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Private Practice Exclusive: A.J. Langer Has Eyes For [Spoiler Alert]

My So Called Life alumna A.J. Langer is joining Private Practice in a recurring role, TVLine has learned exclusively.

There’s just one problem: It’s anyone’s guess who she’s playing.

Her character, Erica. “will be someone from one of the Oceanside doctor’s pasts,” is all an ABC rep would say.

Perhaps Shonda Rhimes is staging an onscreen reunion between Langer and her former Eyes costar Tim Daly? It’s doubtful considering A) Pete is a widower and B) we already met a woman from his past in Season 2: Meg Porter (played by Jayne Brook).

A likelier scenario has Langer’s Erica sporting ties to Paul Adelstein’s Cooper, who’s now happily married to Charlotte.

Thoughts? Theories? Share ’em in the comments!

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  1. Lala says:

    Maybe it’s someone from Sam’s past who wants him back in her life? Which frees up Addison for Jake or any one else who will really love her and not just “try” to do so….. Oh yes please!!!

    • Jenni says:

      Sam doesn’t have to try and love Addison. He already does. He meant he’d try to be okay with the baby issue. I don’t understand how you don’t get that. I find it strange how some people choose to always make Sam the bad guy for the smallest things but let men like Mark, Pete, Cooper, Derek and so on get a free pass for things Sam hasn’t even considered doing. How is that fair? he’s human. He’s made mistakes. But I truly believe Sam loves Addison.

      • Gina says:

        I’m ok if she is from Sam’s past Addison and Sam jealous of each other would make for a great storyline. they are obviously the couple to root for here, they are moving in together so external angst serves them good. Jake/Erica can be used to make AddiSam stronger

        LOVE the idea.

        AddiSam are happy and in love….

      • John says:

        Sam and Addison love one another, it’s ridiculous to think otherwise.

      • Jamie says:

        The smallest things? I don’t consider kissing your ex-wife while your girlfriend is away mourning her dead mother (who committed suicide)a small thing. I don’t consider ignoring your girlfriend while she is crying over her dead mother to go flirt with your ex-wife a small thing. The cherry on top is Sam didn’t even feel bad or sorry for any of it.

      • Jasmine says:

        Thank you Jenni, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Yes, let’s hope she’s for Sam. Hopefully she won’t be selfish, narcissistic and hypersexed!

        • Ssmayer says:

          Haha, If not hyper-sexed, would not fit in..lol

        • melanie says:

          Are people watching this show? I mean Sam was married for 13 years and have daughter who is 16 or 17 now, so how long do you think this guy and Naomi have been together???

          is she in the show for Sam maybe, but she can’t be an old flame of Sam… it has been said that Sam never cheated on Naomi during their time together… She looks to young to be a pre-Naomi flame. Since he met Naomi in med-school!!!

          I bet on Cooper, Sheldon or maybe one of the girls: Violette or Chalotte had that chracter in her past…

          Yeah yeah Sam messed up kissing with Naomi, but the real issue of his breakup with Addi was the baby thing, not a that kiss, specially when you know that Addison in Season 3 stated that “kissing is not cheating”

    • Tracie says:

      I don’t see how it could be someone from Sam’s past, unless she was either the “other woman” or someone from before college. You have to remember that Sam, Nay, Addison, Derek and Mark were all college buddies. So, if she was from that time period, they would know her too.

    • lorna says:

      Agreed. Sam and Addy were better as friends. I always wanted Addy with Pete, but since that isn’t happening, anyone else.

    • melanie says:

      Two adults who love each other’s had to break-up about an important issues, which is having a kid, none of them lied about their emotions about it, actually the Sam/Addison breakup to make up of the S4’s ending was dealt in a very mature way.

      They are not planing to build a castle in spain, just try and build a relationship that integrates the fact that Addison might adopt or something, which is actually no different than a guy dating a woman with a baby…

      He said it himself to Naomi wbefore sending her off to Phife, if i could make it work with Addi i wpould have…

  2. sneffysneff says:

    I bet she’s his daughter :D drama, drama, drama

  3. Jen says:

    Let her be from Sheldon’s past. Leave Cooper and Charlotte alone. Thanks. :p

  4. Kiki says:

    Maybe she’s Cooper’s old war buddy who is in love with him and who he may be in love with…oh, wait, sorry. Wrong Shonda show. People from the past seem to be her thing.

  5. Rob says:

    So Pete has a heart attack and clearly survives. What if she’s playing his dead wife? I know it’s farfetched but maybe he sees her when hes dying and continues to see her. He could also be in a coma for a bit. Just a thought.

    • Nicole says:

      Rob, I think that’s a pretty good senario. I could see something like that be played out. Otherwise, I have a feeling, if she’s not connected to Pete, then I bet it’s Cooper.

      • Rob says:

        Part of why Pete is so messed up is because he never got closure with his wife. And I think that the only way it can happen and for him to move on is if they have him see her in a supernatural way.

        • Christy says:

          I like this idea too. I could totally see Shonda doing that. The only part that confuses me then is that she is recurring…hmmm
          PLEASE not another Izzie/Denny thing like on Grey’s!
          No more messing with Cooper and Charlotte! They are finally happy…which means it is him because Shonda hates happy. LOL

      • Tracie says:

        That would be too similar to a storline already played out in Grey’s.

        I think she should be Pete’s “dead” wife. Give Violet a good shake up, because she has become so annoying lately. I think she should be the person who finds him lying on the floor after the heart attack.

  6. Andre says:

    I wish it was someone from Sam’s past, that would once and for all break up Addison and Sam. God, awful couple. She deserves so much more.

  7. Ilaria_26 says:

    I really hope she’s someone from Sam’s past, I saw enough Addisam this past season, and I didn’t like it at all!

    • Christy says:

      I’m with you. I was ok with them at the beginning. I am done when she wants a baby, he doesn’t, and they are just going to ignore it and stay together…BAD idea

    • melanie says:

      There is already a character that could break addisam played by Benjamin Bratt, do you think it’s not enough, it has to be a 4 people drama now?

      Plus like it or not AddiSam? End Game, just take a look at the the 4 seasons that has been aired, and you will see how obvious this is!!!

  8. Alysse says:

    She better not be from Cooper’s past! Let Cooper & Charlotte be the one couple whose life isn’t that much of a drama mess. Please!

  9. Mandy says:

    Maybe there is another twist. It doesn’t have to be a guest star in a romantic way. Cooper was adopted. Maybe this is a sister that he didn’t know he had. That could be spun a few ways.

    • Jamie says:

      It wouldn’t make sense because it says she is someone from his past. Meaning whoever already knows this person.

  10. Michelle says:

    Shonda Rhimes leave a married couple alone? If they’re not having affairs or getting divorced she’s not happy. There is actually such a thing as happily married couples Miss Shonda. Maybe they don’t make for good TV but please let someone be happily married on your shows. My votes are for Mer/Der and Cooper and Charlotte :)

  11. Nara says:

    They better leave Charlotte and Cooper alone. And Pete and Violet should remain a stable couple too. Both pairings just got married this season! Give them a break. And Pete and Violet have a family. I’d hate to see that fall apart because Shonda Rhimes can’t write adult relationships without cheating and cheesy love triangles. Char/Coop and Vi/Pete are the only relationshis on this medical soap opera I still care about. If she messes them up I’m out.

    • NoWorries says:

      CharCoop are the only reason I’m watching; they are clearly the best couple on Private Practice. They have been through so much and always stuck together and worked things out. I don’t think Shonda will do something bad to them; their love will only grow stronger. Maybe the girl is a friend how needs help or someone from Cooper’s family, think about it. It would be a wonderful story for them!

    • indiebreadkid says:

      Word…though it would be typical Shondaland that happiness without complications doesn’t last long….apparently every relationship is supposed to be filled with constant angst. It’d be nice if she’d really just be someone from the past, not some ex-girlfriend/husband stealer…

    • Ange says:

      I agree. They need to let the relationships either stay strong or just move on without cheating going on. I hate how she brings a couple together, then let’s it fall apart. I don’t understand why Shonda can’t work a storyline for a couple, it seems she thinks it can’t be done. She either fades the relationship away, and when they get the spotlight, they break off, or she gives them a weak storyline together. But I want them to keep violet and pete together. They both had to deal with their own ordeal, and they should help heal each other. I bet she’s just a friend, and they make it more than it is. I am thinking more along cooper’s friend. why else would they try to make it sound like it’s her and pete? they like to trick!

  12. Karen says:

    I’m thinking it will be the girl Obgyn that spontaneously left the practice before Addison joined, as a result of dating Pete. Remember that? It makes sense!!!

  13. Renee says:

    I hope she’s a new love interest for Pete. He and Violet are boring….! Also I want them to bring Dr. Rodriguez back for Addison. They had amazing chemistry! I don’t like her with Sam and Benjamin Brat is no longer good looking…they need to shake things up. I’m getting bored of this show and don’t like the addition of Benjamin Brat. Yawn…

  14. Ron says:

    I think Pete makes the most sense if they want to do another triangle. Remember the season finale? They set up a marriage crisis for him and Violet and things might still be tense after he recovers form his heart attack. I hope they don’t break up.

    • Tracie says:

      I do! Pete needs someone stronger and more caring then Violet. She has turned into a whiner and complainer. Not to mention, what kind of mother can leave her kid not once but TWICE!

  15. Rob J. says:

    Love interest for Amelia? (AND long-lost daughter of either Cooper or Pete?)

    • Zora says:

      Can’t be the daughter coz AJ Langer’s 37 and that’s a little too old. But oh my gosh I would LOVE to see her as Amelia’s love interest.

      • Angie says:

        Don’t put images into my head!
        Now I want Hurricane Amy/cute new gal too and the disappointment will be unbearable if they waste her on one of the guys. ;)

    • xav says:

      That would be amazing. I’d love it if she was a love interest for Amelia. I’d love it best if she was Amelia’s old NA/AA sponsor too.

  16. Danny says:

    I do hope Violet and Pete reconcile. I love Violet’s drama … Amy Brenneman is such a great actress.

  17. bea says:

    I hope she’s a new love interest for Sam. I don’t like Addisam!

  18. Stella says:

    Does it have to be a love interest for someone? Couldn’t it just be someone Charlotte went to college with?

  19. rumblinbeat says:

    Cooper and Charlotte are safe. They will not break even if this new person tries to cause tension between them. They are the closest to a one-true-pairing ship as it gets on “Private Practice”.

  20. Aimee says:

    It could be an old drinking buddy of Amelia’s since she fell off the wagon the end of last season.

  21. Kimberly says:

    I don’t see why she necessarily has to be a love from anyone’s past (even though that is what the show is mostly about – love rather than medicine). Why can’t she just be an old doctor coming back to help Oceanside Wellness? Or perhaps an old patient of sorts? I don’t know…I appreciate the need for drama in a dramatic show, but I would like to see the couples be happy and okay for just one freakin’ minute please! Is that too much to ask for? Does anyone agree that it would be nice to see people happy for once? I don’t want a blonde broad coming in ruining perfectly okay couples. Let Sheldon have some happy lovin’!

  22. NettyB says:

    I think she is a former lover of Amelia’s

    • JO says:

      Since when is Amelia gay? This is news to me.

      • Tanya says:

        She could be bisexual. They did not mention it before but then there was hardly any mention of Amelia and past relationships either way. I would like to have a bisexual character on the show and Amelia with be the perfect choice, but sadly I don’t see them going there.

      • xav says:

        Amelia has flat out said she’ll sleep with anyone so it wouldn’t be a surprise at all. It’s completely within her characterization.

        • Tamera says:

          I must have missed the scene when she came out of the ho closet. While that is textbook repressed lesbian behavior, she could just be a slut. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as she’s an ethical slut.

      • Tamera says:

        Who said anything about Amelia being gay? She may already be bisexual or realize she is when she meets A.J.’s character. She could’ve also dated women in the past, but now dates men exclusively which would make her a hasbian.

  23. Donna says:

    Someone from Amelia’s past would make for a good story line. She hasn’t been able to land a stable partner, so she could be in a sexual identity crisis. AJ could be from her college years, someone who was a close friend with a little more on her mind these days? Shonda tackled the gay thing on Grey’s with Callie and Arizona, maybe she wants to do the same on PP. It seems that most people are ok with a lesbian relationship on TV, they can kiss and stuff, but the never seem to broach that topic when it comes to men being gay. It is said now and then, but never delved into as far as a personal relationship.

  24. jordan says:

    I think its Pete’s former wife/twin sister and when he had the heart attack he comes to and there she is real or imagined. Pete’s wife “died” but if she had a twin that would set a whole twist as it took him forever to move on after her. I agree leave Cooper/Charlette and Addison/Sam alone. What if the mystery woman also has a tie to Amelia’s past? Especially since she has fallen off the wagon she could be a sisiter or a half-sibling. That would make for an interesting tie in to Grey’s as well if Derrick/Amelia’s dad had another kid. We know Shonda likes crossovers and it could be revealed in time for November sweeps.

  25. Kat says:

    She could be a long lost sister even. Although this is just another soap the drama factor has to be there to keep people watching. I am glad Pete survives (obviously). The way they left the season was just wrong and messed up!!! I have been hoping Violet changed her mind and came home from the airport to find him : ) A girl has to dream right LOL

  26. lacey says:

    i my self think that is has something to do with a old drug buddy or something two people had drug problems on this show so… it could also be that she is a family member of someone… i am clueless i cant wait though.

  27. jessica flores says:

    I think shes going to be a love interest for sam but will be from tim dalys past… i cant wait to find out!!!

  28. Tamera says:

    She could be someone from the past of one character and then have a separate story line with another character. As much as I would love to see Addison get involved with her because I’ve loved both of them for years, the whole question your sexuality just because a parent came out thing is so trite. I’d settle for McDreamy’s sister.

  29. JO says:

    It can’t be someone from Sam’s past, he was married.

  30. Manfred says:

    So couldn’ she be a medicine classmate of Violet? A bisexuell charakter, which had an affair with Violet, during their study.
    So Violet is the relation embarrassed and she wants to hide it from Pete. It would be fine, if Sheldon could be her partner.
    She should be a ENT doctor or an internal medical doctor.
    Please forgive my bad English.
    cya on PP

  31. Krystal says:

    Or maybe she is from Fife’s past seeing as we don’t really know a whole lot about him it would certainly stir up things between him and Nay. Just a thought.

  32. Isabelle says:

    PLEASE don’t let her be from Coopers past. Coop and Char are finally happy, leave them alone.

  33. cynicalsham says:

    Why does she have to be from the past? Why cant she be someone new who isn’t going be a relationship wrecker?!? I think shes going to be like Addison’s heartthrob heart surgeon at the hospital…around long enough to stir up some trouble and then gone.

  34. Val says:

    Why does it have to be from one of the guys pasts…it could be from one of the womens pasts..and it doesn’t have to be romantic…it could be a sister/brother/child/friend

  35. bl tobi says:

    I don’t av anifing to say abt dis new character buh pls….. I don’t want pete to die… Don’t let pete die

  36. Jamie says:

    Anyone consider she may be from one of the women’s past. Maybe Amelia is bi? Random thought.

  37. jasmine says:

    maybe it has nothing to do with the men. maybe its violets sister or something

  38. Mary says:

    who cares what character she plays…. I just love the show and it’s juicy Thurs night T.V. !!! looking forward to this season…so what happens to Pete, who drops to the floor just as the shows season ends

  39. aussie says:

    Amelia is gonna fall further down the rabbit hole, so i’m gonna say she is her ex AA sponsor.
    Otherwise maybe a new cardio doc at the hospital who treat’s Pete after the heart attack.

  40. J. says:

    I love how everyone assumes that a character from someone’s “past” automatically insinuates that it’s a former romantic interest or sexual partner. She could simply be portraying a character that got any one of the established characters into some kind of trouble back in the day.

    • melanie says:

      Since when this show is only about love traingles, couples breaking up and making up, those people can have friends in their past, not just lovers!!!

  41. Dear Shonda,
    If you mess with Charlotte and Cooper I swear to God I’ll stop watching Private Practice. Despite you hating happy, you and I both know, you mess with them, you lose 1/2 fans. The season 4 finale was amazing. Don’t screw things up.

  42. melanie says:

    As for breaking up addisam, you guys don’t think Benjamin Bratt’s character is not enough? a triangle is always what it takes, why make it a foursome?