Glee Scoop: Mercedes to Fall For Friday Night Lights' LaMarcus Tinker

Glee has found Mercedes’ rebound guy.

LaMarcus Tinker — best known for his role as Luke’s mild-mannered BFF Dallas on Friday Night Lights — is joining the cast as Marcus, a massive lineman for the McKinley Titans and a love interest for Amber Riley’s lovelorn diva.

Glee Spoiler Alert: New Season Premiere Intel!

The character, formerly known as “Bubba” on casting breakdowns, will presumably fill the hole in Mercedes’ heart left by Sam (the departing Chord Overstreet).

Exec producer Brad Falchuk likened the Mercedes/Marcus relationship to Cuba Gooding Jr. and his wife in Jerry Maguire. “He’s this Big Bubba kind of guy and he encourages her to want more for herself,” he said at Comic-Con last month. “That drives her arc into the next half of the season.”

Tinker also recurred on Cougar Town last season as Travis’ college roommate.

Thoughts? Thumbs up? Thumbs down? Thumbs sideways?

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  1. Sarah says:

    I hope Mercedes finds love

    • Kyle says:

      I thought Bubba was going to be Damien. It’s so sad that Ryan Murphy can’t write good characters …

      • Kris says:

        I don’t understand why he had to be a black guy. Mercedes even previously mentioned that to Kurt.Look who she’s dated in the past Sam and Puck, that doesn’t fit her type. It’s very disappointing.

        • sally says:

          I bet they meet at the candy machine.

          • candy says:

            i know you not talking. you are just as stupid dumb ass. i hate u guts. mercedes is not fat

        • Ethan says:

          Well, Puck only dated her in one episode to get his spunk back and Sam and her never really “dated”, a three wheel date (which wasnt even her idea) and holding hands in a cofee shop is not dating. Why do people think its always steryotypical when blacks date blacks on television. Blacks tend to date within their own race like most people. I don’t see the problem with her being with a guy whos purple or green. Yes, I know there are interacial relationships and thats cool (my stepmom is African American) but lets face it, Mercedes and Sam or Mercedes and Puck did not look good together (regardless of their race) and the actors had no chemistry. I’m offended by the fact the guy has to be fat.

          • PJ says:

            I don’t think Sam and Mercedes were together long enough for us to ever know if they had chemistry or not. That said, I have to agree with you and your frustration over the new love interest’s girth. A girl like Mercedes is so cute she would have no problem getting a better looking, just as concerned for her, BF.

        • Liz says:

          Aaaaahhh!! These comments are so annoying. Really because we have an issue with Caucasians dating Caucasians. Right because there was an uproar because Blaine was white or because Puck only likes Rachel because she is Jewish. Seriously, we have been bugging for two seasons that Mercedes needs more story lines and now that we do get it we nit pick at the casting. Wow Glee fans I know the show has been a hate/ love relationship but GIVE IT A CHANCE!!

          I for one am happy that Ms. Amber Riley is getting more screen time this season they could have given her a clown to act with and I would still watch ;p

        • Matt says:

          I’m just glad to see Tinker again!

          Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t Lose.

    • Caiti says:

      To (loosely) quote Troy Barnes: ‘Why does he have to be black?!’

  2. Marisa says:

    YES! I love him!

  3. Luis M. says:

    Good call renaming him because Bubba was just.. ugh.

  4. A.N. says:

    why is sam leaving?! :(

    • Meg says:

      Chord Overstreet was offered a recurring spot, with a chance to become a full-time cast member in January. He chose not to return to Glee for season 3, which he had the right to do since there was no contract.

    • Captain says:

      Because he wanted to. He was offered 10 episodes this season with the option of becoming a regular and he turned them down. Chord was always more of a singer than actor (this was his first major acting gig) and I think he more-so used Glee as a platform for his music. I’m sure he enjoyed his time on the show but I don’t think it was ever where his heart was.

  5. lau says:

    nice pick actually, i liked him on cougar town, excited to see how this two work together

  6. Emma O says:

    Wow Glee. Way to really “break stereotypes” there.

    • hi says:


    • Stefy says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing… Bah, this shows just gets worse. I was hoping to see something good with the new writeres, but I bet Ryan still has the last word… and THE POWER ahahah…. Anyway, I liked Sam and the old interracial with the sweet dorky jock a lot better. Still don’t know how this character will be, obviously, but the story is already too banal and tooooo much of a stereotype… Where’s the originality in this?!

    • Wouter says:

      Glee is about stereotypes.

    • That Guy says:

      At first I thought the show would create these stereotypes and then break them down… which they sort of did in some ways with Kurt, but then also made him a messiah. Now we’re two seasons into the show, it’s clear that breaking these stereotypes isn’t something Murphy is interested in.

    • Rasha says:

      I guess they can only break stereotypes with Kurt’s storylines.

      • Puckleberry says:

        What stereotypes were broken with Kurt’s storylines? Actually, Kurt is nothing but a sanctimonious stereotype. And, don’t take me wrong, I loved Chris Colfer’s character in season 1. But, comes season 2, and we got a rather annoying Kurt and the overdone story.

        • Penny says:

          I think Kurt was more about reclaiming and humanizing the “television comedy gay guy” stereotype than breaking it. He has insanely stereotypical aspects that are played for laughs–but what was groundbreaking, so to speak, about the character was that we aren’t /just/ meant to laugh at him.

          As much as people criticize S2 for making his character overly sympathetic, I really have to hand it to Colfer for the way he’s developed Kurt and kept sight of his major flaws–take a look at his out-of-line tirade to Mr. Schue in episode 2 or his rather catty reaction to his father’s and Blaine’s well-intentioned suggestion that he tone down his prom-wear. He’s alarmingly manipulative, and his scheming is always fun to watch…but at the same time, he’s not as confident as he pretends and his unconditional love for his dad is an incredible contrast to his occasional selfishness. And speaking of incredible contrasts, I love the anger and frustration that breaks through the cold facade in moments like “Rose’s Turn” and “why can’t I slow dance at my prom?”

          I suppose I’m trying to say that the writers broke the stereotype not by subverting it…but by putting all that thought and development into the aspects of his character beyond his sexuality.

          • Braysgrannyd says:

            Well said & written. I’d never thought about the complete character of Kurt before. Reading your description helps me appreciate what a fine actor Chris really is. Thanks for your insight!

    • M says:

      Maybe they want to be realistic. Anyways, they have broken stereotypes with relationships. Would a popular football player fall for a somewhat geeky, awkward, poorly dressed Glee club diva? Would a popular, slutty, bisexual cheerleader date a nerd in a wheelchair? And Mike might be Asian-this, Asian-that, but stereotypical Asian teens don’t have six packs, dance, and play football.

      • H says:

        Actually, those are just the complete cliches that Glee always relies on. There on most shows that involve teenagers & high school.

        • Penny says:

          Yes, the characters /are/ total cliches (it’s kind of the point of the show), but the poster above was saying that the /relationships/ themselves are sometimes unexpected and interesting. Well, except for Finn and Rachel’s classic “attractive football player and unpopular girl” coupling–and the writers even make fun of that in the second episde.

          Take Puck and Lauren. A relationship like theirs would always be played for laughs in a teen comedy and broken off in time for the hot guy to be paired off with a conventionally hot girl…but Glee’s taken the two of them refreshingly seriously. That’s what M was talking about with “breaking stereotypes.”

    • M says:

      Maybe they want to be realistic. Anyways, they have broken stereotypes with relationships. Would a popular football player fall for a somewhat geeky, awkward, poorly dressed Glee club diva? Would a popular, slutty, bisexual cheerleader date a nerd in a wheelchair? And Mike might be Asian-this, Asian-that, but stereotypical Asian teens don’t have six packs, dance, and play football.

      • Kate says:

        VERY TRUE, don’t see the problem with Mercedes and Bubba. He’s black and she’s black, whoop de do. People should be more offended by the fact her has to be fat. And, if you look at Glee its pretty good with diversity, two Jews, two blondes, one Latina, one African American, two asians, two white guys. So, what isn’t Lima suppose to be a small town anyways, not like its a big city with so many diversity’s running around.

      • Sue says:

        Not to mention a semi-popular cute bad boy football player falling for a large girl who wrestles and who could beat the crap out of him (and the portrayal of said girl as being ok with herself and in fact being somewhat of a b****.)

    • M says:

      Maybe they want to be realistic. Anyways, they have broken stereotypes with relationships. Would a popular football player fall for a somewhat geeky, awkward, poorly dressed Glee club diva? Would a popular, slutty, bisexual cheerleader date a nerd in a wheelchair? And Mike might be Asian-this, Asian-that, but stereotypical Asian teens don’t have six packs, dance, and play football.

  7. WhiteRaven says:

    Very sad that Overstreet is leaving the show. Not that he was a good actor, but I loved the idea of a mixed couple. With the casting of LaMarcus Tinker as Mercedes love interest – we have the white couple, the Asian couple, and the black couple. Talk about diversity Glee producers.

    • Grace says:

      Right? Glee is diverse in terms of sexual orientation but I guess different races don’t mix.

      • Jesse says:

        What about Brittany and Santana? Tina and Artie? Sue Sylvester and (briefly) Principal Figgins?

      • E says:

        What about Artie & Tina? Or Puck & Santana? Or Puck & Mercedes? And you do know that Kurt & Blaine are a mixed race couple – Blaine’s half-Asian in canon, as is Darren.

      • Dannie Boy says:

        WELL, if you want to get TECHNICAL, Rachel is Jewish and Finn is white (dating, <3) Puck is Jewish and Zises is white (dating), Santana is Latina and Britney is white (established feelings but no relationship), Tina is Asian and Artie is white (dated). So, Glee has the interacial thing amidst it just isnt called out because although Rachel and Puck are Jewish, fair skin and feathered hair qualify as "white" in America.

  8. Marcus says:

    LOL, thanks for deleting my comment that pointed out your awful editing, TVLine.

    • Captain says:

      They did the same thing to me. TVline: We’ll fix the mistakes you point out but we don’t want anyone to know that.

  9. jrs says:

    ugh…another black actor.

  10. melissa says:

    Why does it HAVE to break a stereotype? There is plenty being done in that aspect, plus the whole white boyfriend/black girlfriend isn’t much of ‘stereotype’ issue for MOST people anymore…..

    • Emma O says:

      Look, Glee likes to say that they aren’t bound by convention, and they were finally taking a step in a direction of showing something a little outside of the box for your TV norms. You had a zaftig black girl and a white jock. Outside of Disney Channels racially ambiguous casting, you don’t normally see that on your prime time TV. And while you do see a lot more interracial couple in society, you don’t see them on TV. Oh, and trust me in Lima, it would be something that would perk heads up at least for a little bit.

      So yeah, I expect Glee to be a bit more ground breaking considering that we’ve covered the strata of sexual preferences for a season and a half.

    • S says:

      I’m sorry, but can you possibly explain how you think the “whole white boyfriend/black girlfriend” stereotype isn’t an issue anymore?

  11. Carrie #2 says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE. Friday Night Lights and Glee are two of my favorite shows! :D

  12. Sally says:

    Lol. He looks like he is 30.

  13. Jenny says:

    Wow. The sassy black character with weight issue story lines gets an overweight black boyfriend. Stay classy, Glee.

  14. Emma says:

    Not thrilled about this casting. WTF were they thinking? Seriously.. I think I’d rather see her single or with azimio than this guy.

  15. Juliet says:

    FABULOUS! I loved Tinker on FNL.

  16. ava says:

    even though i love him and he is great. it just demonstrates how close minded and stupid ryan murphy is, i stopped watching Glee because of all the drama that comes with that show, its not enjoyable anymore. mercedes has potential to be such an amazing character but she is so two dimensional and as been relegated to be a background singer for rachel, when they both have equal amount on talent. this show is no longer inspiring but a joke.

    • Fangirl says:

      Talk about taking the words right out of my mouth! I couldn’t agree more. I began watching the show during the 2nd season and still don’t consider myself a “gleek” because I find myself drawn more to the music as opposed to the characters’ s/ls (especially when the only characters given any depth whatsoever are Rachel (HATE HER!), Finn (HATE HIM!, Kurt (slowly beginning to irritate me with his sudden Rachel ass-kissing) and now Santana (she’s one of my fav characters)). It’s only a matter of time that I’ll quit on this show and I truly don’t care :)

  17. Christina says:

    Tinker is WAY too good for Glee. I hate to see any FNL people on Glee, it’s such a downgrade.

    • Captain says:

      What the hell did Tinker do on FNL? Aside from making jokes about his weight, his character had no purpose. It’s not like it’s Kyle Chandler or Minka Kelly.

    • Jan says:

      Yeah, SUCH a downgrade considering FNL couldn’t even get 1/3 of the ratings Glee does. But then again if it did, it would still be on. fNL was overrated (was suppose to be cancelled in season 2 but DirectTV and CBS decided to hold out, and still the show only got really recognized its last season, poo, Glee in its first year has more Emmy and awards nom, than FNL’s can dream off, besides its 1000% times more popular)and I hope they win the Emmy’s and can be satisfied considering they won’t be back next year.

      • Rich says:

        Good and popular are two very different things. Popularity doesn’t say a damn thing one way or another about whether a show is good.

        Glee was recognized after its first season off the strength of its early episodes.

        This past season is widely recognized as garbage.

        Trashing FNL, a show up there with The Wire as top shows in the past decade, is never a good way to score points with people who like quality TV.

        • Jan says:

          Whoa, The Wire was seriously good TV. Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton are fantastic actors which is why I watched until the Tyra/Laundry muder scheme. Friday Night Lights was slow and often plain boring sometimes not mention the ridiculous storyline of the murder plot, every show has a weak season snd Glee shouldn’t be judged for its second season considering FNL was able to redeem itself. As I know Glee will. FNL was dull and too deep for the demographics that attract Glee viewers. Funny how you say Glee became popular due to its earlier episodes, when the shows earlier episodes has its lowest ratings to date. Glee’s second season sub par or not, brung the shows highest rating and highest rated finale for that show and demographic. Glee is more popular in its second season than first. And, I notice that because every time I turn the channel this show and people are everywhere. I feel sorry for people who don’t watch Glee.

      • SamBell5 says:

        If FNL had continued I’m sure Tink would have become the new Landrey. I’m glad to see him land on a role that will get him more exposure and help his career. More power to all FNL alums.

        As for you Jan. Talk to us after season 5 of Glee. Lets see how well they handle graduating their entire cast before you gloat. FNL finished strong. Glee has already jumped the shark.

        • Jan says:

          People use the term Jump the Shark too freely. Wait, and who the hell is going to watch Glee after S3. Ha ha ha. I got a good chuckle after that thought.

        • Laura says:

          Actually it is perfect casting. Her sassy personality will match his personality perfect! Great casting….no “types” at all…just fun people.

  18. ggny says:

    looks like Glee guys listen to fans with this casting…Great casting

  19. Amy says:

    Loved him on FNL so I am good with this.

  20. Britney says:

    I’ve hated the sounds of this Mercedes/Bubba thing since the start, and I still hate the idea of it, but … I LOVED Tinker on FNL. He’s hilarious and adorable, so at least I like the casting?

  21. Anna says:

    If they were going to use the big black guy, they should’ve used Azimio.
    This guy looks like he’s 50.

  22. Bella says:

    I LOVE this, especially if he plays the same kind of character he did on Friday Night Lights. Soembody who completely accepts and appreciates Mercedes for who she is would be perfect for her. Sam was cute, but kind of a nonentity personality-wise.

  23. Kathryn says:

    Why does everything have to be about race, seriously? Just because someone has black skin it doesn’t mean their personality has to be one thing. SOMETIMES black girls have black boyfriends. Shocking, I know! It’s not a stereotype, it’s a fact. This is a show that will (likely) next season have an interacial lesbian couple (Brittany & Santana). Give it a rest with this one.

  24. Michael says:

    These comments are so ridiculous. It’s not groundbreaking? Why does it have to be? So she has to hook up with the most fit White guy at school? What’s all that about!? People oftentimes find a significant other within their own demographic and all that matters is the character of someone, not their looks. Sheesh.

  25. WOW says:


  26. Amanda Leigh says:

    Oh good…another race matched couple from the boundary-shattering Glee.

  27. BS says:

    She can do SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than this guy. I’m convinced ryan murphy just hates amber riley as a person/mercedes as a character. he just has nothing for her to do. SO UNFAIR. why does she get the ugly looking guy and everyone else practically gets model looking people?! even ziesies got puck & karofsky got santana (even though it’s fake)!!!!!

  28. Mehvash says:

    i like the actor and loved him on FNL but sad that they didn’t think a little more out of the box when it came to Mercedes’ love interest. i liked where they were going with mercedes and sam and his leaving shouldn’t have made a huge difference. Glee had a real opportunity to do something different here and they missed the mark.

  29. murley says:

    he was one of my favorite parts of cougar town season 2. i am glad he will be on glee.

  30. Paul says:

    I don’t understand why you’re all so upset about this. At least they’re giving Mercedes a boyfriend and probably a storyline, that’s enough for me.

    • Riley says:

      EXACTLY. What is the fuss about? People tend to date people who look like them or are in their same racial group. Don’t see the problem, I’m already being lenient with this because we know Mercedes is not graduating and I do not want this small storyline to be a big arc for season 3 when other characters are simply more important. .right now.

  31. JDHetherington says:

    It’s like hugging a futon! – Jules, Cougar Town

    I think this guy is hilarious simply in his existence. Good casting. And since he’s recurring hopefully he’ll be able to appear in a couple of Cougar Town Episodes in Season 3 as well. :)

  32. Ben says:

    Good to see FNL alums getting work. He’s a cool dude.

  33. Lili says:

    He was kind of a scene stealer on FNL, right folks?

  34. Fernando says:

    In that case… I think Linday won the Glee Project. Didn’t Ryan say that if the winner was a boy he would be paired with Mercedes?

  35. Lily says:

    People were expecting groundbeaking on this show? Remember the episode Duets? Kurt couldn’t even sing with Sam because Sam might be straight. No, he had to go out and find someone exactly like himself to date. This is just more of the same. Sure the message sucks, but it’s exactly what Ryan Murphy is peddling.

    • What I've Learned From Glee says:

      The message Duets and Glee itself sends is that the right answer is what “the world deems more appropriate.” Duets could have easily went against that by either having straight Sam sing a duet with Kurt by the end of the season… or had Sam come out as gay, therefore proving Finn and Burt wrong and that someone “like Sam” could play for Kurt’s team. But no, Kurt ended up with his appropriate boyfriend, someone who likes fashion and musicals like him.

      • Um says:

        When Glee producers saw the chemistry Chord and Dianna had they made Sam straight. Kurt and Sam don’t even look well together. Blaine fits Kurts character, Blaine is not a flaming homosexual (ha) and he dosen’t know broadways or musicals. Dont blame Glee for steryotypes, Glee nor TV is real. 64% of Americans are overweight or obsese so to depict real life everyone on TV should be that way. Negative. Duets was REAL, if a new straight guy comes to a school and joins the football team and on the heights of becoming one of the most popular guys in school, then joins a club the whole school looks down upon, and on top of that risk getting even more slushies and bullied because he is singing with a gay guy even though he’s straight (but there are rumors about his sexuality) he will NOT sing with the gay kid. Teenagers think that way, most people think that way. And it was obvious Sam was straight when he first walked into the Glee club and Quinn set her mark. If anything Glee breaks steryotypes, I don’t see any lead actress on a show who dosen’t look like typical hollywood or is ethnic looking (Lea Michele). Mercedes and Bubba, are black so what? Rachel and Finn are white, next.

      • Lily says:

        Don’t forget Patti Lupone and Vogue. Blaine likes those too. Sorry Kurt, no hot jock for you! I’m sure Marcus or Bubba or whatever his name is just loves him some tater tots too. Mercedes probably met him at a Sonic over the summer. But hey, at least in her case, she gave Puck and Sam a spin first so it’s not quite so egregious as Kurt having Blaine and only Blaine forever and ever as Ryan has “promised”

  36. What I've Learned From Glee says:

    Big black girls date big black guys. Asians date other Asians. Stereotypical gay guys can only date stereotypical gay guys. Closeted jocks are self-loathing bullies. Lesbians are angry.

    • What you SHOULD'VE learned from Glee says:

      People date in their demographics. Blacks date blacks, *shocker*. Tina dated Artie (interracial relationship). Asians tend to date Asians because of the culture similarities they share. Asians date Asians *shocker* Kurt is only one depiction of a gay character on TV that depiction isn’t speaking for all gay men. There are alot of white people who date white people on Glee, it must be a conspiracy OR they must be racist. If you don’t like Glee, don’t watch it.

  37. Puckleberry says:

    I just hope Amber Riley gets to smooch on screen (we’ve seen everybody kissing everybody but her) and has a good storyline.
    I don’t know LaMarcus Tinker work but, I hope, he’ll be good on Glee.

  38. Jerald Miller says:

    This is fabu. I liked him on Cougar Town.

  39. Lizzy says:

    Thumbs down. God forbid we put the overweight black girl with a skinny white boy. Oh no no.. that will never do….

    • Anna says:

      God forbid we have a morbidly obese white woman with the hottest most fit guy in school, oh no no, that will never do.

  40. TamIWas says:

    I loved his character on Cougar Town. He was funny, and more importantly, memorable. But does this mean he and Travis won’t be hanging out this year?

  41. Jenny says:

    So let me get this straight. If you’re an ugly overweight guy, white or whatever, you are by definition a babe magnet and every single slim gorgeous woman in sight will crawl over broken glass to get you into bed.

    But if you’re an overweight women, of whatever colour, you’re dreaming if you think a hunky man will ever see into your soul and love you for any quality other than your obligatory skinny body.

    Really? I’m sorry, is this really the kind of crap message the producers want to put out there?

  42. Monti says:

    So let me guess. They met over summer in Fatcamp, because only a big guy would be interested in Mercedes…This is the same ish that is done to Tina and the “Other Asian”. Black only dates black and Asians only date other Asians. I don’t count the five minutes Tina and Artie dated and I will never understand why they broke this cute couple up.
    I am so over this show, I hope it gets canceled after S03.

  43. ang says:

    I do not care what all the haters say… he is just ADORABALLS!!!!! WTG Lady M!

  44. Really tho says:

    Really? They had to bring in a new character who’s fat and black to Date Mercedes. I find it offensive for some reason. Maybe because I’m a little fat too.

  45. Nighly says:

    I don’t care what he looks like, finaly there is someone funny on this show, Tinker is hysterical on FNL and funny on Couger Town, he will be the right amount of laughs on Glee.

  46. Jennifer says:

    Boo, Hiss is my reaction. Why oh why can’t Mercedes have a “hot” guy like all the other girls on this show?! She is talented, cute and quite independent she needs some eye candy. Very dissapointing to say the least.

  47. Willowlife says:

    Really! the message being sent is if you are a fat black girl the most that you could hope for is a fat not attractive black guy. Why is it that all big black girls are suppose to be sassy. I thought Mercedes and sam were a promising couple. I;m dissappointed in the show. the black girl is just an after thought and then made to fit a stereo type of what black girls are like.

  48. I honestly do not really know where to start says:

    I mean… why? The very fact that the show added a fat black guy to the cast JUST for Mercedes to have a love interest is somewhat… well, annoying. I mean, really? They downgrade Mercedes’ character to being half of a nauseatingly stereotypical couple when she could have just as easily pulled off a love story with ANY kind of man from ANY kind of ethnic background? My problem is not that they cast LaMarcus Tinker — who, for the record, I think is hilarious — but that putting Mercedes in a serious relationship with a male character does not seem to have been a goal of Ryan Murphy’s UNTIL they paired Mercedes with some overweight black guy, which completely contradicts Ryan Murphy’s intentions of “breaking the stereotypes” that surround these ALREADY stereotypical characters. I mean, Mercedes is actually GETTING a storyline, so we will at least see the character do something OTHER than propping up Rachel’s storylines… but for the show to take this long to give Mercedes a legitimate love interest JUST so that they can pair her with perhaps the most stereotypical romantic partner a confident yet large black girl can have, is, well… stupidly predictable. And you just TELL that Ryan Murphy and the show put a marginal amount of creativity into looking for an actor to be the love interest of Amber Riley’s character, I mean, LOOK at who they cast for crying out loud… it really is just so pathetically typical. This show was supposed to be about breaking stereotypical moulds — now all that it appears to be truly doing, is enforcing them :/

  49. Laura says:

    To me GLEE is all about accepting people for who they are…if the above “hater” comments are from true GLEEksters, then you aren’t getting the message from the show. Go back and watch the show again.

    I love this casting. It a perfect way for Mercedes to shine. And Tinker will be awesome….he has the same type of personality….they are both two wonderful and beautiful people…inside and out.

    Now let’s watch the sparks fly!

    • cynthia says:

      Please stop. I get the point of the show, but the man looks like her brother! If he wants to add a fat black man to the show, then at least find someone that doesn’t look like her dang relative.