The Glee Project Recap: Then There Were Four

Is it me, or does The Glee Project seem to change its parameters for who stays and who goes on an almost weekly basis? One week, Ryan Murphy and his cohorts are looking for someone who inspires them to write, another week it boils down to who’s professional and easy to work with, and this week, apparently, the decision was based mostly on contestants’ singing and acting skills. “At the end of the day with these kids, it’s always who’s the most talented,” said our trusty executive producer, sitting down to deliberate with fellow judges Robert Ulrich and Zach Woodlee. I dunno. I might’ve cut the “always” from that sentence and inserted a “this week” at the very end.

Ultimately, though, I don’t mind the moving-target vibe of The Glee Project‘s decisionmaking process. After all, Ulrich told us as early as Episode 1 that casting is a “completely subjective” process, and in this case, probably even more so — considering Murphy hasn’t even written the role for which our merry band of contestants are competing.

What frustrated me a little this week was that I was just starting to warm up to zaftig redhead Hannah and then — bam! — she gets eliminated. The judges were right that her homework rendition of “True Colors” was her loveliest vocal performance to date, and I actually thought her acting in the weekly music video was more subtle and honest than either Alex or Damian — both of whom avoided the bottom three altogether. That said, her last-chance rendition of Taylor Swift’s “Back to December” bordered on unpleasant, so I couldn’t argue when Ryan said the decision was “very clear” to send home the girl who amusingly admitted she only catches glimpses of the greatness the judges saw in her.

Lindsay and Samuel, meanwhile, managed to outperform Hannah in the sing-off round, but both of ’em also made the case that when it comes to learning about what goes on inside an actor’s mind, sometimes less is more. Lindsay’s tearful confession to Ryan — “I’ve been fighting my entire life to be really strong.” — seemed more a case of “Gee whiz! I’d better have something compelling to cry about before the judges deliberate!” than a genuine outpouring of emotion. (And I kind of agreed with vocal coach Nikki Anders that Lindsay brought the tears to the recording studio as a way of “forcing emotional drama” after Alex’s own melodramatic breakdown.) OK, so Lindsay was adopted and she’s got some insecurities, but on the other hand, she’s a hugely compelling screen presence and she sang the bejeezus out of “Maybe This Time.” If she manages to win it all, I don’t really need to root for Lindsay as a human being, I need to root for the character the Glee writing team concocts for her, and I need her to be skillful enough to bring that character to life. That’s my biggest concern when the mothership returns for Season 3 this fall.

I’ve got more faith in Lindsay’s acting chops than in Samuel’s. The dreadlocked dude says he wants to win The Glee Project more than he wants to breathe or even exist — srsly? — but then goes and tells us he’s never considered himself an actor. (That’s a very “2 + 2 = 5.739” kind of life philosophy, as far as I’m concerned.) I agreed with Ryan that Samuel’s whole Russell Brand schtick during the last-chance round wasn’t exactly relatable, but suddenly the guy was sharing that he’s got the words “Jesus Christ” tattooed on the back of his neck, which means he can easily step into Cameron’s “Christian dude with issues” role — without having quite so many issues. [Side note: I spent half of Samuel’s performance trying to figure out if he was wearing pink shoes to match his pink shirt (he wasn’t), or if he was simply barefoot (he was). Please tell me I’m not alone on this one.]

And so now we’re down to four contestants. I’m really hoping that this week’s Bottom 3 showing for Lindsay and Samuel was a way to set them up for a “redemption edit” next week — and force the elimination of either Alex or Damian. I know the kid toured with Celtic Thunder, but I dislike Damian’s singing voice almost as much as I dislike Alex’s singing face (which always looks like he’s waiting for someone to clap and say “Good job!”). And how the judges thought Alex’s dead-eyed stare at Damian was an example of chill-inducing romantic longing is beyond me; I stared down a slice of cold pizza in my fridge this morning with more intensity. (The pizza remains untouched as of 10 a.m.; the story is developing…)

What did you think of this week’s Glee Project? Who are you hoping will win it all? Was anyone else a little shocked at how Damian dropped to his knees and made a big hullabaloo — right in front of Samuel — when he avoided the Bottom 3 at his fellow contestant’s expense? And did the right person go home?

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  1. Dave says:

    It was nice to see others finally noticing that Samuel has the same, intense “blue steel” squint & stare no matter what emotion is called for. He’s been rewarded for it so many times I don’t think it’s occurred to him that acting requires more than intense, angry eyes.

    • Keith says:

      Agree with most of what I have been reading – PLEASE send Alex home – we don’t need a clone of Kurt. Send Lindsay home – we don’t need a Rachel clone. I really like(ed) Matheus, Damian, Hannah and Cameron. They seem to be the last of the “real” people in this thing. Samuel is very one-dimensional to me. Talented but the flat. I think of the people left, Damian would be the most interesting person to write/base a character on. Not the greatest singer but a real heart. Isn’t that what Glee is really about? Talent is important but heart carries a lot more weight. I like to root for Glee characters.

      • mariann says:

        I agreed with most of what you said,they should not have sent Matheus, Hannah or Cameron home. but Damian has a wonderful voice, have you listened to any Celtic thunder CD.The guy is very talent vocally.

        • Rowan says:

          Matheus went home because he was a diva on set that day and couldn’t take direction. Cameron went home because he couldn’t hack it. He is a very sheltered kid and very immature for his age, plus even he said he can’t act. He can sing like the dickens though and I think pursuing a musical career would be great for him – as long as he doesn’t wait so long he is forgotten about. Hannah’s self-esteem is what brought her down. I loved her energy, her voice was amazing, but it was clear her self-deprecating humor was all about putting herself down before anyone else could. It got old fast. She needs to learn how to take a compliment and believe people when they tell her how great she is. I hope she continues to try acting and singing. I think she should still be on the show.

        • Chris says:

          I know, I don’t know where all this bashing of Damien’s singing is coming from, but I happen to like his voice. I’m not a huge Celtic Thunder fan, but I’ve heard some of their stuff, and I’ve always thought he sounded good.

          I also thought he and Alex were the most convincing actors in the video last night. Other than Damien needing Lindsey for an object of affection, you could have taken the other contestants out of the video, and it wouldn’t have mattered, because the story they told with their performances was much stronger than what the others delivered. I know people are dying for Alex to go home, and I’ve certainly been ready for him to go more than once, but I have to give credit where it’s due.

        • Bonnie says:

          I agree with you Damien is my favorite, I think he can act and sing. Plus he is an outsider being from a different country. Lindsey seems like I am a diva, and Sam always has the same expression. Alex..well he has a terric voice, but there is already a gay character. Regardless of if Alex makes it or not, I think he may have a singing career.

          I too was very dissapointed that they let Hannah go, it seems that they all liked her in that episode.

          My choice is Damien as it has been since about week 5

      • Lily says:

        Completely agree…I truly wish Alex had been in the bottom three this week-My guess is that the producers wanted to keep him in the game because he adds drama, and a fifth trip to the bottom three should have been the final nail in the coffin. Lindsay is a complete pill and I don’t think she or Samuel are truly relatable on the level that they need to be for ‘Gleeks’. Damian isn’t the best actor, but you’re right he has heart-and the part of a foreign exchange student would allow for the producers to get rid of him after the seven guest star roles if he wasn’t working out. Ryan Murphy is responsible for a serious injustice in sending home a girl who had so much heart.

      • tobie says:

        As far as Alex is concerned I have watched all episodes and I don’t think Alex has as great a talent as Cameron, Samuel, Aatheus, or Damian has, yet he is still there Why? Could it be that Alex is gay and so is Ryan Murphy the main judge.

      • Evon says:

        Plus Damian is super cute!!!

    • nikki says:

      lol @ blue steel… that is exactly what I was thinking.

    • lacey says:

      Samuel has one look that he uses over and over again. I even hate the head bob thing he does since it reminds me of a chicken. I’m surprised it took them this long to call him on it.

    • raelee514 says:

      Yes, I know the only thing he does is intense and angry. It’s the same thing over and over again. Yes he is gorgeous and he has perfect bone structure but it’s just the same thing over and over. It gets old fast.

      • Tessa says:

        Blue steel with a flat, melancholy gaze is boring and tedious. Clearly, Samuel has some appeal, but the TALENT is what draws us to
        the remaining 3. Samuel should go.

    • Tracy says:

      The GProject’s parameters for who comes and goes definitely changes week to week. Anybody else notice that both Marissa and Hannah were selected to be “featured”, yet end up in the bottom three AND they were cut? (That never happened to any of the male contenders.) Conversely, Damien and Alex who have been repeatedly in the bottom three are now finalist contenders.
      Speaking of Alex, would someone please give him a challenging role where he has to be attracted to the opposite sex, or he has to sing a difficult rock-and-roll song? The diva card is so old. Not a major Damien fan either, but at least he appreciates his growth as a performer. Alex hasn’t grown, and I don’t think he believes he needs to.
      Samuel is unique, and he accepts whatever direction he is given. “My Funny Valentine” was a song he had never heard, yet he gave a great performance. (Ryan almost seems to begrudge Samuel’s previous successes, doesn’t he?) Lindsay has the voice but lacks audience appeal. Hannah showed vulnerability, and when it came time to putting it together, she nailed her performances…until “Back to December.”. Although it was her first strike, she was out. How can the players play the game when the rules keep changing?!
      Back to GProject’s goal….is it to REPLACE a Glee performer or CREATE a new personality to the cast? Do they want an actor (i.e.someone who portrays a Christian), or the real deal (Cameron—who wouldn’t portray something against his beliefs)? Apparently, the number of times a performer is in the bottom three, isn’t relevant….
      Last I knew, Glee is a television show, so it would seem the producers would want actor/singers that can convey the message of individuality, but also depict character flaws. Someone who is memorable. Unless Samuel is the winner, I think the judges missed the best candidate.

  2. Kimmie says:

    I found this weeks episode very frustrating. Samuel and Lindsey both seem very fake at this point and that can be dangerous for Glee. If viewers see them on GP and get a negative vibe, they may carry those reactions over to Glee.

    I have not liked Alex from the beginning. Kid needs to cut the drama and be real. Real = likeable. Likeability and authenticity can make the acting part go smoothly. See: Darren Criss

    Damian is adorable and you want to like him and cheer for him. I also think that Hannah illicited the same reaction. But I guess we will have to settle for a Leah Michelle, Russell Brand, or Effie wannabe if Ryan Murphy has his way.

    • new girl says:

      Agree with you 100% !!!

      • EGK says:

        I sooo agree. Ryan Murphy is getting on my last nerve. He is so arbitrary and comes across as kind of a douche. How can they keep Lindsay? I can barely watch her because she’s such a phony. (Nikki called that one right – I was cheering!) I had liked Sam, but jeez, he is a one-trick pony – intense stare, with no subtlety and no humor. Alex is a diva and too thrilled with himself. Hannah and Damian were the ones that were right for Glee and now Hannah is gone. It’s ridiculous!

        • raelee514 says:

          Kind of a douche. Try full on douche bag.

        • Adam says:

          I was rooting for Damian, Hannah, and Matheus from the very beginning. I didn’t hold out too much hope for Hannah though, i mean she’s a big girl and her story-lines on Glee would almost certainly revolve around that – but we already have Mercedes and Lauren… I LOVED Hannah’s personality though, her and Damian are the most real to me. And Damian can sing beautifully! Crazy people don’t know good singing I guess. I wish Lindsay, Alex, and Samuel would hurry up and go home already…

        • frustrated says:

          I agree with EGK. Hannah had more personality in one freckle on her face than Lindsay and Samuel put together – and she’s a good actress. I thought both Samuel’s performances were embarrassing. Lindsay is too fake. Alex is too conceited. Now that Hannah is gone, Damien is the only one who should be chosen at this point. He is the only “real” person left. But I have a feeling Ryan wanted Lindsay all along to replace Lea. She’s got the looks and the voice. We’ll have to be happy with that and not with her character – who will probably be more annoying than Rachel. I hope Hannah gets a great role in some other show from this. You go, girl!!!!!

    • djm says:

      I was frustrated too – but not at the contestants. I was/am frustrated with Ryan Murphy. Sorry dude, but an actor does NOT have to be a Christian to play one on TV – and this whole Christian character story arc on this show is on my last nerve. Sorry, but he spends all of his time this week on screen talking about “are they right for the show – will they fit in – are they someone we can root for?” and then keeps the two least likeable or believable people left on the show. Lindsay ALWAYS comes across as the fake pretty girl no matter how hard she tries to act like she’s not and Samuel ALWAYS comes across as the “too cool for school” guy no matter how he tries to act like he’s not – and let’s face it, he is no actor. But too suddenly think he’s qualified because he has a “I heart Jesus” tatto on the back of his neck just doesn’t make any sense. I left the episode feeling that if Ryan Murphy is THAT BAD of a writer that he can’t create a Christian character regardless of the actors own personal beliefs than he should just give up now.

      • rowan says:

        Part of the task for this show is for the contestants to create a character for Ryan to riff off of. The cross-dressing gay kid, the little person who’s a stud, the nerdy-sexy singer, etc. IF Ryan just wants to write a christian character, he will. This is about the kids bringing more to the table.

        • etphonehome says:

          I agree that the Christian story line is taking over Ryan Murphy’s judging. With that said I also think Samuel took it and ran with it. As soon as he heard Ryan say I want to write this character Samuel jumped at it and said – I have this tattoo, I’m Christian, blah, blah selling himself after he had an unbelievable performance. And wasn’t that this weeks theme – believability – I don’t believe that Samuel has any real Christian believes, aside from the ones that his parents want him to believe, he just said it to sell himself to Ryan, which he did. I do believe though that Hannah was a real person with real self esteem issues, someone you could have rooted for – she definately shouldn’t have gone home.

          • Robert says:

            Thank you! I thought the same thing about Sam; he tries too hard to be something, but in the end he has nothing to offer. I can’t stand him on this show, and I’m sure I’d not like him on Glee. Who can relate to this kid?

            I am a Christian and I have no problem with those who are not. What bothers me about Sam is that he is not a Christian, and just as you said, suddenly claims faith because he thinks it’s what Ryan wants to hear. If Ryan can’t see through that how did he get the position he is in?

            Hannah is charming and nice. I am not sure why Ryan sent her home. How can he make an informed decision when he shows up for one song after they put in a hard week? Does he watch the video they make?

            Damian is nice looking, sings well, and I like his vulnerability; he comes across as likable and humble. Why did he respond the way he did when Robert and the gang revealed that he was not in the bottom three? Maybe because he was so relieved and startled; he expected to be there. I also don’t think he cares much for Sam; he often said that Cameron was his ‘best-mate.’ I hope he is the winner.

      • Basic_Li says:

        Alex has a wonderful singing voice but he is Kurt 2.0, on the other hand he can replace Kurt and Mercedes when they graduate. Ryan says he wants a christian character so why doesn’t he use Mercedes. He opened that door for Mercedes in the first season and I like that she is caring and non-judgemental although she attends church every Sunday. It took such a long time for them to show Hannah’s personality and she really had a wonderful way about her. Ryan had it right, after the elimination of Emily, and Marissa (who I liked way more than Lindsey), Damien and Hannah were keeping me involved. I didn’t fall in love with Cameron until he resigned. I think Samuel could be interesting on Glee. The female characters run the show, it would be great to see a guy come in that makes them all swoon a little bit and shake things up. I was hoping Chord would serve that role but alas no luck.

      • Lynne says:

        THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You must live inside my head. How can you write a character who is the embodiment of the actor and call that acting? That’s not acting. That’s a reality show. Ryan Murphy even said it himself: If an actor refuses a direction because it goes against his moral beliefs, what is the director going to do? Let’s see, uhmm – rewrite the show and the character to suit them? I don’t think so. As for this weeks elimination-big mistake. Was Hanna the best singer? No. The best dancer? No. But as far as I’m concerned she was – and again Ryan Murphy said it – what Glee is all about. And she was the “heart” of The Glee Project. Lindsey – beautiful, insanely talented vocally, but FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, FAKE. They keep talking about what a great actress she is but they are always able to see through it when she is faking emotion (duh!). I have been disappointed each week with the eliminations. At this point I will simply sit back and enjoy the talent on the show and sadly wave goodbye to one of the contestants each week. But I am hard pressed to know what it is they want either.

        • Shaliene says:

          Yes!! Glee produces throw around the term “great actress” too loosely. I haven’t seen anyone of them with a script, showing a twinkle and smile in music videos is not acting. Lindsey turned me off completly when she went in the studio and broke down. It was so obviously fake and I’m glad Nikki realized it. Speaking of Nikki, she rides Samuel like a rodeo. He dosen’t turn me on and he isnt an actor, more of a singer. I know a guy wins GP and I’m sooo hoping its Damien. It could be Alex (as Mercedes new boyfriend), I know he’s gay but gay people play straight ones all time time hince: Chris Colfer orginally tried out for the role of Artie and Neil Patrick Harris is an example. I know Alex is more flamboyant than Chris or Neil, but it can be done.

          • Chris says:

            Technically, you are acting in a music video if you are portraying a character and the video is telling a story. You don’t have to recite dialogue from a script to be acting. Like, I would consider what Damian did in this week’s video acting, because he was portraying someone who has a crush on this girl in the library who doesn’t acknowledge his existence, while at the same time, he’s realizing that his study buddy has a crush on him that he would like to ignore. Is any of that real? No. Does it seem real? Yes. Because all of that can be picked up through Damian’s body language in the video, which means he’s acting, and which is why he was in the top 2 the other night (along with Alex, who was also actually acting for once). And it’s why Lindsey and Samuel ended up in the bottom, because they came off like musicians performing a song. All that said, I do wish we had seen contestants act out dialogue from scripts, as that will be something they have to do on Glee.

      • raelee514 says:

        I said this too. What is with Ryan and needing the actor to be Christian to play one on TV? What is that? Actors play characters, the character will be Christian. Doesn’t matter who or what the actor is.

      • Chaparramo says:

        Exactly! I know that the Christian issue is something that many people in the country can relate to (but many who are wathing Glee?), but I also feel like as far as I can see on the show, there’s little reference to either a Jewish or a Latino character — also 2 personalities that many in this country can relate to (seriously, I’ve actually seen a number of blog messages in Spanish and there’s a HUGE Latino population now in the US). I also have a concern that the more the Christian character is fueled, in a subtle, indirect way, it lends support to the religious right and to people like Sarah Palin (ugh)… I write this though, while I too really like Cameron (though if you’re vying for an acting role get over your discomfort with alternate issues), I think that it would be more interesting to have a Christian character like Samuel than a Christian character like Cameron…..

        • anonymous says:

          On Glee both Puck and Rachel are Jewish (which has been brought up in mulptiple storylines) and Santana is Latina

        • garrison1117 says:

          If Mr. Murphy wanted to write a story line that is actually relevant, have his gay character also be Christian. Just like real life, there’s a lot of conflict there.

          As far as difficulties playing a male/male attraction with Alex? Totally understandable. As they say, Alex’s personality detracts from his looks. Maybe Alex could play Mercede’s younger brother. Or just go home.

    • Geek says:

      EXACTLY!!! Hannah and Damian were the two I was rooting for because I think they would make sense on Glee the most. Sam is aggravating to watch. Alex is SO annoying. Lindsay is a great actress and performer.

      I was sort of offended that Nikki told Lindsay she was being fake for having a breakdown but was so moved my Alex’s. Seemed very rude to me. Nikki is very annoying.

      • H says:

        It’s called honesty, which is what every contestant needs when they’re trying to get better. It’s being critical.

        And honesty, she seemed incredibly fake. Alex, who annoys me to no end, seemed more real to me. I don’t know if at the end Lindsay was actually crying or sad or was just pretending but I didn’t feel a thing for her.

      • Evon says:

        Nikki is more than annoying. She’s a nasty piece of work.

        • cmjaz says:

          I agree. I always wondered what was wrong with Nikki. Believe it or not, I like Lindsay…she just needs a mentor to help her come out of her shell. She is very fake but a ‘real’ person is in there somewhere. I wish the ‘mentors’ on the show could help her more. Anyway, Nikki obviously hates her and it probably makes Lindsay very nervous when she’s around. Never good to have one of the bosses hate you and to actually show it.

  3. Sivat says:

    For F’s sake, Alex is still in this thing?? ELIMINATE HIM!!!!!!!!

  4. ali427 says:

    So bummed. I loved Hannah; she was my favorite from day one. She’s the only one who I felt was genuine, and I would totally root for her on Glee, as the judges said. I feel absolutely nothing for the remaining four, and don’t really want to see any of them on the show.

    • A S Hatcher says:

      I agree. Hannah is pure heart and without her, the show will not go on in this house.
      I’ve been studying previous episodes to learn my personal “who and why” for the GP contestants… Glee is at risk for becoming common (like the Disney and Nick shows) and Hannah would have kept it real.

      • Lena Laufer says:

        Wow, my daughter feels the same way about Hannah! She (and I) love her voice and her beauty. Her elimination has cast a pall on the remaining episodes. I hope Hannah finds her niche somewhere.

        • V says:

          I have a feeling that we will be seeing at least the top 5 if not every last one of these contestents at some point on the show, regardless of who wins. If half the class is graduating this year, the other half will graduate next year and either they will have to end the show, or keep it going with new characters…and we all know these folks are both talented and have rapport. Those two things are what a good cast needs in order to bring good chemistry to a show (at least in my opinion).

    • kris says:

      I have to agree with everyone – the only person of the remaining four I would want on the show would be Damian. He is the only one left I actually feels believable. Both Lindey and Alex are very fake. From day one I did not like them and cannot believe they keep making it through. Samuel is ok but I am not sure I could get into him as a charater on the show. About the only two I thought were right for the show were Cameron and Hannah. I was very sad when Cameron choose to leave and pissed when Hannah was not called back, especially after Ryan said she was the show.

      • carol says:

        The only reason I watch this project is because I like Damian so much. He is fresh, sincere, adorable and sings like an angel. We need talent like his exposed to the industry. I believe he should win and be a part of Glee. He warms my heart with his voice and the way he behaves is new and natural. He is not a fake.

    • kim says:

      Hannah was really growing on me! I agree that her last chance performance wasn’t the greatest but in the homework challenge she just made me smile. Maybe from the promos next week theyr’e bringing someone back?

    • kmac2 says:

      Loved Hannah, too. Could totally relate and enjoyed her amazing performances each week hoping she would prevail in the end. Being eliminated just proved that “judges” will probably go with Rachel-clone, Lindsey.Not a pleasing personality I’d care anything about watching. Why bother with a TV show “competition” when the outcome is pretty obvious. No reason to watch THIS show any more.

  5. CLB says:

    I was suprised with Hannah (and Cameron) & I agree that the elimination process seems to change from week to week.
    I agree with Samuels squint, but also think they could write for him as entering in the ‘bad boy’ persona only to turn down someone based on his beliefs.
    Hearing Damian talk is great, singing not so much.
    Lindsey is really talented, but because she’s so over the top I can picture her on stage (as well as Alex)
    Sooo…I don’t have a clue anymore, but I’ll watch to find out.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Samuel was not looking at Hannah as if he was longing for her. He was looking at her as if he wanted to punch her in the face.

  7. Beth T says:

    Not happy Hannah went home at.all.

    I thought Lindsey faked everything in that episode. I don’t even believe she didn’t know “Maybe This Time”. I chuckled when Robert U said “I think you’ll know it when you hear it.” ;)

    Conflicted about Samuel – but I thought the edits on him were so choppy it was hard to follow. I do hope he has more acting chops, though…

    My favorite moment was Damien falling to his knees when he didn’t have to sing for Ryan. :)

    • etphonehome says:

      Totally agree! When Lindsay said she didn’t know “Maybe This Time” I laughed out loud – A. Leah Michelle and Kristen Chenowith both sang it on Glee B. Lindsay claims she grew up in the theater world – where this song is a staple. She just wanted to blow them away by making the judges think she didn’t know the tune.

    • Allison says:

      I didn’t feel like Lindsay was being fake when she didn’t know the title of the song. Personally, that happens to me all the time, where I can recognize a tune but don’t know the title. So I didn’t think Robert was making a dig at her, I think he was serious when he said she would recognize it when she heard it (and she did, based on her performance). Plus Robert doesn’t seem the type to be bitchy with anyone.

  8. Katie Young says:

    So, I was a huge fan of Cameron’s, and his leaving was very sad.
    But yesterday, I didn’t realize how attached I had become to Hannah, I was even more upset when she got eliminated!
    I feel like out of all the contenders left, Lindsay has the best shot of winning.
    And this kind of sucks, because she is extremely fake.
    Samuel is too performer and not enough actor, and I totally agree with Ryan’s Russell Brand comparison.
    Alex is too Alex all the time and am I the only one who thinks that he pouts too much?
    And then Damien, whom I think is so sweet, but I fear doesn’t have what it takes to be the triple threat on the show. Oh, how I wish he did.
    I’m not sure who’s going to win, but I feel as though the obvious choice is Lindsay.
    We’ll see I guess!

    • ddutchie88 says:


    • Alyssa says:

      Completely agree. I was so sad when Cameron left, but Hannah leaving made me tear up. She was just so sweet. I really don’t want Lindsay to win.

      • Katie Young says:

        I know I don’t want her to win either!
        It’s so difficult with the four left!!

      • jenna says:

        same here! I was surprised when I started tearing up at her exit. She’s just the sweetest and I could even see that working on glee (sweet and friendly to everyone on the outside but is secretly a cutter) or something like that

  9. ana says:

    I’m still not over the fact Marissa got eliminated. And deep down, I’m still hoping he will call her back, although I know it’s almost impossible.

    • Steph M. says:

      I agree – Marissa was the one they were actually looking for – acting, singing, dancing. She did all of them well. Everyone remaining after her has one or two but not all three. Hannah came close. She was genuine and easy to relate to. Cameron was genuine, but he’s a terrible dancer and not a very good actor either – and not cut out for what acting demands. I hope he gets a recording contract, but I couldn’t deal with watching him on TV. I feel so bad that his parents have abused him with religion so much that he can’t even say the word “sexuality”. It’s really a shame, but he needs therapy, not a part on a TV show. Samuel is awful and scary, Damien is on the hapless side, and Alex and Lindsay are both obnoxious and completely lack self-awareness.

      • Katie Young says:

        I agree that Cameron’s beliefs were radical, but it was an interesting character to think of… one whom choses to wait until marriage and not “splurge” like most teens are displayed as doing on TV or in movies. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but the other group of teens which don’t go out and “splurge” could have found something relatable in him and made them feel not as left out from the rest of their peers. You know what I mean? It really is a shame he’s gone, but I think he’s too content with himself to get lost in a character.

      • Rhonda says:

        I liked Marissa the best…I dont think Samuel is as fake as everyone says he is …

      • Lara says:

        “”his parents have abused him with religion so much that he can’t even say the word “sexuality”. It’s really a shame, but he needs therapy, not a part on a TV show.””

        WHat? There is nothing ABUSIVE about teaching your children that choosing to wait to have sex after marriage is ok. There is nothing abusing to teach your child that some things done in privacy is not always a thing to talk about in public. Its nice to know there are some people in this world who think their private life is special to them and its ok to STAND UP for something you believe in. WHERE is that Abusive to teach these morals. Id rather sit next to Cameron in a busy train knowing we would have a nice respectful conversation than listening to someone talk about their private junk as we always end up hearing.

        Damian is another that is simply a respectful person. These days there are too many sicko’s that talk about anything and everything, and have no morals.

        • Bunch says:

          It’s not the religious way his parents raise him that’s the issue, but the way he’s so uncomfortable around the topic of sex to the point he can’t even say “sexuality”. I love Cameron, but he’s like a sexy nerdy Ned Flanders.

    • corinna says:

      I completely agree. Marissa absolutely should NOT have been eliminated. Here we have a girl who is a true triple threat and has a great attitude on top of that. Week after week, she shines and then, when she has one moment that was less than stellar (though I personally thought it was still better than a lot of the other contestants) and she goes into the bottom three and then gets eliminated. I heard a rumor though that Ryan Murphy was quoted as saying that he eliminated someone whom he later regretted having let go. Crossing my fingers that it’s Marissa and that he’ll call her back.

      • amb says:

        Read somewhere that Murphy regretted cutting someone who just had a bad day…Marissa is the one I think of. And yes…3 of the final 4 irritate me. Maybe having a reality show to choose the (maybe replacement star) of a fiction story is not a great choice…a fake, a pouty diva, or an angry-looking-suddenly-out-of-the-closet christian. I think I’m rooting for Damien cuz at least he doesn’t annoy me. But I’m not convinced he can really do Glee. Hannah or Marissa probably could have, Marissa could fit any role really. The only problem with Hannah is they’d have to think of something other than her size…they’d have to write a character rather than just portray her. But isn’t that what writers are supposed to do?!

  10. Jenny says:

    For weeks I thought Lindsey was faking it. I was just glad that finally someone started calling her out on it. There have been many times that I think her real motivation was to one up someone else or it was part of the overall act. I have felt she was the living Rachel Berry, but more and more I have to wonder if she isn’t just performing as the character Rachel Berry. Everything seems fake about her that I don’t know what is real and what isn’t.

    Also glad they called Samuel on his lack of emotions. I have never seen personality in him. He also goes from calm to creepy in 30 seconds and there is no in between. Part of me wanted Ryan to make him prove he had the tattoo on the back of his neck. He just seems like he was forcing the issue too much. I know it was his first time in the bottom and he didn’t want to see what happened to Marissa happen to him, but it was also forced.

    Hannah was someone I could have seen on the show if we didn’t have the character of Lauren. She could have fit into that role perfectly. She could just have a bit less of the negative attitude but still be proud of who she was. But wasn’t the strongest singer and it does seem like this show they are only really focused on the singing. Personally I would rather have a stronger actor than a singer.

    I am just getting more scared that Alex is going to win this whole thing and I am going to have to watch a diva off between him and Amber Riley.

    • HannaB says:

      I’ve followed Samuel since he tried out for American Idol in Season 9. He really does have a Jesus tattoo on the back of his neck and he has talked about his Christianity on some of his livestream chats. It’s not something he puts on display all the time, but he didn’t make it up on the spot in an attempt to save himself.

      • Jenny says:

        That is good to know. Like I said it just came off like he was trying to find anyway to keep himself on the show. Not saying that people have to constantly talk about it or not talk about it. It is a person’s individual choice. I know part of it all for me is that I felt there has been a lot of “acting” with reality television that sometimes it isn’t always easy to figure out what is real and what isn’t.

      • kbrat says:

        doesn’t sound very Christian to steal other’s sayings “skadoosh” and not own up to it when Nikki asked if it was his….just saying. Christianity is not something one can just “claim” but rather something one should “live”.

        • Clare says:

          Sam very likely apologized to Hannah but the apology was edited out so we never saw it. Why “very likely”? Well, if he didn’t, don’t you think Hannah would still be hurt about it? But she seems to be friends with Sam and never mentions this issue. I think they patched it up.

        • nic says:

          He admitted that it was Hannah’s on the show and actually said how great he thought it and she was. Do you think that Nikki doesn’t get to see the comments on the show? When she said “that was truly unique” or whatever she said he said “Yeah totally” kinda sarcastically. If he wanted to claim it as his he never would have said anything about it being Hannah’s.

          Besides, like nobody has ever said “skadoosh” before….

        • amb says:

          Thank you!!! seriously!

      • djm says:

        What does his “jesus” tattoo have to do with ANYTHING? I don’t get why Ryan Murphy is so completely obsessed with these contestants religious beliefs. Sorry, but is he that limited in his writing skills that he can’t create a Christian character and hire an actor who is maybe Jewish or Agnostic to play the part?

    • Heather says:

      Do you think the portrayal of Lindsay could just be editing and they are setting her “character” on Glee up? Kind of like a real life Kristen Wigg SNL character who tries to impress and one up everything and everyone around her.

      • Dale says:

        I love your theory on Lindsay, Heather…and I could easily see that character entering the Glee-osphere I think viewers forget how heavily edited and skewed reality TV is. In her exit interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hannah was laughing at how the GP editing overstated her crush on Damian.

      • Emma says:

        I also like your theory. Every reality show has to have someone that people don’t like and they’re making that Lindsay. I think she is so talented and not fake at all. And if she is, maybe they’re telling her to be that way. To be honest I really hope she wins this thing.

        • Nick says:

          If you watch the outtakes, Lindsay is totally a down to earth girl. She has intelligent insights, listens to people sincerely, and shows honest empathy for those around her. Take a look at the cutting room floor footage. Of the remaining 4, Sam is the biggest douche with Alex coming in a close second.

          I have been rooting for Damian, Marrisa, and Lindsay since the get go. I feel that Alex is, unfortunately, the front runner but there is a chance someone good could still win it all. But even if Alex does win, that guy sure can sing.

    • Stephanie says:

      “Hannah was someone I could have seen on the show if we didn’t have the character of Lauren. She could have fit into that role perfectly.”

      Why? Because she’s a big girl? Sorry, but I cannot see Hannah playing the Zizzes character. Hannah is the class clown or confident “Dear Abby” type and doesn’t seem to have a bitchy bone in her body. You are stereotyping based on physicality. There is more to Hannah, same as the actress who plays Lauren, than the fact they are big girls.

      OTOH, there is something we in the theatre call “The Eyebrow School of Acting” (as in “they went to”) meaning that’s where all your emotion is, on your face, not inside. Damian belongs there more than probably anyone I know. He’s trying too hard. When he’s just being himself, he’s great. But when the cameras roll he can’t be natural, acting-wise anyway.

      • Jenny says:

        Speaking as an overweight girl myself, my comment about Hannah had nothing to do with her weight. My comment was about her personality. She could have been Lauren in the sense that she had the spunk, don’t care what others think attitude without the total negative vibe that Lauren has. Hannah would bring more humor. The one vibe I get in general from watching this show is that they are looking for people that fit a niche. Comments like “You are the next _____.” or “You remind me of ______.” or “You fit _______ type of character.” To me it seems they are really looking more for the real person instead of being more creative in creating something new using the actress’s strengths. I really meant my comment to be a shot at the writers in the lack of imagination I have felt this past season and watching GP.

        Damian has definitely grown on me, but agree that there is something that doesn’t come across on camera. I wonder if he is the type of actor that is stronger on a live stage vs. on a camera. There are many actors that are stronger that way.

        • Allison says:

          I agree with Stephanie. Hannah’s personality is nothing like the character Lauren. I honestly cannot see a comparison in the two at all and am surprised anyone would see them as similar.
          They both have spunkiness, yes. But most of the glee characters have that, not just Lauren. And Hannah doesn’t have the “don’t care what anyone thinks attitude.” She admitted that she struggles with seeing/accepting her own greatness, whereas Lauren will shove her greatness down your throat (literally). Hannah seems like she would secretly take other people’s criticisms to heart, but would put a smile on her face and try harder.
          Essentially, Lauren is confidant, comfortable with herself, aggressive, can be down-right mean at times, and has biting humour.
          Hannah lacks self confidance (unfortunately), is just learning to accept herself, is supportive of others, joyeous, and humerous in a fun, light-hearted way.
          I just can’t see the similarity between them.

  11. Samantha says:

    I can’t believe that Hannah went home on the Believability week. Her moments were always believable. That said her last chance performance was awful. Of course, how could it stand up to the other two intense songs.
    The more I watch this show the more I don’t like the Glee crew. I feel that Hannah had a target on her back because “we already have a big girl”. If they can’t fit you in a box, you are doomed. If someone is already in the box they want to put you in, you are doomed.
    I don’t like Lyndsey but I recognize that the camera does. She overacts… but who doesn’t on Glee. Anyway, I was super irked when they said… she’s not a Lea or a Dianna. Of course she’s not. She’s her own person — though I don’t think she knows who that is yet.

    • P says:

      Me too! Since when do you have to be a copycat, I’m glad, for better or for worse, that she is who she is.

      I love Glee, but everyday I dislike more and more the bullies in charge.

    • Cate says:

      Lindsay is the love child of Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray!! Rachel’s obnoxious but undeniable talent, Quinn’s bitchy pretty girl vibe :D

      However, on that video, she looked great. Sorry but Alex, Hannah and Damian looked blank faced, Samuel just snarled. Lindsay might be a manipulative – some would say ambitious – little so and so, but she is talented. Ryan’s comments about having to root for her as an underdog – erm, Quinn, Santana and Brittany were not in the slightest underdog-ish at first. Only the core (Rachel, Tina, Mercedes, Kurt and Artie) were.

    • frustrated says:

      I agree. Plus, they gave Hannah a horrible song to sing – even Taylor Swift can’t sing it well! And it made me laugh when Ryan said it all comes down to talent – while obviously Lea, Amber, Kevin, Chris, and Mark all have fantastic voices, the other regulars’ voices are just good to so – so. Heather is a much better actor than singer, and I think Hannah falls into that category. Ryan’s looking for the next Lea, and he thinks it’s Lindsay. We’ll see.

  12. Shannon says:

    What, in the name of God’s green earth, is Alex still doing in this comp? His personality is distasteful, his singing is nice, but having to watch his arrogant face week after week is turning me off. Ryan Murphy is cutting good contestants week after week but letting Alex stick around. If he wins…..ugh.

    • V says:

      I have to agree about Alex. From day one I found his personality “distasteful” Way too much of a Diva who thinks he’s better than everyone else and more deserving at that. He just makes me cringe. I could never like him on Glee!

  13. Kathy says:

    Hannah should not have been eliminated. I thought she outperformed everyone. Lindsay has been fake from day one and I’m glad the judges are finally calling her on it. I hate that Samuel pulled the “I’m a Christian” card now that he knows Ryan is looking for one. As far as Damian’s singing voice goes, it they ever give him a song to really showcase what he is capable of and the range his voice has, they I think all of the Damian detractors would be amazed at how talented he really is. Alex just needs to be sent home NOW!

  14. Mike N. says:

    I wasn’t put off by Damian dropping to his knees in front of Samuel. The kid has been put in the Bottom 3 several times, even when he didn’t deserve it (like last week). He was clearly and honestly expecting it to come, and was shocked that he didn’t get put in when it was just him and Sam, since the other kids seem to kind of think Sam is the front-runner.

    Anyway, I didn’t like Damian’s singing voice at the beginning, mostly, I think, because he was singing way different material than he was used to. From what I understand, he’s more of a Buble/big band type of singer. However, I think he’s shown massive improvements on being able to sing pop music throughout the show. I think, at this point, only Lindsay truly has a more pleasant singing voice.

    • Em says:

      I agree. I felt Damian’s relief, because come on, the kid’s sung for Ryan four times! Slezak, Damian must really be a thorn in your side if you thought his reaction was uncalled for. And he WAS set to be kicked off last week, I don’t blame him for fully believing that if he ended up in front of Ryan Murphy again, he’d make it official. I’m happy for him. Even if he isn’t the best at any one thing, I care the most about his journey. And I like his voice. I think they’re just not sure what to give him to sing, and that’s hurting him. (Danny Boy? I love the song, but jeez that’s hard to work with) They’ve already got the other three pigeonholed – Samuel = rock, Lindsey = belter, Alex = diva power songs.

      • MIKE says:


        I totally agree, Damian had every right to be really happy that he was not in the bottom three again. I would have done the same thing.
        I believe that Damian has improved very much since the beginning and he deserves to be in the finals and win. The other three condenders are just not making me want to watch “Glee”, but Damian does. I always root for the underdog and I think Damian has been that from the start.

      • raelee514 says:


  15. Joshua says:

    once cameron left I stopped watching for I can just wait and see the winner next season since it doesnt matter anymore

  16. Renata says:

    It’s you. There is a clear parameter on who stays: the ones who always suck at the last performance stay. The only person who does well, goes home.

  17. Phoebe says:

    I don’t know what the terms of the contract are, but Ryan Murphy would be wasting a HUGE amount of talent if some of the people who’ve been eliminated aren’t offered an opportunity at a guest slot of some kind… Hannah and Cameron first to mind for me. But also some of the others, and certainly those who are left. And of those left: I don’t have an anti-Alex thing at all, but I don’t think he’s ready for what the spotlight would mean. I think it might destroy him. He needs a few more years out in the world to find his feet. Samuel doesn’t move me. Never has. I admire his talent, but he doesn’t move me. Same for Lindsey — too polished, and the editing has portrayed her as personally unlikeable (whatever she’s actually like in person, who knows). Of the four remaining, Damian is the poor-man’s Cameron, but I’ll take him. He’s adorable.

    • Stephanie says:

      You bring up a great point: I know they have taped all the shows, but a good lesson/homework assignment would have been how they handled the red carpet and media side of being on Glee, even an autograph session with screaming teenagers. I know they aren’t on the show yet, but having been there (yes, I have) it’s overwhelming when you have to smile no matter what, and can’t just leave. It would have been a great opportunity to see how they handle fame.

      • Lily says:

        The contestants of the Glee project were on the red carpet of the premiere of the GLee 3D movie… Just watch the interview of Ryan Murphy done by E!Online.

    • Jenny says:

      I actually wish they gave them some dialogue to act out and not just rate the acting on singing/music videos. I think they are different skills.

    • Allison says:

      I would be happy with anyone getting a guest spot – except Cameron.
      I respect his decision to leave, but I don’t think he should then get to be on the show. I would actually be quite irritated if I saw him on Glee, when there were so many other people on the Glee Project who were willing to put their everything into it.
      Cameron had an opportunity and declined it. Ryan Murphy opened a door for him and Cameron closed it. (And I hear there’s not very many open doors in show business…)
      I was actually shocked when I read in an interview that Cameron still wants to be on the show – uh, what? You want to be on the show but said no to your chance of being the show? …I don’t think that’s how it works.

  18. Maria says:

    I wish Alex would go home already, hasn’t anyone else noticed thatr when he’s being spokewn to he sits there with this dumb look on his face with his tongue sticking out onto lips? He’s so annoying & what’s with the goddamn scarves? Lindsay is a fake bitch-when marissa & sam kissed-she had to kiss cameron-then alex breaks down in the booth so she figures she has to be up to par & do it too. She’s a fake bitch & its been pointed out on a few occasions how she acts fake. We already have a rachel-evenm when she graduates we don’t need an exact carbon copy. I think damien should get the whole thing-from day on he struggled & he’s come so far-he truly deserves it.

  19. Kathryn says:

    Was really bothered by the sudden “I love jesus declaration”. So fake. So wrong. Also confused by this need to cast based on the contestants personalities. While it is important that the contestant be pleasant, likeable or an underdog, it should not be the deciding factor. Many of the actors on Glee are nothing like the characters that they play. It’s exactly as you say Michael, I need to be able to “root for” or engage with the character, not the actors. Ryan Murphy is a truly strange cat.

    • tuppy says:

      I agree with this completely. Mostly because of the weird and obviously wrong conflation of actor with character. If Ryan wants to write a Christian character or whatever, he should just cast a good actor — not someone whose personal experience most closely matches the character. And we don’t have to root for LINDSAY, we have to root for the CHARACTER LINDSAY PLAYS. That’s why Ryan was right this time: it comes down to talent. Who are we going to want to watch reading lines/playing scenes/singing musical numbers week after week? Probably a talented actor/singer.

    • Céline says:

      Exactly. When Ryan Murphy began with Glee, he created the characters and then chose his actors. Here this is completely the other way around, which is not logical AT ALL.
      And what bugs me is that they don’t seem to think that the “acting” part of the job is very important: they judge the bottom three on songs, and not on an acting scene for exemple…Which I don’t understand, because in Glee you have to be able to act before all, and then only to sing (they can always enhance the voice in the studio if they’re a little weak in this area…). It makes me a little afraid of what they’re coming with for the winner in season 3. Really.

      • Javier says:

        Actually, the character of Kurt was created because of Chris Colfer and what Ryan got from his audition. Ryan Murphy is trying to find characters to write about from what these kids have to offer. It seems mundane and weird because it is. These kids are all different personality types and belong in different niches, and he’s trying to find a character that’s new. His decisions are weird, but he does have a motive.

        • Céline says:

          Well, okay, Kurt is the exception. I completely forgot that one. But I find it a bit weird to make a rule out of it. Chris Colfer has a lot of charisma, a backstory that fit right into the show… I totally see why Ryan Murphy wanted to write a character especially for him. But it is what it is. An exception. Ryan Murphy shouldn’t “force” the same process with those kids if it’s not natural. Did you see Samuel almost selling himself as a christian to convince him? “I have a tatoo, look!”
          It would certainly be easier to write a character who is inspired directly by the winner of the show, but they seem to chose mainly on that criteria, and I just find it really restrictive.

  20. candy says:

    lindsay needs the boot so sick of her fake act. we dont need antoher kurt alex and samuel cant act so i think Damian should win he could be the forign exchange student from dublin

  21. Jessica says:

    Considering the guys of Glee are limited to very specific “types” I would think Samuel would be a refreshing change of pace- (as he is neither a jock nor gay nor a nerd or a punk). If Ryan Murphy stresses the intolerance of the cookie-cutter ascetic of the high school in which the gleekers inhabit, then Samuel could easily fit in (in the same way Tina used to- a very specific but unique fashion sense) and be a part of the group. At this point, Murphy’s probably afraid that Samuel’s personality and talent will dominate the show. I think Murphy feels responsible for bringing Lea Michele to mainstream awareness, and is resentful that Samuel can shine on his own. Oh well.

    And this whole Jesus business- it seems that Murphy had set his eyes on Cameron, and his personality and convictions, and is not willing to let go just yet. (Is it me or is Murphy doing all of this because of the Quinn storyline?)

    And as for Lindsay, it’s true that she has the “musical theatre thing” going on. And it’s true that all of her facial expressions and behaviors seem calculated in their exaggeration and impropriety. I don’t know how well she can be like Lea Michele- as Murphy suggested- but that really doesn’t matter. Lea Michelle’s role was written for her, with her in mind, while Lindsay’s personality isn’t really inspiring, and for that reason I don’t think she’ll win.

    • Mike N. says:

      Hey, cool, Samuel’s mother posts here!

    • Allison says:

      Jessica said: “At this point, Murphy’s probably afraid that Samuel’s personality and talent will dominate the show. I think Murphy feels responsible for bringing Lea Michele to mainstream awareness, and is resentful that Samuel can shine on his own. Oh well.”

      Um, what??? Lea Michele started on Broadway when she was a child. Maybe you don’t consider Broadway to be “mainstream,” but she was already successful in the business before Glee, whereas very few people knew about Samuel before the Glee Project. So if Samuel does become successful now, it will be the result of his involvement with Ryan Murphy and the Glee franchise, which is hardly on his own.
      And besides that, Lea Michele’s talent is something you only see once in a generation. Her singing ability is in the realm of Barbra Streisand. Samuel is not that exceptional.
      And thus far on the show, it seems like his acting ability consists of staring at people intensely. Honestly, if I was in the library and someone was staring at me like that, I would be concerned that he had an unmedicated mental illness and might attack me. I would actually be afraid for my safety. (Although I suppose it’s true there’s no character on the show like that…)
      Anyways, I highly doubt Ryan Murphy is afraid of Samuel’s talent or resentful of his ability to “shine on his own.”

      • Vee says:

        See, I have to disagree here. Granted Samuel’s face doesnt have the range of emotional depth of some actors, but “feeling concerned that he had an unmedicated mental illness and might attack me.” is a little excessive in my opinion. Personally, Samuel is one of the contestants I’ve been rooting for. I like Damian much more, and really hope he wins, but I could see Samuel playing the distant skater/rocker guy who comes into the group. He wouldnt need much of an expressional range if his character stays “distant” but can sing–which is what he does. There really ISN’T a character like that on the show.

  22. Denise says:

    I thought it was a giant red flag when Samuel was trying to jump into Cameron’s shoes, as a Christian character…as well as on an earlier episode Samuel stole Hannah’s hip hop lyrics. Its a lack of character on Samuel’s part and makes him very unlikeable. If it were up to me, and I were Ryan, I would run not walk and try to get Cameron back for the Christian character. Having briefly met Cameron …he is the real deal. A talent, appeals to all ages and a all around nice person. I’m still cheering for him.

    • Clare says:

      I’m sure Cameron is a terrific human being be he himself has admitted he was “naive” to enter this competition without being ready to kiss in the course of acting. Too bad he didn’t quit a week earlier and save Marissa, or not enter at all and we would have met another talented competitor. Let’s let Cameron have an outstanding music career – I’m sure he will, he’s talented musically – and not disrespect the beliefs or abilities of others just because they’re not Cameron.

  23. lolly760 says:

    I also have the scary feeling that Alex is going to win…Ryan Murphy made a comment that after spending time with the winner “he is actually very lovable” suggesting that people might not find him so at first…is he preparing the way for Alex as the winner? yikes!

    • lynne says:

      Ryan didn’t actually say “he” in that interview. He said “they” so you couldn’t tell if the winner was male or female. And I have a horrible suspicion that they are setting us up for Lindsay. She is the least likable (although arguably the most talented vocally) of the contestants.

  24. Amy says:

    I liked Hannah. Alex is insufferable and I sincerely hope he doesn’t win. I will NOT root for him on Glee. I guess I want Samuel or Lindsay to win.

  25. Luna says:

    Im so sick of this your the spirt of glee crap.. The underdog wins and all that. Besides Alex, who will be cut next week because we already have an over weight, gay, and african american on glee. Then all that will be left is 3 thin good looking kids….borning!

  26. Chris says:

    Cameron was my favorite from the very beginning. Very disappointed when he left. Also liked Matheus and Hannah. Samuel I think is a good looking kid with a great voice, but he does not have the “it” factor that Cameron does. Lindsay, while having a beautiful voice, comes across as very unlikable and fake. Damien is okay, good looking and nice voice but his accent is so thick he is hard to understand sometimes. My vote–Bring Cameron back!!!!

  27. Jacqui says:

    I’m not really fond of anyone who is remaining on GP. Hannah was as real as they come and should not have been eliminated. Lindsay is and never has been likable and I don’t have the desire to root for her as ‘an underdog’. Alex is just too much of a drama queen. He needs to be on Drag U. Damian is as cute as they come and would probably fit in to the Glee scene a lot easier. He is over powering and he doesn’t outshine anyone. It is all about a team performance. Samuel, what can you say about him. He looks a good role, but doesn’t play it well.

  28. Molli says:

    I finally have to admit that I can no longer think like a kid, and I assume Glee needs to consist of actors that are going to make the kids want to watch the show. I’m not fond of anyone who is left, other than Damian, but I have this sort of cougar attitude about Damian. LOL Hannah and Cameron were both my favorites. Now that they are both gone, I probably won’t watch any more.

  29. Jill says:

    I’ve wanted Damian to win since the beginning. He’s cute,charming, funny, and can sing. His potential character would be great for the show. It would be a foreign exchange student who used to be very popular with the ladies because he could sing. Now, he’s come to McKinley where he needs to learn how to fit in all over again, and find somebody who will love him for who he really is, not his talents.

  30. Scott says:

    I was really hoping the final 2 would be Damian and Hannah, but Hannah leaving dashes that hope. I don’t like Alex or Lindsay at all, because they don’t really come across as outcasts in any way. Alex, though an annoying diva, at least would fit the outcast mold.

    My hopes now squarely sit with “exchange student” Damian.

  31. Leigh B says:

    I don’t understand the deselection of Hannah. She epitomized the ideal Glee actress: She wasn’t the idealized Hollywood performer –thin, pop-star gorgeous, etc. She was beautiful in her own right.
    She’s sort of the white version of Amber Riley’s Mercedes. (Granted, she doesn’t have Amber’s vocal/lung capacity but she did represent a vulnerability and silent strength that the show promotes.) She’s a helluva lot better than that lumbering, two-ton, talentless Ashley Fink (Lauren Zizes)!

    Apparently, Ryan is only trying to replace his exiting stock characters: Broadway-Diva wanna-be Rachel; Gay Kurt; and Jock-with-a-Heart Finn.

    Lindsay has a great voice. She looks good on camera. But the girl is as authentic as silk plant.

    I think we all agree that Ms. Alex needs to go –I’ve never been a fan of the Kurt Hummel character and the last thing I want is a Kurt-Wanna-Be. (Kurt is WAY to gay for my tastes anyway –and I’m gay!) Sadly, Alex is doomed to playing flaming black drag queens for the rest of his life.

    Damian and Sam: Opposite ends of the spectrum. Damian would be a nice foreign-exchange student option. Sam could be the still-waters-run-deep character. At this point, I think I’m rooting for Damian.

    Sam’s “I love God. I love Jesus so much. Wanna see my Jesus tatt?” ruined it for me. (What IS IT with these Jesus Freaks? They audition for a show like Glee written/produced by an out gay man and then start up with all their religious hang-ups with sexual orientation!?)

    I really wonder what Ryan and his casting team are smoking…

    • Isabel says:

      I find it sad that you’re gay and you still find it okay to judge other gay people. Nobody is “too gay.” People are who they are.

  32. Prophet says:

    Damien will win the show. There is no way the producers would edit the eventual winner in any sort of negative way (Glee viewers would backlash). Lindsey, Alex, and Samuel have all been portrayed somewhat negatively at some point. Not negatively like struggling with the competition, negatively like being mean or prejudiced or a diva. Damien has been shown as an underdog, but never shown as anything other than a stand-up guy. There is zero doubt he will win.

    • Binky says:

      I thought the same thing. And in an article in this site Ryan Murphy did say that the winner isn’t the best singer and the best dancer, which means there’s little chance that Lindsay will actually win this, since she’s no doubt the best singer out of all the contestants. Of course I could be wrong but you made a good point about the way they’re portrayed. The only ones that weren’t portrayed in any sort of negative way are Damien, Hannah, Marissa and I suppose Cameron. Since only Damien is left, I’m guessing he may win it after all.

      • Allison says:

        You’re right – Lindsay is the best singer and given Ryan Murphy’s quote, it doesn’t seem likely she will win. Boo, I was hoping she would win! She looks so great on camera and can act and sing well.
        And, indeed, Damien is portrrayed as very charming and likeable and he admits he has difficulty with the dancing.
        Also, I remember one of the producers (I don’t remember from where) saying Sue runs for congress on a platform against illegal immigrants, but finds that people respond more to her anti-arts stance. It would make sense that Damian would be the winner, as he could play the illegal immigrant that would incite Sue’s rage.
        So if Damien wins, I guess I’m rooting for Lindsay for second!

  33. LAMusic says:

    I haven’t watched it yet, but I’m extremely disappointed that Hannah got the boot. I have an incredible dislike for Lindsay. Samuel’s ‘look’ got old fast. Alex annoys me. Damien grew on my, but I wanted Hannah to win this.

  34. Spencer says:

    ok, Lindsay (aka rachel Berry) and Alex (aka Kurt) need to leave. I mean, every episode they make a big deal about what the contestant’s characters are like, (which makes no sense in it’s own right, since they should be acting when the get on Glee, not being themselves, as it’s a TV show), and Alex and Lindsay are exact replicas of Rachel and Kurt. Now, Samuel is a bit odd looking, so they could put him on the show, just for his ‘mysterious’ looks. But, sadly, I think it will be Damian who wins, just because he could be the ‘Foreign Exchange student who comes down to McKinley High for only 7 weeks’.

  35. Chelsea says:

    I like that you notice how inconsistent Ryan Murphy is because it’s very frustrating to me. I agree with you on most of what you said. I understand that singing talent is important, but not really. I mean, they autotune the bajeezus out of all the musical numbers on Glee even when they have amazing performers like Lea Michele singing them, so what’s the point of getting good vocal talent? So what if Hannah’s voice isn’t as strong; she’s likable, can act subtly, and pops on screen and you’re going to run all of her vocals through a computer anyway. Seriously, I can’t be the only person who this bothers, right?

    I disagree about Damian, if only because I like his singing voice at times, especially in this video. Also, I can’t blame the kid for falling to his knees after escaping the bottom 3 when he was all but eliminated last week and Samuel has never even been there. Of the people left, I think he’s the most likable and has made the most progress. Which, as Hannah proves, doesn’t mean much, but I still like the guy. I think Lindsay is the most qualified, and since she can actually act, it’s up to Ryan and his team to come up with a compelling character for her. That’s not her job.

  36. TrueT says:

    I heavily question music director Nikki Anders’ judgement, especially when she told Samuel his singing was perfect, even thought he was singing a whole half step flat in the studio. Is she deaf?

    I also really despise how Ryan seems to only keep people he can get to their breaking point. I don’t like how he needs to pull from his actor’s insecurities and backgrounds so much, when as a writer he should be deciding how he should write for his character. He is such a douche.

    • Lily says:

      I thought the whole point is for Ryan Murphy to be inspired by the actors. And we all know what happened to e.g. Chris Colfer and his Defying Gravity story… So maybe that is the reason why he tend to look for stories in the actor’s personal life. Especially when the actors are not that experienced yet. So if they can draw the emotions from their own personal stories….it will be “easier ” for them to act those emotions out.

      • raelee514 says:

        So basically, Ryan Murphy has to keep stealing life stories from other people to write, and can’t come up with stuff on his own. That’s talent.

  37. Laura says:

    I swear if Alex or Lindsay win I will not watch Glee while they are on it. They both have this Im better than everyone on this planet attitude. Frankly if either one of them win I think it will kill Glee.

  38. Jerica says:

    Samuel did not volunteer the Christianity info on his own Ryan simply asked him a question which he had already responded to in the week prior on the outtake (when they are talking to the camera)and BTW nonone has a “Jesus Christ” actually tatooed on their back if it isn’t a very important part of his life. Although he has no experience with acting wow he performed the gay scene with Alex and came off looking more real than Alex (who is gay) Don’t know whether or not Damian would have been as convincing he kissed a cute girl (Lindsay) wow what a stretch. The winner took acting classes for months after the show was over so Damian/Samuel are the ones that would be the ones who would benefit (Lindsay already is a trained actress) Someone totally different that we have never seen before? A superstar transfer student. They have already had that. Lindsay-another Rachel and Alex (a gay guy) already been done. Samuel is stereotyped for his looks but there are layers. A def challenge for the writers. Remember when Chris Daughtry was told “no” by SImon Cowell on American Idol and look at him now. He did not fit the “cookiecutter” model of American Idol but America eventually fell head over heels.

  39. Maya says:

    I cannot believe Hannah was sent home. She was perfect – singing and acting – and I think she did a good job with the dancing. She was real and I rooted for her. I am done watching the show – I couldn’t care less who of the final four makes it to Glee.

  40. BrettG says:

    I think the author of this article NAILED IT when he wrote:
    “I don’t really need to root for Lindsay as a human being, I need to root for the character the Glee writing team concocts for her, and I need her to be skillful enough to bring that character to life.”

    These kids personalities should mean next to nothing as far as the competition goes. They need to be booted for the aptitude (singing, dancing and acting), their willingness to do as their told, and to be whatever character is written for them. Glee has a perfectly able person playing someone in a wheelchair. “Modern Family” has a straight guy playing a gay guy. ANYONE can play a Christian as long as it’s written well. ANYONE can dress in drag.

    Hannah couldn’t dance, and honestly isn’t very pretty to look at (although a lot of makeup in this week’s show helped out). ugh, those eyebrows! I feel pretty much the same way about Samuel, only he can’t act, either!

    Remember this is supposed to be a limited time character, so talking about a replacement for Rachel is a red herring. Although I agree that almost everything Lindsay does in this competition is fake and contrived. I agree with a previous commenter that I doubt she didn’t know her last chance performance number “Maybe This Time” from the musical “Cabaret”. Lindsay has a musical theater background. Of course she’s know this show stopping number. Lindsay has known every “Glee” moment previously mentioned in this series and “Maybe This Time” was a pivotal moment last season with Rachel and Kristen Chenoweth’s character, April Rhodes.

    BUT, that being said. Lindsay has proven time and again that she can bring it. No “I can’t do this”. No “I was distracted”. I suspect Her being fake is more about her desire to win the role, not about who she really is.

    While I really can’t stand Alex, I think he’s got a real shot at it too. Nothing like having a controversial character for a limited time to pump up the ratings. Just what Ratings Month needs! Plus I suspect that while Ryan Murphy wouldn’t mind having a Christian character in his Glee club (that he could contort and twist to degrade and mock religion) he’d rather REALLY piss off the Christian Right by bringing in a flaming gay transsexual high schooler.

    • P says:


      I don’t get all the talk about their personalities, isn’t this an acting job?????? If Lea=Rachel I hope I never meet her, I’ve dislike/hated Rachel since the pilot. I don’t think Heather is stupid, nor is Darren a smooth, dapper guy, he’s 100% goofy, the same goes for every good actor/ess the point is being a chameleon not how you are that would mean you can’t act at all. Is Meryl Streep a Fashion editor, a french cook, an auswitch survivor? Is Sean Connery an international Spy or a flesh eating murderer? NOOOOO. If the winner can do a good job with his/her character I don’t really care who they are, is not like we know how any celebrities are in real live

      • Lily says:

        To go off topic… would love to see more a goofy side of Blaine instead of being dapper all the time. Oh well, I guess we will only see that when if he is drunk…

      • Lynne says:

        Thank you. I agree with all of your comments. The actors embody the characters not the other way around. Naya is actually sweet and a little shy from what people on set have said, the opposite of her character, Santana. Mark/Puck is very socially aware in real-life and not exactly the punk he plays on the show. Darren is -as far as we know- a straight man playing gay. And Jenna is about as goth as Shirley Temple. Yes, they need to make sure they choose will fit in with the rest of the cast, but we, the audience, just want more great actors/actresses on this wonderful show.

      • Kathryn says:

        Actually, personality is VERY important for actors. It’s very difficult to get a good cut of a scene if the personalities of the actors don’t mesh. Glee is very much an ensemble show, and a major reason that it works so well is because the actors and directors get along very well with each other. If you cast someone with a grating personality it could adversely affect the show.

    • Sherry says:

      Hannah not pretty? She positively glows from within! She is Glee personified – a vulnerable kid picked on by shallow dweebs who can’t see her for who she really is. She’s headed places, she just doesn’t know it yet and has to figure out a way to survive high school.
      Put her on the show, Murphy!

  41. Courtney says:

    Damian should win, out of the remainders. He has an easy way in (oh lookie here, an exchange student, or…lookie here, I just moved from being the most popular singer in my Irish highschool)and then Ryan has free reign to make his character’s personality go whichever way he chooses.
    That said, if Lindsay made it, I’d deal. If Samuel made it, I’d deal.
    I’m a fan of Alex as a singer, just not as a potential character. Like everyone has been saying, there’s Kurt, there’s Blaine, there’s Karofsky, and Santana and Brittany. I think we’ve got the homosexuality storylines covered.
    Damian has a beautiful voice, a beautiful face, and looks young enough that he’d be able to make it through a few seasons before he’d have whole “why is that 30 year old man still in 10th grade?” thing going on.
    Hannah was great, she was too close to the Lauren Zyses character though, minus the bad attitude. The overweight girl rockin it has also been done on glee. As an overweight girl rockin it, I love to see it, but again, enough is enough.
    I’ve rambled enough, but I also have to say I was also disappointed at the departure of Cameron. He was a sweetie, and could’ve been a good character. But I’m glad he realized that in today’s society his values just didn’t match the acting world. Samuel would be a bad replacement as a Christian character. I just don’t see people relating to him.

    • Clare says:

      You pretty much summed up how I feel, except I wish Cameron hadn’t entered at all, and I think Sam – if he could actually be believable (not sure about that) – would be a good Christian character because he looks and acts so completely different than the stereotype, he could surprise people and give them something new to think about.

    • Lily says:

      Alex does not have to play a gay character.

      • Emily says:

        Is this a joke?

      • amb says:

        You’re wrong…the guys almost all have had to play gay, but Alex doesn’t have to play straight. If they were going to make him play straight, they’d have tried it by now.
        And I think, what 6-7 gay characters is enough for a show that’s supposed to represent a small group of highschoolers and a few teachers.

  42. dolldavis says:

    I agree and disagree with you.
    I do agree with you on lindsay, Samuel and Alex.
    I disagree with you on Damian. I feel they only have Damian as window dressing. They want his fan base to make TGP look as though thousands are watching and loving it. They (RM) will keep him till the very end so they won’t lose said viewers. I doubt he wins. But that’s no skin off my nose. I loved to listen to Damian sing way before the Gleepgook, and I will continue to do so.
    Myself, I think every contestant should recieve 10g just for having to put up with all this humiliation and bother from the mentors. And each and every one deserve a role no matter how large or small on Glee.
    Myself, I won’t be watching it. I didn’t before and I won’t now. It stinks. The singing is the ONLY THING that is worth anything on the show.

  43. Stephanie says:

    Isn’t the character supposed to be the one to “take on Sue Sylvester”? Of these final 4, the only one I don’t think could emulate that character is Damian. I think the other 3 would be fine for that project, seems like Ryan already has that down for the character.

    Besides, it makes me laugh–whoever has already been voted off, everyone cries that it was a mistake. Whoever is left on, everyone says is a mistake they weren’t already voted off. Before Mattheus was kicked off, the comments here were horrible towards him. I swear if Alex had been kicked off, everyone would now be calling foul.

    This show was the worst idea. It just makes everyone mad and they swear they’ll never watch again (they will). He should have just cast a few of these from the nationwide casting call and not done the GP. No one would be so upset about the choices then.

    • dolldavis says:

      Being a writer for a show you can make anyone rise or fall. It depends on how you write it and how well you write it. A lot like a cartoon…anything is possible in an animated cartoon. (So says Bugs Bunny)

    • Moryssa says:

      Actually, what I’ve read is that the new character “represents everything that Sue hates” (or something similar), and that she will target this person as she runs for Senate. Seems to me that a foreign exchange student (or even an American born to Irish immigrants, or something like that) could be a pretty good target for a Sue Sylvester running for an American political office.

      I’ve been rooting for Hannah from the beginning, because I could relate to her. There is NOTHING in either Lindsay or Sam that I can relate to, and I just don’t want to even think about relating to Alex because he annoys me so much. So, since Hannah’s gone, I guess my loyalties switch to Damian. :)

      • Tammi says:

        *Spoilers from ComiCon*

        My understanding is that Sue really is running for Congress (as she mentions to Muppet Will at the end of last season), will become romantically involved, and the character becomes her archnemesis and is the child of her boyfriend. That being the case, I think Alex will win. Not because I want him to (I don’t). I preferred Cameron, but I like Sam. I love Damien and would love him to be the character. I just don’t see how it would work with Damien. I could see Sue choosing a Black man with a gay/cross dressing child (or something) to be her boyfriend because ‘polls’ indicate it would help her win and then getting mad because the child doesn’t like her and won’t play the political game to help her win, so she’ll make his life miserable. I could see a snotty, pretty daughter who looks down on Sue and won’t tolerate a step mom. I could see the rough/tough looking Christian skater kid who won’t ‘clean up’ his look to fit the mold for voters Sue is trying to attract. Damien is too sweet to be Sue’s arch rival.

        Spoilers from ComiCon at the link.

  44. gary says:

    …. something is wrong with you if you think Damian’s voice is unpleasant
    You need ears hes amazing and arguably the most likeable person on the show! I agree with the parts about Sam hes cool I like him but I just have problems with his acting ability either way he seems ok.

  45. Salma says:

    I am so sad Hannah went home this week. She is adorable and I completely love her in every episode. I agree that Lindsay is a fake and copycat. The only person who sees through this is Nicki. If someone kisses, she kisses. If someone cries, she cries. I think she knew Maybe This Time. She is a total liar. My beer drinking, football watching, jock of a brother knows that song. No way an aspiring Broadway theater geek doesn’t know it. I also can’t stand Alex. His attitiude, acting, and dancing are plain awful. Samuel doesn’t seem all the talented to me. I never get how he fools everyone into thinking he is. He is certainly no actor. I guess this means I’ll be on Team Damien now. Not as good as Hannah but better than the remaining contestants.

  46. Chris G. says:

    I thought Samuel was wearing pink socks.

  47. Mara says:

    Samuel really grated on my nerves this episode. Literally ALL he can do is the intense ‘bad boy’ act… and it’s getting boring. I still would rather Alex go home first, but I’m so over Samuel.
    WTF was with the “I can fill Cameron’s holy roller shoes” convo?! First of all, Cameron was sweet and believable—Samuel is a jaded tattooed bad boy who just happens to be ‘Christian’. Just because your mother is a homophobe and religious, doesn’t make you ‘interesting’ and ‘deep’.
    I mean he has ‘Jesus’ tattooed on his neck. That doesn’t prove that you’re faithful. It proves that you’re stupid.

    If I see Samuel upping the ‘pure vulnerable religious’ act in the next episode, I will roll my eyes so hard.

    Also, I like Damian the best. I think his voice is charming :)

  48. Tessa says:

    In the beginning of this show I hoped either Marissa or Cameron would win. Since they are both gone, my vote goes to Hannah and Damian. Hannah’s gone, so it’s up to Damian to win this!
    Oh, and send Alex home already, he really annoys me.

  49. Michelle R says:

    As soon as Alex started crying over his dad, I started cursing. I knew there was no way he was going home.

  50. BassSinger says:

    The hilarious thing is most of the “Glee” cast is unlikeable. Did you honestly root for Lea Michele’s character this year? Finn, maybe? Certainly not Diana Agron’s Quinn.

    It seems like Ryan Murphy is a lazy writer. He says he needs the contestants to be themselves. No, he should need them to be good actor/singers then write the part from there. ARG.

    Lindsey was amazing. I googled (to no avail) to see what else she had done because if that girl hasn’t been working since she was 12 I would be really surprised.

    • Eh says:

      Eh, Rachel may have annoyed me with the Finn obsession, Finn may have annoyed me with the back and forth of his feelings for Rachel, and Quinn may have annoyed me for wanting that damn crown so bad but at the end of the day I still like their characters. I agree with Ryan, an actors personality can reflect through their work, its essential that an actor to be well liked to have a successful career. I’m sorry but if Lindsey won, idk how I would accept her character. (Luckily, a guy wins GP). Also, Lindsey’s voice isn’t versatile enough for me. She can sing broadway but not Katy Perry or Paramore for example.

      • qwpd says:

        How do you know that a guy will win GP? And your right Lindsay isn’t extremely versatile but she would be a good replacement for Rachel. I don’t exactly see how the others would really fit into Glee quite yet…but I definitely thought that Emily was like Santana and Marissa was like Quinn, while Alex is somewhat like Kurt and Damien is a little like Finn…with an Irish accent and somehow I always see Sam as somewhat like Puck. I don’t know if anyone thinks like that but that’s my view of the contestants on GP.

        • Shaline says:

          Because when talking about the Glee Project winner Ryan Murphy kept saying “he” and “him”. He now refuses to talk anymore about it because he dosen’t want to give “anything” else away. And thats the thing, I dont want anyone LIKE Rachel, LIKE Finn, LIKE Puck, even “LIKE” Quinn. I want the new characters to be orginal, I dont want a carbon copy of Rachel with a difference here or there (ha, I’m talking like I’m going to watch Glee after S3). The thing is even though Rachel can be grating we (well, the majority) still love her and root for her and a bonus to her character is that Lea Michele is actually a pretty “cool” person, well thats what she portrays in interviews anyway. Lindsey’s personality just erks me, and yes I know they edit that here and there, but they dont put words in her mouth. I iust find it difficult to like a main character if she’s a total beyotch behind the scenes. Lindsey also dosen’t have that “it” factor for me. Most people are like Samuel is different, really, because he seems like a skinny dread head version of Puck, oh but with a Jesus tatoo on his back.

          • Lynne says:

            Could you tell me what interview this is from? Because in the one I saw he only referred to the winner as “they,” as in “they are quite lovable”.

    • Jo says:

      You should check Youtube. Lindsay is an AMAZING actress. Watch this:

      • LOL says:

        Amazing? Shes a good manipulater. Bravo. I’ve seen better acting in community theater. Lindsey creeps me out, she could play a Susan Lucci type stalker. Dont think she’ll need to act for that though, hmmmmm. . .

      • H says:

        I don’t know if she was pretending in the last episode or not, but if she was she failed to make her tears & or her problems seem even remotely real & if she was acting then she failed to make it believable. Not only that, but I felt absolutely nothing for her while I even felt bad for Alex, who I’ve always been annoyed with.