:

    Excellent. Love it! Can’t F***ing wait!

  13. Elena says:

    Its kinda creepy cool. But I think you should choose either the blood wings OR Dex holding a knife. I’d go with the wings… and windrunner’s idea was pretty cool with the overshadowing of the blood wings on dex. However im not too sure that would be possible ^^”

  14. Vern says:

    Really goood. Cant wait to watch dext 6.

  15. Eileen says:

    It fits the character … an angel in disguise as a serial killer

    • Dalek Kitty says:

      re: an angel in disguise as a serial killer. I love the show, love the moral ambiguities and complexities, the deep uneasyness and constant challenge to perceptions of what is right and wrong, but after switching your TV off and drifting back into the real world, please remember Dexter’s character is of a serial killer disguised as an angel & not vice versa…

  16. Daray says:


  17. Marilyn says:

    This show is the most ingenious offering on TV! We would all like to know a ‘Dexter’ for the obvious reasons (now, be honest). I think the blood wings make the most accurate statement about who Dex really is…although he can be a monster, can’t he? ;)

  18. heather says:

    My exact thoughts. Guess I just prefer to not be negative out the gate but that is the beauty of internet. Easy for everyone to be a critic

  19. Dalek Kitty says:

    Perfect image. Because Dexter is, of course, a metaphor for United States foreign policy, right? You all get that? And you haven’t forgotten that no matter how charming and likable Dexter may appear to be, he’s really seriously deeply insane and there’s never ever justification for murder, for retribution, for thinking you have the right or need to end anyone’s life?

    • Susan says:

      You’re absolutely right….. about the murder stuff….but…..this is a TV SHOW!
      It’s entertainment Dalek. Who hasn’t wondered what goes on inside of the brain of a “seriously, deeply insane” psych/sociopath?

  20. Madeleine says:

    Some real cool comments! Yeah a killer first and then a killer angel!
    His face seems to show no remorse about the kill but I think the character that Dexter is growing into might show a tad more moral conflict than this cold loving killer smirk or is he just having fun and afraid he might get caught?
    Haven’t we all had that thought about killing someone – anyone who we think has done us wrong kind of feeling but like in a cartoon in your mind! We strike outside ourselves to try and punish someone who we perceive is the cause of pain and evil in the world!
    I know it’s a TV show and I like that I can see it acted out w/o harm to anyone. All the conflicted perceptions and how far away are any of the characters from doing or wanting to do exactly what Dexter does!!!

  21. Dahveed Writes says:

    It is in my opinion, that Dexter is the greatest television show of all time. That’s just my opinion.

  22. Laurie says:

    As a promo for the upcoming season, where Dexter looks at religion, it’s perfect. It makes sense for Dexter to consider Christianity because it’s the only religion that forgives all, in an instant. (Which is why it appeals to murderers, etc. in prison.) I, too, came to Dexter late because I already ‘cared’ about Hannibal and I was adamant that I was not going to ‘care’ about another serial killer. But I’m totally hooked. The level of writing, acting and directing could not be better. This is one show where you don’t dare blink until you KNOW the last scene is over. I can’t count how many final scenes have taken my breath away. Keep on goin’ Dexter. And big kudos to the character Deb and the actress who plays her. Incredible talent.

  23. Tess says:

    Love it, such a cool poster! Just one question, where can I get it? My partner is in love with the show and this seasons poster, would love to surprise him with the poster..

  24. Tess says:

    The Angelic poster is really cool! This may not be the right place but have emailed so many places and no one can help me so i am getting a bit desperate. My partner absolutely loves the Dexter and he is in love with the new Angelic poster for season 6. I would very much like to give him this poster as a surprise anniversary gift but cannot find anywhere to buy the poster in Australia (or anywhere for that matter). Would anyone be able to give me advice on where i can get it or how to possibly buy it? Highly highly appreciate any advice..