Switched at Birth: Katie Leclerc and Sean Berdy Preview Summer Finale Surprises

It’s been quite an eventful year on ABC Family’s Switched at Birth. New families were discovered. A new romance was born. Long-kept secrets were revealed. And of course, Emmett turned into quite the scene-stealer, even earning actor Sean Berdy a nomination for Teen Choice Breakout Actor.

“I smile every time I hear that I’m a fan favorite or a teenage hottie,” Berdy, who is deaf, writes to TVLine in an email. “It is a nice compliment, and the remarks from the fans are great.”

But what the fans really want — and we got! — is dish about what’s in store for the complicated love triangle among Emmett, Bay (Vanessa Marano) and Daphne (Katie Leclerc) in Monday’s summer finale, airing at 9/8c.

“Emmett will do something that the viewers are dying to see,” Berdy says about a scene he thinks will get fans’ hearts racing. We then went to Leclerc, but the actress didn’t want to flesh out the details about her co-star’s juicy tease. “There are fireworks, and some people get heated,” she offers. But both Leclerc and Berdy made up for it with other scoop about Monday night’s big episode, which features a blast from the past.

FATHER & DAUGHTER | The introduction of Brothers & Sisters‘ hunky Gilles Marini as Bay’s biological father, Angelo, will immediately shake things up for the unconventional Kennish/Vasquez family. “He just shows up and jumps right in and starts screwing with everybody’s heads and starts…trying to be involved,” previews Leclerc. His surprise appearance – “He shows up in a very interesting way,” she teases – is a shock to many of the characters, but he’s in for a jolt of his own. “He assumed that he didn’t have any children at all,” explains Leclerc. “So he’s thrown into this big, messed up world of switched families. And he’s also learning that he has a daughter. You have to have some sympathy for his character.” Not that everyone will. While some family members are happy to see him, others will be a lot more conflicted about his return, especially Daphne, who believed he abandoned her as a baby. “This man showing up in Daphne’s life is going to be a huge problem for her,” she says, adding, “Her reaction is very strong to what he does.”

EMMETT & BAY | It’s been no easy road for the new lovebirds, given their communication issues, his mother’s disapproval, and Daphne’s potential feelings. But Berdy is confident that the two have what it takes to last. “Emmett knows how to get around [the obstacles] and is very strong-willed himself,” says the actor. Even more telling, perhaps, is Berdy’s comment that Emmett “is madly in love” with Bay. Even Leclerc is charmed by Emmett’s relationship with her romantic competition. “The scenes between Bay and Emmett are just so sweet,” she says. “He really is so likable and so kind that you can’t help but fall in love with him. You can see where Bay is coming from.”

EMMETT & DAPHNE | Emmett might be smitten with Bay, but Leclerc thinks her character’s got a good chance with Emmett, too. After all, you can’t erase years of friendship and feelings. “I think he’s also madly in love with Daphne,” she says. It just might be “a different kind of love.” That friendship-based love can often make for great romance, but “when you’re in high school, it can [also] completely ruin a friendship,” points out Leclerc. So will Daphne take a chance and ‘fess up to Emmett that she might like him in more than a friendly way? “There are some revealed feelings,” admits Leclerc. “And there are some hurt feelings as well. Some of the things that these characters decide to do in the next episode are pretty surprising.”

Remember those fireworks Leclerc mentioned? There will certainly be some when the truth comes out about Bay and Emmett’s secret relationship. And the aftermath won’t be pretty. According to Berdy, “Things will get bitter between Bay and Daphne throughout the episode.” Leclerc believes it’s important that the girls get over their issues and find ways to love each other “because they’re going to be a part of each other’s lives forever,” she explains. “[The relationship among Emmett, Bay and Daphne] is a love triangle in the truest form. If these people don’t love each other now, they need to learn how to.”

MOTHER & DAUGHTER | Finding out your mother lied to you about being switched at birth is a lot to get over, but Daphne and Regina will “slowly try and rebuild” their relationship. “No matter what happens, your mom will always still be your mom,” says Leclerc. But it won’t be easy journey for the two. “It’s hard because they definitely completely lost that trust,” she continues. “They’re starting on rocky terms.”

Are you excited for tonight’s summer finale? Are you rooting for Daphne and Emmett or Bay and Emmett? And how much do you just love Emmett?

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  1. bluebonnetbelle says:

    This has become my favorite show of the summer and I’m so glad it’s getting attention. For me Switched at Birth fills the void left by Greek, complex leads who don’t always make the right choices and have to deal with the consequences.
    And I have to say I love that they use so much sign language in the show, I feel like I’ve picked up a few new phrases to add to my sad beginner signing.
    I am excited for the finale but not for the wait for new episodes.

  2. Kiki says:

    Sean Berdy is pretty darn adorable as Emmett. However, I do wish they hadn’t gone with the two girls fighting over one guy storyline. It would be nice to see two young girls navigating a difficult relationship without it being about some boy.

    • Via says:

      Especially since they’ve already barked up this tree with Liam. Daphne’s sudden realization that she was in love with Emmett was unnecessary and fell flat for me.

  3. MJ says:

    This has also become a summer favorite for me as well. Glad to see it getting attention.

  4. Amy says:

    Love Switched At Birth! I am enjoying the triangle right now (Emmett and Bay all the way!) but hope it will not be a focal point of the entire series. Can’t wait for tonight!

  5. Jo says:

    I love switched at birth. I would love it even more if they recasted Gilles Marini … he helped to ruin Brothers and Sisters, and now I pray he wont ruin this amazing show.

    • carolfd says:

      I loved Gilles in Brothers and Sisters. When I heard he was going to play the “missing” dad in this show, I thought they’d made a great choice. I am sure once this episode is shown, your doubts will be assuaged.

    • Mila says:

      it wasnt Giles fault….it was time for B&S to end with all the cast leaving.

  6. DebLI says:

    Such a great show. One of the few I can watch with my 11 y/o daughter who absolutely loves it. Hope they give the Emmett/Bay relationship a chance. So glad it was picked up for a full season!

  7. Ashley says:

    Emmett and Bay FOREVER!!! These two BELONG together an I really hope they stay together!!!!!

  8. kiara says:

    Emmett and Bay! :)

  9. Melissa says:

    Love Bay and Emmett together!! I’ve liked the show from the beginning but didn’t become a “obsessed fan” until Bay and Emmett began bonding. Love their scenes together…hope the relationship continues.

  10. Dwayne says:

    Yea the Emmett & Bay scenes are so awesome! They just have this chemistry which is infectious. Them signing to each other. I like that the show has a lot of signing in it by the other characters instead of just having the deaf ones and Regina doing the signing.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    I’m so surprised how much I love this show. I had my skeptical hat on during the premiere but it’s a great show. I agree with others that I hope the triangle gets resolved sooner rather than later.

    I think everyone on the show is terrific. I’ve been especially impressed with Leclerc & Berdy! I also love that so much sign language is used. Not something we see a lot on tv. Vanessa has done a great job as well.

  12. majamababe says:

    Finally this show is getting some recognition! If you haven’t visited the show website, take a look. There is a lot of behind the scenes information about the show and characters and how they were cast. It’s worth the time. Thankfully, it has been renewed for another season. Great show, great cast, great story line.

  13. Clarimar says:

    I love this show. Wasn’t so sure at the beginning but since Emmett and bay got together is been great. I love Emmett and even though i didn’t like the Bay of the beginning i’m starting to like this Bay a lot. She and Emmett makes you want to rule for them, this is a couple that will grow from love. Which i think is what the show is really about. That great force that binds us together blood or not. Love all the signing, it is making me want to learn how to sign too. Its a beautiful language.

  14. Carrie says:

    I hope they’ll be addressing the fact that Emmett told Daphne he would never date a hearing girl and made her feel bad for dating Liam, then went ahead and started dating Bay behind her back. It also seems rather unfair that Bay practically forced Daphne to dump Liam, but had no problem knowingly dating two of Daphne’s closest male friends behind her back. Poor Daphne had no clue she was dating Bay’s ex. I’m just a little tired of her getting the short end of the stick. She should get together with that cute blonde guy who likes her.

    • Christine says:

      I’ve always thought that Bay was getting the short end of the stick. Her parents were so enthusiastic about getting to know Daphne as their ‘real’ daughter, but Regina never really showed the same interest in Bay. It kind of left Bay feeling like an outsider in both situations. Also, I think her initial reaction to the Liam thing was expected. From Bay’s point of view, Daphne had just come in and stole her family, and then she stole her boyfriend too. After one episode i believe Bay told her she wouln’t mind if she wanted to keep seeing Liam. It was Daphne that chose not to, which surprised me.

      Bay never dated Ty behind Daphne’s back. I think that she was upfront about that the entire time. I don’t think that she set out to start a relationship with Emmet. They started a friendship and feelings developed. She has wanted to talk to Daphne about it, but Emmett has been putting it off or telling her he’ll take care of it.

      Fro what I can see, it seems that Daphne is confusing the stability of her relationship with Emmett as feelings of love. Like she said, she’s just been betrayed by the one person she has always felt she could rely on, and it’s only natural at this point to cling to Emmett, who is a person she has always relied on and has never betrayed her. I honestly don’t think she’s really in love with him. Although, I certainly don’t think Bay and Emmett are in love either. Relationships span such a short period of time on this show, that it is hard for me to really think of them as serious relationships with ddeep feelings of loved involved.

      Also, in regards to Emmetts feelings about hearing/non-hearing people being in relationships together, I tought it was made pretty clear last week that those feelings were very strongly influenced by his mother. She seems to feel VERY strongly about that, so it’s no surprise that he felt that way too. After your parents drill something in your head so often, it takes experiencing it for yourself to really change your opinion.

      I really do like both girls on the show. Each of them can act selfish and bratty at times, but I guess that’s expected for teenage girls in their situation.

      • Kalie says:

        Bay was not upfront about dating Ty. Daphne was surprised to find out that they were dating. She’s gotten a little better, but in the beginning Bay seemed extremely jealous of Daphne, even though she was the one who grew up with the wealth and two parents. Bay often seems desperate for attention. She keeps jumping from guy to guy and it was pretty pathetic when she called all of her exes just because she was feeling a little rejected by Emmett. She comes off rather whiny and needy for someone who grew up with so much. It makes her very annoying.

        • Christine says:

          Daphne didn’t break up with Liam as soon as she found out he was Bay’s ex-boyfriend. She kept seeing him for a few days, and wanted to invite him to the benefit as her date until Regina told her it wasn’t a good idea.
          I agree that Bay seemed jealous of Daphne in the beginning, but I thought I had pointed out the reasons for that. Just because Bay grew up with money doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have insecurities. It’s been made pretty clear that Bay always felt like an outsider in her own family. They may not have treated her as one, but she always felt like she didn’t belong. Then Daphne comes along and her parents are giving her all this attention, and Regina really doesn’t seem all that interested in getting to know Bay. It’s been quite some time since I was 16, but I can’t imagine what that must feel like. I think that out of the two girls Bay probably handled the whole thing more realistically than Daphne did.
          As for Bay jumping from guy to guy, I really think that the same could be said for Daphne. She was dating Liam, then got drunk and almost slept with Toby’s friend, and now she’s in love with Emmett. If my calcuations are correct, each girl has had three guys that they were involved with or hooked up with over the course of the season.
          In the beginning episodes I actually liked Daphne better than Bay, but as the season has progressed I’ve found myself rooting for Bay and becoming kind of annoyed with Daphne. I like characters that have flaws and grow over time. Bay’s character development will be more interesting to watch, in my opinion. They’ve tried to make Daphne too perfect that it has actually started to bore me to watch her.

          • deaf ryan 98 says:

            I really do not feel like schooling you agian so just check on my message on the comment you made above

      • Laynie says:

        wow, that was really well thought out. i agree about the regina/bay relationship. i definitely feel like they haven’t explored that much. they seem to focus a lot on daphne becoming part of the kennish family. i don’t know if it’s because it’s seen that the kennishes have so much more to offer that there’s nothing regina could offer bay? i feel like the show has a lot of that going on too.

        your point about emmett’s mother influencing his opinion of hearing/deaf relationships is a good point. in the summer finale emmett told bay he didn’t see her as hearing or deaf, just as bay. :D

        as for whether or not the characters are really in love? it’s tv and their teens; falling in love seems to happen within the span of a chorus…haha. ;)

      • deaf ryan 98 says:

        I think your wrong. What show are you even watching. Bay did no really care about getting to know regina. Daphne did not know that Laim was Bay’s exboyfriend and Bay said that Daphne could not date Liam. She forced her to dump him. Bay never told Daphne about any of her secret romances with her two best friends. Also Bay told Emmet that it would be better if she told Daphne about them and then never did. Also she had always had those feelings but had never realized it. Also Daphne has never acted selfish or bratty Bay does that enough for the two of them. So get your facts straight. It was really fun schooling you, but all great things must come to an end. Since all is said and done, and also since there is nothing left to say. CLASS IS DISSMISSED.(CHECK YOUR REVISED ONLINE ESSAY ON YOUR WAY OFFLINE.) CLASS IS DISSMISSED.

    • Nicky says:

      I agree. Bay comes off as spoiled and self-centered, she’s getting everything she wants and Daphne is getting nothing. Bay wanted her father, now she’s getting him. She didn’t want Liam but she didn’t want Daphne to have him. She wanted Ty, now she gets Emmett. I think Daphne should be with Emmett. I didn’t care for the girl who plays Bay when she was on Gilmore Girls and I don’t care for her on here either.

  15. Jessica says:

    I absolutely love this show. It is by far my favorite new show this summer, and I’m so excited it will be coming back.

    As far as the Bay/Emmett/Daphne triangle, I’m a fan of Bay & Emmett together, but at this point I’m sure that I will enjoy the show regardless.

  16. Mila says:

    Cute show…my new guilty pleasure…

  17. Jay says:

    I absolutely love Switched at Birth. It has become my favorite show as well. Although my opinion on the love triangle is much different. I love that they put a love triangle into the storyline, it makes the show that much more interesting. And I am interested in Leclerc’s comment saying “they need to learn how to love eachother” because love triangles do exist, I think a lot of people could learn from what might be ahead. With that said, I do wish the season wouldn’t end.

  18. Mary says:

    I love everything about this show. The signing is amazing, the actors, great character development, I could go on and on! I find the actor cast as Angelo to be perfect although I haven’t seen him on anything else. Great casting all around really. So happy it was picked up for another round of episodes. I don’t want it to end!!!!!

  19. christina says:

    I am addicted to this show! I happened to accidently fall upon the premiere show while channel surfing and each week I cannot wait till it comes on. I Hope it doesn’t take too long of a break bcz I just love, absolutley love this show! Amazing cast and an even greater story line!! There’s no other show out there like it!

    • deaf ryan 98 says:

      At first when my sister was trying to intrudce me to this show i did not want to at all. I thought that it would miss potray me and the other members of the deaf community. Once i finally gave in and saw an episode I was awe struck. They correctly showed deaf history, culture, and the hardships of living with this disability.

  20. kris says:

    Is it just me or why are all the ethnic people on this show portrayed as criminal,sorta bad while the white people (excluding the one bad time wen the brother wz gambling/stole test) are portrayed as angelic and sweet.I’m glad daphne is showing her true colors now. Don’t get me wrong I love the show ,I just feel that the characters that are being shown as nothing but the “bad guys” are those that happen to have some tan skin is all,but of course every show has to have the villian right ?

    • Christine says:

      I never thought of it that way, but I really HATED the white couple for most of this season. They are so arrogant it’s unbelievable. They felt that they were better than Regina from the moment they met her. THey thought that they automatically got parenting rights, and tried to undermind Regina’s decision making every chance they got.
      I also really hope they don’t make Angelo so Sketchy next year. I thought that his reasons for leaving were pretty understandable. He found out Daphne wasn’t his and just wanted Regina to be honest with him about it. Granted, we know the whole story, and she obviously wasn’t going to confess to being unfaithful if she hadn’t been; however, he had the proof that she wasn’t his and probably felt betrayed. I really like Regina, but we have to remember that she also had a pretty heavy drinking problem at that point. What he did was wrong, but he had his reasons.

  21. Laynie says:

    this show is fantastic! the storylines and the actors are great! i’m really looking forward to new episodes!!! i just hope they don’t get so soapy or ridiculously dramatic like some of the other shows.

    i think there’s a lot of good storylines to come with the bay/emmett relationship without having the bay/emmett/daphne love triangle. besides, emmett and daphne have been friends for so long, romance will most likely just ruin their friendship.

    • deaf ryan 98 says:

      Not nessicarily on four occassions I Have dated girls that were previously best friends with me. Even after our brake ups we stayed very close friends. Also isint that the point of having a love life. to fall in love with someone in whom you can truley call your best friend.

  22. deaf ryan 98 says:

    I love this show and it is gotten better since the love triangle. I am on Daphanes side. They have too much history together to not end up together.They are perfect for eachother and Bay is just a substitution. I never really liked Bay or her mothers characters. It is not a deaf thing, I have dated hearing girls and I they turned out to be spended girlfriends. It may be more difficult but if you really care for someone it is worth it. The truth is it would be eisier to only be with other people but that can limet your experiences that could ultimitly lead to love(That last comment is an opinion and has nothing to do with the rest of the message)

  23. Ana says:

    I think Daphnie and Emmett is way too predictable. And the more I think of it, the more I am convinced that they SHOULDN’T end up together. We would be watching a show about two good, attractive, and overall good friends, understanding each other in many levels (deaf, growing up together, etc), but nothing else. They don’t challenge each other. They don’t surprise each other. It’d be a really boring relationship. Ugh. Emmett and Bay however can learn from one another. As they already have. That, overall, is what makes a a good relationship. Plus, there’s no denying, the chemistry Bay and Emmett has is electric and interesting.

  24. Melissa says:

    Bay and Emmett are amongst the cutest couples on tv, period. I think it’s important to note that Berdy himself confirmed that Emmett is ‘madly in love’ with Bay. And I think Bay feels the same way. I was watching the first episode of the show, and when Bay looks at Emmett ride off with Daphnie, you could already see an attraction. Their relationship is adorable and believable. Most importantly there is growth… he learned that having a relationship with a hearing person was good… and she learned the same about a non-hearing person. I loved that they just “see” each other (and not their limitations), and accept each other, and ultimately love each other.

  25. A.B. says:

    Emmett and Bay are adorable.. and I hope they last. I know there are some (not that many from what I’ve read) fans that would rather see Emmett and Daphnie, but interestingly enough, Emmett is the one who made first move with Bay. He kissed her first. And when she asked him about it, he kissed her again. He reaches to hold her hand when she first meets his mom. Even when approached romantically by his life long crush (Daphnie), Emmett is the one that chooses Bay. And when it is public knowledge that they are dating, he is the one who kissed her in front of everyone (Daphnie, Toby, and Wilke) – hence, solidifying their relationship. I, as an audience member, couldn’t be happier with his choice. Their chemistry is great! And sweet.

  26. Riley says:

    Emmett is soooooo CUTE!!! I love the way Berdy sets his character, I also love the the fact that Emmett talked to win over Bay after the car wash argument. I mean seriously, that was the sweetest thing I ever heard.

  27. Riley says:

    LOVE THIS SHOW!!! it’s my fav!

  28. Alexis says:

    I personally think that Emmett is a little too…trusting? Delicate? I don’t mean that he is a porcelain doll, but Bay is probably going to devour him. Not that I want her to. I just want the producers to really make this show interesting, bit not devastating.