Exclusive: Lisa Edelstein Opens Up About Her 'Disappointing' House Exit and Good New Gig

A funny thing happened to Lisa Edelstein soon after the news broke that she wouldn’t be returning to House this fall: She started getting phone calls. A lot of phone calls, from people who wanted to work with her. “It was a really nice feeling,” she tells TVLine in her first interview since tendering her resignation from the Fox hit back in May. “It was a new position for me, and it was very exciting.” One of the first overtures to come her way was made by the producers of The Good Wife, who offered her a three-episode arc as Celeste Serrano, a lawyer with ties to Josh Charles’ Will. As she began work on the CBS drama this morning, the actress called from the set to discuss her new gig and reflect on all things House — including her sudden exit, the shocking season finale and whether she’d ever return as Cuddy.

TVLINE | Three months later, how are you feeling about your House departure.
It was very sad and very disappointing and a really difficult decision to make. But ultimately I felt like it was the best thing for me to do for myself and for my business. I’m really looking forward to some of the great things I have on my plate right now. That’s pretty much what I’m focusing on. It’s interesting to throw yourself back out there into the world after you’ve had such an amazing job after seven years. You get cushy about it, and you lay back and you let yourself be taken care of for a while. And having to get your hustle back on is both terrifying and really exciting.

TVLINE | Given how the season ended, I’m guessing you didn’t walk away with a sense of closure storyline-wise.
No. Definitely not. It wasn’t an expected turn of events — for anybody. But that’s what happens sometimes.

TVLINE | What was your reaction to that finale?
[Laughs] People were really up in arms! They thought House was trying to kill Cuddy. I totally understand their argument. How could you drive a car into a house where you know that your friends are, where you know there’s a child, and not think that? It really is homicidal. Although in the script it didn’t read that way because it was very clear that [Cuddy and her friends and family] had left that room. It’s still a very extreme thing to do. It definitely pushes the envelope quite a bit.

TVLINE | Did you think it was out of character for House?
The problem is in order to affect any kind of change for a character like that you have to go to extreme places, [but] maybe it was too extreme for the audience. It’s just not that kind of show. Was it out of line in terms of the creative path? No. It makes sense on just a purely creative level. But in terms of it being on a network television show, I think it went too far for a lot of people.

TVLINE | The show picks up this fall with House in jail. Do you think that’s a fair punishment?
[Laughs] I guess so. I don’t know.

TVLINE | If this turns out to be the show’s final season, would you be open to returning as a guest star?
I haven’t talked to anyone over there so it would seem unlikely. Who knows what I’ll be doing. I have a lot on my plate. I wouldn’t want to answer that and get anyone’s hopes up. It doesn’t seem like that’s the direction anyone is going in.

TVLINE | It sounded like that was the direction David Shore was going in when I spoke to him recently.
Well, I can’t have a conversation with David Shore via Michael Ausiello. [Laughs] It might be a bolder move for someone to pick up a phone.

TVLINE | What can you tell me about your Good Wife character? It’s already out there that she has ties to Will.
She has a history with Will. She’s a lawyer with pliable ethics. [Laughs]. She really enjoys the gamble and the game of law. She’s also a professional gambler. She’s been playing for a long time and she has a history with Will in that world as well. So everything that she does is all about the risk, and it’s really fun — especially [in contrast] to Alicia [Julianna Margulies] who has to be so held together. This woman doesn’t have any of those rules in her life.

TVLINE | Rumor has it Celeste and Will were former partners.
I don’t know anything about us being business partners. I know that we gambled together. I know that we have a romantic history.

TVLINE | Is it possible your three-episode arc could be extended?
Who knows? I like [the length of the stint] because I’m here for a solid month and then I’m available to go back to work in Los Angeles. But I love working, so if they want to continue with this character we’ll see what happens down the road.

TVLINE | What’s next? I hear you’re developing a few things. Can you say anything about that?
Not yet. There’s a project I’m doing on my own that [has required] so much research that I feel like I’m getting ready for a dissertation. And I’m also working with a producer on a possible new series. So it’s all very up in the air at the moment, but my creative juices are flowing. I really want to get more into the producing side so I can participate a little bit more.

TVLINE | Would the ideal scenario be producing a series that you’re also the lead of?
I don’t care if I’m the star. I really like to be part of an ensemble. Hugh [Laurie]’s life is extremely limited by those 14-hour days, and to add producing on top of that is a big task. I more just want to use my brain as much as I possibly can.

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  1. spuffy says:

    I think this woman is a great licks ass. did not speak of the true reason for his departure.
    Anyway, I’m glad she’s gone, but unfortunately it goes to ruin another series as the wife godd.
    She could speak in a less angry since it was his choice.

    • lmao says:

      And you have perfect understanding of the nuances of her speech. Obviously. Brazilian troll, go away. Jennifer Morrison is not coming back regardless, get over it.

      • @lmao says:

        Who said anything about wanting JMO back? They can both stay gone for all I care

        • @ says:

          Ignore, this troll is a die-hard JMo/Hameron/JeHu fan. They sent Jmo panties for her birthday with pics of her and Hugh at the crotch area. That type of fan.

          • ? says:

            lol seriously? I loathed Huddy and Hameron, thanks. And what the hell is JeHu?

          • A says:

            brb loling forever that people actually did that

          • @ says:

            Jennifer + Hugh, silly. I didn’t mind both relationships, but hated how they both were written.

          • Martha says:

            hahhaha yes the infamous brasilianfan. She is still dreaming about JMO and HL having babies and she would kill Lisa with her own hands if she could just because House loved Cuddy and HL had a great friendship with Lisa but never shared any connection with Morrison XDDDDDDDDDD

          • The Truth says:

            @Martha It’s good for you that you like Huddy and enjoyed Hugh and Lisa’s chemistry (though I didn’t see anything beyond sparring partners). Anyway, Hugh and Jennifer had plenty of chemistry on and off screen and seemed to share an affection for each other (not romantic)just look at their interviews together. Or watch his appearance on ITAS where he said Jennifer was completely gorgeous and utterly brilliant (while he said LE was excellent, excellent, excellent fun.Make of that what you will) While Hugh often looked uncomfortable around LE (closed off body language etc.)

            There are overzealous fans of both actresses and if we’re pointing fingers here I’ve seen far more Huddy/Huli/LE fans who are unstable than the 2/3 House/Cameron fans that took it too far. At the end of the day these are all assumptions. We don’t know how Hugh feels about both Jennifer or LE only he does. So let’s not go spouting off assumptions as fact. Mmkay?

    • UM @martha says:

      Martha. You of course see what you see but you shouldn’t put words into Hugh Laurie’s mouth. He said Jennifer was “completely gorgeous” not utterly brilliant. He also said of Lisa that “Lisa is an absolute joy. There was a show–I can’t name it–that won an award. They all got up onstage and waved to the crowd and I was looking at these women [and thought], Oh, I see what you have done here. You’ve got the beautiful glamorous one, the kooky funny one, the downtrodden miserable one, and I was thinking that Lisa Edelstein does all of that. It takes all those of you to do what she is doing every week and people are giving you the award. It’s so unfair.” He also called her “impossibly glamorous” and in the live chat he said he “just liked RSL and LE so much.” If you want to compare

    • ToThe Truth says:

      I think another poster was talking to you but addressed Martha. Anyway, have you seen HL look at LE? Have you watched their interviews together? Have you seen the way he leans in toward her and the look of admiration on his face?
      As for the comparison of LE fans to JM fans, don’t forget the burning pictures of KJ and death threats to DS when JM was written out of the show, or the video of the Hunnifer wedding amde by her fans, LMFAO, or the panties they sent to Jennifer with Hameron on one side and Jen & Hugh on the other. Seriously? Jennifer fans have been hating Lisa since Jen was written out of the show and before and it’s all because they decided to go with Huddy rather than Hameron. It’s so silly and ridiculous. Huddy is canon. Hameron is in the imagination of the fans.

      • , says:

        Didn’t the Huddies also send death threats to pretty much everyone involved with House on twitter when House and Cuddy broke up?

        • Yup says:

          Yeah, something like that. I heard there was a lot of cyber-tears and cyber-snot amongst the pre-pube Fangirl set. At least up until their bedtimes.

      • @tothetruth says:

        Hm, honestly i never heard about these slips but what do i know is what the Huli put the Laurie family through! They camp outside their london house & sh*t its totally wack! No joke!! These Hulis hassel HLs son on facebook that his father should get divorced with his mother b/c these so called fans want him to have with Lisa. These Hulis spew out malicious comments against Hl`s wife during his concert in eurpoe.
        I would say these H/J slips landed in a bin and aren`t nothing in opposite to this kind of crazy in the Lisabians/Huli/huddy fandom. I wouldn`t blame Hl & his family if they had threw a Party after LE exit announcement. Seriously!!
        You quoted Hl how he complimented LE acting,I´m sure he did and means it that way, Lol, but this man is even praising the cleaning staff for their great work on set and the woman who is/was making the cheesy eggs for him got a mention in one of his acceptance speeches. HL is a man who thinks that every human being is better than himself, sad but true.

        • No sh*t? says:

          Are you serious?! The “HuLi’s” and a few choice “Huddy’s” were actually physically harassing the Laurie family outside their own home? I think Jo should’ve been out there kicking all their asses.

        • What is WRONG with people? says:

          What kind of sh*t did they say about Hugh’s wife at his concerts? And how did HE respond? I would’ve walked if someone had dissed MY wife in such a public fashion. And, yeah, I’ve seen Jo Laurie in pictures and I think she’s quite capable of breaking her British foot off in every HuLi’s ass, including Lisa Edelstein’s, who started all that sh*t with her inappropriate behavior and speechifying. And don’t cyber-spank me, girls. Go back and read/watch/stare-in-horror at some of Ms. Edelstein’s embarrassingly outrageous and sexually aggressive remarks (and worse) about and to Hugh Laurie when “Huddy” was getting warmed up last year. I can’t begin to imagine how much that must have hurt his wife and children. No wonder the man gave nothing more than a brief generic statement in response to her leaving. I’d like to say that I’m sorry about going off on a rant, but I just can’t. There are so few role models anymore, especially for women.

        • No Truth says:

          @tothetruth LOL You are one very UNinformed person. No one camps outside HL’s house. NO ONE! Have you SEEN his neighborhood? Are you kidding me? Or maybe you are just making all this up to make LE/Huddy fans look bad. I live near enough to him to be certain that you have no ides what you are saying. If you can’t come up with something truthful you shouldn’t post lies just to make an actress you don’t like look bad. Also, HL’s kids have locked Facebook accounts and don’t interact with fans at all. There are fake accounts that do not belong to his kids. You need your facts straight before you start spreading lies about anyone.

    • LMAO TOO says:

      @spuffy What classy fans Jennifer Morrison has to come here and comment on a Lisa Edelstein interview to say Lisa “licks ass”. Does anyone even notice how crass and inappropriate this comment is? Yet someone says Lisa’s fans are the worst? Honestly……Jennifer needs more fans like you. She must be soooo proud…….

      • doublestandardsareab*tch says:

        @LMAO TOO But it’s okay for Lisa Edelstein’s fans to spew hate toward Jennifer Morrison and her fans when one of her interviews/news about her is posted here.

      • HuLisaremad says:

        Although I am a Huddy I agree with “the Truth” that HL was rather uncomfortable and playacting during the interviews with LE, which were cringeworthy due to LE’s over-the-top “sexy” speeches.
        What’s more all those interviews promoting Huddy with LE where HULIs were reading all kinds of “body language” –forgetting HL is an actor- stopped since 2010.
        It is also curious how the famous Huddy chemistry disappeared all through Se7.
        There might also be a connection between the disgraceful HuLi s and LE’s provocative remarks on one hand and LE leaving the show on the other hand, as well as HL’s lack of remarks about her leaving.
        As for the “impossibly glamorous” comment, coming from a man famously uninterested in glamour and famously talking tongue-in-cheek, is more ironic than sincere.

  2. Maria says:

    Finally, we get an interview with Lisa! Thank you so much for it!

    “Well, I can’t have a conversation with David Shore via Michael Ausiello. [Laughs] It might be a bolder move for someone to pick up a phone.”
    So much love for this answer! And all the answers about the finale. And the fact that she doesn’t say anything about going back. Stay the hell away, Lisa!

    I also love how I can’t come up with any comments about how pathetic TPTB are. They’re getting older than the show itself.

  3. Jen says:

    LOL! Note to trolls, when posting mutltiple hate comments at least give yourself a half hour or so…two minutes between comments? OMG this is so funny!

  4. Sharona says:

    Lisa is certainly a class act. Some of her fans need to take a hint from that. Ahem.

    It doesn’t sound to me like she was happy to go, but it seems like she’s someone who can look on the bright side and make the best of it. Some people are invigorated by change, sounds like she’s one of them. From the way cast and producers are talking, they needed a change too.

    I’m curious about the new season of House, look forward to seeing LE on TGW and I hope I’ll enjoy whatever she does next.

  5. spuffy says:

    dear lisa take an antacid before interviews
    hello and never come back

  6. anaclaudia says:

    eu era fã de house,mas aquilo virou uma bagunça,LIXO, incoerente era fã da cuddy pois era a unica q batia de frente já o Wilsom não tinha essa força eu torcia muito por HOUSE e CUDDY ela era para ele a melhor esperança eles podiam ter um relacionamento conturbado,mas juntos,assim como Wilsom .Mas agora não vou assistir mais House houve alguma coisa sim q a deixou chateada mas nós fãs apoiamos ela.BRAZIL AMA LISA E AMA drªCUDDY

  7. nitemar says:

    Thanks Mike for this interview I was hoping for a long time now. I know Lisa will do well whenever and whatever she does now and in the future because she proved to be a good actress. Mediocre actors dont last 7 years on a top rated hit tv show like House is, they are killed off in the first season. Im also glad that Lisa will be in another hit show like TGW. Looking forward to seeing her and her sexiness on the screen again. Good luck chica–dont even look back! :)

    • to nitemar says:

      Well, I wish some parts of your post were true. JMo, who is a decent actress, was fired, while Olivia Wilde keeps going. Wholeheartedly agree with the rest.

      • nitemar says:

        I agree, JM is a good actress too and sorry what happened to her on the show..but also be happy for her, Jennifer has a new venture coming up and we all should be happy and wishing her well.

  8. Serena says:

    Thank you Lisa for this interview! It was epic. Thank you for admitting House’s actions on the finale were not to be condoned, but were clearly homicidal. Thank you for knowing our feelings and understanding them, instead of making fun of them. Thank you for this fantastic new gig on The Good Wife, that is a great drama who respects women and characters. Thank you for calling David Shore out of his blaming and lying game. You are the best.

    • Starry says:

      love everything you said! I cpouldn’t agree more.
      I just feel very thankful for Lisa and once again she reminded me why I became a fan of her.
      she’s the best!
      love & luck Lisa!

  9. Amy says:

    I don’t think she sounds bitter or pissed, I think she’s resigned and settled with the decision she made and she is glad for it. That being said, I think she seems slightly bothered by the entire situation (which I think is completely understandable even given only what we know). I think WAY more went on BTS than we are lead to believe, and though I don’t believe that she regrets her decision it seems like she regrets having to make such a decision.

    And her interchange with MA about her guest-starring in the finale and not having spoken to DS speaks volumes. I’m sad about losing Cuddy, but I wish her loads of luck!

  10. charlie says:

    huge mistake getting rid of cuddy…HUGE..i mean the show should have ended with house walking the beach.

  11. Mary says:

    I hate Lisa Edelstein because of her fans …..

    • @Mary says:

      Dear Mary, you may have a point. But in that case please direct your “hate” towards them and not her. So far many people who share your opinion seem to do exactly the opposite. Vicious circle.

  12. Duck Pond says:

    I’m glad Lisa decided to leave the show. It sucks now anyway. Hopefully this will be the last season. Good luck, Lisa!!

  13. SusanM says:

    It was nice to hear from Lisa and I liked that she was honest about David Shore not even bothering to contact her after she made her decision to not return. I really have to wonder why he hasn’t reached out to her when he has stated in interviews that he would love to have her come back to the show. It’s just odd that no one from the show has contacted her…..must be some hard feelings there, maybe on both sides.
    I’ll really miss the character of Cuddy even though the writers pretty much destroyed her this last season with the poorly written House and Cuddy relationship. I’ll still miss her though – her interactions with House and Wilson were always my favorite moments on the show.
    She doesn’t sound pleased with the way the season ended and I’m glad she recognizes the audience’s perspective on the unexpected violence in the finale. She’s right…..it’s not the kind of show where you expect a big “kaboom” ending. It’s likely that the direction the show was taking contributed to her decision to leave and I respect her for that. Realistically, what could the writers do with Cuddy after the finale that would still maintain her dignity? I can’t imagine any good scenarios and I bet Lisa couldn’t either. I’m glad she had lots of offers and will be happy to see her on TGW but I will miss seeing her and Hugh together – such good chemistry there.

    • Dani says:

      Excellent post. Agree with all of it!

    • @SusanM says:

      Hugh and Lisa seriously had the BEST chemistry. You can’t buy that; you just get lucky sometimes. I loved watching them on-screen together. But that’s gone now, along with Lisa, and any Lisa, Hugh and Robert interplay that helped make the show so great all these years. Feels like the end of an era.

  14. Bob says:

    Wow! Some of you people sure do read a lot of things into the written words! So, it’s my turn. Plain and simple, the powers (probably the studio) put a dollar amount on her overall worth to the show. They then made her an offer based on that worth. She felt she was worth more and decided to leave.

    And in other news, this WILL be the last year for House, M.D. And don’t be surprised if House dies in the final episode.

  15. Jane says:

    Amazing. 95% of the comments seem to have been written by House’s fellow patients at Mayfield. Ever try looking at the actual facts?

    1) Salaries are not negotiated by David Shore, Heel and Toe, Fox or Bad Hat Harry. The cast, producers, etc are paid by the studio — NBCUniversal.

    2) Because the show isn’t quite the ratings powerhouse it was, Fox played hardball with NBCUniversal re how much they would pay for House. They won.

    3) NBCUniversal used this as a reason to cut House’s budget. With overseas sales, DVDs and syndication they will still make a fortune on the show but that money comes later.

    4) It is common practice in television to offer the star of a show a “we’ll tear up your existing contract and give you a raise if, in return, you extend how many years you will stay on the show” deal. That’s why Hugh Laurie already had a contract that went through Season 8. If he didn’t have that, NBCUniversal would have renegotiated with him as well.

    5) Olivia Wilde’s contract also included S8.

    6) I don’t know about Peter Jacobson, but people who’s contracts ended with Season 7 included Robert Sean Leonard, Lisa Edelstein, Omar Epps, Jesse Spencer, Katie Jacobs and David Shore. Those are the people NBCUniversal squeezed while negotiating contracts for Season 8.

    7) House is entertainment for us but it is those people’s profession. As in any salary negotiation in any field, they had to balance how much they wanted to remain with the show with the offered salary and with what they felt it would mean for their careers in the future.

    8) From what I’ve seen, everyone has handled the situation with grace and class except a portion of the fandom.

    Lisa, I’ll miss you and good luck in the future.

    • Do your research, people! says:

      You got almost all of it right, except for one thing: Hugh Laurie’s original contract was for only 3 years. At its expiration, he renegotiated a 5-year deal.

      • Maro says:

        Whatever HL’s contracts were/are, no HL no House. Everybody else is indispensable. Look at “Broken” : great episode with only HL none of the other House regulars.

        • Jane says:

          Speak for yourself. Broken started off ok but then turned into a joke. Once more DS ignores dealing with House’s issues w/his father, troubled friendship with Wilson and the fact that he hallucinated sex with Cuddy. Nope, just have him hook up with some random woman and give him a temp sidekick instead. Boring and really underplayed, which has become typical of TPTB.

    • mooseonajew says:

      @Jane, thank you for the intelligent and well thought out post. I can only imagine what TPTB and the actors must think of some of these rude and nasty fans.

      I’m going to miss Lisa on the show and I wish her well.

  16. Sparrow says:

    An Ausiello/Lisa Edelstein interview. What a good day. I love it when you interview her, Mike. :)

    Thanks for all the great scoop and it’s fitting that you get the first interview with her where she opens up after her last one about leaving HOUSE. I also thought it was cool how she didn’t diss HOUSE or the people there. She stayed respectful and sounded like she was grateful for the job. And I liked that she sounded so positive about things. I’d love to see her in a new series and am excited about seeing her on THE GOOD WIFE. Too bad that the HOUSE show people say they’d like her back and make it sound like it’s all on her that she won’t be back but she says no one has even talked to her about it.
    I’m skipping HOUSE this year because I hate that women get tossed carelessly from that series. As was shown by what JMo said at the TCAs, “I think they’ve gone through a lot of women.” I don’t like the way women are represented on the show and how the actresses-both her and Lisa especially-were treated. Cuddy was my favorite girl on the show. I had hoped that something could be worked out and they could bring Cuddy back to the show like CRIMINAL MINDS did with Paget and AJ.

    They have two new actresses, one who is pretty and one who is funny but Lisa had both of those qualities: she was beautiful, sexy, funny and a very good actress. She owned that role. I can’t imagine HOUSE ending without Cuddy there. What a sad turn of events for this series. I hope Fox/NBCU/Comcast-or whoever was responsible for letting such a great actress and character go-I hope they do the right thing, the best thing for the show like CBS did for CRIMINAL MINDS. If they ever bring Lisa back, I will be there with bells on. Until then I think it’s time for a break for me and HOUSE.

    Thanks so much, Mike. I always come to you for the good scoop. :)

    • Kath G says:

      A GREAT actress!! what other roles has she played apart from Cuddy, that defines her greatness? She played bit parts on other shows, and always the same type, like the hooker she played on the West Wing. Unlike the other actors on House, she never really used her down time to go and do other TV/Flim or stage projects. David Shore had nothing to do with actor contract talks, that was NBC/Universal. So he owes her nothing, she decided not to renew her contract, and walked away. She is off the show, done deal. Wish her well for her future endevors, but I wont care if she never comes back even as a guest.

      • to Kath says:

        She is a character actress, not an ingenue, unlike JMo or OW. Look it up. The fact that she gets such support while being a character actress is what makes her great. Of course, House MD was instrumental in her rise to fame, no one denies that. She got her breakthrough role and will be perfectly fine on her own from now on. Her TGW blitz-hiring is the best testament to that statement. I for one would love to see her back on House, but only if they give her worthy material, which is unlikely. So whatever happens, happens. Smart girls do have more fun, too bad that as a woman you fail to recognize that. Apparently.

      • Laya says:

        Your definition of bit part is wrong. Bit parts have under six lines spoken. LE had a lot of guest star roles before she got House. She did use some of her down time to do other roles, mostly voice and Lifetime Movie stuff. Actresses over 30/35 get better work in TV than in movies and it’s difficult to be on two TV shows do to filming schedules (OW has a very special deal in terms of getting time off). A lot of LEs characters were more goofy than sexy, back when she was doing girlfriend of the week on sitcoms and she has played a wide range.

      • Thaina says:

        Yes! Lisa has gone. MOVE ON!!! Ask her about TGW and not about House.

        She decided to leave, David Shore will not crying or dying for her.

    • Thaina says:

      Ok I respect Lisa but she is not a GREAT actress, keep your feet on the ground, people.

  17. Moochoo says:

    How I see it, and it has been hinted at by co-stars, LE wanted to be paid Y amount of money and TPTB thought she was worth W amount of money and neither was willing to settle for X amount of money.

  18. The Ghost of Gordon Gekko says:

    Does anyone else see the irony in the fact that television and film actors are so grossly overpaid; indeed, their estimations of their “worth” is ridiculously inflated. And then there’s the fact that the entire world economy completely collapsed yesterday. People are losing their jobs and their homes; they cannot feed their children. And then there’s Lisa Edelstein who left a sure-thing paycheck because that paycheck would only be a little over $2 million instead of just under the $4 million she feels she “deserves.” F*ck integrity. It has no place in Hollywood.

    • missy says:

      Fake doctors earn more money than real ones. So terrible sad and ridic.

    • @TGoGG says:

      I wonder how many of the writers and producers took a hit in pay this season? The actors weren’t the reason for the numbers falling so drastically during negotiations (all the episodes post-Bombshells kept descending), they weren’t calling the shots but they were asked to take the pay cut so the corporation could keep the pay they wanted. If everyone took a cut and Lisa refused, I’d agree that she was the “bad guy”. But if we do this then we have to say the same thing about Robert being “greedy”. We know for sure Robert said he was only in this show for the money at this point and when they asked him to take a cut he said no. They caved and gave it to him. The people who took the pay cut should’ve been the ones who made the numbers fall, not the actors who all did their jobs well like they were supposed to. THAT’S what’s unfair. No one takes responsibility for their faults and actions. I wouldn’t want to take a cut in pay for something I had no control over when I worked as hard these actors did for the show.

    • Layla says:

      If actors are over paid then so are the writers, producers and networks. If a show produces
      a lot of income then actors should get there share as well. It’s not about what actors get paid compared to teachers, it’s about what they make compared to people in their own industry. This is true of all professions, no one is happy to take less money than their co-workers who do the same job.

    • HaHa to The Ghost says:

      It was just announced today that Hugh Laurie will be making $700,000 PER episode. While I do think he is worth every penny, it’s interesting you would lecture about one of the ensemble leaving over money which you say isn’t a big deal considering the events going on in the world today. Apparently money is very important to actors also, including the star of the show.

      • Say, what? says:

        $700K per ep? I thought it was $400K. Where did this new inflated number come from? The Chicago Trib also reported his salary at $700K, but in everything else I’ve read it was $400K, plus whatever he makes as EP, which is usually based on net. Actually, going into this next season, it was my understanding that Mark Harmon would be the highest paid dramatic actor at $500K plus, allowing for his bump to EP on NCIS. House is not nearly as profitable as NCIS these days. So tell me, please: what is your source that says $700K?

        • I'm confused says:

          Actually, I’m reading conflicting reports. Some news articles indicate he makes $700K per episode, like Ashton Kutchner. Others read $400K, which I know was true LAST season. I think someone made an error and put their story out on the wire and it was picked up by other publications. I don’t like to think that Hugh Laurie salary nearly doubled and three other long-standing characters got financially screwed. Especially since Ms. Edelstein did more to promote that show than anyone else. Say what you will about her or the character she played: she was the best cheerleader FOX/Universal had. So, if $700K is correct, what does that say about the situation? And I’m sorry, Ghostbuster (below), I don’t like to throw money at people because they or others think they’re “worth” it. A very poor choice or words, those.

      • The Ghost of Gordon Gekko says:

        HaHa: Go back and read my post again. Money is EXACTLY what this is all about: those who have more than enough, but still WANT more; and those who will never have enough but still NEED more. And if it is true that Hugh Laurie is now making $700K per episode (compared to the last 4 seasons at $400K/per, then why didn’t he kick some of that back to help defray expenses? To me, considering the good of the whole is the true measure of a man’s “worth.” Not how pretty he looks on television.

        • ghostbuster says:

          Why should HL give back his hard earned money for LE to stay? Maybe after the HuLi horror he could not care less if LE stayed or went.

          He is worth every cent of his salary: Not only he has the name role but the House character is his creation as much as David Shore’s. His casting tape is almost identical to the pilot. Few can deliver tragedy and comedy simultaneously as he does and play the juggler as well. Everybody agrees he is the most hard-working person on the show and rarely asks for any special treatment.

    • Um... says:

      Completely agree with you. The money actors and sports figures are paid is completely obscene.

  19. Amy says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that they wanted to cut LE’s salary but then picked up two new cast members?! Come on!

    • A says:

      They probably got the two new girls for a lot less money

    • karomana says:

      Probably YES.
      LE left in May. These actresses were brought in July/August and are definitely not LE replacements.
      They obviously cost a lot less than LE, and they fill the “female” void created by LE’s departure and OW’s reduced time on the show. Otherwise there would have been an all male cast. (no problem for me!)

    • F says:

      Yes, two for the price of one. Tells you how much money Lisa was making & yet she still wanted more.

  20. alla says:

    GREAT INTERVIEW! Thx Michael. You always talk to each other in a special way.

    Admire this Woman, Lisa is so SMART and intelligent: in spite of her leaving the show, she continues to defend characters, screenwriters, the cast and Hugh. I respect this, as well as her true words about David Shore’s calls. His behavior isn’t nice at all. Why did he lie?

    I’m glad that Lisa made this decision – she deserves more! They ruined her character in season 6-7, but some people blame her as an actress for this, it’s unfair!

    Hope she’ll be successful in her new projects, and people won’t compare her with Cuddy all the time cause she’s great as in comedies as in dramas.
    Lisa, we respect you as a women and as an actress. Keep shining!

  21. Carol says:

    Thanks for this excellent interview, Ausiello. It was splendid to hear from Lisa at long last. She did not sound bitter or pissed off in the least. She sounded regretful that she could not continue on with a final season of “House.” But she is realistic about this being a business and wanting to pursue what is smartest in that context.

    I admire her brainy sense of humor, her funny and gentle chiding of TPTB at “House” who definitely need to give her a call as soon as possible.

    Lisa’s analysis of the distorting impact of the season finale is spot on. She nails the problem with the way that the car crash was delivered. It is apparent from all comments from writers, Shore, and now Lisa that on the script page it was clear that House did not intend to murder his girlfriend or her family.

    But the execution of that final scene was atrocious. Thanks to GY’s clumsy and thrill-seeking direction, the scene did not make clear at all that Cuddy and her guests and child had left the dining room. As viewers, we do not have the faintest assurance that House could even see into the room as he careened toward the picture window.

    As audience we are only able to judge by what is in the finished product on our TV screens, not what is in the script or in the minds of the writers. As presented on screen, House’s wild ride into Cuddy’s home was vicious, unjustified, supremely dangerous to all parties, and clearly designed to inflict maximum damage to Cuddy and her family of both the physical and psychological kinds.

    With this collossal blunder, Shore and company undermined six years of carefully constructed character study of one of the most fascinating characters on television. Until this season, House was presented as a defective noble, a man who struggled against his terrible fate, who damaged himself by his emotional isolation, but one who always fought for his patient. House understood suffering and tried to eradicate it. House, as a victim of abuse, was extremely sensitive to suspected abuse of chldren in his orbit. He understood, protected and defended children as innocents.

    Now because of that horrible finale, we have the enduring image of House seeking to alleviate his emotional pain by inflicting pain on the woman he loved. And worst of all, destroying the home of an innocent child who loved and trusted him. House the character has been well and truly trashed by his creator.

    As indicated by this wonderful interview, Lisa Edelstein is generous, open, intelligent, and insightful. She is class personified.

    I wish her well in all her future work.

    • Anne says:

      This was beautifully written. It’s disturbing the DS & Co couldn’t find the creativity to bring forth change in House outside of destroying the humanity in him through this type of violence. Perhaps it did read different on paper, but the very notion that an act of violence is a means to purge pent-up emotions to bring about change is very disheartening. I expected more creativity from these writers than such cheap ploys and tactics, and such blantant disregard to the character himself. Of all the ways they could have brought House to his personal epiphany to change, they chose the one that destroyed the foundation of the character, the one that undermined every good aspect of his character and made us root for him.
      This was a good interview. I didn’t read any bitterness between the lines, just disappointment, resolve and an eye to the future. She addressed both sides of the issues with respect and it was excellent PR. Much better than we’ve been receiving. I wish her the best, and thank you, Michael!

      • ParadoxHugh says:

        I could not have said it better, so I won’t. I agree with this post wholeheartedly.

      • Dani says:

        @Carol @Anne

        Thanks for these articulate posts. They reflect my thoughts perfectly. I’ve always watched House primarily for Hugh and his character, but I’ve always liked what Lisa has brought to the table with Cuddy. In the past few months my respect for her has gone through the roof though and I’m looking forward to her future projects.

      • @Anne says:

        Wonderful post. I agree whole-heartedly with everything you said.

      • Claudia says:

        @Carol @Anne
        Very well said, both of you. I fully agree with everything you say.

    • Sara says:

      Thank you, Carol, for reading my mind. Your analysis is spot on. The fact that LE is willing to tell what the intent of the final scene was tells me she is still protective of her former boss and a show that she clearly loved. Classy lady.

      The show no longer holds a special place in my heart as it will always feel like something is missing.

      I adore LE and wish her the best of luck. And say what you want, LE sure does stir up comments.

  22. alla says:

    Everything she made was right. The storyline became really bad without any hope for better, plus this pay cut – why should she stay? Even old fans don’t like the writing any more. We’ll only miss their chemistry with Hugh – it is so rare on TV and in movies now.
    Hope they’ll play together sometime!

  23. Paulina says:

    YOU GO GIRL!!! IT was the best thing you could do. It’s nice to know the truth after all that mess. I can’t wait for the new project. Love from Poland ;)

  24. Carmen says:

    I don’t think LE comes across as particularly angry in the interview.

    In fact, I think she is a bit protective.

    A couple of her comments with regard to the season ending of House (driving a car into her home in a bitter hissy fit of jealousy and anger)

    “Although in the script it didn’t read that way because it was very clear that [Cuddy and her friends and family] had left that room. It’s still a very extreme thing to do. It definitely pushes the envelope quite a bit”.

    Response: It’s very difficult for the audience to see what the script notes say is the intent. AND, even if we could, I not sure how commom sense logic would thind that it was an OK think to do!

    “The problem is in order to affect any kind of change for a character like that you have to go to extreme places, [but] maybe it was too extreme for the audience. It’s just not that kind of show. Was it out of line in terms of the creative path? No. It makes sense on just a purely creative level. But in terms of it being on a network television show, I think it went too far for a lot of people.”

    I like LE as an actess, But this quote from above seems to mirror what DS and much of Hollywood seems to think.
    That is, that anyone outside of the Hollywood microism just aren’t smart enough to grasp what the highly intelligent movie and TV actors and producers understand. The telling part of the quote is the last line

    ” I think it went too far for a lot of people”

    Yes it did, when you define “a lot of people” anyone who has above Forrest Gump level intelligence.
    The vast majority of the public got it right when they objected to the ending.

    • Dani says:

      To me it sounds like she was being diplomatic without actually out and out condemning the creative choices, and actually cutting them more slack than they deserved. PR is like walking a tightrope. She’s still better at it than most of the House PTB put together.

    • Maria says:

      I don’t think that she is insulting anyone’s intelligence. I’ve seen characters on television do destructive things because they needed a change and they didn’t know how to deal with all their manpain. I always found it a bit ridiculous, but most of the time it was at least their property and I do understand wanting so desperately to move on and leave something behind you that you burn all the bridges with your past. I also understand wanting to do it in a big shocking way that fits a season finale. As an idea it wasn’t bad, just cliche (even though I don’t know if they do that as often in the US) and ridiculous.

      But you certainly don’t make your main character drive his car into his ex-girlfriend’s house, when there are all these people in it and you have no idea where her 3-year-old is. Nor do you hurt your only friend in the process. And you certainly don’t look all smiley after you’ve left the scene like the coward that you are. And the director tries to not take a bad thing and make it eleventy times worse because he has the maturity and brain of a five-year-old and he can’t think past OMFG, KA-BOOM!!!!!!!11111

      Once again, I have no idea as to whether I’m making sense or not, but whatever. :P

      • Anne says:

        You are making sense, and are correct. There are cases when this kind of action is shown on film, but House is a character that teeters on the edge of propiety and acceptance every episode. To take him so fully over the edge into such violence removed the humanity. DS has always had a darker vision of House than HL. HL liked to approach House as more damaged, fighting to keep the darkness in him from extinguishing all light. DS was more about the darkness outweighing what little light was inside him. They are two very different approaches. This season, DS came back on board to enforce his view. Unfortunately, fan response has shown that his version is not the one that attracts most viewers. It’s the HL version that is so appealing and so popular.
        This was certainly an act inappropriate and unacceptable for THIS main character, based on the history they have built over the past years.
        And you are right, the taunting and teasing of the director reflected the attitude of little boys playing crash with their matchbox cars. But they aren’t children, and their audience is not ignorant. House viewers, for the most part, are intelligent, thinking people who understand and appreciate moral/ethical dilemmas and do not care to tolerate the shallow approach to storytelling that was provided this season. The continued justification and deflecting only continues to damage their own credibility.

        • to ANNE says:

          HL’s view of House is equally as dark as DS’s. In fact, he is always saying how much he likes playing this unlikeable character. It is also well recorded that HL had several times been opposed to making the character lighter.
          It seems also that he was quite happy with the car crash to the point that he drove the car himself, for the first part only. He wanted to execute the crash as well but they refused to let him. (Interview of the writers of the Finale)
          What he brought to the character is depth and nuance: House has a very dark side but he can also be funny and sensitive (which he hides). HL made it believable. But the hidden better qualities do not negate the darkness, something which self-deluded fans refuse to accept.

  25. dee says:

    Wherever she ends up, I just hope that Lisa Edelstein’s boobs aren’t hanging out of her sweaters like a $2 hooker. Cuddy’s work attire was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Totally unprofessional.

    • LOL DEE says:

      OK. It’s really unprofessional for her to dress as she was directed by the show yet a drug addicted doctor who has spent time in a mental institution, lost his personal control & crashed his car into his former girlfriends dining room in anger over seeing her with another man, who wears sneakers, jeans and a wrinkled t shirt, announces to the clinic that he takes Vicodin, announces to the entire hospital that he slept with the DoM even though he was hallucinating at the time, while at work and treating patients is much less important and highly professional? Seriously? T%hey do and say and wear exactly what they are told to wear and do the things on screen they are told to do and House the show is probably over your head since you don’t seem to realize that TPTB had Cuddy dressed that way to add to the story of House’s fascination with her body as well as her brain. House is who he is and does what he does because it’s written that way. The same is true for Cuddy. If you must complain, at least have a complaint that doesn’t make you look stupid

      • Ali says:

        LE, from the official House guide:

        Question: [her wardrobe] makes a statement.

        Lisa Edelstein: Yes, I think so. I was able to participate in the way her wardrobe mutated and it’s a lot of fun. [snip] What’ also fun as a girl is that essentially you get to shop twice. There is you and then there is your character. When I’m in a store and I am looking for myself and I see something that is great for Cuddy I can call Cathy. ‘You know what? I saw something that would be really wonderful,’ and she is awesome about it.

        So yes, LE is also to blame for Cuddy’s slut style

        • LOL Ali says:

          “Cuddy’s slut style”? You think she has carte blanche because she picks a few things and has some say in her wardrobe? You know exactly which pieces she picked or suggested? I’m quite sure you don’t. You are just making assumptions to reinforce your point which makes you look stupid also.

          • @LOLAli says:

            Ali quoted LE out of the OFFICIAL HOUSE GUIDE, when this is not reliable than you are clearly naive. Ali made a point with facts here that doesn`t make her stupid.
            If it is was a slut style, is questionable but it was by far inappriopriate for a DoM,for sure ;)

          • Ali says:

            I’m not making assumptions, I’m quoting LE from the official House guide and I was pretty clear about that. It looks like the only stupid here is you or maybe considering that what you call my assumptions are LE’s words, she is the stupid one.
            And by the way, House defined Cuddy a slut more than once, her mother says she dresses like a slut, her emplyees call her a bitch…

        • James says:

          Your “slut style” is another’s “woman comfortable in her own skin style.” These attacks are useless and shallow.

          • Uh-huh says:

            Leave it to a man to make a remark like that. You try stuffing your boobs into a Wonderbra and your ass into a pencil skirt. There ain’t NOTHIN’ comfy about sexy.

          • @James says:

            How would you feel, in case you are women, if a attractive men would wear his wifebeater and super tight trousers (so that you can see, the man is well-hung) during general hosiptal,serious insurances and laws stuff…hm..It would rather distract you and you would say to this man it is unprofessional to wear that kind of clothes.Cuddys widerspreading wardrobe choices has nothing to do with misogyny. It is more a weak point of humankind.

          • Open your eyes, Dude says:

            James, Sweetheart… do you even OWN a TV set? Go check out pretty much any show that caters to the “under 25” set (Gossip Girl, 90210, etc.). Biceps and crotch-huggers abound. And circumcision seems to have fallen out of fashion over the past couple of decades. Shame.

          • Gloria says:

            I’m a woman and I don’t find offense in her clothing. And I don’t find James wrong in feeling she shows a comfort in her skin rather than seeing it as a slut style. Sexy isn’t slutty.

          • Well... says:

            There’s “sexy” and then there’s “slutty.” I think the debate here is whether or not “Cuddy” crossed the line. And, I’m sorry, I like to “dress like a sexy woman” from time to time myself; I have an athletic build and am not overweight. However, it CAN be uncomfortable: pantyhose and high heels? And form-fitting clothing gets to be restrictive after a period of time. Sexy is NOT “comfy,” as Uh-huh stated above. In fact, its non-stop work. Do I feel “emotionally comfortable” dressed up? Yes. Would I feel that way in some (not all, so calm down, people) of Cuddy’s outfits? No. I want to be viewed as a “lady,” not a “tramp.”

    • Maria says:

      Finally! I was wondering where you guys were. Can’t have an article about House without people judging Cuddy by her outfits. Are you that misogynistic in real life, too? Or do you just want to hate on her but are too stupid to come up with any actual arguments as to why you do that or are you jealous because you wish you could look like her or all of the above?

      • Q says:

        I think most of the people complaining about Cuddy’s breast are women. Women who fancy themselves feminists of sorts who think it’s their duty to encage in slut shaming. They think are advancing women by being judgmental prigs. That or they just don’t have confidence in their bodies and are angry about it.

        • Karomana says:

          I am a woman and love sexy and fashionable clothes. But I definitely avoid wearing revealing clothes at work.
          Unfortunately Cuddy’s clothes were too much of a stereotyped sexiness, low cut tops and extra tight skirts: very unimaginative and somehow cheap, no flair. But for me the worse were the impossibly high heels, so inappropriate for a Dean of Medicine as they are extremely unhealthy.
          (yes , I now Vicodin is unhealthy as well but House’s addiction is shown with disapproval)

  26. Missem says:

    Well after that disgusting misogynistic finale, I have no intention of watching the next season of “House” regardless of who’s on it. I have limits.

  27. Lokun says:

    So tired of reading about all Huddy fans whining about that they’ll stop watch the show now when Cuddy is gone… As someone said earlier; The show is called “House MD”. Not “Cuddy MD”.
    And apparently, Lisa Edelstein didn’t think her role was worth the salary she was receiving. I don’t blame her. If she refuses to play Cuddy because she wants more money for it, then so be it.

    But don’t blame this on the show. We know nothing about the exact numbers of what she was being paid. Did she quit because they refused to give her a raise, or did she quit because they lowered her salary? If the latter, it’s most likely because Cuddy wouldn’t have a very big part in the 8th season. Considering the whole 7th was mainly about her and House and it ended with her never wanting to see him again, it would only be understandable if she had less screentime in the next season.

    There is no Huddy. There never was. And now it’s gone.
    Get over it.

    • to lokun says:

      What is your definition of “Huddy”, may I ask? If it’s a proverbial couple riding together into the sunset, then you are right. For the majority of people that moniker meant a couple in a romantic relationship. In that sense “Huddy” did happen, and then some. You need to get over your denial. Also this thread is about Lisa, not House the show. People are entitled to express their feelings about her exit the way they see fit. If that bothers you, move on and don’t whine yourself.

      • Lokun says:

        My definition of Huddy is the same as everyone else’s. The “There is no Huddy. there never was”-part was meant as a joke. A referens to a quote from a cartoon-show. I’m sorry if you didn’t get it. If I thought that anyone would bother about my comment, I may never have included it. But I thought that since it’s pretty obvious that House and Cuddy WAS a couple, no one would take that last part seriously.
        So I don’t have to get over my “denial”, since there is none.

        And I can’t find anything here that states that you can’t talk about the show in this thread. They mention it several times in the interview, why shouldn’t we be able to discuss it? Everyone seems to do it anyway, so of course I will too.

        Lastly, people are more than welcome to exoress their feeling about Lisa’s exit. I didn’t like the way she left either. But the thing that bothered me so much to write that comment in the first place, is how people are writing that now when Cuddy/Lisa is gone, they’ll never ever watch the show ever again because it’s definitely gonna SUCK!
        Sure, I won’t hunt people down and force them to watch it against their will. But it really annoys me that people can be so shallow. I find it hard to believe that the only reason that they’ve watched the show for 7 seasons is because they’ve been waiting for Cuddy to get together with House. Did the rest of the story really mean that little to them…?

        Sure, I could have kept all this to myself instead of writing out my frustration like some angry videogame-nerd, but since so many here are doing the same thing I simply couldn’t resist.
        As I said, I didn’t really expect anyone to care about my comment anyway.

  28. Jane2 says:

    Thanks for this interview. I love it! It’s so great to hear from Lisa. I can’t wait to see her on The Good Wife and in the other stuff she’s got coming up.

  29. Fed up says:

    This isn’t about LE cause I’m not a fan but can you people please stop accusing the people who aren’t enamored of LE of being bitter Jennifer Morrison/House/Cam/House/Wilson fans! Believe it or not there are some people that just do.not.like. your goddess and that’s okay. The world would be a drag if we all had the same opinions. And enough with the Jennifer Morrison bashing. You don’t like her? Fine. She hasn’t been on House for a while and Huddy was canon. Why even bring her up? Get over it and move on for the love of sanity, please! All you are doing is making LE and her fans look bad.

  30. jhon says:

    Jennifer Hugh

  31. Layla says:

    I took two things away from this.

    One-There is a big disconnect between what they thought they were doing and how it came across. There are a lot of people involved in the process, you’d think someone might have thought about that during the editing process or in the writers room.

    Two-Shore is being dishonest without actually lying. All this I’d like to get Lisa back but I don’t know if that’s possible is BS. He doesn’t know if it’s possible for someone who hasn’t been asked back to come back? He should just admit he has no plans to bring her back. Not shocking, it took TPTB a long time to admit they had no plans to bring JMo back.

  32. LOLA says:


  33. DS is Crazy says:

    Well, aside from the fact we see that DS continues to lie, we also can see that the disasterous finale was planned all along, but on “paper” it didn’t look like it did on screen. Even on paper, crashing a car into an occupied House is violent. Although I appreciate LE for showing enough respect to continue their party line to justify their creative approach, she’s right in asserting that the crash was obviously violent and homicidal. DS and team should have taken more care to view the finale cut and see that Cuddy touched the guys arms and gestured them to go to the other room, but did not show the actual exit. Nor did the crash itself show House viewing an empty room. Maybe they shouldn’t have trusted KaBoom guy so much, who has been more interested in his games than accuracy. And the show’s stance that this was necessary for House to change is such BS. If they couldn’t come up with anything better than that, they really are pathetic. I never thought I’d say that about this team. This entire concept is repulsive. The standard line they are using only continues to hurt them. There’s not excuse for violence and no reason for them to take House down this route. This story hurt them far more than Lisa Edelstein’s departure, but how convenient for them to have her contract negotiations fall through so they can use her for the scapegoat in this fiasco. Too bad.

    • Ben says:

      They magnified everything negative and bad about House all season – his fears, the hookers, the self-destruction, the vindictiveness and carelessness – and eliminated all the humanity that endeared him to me. The finale was also the nail in the coffin. I can’t watch this guy anymore. Punishing him and placing him in jail doesn’t bring back the humanity. This “one act” that so many people keep using as justification has far greater implications and they were, and continue to be wrong, in trying to use this as an excuse. This was inexcusable for House and for this “creative” group. Bleh! I wish I’d never started watching this show and caring about this character. Glad for Lisa’s new opportunities. Hope they prove to be even better than her experience with House.

  34. Fafa says:

    David Shore EVERYBODY LIES, right??? Especially you!

  35. Sara says:

    I’ve been waiting for LE to do an interview and this doesn’t disappoint. I like the fact she took the high road and kept it classy. She could have conveniently left out what the script said about the crash but instead backed DS on the intent. Hardly something you would say if you were bitter and wanted to slam your former boss.

    I don’t get the feeling she has any hard feelings against her former bosses. She even said it was a great job and expressed she is sad it is over.

    This is business, she is 45 year’s old and is doing what she thinks is best for her. RSL did the same thing and came out and said it was all about the money. I don’t fault either of them.

    I will always hope LE shows up again on “House” so her character and House can have proper closure. I loved Cuddy and there will be a big void without her. Until then, I will follow wherever she goes.

    • Fafa says:

      I’m not a Lisa’s fan and I’ll not follow her but I respect her and I hope one day she shows up again and Cuddy has the closure the character deserves.

  36. Geany says:

    Lisa is obviously hurt and angry about it, this situation is a shame!

  37. Alves says:

    Hugh please go away!!!! BE HAPPY!!!!

  38. Karm says:

    I don’t know how they are going to do the show without Lisa. SAD 8° SEASON!

  39. Brendo says:

    What a shame this whole situation. You’re mature people, act like adults.

  40. Tati says:

    Hugh and Lisa….. We will never see it again….. How sad????? :(

  41. Ashton says:

    It’s sad Cuddy won’t be on House anymore, yes. However House is essentially done. They will not, in any way, last past this season. She is smart to get out now. This is exactly what happened to Brothers & Sisters the year before they went off the air. Rob Lowe and like two other major characters left the show and one year later they were gone. It’s better that she gets a head start now and lines up as many gigs as possible than get comfy in a failing show. I look forward to seeing her on the Good Wife and in whatever she chooses to do after that.

  42. ABRIL says:


  43. Mick says:

    Can I say how awesome it is that Josh Charles and Lisa E will be on my screen together again. I miss Sports Night.

  44. I Wonder says:

    I’m beginning to think that lawsuit against this show last year may have had some merit. It claimed there was severe and pervasive gender harassment and discrimination. Seems like there might be just that if the themes of this show last season, the blatant lies and the obvious disregard for women says anything. Maybe that’s what Morrison meant when she said “they sure go through a lot of women.”

    • L.A. Law says:

      Actually the “House” lawsuit was brought by a gay man who was an assistant property master. He was “harassed” by the alpha prop master and one of his trained minions because he wouldn’t go out and “party” with them or chase women, or participate in any of the other charming activities familiar to the “barely-walking-erect-subculture of the male gender.” The “Bones” lawsuit was filed by a female “extra” who boinked David Boreanaz between takes and was promised, by Darling David himself, a (ahem) “bigger part” in exchange for her sexual favors. Said “bigger part” was part of the rich and varied imagination of Mr. B, and never actually came to fruition. (If I was banging a TV star, I’d wanna get paid, too.) So the moral to the story is: House has zero tolerance for pansies, and Bones has zero tolerance for women who are not good sports.

  45. julia says:

    WOW! So many comments!
    It seems, people are more interested in LE than in House MD. Good for her!
    No doubt her new projects will be successful with such fans. She really deserves this!
    Good luck!

  46. lily..ann says:

    Personally, I am glad LE jumped ship. I always liked her in other roles and I really used to like Cuddy as a character and really wished they could have written her better over the last few seasons. Huddy or at-least they way it was written was just not good and did not give LE the material she deserved. It cheapened the show and the character,
    I really wish her the best. Hopefully she will have as much success as JMo and we will be seeing her in a new series next year. I will also say the writers/producers on House have never written the women of House consistently and seem to be very misogynistic in their writing style when it comes to women. Sub-par romantic plots for Cuddy (huddy), Cameron, (Hameron,Chameron) and 13 (boreteen) seems to be the only story-lines they have been interested in and it is a real shame they could not explore other more interesting character points for them. I also find it kind of ironic that the more poorly written romance stuff was written by the female writers on the team.

  47. Mark says:

    Bottom line: She turned down $2 million+ to do one more season of House, a show she has been on since the beginning. This because her pride was hurt. It must be really nice to be in that position in a business where people her age are fairly unlikely to ever find steady work again. I’m not knocking her and I loved the character, I’m just saying, it must be nice.

  48. Susan says:

    Thanks Ausiello. It’s great to hear from Lisa and get her perspective on leaving House. I’m very much looking forward to The Good Wife.

  49. Sam says:

    Great to hear from Lisa and I can’t wait to see her on The Good Wife. With the loss of Cuddy, House is now a show without any characters I care about, especially the main character who has crossed a line and is no longer on the side of the angels.

  50. Kimm says:

    These networks don’t value women the way they do men. It happens all the time, especially on Fox. Think about all the female characters they have killed off, offered less money to, and let go for no reason. I don’t blame Lisa Edelstein for moving on. Good for her! House has already crashed. Let it burn…