Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on House, Glee, Bones, Sons of Anarchy, The Middle and More!

Has House been misbehaving behind bars? What is the romantic priority for Glee‘s Brittany this year? Now that Bones has a bun in the oven, who will be Booth’s new partner? Read on for those answers, plus other teases from some of TV’s hottest shows.

Exclusive: Lisa Edelstein Opens Up About Her House Exit, Good Wife Gig

House | Viewers will learn that you can’t keep a good doc down, even when he’s behind bars, when the Fox drama kicks off its eighth season on Oct. 3. “House is definitely his nosy self, getting into business that he probably shouldn’t be getting into,” teases new cast member Odette Annable, who will be playing prison infirmary staffer Dr. Jessica Adams. With House cracking cases while incarcerated, he and Adams “have a connection, and end up helping each other,” adds the actress. In fact, by the end of the season opener, “She discovers that she’s more like House than she realizes!”

Glee Exclusive: American Dreams Girl Enrolls at McKinley High

Glee | Brittany S. Pierce, what did you do over summer vacation? Heather Morris stops to think a moment before serving up a very Britty answer: “She went into the Matrix.” And that seems about right. Having only spied the premiere script, Morris doesn’t have much intel to share about Season 3, other than “Brittany wants Artie back” — which she sees as a good thing, since “everybody really wants them together.” Well, everybody “except Santana,” she points out. “But Brittany is real, so she’ll do what she wants to do.” Does that mean “Brittana” is finito for, like, forever? “Probably,” Morris reckons. “The writers may play with it a little bit more – but maybe not.” Regardless, the bi-curious/lesbian storyline did some good while it lasted. “Before the tour, I met some girls who told me how appreciative they were, because they were going through that themselves,” Morris shares. “It was nice to hear that we did something for them.”

Fox Boss Shares His Expectations for Fringe, Thoughts on Future of Bones and House

Bones | With Brennan quite pregnant at the time the new season arrives, watch for Booth to acquire a somewhat unlikely partner in crime solving. “Since Sweets is the only other FBI member of the team, that’s kind of what they’re setting up,” says John Francis Daley. “And Sweets is delighted about that, because he gets to play tough guy.” More practically (since Booth is frankly tough enough for the two of ’em), Daley says that where Brennan focuses more on the anthropological side of interrogations, “Sweets deals with the psychological. He’s good at telling when people are lying.” Turning to truths, here’s a big one: “David [Boreanaz] is so great to work with, and we have so much fun working together,” effuses Daley. “We’ve had the great pleasure of being able to do it a lot this season so far.” I smell a spin-off: “Sweets & Sour”!

FX Sets Fall Premiere Dates for Super-Sized Sons of Anarchy, Horror Story and More

Sons of Anarchy | I’ve been a touch remiss in my SOA scoopage as far as having not yet touched on the Jax-Tara dynamic. So I made a point to ask series boss Kurt Sutter where things stand for the couple at the start of Season 4. Having done “a lot of soul-searching in prison, Jax comes out with a better sense of family than he’s ever had,” Sutter shared. “So I would say they start out this season stronger than ever.” (A bonus for those who play with the Sons mobile app: The second “bonus” scene being offered is about the birth of Jax’s son, Thomas, “and we see in that scene that the bond between [him and Tara] has really deepened.” (To that end, Maggie Siff teased for me, “There’s a nice welcome home scene,” heh.) So for   how many episodes can Jax-Tara fans expect this bliss to last? Sutter mulls that for an instant before offering with a sly grin: “One?”

Fall TV: ABC Sets Premiere Dates, Including Supersized Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family

The Middle | As TVLine first reported, the third-year comedy’s season opener will run one hour and feature a Griswoldian “family vacation.” Now, here’s Neil Flynn to elaborate: “From what I understand, the Hecks go camping – and I’m going to assume that it does not go smoothly.” Akin to how, say, Jim Backus ruined The Brady Bunch‘s similar getaway, locking them up in a ghost town and such? “Ray Romano shows up, and I guess he’s running, like, a haunted amusement park, and we foil his evil plan,” says Flynn. “No, I’m thinking of a Scooby-Doo episode! Never mind.” Instead, TV’s erstwhile Raymond will appear in flashbacks, as the jaunt prompts Mike and Frankie to recall their not-so-idyllic honeymoon. There, “I think that Ray and I bond, and Patty [Heaton] is the third wheel,” Flynn shares.

Seen & Heard | Danson shmanson. CSI boss Carol Mendelsohn told me that onetime guest star Carrot Top will make a return appearance in the season premiere… Nancy Travis, having since landed the female lead on Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing, says that ABC was kind enough to let her go back to The CW’s Hart of Dixie to shoot an episode that wraps up her role as a rather important person Rachel Bilson’s transplanted NYC doc meets upon arriving in Alabama…. Remember how Timothy Hutton told me that TNT’s Leverage will shed light on the team members’ murky pasts? I have since been advised to keep an eye out for a scene between Parker and Sophie in “The Grave Danger Job,” the first of two episodes airing this Sunday.

If there’s a show or hot topic you’d like the Inside Line on, email mattmtvguy@gmail.com, and maybe it’ll get some love the next time around!

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  1. Sally says:

    Thanks for the House scoop, I’m looking forward to season 8!

    • Iris says:

      Needs more Hilson scoop! Are they gonna be riding segways, driving monster trucks and chasing chickens? Or perhaps rigging more overly elaborate stunts to simulate murdering hookers? Oh, those crazy kids–what’ll they do next?!

      • Dani says:

        I want Hilson synchronized swimming. We did after all have him cultivating his highboard diving technique last season, and what with the olympics just a year away… :/

        • Trini says:

          But remember to leave time for the clever and intriguing adventures of the Dynamic Twosome as they shop for more furniture for Wilson’s bachelor pad. A guy can never have too much furniture, just like a network drama can never have too many furniture shopping montages. I. Cannot. Wait.

      • poorbitterhuddys says:

        Every scene with House and Wilson is better than the awful huddy crap.
        Bitter much, huddytards?

  2. Tyler says:

    Everyone really wants Brittany and Artie together? Do they really? I’d be willing to bet more people want Brittany and Santana together than want Brittany and Artie. But couples are only allowed to make sense until Ryan gets bored and decides to break them up.

    • Mairead says:

      I actually love Brittany and Artie together, so this is good news for me. I just wish Glee wasn’t as changeable as weather with couples. Sometimes people stay together. Sometimes they don’t.
      But not everyone hooks up with everyone else.
      *eyes Gossip girl*

    • Randy says:

      I want Artie and Brittany too. Actually, I wanted Santana bisexual because she’s smoking hot and the lesbian story looked a little bit forced.

      Ryan Murphy sucks.

    • Monica says:

      I acutally thought Brittany & Artie together were adorable, and I’ll be more then happy if they’ll get back together… They weren’t my favorite couple but I liked Brittany better with Artie then with Santana… I’m curious to see what’s going on with Santana, but I wanna see HER not necessarily linked to someone else… Honestly to me it never felt like Brittany was really struggling with her sexual orientation and, I could be wrong, but to me it never looked like she was actually THAT confused about it. I’ve always felt like she was straight, maybe having some “fun” and really worried and feeling for her friend’s pain… One person she really loved but to me it never looked like she was in love with her.

      Again, this is just my opinion, it’s what I felt watching the show.

      • Michelle R says:

        I never saw Brittany as struggling with it either, but I see that as more Brittany going with the flow and worrying less able labels. She just … accepts.

        I like Artie, but disappointed here.

    • Team Santana says:

      I definitely prefer Santana over Artie for BritBrit :(
      Can’t say that I didn’t see this coming though, Heather has always been a bit luke-warm about Brittana.. It hurts a lil’ but I still love her. She has the right to have her own opinion. And I may be wrong, maybe her opinion has nothing to do with Brittany’s storyline at all. Whatevs, I’m bummed by this news :(

      • Jenna says:

        Why does everyone have to be gay? Santana was just fine being a bitch. What’s next? Puck and Rachel coming out?

        • Jenny says:

          I agree. I wanted Santana to be more like Samantha from Sex in the City. A sexually active woman with several partners who didn’t make excuses for it. I felt Santana lost something when it was all about how she loved Brittany.

          I also don’t want the writers just to write storylines based on fanboards which I felt most of season 2 was. No problem with listening to the fans because they are the ones that keep you popular. Just don’t revolve the show over what a group of fans are saying because you alieniate others.

          • Deanna says:

            Couldn’t have said it better myself. I truly feel like the entire season was just bending to certain groups of fans at the expense of the actual characters and plotlines. I’m in the minority, I know, but I am so so so bored by Kurt/Blaine that it’s not even funny. Seriously, the very first gay guy that Kurt ever meets just happens to be his perfect soulmate and the biggest “argument” they’ve ever had is that Blaine thought he might possibly be bisexual for 5 minutes? *yawn* But I doubt Klaine will be going anywhere anytime soon, since they’re apparently the second coming.

            So I’m glad to hear that perhaps they might actually be going a different route with Brittany and Santana than the hordes of Brittana fans. I’m not a huge shipper of Bartie, but I do like them together. They were really sweet. Santana is just manipulative. I don’t care if she thinks she “loves” Brittany. She still abuses her emotionally and I’m glad Brittany is looking elsewhere.

        • 8daysaweek says:

          In what world does the handful of LGBT characters in Glee’s rather large ensemble cast equal “everyone?” The vast majority of Glee’s characters are straight. There are some gay characters because there are some gay people.

          • Allison says:

            Totally agree with 8daysaweek.
            Jenna said: “Why does everyone have to be gay? Santana was just fine being a bitch. What’s next? Puck and Rachel coming out?”
            Currently in the Glee club at McKinley:
            straight: Rachel, Finn, Mercedes, Tina, Artie, Puck, Quinn, Mike, Lauren, Sam
            gay: Kurt
            lesbian: Santana
            bicurious: Brittany
            That makes 10 straight, 1 gay, 1 lesbian, 1 bicurious.

            I don’t understand why there are people saying too many chracters are gay. Simple math indicates otherwise. The vast majority of the glee club is straight.

            The other characters on the show, thus far, that are gay are Blaine, Karofsky, Rachel’s dads, and Sandy Ryerson. I don’t think that’s unreasonable, when you consider how large of a cast there is and that we’re talking about a whole high school and town. Maybe it just seems like there is a lot of gay people because both Kurt’s sexuality and Santana’s sexuality were large story arcs in Season 2, but the actual numbers show there aren’t that many gay characters in relation to straight characters.

          • Deanna says:

            Perhaps people are complaining about “too many gay characters” because that seems to be the only characters who get decent plots lately. It’s all about Kurt, Blaine, and Santana…with a bit of Finchel thrown in.

          • Allison says:

            I don’t necessarily disagree, as I personally felt that there was too much attention given to Kurt in season 2. But, my dislike of Kurt has nothing to do with him being gay; I just don’t like his personality and I would rather see characters that I actually do like getting more air time.
            But, there is a difference between saying “everyone doesn’t need to be gay” (or “there are too many gay characters on the show”) and saying that there are other characters on the show who deserve equally strong storylines.
            One way of speaking implies that gay people don’t have a right to fair representation in the media (that 3 out of 13 glee club members is too much gay – despite each one representing a completely different sexual orientation), whereas the other says there should be an equal amount of time given to all of the characters, regardless of their sexual orientation.
            If you are talking about the latter, then I agree with you.

          • Allison says:

            After rereading your comment, Deanna, I realize you may be saying it seems like the producers only give large story arcs to characters who are gay?
            In that case, well, I don’t know how the producers decide which characters to explore.
            But I know Ryan Murphy told deadline, “anytime you shine a spotlight on homosexuality or minorities and you try and say they are as normal or as worthy as acceptance as others, the people who are on the fringe don’t like that…” So obviously he is trying to show that gay people are normal like everyone else, which is why those characters had large stories, but he admitted that they got “a bit preachy […] with the gay thing. I think sometimes we say in three sentences what we can say in one.”

            So yeah, I can understand people not wanting to be hit over the head again and again with the story of equality, especially if you already get it. But I can’t accept people thinking that the experience of one male gay teen can represent all gay experiences OR that one or two is enough and we shouldn’t have to hear about any more gays or lesbians or bisexuals on tv, which is what some of the commenters here seem to imply. Ideally, Glee will reach a point where they can tell stories about gay characters that aren’t focused on them being gay, but rather the funny and interesting things that happen to them.

        • Bill says:

          Um, because the writers wrote it that way…
          Not everyone has to be gay, but Brittany is established by the writers as up for anything, as they’ve said in several interviews. Santana is a lesbian, also as established by the writers. Deal with it. As Ryan said, it’s a show about show choir, and in case you live in a shoe box or hole, I’ll let you know that show choirs often attract a disproportionate amount of gay people.

          • Meg says:

            Just because Kurt and Blaine are gays anyone can be too?

          • Bill says:

            I’m not quite sure what you’re getting at. The writers decide that, not me. So yes, I suppose, anyone can be gay if the writers write them that way, and as I mentioned, it’s not surprising to have two gays and a pansexual in one show choir. It’s especially not surprising that it’s Brittany and Santana, who’ve been having sex together since the first season…

        • ... says:

          Seriously? Wow. This is the problem right here. There are a few gay characters on tv period and now it’s “everyone has to be gay.” I mean, come on… I could look at all the straight people on tv and be like “Why does everyone have to be straight?”

          PS, Santana can still be a bitch and be gay.

        • ... says:

          @Jake, what I’m saying is see how dumb that sounds? When Jenna said “why does everyone have to gay?”, it sounds just as dumb as if someone would say “why do there have to be so many gay characters on tv?”, which I hear a lot. If you look at what Allison said above, that’s exactly how I feel. There are so many straight characters on tv that’s it’s crazy to me that anyone could say “why does everyone have to be gay?” Which were Jenna’s exact words up there.

          • .... says:

            Although, it would make more sense to ask the question why CAN’T there be more gay characters on tv….

        • Molly says:

          Oh yeah…EVERYONE is gay!! You know it. 2 gay couples on the show so obviously everyone is gay. Especially with the fact that there are so so so many gay couples on T.V. period. Seriously though Jenna? You have to think about what you say next time.

        • Sarah says:

          You can be a bitch and gay at the same time. There are many qualities to a person besides their sexuality. Puck and Rachel are obviously not gay and I really appreciate the Santana story line. There are way more straight characters than gay characters on Glee and in general on television. It really bothers me that people seem upset with the number of gay characters on Glee. Straight teens have so many characters to look up to… Why not give LGBT teens the same? Santana gives lesbian teens someone they can relate to, and Kurt/Blaine are characters gay teens can relate to.

      • ana muller says:

        I think it didn’t make that much sense for Santana to become gay. She was a straight up bitch and a slut (love her though lol) and that suited her character much better than all this “in love with brittany” softer side, I don’t really like her touchy feeling scenes like when she cries and stuff, I feel like there are enough emotional characters to provide the drama the show needs (Rachel and Kurt anyone?) but that’s just my opinion!

        • Pita says:

          I agree. She never had a soft side, and it was totally out of nowhere. It was kind of forced.

          • Danielle says:

            She have a soft side WITH Brittany. Are we watching the same show?

          • Sarah says:

            I disagree that it was out of nowhere. It’s been known from the first season that Brittany and Santana have had sex and make out with each other. Santana has always been nice to Brittany and even stood up for her in the “Brittany/Britney” episode.

            Santana always seemed emotionally detached with the guys she dated, like with the scene after she and Finn have sex. She says it takes about 20 times before the sense of accomplishment sinks in. This isn’t something you say if you have enjoyed yourself.

            S’s bitchiness makes sense as well because she is trying to get rid of her feelings for Brittany. It isn’t easy to deal with your sexuality and I think Santana’s story line shows the difficulty LGBT teens go through when they can’t accept themselves.

        • Allison says:

          I remember way back in the Madonna episode (15th episode of S1) being surprised when Santana (after sleeping with Finn) admitted sex left her feeling nothing. It made me think Sanatana just used sex as a tool to maintain her image and power, since she wasn’t experiencing any real intimacy or pleasure with her partners. Why else would she willingly have sex with multiple guys if it wasn’t fulfilling for her?
          But then it made complete sense (to me) when we later found out she was a lesbian, because it put her indifference to having sex with men in context.
          I personally loved the development of Santana’s character in season 2. It added so much depth to her. Naya Rivera did a fantastic job showing Santana’s internal struggle with accepting her identity as a lesbian in light of the often negative social perceptions and sterotypes of society, many of which Santana had internalized. I think it’s a great storyline and am really, really looking forward to more of it in Season 3.
          And, ultimately, people are multi-dimensional, so Santana’s character shows how the bitchy mean girl may sometimes present herself as cool and indifferent as defense mechanism to hide her vulnerablity, while at other times, it is just part of her personality to be mean because she likes to be mean. I personally find that makes her all the more interesting!

      • Haruka says:

        I gonna miss Britanna D:
        I love Santana she is angry, a bitch and gay! I love her and I’m really sad to know they r not gonna b together D:

    • nicky says:

      I agree. I can see the appeal of Brittany and Artie, but I honestly thought that they were both slowly getting over it and moving on form the relationship, whereas Brittany and Santana have so much more to work through.

      I could see Brittany return to Artie because she loves both him and Santana and because she thinks Santana made a decision not to come out, and Brittany might just really be over her. But I honestly can’t see how Santana would that easily get over pouring her heart out to Brit and then move on. Doesn’t make any sense to me.

      But then again, I don’t understand the couple systematics on Glee in the first place. If it were up to me, Rachel and Finn wouldn’t keep jumping back and forth again and again but finally make up their minds. And Kurt wouldn’t be with Blaine (I guess lots of you will hate me for that, and it’s not that I don’t like Blaine, but I just don’t see it, sorry). So, usually I go by “The couples on Glee are mostly the very ones I was not rooting for. And if they were, Murphy gets rid of them as soon as possible, sometimes before they even get together.”

    • Rex says:

      Yes, we really do. At least this small part of “everybody” does. It would make more sense to have her back with Artie than to put her with Santana (romantically) since she stated that she loved Artie last season and she wasn’t seriously interested in Santana in a romantic/sexual sense. To put them together would be forcing it. Of course, Santana’s sudden lesbian self-discovery seemed a bit forced to me as well.

    • Captain says:

      I adored Brittany/Artie. I don’t deny that Brittany/Santana have a huge fanbase (I adore them as well) but there are quite a few fans not ready for B/A to be over. Obviously Heather has more intel than I do but I am quite surprised that the Brittany/Santana storyline is over for good. Would have thought that’s what this season is building towards and that the reunion of Brittany/Artie would more-so provide closure. I’m not devastated or anything but…well, I don’t know how I feel. Can’t Brittany be with both Artie AND Santana?

      • lolli says:

        Unless I missed something no one said Brittany’s going to get over Santana at the beginning of season 3 who knows it may be half way through before Brittany and Artie get togethe

    • Lola says:

      I like Brittany/Artie, but I was annoyed that Artie apologized to Brittany for calling her stupid and wanted her back and she didn’t have any repercussions for cheating on him with Santana all along.

    • Jon says:

      I think so the Bartie shippers arent as vocal a silent majority

    • Casey says:

      Personally, I liked Brittany and Artie together. I felt they broke up for a somewhat valid reason, but I felt it was to cold of Brittany’s character to turn Artie down after he sung the Prom proposal. Next to Finchel, they’re my favorite. I also, have no problem with Santana being a lesbian. She was bisexual since the first season, but I did feel like it came out of left field because I thought she had genuine feelings for Puck. Now, a love triangle between Puck, Quinn and Santana would have been something (I never felt Finn was really into Quinn besides her looks, anyways). Santana is the only lesbian on the show thats fine. And if the writers tone down the Klaine stuff (among other things), Glee will be good as new. I think the writers just want everyone to have a happy ending. Finchel, Bartie, Marcedes (Marcus and Mercedes), Klaine and hopefully, Quick! But I hope they’re realistic with the couples too, in highschool people move on and go their seperate ways but it IS TV. So, a fairtyfale ending wouldnt hurt.

  3. Sam says:

    Even though this offers up pretty much no new information, anything where Kurt Sutter gets a quote is a good thing. The man is a GOD.

  4. Molly says:

    The new hot House doc is more like him than she realizes? Oh so just like Thirteen and House’s ‘connection.’ How original! Fail.

    • Dean says:

      Foreman too. After he left in season 3, he got fired from his new job and couldn’t find a new one because he was deemed to be a loose cannon like House.

    • Sam says:

      Exactly. House is so “special” and “unique” yet everyone discovers they’re just like him! This is groundbreaking stuff; glad the writers are mixing it up.

      • @naysayer says:

        Adams will share ONE trait with house. It doesn`t mean she is totally like house or she will be like foreman or thirteen. Hey girls don`t be so negative?

        • Sam says:

          Pretty sure everyone on earth shares like ONE trait; so what kind of connection is that? Nah, they both probably like tattoos with a side of hepatitis. Or maybe they bond after House’s teeth are knocked out for his first “date” in prison, and share a little girl talk afterwards.

    • Dani says:

      This particular plot device has been done to death tbh . Maybe she just likes wearing Nike trainers too, but they did that with Foreman though eh? More likely I guess she realizes that she gets a buzz from disobeying her superiors and agrees to try a radical treatment, as suggested by House, on another prisoner who may or may not be dying of lupus. Who knows?!

      This character is sounding more and more like Thirteen with a sprinkling of Cameron… At least their cooking, sorry writing, is ‘dependable’…

  5. I Am Disapoint says:

    NOooooooooo! No more Brittany and Artie. That sucks. And no, Heather not “everyone” wants them back together. Unless she means everyone as in the characters on the show.

    This is such disappointing news. If they’re not doing the Brittana story then get Brittany a new love interest or leave her singe.

  6. Craig says:

    when you say The Middle is a two parter those two parts air thogether as the one hour season premiere, right?

  7. alr says:

    Thanks for the Sons of Anarchy scoop! Cannot wait for Season 4 to start next month. Keep the love coming for SOA!!

  8. Mica says:

    Didn’t like the news about Brittany :(

  9. Getoverit says:

    Seriously Britana stans? Santana’s a lesbian. Brit is NOT! She likes Artie. How is that so difficult to understand? Get over it and move on.

    • Dianna says:

      Cool story bro

    • jess says:

      um have we been watching the same show? cause I do believe that BRITTANY wanted to ask santana to prom! and that she would be with santana IF she wasn’t with Artie and that she was trying to help santana accept herself to COME OUT so they could be together cause she “loves her more than anyone else in this world”. and have I mentioned the constant comments about women “I really wanted to touch her boobs” to coach beiste or “I’m bad at you but you are still so hot” to santana. And also constantly sleeping with santana since the start? So, yeah britt is defiantly straight, sure. *sarcasm*

      this interview seems like bollocks tho cause after what heather said in an after ellen interview last week about wanting to sing a song with/to santana it seems off and WHY would britt go back to Artie where she obviously wasn’t satisfied cause she LOVES santana.

      Should I mail RIB a DVD copy of their show? Cause they certainly don’t watch it.

  10. D says:

    Brittany is Bi/Pan. The writers/producers have confirmed this.

  11. Emily says:

    Whaaaaaat?? Brittany and artie together again? nooooo, and sorry heather but nobody wants them back together!!
    We only want Brittana that’s all !!

    • Captain says:

      Don’t speak for everyone.

      • Rebecca says:

        She does it cause she knows that we want it.

        • sladewilson says:

          No. Not everyone. I actually would like it if Brit wasn’t tied down to either and basically sexed them both. Then watch Santana’s head spin around and Artie freak out. Of course, it won’t happen but it would be hella funny and alot more interesting.

          BTW – So Santana is full lesbian now? I’d figure she’d be bisexual too but hey, whatever. Oh yeah, and I want another Santana/Mercedes duet – they killed the Ike and Tina Turner song…

  12. C. says:

    Oh lord Glee. One of the more interesting relationships/storylines and you’re going to let it go to waste for a boring couple lnstead. Brilliant.

    Why the hell did I actually think this show was going to get better?

  13. Saddened says:

    With every new House spoiler, I find I am less and less interested. I had hoped time and info would restore enthusiasm, but they destroyed the House character. The DS team has fumbled with PR and messed with storylines and shocking TV too much, and now the changes to bring something back that they systematically have been destroying is dishearterning. Hugh Laurie will have his hands full trying to build excitement again, and he’s the only one who can noe that Edelstein is gone. DS and his creative group only makes everything worse.

  14. julia says:

    Carrot Top AGAIN?! Seriously, CBS.

  15. anna says:

    Well I adore Britt and Artie! But everything was hinting to a Brittana storyline this season and suddenly they are gonna change that?
    The writing in this show sucks balls

    • Savannah says:

      I agree with you. The writers keep changing the show like weather. But these are just spoilers. Nothing is written in stone.

  16. Chelsea says:

    No brittana? That’s not possible. It doesn’t connect in my head. Sorry, folks. I can’t believe this until I see it. Heather has got to be playing us.

  17. Sasha says:

    I love Brittany and Artie together.

    That being said, I love Santana, she’s a bitch and she owns it.

    I wouldn’t mind someone lese for her

  18. Ky says:

    All I can say is that if Brit and Artie are together, I’m done. I stuck around in season 2 for some reason; i couldn’t stand any scene with them together (santa, magic comb, etc). Ugh.

  19. Emma says:

    Thanks for the Sons of Anarchy scoop!! Loving the news about the new season!!

    • alr says:

      It’s almost hard to find the SOA fans with all the Glee fanatics going nuts. Glad there’s more of us looking forward to the new season!!

  20. Muireann says:

    Seriously disappointed about the Glee spoilers. That storyline MADE season two! Do the writers not realise that Brittana is one of the most popular couples on the show? Jesus, they never even KISSED and yet they can still beat out Klaine, Finchel etc for the best couple in the majority of polls. Hell, they won the TATER TOP AWARD FOR BEST COUPLE! I love Heather but she seems to be so erratic in her behaviour regarding the storyline. One minute she’s all “Yay lesbians! I love Naya! This storyline is so exciting!” and the next she’s like “No, Brittany and Artie belong together…blah blah blah.” Hopefully she’s mistaken. They can’t have TWO FLUCKING SEASONS OF BUILD-UP, REFER TO THEM AS “SOULMATES”, AND JUST DROP THEM ALTOGETHER! Jesus RIB, just when I thought I could trust you again.

    • Jess says:

      You do realize that the internet polls are rigged???

    • kate says:

      I hope that the spoiler about brittana is true and bartie is so much more cuter. tho I dont even care I have my klaine.

    • eli says:

      polls nowadays doesnt mean nothing. it´s so easy to cheat on them. but what can look are facts how much fandom support can be shown via fanfictions, forum posts and so on.
      lets take fanfiction.net

      stories between brit and santana 2,400
      stories between Rachel and Finn
      stories between Rachel and puck
      3,674 see even puckelberry beats brittana.
      stories between kurt and Blaine 8,562 and they are most recent couple on glee, blaine came to glee in middle of season two.

      gleeforum: shippers page
      Kurt/Blaine (Chris/Darren) 188,790 posts
      Will/Emma (Matt/Jayma) 160,154 posts
      Finn/Rachel (Lea/Cory) 155,585 posts
      Puckleberry (Mark/Lea) 67,659 posts
      Kurt/Dave (Chris/Max) 59,437 posts
      Kurt/Sam (Chris/Chord) 58,251 posts
      Quinn/Puck (Dianna/Mark) 45,353 posts
      and finally Brittana (Heather/Naya) 38,867 posts

      brittana doesnt have their own webpage even, well at least I have seen some. I know that klaine has scarvesandcoffee.net

      calm your tits… seriously

      • true says:

        Brittana isn’t the most popular ship in the Glee fandom, but have you tried looking for Bartie fics? Or the Bartie thread at gleeforum? now those numbers are pityful.

        But I think that really isn’t the point. I think lots of gay girls are going to be crushed by this news. For me, Brittany and Santana are (were?) the ONLY relatable couple on television. People are shouting that everyone on TV is gay, but in fact there is very little lesbian representation. Especially if you’re like me and you find shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Pretty Little Liars rather unwatchable.

        Yes, I admit, Brittany and Artie were pretty cute together. But they are just one of the million other cute straight couples on tv. Brittany and Santana were something entirely new to television. They are special and I will always be rooting for them to be endgame.

        • Garry says:

          SEE. THAT was the problem with season two, the writers listening to the fans instead of writing what they want! Honestly, I can’t understand why Klaine gets as much “love” as they do. The only special thing I see about them is that they’re both boys, and they’re a yawn. Santana and Britney did not save season two, fans of Glee just kept watching, believe it or not most people who watch Glee don’t overranalyze it. Brittana just dosen’t fit to me, I liked them as friends and I’m glad thats how Glee ended that chapter.

          • eli says:

            about season 2, I think the best part was bullying storyline but Rib also wanted to ruin that by making Kartofsy so unbeliable. episode 18 anyone? tho with ep 20 everyhing went back to ok and storyline was ended. “Eat your heart out Kate midleton” and the hallway scene. amazing. Rest of the season was weird there was no other considerable storyline besides Rachel/Finn/Quinn and I think its main reason why I was always so bored.

            so RIB plz no Rachel/Finn/Quinn trama anymore.
            about brittana they werent that big part of the show that I could even noticed or be annoyd.

          • zooey says:

            Some people also watch it for the songs! Although I admit I really like Klaine, Pizes, and Bartie, and also the Chang-Chang whatever they’re called.

        • eli says:

          I think the reason why brittana isnt on is because there is no media buz around them. klaine has it all the time.
          Well bartie hasnt it either lol but idk I think RIB doesnt really care that much about Brittana. If they would have, Bartie break-up whould have been much smoother and for GA Santana went lesbian way too suddenly. GA doent look that much background moments. and even I as a gleek was quite a shoked when santana confessed her love. I just saw brittana has a very good friends. Real life these kind of things happen a lot.

      • @eli says:

        that’s a very… INTERESTING statistics O.o

    • lovelysilksworth says:

      The Brittana fans are certainly more persistent, I’ll give them that. It’s been a long time since I saw repeat voting of the magnitude the Tater Tops seemed to provoke.

  21. yeahbaby says:

    If all the Britana fans leave, the better the show and it’s fandom will be. I hope Heather isn’t lying.

    RIP Britana. muhaha!!!!!!

  22. Mel says:

    Love Jax /Tara!! Can’t wait for the new season…

    • dm says:

      I love Glee and consider myself a definition GLEEK, but can I please get more SOA and Bones info. Anybody…? I mean I need to know these things! Thank God SOA starts up like 2 weeks before the rest of Fall shows.

  23. Eleah says:

    Nobody wants Bartie. No one. This is ridiculous. Brittana is such a better more realistic couple. Artie is such a terrible boyfriend.

    • Chelsea says:

      Amen to this! Artie was so condescending towards her. Plus, Shue pretty much called her stupid in front of the entire club and Artie agreed with him. Who needs enemies with a boyfriend like that?

    • Plommu says:

      Brittana was just a fling, it doesn’t deserve an extended story arc on Season 3.

      • Chelsea says:

        Brittana has been going on since the beginning, actually. Bartie only started because Brittany wanted to make Santana jealous.

        • Cami says:

          Amen to that! I think nobody remembers that the only reason why Britt wanted to do a duet with Artie was because Santana didn’t want to sing “Come to my window” *cof* gay song *cof* with her…

          Plus Artie was a terrible boyfriend with Tina and Brittany.

      • A says:

        A fling? With your best friend you are in love with have been sleeping with for at least two years?

    • Lola says:

      Um, SHE cheated on HIM with Santana. Why has nobody called her out on it, when she’s admitted it in front of everyone. Do people actually agree with her uninformed comments that hooking up with a girl means she’s not cheating on her boyfriend?

    • inge says:

      lets be honest Brit is stupid. Artie was just honest. and santana is just using her stupidity so she can get in her pants.

    • Jon says:

      And Santana is horrible to her as well

    • Brad says:

      Have you not been paying attention to these comments?

    • Huh says:

      Brittana is more realistic? By what means. Artie isn’t a bad boyfriend, ahem Santa and The Magic Comb. Santana is manipulative and dosen’t treat Brittany well at all, she plays on her stupidity. And Artie was in the moment when he called Brittany stupid, which she was being at the time.

    • lovelysilksworth says:

      ‘Nobody wants Bartie’? What about all the people in this comment thread who would be delighted to see Brittany back with Artie?

  24. lau says:

    i really hope they don’t stop the brittana storyline, not only because the fandom will go bananas but because they actually have very interesting storyline with great potential and that people would love
    both heather and naya have played it very well, specially naya, who in my opinion deserved an emmy nomination because along lea and jane she is the best actress, she delivers everything perfectly
    i really hope that they explore it at some point during the season because they made it look really good at the end of season 2, they can’t just say it’s over
    if it is over, well, another disapointment from the glee writers

  25. Sara says:

    Really, Brittany really wants Artie? I’ve never gotten that from the character at all. Even when Brittany was with Artie, she still slept with Santana and obviously loved Santana WAY more than she ever loved Artie. I really hope they explain what happens between the two of them over the summer, because the way the season finale ended really left some hope for Brittana.

    The only positive side I see to this is that it will propel Santana to come out. I bet they bring in a new character who Santana falls for who helps her accept her sexuality and come out.

    I feel bad for Naya, though. She’s the biggest Brittana shipper of them all.

    • E says:

      Honestly, I think this is just Heather talking about what she wants to see happen on the show. Would Brittany really lead Santana on like that after what we all saw in the Season 2 finale?

    • Huh says:

      Britanny loved Santana more than she loved Artie, but stayed with Artie and did not break up with after Santana admitted her feelings. If Brit loved Santana MORE than she would’ve drop Artie like a stack of potatoes and she didnt even give the excuse “I dont want to hurt him” she said she loved him.

      • Meg says:

        But she didn’t say I’m IN love him. Or I’m missing something?

        • Huh says:

          Yes, your missing the point. You don’t stay with a guy who your’re NOT in love with if your “true” love admits their feelings for you. Britney did not say she didn’t want to hurt Artie, she said she loved him. As in, in love with him, which is why she DISSED Santana. She said if her and Artie weren’t together, she’d be with Santana. Yeeeooouuuuccchhh. Theres nothing like being second fiddle. But I find it cute that you stick up for Brittanna and want them to work.

          • Meg says:

            Oh lord, ARE WE WATCHING THE SAME SHOW?

          • Huh says:

            Lol. Yes! The difference is I seem to know what the writers are doing and what tone they are setting. My points are valid and counter yours. But I respect your opinion.

  26. LW says:

    If they were both lesbians I can supporting them but they’re not. Why force a relationship between two people who don’t share the same sexuality? It like wanting Kurt and Finn to be together. Why wouldn’t you want Santana to actually find REAL happiness? I guess you want to ignore the fact that she actually deserves that?

    • Rich says:

      What are you talking about? Did you even watch the show or are you just that ignorant.

      • LW says:

        Actually, I think you’re choosing to ignore the truth, Rich. If Brit was really committed to Santana she would have discovered it by now. And besides there’s nothing wrong with them just being best friends.

        I’m not saying Brittany and Artie are meant to be forever and ever, I’m just saying the sooner Santana realizes the facts, the better she’ll be.

  27. FrenchyMax says:

    I don’t want Brit with Artie!?!?!? I don’t understand that! What’s about “I love you Santana…anything is possible”? I want Santana for Brittany. Just saying!

  28. Santana says:

    Brittany’s not a lesbian. <- fact. Why stay in denial, stans? Life is too short to be upset about this.

    If Kurt can find love with Blaine, shouldn't Santana be allowed to find love with a girl that actually loves her back?

    • F. says:

      Brittany is not a lesbian, she’s bisexual.

    • Brittany says:

      And I quote, “Santana I love you more than anyone I’ve ever loved anyone else.”

      • Santana says:

        Exactly what you’d say to your best friend because you don’t want to crush their feelings. I really do think RIB was just stringing you guys along with this so called ‘couple’ to keep the fan hype going. But now they’re finally being truthful and trying to let you all down easy.

        • S says:

          Um no, actually. After two years of the friends with benefits thing, Brittany wanted more. Santana was the one that said no. While dating Artie, Brittany was still sleeping with Santana. She made San a shirt that said “Lebanese” and got upset when she wouldn’t wear it and dance with her. Not with the club, with her. Then Brittany wanted to come out on her web series in front of the entire world, just so she could ask Santana to prom. Finally, She told San she loved her at least three times.
          That does not sound like someone with strictly platonic feelings for her best friend.

          • Brandy says:

            Ha, Britney was still “sleeping” with Santana because she didnt KNOW it was cheating. Had she known she would have stopped. Britney DID NOT chose Santana over Artie, remember Santana got DISSED until Artie and Santana broke up. Thats when all that more than platonic stuff (the Lebanse shirt as you said) came into effect, after BARTIE BROKE UP. Face it, Brittanna was never even a legit couple, they were not togther. It was friends with benefits.

          • Jane says:

            Cool story ^ First of all it’s Brittany… bitch. Second of all WHEN in the fuuuuu… show Brittany says “I love you Artie” None existent.
            And FYI in born this way (a.k.a Lebanese shirt) they were still dating.

          • Brandy says:

            @Jane, calling me a b*tch. Really? Its just a TV show, calm down. Ahh, crazed and juevenile people who can’t accept facts and someone else’s opinion. Second, check your grammar. Did Britney chose Santana over Artie. No. Did she give her a chance once her and Artie broke up? Yes. Were Santana and Britney ever a legit couple? No. You can argue the fact all you want, as of right now Britana dosen’t exist and it offically never did. Goodbye, child.

          • Marissa says:

            Obviously you don’t watch the show, because you knew what: It’s Brittany… bitch, means.

          • katz says:


            lol marissa comment I have so many troubles that Im using that sandy quote KILL YOURSELF!

  29. Ellen says:

    Bones is turning into a Bromance with Booth and Sweets. I know ED’s pregnancy changes things, but as much as I like these two actors together, it is getting to be a bit much. There are other characters on the show who should be getting more time. I hope that happens. If Brennan is in the lab, I hope that we are seeing more Brennan and Squint time and her relationship with them. Last season, Brennan was portrayed as alone with no real friends, except hannah. They had moved away from her relationships with the others, including Angela, only throwing that friendship in the last couple of episodes. The show really needs to work on balance with the remaining cast. JFD is great but IMO, his character is really overused and the Booth/Sweets relationship is starting to overshadow others on the show, including Booth/Brennan.

    • Chelsea says:

      Thank you for commenting on the Bones news, Ellen. I agree with you. My problem with Bones is that Brennan doesn’t seem to be getting better at socializing. I feel like the writers have made her less capable in a “people” sense just for the sake of laughs. Brennan is incredibly intelligent, and hanging around Booth and Angela should have rubbed off at least a little bit in six years!

      • DM says:

        Thank you both. I went back and watched the pilot and the character was more social and interactive then she is now. It’s slightly understandable but come on. The interchangeable squints have had more airtime than Angela recently and I am getting nothing out of the Cam/Gyno relationship except apparently the writers felt bad for leaving her alone to raise a teenager. I need more lab time. And maybe more Daisy. maybe.

  30. katy says:

    I love Bartie! idk I never liked brittana and yes that lesbian storyline seemed bit forced. Well bartie isnt my favorite couple but sure its better than brittana. I loved bartie in episode 9 and 10, jesus, now that I remember more they are one of the sweetest couple on glee. I think brittana stans should calm down and be honest not everyone wants brittana, GA seems to love Bartie very much. kinda sad to be on tumblr and see that brittana shippers are disliking Heather so much just because she is honest.

    • @katy says:

      Poor Heather gets all the hate because she no longer ships Brittana. Just like when Kevin suggesting a 3some for Artie n Brit n Santana haha.. the good ol days. Seriously, fandom, calm the fcuk down!

  31. Kate says:

    What? WHAT? WHAAAAT? What in the hell do you mean no Brittana? What was the point of season 1 and season 2?? It doesn’t make any sense!! Everybody wants BRITTANA! Not the other way around. Oh this makes me incredibly sad. I love you Heather. But Ryan we need to talk ….

    • katz says:

      maybe Heather quote was taken out of context, maybe she was just joking and yeah not everyone wants Brittana ecpessially GA and we also have no media reactions. yes Bartie isnt popular with fandom but glee viewers like them.
      again fans are not writing the show.

  32. Jess says:

    Okay Barfie shippers, calm your down.
    I don’t get it what’s the point of season 2? Yea, “It was about S acceptance” But still, what up with Britt? And all these I love you Santana. Anything is possible. RIB, keep playing with us. Thank you so much, I spend two years of my life shipping Brittana for Barfie again. I blame Ryan, and Hemo, I you lose me.

    Oh and SANTANA WHO?

  33. Jess says:

    Okay Barfie shippers, calm down.
    I don’t get it what’s the point of season 2? Yea, “It was about S acceptance” But still, what up with Britt? And all these “I love you Santana. Anything is possible” “I want to be with you”. Yeah RIB, good job, keep playing with us. Thank you so much, I spend two years of my life shipping Brittana for Barfie again. I blame Ryan, and Hemo, I you lose me.

    Oh and SANTANA WHO?

    • Mark says:

      REALLY!! What is the point? Brittany prefeers Artie? Why RIB developed the Brittana story if Bartie would be back? Oh I know, BECAUSE IT’S GLEE!

  34. Ellen says:

    Not everyone wants Brittana. That’s the truth. Heather is 100% right.

  35. Jamie says:

    Yes, Heather you’re right, let me count the people who doesn’t want Brittana:
    1.- Mum Morris
    2.- Boyfriend Sid.
    3.- …

    I lose it. Sorry, there are so many who doesn’t want Brittana.

    • Ashley says:

      Seriously, what kind of f*ckery is this?? Who is everyone?

    • john says:

      honeslty most of people I know like Bartie much more than Brittana. and if they do like brittana then only because they hope to see lesbian make out. im just being honest.

      • Jamie says:

        And that’s why Lesbians storylines will never be developed. ‘cos guys just want to see two girls doing it. Why they don’t mess up with Klaine? Because it would be disrespectful for gay people.
        Yeah, that’s make sense.

      • mimi says:

        I like Bartie too, but I don’t agree with you saying that people like Brittana because they want to see two girls doing the dirty. I think the lesbian storyline is also important but Santana will probably have to look for someone else.

  36. HelloS says:

    Opinions on Brittana aside, the reason this ship works is because of the chemistry. Santana and Brittany have unbelievable chemistry and mutual adoration for each other. Naya’s portrayal of Santana toward the end of season 2 was absolutely spot-on as someone who is in love and scared. That’s why it’s so hard to let go of this ship, because it was portrayed so beautifully and perfectly that ending it seems ridiculous. When Santana sang Songbird to Brittany, it was one of the most sincere and most powerful scenes in all of Glee. I’m sorry, but the chemistry between Britt/Santana will never compare to the chemistry between Britt/Artie. Chemistry is the reason a ship like Faberry will ALWAYS have a strong following and it’s also the reason a ship like Finchel will always be debated. Because it’s something that is felt and it cannot be faked. And when Santana looked at Brittany and said they were soul mates, I most definitely felt it.

    • Lauren says:

      THANK YOU!

    • lizy says:

      I see chemistry between Faberry, but not brittana they seem so boring and Songbird didnt do anything for me I havent even watch it twice,
      lol I see much more chemistry between Kurt and Rachel. I could ship them if Kurt couldnt be gay.

      • Hank says:

        YES! 100% AGREE. I see no romantic chemistry between Heather and Naya. Oh, and please don’t mention Faberry, you might get Faberry fans started.

        • Marissa says:

          HAHAHA ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Have you ever see the gheya tour? No, no, wait, Season 1? When Brittana was just background? I don’t think we are watching the same show…

          • Hank says:

            Question, did Brittney and Santana ever date, on the record? NO. Just because a couple is together dosen’t mean the actors have chemistry, Heather and Naya don’t, just like Dianna and Cory.

    • Jon says:

      Chemistry is subjective I see it more between Bartie and Brittana, and see none with faberry.

      • katz says:

        yep agree with Jon. For example many say that they dont see chemistry between klaine. But I again see it, idk.

      • juju says:

        yep, I don’t see Faberry too, but that’s okay because they’re not a couple. I see chemistry between Brittana but as good friends and nothing more.

    • Jon says:

      Chemistry is subjective I see it more between Bartie than Brittana, and see none with faberry.

      • Meg says:

        Chemistry between Barfie? I’m sorry but all I can do is laugh. Come on, how many times did Brittany said to Artie I love you? That relationship was just because Santana didn’t want to accept that she is a lesbian, Brittany wanted to make her jealous with a wheel chair guy. I am sorry, and this is my oppinion but it’s more believable Brittana. Maybe Songbird didn’t do anything for that gurl but it did it for Brittany.

  37. LC says:

    If they seriously get Bartie back together after the last season where Brittany says she’s never loved anyone more then Santana in the whole world, then WOW. Glee really likes to mess with the Brittana ship.

    • kaate says:

      it was joke from the beginning honestly I dont understand why people statred look it serously.

      • Lexi says:

        Well obiously isn’t a joke for Brittana shippers. ” I love you, Santana. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone else in this world.” #justsayin’

        • Hank says:

          Brittanan fans keep using that line as validation for a non-existing relationship. Brittany said those words in more of a friends connotation, and Santana’s response proved that.

  38. Kika says:

    Oh God, more Sweets?? I am tired of Sweets, I mean, we have another characters, more interesting characters in fact, as Hodgins who can work side by side with Booth…the premise is FBI guy and a Scientist…and as Brennan’s say…psychology is a soft science.
    I know Emily’s pregnancy is a challenge this season, but Sweets is not a good character to fill her shoes in the field…
    They are abusing of Sweets as a character, he is in the middle of everything in the show, and frankly is annoying!
    Uff…I just want a good season for Bones, and lately that is like an imposible dream, the last 2 season were very bad in my humble opinion.
    The show has an amazing cast, where’s Angela, or Hodgins, and Cam? We miss our squint squad, take note HH…we miss the awesome dynamic that made this show so good in the past.
    We need BALANCE, and Sweets in every single situation is not balance.
    Thank God I found new shows to watch, because I have a bad feeling about Bones future if they don’t make a good 7 season. Castle is very fun…and the whole cast is so good!.

    • Lisa says:

      So true! Since when can’t Booth tell when people are lying? That’s supposed to be one of him strengths. Why on earth would he need Sweets to do that for him? I hate the whole idea of the “buddy cop” routine with these two. If I want to watch a comedy, I’ll watch Big Bang Theory.

    • @Kika says:

      I would like to see more Hodgela and Cam, but I love Sweets and am glad to see him too. Looking forward to the new season! :)

  39. ray says:

    I am so sick of people blaming Heather for any type of bump in the Brittana ship. The woman says something that people disagree with and automatically think she’s against the story or uncomfortable doing it. She has been very supportive and people always forget that.

    And she doesn’t write the show!

  40. Jessica says:

    Blame on Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk for the “Brittana was always on”
    Yeah… I see it.

  41. Carol says:

    “The writers may play with it a little bit more”

    I can’t believe she said this. Is this a game or…? Not for us.

  42. Victoria says:

    Heather just need to say: Artie and Brittany are getting married, and the pieces of my heart will be break again in little pieces.
    Just kill me already.

  43. ricky says:

    What the hell? What about when Brittany said she loves Santana more than she’s ever loved anyone else?

  44. Celine says:

    I don’t remember… is Odette Annable supposed to become a regular in season 8 or is this just a guest spot?

  45. Jenny says:

    This is absolute crap! Bartie just needs to STOP! They have had their time to be together! I want BRITTANA now! I.. just cant… this serioucly sucks!!

  46. Mary says:

    OMG! I can’t believe the spoilers about Glee are real. This has to be a joke or a misunderstanding or just plain trolling. Brittany had feelings for Santana that went beyond frienship and only asked Artie to be her duet partner because Santana blew her off and hurt her feelings. Brittany only got together with Artie because she liked the idea of wheeling him around. Throughout their relationship, Artie was a horrible boyfriend and Brittany cheated on him with Santana. There wasn’t love there. Brittany was the one to push Santana to explore and express her feelings for her. Brittany didn’t waste a moment after breaking up with Artie to ask Santana out to prom. Brittany didn’t take Artie back when he sung that creepy song to her. She’d rather go to prom alone than go with him. Brittany never told Artie that she loved him, but she expressed her love for Santana at least three times (Sexy – “Of course I love you”; Born This Way – “I do love you. Clearly you don’t love you as much as I do, or you’d put the shirt on and dance with me”; New York – “I love you, Santana. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone else in this world”). Brittana is meant to be. Artie treats Brittany like a toddler (magic comb?) or just like cr*p (Never Been Kissed episode) whereas Santana treats Brittany with love and respect (“When did you get so smart”). Brittany also makes Santana be a better person. And don’t get me started on the chemistry. Bartie have zero chemistry. These spoilers make no sense.

    • Jen says:

      Chemistry is subjective not objective

    • juju says:

      Right, like Santana never manipulated Brit?? She told Brit that they made out is not cheating because of the different plumbing? She used her because she knew that Brit would just take her words for it.

  47. Hannah says:

    If there’s one thing America needs right now it’s BRITTANA.
    Also Angels.

  48. Rhuy says:

    Everyone wants Brittany & Artie together??? Lol.. Since when? I’m guessing this must mean everyone in New Directions because Brittany & Artie is clearly has one of the smallest (if even existing) fan bases ever. Kind of sad that despite nearly a full season together they really haven’t won over anyone except maybe a few creepers who post over and over on forums trying to make it seem like someone actually cares. Obviously the recent tour, questions from media and fans clearly indicate everyone loves Brottana. But I guess the creators are worried about a few homophobes out there who think Glee is too gay so they’ll put Brittany w/Artie despite the fact no one likes them and it really doesn’t make sense. Obviously a relationship born out of a girl trying to make the person she actually wanted to be in a relationship with jealous and a boy who just wanted a pretty girl to talk to him makes for a great pairing… But hey, this is Glee.

    • Jordan says:

      Sheesh, calm down. Just because you’re ship isn’t happening doesn’t mean you have to insult everything on this side of the sun. Bartie may not have a gigantic fanbase like Brittana does, but it seems like they are shipped by the only people who really matter(the writers).

  49. Jessica says:

    I hate all of this. The Bartie vs. Brittana debacle. Who’s gay and who’s not. And the summer spoilers (which have a tendency to not be true, so i will believe it when i see it).
    We all know that Heather prefers Bartie over Brittana. But can we all have a little empathy for one another? The Britttana storyline meant alot to some viewers, and to see it thrown up and the air like that hurts.
    And come on. This is Glee. Probably one of the gayest shows on T.V. Santana is a lesbian. Deal with it.
    I just wish that the writers wouldn’t treat the relationships on Glee like weather; always changing it.
    So if you’ll excuse me, I’ll willl be singing “Don’t Stop Believing” until September 20th.

  50. Victoria says:

    I agree with everything you say.