Glee Exclusive: American Dreams Girl Vanessa Lengies Enrolls at McKinley High

Another fresh face will be turning up in the halls of McKinley High when Glee returns this fall.

American Dreams alum Vanessa Lengies is joining the Fox hit’s Season 3 cast in the recurring role of Sugar, a new student who is described as a cross between Molly Shannon and a New Jersey Housewife.

Sugar was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and a tin ear. Basically, she can’t carry a tune to save her life, but I’m guessing that won’t stop her from auditioning for a spot in New Directions.

The casting of Lengies, who currently plays Nurse Kelly Epson on TNT’s HawthoRNe, comes just hours after Friday Night Lights‘ LaMarcus Tinker was tapped to recur as a new love interest for Amber Riley’s Mercedes.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    I loved her on American Dreams! She’s so beautiful!

  2. xav says:

    Vanessa from PMK! I never get over the kids from PMK actually doing stuff.

  3. Alice says:

    blah, I love the original cast,I dont care about the new ones, who will probably steal lines from them. u_u

    • Devo says:

      but when the original cast is graduating after this year, it would be awkward for new kids to just randomly show up at the beginning of season 4. if you begin to slowly weave them in, it will be more natural, like maybe this Sugar girl will be a freshman, and then a sophomore next year, once Finn, Rachel, Kurt, and Santana (all confirmed), have moved on…

      • Rose says:

        Ryan Murphy and co. had 2 seasons already to add new characters gradually so that when Rachel, Finn, Puck, Quinn, Santana, Mike, Kurt, Blaine, Karofsky, and Lauren graduate they would have been on our screens and hopefully in our hearts.
        But they didn’t think this out. Big surprise there! Frankly, very few fans are tuning in for Sue and Shue. Or even Tina, Artie and Mercedes who may be around if there is a season 4. Adding new characters now, who will inevitably take away screentime and solos from fan favorites won’t earn them popularity. A large number of fans will resent anyone taking attention away from our favorites who won’t be with the show much longer. Better to have kept the Gleeks happy during season 3 and then added new characters in season 4 when they won’t be competing for attention from the likes of Cory Monteith, Lea Michele and Chris Colfer.

      • Andie says:

        Vanessa Lengies played a highschooler on “American Dreams” almost a decade ago. Somehow, I don’t think she’ll be playing a freshman.

  4. Alison says:

    I loved Vanessa on American Dreams…glad to see her joining the cast of Glee : )

  5. Ace says:

    She was great in Stick It. Excellent combination of uninhibited comedic instincts and likability. Still not enough to get me to watch Glee again, though. That show and I broke up early in S2, and I’m not going back.

  6. Sivat says:

    The description alone makes her character sound obnoxious and hate-able.

  7. Vanessa says:

    I can deal with her character as long as she dosen’t have a storyline more than 5 minutes and dosen’t join the New Directions. Its hard to remember everyone now. . .they said her character would be like Danielle Staub from RHONJ. Um, *barf*

  8. DL says:

    I enjoyed her in the film Waiting, and while I never watched much Hawthorne, she’s been good in the handful of episodes I’ve seen. Good for her.

  9. Kevin says:

    Rival to the Unholy Trinity? Santana love interest?

  10. Sheikia says:

    Wow. All the kids from PMK are becoming really successful! I’m so happy to have a third Canadian on the show!

  11. Scarlet says:

    Hello, Suntana! Not a bad choice. =)

  12. Marcus says:

    I like the actress a lot, but Glee doesn’t need more characters, it needs to do better with the ones it already has.

  13. Marky Mark and Funk Bunch says:

    I’m kinda wondering what purpose her character could have?

    Mean Girl? (Potential cherrio? Eventually joins Glee Club?) — Eh, we have that Quinn and Santana.

    Bully? (A female Azimo?) Possible, but as long as she dosen’t torture Rachel (so old, did that with Quinn).

    Rich spoiled chick that can’t sing (Why join Glee Club?) I guess she could be the spoiled girl that’s feels shes’ above everyone. *yawn, another beyotch*

    Future love interest for Santana? (Interesting, but I thought Sheila would be that her character sounds like a lezzy)

    Love interest for Puck or Artie? (If shes spoiled I doubt she wants a disabled guy, maybe Puck?)

    My worst fear: Sugar is here to stir up drama with Finnchel, if that happens. Never watching Glee again. Leave that couple alone.

    After the cast graduates, I don’t see her purpose. She can’t sing so, I’m guessing she can dance a littke and will be there for zingy one liners.

    • Kacey says:

      Finchel is like nails on a blackboard so if she interferes, I’m all for it!

      I think she’s going to rival Quinn for HBIC but I hope it doesn’t come off as forced or recycled bc that will just be as boring as watching Quinn and Rachel and their drama with Finn for 2 years.

      • Marky Mark and the Funk Bunch says:

        Lol, whether you hate Finchel or like them, everyone can agree that they are tired of the unnesscary drama and the on again off again relationship. I love Finchel so, I hope Sugar keeps her distance. But I would like it if she medled with Puck and Zises relationship. But I really like the idea of Quinn having a nemesis, a REAL one at that, not a frenemy and not someone she can eventually step over like she did Santana. Hm, a spoiled rich girl sounds annoying, but I like the actress and will try not to judge until I’ve seen it.

        • Captain says:

          Spoilers say Quinn will be getting back to her “mean girl” role this year so I’m thinking she very well could be competition for her.

    • lainie says:

      Leave Finchel alone!!! Let them be happy for once. If they mess with Finchel again this season, they are going to see a riot from the fans.

      • Aleshia says:

        Yes! I agree. They saw a riot this season, which is why the put them back together (besides them being endgame). The breakup was so unnessecary. I really hope Sugar isnt there to stir up trouble. I really doubt it though, it seems like the writers want everything to be peachy graduation year. And, Rachel’s descision to stay in Ohio (with Finn) and go to New York will be a big arc this season.

  14. ME says:

    RP posts starts in 3..2..1

  15. Eli says:


    Best news of the frickin week!

  16. Dee says:

    I approve.

  17. lauren says:

    I love Vanessa Lengies, but come on, enough already. Glee does not need any more characters! Give it a rest, Ryan Murphy!

  18. dan says:

    I’m guessing Sue makes it a requirement that her new Cheerios can’t carry a tune, so they won’t join New Directions.

    Then again, it never stopped Mike Chang …

  19. SC says:

    Roxanne! Wow, that takes me back. Still playing a teenager after all these years.

    I hope somebody serenades her with “Sugar Sugar” by The Archies at some point.

  20. Brynna says:

    That casting alone may actually make me watch Glee this year…

  21. Dan says:

    It’s the girl from “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”!!!

  22. Doug says:

    Interesting.. I wonder what that means for her spot on Hawthorne. I guess its a summer show so its possible she’ll have time to do both, but don’t the Glee people work year round with traveling dates and stuff?

    She’s been pretty absent on Hawthorne this season anyway, aside from one episode.

  23. Sophie says:

    so… she’s gonna be the Sharpay of the Glee club? Wonderful. I hate her character already.

  24. Rachel says:

    First didn’t they say they weren’t going to have any new cast members or something and focus only on the main characters? And two this is turning if it wasn’t already into High School Musical redux.

    • Captain says:

      They never said that. They said no more Celebrity guest stars. They have to add new characters because the cast is graduating this year.

  25. Annie says:

    please don’t.

  26. jake says:

    Why is everyone freaking out!! you do know characters sometimes are casted for roles to push other peoples storylines! for all we know she can be someone thats gone after two episodes!

    • H says:

      Probably because no character just stops by for 2 episodes with out taking up the hole episode. Most characters meant to push other people’s story lines ahead wind up being either like GP or Charice – way too focused on & gets all the songs so that the main cast isn’t focused on or there for 5 minutes so she can make a 5 minute appearance in the season finale so that all is forgiven with whatever happened.

      It’s the same old same old.
      There are just too many characters in the first place that don’t get focused on. And there are already so many guest stars that people are hearing about and the season hasn’t even started – her, Mercedes’ new boyfriend & Rachel’s mom who’s coming back. Already a lot.

  27. annie says:

    Loved her on American Dreams.

  28. Billl says:

    Wasn’t she a high school student on American Dreams YEARS ago? Isn’t she like twenty-five? Won’t any romance seem pedophilic? Just asking. She is my favorite on HawthoRNe.

    • Jordan says:

      None of the Glee cast are actually highschoolers, and they’re all over eighteen. Chris Colfer (Kurt) is the youngest of the cast by far at age 21 and Cory Monteith (Finn) and Mark Salling (Puck) are the oldest at around 28. So age-wise, she’ll fit right in.

      • Ace says:

        Mark Salling will be 31 by the time Puck graduates, IF he graduates on time. Most of the cast members are in their mid- to late twenties. Vanessa will fit right in, age-wise.

  29. Rex says:

    I liked her in American Dreams, but let’s be honest here: How many new characters does Glee really need? They barely know what to do with the original ones (except Kurt), they added new ones and they dropped out of sight in no time except for Sam, who actually got decent character development and the beginnings of some good storyline, only to lose him just when things were looking to start cooking. Plus, honestly, I love Lauren and Mike, but how many kids who can’t sing does the Glee club need!?

  30. VisualFiction says:

    Aus, I love you, but you can’t describe a 26 year old as “fresh faced” when she’s playing a high school student. A role she played on American Dreams when she was ACTUALLY a high school aged student. Glee hiring older actors opposed to younger shows they are not going to change their cast to be more “realistic” as Ryan Murphy once put it.

  31. Captain says:

    I LOVED her on PMK and Radio Active. She was also great in Stick It. More Canadians!

  32. connie says:

    I love Vanessa on Hawthorne. I like her on AD. But feel this is bad casting decision. I would think Ryan would like a younger actress/singer to play a part that can span 4 years. I understand they need new character. But i feel it should be with a younger actress. To me Vanessa looks like she would be graduating along with the other 3

  33. DaddyG says:

    Vanessa Lengies – class act – excellent actress – wonderful musician – she’s going to surprise us all. Can’t wait.

  34. Holly says:

    Yup, she was on Are You Afraid of the Dark as well.

  35. Abigail says:

    If they give her a character like she had in Stick It. I will LOVE it. A rival to Brittney in the idiocy lane……..

  36. Ravyn says:

    Alright, so this chick… Vanessa Lengies is going to be on Glee. As far as my research on the chick goes, she cannot sing. I actually don’t even find her hot in any way. I used to watch “Are you Afraid of the Dark?” and that’s why she looked vaguely familiar. I don’t know if she’s a good actress. Some people say “yay” and other say “nay”.

    In my opinion, I think everyone involved in casting, should try to find singers (people who can truly sing), and decent dancers (Glee’s perfect because of Mike Chang and Brittany).

    There’s no room for another bad singer. Lauren Zizes has that spot.

    Come on, Ryan Murphy. We need REAL SINGERS!!!!!!

  37. Captain says:

    Why do people keep saying this. 90% of the cast is being let go at the end of the season, why wouldn’t they add new characters? Wouldn’t you rather be familiar with the replacement cast next year instead of just starting with a blank slate?

  38. Rose says:

    Many fans of the show are upset about all of these new cast precisely because it is the last season for the majority of the cast. We want as much screentime, storylines and solos for those who will be leaving as we can get! Already there are several cast members who have been slighted already. Tina, Mike, and Mercedes have been with the show since season 1 and yet they’ve hardly ever been featured. Santana, Brittany, Karofsky and Blaine only became prominent last season and their fans are clamoring for more! Ryan Murphy and co. promised we were going to focus on them for this all important final year with stories about those who are rarely the focus.
    Instead, here’s what we’re really getting next year so far. A season long arc for Sue, a major arc for Will, and a story with Shelby Corcoran that will last more than double her arc from season 1. Shanon Beiste will probably get more screen time since’s Dot’s emmy nomination. Despite the promise of no guest stars, Gwenyth Paltrow has an open invitation to return anytime. There will be a new football player for Mercedes, parents for some more students, at least 2 new Cheerios and at least one contestant from the Glee Project. So in reality, how much time will be devoted to those talented young stars who have made Glee the popular show and money maker that it is today?

  39. Dirk says:

    They need to start working new characters in, but those characters need to be younger.

    Lengies is getting to the end of her ability to a high school character with any shred of plausibility.

    I’m going to be optimistic that the character will work and there will be a real story arc, but this character can’t possibly be part of a long term cast-turnover scenario.

  40. 8daysaweek says:

    Glee has to introduce new characters this year if there is a mass exodus of graduates at the end of the season. There’s absolutely no way around it. Bringing in a totally new cast out of nowhere will kill the show.
    And most of the characters you mentioned will only be introduced because they play into the lives of the core group of Glee members: introducing a love interest for Mercedes means Mercedes will be in those scenes too. Same with introducing parents or bringing back Shelby.