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Spoiler! Grey's Anatomy's New Chief Is 'As Surprised As Anybody Else' By the Decision

Seriously, even more change is afoot in the halls of Seattle Grace as Grey’s Anatomy uncorks its new season on Sept. 22.

Already, we have April stepping in as chief resident, but the shuffled pecking order won’t stop there. There’s also going to be a new Chief of Surgery to hail, and this time around it will be [spoiler alert!] Dr. Owen Hunt.

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“He’s as surprised as anybody else about this. And he’s nervous about it,” Kevin McKidd told TVLine on the set of Grey’s on Tuesday. “He’s a man of action, really, and the head of trauma surgery — that’s what he knows. Suddenly, he’s in a more administrative position. I think the way he deals with that is going to be interesting.”

What happened to the chief long known as “the Chief,” Dr. Richard Webber? It will be revealed in the two-hour Season 8 opener that he has opted to step down “because of what’s happening with Adele [and her Alzheimer’s] and what happened with Meredith” and Derek’s tainted drug trial, McKidd reports. But whereas Webber’s previous demotion was involuntary and met with animus, “He’s made his peace with it” this time.

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That, however, leaves Owen to deal with the fallout of this most unexpected change in the hierarchy. “People give him a hard time,” McKidd previews. “It’s not going to be easy for Owen being the chief in the aftermath of Richard Webber.”

Assessing the situation as “complicated, because these doctors and surgeons have huge egos, and they don’t like administrative change,” McKidd says, “It’s going to be interesting to see how that plays out.” As an actor, he anticipates “a fun ride” as Owen “tries to shake things up and bring things up to the 21st century in the hospital.”

The most interesting reaction to it all may be that of Owen’s wife, Dr. Cristina Yang, whom McKidd says “will be excited for him, on one level.” But…? “There’s so much more going on in Cristina and Owen’s life,” what with the unexpected (and protested, by her) pregnancy, “that this in a way that adds another layer of complication for them.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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What do you think of Grey’s new choice for chief?

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  1. Ana says:

    So April is Chief Resident and GI Douche is Chief of Surgery. What happened with focusing on the originals?

    Whatever, this is actually good news. Gives me another reason not to watch. I could’ve taken Mark better there than Owen. The man knows no leadership concepts.

    • wordsmith says:

      I actually like the idea of giving the big jobs to two of the newer and more minor characters. I think making any of the originals take on that role of power would make them less interesting, rather than more. I mean, was anybody actually excited when Derek was chief?

      • Ana says:

        More than Owen, I was. At least he had skills for being Chief.

        • Gladys says:

          ITA! the problem wasn’t that Derek being Chief wasn’t interesting, it was a great SL for him to develop but all was diluded because what was important was to see Chief Webber rises from his ashes. It was never supposed to show us how good of a Chief Derek could be, sadly, or how he’d struggled being Chief while married with one of the residents, at least it wasn’t handle with deep for the writers, so I don’t know why it would be different now. It’s the same situation if Derek were or if Owen were. This is a repeat SL from S6 and now there wasn’t even a head to head on the Chief position to make it somehow interesting like when Derek butted head with Webber in some episodes. This is plain repetitive and I really don’t see how it’s different…Oh yeah, McScreamy will yell at everyone to make things work! No thanks!

      • Angela says:

        Owen is not a minor character. He’s had major stories since he came onto the show, though he was a bit back-burner during most of last season. He definitely is the best choice for Chief of Surgery, though.

    • lorna says:

      Owen is awesome, what are you talking about? April needs to go.

    • Seba says:

      I really hope you stick to you promise, not watch the show. So that you can set us all free from the miserable and nastiness. Thank you.

      • Ana says:

        LOL, I already have stopped watching but I still care for Patrick, Ellen, & Justin. So I’ll be nasty ’til they get something good.

        • Seba says:

          For that matter, I wish you could be more nasty, Ellen Pompeo is one of the worst actresses I’ve ever seen, I don’t want her get any more material than others, so happy it is her last season, YAY for that! LOL!

          • David says:

            oh Shut up!
            Elen is one of the best actresses on TV

          • Mirabel Solis says:

            Get over yourself. I’m not much of a Derek or Meredith fan either, but this kind of behaviour is just childish.

          • mariela says:

            I have to agree. Ellen Pompeo has NEVER been praised for her work on Grey’s Anatomy. At least not after the first season. Same goes for Patrick and Dane. I wish Meredith would go away forever

          • Ana says:

            Uh…was that supposed to hurt? FAIL.

        • Seba says:

          LOL! FOr that matter, I’d hope you will be more nasty, because EP is the worst actress on this show, I don’t want to see any more screen time waste on her! LMAO!

          • Gladys says:

            Ellen is one of the best yet underrated actress in TV…and I think you’re very inmature. The poster above wasn’t expressing anything about Keven McKidd as an actor, just his character but you went and attack the actress? Ellen Pompeo is a lady, everybody who knows her, loves her, she had given Meredith depth and more layers than any other actress would have, considering Meredith Grey is one of the more complex female leads as of late, weather you like it or not! And you may not want to see anymore screen time with her, but be prepared because once Ellen, Patrick, Justin and Sandra leaves (and it probably be at the end of this season), let’s see how much time you can enjoy the overacting of KMK…(yeah, I’m being inmature to)…

          • Fatema says:

            You are a hypocrite. NOONE here said anything about Kevin McKidd. They were discussing fictional characters. Yet you, so rude and childish and defensive attacked Ellen Pompeo, which has NOTHING to do with this article or thread. You sound like one of the ignorant psychos on twitter that every single time brings up EP when someone doesn’t like your ship. You should really grow up and learn to debate the topic at hand instead of attacking actors. EP must be doing something right as for 7 seasons, she’s been an integral part of GA. Just because you don’t like her is irrelevant.

          • lorna says:

            Um did you see her in the shooting episode? She was incredible.

    • amelia says:

      for me this is kinda good news….i mean the chief never really got a whole lot of screen time so i really wont mind seeing less of owen and more of the originals

    • sadtroll says:

      I lol’d at GI Douche. To me he’ll always be Dr.Chokey!

    • sherry says:

      yes, please don’t watch. Maybe you’ll refrain from your “douchey” comments too.

    • Ivet says:

      Agreed! .. Used to be my favorite show, but now the show’s done for me. Hope Ellen, Patrick and Justin leave at the end of the season, because the show’s goin downhill.

    • Melanie says:

      I hate Owen. I have watched Grey’s from the beginning, and despite all the crap stuck with it. And NOW Owen is cheif…. seriously.

      • Diane says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more. I have never liked Owen. I am sorry Owen lovers, but let’s face it, Christina and Burke burned up the screen!!!! I realize Burke had to go, but Owen and Christina aren’t hot. Lukewarm.

  2. Alexa says:

    I used to love this show, so very much. I think it went to hell around the time Seattle Grace merged with Mercy West, and it has only gotten worse since. I haven’t watched it for most of the season, and I think Krista Vernoff had the right idea. The writing used to be good; it used to be worth watching. Now it’s just a train wreck that is insulting the characters, good writing, and the viewers.

    • KoleBigEars says:

      Exactly how I feel too.

    • David says:

      Bless You

    • Karen says:

      I’m commenting a lot here, I know, but really have to agree with the “went to hell around the time Seattle Grace merged with Mercy West.” The big difference from the early seasons to the last two has been that, because of severe cast overcrowding, no one, not even the lead, original characters, gets enough time to play out a scene, much less a whole storyline. It’s so bad there are hardly even any patient storylines anymore (which added a great dimension to each regular character and prevented the show from degenerating into a complete soap) because they have to try to give 30 seconds or a minute to each person on this enormous cast. Each scene is rushed. No more time for subtlety or nuance or a lingering camera. When McKidd and Capshaw were brought in, they were basically just replacing departed characters (Burke, Hahn) so it worked. But the addition of several new characters after that is just too much. I think that is the main problem and too much of a burden on the writers.

    • Mirabel Solis says:

      Krista Vernoff said a lot of things about GA recently that were spot on. It’ll be interesting to hear others speak up about the show once they’ve moved on – especially some of the actors.

  3. chloe says:

    I think this is a great development! If Webber is going to step down now (as opposed to several years from now, when Bailey has a lot more experience), Hunt is the logical choice. Seeing how this plays out, and the impact it has on his marriage, could be very interesting!

    • jenna says:

      personally i’d still prefer for bailey to be the chief! This actually seems like the stupidest idea imo, why would you make your head of trauma surgery do a complete 180 and focus on administrative duties?? Considering they never show anyone else in the trauma department (to take over in the what seems to be the majority of their cases which is trauma) Seriously it makes no sense to me

      • Angela says:

        It would be much more stupid to have Bailey, who just barely became an attending, suddenly be promoted to Chief of Surgery so quickly. The thought that she should get the job this soon is crazy.

    • Gladys says:

      Yeah, well, we though it would be interesting for Meredith and Derek as characters, because it’d be a challenge for their marriage, trying to balance a power position with a marriage with one of the residents…but you know? Nothing! There wasn’t really a development as a couple, nor there were challenge in their work. So, I don’t think it’ll be different, again, this time around it’d be even more boring, because, sorry…Owen Hunt is a boring character.

  4. Sam says:

    Kevin McKidd needs to go back to HBO where he belongs after Grey’s ends. He’s way too talented to be on network TV.

    • Karen says:

      Word! Shonda courted him for a while before finally luring him to one of her shows with the carrot of a serious SL in PTSD and getting to act opposite Sandra Oh. They did a good job in S5 (if his screentime was someone limited) and Owen Hunt became my favorite male character on TV, with a meaningful SL and a beautiful love story w/Cristina. However, since then they have only, very sporadically, given Kevin, or Sandra for that matter, writing that even comes close to meriting their talents. They are one of the most dynamic acting duos out there – capable of serious drama, wonderful comedy and everything in between. I think this show has finally killed the last bit of respect I managed for it and can only hope that McKidd and Oh leave now that this show has succumbed to the worst daytime soap plots and “how many actors can we pack in one show” syndrome. I hope my mind gets changed, but I doubt it.

    • Chloe says:

      KmK was great in Rome but in GA he’s an over acting tool. I don’t think he’s too talented for network tv. I think he tries to hard. The yelling, eye bulging, over acting is laughable.

      • Karen says:

        There are several overactors on this show. McKidd is not one of them — he does amazing, subtle things every episode (and a lot of quiet comedy) — maybe too subtle because people seem to only recognize some of the emoters on this show. I think he and Sandra are by far the best actors on GA (individually and in their wonderful partnership) and McKidd has frequently come up when people talk about GA actors meriting Emmys.

        • SunnyBlue says:

          Sandra Oh I’d agree with. But I think there are a number of actors at Grey’s who are at least on the same level as KmK and there are some I would put above him. Yet some of them have not seen a decent story or at least a decent amount of airtime in years. Patrick Dempsey’s talent is terribly wasted on this show and he’s just the most prominent example.

  5. Julia says:

    Owen is the only character still on the show that I’ve never taken a liking to. Even so, I could have gotten on board with this change if there had ever been any evidence on the show that he was even worthy of consideration for Chief of Surgery. But they haven’t. I didn’t like Burke but if he’d been promoted to Chief it would have made sense because he was shown very clearly to be a brilliant and ambitious surgeon. This makes no sense. If Owen is either brilliant or ambitious, I’ve never seen evidence of it. And I don’t like it. I don’t like it one little bit.

    • silva says:

      Hmm, so last season when he lobbied for money for additional trauma training and beat out all of the other attendings- that wasn’t exceptional? Then, after the training when there was a mass shooting and not a single patient died- that didn’t show that his leadership and teaching had paid off? Or maybe the fact that the Chief gave him the responsibility of selecting chief resident wasn’t a clue that he was someone who could be trusted with responsibility? Or the fact that he was thoughtful and unbiased in his selection- that didn’t show leadership potential. I’d like to see the evidence that he’s not a “brilliant” surgeon. As for ambition- yeah, maybe not so much, that can be a downfall in a leadership position like this. Humility and respect for your colleagues are key and I think he’s learned that and demonstrated it. Remember when he beat out the Chief for the chance to operate on the big tumor in season 6? He was still willing to collaborate and work with the Chief for the benefit of the patient. I’m sorry, but I think Owen was the obvious choice and they foreshadowed it all last season. It will be difficult for him, but ultimately he’s the right man for the job.

      • robbie says:

        No, it wasn’t exceptional. The Chief was reacting from a place of emotion rather than making sense. The person who needed the most training was actually Owen. He barged in, screwed up and got shot. Whereas the residents he was supposed to be “training” to increase their skills in trauma had either fought for their own life (Alex), or saved someone’s else’s life through their dedication and thinking under pressure (Meredith, Lexie, Cristina, Jackson and even April). The man can’t even make the right decision and recuse himself in order to not screw up his the career of the wife he claims to care about.

      • Eu says:

        There’s so many things that you didn’t take in account:

        1. For the $1M grant, Richard gave him the money out of recent events. The wound was still open. Besides, Owen did give such a weak argument. He was implying Bailey didn’t knew what to do. Which she did. Owen didn’t manage to save anyone on that shooting and he’s the one with the “training”? Right. Besides, Derek & Mark could’ve gotten that grant anywhere, with their world-class status (and if IIRC, Derek was the one with the party…). To me, Bailey’s proposal made sense the most.

        2. Unbiased on CR? On what grounds? Anyone can get it BUT Cristina? Yeah, I know the argument that she will suck, whatever, but that was her decision and he made up her mind for it. I wouldn’t say that is ‘unbiased’. I say that’s more than biased. Also, we don’t know if Bailey, Callie, Mark, Arizona, and/or Derek turned it down. Owen can also be last choice.

        3. He beat the Chief but at the end needing him in surgery for the procedure so…yeah, no winning there.

  6. Kiki says:

    Yay for Owen. Hopefully, this will be a good storyline for KMK. I hope the complications this adds to Cristina and Owen’s relationship are because Cristina decides to have the baby. Chief, husband and Daddy – sounds like a perfect life for Owen. :)

    • Erica says:

      Me too, I hope we get to see some great scenes with Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh this year. And I second the baby, Chief, husband and Daddy part ;)

      • Kiki says:

        If Cristina chooses to have the baby, I hardly think she’ll be unhappy. Life changes as you get older. Careers change. Priorities change. Life is about growing and changing.

    • Angela says:

      Not chief resident, a mother to an unwanted child, and struggling to be a cardiothoracic surgeon- sounds like a horrible life for Cristina. I hope she aborts the baby, loses the dead weight, and goes on to win every award in the books.

    • robbie says:

      Ah, because emotionally abusing your wife into having a child after screwing up her career is showing her how love is supposed to be!

      • Karen says:

        How is a husband asking his wife to think for more than a few hours about aborting their child (who she said she would love it) “emotionally abusing”??????? The most un-Cristina like thing I ever saw was her shouting “no!” at the end — not characteristic of this complex character at all. He didn’t ask that they do it, just seriously think about it.

        Hey, why aren’t you all yelling and screaming about Arizona, who WAS crystal clear that she absolutely never, ever wanted kids, and yet who capitulated to an actual emotional ultimatum and now finds herself with one? I thought it was a copout by the writers, but I don’t go around leaving hate messages about the couple. People find themselves in situations and adapt to them in real life – and sometimes it brings more joy than expected.

  7. Jocelyn says:

    April chief resident and Owen chief of surgery, a subtle way to tease out the old…

  8. linderella says:

    Very disappointed with this news. I have taken to Owen Hunt, the character, or Kevin McKidd, the actor. Not quite sure why but he seems like he’s always on the verge of a major eruption of some kind. Not exactly the steadiness one would need to be a Chief of Surgery. I haven’t given up on Grey’s yet, but this might do it.

  9. Nikki says:

    What about Dr. Bailey????!!!!!

  10. Thereasonsy says:

    Actually, you see a lot of it during the kids trauma certification, all of the disaster happenings, how he let tha solider die, and lastly his selection of April for chiffon resident.

  11. Geff says:

    Grey’s used to be so good, now I’m not even watching half of the episodes anymore. I think Owens’s a good doctor, but not feeling it.This show has become a train wreck, maybe there’s hope for the new season. Hopefully Shonda Rhimes gets back on track,I’m praying she does.

  12. grey's ex-fan says:

    wow so now they’re recycling ideas and changing characters?? since season 6 grey’s has been sucking!

  13. Allie says:

    Between April as Chief Resident and McScreamy as the new Chief of Surgery, it’s like Shonda’s doing everything she can to make me not want to return for this season of Grey’s. And they’ll BOTH have a difficult time adjusting and being taken seriously in their new roles? How original. And thrilling. I’m really not excited about more opportunities for Owen to yell and boss people around and look like he’s constantly on the verge of eruption. Pass.

  14. coalways says:

    Owen Hunt as chief is a fantastic choice. I don’t get the hating on this rich and complex character. One thing that has always been certain is that Chief Webber has held him in the highest regard. Have any of you haters watched seasons 5-7? Owen brought SG’s rating back up to a trauma hospital in S5. Owen also took the lead on several trama cases through 5 to 7. He’s a perfect choice cuz we all know how Derek did and Mark as chief, I don’t think so.

    • Eu says:

      I saw those. S5 was OK, S6 was boooooring, and I blacked out during S7 because it was SO dull. So no, don’t get the love for this “doctor” either. Don’t see anything rich or complex. Just angry. Manipulative. And loud. Very loud.

      Besides, Derek’s results never came out. It was just personal frustration, not professional frustration. So, as far as we know, he could’ve been better than McScreamy (as the genius who wrote it called him). Mark would’ve been so much better! Less theatrical, more GA style. That would’ve been hilarious and actually pleasant to see.

      (Also, little secret. Owen didn’t bring the ratings of the hospital back up. They were still No.12. Even after the Chief in desperation hired him.)

      • coalways says:

        @Eu – false on the ratings topic…. SG loss its trauma cred and Owen was hired to get them back that status — which he did. I’m pretty sure i would be backed up on that fact… pretty much disclosed in S5E6.

        • Gladys says:

          Find that fact because I don’t remember when SGMWH regain his status. They never adressed that because sadly, that was a forgatten storyline…

          • Eu says:

            It didn’t come up. Remember when was the crossover where Richard wanted to publish Derek saving Archer because, ahem, they were still number 12? No ratings up!

    • Jen says:

      Love Owen Hunt and Kevin McKidd! Just hope the SP doesn’t scare me away with the baby decision because I would love to see Owen kick ass as Chief and Cristina kicking ass in Cardio and raising their baby together.

      • LSMO says:

        Hate to tell you this but if he’s kicking ass as chief of surgery, the only thing Cristina will be kicking ass at is changing her unwanted child’s diapers.

        • LMSO says:

          Well, I guess the old saying is true. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I feel a bit honored that you would simply reverse two letters of my “handle” when posting your mean-spirited remarks. All viewers certainly have the right to their own opinions, but I can not for the life of me understand why some people have to be so nasty and rude to fellow posters. Why is it necessary to be so unkind? I’m also confused as to why some of you spend so much time watching, criticizing, and posting about a show, a couple, and a character you so clearly despise. If you hate GA, Owen&Cristina, and Owen Hunt so much then stop watching! This is a TV program about fictional characters! How about keeping things in perspective and enjoying something that is supposed to be fun? How about remembering that Owen and Cristina are not real! They say what the writers make them say and make the decisions the writers have them make! There are characters on GA that I dislike, too, but you won’t see me posting about it or attacking the people who enjoy those characters. Life is too short for that. I’m looking forward to season eight and remain hopeful that we’ll get lots of great Owen and Cristina material as portrayed by the wonderful Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh. But whatever happens, it’s a television drama… not the end of the world.

          • OSML says:

            I watch because I love Sandra Oh. If they could get that crazy ginger away from her and let her be Cristina again, it would be fantastic. I watch for the demise of their relationship (that’s coming) because I can’t wait to sit back and watch you fruitcakes lose your minds over the fact that a woman would choose something more stable (her career as a kickass surgeon) then a crap love life with a psychotic man who abuses her.

          • Lily says:

            You don’t like a character and you call him psychotic when it’s clear you have no idea what it means.
            Being humble, respecting colleagues, telling the truth, NOT playing favorites are not the qualities appreciated around here.

            Cristina is not the kind of girl who lets herself manipulated by a man – not after what happened with Burke. And Owen is NOT in any way manipulating her. But he has the right his own opinion. You are really underestimating her in this, like you underestimate in everything else. She can be more than just a kickass surgeon, so much more than that. And she can have both a brilliant career and a family. But I guess most of the viewers see her only as “robot” surgeon and nothing more.

          • LNMOP says:

            Don’t let the dyslexic teen get you down. We know who the real LMSO is. :) And I agree – why watch something that causes you so much angst. It’s called the remote.

  15. Karen says:

    While Owen has the best leadership qualities of the qualifying attendings to be Chief of Surgery (not playing favorites, separating personal from professional, thinking about the future of the hospital in terms of resident training, and heading the surgical team that saved Callie), WHY, WHY, WHY would Shonda take exciting McBadass out of action-packed trauma and put this character in the most boring role on the show, Chief? Seriously, Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh need to take Owen and Cristina to HBO where their acting talents won’t be squandered and they get some decent writing. Owen is one of my fav characters, second only to Cristina, but this is a TERRIBLE, yawn-inducing SL for him. And from the fact McKidd gave his classic, polite “interesting” take on this SL (as he does when they are writing awful stuff for his character) I suspect he thinks it’s terrible too.

    • robbie says:

      He can’t separate the personal from the professional! If he could he would have turned the Chief down when he knew that he would have to be judging a group among whom his wife was a main contender. Under no circumstances is that good leadership or an ability to separate the personal and professional.

  16. Lisa says:

    So excited for Owen Hunt, he will make a great chief. Heck he already was a major, so yes he has leadership skills. I just hope we get to see him as a Daddy and with Cristina.

    • Anita says:

      I hope she has the abortion. Cristina deserves so much better than a man who only cares about the things that he wants.

      • susan says:

        seriously? i don’t know what series or relationship you’re watching but Owen does NOT Just only think about him. Wow. They’ve been supportive to one each other when they needed one another.

        • Angela says:

          How has Owen supported Cristina? Can you give me one solid example where Owen has supported her? Because I saw him telling her to get a job, marrying her when she was mentally ill, and expecting her to care about buying a house and playing wife when she was suffering from the same disease that he was.

          • ophelia says:

            He tried getting her back into surgery- which might have worked if the tray hadn’t fallen. He gave her space to come back in her own time when she was ready. He gave her a home and arranged his schedule so he could be with her at night so she could sleep. Callie and Arizona forced the issue on buying a house and when Cristina didn’t like the one they looked at he found other options for her. She picked the firehouse. He came up with things for her to do to keep her engaged- like going fishing. He’s not perfect- he has made mistakes- but he loves her.

        • jane says:

          Really? When he was suffering from PTSD everything was under HIS control. He stopped their relationship so he could take time to heal. When she was going through something similar he took advantage of her vulnerability and married her. He talked down to her and assumed that a woman in her mid-30s who has always been firm about what she wanted was just joking around about her desire to not have children. While she was vying for a job which would greatly advance her career he screwed her over to advance his career. And when she got accidentally pregnant he emotionally manipulated her, told her she should give in to HIS desires if she wanted to make him happy and then kicked her out of HER OWN HOME THAT SHE PAID FOR. That is at best unsupportive and at worst emotionally abusive.

          • Karen says:

            What show are you watching? You mean THEIR home she bought for them out of a grand romantic gesture even though he was willing to move anywhere she wanted? You mean when Cristina said “I can’t handle this after all” and they mutually broke up in S5 after that terrible incident 3 seasons ago? You mean O recognizing that being Chief Resident would have destroyed C and brought her down because she would not have had time to devote to what she loves? Cristina will have no problem whatsoever getting a job. Always been firm about what she wants — like a few months ago when she quit surgery? Like the previous 6 seasons when she never ever said she would never keep a baby she found herself pregnant with? How about reading the last writer’s blog to find out what the writer actually wrote — that it’s not about abortion cause Lifetime’s already done that — it’s about whether Cristina can/wants to truly be a full partner with another person.

      • Lexie says:

        Your that same hater on twitter lol no one cares what you have to say you only hate to hate. I love the whole show!!

        • Anita says:

          I’m not sure which hater you’re referring to. I assure you that I’m not on twitter and that there are multiple people who share my opinion- and gasp- have their own regarding this twisted relationship.

          • Lexie says:

            Then stop watching lol hater.

          • to Lexie says:

            What are you doin, killing time before the next Hanna Montana movie comes out or something?

            I mean – you lol sound like a fourteen year old nitwit. Lol

          • LOL says:

            This is just too funny to read. I agree with Lexie. You ‘re just a mean and rude hater who has nothing better to do in life than hating on fictional people without giving valid reasons. I feel very sad for you.

  17. Auds says:

    UGH. That show is SO over… it’s become too confusing to even bother with anymore. I gave up around season 5, when it became total garbage nonsense.

  18. Bridge says:

    I think it’s hypocritical for Owen to accept a leadership position if he expected Cristina to relinquish her ambition for one. Now he’ll have further opportunity to sabotage her career.

    • Allie says:

      He’s SO dreamy! And such a great, supportive husband too!

    • ophelia says:

      really? so you think she would have made a good chief resident? she’s not a rule follower- he is. he didn’t sabotage anything and she fully agreed with his decision.

      • Sami says:

        She was manipulated into it. He yelled at her and made her feel like an idiot for even wanting it. Just like everything else in their relationship she had to agree with him because she had no other choice if she didn’t want him to go off on her. Again.

        • ophelia says:

          Encouraging her to focus on being the best surgeon she can be, which is what she is great at- oh yeah, what a jerk. Give me a break.

          • Sami says:

            I would but you should ask Owen. I hear he’s good at thrashing about and breaking things.

            BTW, how can she focus on being the best surgeon she can be when he’s busy emotionally manipulating her into having a baby instead? Next it will be focusing on being the best mother she can be.

          • Greysfan says:

            Fact is Owen is right! Cristina maybe a wonderful surgeon but as Chief Res. No way! Let Cristina operate and have her baby and get a nanny like the rest of us working moms do. Does not make us less badass!

      • Sarah says:

        He accepted the job– which took her out of the running for a position that she had desperately wanted forever– WITHOUT EVEN TALKING TO HER FIRST. He had already accepted the responsibility before he told her, ruined her chances at Chief Resident and then convinced her she didn’t want it anyway. It’d be one thing if Cristina took herself out of the running by CHOICE. But Owen gave her absolutely no choice in the matter.

        • ophelia says:

          We didn’t see the scene where he accepted the job. We don’t know what the Chief said or did or whether he gave Owen a choice- how do you say no to a man who’s wife is disappearing before his eyes with Alzheimer’s? They didn’t show us exactly what happened.

          Um, it wasn’t her choice- it was his. That was the job he was given. He knows her and he know why the job would drive her crazy. If you watched the show, you would know that, too. She gave her interns numbers- this is not a person with a personality for management. You people are so intent on hating Owen, you twist everything to make him the villain. I’m really sorry you don’t like Owen, but this was the right decision.

      • Ana says:

        Now we’ll never know. She could’ve been excellent or not. But Owen took that chance away from her by “advising” her what HE thought was right for her. Just like he thinks this baby is her “growing up” despite the fact she. does. not. want. children.

        BTW, I would’ve agreed to if I had him yelling at me.

        • ophelia says:

          I’m sorry, but I think he made the right decision and the history of her character on the show supports that.
          I’m reserving judgement on the pregnancy story line until we see how it plays out. He said he wasn’t upset about the decision, but the fact that she made it without him. It is their baby and their future, not just hers. It should be their decision- and I hope it will be.
          Also- this is a story and these are not real people. I think you’ve twisted this fiction into something it’s not.
          I’m sorry that raised voices disturb you.

  19. Heather says:

    Owen as Chief will be fantastic, hopefully he will make them run a hospital like it should.

    • Heather says:

      OMG! He can emotionally manipulate the rest of the staff like he does Cristina! It will be AMAZING. And he will look SO HOT DOING IT.

  20. Sylvia says:

    I’m so glad that Owen is going to be Chief. There have been spoilers that Cristina waited on the abortion- I think that it’s because Owen continued his emotional manipulation and promises that he was going to care for the baby and she wouldn’t even know (yeah, because no woman notices being pregnant or her vagina being stretched by a watermelon making its exit from her body). However, when he gets Chief of Surgery, she’ll know 100% that his words are false and that his career comes before her and any baby and she’ll have the abortion. Shonda has said what she does is set in stone- a woman can change her mind after canceling an abortion appointment. She can’t change her mind after the abortion is done (not to have the same baby anyway). She’s also stuck up for Cristina not wanting the baby. It’s painfully obvious that baby bad@ss. is not coming to fruition. Thank God for pro-choice.

    • Karen says:

      If Cristina really never ever wanted children (something she NEVER expressed in the previous 6 seasons), was absolutely positive about it, she, being the awesome, brilliant person she is, would have gotten her tubes tied. She questioned what she wanted (see scene w/Bailey) even when she was carrying a child of an ex sex partner as an intern. And was devastated at the loss of it. Did she plan this one? No. But there are a lot of things in life we don’t plan, that can be difficult, that end up being real joys and making us even stronger. Cristina has always been an amazing, complex person, not the one-note snarky commenter some people see her as. Unless Owen substituted her birth control pills for sugar pills, no manipulation was involved. The only thing he asked was for her to think about it — this very, very serious decision of aborting what is part of the both of them, the love of each other’s lives — to think about it more than a few hours. I’m so glad Cristina has a husband that is an equal partner — not a father figure and not a doormat — someone who challenges her just as she challenges him. The best adult relationship on network TV. As a vehemently pro-choice person, I think a SECOND accidental pregnancy and an abortion w/out consideration would do more to hurt the cause of a woman’s right to choose by making such a woman appear thoughtless or idiotic.

      • susan says:

        well said. cristina has always wanted it all. she is just not sure if she can have it all and is scared. owen is just asking her to magine and consider it.

      • Catch625 says:

        Cristina: You want to have kids?
        Callie: You don’t?
        Cristina: Have you met me? No!

        Just a quote off the top of my head. There are more of them. I’m sure just googling for Cristina quotes will bring up a bunch of them. The fact that Cristina respects children but does not want them herself and has been sure about that for a long time has been a recurring theme and a specific trait of her character since the show started.

        • Karen says:

          The quote was “have you met me?” Was not followed by a no. What does that mean? Any number of things. And then why did she agree to be godmother to two babies when, if something tragic happens to the parents, she will be raising that child — as, I may point out, her “BFF” Meredith assumed she would? Does not make sense.

          • Ana says:

            I believe it means if you know that person, you know what that person wants, i.e., no babies in this case.
            So, agreeing to be the godmother of your best friend means you want kids? Yeah, no. That’s some sick twisted ideology.

            I recall another Cristina quote about sending the kid to boarding school to be raised there…that’s a person that totally wants to raise a child.

    • sherry says:

      Cristina, birth control, birth control, Cristina. You two have now met. Stop blaming Owen for everything, girl needs to get her crap together.

      • Gretchen says:

        There is no birth control that is 100% effective. None. And no, abstinence doesn’t count, you expect a married couple to be abstinent?

    • ana says:

      you must have seen a different show, or you must be an Owen hater. Owen manipulated Cristina? When? You mean when he asked her to THINK about not aborting their child and when he offered to take some time to help ? Wow what a huge manipulation and what a horrible man. I only wish I would find someone like Owen who respects my oppinions and helps me.
      You seem like a very bitter person. And you seem to carry so much anger towards this show. I ask myself sometimes why is it that you poeople watch? A shrink would be better

  21. Gray says:

    My first reaction for having Owen as chief was “Ugh!” You give a job to a guy who suffers from PTSD, real smart. What happened to Bailey? She has more than earned her strips for the position and the idiots that be bestow it on this loon. I never liked the character and never liked the Owen/Christine thing. It always seemed forced with the illogical hookups and pairing off. I’m hoping she goes for the abortion. I have come to hate this show and hope this is its last season. Never could understand why Callie, who went head first through a car windshield, come out of her coma and look over to Arizona and say she’ll marry her. What about the first thing out of your mouth is concern about your baby? Where’s the brain trauma? No, it’s about the lesbianism not the newborn. Ugh! This show has jumped the shark, the whale, the Empire State Building, the Grand frickin Canyon.

  22. LMSO says:

    I think Owen will be a terrific Chief. He’s had extensive experience both in the Army and in civilian hospitals (including SGMW) and, unlike so many of the doctors on GA, he can remain professional despite his personal relationships. He is a skilled surgeon, a tremendous teacher and a natural leader. Not surprised at all that Richard chooses him for the job and then mentors him. The only downside to this development is that it makes it difficult for Owen to take a paternity leave should Cristina choose to keep their baby (and I’m hoping she will). Here’s to a Season 8 that finds Owen and Cristina dealing with the problems so many of us face…careers, marriage, parenthood…as a team.

    • Mirna says:

      Right. Like he ever intended to take paternity leave. He intends to weigh her down with this baby just like he did with his baggage.

      Why is it so hard to understand that Cristina doesn’t want a baby? Why is it such a bad thing? Why are all these women so hell bent on Cristina giving up this last piece of who she is and holding her ground when she says she doesn’t want to have a damn baby? What is wrong with you people???

      • karla says:

        Mirna, because most of us never planned on having a baby when we did and we survived it. I could careless is Cristina didnt want kids, but now she is pregnant. I am 100% for abortion for someone who cannot afford a baby or is a single mum, but as a married doctor with a supportive husband is a total disrespect for those who have chosen abortion!

        • Mirna says:

          Wait, so you’re saying since she’s accidentally pregnant with an unwanted pregnancy, her body still belongs to somebody else and no longer has a choice? Good to know.

          • Karla says:

            No I am saying she is allowed to change her mind and should consider her husbands opinion=its called marriage!

          • Kenna says:

            I think it is crazy that anyone would be in favor of a women aborting her husbands child. It is sad the baby was unplanned, but does not deserve to be thrown away when it has a mother and father who are capable.

          • ROBBIN says:

            i think what she/he is saying is that abortion is not meant for birth control.

        • Ana says:

          I don’t understand this notion. So, what if Cristina considers Owen’s opinion and STILL decides on abortion. What then? Is she still disrespectful for choosing something SHE wants? Is this still 1950? Wow.

          Being capable financially doesn’t make you a good parent (I have multiple friends/family members who will confirm this). WANTING a child does. Otherwise, Cristina is setting herself up to be Ellis 2.0 and Owen, Thatcher.

          • ophelia says:

            The point is that they decide together. I don’t understand the notion that it is her decision alone and that her husband and the father of the child is just an afterthought, someone you maybe consider, but don’t actually include. The point is you err on the side of life when one of the parents desperately wants the child.
            But you are an Owen hater and will predict that he’ll dump everything on Cristina, like it would have been in the 1950s- because men haven’t evolved at all. Let’s just wait and see what happens.

      • Carlyn says:

        abortion for birth control is nuts and i truly hope this is not the way this story plays out.

        • Gretchen says:

          “The point is you err on the side of life when one of the parents desperately wants the child.”
          No, Ophelia, it is still the woman who has to take the risks and the time out of her career for the pregnancy, she gets greater say and is not wrong or evil for choosing abortion if she doesn’t want to carry a pregnancy. What about her life? Too bad, she gets to be an incubator against her will?

          You talk a good game–they decide together, but really the only decision you see is the woman being secondary to a fetus. As a woman, I find that repulsive. Owen KNEW Christina doesn’t want children, so expecting her to carry the pregnancy is silly. If he desperately wants children, he needs to find a wife who feels the same, not force her to be an incubator for his seed.

          • ophelia says:

            I think she will probably have the abortion- in fact I would put money on it, and I’m totally okay with that-but I refuse to agree that is was “wrong or evil” of him to ask her to seriously consider going through with the pregnancy given that he is her husband and the father of the baby. The only thing he has asked her to do is think about it. He has not forced her to carry it against her will, and i don’t think he will.

    • Tara says:

      So excited for the Owen and Cristina storyline, Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh will knock this out of the park.

  23. jenna says:

    This show is soo over.. Once Ellen and Patrick walk off the set for the last time the curtain might as well stay down. They are the heart and soul of the show. You can say what you want to say but the ratings were good when they had screen time-the ratings have plunged this past year when they have had NO screen time.

    Ellen, Patrick, Justin, and Chandra are the only actors I even care to watch on that show anymore.

    They’ve turned Mcsteamy’s character into Mcmopey..

    It’s sad how they’ve turned a once amazing show into crap…..

    • aussie says:

      So agree with you on this statement. Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo as well as Justin Chambers and Chandra Wilson will be the only one’s that can bring the rating’s up again.
      Bring back the NAZI. Give Mer/Der more then 2 minutes/epi and have Alex find happiness and the rating’s will come up again easy fix :-)

  24. Kara says:

    I am so excited!!Owen is the only man for the job! Now add Daddy to Chief Hunt and S* of Greys cannot lose!!!

  25. Kelsey says:

    I have no clue what these people are talking about Greys needs new SL let Ellen and Patrik leave. We have Vhief Hunt, Badass Cristina Yang, Hot Alex and even Hotter Jackson. By Mer and Der your fans want a happy ending I say give it to them now instead of later!!!

    • Robbin says:

      I thought i was alone! EP and PD don’t do anything for me. If there were no scenes of them I wouldn’t miss them. I still hold hope alive for GReys

  26. Missy says:

    Kelsey_I agree with you Merefith and Derrek are boring! I would love to see Alex with April or at least show her some moves lol. Chief Hunt yum!

  27. Sara R says:

    All I know is Chief Owen Hunt better put a crib in his office because Dr.Yang is gonna make him a Daddy for the WIN!

  28. Z says:

    As much as I love chief webber…Owen Hunt is the perfect man for the job in his absence! He’s a badass with leadership skills to match! So exicted to see him run that hospital and shows them who’s boss! and I’m equally excited to watch him as a dad…h’es been a wonderful, supportive husband to Cristina throughout S7 and I’m sure he’ll be a wonderful father to their baby, who’s on it’s way : )

  29. Sheila says:

    I dont understand the whole give Ellen and Patrick more screen time? They dont want it Shonda is not cutting them out on purpose they want to be on set less!i for one will continue to watch for Calzona alone!

  30. Robert says:

    I love GA, but this is not really good news…. It makes it too predictable. Owen may have a hard time with the new job, but I predict that he will use his power of authority against Christina so she will have the baby. I just see him doing that.f I really had hoped Dr. Bailey would have gotten it. She has seniority, and she is more than qualified for the job. I fear that GA is trying to stretch things out.

  31. Romy says:

    I love Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh so I hope the fact that Owen is now the CoS (plus the whole baby drama) will give us the oportunity to see these two great actors acting skills at their best.

    • SLOM says:

      Thank God Sandra Oh is there to act so the scary ginger doesn’t scare away the last few viewers.

    • Jillian says:

      Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh are the best dang actors on this show, hopefully they will get a chance to shine this season with more than a couple of minutes of air time.

  32. Lee says:

    Excited to see Owen as Chief! Can’t wait for Cristina’s reaction and what’s ahead for C/O as they deal with career, marriage and hopefully baby! KMK and SO will continue to act their hearts out and make Grey’s worth continue watching each Thursday!

  33. Alex says:

    I find it sad that most of the MerDer fans hate on the other characters. As Shonda said you wont be happy unless the camara is pointed and them doing nothing.ITs a drama people get over it there is going to be drama and everyone with half a brain knows MerDer are end game, well except their own shippers.

    • Eu says:

      Only MerDer fans are allowed to hate Owen? Damn, if I knew, I would’ve joined them a while ago! Couldn’t care less about MerDer but I hate Owen. Loathe him (BTW, if you have to ask, not a Burke fan either). So it’s not exclusive that only MerDer hate Owen.

      I would suggest you to venture through boards. I generally don’t pay much attention but I haven’t seen MerDer fans ask for them doing nothing, just a storyline, as we all would want our characters to have. So think through the accusations…

      • marla says:

        No one said Owen they hate April and anyone else with screentime!

        • Maura O'Henry says:

          Maria, rather ignorant & short-sighted pov. I am not a Merder fan at all. I enjoy Meredith but Derek is a jerk and she deserves far better. However, back to your immature insinuation of the “they”. I abhor April. She’s a useless character that’s being shoved down my throat in hopes her obnoxious crying and whining will endear her to me. NOT. It’s true. Merder had little to no screentime so I can understand why the shippers are upset but I think you’re catty childish comments are unnecessary. I don’t like or respect Owen at all. I think he’s horrible for Cris. I also think he’s a horrible choice for COS. He has an explosive temper and let’s loose in the o.r. I’ve seen him verbally berate Meredith which is 100% personal as he sees her as a threat to his relationship with Cristina. He knows that Meredith knows that he’s not a good guy.

      • daniela says:

        So the adoption story was nothing? The infertility issues were nothinag? Damn I only with other couples had as much screen time as merder. I think merder fans complain because they can’t accept the fact that the show can’t keep being all about them like it was in the first season. If you watch the show, you’ll see Meredith and Derek have as much screen time or more than the other characters. But due to their lack of acting skills, I’d say it’s pretty easy to forget them.
        More Calzona and Crowen please!

  34. Jonna says:

    Yeah!! A spoiler is just what I wanted finally! I cannot wait until September. Go Owen, I mean Chief Hunt.

  35. Marrisa says:

    WOW, then most of my women friends should of had an abortion my mother included-she never wanted children and everyone but me calls her Dr.Espinosa.

  36. Laura says:

    As someone who watches, but does not watch until I hear of a shooting or an abortion-so drama I was afraid to post here. Most of us watchers love Owen and hope Christina would have her baby-real life sucks sometimes and we are often capable of handling so much more.

  37. Gead says:

    Although I would have rooted for Bailey as Chief (followed by Owen), I’m still excited to see how this plays out along with Cristina’s pregnancy!! Still hoping Cristina and Owen will work things out and keep the baby.

  38. Gead says:

    Chief Hunt sounds awesome btw. And poor Owen! I hope they don’t give him too much of a rough time. I’d love to see him become closer with the friends he has here like Derek, Mark etc

  39. InParentheses says:

    Why am I not surprised at all the hate? It baffles me that some think Cristina being an emotionless, childless, bitch is interesting. I am happy to see her grow and change roles while having success professionally and personally.

    Also no one can convince me that Mark is a better choice than Owen for Chief. Owen has leadership skills and Mark can barely keep his hands off women long enough to operate. Bailey would be good someday but she is not qualified. Owen is very diplomatic and I think can handle a bunch of cry babies like the ones at SGH he is great at putting personal issues aside and not playing favorites.Derek always favors Meredith and so does Richard it will be quite interesting to see how her controversy with the study Plays out now

    • Gretchen says:

      What’s wrong with being childless? Seems you equate that with bitchiness and emotionlessness.

      Even when married, a woman has the final say as to continue a pregnancy and should not be judged for her actions.

  40. LivingIn2011 says:

    Am I the only woman who think that a character (especially one played by Sandra Oh) is capable of having depth and a storyline without being used by her husband for her uterus? Abort the baby and give me something juicy. I would love to see a woman on television be more than her reproductive parts for a change.

    As for KMK being Chief- it’s a logical choice. I just hope he brushed up on his acting over the summer and went back to the Rome set to pick up his skills. That seems to be the last place that I saw them, anyway.

    • Gretchen says:

      Exactly! The “woman who doesn’t want a baby gets pregnant and falls in love with the baby” storyline is so trite and makes women look like they have no backbone. I’m not thrilled with Bones having a baby for the same reason, she said time and again early on that she didn’t want kids.

      An abortion storyline would be much more compelling and interesting than a miserable (AGAIN) Christina with another baby on Grey’s. Christina has been miserable pretty much every recent season. Let her control her life and live as she wants. And yes, when it comes down to it, her remaining pregnant depends on what she, the one with the fetus inside her wants, not what Owen wants. Owen doesn’t own her and she shouldn’t be guilted/shamed into pregnancy. Women are more than incubators.

  41. Liz says:

    Wow what a pleasant bunch of people you are :D to ppl who have all ready stopped watching way are u even reading this article then LMFAO

    anyway love Owen Love Cristina not sure I want owen to be chief as I love him in trauma action and worried we wont get to see in in trauma surgeon action, but hey ho brilliant for Kevin, he’s a wasted talent in this show, and hopeful for baby a little more then before x

  42. Carlyn says:

    chief hunt has a great ring to it ;) stil scared what shonda decided to do with the pregnancy but will tune in to the SP and hope for a baby CO

  43. Larc says:

    Owen’s promotion isn’t logical. His psychological problems are still too fresh. April’s promotion isn’t logical either. She’s still a total feather weight. But it’s Hollywood. When have they ever been accused of being logical?

  44. Ruby says:

    There’s no point in getting all worked up about this anyway. The chief – the real one, chief Webber – will be back in his office by mid-season. I would have picked Bailey instead of Hunt though because Bailey and Webber have been a well-tuned team for many, many years, she is one of the most respected doctors in the hospital, she has experience with a paperwork job since she was chief resident at SGH, and they could have revoked some of the dynamics with her old interns Alex, Cristina and Meredith if she’d become chief.
    Hunt is good under stress and all of that, but the kind of stress that comes with being chief is different from the kind of stress the doctors experience when they have to make quick, correct medical decisions. And he needs to controll his temper once he’s chief.
    But I think he only gets it because the writers want to influence Cristina’s decision on whether or not to keep the baby with this. He promised her he would halt his career and take care of the baby if she keeps it. And now he accepts chief of surgery. There is no way he can be chief and keep his promise. I think this will be the final push towards having an abortion for Cristina. I hope Owen won’t punish her at work by not giving her any real surgeries or any such crap.

  45. Lori says:

    Another recycled story line? Been there and done this before.I guess this is Rhimes’ idea of concentrating season eight on the originals?Hopefully the new chief will be in his office all season doing admin work.

  46. Danielle says:

    Bailey should be chief. Bring the show back to basics – let her be the nurturing ring master of this crazy circus and use her as an anchor to get this show back on track. I’m sick of crying Bailey; bring back the Nazi!

  47. Tisha says:

    I’m actually looking forward to Owen as chief although it does seem like an odd choice. I was thinking Bailey as well. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out.

  48. Caro says:

    I really really LOVE Owen but this storyline doesn’t interest me. Owen is the perfect head of trauma, can’t imagine such a doctor would accept the role of Chief of Surgery actually, but I’m not drawn to this story.

  49. Bridge says:

    I think it takes feminism a few notches back for Owen to suggest that being grown up requires having a baby. It’s so paternalistic of him.

  50. Tina says:

    As long as “The Chief” doesn’t leave the show…I guess it’ll be okay. It wouldn’t be Grey’s without him! I hope his and Adele’s storyline gets ample screen time. It’s tragic, but well done.