HGTV Design Star Recap: Kitchen Nightmares

Drama 1, Design 0. That was the depressing score at the end of Monday night’s episode of HGTV Design Star, and the worst part was watching the judges pull shenanigans to try to justify their decisions.

Don’t get me wrong, Tyler’s “batik” wall was a mini-disaster in a challenge where teams of two had to transform a white box into one of four layouts (galley, L-shape, U-shape, and peninsula) and one of four styles (farmhouse, industrial, contemporary, and global). As the judges noted, Tyler’s big project ended up looking like the aftermath of a bad wallpaper-removal job. But in a kitchen challenge where none of the four finished designs showed much in the way of innovation or daring, I thought Tyler deserved a little credit for trying something out of the ordinary. Plus, his purple Indian bench may have had the wrong proportions for that giant slab table, but it was still a stunning piece that stayed true to the “global” theme he and Leslie had chosen.

Cathy, meanwhile, barely got a slap on the wrist for delivering a cluttered, personality-free kitchen despite she and Karl drawing the “contemporary” card. For several episodes running, the resident drama magnet has proven she’s more a shopper than an actual designer, but this week’s “styling” of the finished space made it look like the room’s refrigerator had a bad case of food poisoning and spewed its contents — limes, oranges, mangoes, root vegetables, even eggs — all over the counters and with projectile force and haphazardness. At panel, when Cathy huffed that it was the first time she’d heard Karl complain about the way she’d staged the room, I almost believed her; the woman has displayed a stunning self-absorption that makes it easy to turn the voices of her co-designers into so much white noise.

I couldn’t shake the sinking feeling the judges would somehow spare Cathy at the expense of the soft-spoken but more talented Tyler, and sure enough, by handing the seasoned newscaster the win in the video segment, they were able to quickly send her to safety without having to dwell on her design failures. What was galling about their chicanery was the fact that Cathy’s one-minute tip was nowhere near the week’s best. Oh, sure, the woman has a command of the camera and doesn’t ever flub her words, but she comes across more as a detached observer — “reporting from the kitchen for Eyewitness News…” — rather than an authoritative and warm personality with something to teach me about making my home a more beautiful space.

I far preferred Kellie’s sweet, personal presentation, not to mention what she and Mark did with their “farmhouse” kitchen. The mismatched chairs and penny-tile backsplash were successful personal flourishes, and the judges were right that Mark’s basket lampshades were a stunning find that tied the whole look together.  I will object, however, to Vern Yip’s comment about Kellie’s cabbage candleholders being “beautifully done”; the close-up shot of the homemade fixtures showed raggedy edges and an unfortunate fork-mark that delivered shabby without a hint of chic. (Side note: That polyester print shirt Mark wore to the judges’ table was very Starsky & Hutch, no? And on a somewhat related note, the way dude slipped on his apron and prepared to rustle up some grub at the end of his video tip made it seem like he was going to throw together some hors d’oeuvres for a weekly key party.)

A few other notes:

* Seeing how she’s always yammering about “global this” and “global that” and her “global perspective,” was anyone else shocked Cathy chose “contemporary” over “global”?

* My favorite piece of the week was that gray shell chandelier from the Philippines, courtesy of Leslie (pictured). Where do I get it? How much will it cost? How many months of brainwashing will it take for me to convince my husband that the price is totally reasonable?

* Maybe, just maybe, Tyler’s camera presentation played into his exit this week. Dude didn’t utter a single complete sentence, just a series of random phrases.

* I know Kevin hit the bottom two for Little Sassy’s hodgepodge play area, but I thought Meg’s pegboard wall for her pots and pans looked just as messy. That said, the overall vibe of their space was chic and industrial. I’m not mad at ’em.

What did you think of this week’s HGTV Design Star? Were you angry as me to see Tyler go home? (I thought he could’ve won it all!) Who’s your favorite so far? And any secret Cathy fans out there? Sound off in the comments, and for all my reality recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. DFT says:

    Yeah, Cathy has been awful now for 3 eps in a row. It’s clear that no one can work with her, but the show keeps her around for the drama. I’m getting tired of it.

    • Meta says:

      I agree, I cannot believe the judges declared her a winner, what were they thinking..

      • Gretchen says:

        I’m sure Cathy’s video getting few hits will tell them…too bad it’s filmed months ago. Her styling was horrible, surprised she wasn’t called on it as she claims to be a professional stylist. She never takes responsibility for anything.

    • sunny b. says:

      my 83 yr. old aunt and i(a mere 62) both watch the competition on hgtv…cathy is not a team player..and yes, the judges keep her on for the drama. we will give a sigh of relief to see her gone. please?!

    • BLC says:

      Cathy is the most obnoxious, arrogant, my way or the highway individual who apparently doesn’t want to do any of the labor. She just wants to shop and stage. She totally disregards or denigrates any ideas or comments by the team. She’s as toxic as Omorosa (sp) from Trump’s past show. As far as her staging “expertise” that she’s so proud of, what was the mess she did in last week’s’ kitchen!!! And why wasn’t she taken to task more for that gross error? Frankly, if she wins a show of her own I will never watch it. She’s disgusting.

      • DL says:

        I am so tired of Cathy and I will pick up next season to check this show out again. Everything you guys are saying is right on and for that reason I believe the producers will keep her on ” the villian you love to hate”. So as long as she is sparking “interest” she will stay on that is why I will not waste my time with show until next season.

      • Kametra Wray says:

        I agree! If the producers watch the videos of her antics they will surely get her off the show. For a change I would like to see a reality show that is fair and the winner is truly talented not a selfish prig. Can you imagine a homeowner telling Cathy what they want and she just steamrolls over them? Her kitchen design was hideous!!!

    • Barb says:

      I would not watch ANYTHING that involves Cathy. She is unbelievably sour and self-absorbed….the quintessential “Im better than anyone else..I have won emmy’s”…who cares?!!!!!

    • cindy klein says:

      grrrr………get RID of Cathy. she’s a hot poker in the eye and NO ONE will want to be on her design team and she’s gonna’ need all the help she can get if she wins.

      kellie is great. mark is smart, savvy and cute on TV

      leslie could make it work. karl is goofy, but talented

      Cathy, NO WAY!

    • JON says:


    • gail says:

      First of all the women (Cathy) looks crazy. All she is capable of is shopping. I would hate to have to partner with her. Lastly she was one bowl of fruit short of making the show Hoarders. And she thinks she’s great? Amazing!

    • LadySouth says:

      Yeah! The producers and judges finally did something right when they got rid of Cathy last night. I’ve never been able to figure out how she even got on the show. And she was always so obnoxious and lacking in design abilities that I couldn’t understand why she was kept there show after show. Now just the good ones are now in the runnng for the prize. Again: Yeah!

      • Judi says:

        I don’t think I have ever been “happy” to see anyone sent home. I usually feel a bit bad for them, but this woman had no redeming qualities. She was not a team player, and so boastful I was embarassed for her every week. She should have been eliminated much sooner. Shame on the judges!

  2. Cheryl Venable says:

    Cathy needs to go. She is over confident, hard to get along with.and the clutter in her kitchen was real bad. she should clean up her act.

  3. Cheryl Venable says:

    Leslie has great taste. The first episode i loved the coffee table she picked made of recycled tires. Kellie also has great taste. I think one of these should be the next design stars.

  4. Templar says:

    Cathy is Design Star’s equivalent of Food Network’s Penny. Gotta have one every season. I liked Tyler, but that bench was horrid. Who puts plush velvet in a kitchen? Karl continues to be my fave. Side note; Paula Deen better lay off of the butter, her face is disappearing in folds of fat.

    • Jenks says:

      I was about to post the very same comment about Cathy and Penny. The producers keep them around for the drama until it becomes painfully evident that they are so universally detested that no one will watch a show built around them.

      • KevyB says:

        I think after the season where there were very few camera challenges, and the boring, monotone Antonio won, they’re going to make the camera portion more important than the design portion. They can all design, but nobody’s going to watch someone who has no television presence.

        • RT says:

          I wasn’t a fan of Antonio on his season and was disappointed at the time that he won. I have to say though, that I really enjoy his show now. He is different from the cookie cutter design shows that are out there and does some pretty cool stuff for his clients.

        • Debra says:

          You are definately correct about Cathy, I most definately would not watch her show if she just happened to win. As a matter of fact, if they keep her from the 8/15 show, I won’t be watching Design Star anymore anyway. She’s a snob, and she can’t decorate. I thougth HGTV folks operated as a family. Well, she’s not going to be able to get along with anybody in that family.

  5. Dee says:

    Cathy is completely annoying and all she likes to do is shop and buy pretty things while she expects everybody else to do the hard work.

    The chandelier was very beautiful, but, c’mon, in the kitchen? How would you clean that, exactly?

  6. Karen says:

    I hate producer manipulation. You know they want to keep Cathy around for the entertainment value of seeing he sqaubble with anyone she is paired with. And not choosing global? Color me shocked as well! Sad to see Tyler go as i thought he was really talented. Diggin on Mark’s shirt!

  7. Lynn Frances says:

    I have no idea of what either the producers of the show or the panelists are doing, regarding their decision making. As far as I’m concerned, it was clear that Cathy shouldn’t have continued from Week One! She is nothing more than a newscaster delivering information about her shopping expeditions than a stylist or interior design star.

    As far as the others go, I don’t even quite understand what Kellie’s bringing to the table, especially with those silly, badly-cut cabbages this week! Mismatched chairs? What’s new about that? She’s sweet, and possibly talented, but I haven’t seen it in the show. Those paintings last week were dreadful! And although Kevin’s stool was too high for the industrial cabinet last night, at least it was a new idea to introduce this kind of cabinetry into the kitchen: it was a twist on stainless steel chic. And his and Meg’s kitchen, I thought, was the only one that stuck to the theme they chose for the challenge (Leslie’s and Tyler’s did, to some extent, too).

    Which brings me to the last point. Why didn’t the judges talk about that as the critical issue? I know it’s important for the star to have presence, but if David Bromstad told his clients he was going to deliver a mid-century modern room and at the end of a show, he’d given them neo-classical, wouldn’t we be thinking he was a crazy failure? That’s, after all, what happened last night in a couple of those challenges.

    What they should have been asked to do for their camera challenge was to define the style they’d chosen for the viewer. That means, for one thing, you’d hear two different views, which would be interesting. Additionally, we all like experts to tell us exactly what their interpretation of industrial or eclectic or contemporary, etc, is, don’t we?

    Finally, is it me, or is Karl just flying under the radar, doing consistently interesting stuff each week with no high drama, even trying to deal with Cathy – until she attacks him. Yet for that, he gets kind of attacked by the judges. That, I must say, amazed me!

    • Jordan says:

      @Lynn Frances – What an incredibly cogent, incisive review. Also agree with succinct Baca below – the producers are ruining this show and the judges are turning into lame little ‘producer puppets’. Tired, vacuous, banal. (I’ve been waiting for a chance to use that last one-PERRfect opportunity. When will reality TV get the message that we really, no REALLY, like our reality to have some intelligence, insightfulness, educational value, and fun. If I wanted this kind of inane personality pingpong I would watch Jersey Shore.

    • JerseyTigerFan says:

      Exactly! Karl is my favorite, at this point, and the way Cathy tried to throw him under the kitchen island was juvenile and despicable. Please tell me the judges base their decisions on more than just the two minutes they spend in the space and the comments made at evaluation. If they watched any video of the building/design process, surely they couldn’t choose to advance Cathy!

    • Gretchen says:

      I liked the styling of the modern kitchen–they kids’ toys made it look authentic. If that is bad, then why was Cathy handed a win, despite her clutter (yeah, I know it was for her video, but still)? Inconsistent judging.

      • MeganL says:

        I liked the styling of Little Sassy’s area too! It made the space feel believable, like it was a cool kitchen I could actually HAVE with my two children running around.

  8. jrs says:

    I just can’t get into this show. Tried watching, but it comes across as a pale imitation of Next Food Network Star. Just something about it does not hold my attention, and it’s more than bug-eyed Cathy. Gawd, I hate her!

  9. Baca says:

    HGTV producers are ruining an incredibly beloved show.

  10. Tommy says:

    I dont know if I want to watch the show anymore now that Tyler is gone. He was the one I was rooting for. I’d rather keep someone with an interesting and risky “failure” than someone who just “stages” and badly at that. Note to producers, save the drama for the actual designs rather than keep Cathy on.

    • Cristina says:

      I’m with you… I was completely expecting Tyler to either win or at least be in the final top 2 or 3. Now that he’s gone and they’ve chosen to keep Cathy, who is just too obnoxious to stand, I’ve become completely disillusioned with the process and the entire show in general. Isn’t this show supposed to be about innovative design??? Tyler has consistently shown incredibly talent in the area of new and different design ideas – he takes risks, thinks outside the box, and works well with others. If Tyler isn’t Design Star material according to HGTV then I obviously am not in line with their thinking and aesthetics.

  11. Bobbi says:

    The difference between Penny and Cathy is that Penny could actually cook. She might have been a witch to deal with but each week the judges truly enjoyed her dishes. I can’t think of anything that Cathy has done that anyone has liked until that camera challenge last night. It still makes no sense to me that she won that. What information did she provide that was valuable to the watcher?

    Very sad Tyler went home. He had real potential, imo.

    Except for the fact that I’m not a huge fan of galley kitchens, I’d love to move into Mark and Kathy’s kitchen. It was the one that felt the most cozy to me.

  12. Briana says:

    I really loved this show for the first 4 seasons. Last season was ridiculous- I stopped watching after episode 2. I think this season is better but I don’t know- I realize it’s a design show but its also a reality show and I just wished they focused a little more on the contestants personalities or something. It’s hard to really care about any of them. The only thing about this season that is really working for me is having David as their mentor- everything else is pretty blah.

    • jrs says:

      Briana, that’s it! You put your finger on my problem with the show. I can’t get engaged with any of them, because I don’t know them at all, even after 4 or 5 episodes now. It’s like a big, “who cares?”

  13. Margaret says:

    I have watched this show for 6 seasons now. But this season I am amazed that Cathy is still on because in my opinion her talent seems to be shopping, not design, and each week she seems not to be able to work successfully with whomever she is partnered. I personally like to watch the show for relaxation and information, not the drama and more drama.

  14. Chris says:

    I also thought Cathy should have gone home, being comfortable on camera doesn’t make up for bad design and she has been guilty of that week after week. Add in her arrogance and inability to see that other people can have good ideas and you have a host that nobody would watch. I don’t think Tyler would have made the finals because of his poor camera skills but his design ideas were good. I loved the table and I’ve never seen a Batik wall before. I agree that the camera challenge should have focused on why the kitchen was a particular style. Some of the designers might have been forced to see that they missed the mark. I did think Kellie and Mark nailed their style but the kitchen had way too much wood for me. Some fabric somewhere would have been nice. I like Leslie and was glad to see her camera skills improve. Karl is very likable and talented and I hope that he doesn’t have to work with Cathy again. Not being able to trust your design partner can really throw you off you game. I think Design Star is better this year than last because the judges are being more courteous than in the past two years. They had been acting like bad design was a personal assault on them. Does anyone else think it’s funny that Vern and Genevieve point out execution faults when they got their start doing pretty ragged design on Trading Spaces? You’d think they would be sympathetic and look past the execution to the idea.

  15. Mary says:

    Could it be that the producers want a new HGTV show featuring a minority female (since they don’t already have one) and that Cathy has been pre-ordained the winner by the judges despite not being much of a designer, being hard to get along with, and being hard to look at? I hope that’s not the case but Tyler had more talent (despite the awful bench) than Cathy and he is gone. I can’t think of his name now but the guy with all the tattoos that won several years ago wasn’t the best designer but he was different and that’s what they were looking for at the time so they kept putting him through. I need design help in my house but I wouldn’t let him in the door. And I won’t be watching a show hosted by Cathy either.

    • cathiecat says:

      What about Myles of Style? She is a talented, warm minority female. Just promoting diversity among program hosts doesn’t justify retaining lazy, shopaholic Cathy week after week. Isn’t it clear by now that she is a railroad train to work with, and with such short times to complete projects, there is no time for a showdown over style conflicts. Yet consistently the “subordinate” designer is reprimanded by the judges! I not only would not watch her show, I’m not sure how much longer I can watch this season as long as she’s on.

  16. G-Mom says:

    I love the comparison of Cathy and Food Star’s Penny. They both are obnoxious. Thank goodness they finally got rid of her! Then they brought her back! (I didn’t watch.) To keep someone (Cathy) who is not talented , difficult, arrogant, and hard to work with for ratings, is just not right! I certainly would not watch any show where Cathy is the host and “expert”!

    I agree Tyler’s bench was ugly and did not work, but I think the batik would have worked if the colors had contrasted more.

  17. Yo says:

    Michael Slezak, did you refuse to do Bachelor Pad duty? Don’t blame you at all; congratulations on missing it.

  18. Aeol says:

    Cathy goes to my hair salon in NYC hahahaha. She’s pretty much equally obnoxious in real life.

    • Pamela Bowman says:

      Cathy reminds me of a contestant, Fran Harris, that was on “America’s Next Great Restaurant”. Fran was, also, on an earlier show, “Home Rules”. She wasn’t successful on either show. When my husband first heard the speaking style of Cathy, he said, “Did they put that woman on a third show???” With both women, they are so planned out to the letter that there is no real person there. Want a life coach? I can be that. Want a restaurant owner? I can be that. Want a designer? All a plan. Then, with Cathy, add the condescending manner she deals with others and she’s the worst of the two. I think they have Cathy on the show because people like me are only watching long enough to see her go home and then, we’re finished for the season.

  19. Ron Foster says:

    I was so sad to see Tyler go. He has a lot of talent and vision, and he has great taste and really “gets” design. Meanwhile, Cathy is unpleasant: she’s waaay too defensive, and she keeps taking it out on other people. Also, she’s kind of rigid and robotic. I liked Design Star because I thought it *wasn’t* about conflict and because David did a great job keeping things positive and high energy. Now Tyler is gone, and we’re stuck with Cathy; I guess last night will be the last time I watch this show. On the upside: an hour of my life back!

  20. buffy522 says:

    Cathy will never have her own show. She is planted to create this drama. Her gums make me want to vomit. There was a black woman who won season 2 or 3 I think. She was another “shopper” to me and I didn’t like her show. Haven’t seen it on. Same thing last year. A “stager” won and I don’t like her show. So far I like Leslie, Mark, Carl (he has to stop crying and being so sensitive) and maybe Kellie.

  21. Copying Julia Child says:

    I actually loved “Meg’s” pegboard but that was because it was JULIA CHILD’S PEGBOARD! Julia Child’s kitchen, including the innovative pegboard idea that Paul Child put together for her, is in the Smithsonian. Seriously, why was no credit given?

  22. Barry says:

    I was sorry that Tyler got sent home but his design choices were questionable (the bench was a hot mess) and his camera presence was next to nothing – not good if you are going to host a TV show. that being said, i cannot wait for Cathy to get the boot. She is obnoxious, supercilious and not a very good designer except in her own mind. i couldn’t believe that Karl didn’t call her out.

  23. Taleese says:

    West Elm has the chandelier you like.

  24. Alicia says:

    What was the point of giving Cathy the challenge win? It doesn’t convince me that she is a designer and it didn’t make her more likable?

  25. BevL says:

    The one thing we can be sure of (at least I HOPE so) is that HGTV isn’t going to give a show to someone that the audience already despises (of course Trading Spaces’ Hildy was universally hated, but that wasn’t HGTV so let’s not count her). So maybe we can take comfort in the fact that Cathy more than likely cannot win. If she did end up the winner, HGTV would have edited her quite differently.

  26. Rose says:

    I used to love Design Star. Last year they ruined the show by making it more like The Apprentice. This year it’s improved a bit, but I’m still having a hard time getting into the show. I miss the humor that Clive Pearse brought to the show. I miss Cynthia Rowley as a judge. It’s ridiculous that a mediocre talent like Genevieve Gorder can judge others. At least Vern Yip isn’t as nasty this year as he was last year. Tanika Ray is beautiful but boring. Why do networks have to try to fix things that aren’t broken? Bring back Design Star the way it originally was.

  27. topsyturvy says:

    Lord I was hoping Gums A-Plenty or Kevin would be gone. Both are equallying annoying. (I’m sorry but keeping all those pots and pans and utensils on that Meg board clean would be a NiGHtmarE!

    Mark. *Sigh* He can slip on that apron and cook for me ANY time. (And I much preferred the look of the wooden back splash to the other). Wish Kellie hadn’t been such a cry baby. Suck it up, lady! Karl exibited much grace under pressure.

  28. Jim@Scripps says:

    Terrific to see everyone following Design Star so closely. Lots of passion on all sides!

    You might enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at Design Star on the Scripps Networks Interactive blog, below. It has insights on the new mentor role, and how the contestants are chosen.

  29. GaryCA says:

    Cathy… yuck. How did she even get on the first show? HGTV you are getting boring.

  30. julie says:

    David is the main reason I watch this show. In fact I’d watch a rerun of his season. He always has such a great attitude about the good, the bad and the ridiculous.

  31. Judith says:

    Design Star has become a big yawn. And the judges have lost all credibility with me. I wonder if the winner was chosen before the program started..???? Why Cathy has advanced beyond the first show of this season, is a major puzzle. I’m only watching, now to see her tossed off. Her bragging and self promotion is boring; she really doesn’t “play well with others”. Each week she is paired with another unfortunate cast memeber, who each show remarkable poise and restraint in the face of her one woman bulldozer act. Cathy needs to go…. her only talent is self promotion!

  32. Dayana says:

    Cathy has the most annoying personality I’ve ever seen on Design Star. I’ll celebrate the day when she leaves the show!

  33. Wiscats says:

    I have watched Design Start since the first year when they chose a REAL winner! It seems that ever since the contestants have been less and less talented and the judges have been more and more ridiculous in their assessments of the designers. The fact that Cathy has been allowed to continue from week to week this year, when she should have been ousted the first night for her incredible arrogance, is mind-boggling. But then, after the choice of Antonio, and even Emily (who is a bit “simpering”), I will believe almost anything. However, if Cathy is chosen winner, I will not only not watch her show (I certainly don’t watch Antonio nor Emily), I will not watch Design Star again. It has dropped so drastically from a high of David Bromstad (whose show I DO watch), to Antonio and now contestants this year that one wonders if the really talented designers are being denied entrance to the contestant pool

    • KLW says:

      Hooray for David Bromstad! He is the best part of Design Star this season.

    • DreamWeb says:

      Antonio’s show is pretty amazing; he does some stuff I don’t like at all but he seems to have a knack for educing what his clients want and he delivers with a punch. Emily, on the other hand, well … let’s just say I never did get her. And (while it’s not her fault), the sound of her voice reminds me of fingernails on a blackboard. Her show is boring and rather silly. Secrets from a stylist … really? What secrets. She is lackluster. David on the other hand is so talented and very fun to watch. I love his teamwork with his crew, always giving others credit for gorgeous designs. What a guy!

  34. Dave in Alamitos Beach says:

    Well, I was really sad to see Tyler go. They were focusing on him so much during the episode that I figured he’d either win or lose this episode. And with the semi-wacky judging, I suppose it could have gone either way. I hold out hope that maybe Tyler just wasn’t good on camera, but I think that HGTV just didn’t want another talented gay, Asian TV host. Possibly? Anyway, Tyler hopefully will get some jobs out of this one.

    As long as Mark or Karl are in the finals, with either Kellie or Leslie, then I’ll be okay.

    Ms. Bug-Eyed Chompers can go whenever she wants to, and she can take Kevin with her.

    Hopefully they’ve learned that an unlikeable contestant just becomes an unlikeable host coughAntoniocough, so Cathy will be let go in the not too distant future.

  35. Sharron says:

    Yea!!!!!!! She’s gone

    • Judith says:

      well…..Sharon……. I don’t even have to ask who you are referring to. Yea!!! too. I’ve recorded what you just watched, but wasn’t very interested in watching it. Now I will… with great pleasure. Judith

  36. Buggu says:

    SLEZAK….,Where’s this week recap? still waiting :-(

  37. barb says:

    thank God she is gone!!!!! I wouldn’t have her stage my bathroom!!!!!

    • kellyjoy says:

      But Barb, the weddings she did were featured in THREE national magazines! :)

      • Angie says:

        I looked them up on her website, and they were all about her own wedding. Two were just a photo and a little snippet of text in a larger article on several weddings–only one was a “feature” article.

  38. hs in sf says:

    OK, still waiting for your recap on this week’s episode – especially in light of who was sent home!!

  39. Corinne P. says:

    new recap?

  40. DEVONECO says:

    Yessssssssssssss! So glad she’s got the boot finally. I thought I might belong to a minority of people who thought Cathy was an obnoxious, stuck-up, self-centered person – but now I feel that almost 100% of viewers thought the same way that I did. Not only was she bossing everyone around, she was the least supportive or cooperative with the other contestants. Right throughout the last week’s episode I was telling myself that she would be kicked out – and it did happen. And I wasn’t surprised at all! Catty (as I would prefer to refer to her as) should now find an alternate magazine to be featured in. Perhaps the cover of “Fangoria”!

  41. Terry Arnold says:

    Kelly is without a doubt the best all around contestant, camera challenge, designing, working well with other people but able to disagree if necessary, she is also very cute, sweet & likeable. on the other hand cathy is a royal pain everywhere. I did love to hate Cathy but I am very glad that she is gone, now maybe the other contestants can relax & not have to worry about being her team partner.

  42. copper says:

    In the past I have enjoyed watching design star. However, the quality of the contestants and their abilities offers me nothing. I have seen little to no inspiring in the way of design. None of them would be someone I would hire much less watch their show. I can’t believe the judges have continued with this group. I have a lot of respect for vern and david. The work they do is impressive even if it is not always my taste. The “budding” new crop of would be stars just do not have the talent. And, I am not even considering their personality or tv presence. If they have no talent the rest doesn’t matter.

  43. kdm says:

    Probably the least talented group I’ve watched on Design Star – but please don’t let it be the redhead that talks like a valley girl with laryngitis – I can barely stand her brief segments, could not deal with a whole show of her.

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