So You Think You Can Dance: The 12 Best Routines of Season 8

So You Think You Can Dance airs the first half of its Season 8 finale Wednesday night, and with Melanie, Sasha, Marko, and Tadd in the mix, you know we’ll be witnessing tears, standing ovations, and possibly even tickets for the not-referenced-as-frequently-as-it-used-to-be Hot Tamale Train. (WOO-HOO!) What better time to review the 12 best routines from the show’s previous eight weeks of performance episodes? Without further ado, let the countdown begin…

12. Iveta and Nick (Top 20, Quickstep: Jason Gilkison) Yeah, it’s a little cray-cray that in Week One of competition, our World Champion in Quickstep drew…the Quickstep! But a lot of other dancers managed to draw their own styles in Top 20 week, too. And if Iveta and Nick had drawn, say, hip-hop, we’d have been robbed of one of the season’s most riveting displays of footwork. Honestly, there wasn’t a moment of the dance — set to Sweet’s “Ballroom Blitz” — where Iveta and Nick’s feet seemed to touch the ground. Their posture was impeccable. Their joy was palpable. And they infused the whole number with a gleeful rock-and-roll attitude.

11. Melanie and Tadd (Top 6, Broadway: Spencer Liff) I’m always wary of a routine that requires a 30-second setup — he’s a choreographer! she’s the lead dancer! she’s falling for him! he’s just acting the part to draw the best performance out of her! — but this one packed enough genuine emotion to fill an entire miniseries. Melanie showcased her exquisite acting and dancing skills once again, and Tadd proved himself an able thespian in his own right. Plus, it never hurts to dance to a Shirley Bassey remix. Nigel’s critique of Tadd — “to say you didn’t suck is a compliment” — felt condescending in the extreme, but at least guest judge Christina Applegate countered by telling him that his port de bras was better than many ballet dancers.

10. Clarice and Jess (Top 14, Contemporary: Justin Giles) Jess and Clarice brought a newfound sense of maturity and depth to my favorite piece of Top 14 week, a stark, skittery contemporary routine about the end of an intense relationship. Every touch between the duo was infused with a disarming mix of attraction and revulsion, wistfulness and anger. I thought the costuming was a little strange — Clarice’s short white onesie, Jess’ short-sleeved dress shirt and V-neck vest — but guest judge Travis Wall was right that after weeks of coming thisclose to a moment, the couple finally hit their stride.

9. Sasha and Alexander (Top 20 Redux, Hip-Hop: NappyTabs) NappyTabs’ finest Season 8 moment told the tale of a soldier returning from Afghanistan to his emotionally spent wife, and if this was a film, let’s just say Sasha would be campaigning for a Best Actress Oscar, while Alexander would have to focus on the Supporting Actor category. Mary Murphy was spot-on when she said that Sasha’s soul was bursting through that gripping intro, in which she writhed in pain and anticipation and nervousness as Alexander marched slowly, methodically out of a war zone and back into civilian life. The slight moment of hesitation as the dancers connected — followed by their blissful, triumphant reunion — was undeniably gorgeous. Burning question: How in the heck did these kids pull off that beastly move with Alexander executing a handspring-into-headstand onto Sasha’s back while she held steady on all fours?

8. Sasha and Melanie (Top 8, Sonya Tayeh: Jazz
) Two beasts exploding in the night. Melanie’s sublime precision, paired with Sasha’s feral passion, brought out new and thrilling aspects of both dancers’ personalities, and made it easy to see why Nigel Lythgoe keeps predicting these will be the last two contestants standing. As Gaga threw one of her obscenely big platform boots to Melanie and Sasha, and the other to The Lady Tayeh, I wished somehow I could hurl something through the screen and into the SYTYCD studio to show my own appreciation for what had just gone down.

7. Sasha and All-Star Kent (Top 6, Tyce Diorio: Contemporary ) Tyce delivered his most successful piece of the season, sending Sasha and Kent through the harrowing steps of a soured relationship utilizing a sparse and ominous wall. Do I wish he hadn’t introduced it by telling us the number was about “two people who hit a wall”? Well, yeah. But damn the finished product was mesmerizing. Guest judge Christina Applegate was right that Sasha is such a riveting presence that you find yourself watching her just as carefully when she’s sitting static against a wall as you do when she’s performing an inverted split propped on Kent’s shoulders.

6. Caitlynn Lawson and Mitchell Kelly (Top 20 Redux, Contemporary: Stacey Tookey) The peak performance for this underrated pair started with Caitlynn and Mitchell in armchairs — the former in the foreground and filled with angst, the latter in the background and exuding confidence. As Nigel put it, the choreography was “remarkable” and packed with an inherent sense of drama, but just as impressive to me was the way Caitlynn and Mitchell lost themselves in their characters. I gasped when she springboarded off that chair into his arms with utter fearlessness. A chill swept through me when he ended the dance by crossing his leg and turning off the light with a quiet menace. You didn’t need Stacey to explain the backstory of the dance to understand the little telenovela playing out on the screen because Caitlynn and Mitchell’s faces and bodies told the entire tale — even after Mitchell accidentally punched Caitlynn in the face and caused her nose to bleed. How’s that for a high degree of difficulty?

5. Melanie and All-Star Neil: (Top 8, Mandy Moore: Contemporary
) No disrespect to Bonnie Tyler, but you know that you’re witnessing some world-class dancing when a routine set to “Total Eclipse of the Heart” cracks the season’s Top 5. Every single one of Melanie and Neil’s movements was absolute perfection, but the true jaw-dropper came when Melanie sprinted the length of the stage and took a death-defying leap into Neil’s arms. Un-freaking-believable. Bonus awesomeness in the form of Gaga’s comment to Melanie: “I would hire you tomorrow to dance on my tour.”

4. Marko and All-Star Allison (Top 8, Sonya Tayeh: Contemporary
) Of all the All-Stars in all the world to walk into this piece, thank heavens it was the sensational, deeply emotional Allison. And thank heavens we got to see that Marko could soar in a piece partnered with someone other than Melanie. Sonya Tayeh said that this piece was about “causing that damage to someone and you’re basking in the guilt of it, but it moves you to want to change.” And while that’s rather a mouthful to describe the movement of two people in a two-minute routine, Marko and Allison brought every emotion and every nuance of Sonya’s vision to achingly beautiful life.

3. Jordan Casanova and Tadd Gadduang (Top 12, Contemporary: Travis Wall) A stunning piece of work, which featured the former dancer as a vulture lady, and the latter as a very dehydrated and very shirtless (thanks, Travis) traveler. The vibration that traveled through Jordan’s body, all the way to her toes the first time Tadd “choked” her was mesmerizing, and dude’s flip-jump combo and general flexibility were a sight to behold.

2. Sasha Mallory and All-Star Twitch (Top 10, Christopher Scott: Hip-Hop) I could really sum this routine up in two words: Damn, Sasha! Or perhaps just quote Cat Deeley’s quip about breakfast being “the most important meal of the day.” But I can’t help but want to say a little more about the way Season 8′s warrior princess threw her body and soul into a number about a couple whose passion gets unexpectedly reawakened over tea and toast. It didn’t hurt that the explosive steps juxtaposed so interestingly with the soft sounds of Dorothy Moore’s “Misty Blue,” or that Sasha and Twitch possessed the acting chops (and the chemistry) to bring this little set piece to life. Bust Sasha brought such raw power and strength to the choreography — that move where she strode toward Twitch as he backed away, the crazy way she bounced off the floor into an incredible, unsupported arch — that I couldn’t hold it against Nigel when he added insult to the injury of Alexander’s elimination last week by noting that this was the first time all season that Sasha had believable chemistry with a partner.

1. Melanie Moore and Marko Germar (Top 20, Contemporary: Travis Wall) Was Mary’s “Oh em gee a moment like this only comes once or twice a season” critique a little 1-800-Sister-Please? It seemed so at the time, considering Melanie and Marko’s number about a love affair between a couple of statues arrived during the first performance episode of the season. But as it turns out, Mary was right on the money. There was something quietly, achingly beautiful about the way Melanie and Marko brought their characters to life — the way they used every single bar of music to convey their longing, their love, and their joy at coming together — that made it perfectly understandable why Mary and guest judge Megan Mullally were moved to tears. When the music (Ingrid Michaelson’s “Turn to Stone”) shifted and the duo launched into a series of ecstatic leaps and spins, I was clutching the couch cushions in a state of suspense and anticipation. That’s some good dancing, people!

OK, folks! You’ve got my Top 10 dances of Season 8. Now it’s time to share yours. Were there any moments of greatness I missed? Anything in my Top 10 that made you wince? Sound off below, and for all my reality recaps and commentary — including my season-finale review and interviews with the Season 8 top 2 — follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Chmarin says:

    The Melanie+Sasha Jazz routine is WAY overrated, if you ask me. Why the judges gave them a standing ovation is beyond me. Just a typical Sonya routine. :/

    • browneyed61 says:

      Nigel has shown his bias every week towards Melanie; however, Sasha is a far better dancer and entertainer. She gives her all in each routine she performs, including those outside her genre.

      • Andrea says:

        I disagree. I think he favors Sasha, who I believe it totally over rated. She is good but not as good as everyone is making her out to be!

        • Cheri P. says:

          I totally agree. I think Sasha is CRAZY overrated. All of a sudden she is this strong, tortured soul who has risen from the ashes of a sad and emotional life? Why don’t I remember any of this info from auditions or Vegas week? All I remember is how much fun I had watching her interact with her sister. Reminded me of me and my little sister. I don’t buy the affected, but strong act. It just came out of nowhere. Seemed like a ploy for votes to me…As for Melanie, everything she does is so believable and sincere. I have to remind myself to breathe while I’m watching her, she’s so captivating. And, to me, it’s blatantly obvious who the better dancer is when you watch the two ladies dance together. Melanie wins for me, HANDS DOWN.

          • Phoebi says:

            They didn’t say she was a tortured soul who had an emotional life… they dance was about Sasha overcoming challenges she had faced in her life. Everyone has faced challenges. It really was not as dramatic as you are making it out to be, considering it was only mentioned in once dance. And you call Sasha overrated and not Melanie? Ew, Melanie stan!

          • Kate says:

            I agree with you. I’m also really confused as to where pushing Sasha as the hard knock kid came from because it’s definitely become a theme. Whether it’s comments from the judges or the choreographers it’s been mentioned multiple times in the last few shows. Made me feel like I missed some huge back story. I mean listening to Sonya talk about crafting her routine tonight about overcoming things because that’s how Sasha has faced her life was really just too much. I hate when the show starts pushing back stories of the dancers, rather than just letting their performances speak for themselves.

          • Patti says:

            Cheri, I couldn’t have said this any better! Melanie doesn’t have any “schtick” going on, if you know what I mean. She is by far the best dancer who has ever graced that stage. Style, class and grace.
            There is no doubt in most people’s minds that she will be crowned the winner, and be very deserving and (humble) about it!! Go Mel!

          • pamela says:

            I also agree, and they ARE fully pushing the notion that Sasha has been through excrutiating personal pain, hard knocks, tough times, and I watched every moment of the auditions where none of this was brought up. If it’s true, I’m sorry, but MANY of these dancers are overcoming adversity–HELLO, Marko? Sasha is incredibly talented and I love watching her, but technically Melanie is beyond her. And she has more acting ability, although I might agree that Sasha has more charisma. At any rate, the “tough knocks, hard-luck life” thing seems inauthentic to me. She had a distinct advantage, IMO, going through nearly all of the audition process with her sister by her side.

      • KevyB says:

        Totally! If you watch Sasha’s arms and legs, she’s quite sloppy. Her kicks almost always have a bent knee. And unless she’s doing a routine where she’s a tortured soul, she doesn’t always bring a great performance to the dancing. Marko also has problems with some of the performing aspects, and Nigel totally called them both on it in their Broadway number, thankfully…… As for the top dances of the season, it’s difficult to even care. Last season had weaker dancers but so many great dances. This one had a much stronger cast (after some of the hip-hoppers got the boot) yet few real goosebump moments. Can we find something else to do besides “Woman in a Bad Relationship” storylines?

      • Sherr says:

        If that were true, then why each week was Nigel telling Sasha that she was his favorite. He really liked both of them, and there was absolutely not any bias toward Melanie..who, by the way, is a better dancer than Sasha…which takes nothing away from Sasha, she’s terrific, but Melanie is one of the best dancers I’ve seen.

    • charlie says:

      Ummmmmm.. I suspect you are clearly in a small minority of people who didn’t think the Sasha Melanie piece was worthy of a standing ovation. I also suspect you have some sort of bias that keeps you from an objective view.

    • Lulio3 says:

      Totally agree with you about this routine. Way overrated. I might have included the Caitlyn and Pasha Argentinian tango instead of this routine.

  2. Marta says:

    Pretty spot-on list, Slezak.

    I’m still not over the way-too-early departure of Nick. Loved their quickstep. He could have been something. Totally robbed.

    • Wendeeloo says:

      I agree I think the show made the biggest mistake by ignoring the first week’s votes (please. EVERY season the audience doesn’t know the contestants very well ) and By delaying it to the next week and eliminating Nick – the show lost someone who was so versatile – And a potential through the roof . I would think often that he’d likely be in the finale What a waste.

      • Aimzee says:

        I think if Nick had been given a different partner, he would have been there to the end. Why he was paired with a 10 time World Championship is beyond me. I think he would have had some outstanding performances and possibly TOP 4. Nigel please do not do this again.

  3. JayK* says:

    I hate to be Negative Nancy, but all this list did is remind me how much I miss the SYTYCD of season’s past. If I were to make a list of my top 20 favourite routines in the history of the show, not a single one from this season would be on it.

    • Kate says:

      Seconded. I realized looking over the list that I actually can’t remember very many of these routines. This season has been pretty blah. I miss seasons past when even the routines that weren’t the best of the night were worthy of being watched over and over again. This season even the best routine of the night isnt that memorable.

      • Chmarin says:

        Totally agree. I used to watch the S4 routines over and over and over again. And I could tell you my top 20 fav routines just off the top of my head. I had to stop to think for a few seconds to actually remember half of these routines. :(

    • Aimzee says:

      Yes, there was one memorable routine I have played 10 times over. It was the Tap routine in the finale featuring Nick, Jess, and Mark. It was exciting, unexpected, and worthy of praise. Oh, but does that count as the best performance of the season? YES!

  4. lily says:

    I definitely agree with #1, though I would have moved up Melanie/Neil to #3

  5. Daisy says:

    I love your list Michael, but I think that instead of Allison and Marko’s piece, which to me, was a redux of Allison and Alex’s piece set to Hallelujah (similar lighting, similar angsty movements, song sung by the same artist, and same choreographer) I would have gone for Marko and Caitlynn’s Sonya piece from last week, which was a break through moment for Caitlynn and one of the better pieces of Sonya’s. Too I liked it better and it moved me more than Tasty Oreo’s piece for Sasha and Kent last week. I also preferred Marko and Melanie’s Nap/Tab hip-hop piece for some of the sheer joy in it than the Napy/Tab number that you chose. I don’t know–I think sometimes the judges (and I do too) get too caught up in the story and not enough in the dance. I wish there were more dances where the ‘story’ was about joy and happiness–I think that’s what was so refreshing about one of the Travis pieces from very early on in the season. It was a group number and it had the dancers throwing leaves around. It was beautiful (and rare) for the pure joy that it conveyed.

  6. missT says:

    Am I the only person on earth who finds Melanie clunky? Just can’t get into “sublime” or “exquisite” with her. I’d definitely reverse #1 & 2.

    • Ace says:

      Honestly, I think you might be. I know some people think she’s slightly overpraised, but “clunky” seems a bit extreme. Personally, I think she’s marvelous. Not perfect, but very, VERY good.

    • Bobbi says:

      I’d switch #1 and 2 also. For me, that Sasha/Twitch collaboration was perfection. Would definitely rank in my top three routines of all time on this show.

    • not says:

      I would never have described Melanie that way but it fit that disco routine last night. WOW, that was just bad all around. But I would also use it for Sasha in her routine with Marko and her cha-cha with Tadd.

  7. Aaron says:

    Not sure what I would take off this list, but I thought Clarice and Robert’s Bollywood was the best one the show has done since Katee & Joshua (and maybe even better).

    Was also a big fan of the Ricky and Allison Nightmare piece, even if it was choreographed by T.D.

    • Aimzee says:

      Yes, the Bollywood number with Clarice and Robert was VERY good. I wonder why it’s not on the list? I loved the Bollywood dance with the five girls. Was that Season 6?

  8. K2 says:

    While far from the best, I think that Chris and Ashley’s jazz number “Please Mr Jailer” from Top 18 week was a lot of fun and deserved a spot on this list.

  9. Bill B says:

    How can we overlook Melanie and Marko’s lyrical hip-hop to Leona Lewis’ ” I Got You” ? It was beyond fantastic and that kiss just made everyone smile! As for “I’m Coming Home” Alexander was completely overshadowed and looked awkward and out of place the whole time. Sasha alone would make the list but Alexander roughy it way down.

    • Ace says:

      Ooooh, agreed. That M/M piece was SO good.

    • William says:

      YES! Thank you! That may not have been technically the best dance, but by golly it was my favorite single number of the whole season. It was one of the few that made me feel something, and it just gave me chills. The movement was understated but fantastic.

  10. Nornny says:

    Agree with K2 on Chris and Ashley’s jazz number. Don’t disagree that Nick and Iveta went before their time, but also want to add Wadi and Missy to the fold. Their Lady Gaga jazz routine the first week was amazing, I thought Wadi had a lot of potential to make things interesting.

    While I like the Marko and Melanie routines that were chosen, their lyrical hip hop was pretty spectacular as well. That was some kiss…

  11. Kevin C. says:

    7 contemporary performances, 2 hip hops, and a jazz. Seems like people have an advantage when they draw certain styles.

  12. H says:

    I agree mostly with this list. Though there were a couple I didn’t really think we’re that in the top. But this season has been a little lackluster in good routines in genres outside of Contemporary. I still think Nick should and could have been in the Top 4 and won the whole thing if Nigel hadn’t messed with the eliminations.
    BTW, at the end you mention that you’ve shared your Top 10 routines when you actually shared your Top 12 routines.

    • Aimzee says:

      H, there are several of us who agree with your assessment. Nick had so much potential, and I mentioned at least TOP 4 in my earlier post. This one backfired as one of his more exciting dancers went home too early. Why can’t he just let things happen naturally?

  13. Saracen Riggins says:

    I definitely would have Melanie & Marko’s hip hop on here. LOVED IT. I’d also have Caitlynn & Marko’s from last week to the Flo + the Machine song, as well as Allison & Ricky’s nightmare dance. That one, to me, was completely underrated.

  14. Sara says:

    I agree with about half of the list. I’d put on Caitlynn’s samba from last week for sure.

  15. Amy says:

    I agree mostly with this list especially the Melanie/Neill, Sasha/Twitch, and Caitlynn/Mitchell dances. But you left off my very favorite: Melanie and Marko’s NapTap hip-hop. It was AMAZING and the kiss left me clapping with a big smile on my face. I also loved Clarice’s Bollywood. It was awesome.

  16. Ace says:

    I would have swapped Marko and Caitlynn’s amazing Top 6 Sonya number in for the Sasha/Alexander piece, which I think really paled in comparison to Joshua and Katee’s original.

  17. Elaine says:

    I think this season has been the most blah season ever.
    I have found a lot of the dances boring. The judges seem to go overboard on thier praises for Sasha and Melanie. Something is missing this season. I donr’t ever care who goes home because there is no one outsatanding.

    • coppertopolo says:

      I have found this season pretty uninspiring. Although, with all the Emmy nominations – we are in for the same for future seasons.
      I also don’t think having Mary Murphy back has done anything to improve the show. I find her Tamale Train routine and her constant screaming a continual irritant.
      I’m afraid that SYTYCD may have reached its’ peak.

  18. whatevs says:

    You definitely get an A for effort for even coming up with 12 that were supposedly good. I can’t even think of 5 that I liked from this season.

  19. dee says:

    What about Melanie & Marko’s lyrical hip hop number by Nappy Tabs? I loved the nuances in the moments when Melanie was supporting Marko…lifting the chin, turn of the head, the emotion. Definitely better than the statue contemporary number.

  20. Ladyhelix says:

    Thank you for remembering Caitlynn and Mitchell (Top 20 Redux,”Turning Tables”). It hasn’t been quite the same for me since Mitchell left, and I hope these two dance together tomorrow night.

    Tonight’s show was a bit underwhelming – thank goodness for the all stars!!

  21. Karlee says:

    Melanie had more standing Os, more wow comments from judges and guest judges (and job offers) than any other dancer all season long. And never in the bottom! From her breathtaking audition, to her memorable/awesome dances with Marco to Neil … not to mention her stunning solos, Melanie is my fave. She has a special quality that sets her above the rest. As Lil C said, she has a “quiet fire.” She’s a star on the rise and whether she wins or not, she’s headed for the big time. But don’t listen to me – I’m just a fan … listen to experts like Kenny Ortega who would hire her for his “Dirty Dancing” remake. Go, Melanie!

  22. PFitzDC says:

    I agree with most…but not all.

    The Sexy Beasts Melanie/Sasha number left me cold.
    And my favorite NappyTab number was the Melanie/Marko about best friends falling in love.
    And the Tadd/Jordan vulture piece was a rare Travis Wall number that I did NOT care for…

    My possible alternatives?
    the Iveta Pasha in the Top 20 performance show was fantastic.
    I also loved Clarice and Jess’ Frank Sinatra number; the first Tadd/Jordan waltz piece; Sasha and Alexander and the piano; Ryan and Ricky as zombies; Sasha and Alexander doing that cool paso doble; Clarice and Robert’s Bollywood, Marko and Chelsie doing the salsa (or samba–I confuse them) Ricky and Allison were pretty amazing, too.

  23. evelyn says:

    I think we dont give credit to both dancers when we compare Melanie and Sasha. They are both good but different dancers. Its true that melanie has the better personality, the charming smile, she reminds of Lauren last season. Thay doesnt take anything away from Sasha. She is a good dancer and I like her. But to be honest, the judges are biased in Melanies favour.

  24. evelyn says:

    To further encourage those who made it to the final, at times winning is not everything, this is a stepping stone.
    Hint Travis didnt win, Twitch didnt win and i dont remember who won American Idol the year Jennifer Hudson was a contestant but look at them now. That exposure if they utilise it will take them places. Enjoy your moment.

  25. Quinn says:

    I don’t get all these reviews about Melanie’s emotion and wonderful acting. I liked her very much right from the start. She’s a technically beautiful dancer but as the season went on and she never gave me anything else I started losing interest. I never have any emotional connection from her, never see any real emotion from her. She’s just a technician. Sorry. Give me Sasha’s incredible acting and emotion over Melanie’s technicality any day.

    • Jack says:

      Sasha? Really? Overwrought and overdone maybe but certainly nothing special.

      • Daisy says:

        Couldn’t agree with you more Jack. Melanie has shown more acting/emotional range this season than any other contestant. Sasha not so much. She’s good at the ‘warrior princess’ type dances, but she falters when she has to show more subtle or nuanced emotions. Her Broadway routine last night no emotional range, but her dancing was good; her cha-cha from last night? Ugh. Horrendous. She looked like she could barely stand to be out there for that number. I don’t know. Definitely don’t agree with Quinn.

  26. Rachel says:

    I really liked Marko & Tadd’s hip-hop (I think?) trash men routine, that was so cool!

  27. Mike C. says:

    I feel there is one glaring omission on this list, and that would be Chris and Ashley’s amazing Broadway number by Spencer Liff, set against the jail cell bars. One of the only routines in this entire disappointing season (too much contemporary) that I watched more than once…

  28. Samantha says:

    I loved Melanie and Marko’s “I Got You” dance. And Clarice and Robert’s Bollywood number, but I love every Bollywood number.

  29. KR says:

    I really liked the top 10 guys Door routine.

  30. Sherr says:

    Just an observation on the season..while I thought the dancers were the best group of all the seasons (every other year there were at least a couple of people who made it through for reasons I didn’t understand). Personality-wise it was a little less exciting, and I can’t put my finger on why exactly…although Melanie was my choice from day one, I found that a lot of the dancers, though really good, sort of left me blah. Also, choreographically, even though there were some good numbers, it sort of had a B-team feel, with a lot of the dances letting the dancers down. I definitely missed Mia’s choreography this year, and I long for another dance from Wade Robson.

  31. JVC says:

    Based on this list if I had a time machine I would’ve gone back to the double elimination and kept iveta and nick over ryan and ricky. The fact the ricky outlasted jess, nick, and even alexander and never had a moment on stage outside his solos amazes me. I mean besides the top 2 guys, nick and jess got to do an AWESOME tap routine w/ the uk winner. I guess tap dancers can succeed on this show, well in other countries that is. Maybe next season the us will give us a good tapper or two. And quick shout out to iveta who could’ve been this season’s anya but never got the chance. Next season really needs more diversity, in contestants and the dances themselves. The fact the most of the best performances were contemporary routines really says something.

    • Aimzee says:

      You are absolutel right. Nick should have been given the opportunity to go on. It seemed the judges didn’t want to break up the pairs. Seasons 2 and 3 had some of the best dancers ever.

  32. cali says:

    All of the dancers are amazing. It all boils down to what choreography that they happen to get. Some of the routines that melanie got could have been performed better by some of the other dancers (not taking anything away from melanie though cause she is a great dancers) But I do think that because all the focus was on her, some of the other dancers never really got the praise that they deserved for the routines they did. I also dont like how nigel kept saying things like “your my favorite” or “the girls are going to win” etc…