It's Official: Syfy Cancels Eureka, Scraps Plans For a Season 6

Eureka fans, do you want the bad news or the bad news first?

Syfy has both canceled the five-year-old drama series and scrapped plans to order an abbreviated sixth season. The previously-ordered fifth season will now be the show’s last.

“After painstaking consideration, we have had to make the difficult business decision to not order a season six of Eureka,” the cabler said in a statement. “But Eureka is not over yet. There is a new holiday episode this December and 12 stellar episodes set to debut next year, marking its fifth season and six memorable years on Syfy. The 2012 episodes are some of the best we’ve seen, and will bring this great series to a satisfying end. We are very grateful to Bruce Miller and Jaime Paglia, their team of incredible writers, and an amazing cast and crew who have consistently delivered a series we continue to be very proud of. We thank the fans for their support of this show and know they will enjoy its final season in 2012.

Thoughts?! Are you devastated? Do you take some comfort in knowing that there’s still one more season to go? Please deposit your two cents in the comments section.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Michael Sacal says:

    They must have crunched the numbers and realized that they couldn’t afford the six episodes after all.

    • sally says:

      They must have realized Eureka was Science Fiction and not the name of a wrestler.

      • Meagan says:


      • me says:

        So much truth to this

      • Donna says:

        You got that right! This SUCKS! Ghost Hunters, and other copy cat shows are not worth to take up air space for a truely unique show such as Eureka!! Why do they ALWAYS do this to great shows?

      • Donna says:

        One more thing, since when is wrestling Science Fiction!????!!! You change your name to syfy, which I still find umbridge with and now you continue to make poor programming choices. Not sure how much longer I’ll subscribe.

        • erin says:

          yeah scifi channel you lost me. i have been a fan of your channel since you came out with it. and now thanks to wrestling and decisions like this im just done. you screwed up the coolest thing in TV history in my opinion. Science Fiction is what inspires the mind to greatness and invention. look at the ipad. we saw them in start trek first. the old Star Trek communicator yeah look at your flip open cell phone. think you’d have any of that without science fiction having thought them up first? you have allowed a great channel to sink lower in the last three years than standard TV did in 35. you are no longer science fiction. you are reality shows and crap. you have done just like MTV you know music television without the music. and noone watches that channel anymore either. you obviously dont give a damn about your fans. which is sad because if you ever went to a comic con or a scifi con you would know what science fiction means to us. good bye syfy. you have let me down for the last time.

          • mike/ says:

            not to mention how many dinosaur/crocodile/shark hybrids they can keep coming up with!

            the Cloris Leachman getting eaten by one of her ‘pets’ was the best or those…

    • Alex says:

      I guess they needed to free up the hour for Ghost Hunters: Extreme Edition and WWE Smackdown: Ghost Hunters Edition.

      • Plum says:

        Don’t forget about Ghost Anatomy, Witch Doctor MD and Chupacabra Chef (the chef gores and decapitates contestants who fail to plate properly.)

    • Greg says:

      If SyFy keeps doing this to their best shows like Firefly, farscape and now Eureka, I will eventually stop watching them before they end and save myself the frustration. This is not good business, it only angers those who support this business. This is long term blindness to get to some short term goal. Bah Humbug!

    • Rose says:

      I agree that SyFy is devoting way too much time to wrestling and other “reality” shows. I think it needs to take a hard look at its Canadian affiliate Space Channel, which truly celebrates the spirit and genre of fantasy and science fiction. I recently returned from the Constellation Awards at the Polaris 25 Con, and was amazed and rejuvenated by the energy exhibited by Space Channel, which is not afraid of original programming.

  2. Melissa says:

    I will hate to see this show end, it is one of my favorites, but at least we will get to see a final season and get a wrap up to the show.

    • Irishgirl says:

      The 6 episodes for season 6 were to be used to wrap up the show. Since they are currently filming the last two episodes of season 5, I don’t see how they’ll be able to wrap up the show properly. This is a pretty douchey thing for SyFy to do.

      • mwalkerg says:

        I remind you that they did the same thing to Farscape back when they first started producing original programming. They are notorious for this.

  3. Will says:

    The way Syfy handled this sucks, but at least we get a final season. I know they’re working on season 5 right now, so hopefully they get a chance to wrap things up.

  4. ubliette says:

    SyFy is stupid. I love Eureka.

    • sladewilson says:

      AMEN!!! That’s the truth right there. SyFy confuses me – let’s take some really great shows, get everybody into them and then suddenly cancel them… They hurt my brain..

      • Michael Sacal says:

        “Suddenly”? Let’s be fair, typically shows didn’t use to last over five seasons. Producers would even plan for them to run that long (i.e. Babylon 5).

        Keep in mind that the studios’ target number of episodes is 100 so that they sell them in syndication.

        The problem here is that Eureka doesn’t have 100 episodes, so the only ones that Syfy is hurting by canceling it now is themselves because they won’t have enough episodes to sell in syndication.

        • Carrie says:

          While it’s true 100 is the magic number for syndication, shows don’t actually need 100 episodes to air in syndication. Firefly and Terminator air in syndication now and Firefly only had one season and Terminator had 2. And many shows now go to syndication in their first couple of seasons (I think Modern Family already has a deal in place).

          • Marcella says:

            Syfy also rubs Moonlight which only had one season as we well know. Eureka will live on. I for one will keep watching it n Netflix.

  5. Caryn says:

    It seems Syfy is trying to alienate all its fans by slowly ridding their line up of all the fun, imaginative, and original programming that has made them popular.

    I am not liking the trend Syfy is moving to…the gritty dramas in their vein of BSG. Some of us deal with real-life drama all day, and would rather not have to watch it when we get home. Eureka was upbeat, positive, nerdy, and something the whole family could watch. The only show left like this is Warehouse 13. Watch…that will get cancelled next week.

    • sally says:

      What gritty Dramas? hey have none since they got rid of BSG and SGU. Only cheep “fun” shows and wrestling.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I hope they do not cancel Warehouse 13. Or Haven! I really love Haven.

      • Kelly says:

        Since Haven is a lot cheaper to film, it probably will get one more season. But after that, if I were the Haven cast/crew, I would be getting concerned.

        Ditto for Warehouse13.

  6. Wind says:

    This is the ONLY show on TV right now that my entire household watches together. I am so saddened by this news :(

  7. Greta says:

    So legitimate scifi shows are no longer going to be shown, just wrestling and stupid ghost hunters???

  8. Chip Ramsey says:

    I guess there isn’t enough room for more wrestling or paranormal shows on SyFy. Honestly, Eureka is the kind of show that gets people into the Sci FI genre in the first place. It’s a goofy, fun little show that everyone can relate to. If the ratings are bad, they have only themselves to blame because they keep moving it around. I’m very sad to see it go.

    • Sarah says:

      Thing is, the ratings seem fine. They’re on par with Warehouse 13 (and Alphas for that matter). I am sad that it won’t get an abbreviated season 6 but I’m happy with what we are getting. Sometimes shows go on for too long and they lose what made them great/special.

  9. Sharona says:

    I was disappointed by the news of only six more episodes, but thought that at least they’d be able to tie things up that way. This is such a letdown.
    Welcome to TV under Comcast. No decision too cheap!

  10. Ellen Duran says:

    Does Syfy have a problem with quality shows?

    They’ve canceled shows like Farsape, Stargate SG1 and now Eureka but yet they show wrestling? How is that science fiction?

    I remember when the network started people derided it saying that it’ll only be old Twilight Zone reruns, but they proved people wrong and came out with some great high quality shows…now they’re proving those people right I guess….

    Sad day, sad day…

  11. Angela says:

    After Eureka is gone, there will only be one show remaining on SyFail that I watch. When Sanctuary gets cancelled (any bets on when that happens?) I’ be free of this channel that has forgotten who was their core audience and alienated them to no end.

  12. Heather says:

    DEVASTATED!! This is an awesome show. WHY WHY WHY!?!?!? Can’t we cut some of the stupid reality shows out there ?! Boooo SyFy Booo!

  13. bean99 says:

    So disappointing. This is my favorite of the summer shows and got me watching this channel. I guess Warehouse 13 (which is my other show on it) will be next.

  14. Michelle says:

    Do I need to worry about Warehouse 13 now?!

  15. Alicia says:

    It’s official: Syfy hates Sci-Fi.

    This is a wonderful show. Sad to see it go. The only consolation I’ll get is a Carter/Blake wedding.

  16. akemi says:

    Thats so sad!!! I just got into both eureka and warehiuse 13 bt i love eureka more. I loved the science part plus the characters this was probably the best show minus warehouse that syfy had. Im sadden to see it go. It made me laugh and want to learn more about science.

  17. Connie says:

    Booo to SyFy.. I was unhappy when they changed their name thinking they were trying to get away from Sci-Fi.. and it looks like it.

    I am glad they have plans to “wrap it up” I hate it when they end shows with no closure at all (think John Doe) but I’m still not happy.

  18. Alex Agostini says:

    Thanks Sci-Fi Channel, for a great start to a Tuesday Morning. Have watched and truly enjoyed “Eureka” since it started. Hopefully you’ll allow for a closing episode, unlike “Stargate Universe.” Way to piss off fans. AGAIN!!! Amazed you’re the ones showing “Alphas,” which so far has been extremely good.

  19. Amy says:

    Frak! I am so mad right now. I love Eureka. I like Warehouse 13 and Haven, but Eureka tops them by soooooo much. There is nothing else on that channel that is worth watching. The posters who said SyFy hates SciFi are right.

  20. Mia says:

    Why does Syfy keep canceling all of my favorite shows? It was already bad enough that there’s nothing stargate on Syfy, but add Eureka to that? A travesty!!

  21. PhDelicious says:

    Every time SyFy aka SciFi does something like this I swear I’m going to stop watching except for the one show left that I like and then by the time they frak that show over I’ve got one more that I like. Farscape, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica and now Eureka. I think it’s time to break they cycle. I’ll watch Eureka til the end regardless.

  22. ck says:

    Wish there was a billionaire nerd out there that would put together a real sci-fi channel. There are fans who would watch.

  23. Monika says:

    I am sad that Eureka has been cancelled and am concerned for the cast and crew. I wish them luck in their future endeavors and am sure that they will move on to much better opportunities. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Now all I have left to watch on SyFy is Haven. Once that’s gone, I’m done.

    • Lauren says:

      I’m really sad that this is happening too. My life has some major heavy stuff in it and when I need something to just make me happy I can’t wait for Eureka. I wouldn’t be too worried about the cast though. Syfy actors and writers are pretty interchangeable. If you watch through SG-1 for example I think most of Eureka’s cast was in that as guest stars. Sheriff Andy was a pretty big character on Stargate Atlantis. I think they’ll be ok. I’d look out for them on Alphas. They can’t put them on Warehouse 13 because of the crossover episodes with Eureka.

  24. Danika says:

    It is a shame, a great original show. Syfy did there best to kill it by airing half seasons and making people wait so long for new episodes, essentially eliminating the possibility of growing the fan base.

    • PapaStu says:

      Exactly. They along with USA have been pushing some of their best shows around (i’m looking at you Psych) and making it hard to even remember when they are going to be on next.

      I’m disapointed that we won’t get a half season to wrap everything up, and hopefully this season can wrap up either the jump back to ‘real’ time, or that everyone is trapped in the alterna-eka and that things will be a bit kooky, but just fine.

  25. Brandy says:

    Once again SyFy has taken their fanbase and thrown them away. We went from great shows, decent B flicks with terror and humor to wrestling?? And now they are canceling one of their only best shows left?? They have lost touch with their fans. I am not sure SyFy will be watchable in the foreseeable future – complete idiots in charge. Maybe we should try to get Bill Gates to buy our original SciFi back rather than this drama ridden, chick run, wrestling loving redneck that is in charge now. DIAF!!!!

  26. side3 says:

    Terrible news. I thought this was their most watched show?

  27. gg says:

    NOOOO!!! I like this show and the characters more than Warehouse 13.

  28. bluebonnetbelle says:

    So sad. This is the show that really got me hooked into Sci-Fi because it was funny.
    The only thing that is getting me through is that SyFy has established that Warehouse 13 and Alphas are in the same universe as Eureka so maybe we can see (more) cameos once Eureka is gone.
    (This news really kills the buzz of seeing Mr. Ianto Jones on Warehouse 13 last night!)

    • TVDIVA says:

      I wonder if the idea is to do a spinoff with HG Wells and Ianto’s character? That would be interesting. But hey, then it would get cancelled after we got sucked into it.

  29. larrouxgirl says:

    It’s all about money, I’m guessing. Cheaper to pick up wrestling and some failed dungeons-and-dragons-style movies than make your own show. Too bad. “Eureka” was like a crazy cousin who came to visit every summer.

    • Fargo's Bobblehead says:

      ‘“Eureka” was like a crazy cousin who came to visit every summer.'”


      I guess after what they did to Farscape and even their own name (never could stand “SyFy”…) I shouldn’t be surprised. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. Way to go, siffy.

  30. Rachel says:

    So mad! I don’t understand why they’re doing this–Eureka’s had some bumps in the road, creatively (imo), but with the addition of more Wil Wheaton and now Felicia Day, it’s awesome! I’m not sure this even gives them time to wrap up, which sucks even more.

  31. Geo says:

    As Farscape fans know, Syfy doesn’t just cancel shows, they first lie to both the fans and the show’s producers about how many seasons/episodes they’re going to give the shows and then suddenly go back on their word. While other networks let folks know that they could go either way on struggling shows, Syfy keeps adding a level of cruelty by making people think they have one specific plan, then suddenly yanking the rug out from under them, so fans get caught by surprise and producers don’t have time to give their shows a proper end.

    With Farscape, Syfy told everyone they’d ordered two more seasons of the show, but then suddenly cut one season in half, claimed it was two seasons, and canceled the show, which ended in the middle of a story (it was only after tremendous fan pressure that the network finally produced a mini-series to wrap up some of the story).

    In short, Syfy can’t be trusted. Why invest time in their shows when they behave like this?

    • mwalkerg says:

      I like all you have to say here, but you need to remember that Sy-Fy did not produce the Farscape follow-up. Henson Co. got the money to produce it, then they shopped it around to different broadcasters and decided to go with Sy-Fy because they felt more fans would find it there than anywhere else. Sy-Fy had nothing to do with the production of that gift for the fans.

  32. ash says:

    This is so sad. :(

  33. Steve T says:

    Dropping Eureka and probably keeping Alphas. Eureka is 10 times the show that Alphas is. I judge shows by how well I like the characters. I like every character on Eureka. I watched 1 episode of Alphas, didn’t like any of the characters and haven’t watched it again. But what do you expect from a group that thinks that changing their name from SciFi to SyFy was a good idea.

  34. Styrch says:

    So sad! Jack Carter brings me the most joy to watch every week. I love his journey in this crazy town. So incredibly sad…

    • Frak says:

      So true; I haven’t loved a show about a quirkly little town since Northern Exposure. I can’t believe the show is 5 seasons in, it still is solidly fresh and fun. It’s only gotten better year to year.

  35. KJ says:

    This sucks! What a horrible decision SyFy!! They still have me for Warehouse 13, Alphas (which is just okay…after this fiasco I may stop watching it so I don’t get too invested – they’ll probably cancel it too), and Merlin (even though Merlin isn’t technically theirs since it’s from the UK) but after that I’m done with SyFy.
    Don’t even know why they call it SyFy since the majority of their programming is wrestling and random/lame ghost hunting shows (which, surprise!, they never find any!!).
    Don’t worry – the budget for Eureka will go into great hits like Octosaurus vs. Sharktopia or some other ridiculous movie starring 80′s/90′s Z-listers.

  36. Drew says:

    What a d-bag move. Not only because Eureka is one of their most imaginative and entertaining shows (don’t get me wrong, I love Being Human but it’s dark and gritty, not fun family entertainment), but because they just ordered six episodes and now they’re calling take-backsies. This is how many people who have to worry about jobs and they keep playing games with them? They order six, which seems like the end and everyone is sad. Then they say that it’s not the end and they hope to do more, so everyone is happy. Then they say that they’re not even doing the six that they already promised? I get that it’s a TV show, but it’s also peoples’ lives and that is just a dick move.

  37. Frak says:

    Bummer, I can’t believe Eureka is getting the boot; the show is so fresh and well written, it is consistently funny and just puts a smile on my face. I’m not watching Syfy’s new shows and they are getting rid of all my favorites. Which means I’ll have less and less reason to bother with it.

  38. John says:

    I want new option. This whole television network thing isn’t working out for me. You there, Hollywood and TV people – find us a new option, one that doesn’t involve us getting our hearts broken every season when network executives make sympathetic little press releases while slaughtering our shows… – John

    • Qualis says:

      Exactly! It’s time to create a medium that respects creative integrity and rewards viewer loyalty. Find a way to cover the costs and make the legions of fans count – a way that doesn’t hinge on the whims of some suit who’s never seen the show… or those pesky, mythical nielsen families… Looking forward to it.

      • erin says:

        i think im going to the anonymous99 irc channel and suggest the corporate morons that run Scifi channel be put on the list of people who should be brought down because of their unequivocal corporate greed. i think SciFi executives should be targeted like they target the only shows they have worth watching. how many ghost hunters do we need?? i might understand if A) the ghost hunters EVER found any ghosts. or if b)destination truth had any truth to any of it. and this crappy legend quest??? really i watched a few minutes of that one and when the guy said “we know this is true because these crosses are exactly alike” yet the two crosses didn’t even look REMOTELY simmilar and gave up on that guy immediately. like noone has tried to find the arc of the covenant or Excalibur before. but THIS guy is gonna just run right out and do what noone since ancient babylon could do? please. hey guess what guy when babylon overthrew the isrealites in ancient times they took the arc and melted it down for it’s gold. it’s what they did. the arc is probably some golden calf in a museum that was found in some tomb ages ago. Scifi channel is obviously run by a bunch of suits with no brains. so i just give up. let the wrestling fans and people who want to see through the shirts of the girls on nightvision cameras keep watching scifi channel im bailing before they make any more moves like this. so much for the fans having any say over what gets on the air. so much for demand being part of the supply and demand part of economic decision making. lets just further dumb down our youth with wrestling and reality TV. if we wanted reality TV we’d go watch MTV. but SCIFI stands for SCIENCE FICTION!!!!! if we wanted science fact we’d go to the discovery channel or science channel. we want SCIENCE FICTION so we came here. and you took it away. im going back to reading books they are better anyway.

  39. Jericho227 says:

    Had to say, even though I’m not a fan of the show, this is the same network that cancelled Stargate SG-1 after 10 years(5-6 years on their network actually), Stargate Atlantis after 5 years. Stargate Universe after 2 years. Battlestar Galactica after 4-5 years. They don’t give their shows a proper chance to catch on. Sure SG has a cult following, but still. Bet u next up for cancellation is Warehouse 13.

  40. Susie says:

    Very said, but I’m not surprised. I haven’t trusted SlyLy since they yanked the fabulous Farscape at the end of its fourth season after renewing it for season five.

  41. billk says:

    I am having a sad sense of Deja vu. Warehouse 13 will be next I am sure. I already gave up on Alphas. Syfy has become like an old girlfriend that convinces you to take her back only to dump on you later.

  42. eliizabeth says:


  43. Mary Brodsky says:

    This makes me so sad. It was such a fun and clever show. I do not understand the direction SyFy is taking and there is little left that I find worth watching. I guess they needed the time slot for “Dancing with the WWE Stars”. Shame on you, SyFy!

  44. Rachel says:

    Im beyond devastated, but Ive come to accept it when they said they were going to make the last six episodes. Now were not going to even get that. *!$@%& Cant they let them wrap everything up and let them have a true send off. Eureka still has descent ratings and has been. It sounds like Ryan Murphy is running the damn network.

  45. Barb says:

    Not sure who their demographic is but it doesn’t seem to be for the type of show Eureka is. Against their other shows, it’s the only one that is decent. Warehouse 13 is a hit or miss most of the time and Alphas I gave up after two airings. They need to rebrand themselves again because their target audience isn’t sci-fi but fans of wrestling and lousy reality shows. Goodbye SyFy after the airing of Eureka’s last episode.

  46. Maryb889 says:

    Oh goodie! I hope they cancel Warehouse 13, too. That will leave more room for wrestling and reruns and paranormal “reality” shows!!! I can’t wait … to stop watching the Syfy channel. #idiots

  47. Bella says:

    I’m very disappointed. This has been one of those shows that is consistently great and one that the whole family can watch. It’s fun and has heart, too. I don’t like Alphas. Warehouse 13 is okay, but when Eureka is gone, I don’t see any reason to watch the so-called SyFy channel anymore, which apparently stands for the Suck You F You channel. I’ve never been a fan of sweaty men in spandex tights. What’s worse is that by the way they handled it, it’s not likely we’re going to get satisfactory closure to the series.

  48. Tracey says:

    I think Syfy is being handled by the same dopes at CW.

  49. Crystal Hegg says:

    I watch very little SyFy BECAUSE it isn’t really science fiction. Eureka has been one of my all time faves from the very first show. I doubt I will watch any SyFy once next season is over. Why take the chance of becoming invested in a great show and storyline only to have them cut it out prematurely?! They did it to Firefly and I HATED the way they left it. After Eureka is done I won’t be investing anymore of my time with the SyFy network.

    • Jorin says:

      Firefly was originally on Fox. All SyFy did was air the episodes that FOx didn’t air during it’s initial run.

  50. TVDIVA says:

    Good grief. More wrestling and fake reality shows? Why isn’t the brand name WWE instead of SYFY? Eureka is a great show a family can watch and it does not talk down to its audience. I am grateful for the five years but if I do not get a Carter/Blake wedding as a finale SYFY heads will roll. I wonder how long before they cancel Warehouse 13 and Haven? Geez this is giving me flashbacks to when Farscape and each Stargate series was cancelled.