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Vampire Diaries Boss: Season 3 Is 'A Defining Moment' for Damon and Elena

The Vampire Diaries executive producer Kevin Williamson wants to make something clear: Damon and Elena’s growing closeness in the absence of Stefan won’t necessarily lead where viewers think it will this coming season.

“Just because we’re putting her with Damon doesn’t mean they’re going to end up together. And it doesn’t mean they’re going to get together,” Williamson told TVLine at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour, when we pressed him about how anxious he plans to make Elena/Stefan fans.

While Damon and Elena will “bond” as they search for Stefan — who’s busy ripping it up on the Stefan/Klaus roadshow — their journey will be “more about friendship” than romance, says Williamson. And with good reason. They have to keep their eye on the prize: a good vampire gone bad.

“It’s not so much about, ‘Are Damon and Elena going to fall madly in love and live happily ever after?'” says Williamson. “It’s, ‘Are Damon and Elena going to be able to find the man they both love?’ … It’s going to be fun to watch Damon and Elena form this relationship that at its core is about a search for the man they both care about.”

Just how deep that relationship will go depends in part on Damon’s own issues and his penchant for doing things that really miff Elena (hello, force-feeding her his blood!).

“Damon is not good at being a hero, so I can’t imagine he’s ever going to do it right,” observes Williamson, adding, “It’s always go to be one step forward, two steps back. ‘OK, so I’m the hero — I’m going to kill three people.’ And that is not OK with Elena.”

But with his saintly brother gone, Damon will have to step it up. How he handles that struggle with being the good guy will play into his relationship status with Elena. “It’s about defining their roles,” says Williamson of the arc. “Are they going to be friends? Lovers? How are they going to define themselves? Because it will be a defining moment for both of them.”

The Vampire Diaries returns Sept. 15 at 8/7c on The CW.

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  1. Rain says:

    As much as I would like to see Damon and Elena qet together because their chemistry is awesome I agree that you should go by the book. and Delena fans could take their satisfaction in knowing that in real life your dream couple of Damon and Elena are together as Ian and Nina and quite happy.

  2. steph says:

    I believe that Elana and stefen are meant to be together forever they mean to much to each other. Also messing up their relation with Elana and Damon getting together is wrong. How would you feel if you were stefen and your girlfriend left you for your brother?……Elana and Stefen forever till the end!!!

    • Lulu says:

      what? no…most people don’t want her to get with Damon while still with Stefan…unless its been like, 5 years :L and STEFAN left HER if i remember rightly. she’s never left him! and i just cant imagine things going back to how they were with stelena cus of all thats happened…like stefan said ‘things will never be the same’
      and please spell Stefan and Elena right

  3. ansilly says:

    I think Elena will get back stefan and stefan will stop drinking blood TEAM STEFAN

  4. Nora Buckner says:

    I think Damon and Elena belong together. Stafan and Elena are boring. Give the fans what they want Damon and Elena always and 4-ever.

  5. tabatha says:

    come on stefan and alena you belong together

  6. elena says:

    elena said it before it always will gonna be stefen maybe she will fell something for demon but in the end she will back to stefen right?

  7. elena says:

    im in team stefen stefen and elena for ever for ever for ever i hope paul (stefen) leave his wife torry and married nina(elena) in the realty

    • Noura says:

      actually sweaty it can’t be… in case you don’t know Nina and Ian are dating for over a year and their totally in love so if Paul left his wife I don’t think Nina would leave Ian !!

    • Lulu says:

      what? sorry did you say, STEFAN? (meaning you spelled his name wrong_
      and keep dreaming pal, that’s never gonna happen

  8. amee says:

    stefan and elena relation ship is so boring but damon and elena have chemistry.

    TEAM DAMON!!!!!!!!!

  9. priscilla says:

    i think stefan and elena are really noring. Damon might be a badass vampire but he really loves elena he has risked his life for her like double crossing elija and klaus the dude deservesa chance with elena even if it’s gonna be just one episode

  10. priscilla says:

    i totally agree

  11. priscilla says:

    two badass vampires won’t make a good team

  12. Noura says:

    Omg everyone enough the theories ! the show is in 2 days so block your imaginations everybody coz believe me it’ll drive you crazy ! Elena is a person and not a doll she has feelings and whoever her feelings choose, will be the one ! If Elena chose damon then this is not called betrayal or damon’s stealing his brother’s girl, it’s simply a choice Elena made …. and if she chose Stefan then stefan it is, she won’t be forced to be with someone, she needs to make her own decision !!
    though i still prefer damon and elena … :D

  13. MikeB says:

    I never really understood why anyone says that Elena/Stefan is “boring”. Do these people simply want them to have rough sex or something? It’s a loving relationship. All that banter and whatever that Elena and Damon have is because they aren’t together. That banter and whatever tension would be gone or ridiculous if they ever got together. Like did Buffy and Spike really have banter after getting together?

    Also, Elena and Stefan have chemistry. Though Katherine and Stefan have like the best chemistry in the series. But that’s probably largely because Stefan is guarded with Elena and keeps as much secrets as possible from her. Like with Lexi, Stefan can be rather ‘open’ with Katherine.

    Damon was a whiny brat in Season 2 especially with his whole insistence on making Bonnie die.

    Anyways, other than his not being around and his Ripperness, there’s no reason yet why Elena would actually be with Damon instead of Stefan. Nina and Ian talk about Damon being able to make Elena smile and laugh but so obviously does Stefan when he’s not being broody and/or serious. And pretty much all of Elena’s Elena/Damon scenes are the result of problems in her relationship with Stefan: Georgia road trip, Miss Mystic Falls dance, etc. etc. etc. That makes Damon either rebound or her backup plan.

    Passion: In ways, Katherine was the more passionate one in the 2.01 scene with Damon and the tomb dream scene showed that Stefan could be rough and passionate as well.

    Katherine in ways just slept with Damon as well because she could. Elena knows that Stefan was going to at least beat the S out of Damon for merely attempting to kiss Elena. Her getting with Damon so far would perhaps make Stefan no longer want to be with her. Also Elena knows about Katherine, Katherine’s love for Stefan, and Elena suspects or knows that Stefan still has feelings for Katherine. So getting with Damon could result in Stefan running into Katherine’s immortal eternal arms.

    So, I don’t know. It’ll take extraordinary writing to not only make Elena/Damon work but make the triangle still work. Will Stefan ever get past Elena sleeping with Damon or Damon sleeping with Elena?

    • Lulu says:

      you say that stefan can be passionate with KATHERINE. see what im saying? not with ELENA. i’m not saying he’s boring…just damon is more interesting :)
      and i think elena and damon would still banter because they disagree on a lot of stuff..its just in their nature, i don’t think thats something that will go away. buffy/spike have nothing to do with this.

  14. manty says:

    Delena fans are selfish,how do u just expect them to start having a romantic r/ship with stefan being gone as if they are waiting for him to be gone,Stefan and elena really love each other,care for each other,so they should end up together.Why must damon luvs his brother’s girl,he should go and find his own.

  15. dianne says:

    Boooo! WE WANT DAMON + ELENA TOGETHER!!! Give the viewers what they want, Mr “exec producer” Williamson!!

  16. Ellan says:

    I love Stelena, so I want them to be together. I like the fact that Damon is becoming nicer and I really like to seem that Elena and Damon develop their friendship. I feel that they suit better as friends because they understand each other. It’s only interesting too see Damon and Elena be together because everyone loves the nice girl to be with the bad boy. But, if Elena gets together with Damon, then there really is no hype after that. For Stefan and Elena, there was never really a hype going on, it was just a romantic relationship and the fact that it show them getting through the obstacles to have stronger relationship is a topic that can be written for a long time even though it might get boring. Just a boring romantic relationship will not last long, but with the triangle happening and other problems in their relationship makes it interesting or at least keeps people glued to the tv screen. I really want Stelena to end up together, but if they want to put a brief Delena romance in their, I will not be offended as long as Stelena gets together in the end.

  17. Faye says:

    yeah, uh please hear me out, elena and stefan together are way boring. Stefan is boring! How comes he wins the affection of both katherine and elena? What do you have for damon? Damon is an a** alright but just this once give him someone to love.

  18. Lulu says:

    you know what? i’m liking the thought of stefan/klaus gay romance…lol jks. but i do like their scenes. i think they make a badass team, like damon and ric…but different…and scarier… :P

    i am all for delena, and im getting annoyed at people who say ‘they dont have a chance’ well, newsflash! the main storyline is about a teenage girl falling in love with two vampire brothers…and come on…you cant fall in love with someone (damon) whilst with someone else (stefan) if you think the first one (stefan) is THE ONE. please dont make this a twilight! because i detest bella/edward! (and sparkles)

    note: apologies for the twilight comparison

  19. Lulu says:

    i wish i would get on tvd. first i’d punch tyler and tell him to get a grip, get a giant gun and shoot klaus multiple times, tell stefan to get with kat, slap elena and tell her to wake up and realise she belongs with damon, tell matt and bonnie to get together, bring anna back form the dead so she can be with jer, then tell ric ‘im sorry you’re alone’…then go on a murderous rampage
    haha, jks. but it would be fun ;)

  20. sandy says:

    o my god….. i thought the producer’s finally doing something good for the damon team!! ouch~ that hurts me! for 100% i do wish damon and elena can end up together.. just hope stefan can be away for a bit longer

  21. Lexi says:

    Elena and damon may have chemistry but nothing really in common with each other. Sure they love each other but in the end Elena Really is better off with stefan. i would HATE to see Delena. you dont know how fast i turn the tv when their are Delena scenes. I hate how the writers try to put the first to. There are LOTS of Bonnie and Caroline fans give us them for once Gosh thats all im saying. It’s always Elena this , Elena that ! i like elena too but come on where’s bonnie? , where’s caroline? I Think that caroline and bonnie friendship is better then bonnie and elena because elena just uses bonnie ! I HATE THAT ! for once writers
    give us bonnie and caroline fans somthing please Good god !

  22. maria says:

    i love Damon and Damon and Elena have so much more chemistry and Passion. Stefan and Elena are kind of boring.