Exclusive: House's New Season Will Pick Up [Major Spoiler Alert] Later!

Talk about burying the lead. In my House preview story earlier this week, series creator David Shore told me that Season 8 “will start months after Season 7.” What he neglected to reveal was how many months the show would be jumping forward: Twelve!

As in an entire year, people.

Shore dropped the bombshell on me Friday night at Fox’s oceanfront press tour party in Malibu.

“The advantage of going forward a year is that everything’s changed,” he revealed, “and changed dramatically. “

And how.

Among the major developments (if you haven’t already heard): House is in prison, serving a sentence for inflicting carmageddon on Cuddy’s house; there’s a new Dean of Medicine, and he/she is someone viewers know well; and House’s diagnostics team has undergone a facelift.

The big leap also gives House — and Princeton-Plainsboro — time to adjust to life after Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein). “I think it’s a smart idea [in light of the fact that] Lisa left the show,” noted co-star Jesse Spencer. “I think it was kind of necessary to do that. If we picked up right where we left off and Cuddy wasn’t there it [would be strange].”

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Emmanuelle Works says:

    I was thinking “how lame” and getting even more pissed at the show (I know, how much more could a viewer get!) until I read House was in jail. That feels much better because he seriously deserved it.

    • Alicia says:

      Uh, except they totally avoid addressing the immediate impact of nearly running over Wilson and destroying Cuddy’s House (as well as Cuddy’s departure). “Simply the passage of time serves as that.” http://www.tvline.com/2011/08/house-season-8-spoilers-cuddy/
      COWARDLY and LAZY.
      There’s no closure, we assume Cuddy moved away, while House is just automatically “redeemed” by his time in prison. Whereas his 12 month stint will probably last a quick minute onscreen and then it’ll be business as usual.
      I get that Shore caters to the wife-beating crowd, but if people are supposed to root for House ever again, DS needs to get LE back on the show so House can APOLOGIZE to her face. None of this “Meh, my ex-girlfriend who I assaulted moved away; let’s just move on.”

      • Alicia's sense of perspective says:

        Lazy might be accurate. Efficient would be a less judgy way of describing it. Especially since they’ve got the absence of Lisa E. to deal with and really, a time jump is the most lazy/efficient way to do that. Actually no lazy isn’t accurate. They’ve got a lot to clean up and no matter how hard they work LE’s departure would be just a clunky mess without a time jump.

        Ridiculous outrage over House’s need to apologize and the use of the word “cowardly” are flat out silly.

        • Alicia's brutal honesty says:

          And by silly I mean “get a freaking grip on reality you tool”.

          • Alicia's black troll heart says:

            OH COME ON!! I say the producer “caters to the wife-beating crowd” and you don’t even mention that!! Are you SERIOUS!!! That’s the most blatantly obvious TROLLY thing I could say!

          • Alicia says:

            ^^Quit playing, fool–that’s the most accurate part!

          • BIG FAN OF HOUSE; VICKEY says:


            SPECIAL. IT’S HOUSE !!!!! HOUSE!!!! HOUSE !!!!!

        • housefan says:

          A time jump may be lazy, but if you think about it, every episode is a time jump. House literally doesn’t have a new patient every week any more than Bones has a murder to solve. We only see it every week. As for House having to apologize to Cuddy face to face, why should that have to happen? She wanted him arrested if he so much as set foot in the hospital, let alone get anywhere near her or Rachel. That House is out of jail in only a year may that he really meant it when he told Wilson he knew things had to change and prison might have scared the crap out of him. Good behavior and either convincingly acting like he was sorry for what he did or really meaning it might get him out in a year. And since he’s going right back to PPTH, his license was only suspended and like 13 (face it, another time jump)be able to practice medicine again by the 2nd or 3rd episode (yeah, I know House told 13 he’s see her Monday morning adfter the Spud Ball tournament, but DS & crew has never been much on consistency, have they?) And they aren’t catering to the wife-beating crowd by sweeping this under the rug so to speak. It was a one-time act of aggression brought on by House’s inability to cope with certain things and Cuddy’s inability or unwillingness to accept House as he was. Witholding sex until he did what she wanted? That’s abuse of a sort right there. (Yes, I am of the female persuasion!) If you want to get angry at the flow of the show, you should be angry at what was done to Cuddy’s character since Season 4. Her character was changed for the worse, although lying to House about whether he cured the guy in the wheelchair was pretty cruel. Actually, between her and Wilson, they both have been less than what I would consider friend material. House’s superiority makes then inferior and they want to bring him down to their level.

          • Dani says:

            Genuine question here: since when was withholding sex abuse? I wasn’t aware that being in a relationship meant it had to be offered on tap… To be fair though it annoyed me that they went there with Cuddy. Of course it would have been too much to portray a female character over the age of 40 who actually enjoys sex, rather than using her nasty feminine wiles to make it into a bargaining tool. Stereotypes are evidently their friend at the moment.

            Also there’s nothing that Cuddy and Wilson did to House that he hasn’t either done to them or a patient in the past. That includes poking into their private lives, treating them without their consent, and generally hurting them emotionally. I’ve always seen Wilson and Cuddy as the two people who he went to for advice because if he took it and things went wrong then he’s not culpable for his actions: he’s like a child. He rebels against authority, but the boundaries it sets act as a safety net. The sad fact is though that he needed to man up and couldn’t do it. He offered to take a baseball bat to Thirteen when the time came, but couldn’t be there for Cuddy without taking a Vicodin, despite her being there for him on numerous occasions, including the ‘ooo let’s operate on myself’ incident the week before he sped into her House because she touched another man’s arm and ‘apparently’ lied to him. They really should have ended the season with ‘After Hours’, where he finally admitted to himself that his behaviour had to change, and before his pathetic qualities outweighed his genius…

          • LucyAnne says:

            And you just verified the funadmental issue: In order to justify this act, people need to turn the other characters into bad guys so House can be the “feel sorry for me” weakling that had to become violent to feel better about himself. The other characters were well loved in their dysfunction and House was a smart, strong, selfish screwed up guy, but he wasn’t pathetic. This “one time act of aggression resulting from bad friends and girlfriends” argument actually proves the point. Bad writing. If the characters have to be distorted so much in order to justify the story, it just isn’t a good story.
            And, I’m a woman too.

          • James says:

            Good Question, Dani.
            The refusing sex wasn’t abuse, but it was the beginning of the tearing apart of these characters. Cuddy admitted she likes sex, and in fact was really into it. Since she had always been selfish (like House), she would not have sacrificed her own sex life to punish House. She would have punished him in a more interesting and less cliche way. When the writers chose that route in the third week of their relationship (during honeymoon phase), it was clear they were working to reduce and degrade these characters to make the break-up more acceptable in the end. Ironically, that was what made the break-up not work. Complete failure on the part of DS and team. He should have stuck with the original plan. It was bound to be better than their plan B.

        • Stephen says:

          Does noone realize the Actual problem is the last episode of s7 in the first place? House’s character vacations so far out of his normal behavior that the viewer who knows him probably, (like me) gives a disgusted look and is appalled by the – First ever for me – rediculous writing of whoever wrote the plot. Keep in mind that it’s a show, and that writers are just people throwing whatever whimsy comes to mind and apply that to this. Someone knew Edelstein was leaving and just decided to write “House, in inner turmoil spontaneously runs his car into Cuddy’s house.” Then thinking “Oh this is brilliant!” That’s so far removed for even House that the whole show just went to crap for that unbelievability. AND they didn’t have the forethought to realize how they would fix it for season 8 as is shown by the lame, painted myself in a corner, reaching “lazy/efficient” excuse of just fast forwarding out of that writing jam. Piss-poor work on my favorite show of all time. Congratulations, you ruined it.

          • JB says:

            I completely agree with your statements.

          • Mike Fishing says:

            They call this “Jumping the Shark.” The entire season was pretty weak, the last episode is just horrific. Why does he get married to a Russian hooker? why do they show the hooker finding him interesting and wanting some kind of relationship? why did they even have the Cuddy relationship? It was always awkward and unnatural watching Cuddy and House engage in any kind of relationship outside of the house. All of it was dumb.

            They need to bring Andre Braugher back as his psychiatrist. they had great dialogues and Braugher is the best guest actor they’ve ever had on the show. He is the only one who understood House.

            Will I continue to watch, yes, for now at least.

        • Susan Ad;er says:

          I am a great fan of House MD and I rarely watch te;evision. I feel the program has some problems with waht real doctors would do in the same situations, I must say that House appeals to me in a different kind of way. I admire the shows dilligence to its promise to always tell the truth, no matter how many feelings are hurt. My son is a physician at UC San Francisco, infact, he heads up the entire inpatient, outpatient department their in th Bay Area, so I have some working knowlege of how things should be run. Though Dr. House is often quite cranky,to say the least, he appears to always have the best interests of the patients in in mind.

      • D says:

        I was about to make an ill-fated on how when women see violence towards women on television, it’s a crusade against their gender and anyone who shows this advocates abuse and wife-beating, but luckily I smartened up and realized an idiot like you doesn’t represent all women.

        Edelstein is gone. There is nothing that can be done about that. Shore is forced to deal with the situation, and most likely knows he can’t please everyone and won’t care. Redemption comes in many forms. Please, if you’re so wise(as you’ve been posting in every House article I’ve seen here) why does House have to find Cuddy and try to apologize? You can’t realistically expect them to show us, in real time, every second House was in prison. of course, you don’t expect that, but you’re going to complain as if it can become reality because it soothes your ideals and makes *you* feel better. It’s clear as day you don’t care what the show does or how it is executed at this point, so why don’t you go talk about the 30-some odd other shows that get news articles; ones you might, in some dimension, enjoy? There’s a difference between finding fault and having a negative opinion about something, and being negative about it. You’re no longer critiquing the show; if you ever were to begin with; you’re attacking the integrity of Shore and the crew, which is something I just take umbrage with when your reasoning is “they wrote a TV show I don’t like.”

        Also, House killed babies in the fourth episode of the show. If you’ve been rooting for him at any point of this show’s existence, get a reality check. He has always been a bad person.

        • Eurydice says:

          The other solution to viewer discontent is to head for the House fan fiction sites and read some grovelfic. Or, better yet, to write some grovelfic, full of remorse and angst and begging, with House beaten up in prison and losing his job and all of his friends shunning him in righteous indignation. And after he’s released from prison, all penniless and homeless, he has to turn tricks in filthy alleys to support his resurgent drug habit, and now that he knows what it’s like to be a prostitute he wishes he’d been nicer to all those hookers. And finally he ends up a John Doe, face down dead in a ditch in the pouring rain, and the only ones who care are the maggots feasting on his flesh.

          See? 100% guaranteed to make you feel better. :-)

        • Alicia says:

          House needs to apologize to Cuddy because there’s no absolution without contrition. Believe it or not, you can’t be forgiven for something you don’t admit to! And I’m not talking in a religious sense, just common sense.
          TPTB want to just have House in prison and that will serve as his penance. They’ve made it clear they aren’t really going to address his crime, “We also wanted to play with the notion of how much does he feel a sense of responsibility [over what happened]. He would never admit it but it’s there” http://www.tvline.com/2011/08/house-season-8-spoilers-cuddy/
          So House “feels bad” but it’s something we’ll never see. Great, he doesn’t even have to pretend to be sorry and we’re all supposed to forget about it because it’s “been a year.” This is the mistake they’re making, failing to have House make amends because LE is gone (as if that’s really all there is to it). So they damn well better try to get her to make a guest appearance then, not just sweep it under the rug. House isn’t atoning for anything while he skirts responsibility.
          Moreover, in one breath you claim to know my commenting history (that I post on every House article) and then go on to suggest I should discuss other series. Well, if you yourself were actually diverse in your interests you’d realize I comment on a variety of shows. You don’t even have to go far back to see I post about Criminal Minds, TGW (WELL before LE was slated to guest star), NCIS, Castle etc. But why should I expect you to know what you’re talking about? You just run your mouth.

          • jj says:

            absolution? how can you talk about absolution and say you don’t mean in a romantic sense. plenty of people do things they regret later every day, they pick up the pieces and they move on. I know that Catholicism and AA act as though you can’t move on without saying sorry to people. but in the real world you can’t always apologize for every bad thing you do. You toughen up, learn your lesson and move on.

          • Dani says:

            In the real world it’s not uncommon for people who’ve committed a crime to apologise to their victims. In fact it’s actively encouraged in some cases for the sake of the victim and the criminal.

            Personally I’d like to see House face up to what he’s done, but I’m 90% sure we’ll just see more side-stepping.

          • D says:

            That exact Shore quote you posted says, at least to me, they are going to explore what he did and we may actually see what comes out of those feelings. The great thing about this show is that, for the most part, the most intense of scenes and stories are shown, not told. Add that to Hugh Laurie’s caliber as an actor, and it’s not surprising it’s gotten as large as it has.

            “(as if that’s really all there is to it)”

            You don’t know what else there is to it. None of us on the outside do. You can only make assumptions that rationalize and validate your opinions, which is something I’m not jumping at the chance to do. According to the new Edelstein article, she didn’t have qualms with the finale, so I could misconstrue that into saying she left solely over money and slapped the House crew in the face, but hopefully you understand why that’s absurd.

        • Shane says:

          House “killed babies” because it was the only way to solve the diagnostic issue in the medical case. A sacrifice to solve the case and save more lives. Moral/ethical dilemma. The crash is not the same, IMO, but if it helps you to compare those situations, go at it.

          • Hyacinth says:

            Good point, Shane. It was clearly a moral and ethical dilemma for House, and the decision weighed very heavily on him. That was back in the day when the writers didn’t have to exposit everything as they did in the “OMG! Isn’t Cuddy sexy!” years. House autopsying the baby is an image that is burned in my mind. House cared very much. Those were the Golden Days of this show, in my opinion.

          • D says:

            I’m sure the mother of that child saw it that way.

            This is exactly what detractors of the finale are doing, right? House’s intentions don’t matter because “he couldn’t have know Rachel wasn’t there” or “you don’t drive your car into a house because you got dumped” or some other nonsense? It’s the same argument, I’m just using it to see how they can deal with such ridiculousness.

      • Pat says:

        Cuddy treated House so badly that she needs to apologize to him.

        She kept saying she knew what she was getting into and loved him for who he is, and then she kept demanding that he change into what her fantasy wanted.

        Blech. Huddy was ridiculous from the start.

        • They should know says:

          Tell the writers. They think they wrote Huddy great.

        • Shane says:

          Funny. She did apologize. In Bombshells she said, “I thought I could do this; I am sorry.” In, After Hours she said “I know; I’m sorry.” You got your wish, maybe someone else can at least express theirs?

    • Harry says:

      The only thing House “deserves” is a final season. How sweet would it be for Desperate Housewives (never watched it but always hated sleezy women bashing guys) and House to be done this upcoming year. Now if only they could take Grey Anatomy with them and it’d be a very happy funeral for the TV Graveyard.

    • Guess says:

      Why don’t you just cancel the whole thing? It’s obvious that House is never going to get the same kick, but now his fellows aren’t going to get the same kick too. It’s best to leave with dignity than to drag the ending a whole season.

    • Sig says:

      Good grief, people………….it’s a TV show! And, the simple fact of it is, they’ve gone about as far as they can go with these characters……nothing like any of this stuff would really go on & on & on in a real hospital!!! and, yes, I’ve always loved the show, but it’s become a little too “out there” lately…….even for me.

  2. Emgee says:

    It was reveealed a while ago that House would be in jail.

  3. NoChance says:

    Well, THAT’S a tired (read: boring) way of handling things. When writers don’t know what to do they brush it all away by doing a time jump. Ho Hum. Really shows a lack of creativity.

    House in jail is almost as good as Jerry and company going to jail for being horrible people (only episode of “Seinfeld” that I actually liked).

    • Gavin says:

      I don’t see how it is lack of creativity. If the said actress has left the show, then you can’t do anything with her character, thus the drama is rather softened by her absence.

      • Sam says:

        It’s a lack of creativity because it takes WORK to sort out a difficult situation ONSCREEN.
        Like Nancy on “Weeds”; she gave herself up at the airport and (falsely) confessed to killing Pilar so her family could get away. Then the show JUMPS 3 YEARS AHEAD without so much as showing an interrogation by the Feds, her sentencing, time in prison–NOTHING.
        What a crock of sh-t, and here House is taking the same road.

        • Green Eggs and Ham says:

          Really? It takes WORK? Exactly how can they not do a time jump and avoid the festering black hole of Cuddy not being anywhere.

          Also, how many House in prison episodes would satisfy you? Five? Half the season? I’m guessing satisfaction is not in your future no matter what.

      • jbush says:

        Gavin this is the best argument I have heard in regards to the time jump ahead. With Edelstein gone they can’t sort out anything, they would need her onscreen. House has been known for looking into all the little motives that drive people. This is not possible if the lead actress is not onscreen. Instead they will show how House handles and reacts to the ultimate consequence, losing his close friend/ally. That is the best they can do without Edelstein.

        • Jenn says:

          What about starting from after the trial? When she could have just move in another city? Having him in entering in prison, showing a believable reaction to all the situation and a decent explanation to why he still has his licence. Instead the writers wash away everything. We will find him already been in jail for some months and close to get out. We won’t see anything decently compelling about dealing with these consequences since he has done it off screen. The jail time this way is just an excuse, or better a way to indroduce his best new /confessor/adversary/ soon to be duckling, sexual tension included I guess. And he’ll still be a doctor. It’s all a joke

          • Sam says:

            @GreenEggs, It’s clear TPTB don’t fault House for any of his actions (and they certainly don’t want to vilify him) so of course it’s an easy route to skip all the mess and “negativity” of sentencing etc.
            Like someone said up thread, it’s cowardly because it takes BALLS to admit their blessed protagonist did wrong. It takes guts to punish him (rightfully) and then build him back up; have him prove himself worthy of championing. It’s a cop out to treat it like no big deal and expect people to go along.

          • housefan says:

            A time jump isn’t even necessary to explain Cuddy’s absence. The way her character devolved since season 4, it would be logical for her to get the heck out of Dodge and not deal with it the same way she never deals with her mother. It’s also entirely possible that she was fired because of that stupid “Love Contract” she and House signed. They both promised to keep their private lives separate from work (and House was able to compartmentalize until Cuddy’s desire to change him overtook that ability.). He was desperate to be in a relationship, with someone other than a hooker. In the end, Cuddy was unable to deal with House either on a personal or professional basis. This show has never been known for going into enough detail to explain things, so a time jump really isn’t necessary to explain anything and we don’t have to literally see House apologize to Cuddy. I compare DS and his writing staff to a child with ADD, unable to concentrate on any one thing for a long period of time. If they did pay attention to detail and give complete closure to everthing, House would literally have to be on the air for at least the next 10 seasons! They still could have come this far and gone into detail, but there’s that ADD thing I mentioned. They should have stuck to the medicine and lefet everyone’s private lives out of it like they did the first 2 1/2 seasons. House being jail is some sort of redemption for the character. If they had made the whole thing a dream, the posters here would be saying that was a cop out as well. Me? I’d settle for the dream scenario. I never thought House was a person capable of that much rage, but it is what it is.

          • Eurydice says:

            We don’t know any of this – all we know is that the story will start again one year later. That doesn’t mean the characters won’t talk about what happened, that doesn’t mean we won’t see the effects of House being in prison or that they won’t explain how he got his license back.

            We could spend all year following House’s experience in prison, but this isn’t a show about lawyers or prisons, it’s a show about doctors in a hosptal and the story has to be told through that framework. There’s the Patient of the Week, there are the regular employees of the hospital, there’s the changing of the interns, there are House’s friends and colleagues. While all of this is going on, House has to figure out how to fit in again, and through this process we’ll find out what happened to House.

          • Rose says:

            I hope they explain how House gets his medical license back. I would guess that the hospital wants House back because the Diagnostic Unit has done poorly without him, and they have lost their reputation (and therefore donations) because of the downturn in success.
            At least going a year into the future spares us having to see Taub juggling 2 pregnant women. There should be a resolution to that story by then.

      • timshel says:

        Well said, Gavin.If she had left the show unexpectedly, but without the speculation about contracts, money, personal issues, etc, no one would be making such a stink about it. Obviously, there will be some explanation as to why she’s no longer there. It will just be done without her being shown actually leaving, or having some sort of ridiculous apology showdown with House.

  4. Kathy Bergeron says:

    Yeah, he needs to be in jail or in a mental institution for not only the whole car incident, but for a myriad of previous unstable displays. However, having said that, I still think skipping ahead a FULL YEAR is just a little lame and manipulative. I will watch the opener, but frankly, I am kind of disenchanted with a show I used to look forward to watching every week. I hope they can “fix” it, but I am not optimistic.

    • J. Norman says:

      I totally agree

      • spoilerchicka says:

        Kathy B & J. Norman, I’m with you. For a while there I couldn’t wait for Mondays to get my one-hour fix of House, Cuddy, Wilson and the team. Now, I find myself blase about the s.8 start of House in jail. Meh x3. The only reason I bother to check on the series now and again is to find out how they’ll deal with Cuddy’s absence and if there’s any chance Lisa Edelstein will return or make a guest appearance on the show in s.8. Until she does, I can’t find any reason to watch House anymore. I use to love the interaction between Cuddy and House and House and Wilson but I find House’s character has evolved only into a tiresome, predictable ass bent on meanness rather than witty and intriguing. House has gotten boring. I really don’t care to see him mess up anymore.

  5. bella says:

    and this is a spoiler… how??? the fans already knew since the last season finale that House (the show) will make a time jump of about 1year or so. it’s not exactly rocket science. it was their only option. nothing is surpring in the spoilers so far. all is predictable. time jump. prison time. new DOM. new ducklings.

    • dexx says:

      It was assumed that there would be a jump because of logic but it wasn’t officially confirmed. That is why it said “if you haven’t already heard” before the prison part because contrary to popular belief, just because a lot of us have awareness of things doesn’t mean that everyone does. Therefore, unless it is something that everyone aware of it is technically a spoiler

  6. Ryan says:

    This is a chance for the writers to start fresh. Problem solved if they do it right!

  7. Harry says:

    Ugh, I can’t take it anymore. I refuse to read anymore “spoiler” or “sneak peak” of House, its all just confusing and talking around in circles. It seems like FOX (House, Glee, American Idol) is always the network with the scrambling shows and shows with so much drama behind the scences. Lisa Edelstein is gone, why do they keep mentioning how they feel and how they’re going to handle her exit. It should be handled, taping starts next week. Stop reflecting on the past and what your going to do post Cuddy. Just stop talking about her. Shes moved on, House execs and everyone at House should have moved on and if they continue these shenenigans instead of the focusing on the show itself, I will haved moved on.

  8. HA says:

    So Shore and Co think jumping forward a year will make it NOT strange that Cuddy is missing? After a year, he’s forgotten Cuddy and suddenly a new DoM makes perfect sense? Seriously? Lamers….

    • MJ says:

      Considering he’ll be in jail for plowing down her house, it’s unlikely there will be no mention of Cuddy. And a new DoM DOES make perfect sense. House has done many crazy things over the years and this time, it’s too much for Cuddy. So she leaves, and VOILA! New DoM. Makes perfect sense to me.

      I hope it’s Foreman. That would be awesome.

      • Josie says:

        “it’s too much for Cuddy” lol Are you serious?! The Cuddy I know would NEVER leave PPTH.She worked her ass off to become the first female and second youngest Dean of Medicine ever and the hospital is her second baby.
        House should be the one searching for a new job but NO, it’s the victim who’s gotta leave while the one who commited the crime comes back like nothing ever happened.

        • @josie says:

          Yeah you are probably right. But the problem is LE DECIDED TO LEAVE the show on her own free will. Hey guys, get it allready. If i understand DS former intw right, she brought him with her unexpected exit into real creative misery. I doubt it was his plan that cuddy leaves PPTH. You`re right it doesn`t make sense but what else should they do to explain her exit?
          GO to LE and blame her that she caused this big mess and not hassel the creators, writers or other persons who are involved with the show.

          • Jenn says:

            I don’t know what happened, but evidently she was right to leave. They asked her a serious pay cut, according to what i read on Variety, and then hire three new actresses for 8th season. WTH? Since my favourite series is going down into the pit and in seventh season her character has been torn apart, I guess she didn’t feel respected anymore.

            Anyway, If I had seen in seventh season any trace of characters & plot development I would still watch, it’s not Edelstein absence the problem for me, even if I loved her character and acting. But I see writers who just turn around and around making the series worse and worse, that finale was the perfect seal. And this year jump is the final drop.

          • Dani says:

            In all honesty how could she not leave? On what planet would Cuddy be able to work with House after that, had LE signed on for another season. I am genuinely interested what the plan was if indeed there was one.

            Would House have turned up a few weeks later at PPTH, marched into her office to tell her he was in fact aiming for her ass with the car and all would have been forgiven because despite his new found ability to express himself with out and out violence towards people who aren’t in a position to defend themselves, (an excellent quality for a doctor), he’s still ‘the most incredible man she’s ever known’? Alternatively would we have had another trial scene where House pulls his puppy face and realising that he still has a soul, Cuddy drops the charges on condition that he doesn’t drive by her house anymore?

            Either Shore has zero foresight or he knew full well that he was giving leverage to FOx/NBCU over LE’s contract when he a. conceived the crash storyline in the first place and b. rolled over at Fox’s bequest and moved it from ep. 19 to the finale. Either is possible, but at least Peter Blake admitted it would have been extremely difficult to write for Cuddy’s character had LE stayed.

        • Teresa says:

          That Cuddy died around mid-season three when they decided to make House and Cuddy an item.

          • Whatever says:

            Not really. She was very much alive until the network got involved and messed with the writers plans. They’ve been scrambling since. And it’s not any actors fault.

          • Huh? says:

            Exactly WHAT is your source when you say that “the network got involved and messed with the writer’s plans?” I’ve read that before by a poster, not someone actually in the know. But, honestly, I can’t imagine a network telling a show’s creator/writers what to write. Why would they even get involved? All they care about is $$ and making sure the censors aren’t pissed off. So, please, enlighten me. Where can I research FOX’s involvement in story lines. etc., on this show or any other?

          • Dani says:


            There’s an interview over on Barbara Barnett’s blogcritics site where Peter Blake admits that Fox wanted them to move the crash from ep.19 to the finale… Tommy Moran also tweeted something along the lines of working for a show which requires a budget as large as House’s means that they often have to take their orders from the network shortly before vacating his twitter account… I believe Fox were involved with the Vogler arc in season 1 and the Luddy arc in season 6 too…

          • Whatever says:

            Exactly. It’s been widely discussed, not just among fans, but in the media and within the ranks. The networks didn’t tell them exactly what to write, but they did give specific delay instructions and redirect instructions. Those decisions negatively impacted the overall narrative.

  9. norespect says:

    We dug ourselves in a hole of epic proportions, lets start anew and fresh, our dumb viewers who watch us for actors, not for stories, will gladly gobble it up. Good luck with that, Mr. Shore!

    • NO says:

      Well, they might be right. Though personally, as much as I love Hugh Laurie, I won’t be watching. Their stance towards domestic abuse is appalling and disturbing. As a woman I refuse to support such “creative” decisions. Sorry, just my opinion (and some of my friends’), don’t want to offend anyone.

      • Petra says:

        Haven’t seen House in a few seasons — what are you referring to about the domestic abuse stance?

        • timshel says:

          Ignore that. It’s just ridiculous assumptions being made based on the season finale.

          • getGED says:

            You are contradicting yourself. If a conclusion based on true events, it’s not an assumption, but an inference. You are essentially urging us to ignore someone else’s “ridiculous” opinion just because it doesn’t match yours. What makes your opinion more valid, one might wonder. Arrogance and apparent lack of education?

          • @getGED says:

            First it is a TV show and not reality. Additionally it is a drama. In Tv-dramaland it happens at all times that main characters doing outragious things which are wrong (see Dexter,Breaking Bad). Tell me a drama where all characters behave reasonable; No drama + no polarising storylines, No show,it`s the truth.
            With all due respect in what way condone the producers of the show domestic violence? I don´t get it, really. None of the producers or writers said that houses actions in the final were right.
            Again it is fiction,you know House doesn`t really exist. That means you don`t have to fear that he will crash your house.
            If you really care for women-rights then join a real organisation and help the poor women who are real victims of domestic violence and don`t waste your time on these comment sections about a TV.

          • Karomana says:

            Finally some reason.

            People here talk as if a TV show (what’s more, steeped in unreality from Day One),would influence their own lives.
            WOW! what a compliment for Shore & co to know how much impact, negative or positive, they have on their fans.

          • Dani says:

            If TV didn’t impact or even normalize certain behaviours then companies wouldn’t spend billions of dollars on advertising or product placement in order to associate their products with certain shows or characters. Babies aren’t born with intrinsic notions of right and wrong- it’s learnt as they absorb elements of the society around in them. In Western culture that generally involves a hell of a lot of TV, which is why they always used to end He-Man with a Jerry Springer like ‘thought for the day’. That’s why it’s problematic when the likes of Shore decide to portray an act of violence as cathartic, and why it amazes me that Shore even considered not sending his protagonist to jail.

            Oh and for the love of God will people stop comparing House with Dexter and Breaking Bad. It’s like comparing apples to oranges. Comparing Walter White especially to Gregory House just doesn’t compute. One was gravely ill and trying to leave money for his family, getting himself way over his head in the process meaning he had to kill to either protect his own life or that of his family/Jesse. The other threw a hissy fit because he got dumped which escalated into him recklessly endangering both Cuddy’s life and the lives of other people who frankly had nothing to do with him. The irony seems to be that the showrunners on House seemed to think that the likes of Breaking Bad gets so much praise because they blow things up and have violent confrontations. It’s not. It’s the consistent character studies, the attention to detail and the fact that it’s pretty obvious The showrunner is planning ahead and knows the final destination of his characters.

    • sadpanda says:

      Your comment made me feel bad, lol. You are right, but I adore Hugh Laurie and will watch him in anything, though the writing stopped making sense long time ago. House we grew to know won’t move on without making amends with Cuddy, so that part will be a lie by default. I am afraid I will have to watch this season on fast forward. Sad, sad panda.

  10. Jenn says:

    Of course, the audience is full of idiots. House can come out of prisone fresh and clean after what, three episodes? (Since the jail time is offscreen) and be himself again with his licence perfectly in order. New ducklings, new DOM, all perfectly regular. Everytime I think House writers have reached the lowest point, they start to dig. I need another favourite show to watch, after wasting apparently, seven years, on this mess.

    • Eurydice says:

      Really? Where does it say that this is going to happen? And just because something occurs off screen doesn’t mean it won’t have impact. When they finally diagnose the Patient of the Week and discover he’s vacationed in Jamaica, we don’t need to actually see him lounging on the beach – we see the effects and we see why that trip caused his health problem.

  11. Sam says:

    I think I’m in the minority, but I thought House’s fourth season, aka the one that severely departed from the whole procedural formula, was the best. Can we have another one that shakes things up? PLEASE?! There were actually arcs in that season! ARCS I TELL YOU!

  12. skylark says:

    Is this another suspension of believe again? If House is in jail, they would take his medical license faster than the cell door clanking shut. I dying to see how they handle this little problem.

  13. Amy says:

    See, this is why I quit watching House after Season 5. And I pretty much never quit a show, but when they start pulling this type of stuff I feel very thankful that I bailed.

  14. jaded says:

    Lame..this show is done..Just end it already!

    • enthusiast says:

      Done for you.
      However there is a crowd that wants the show to go on and we are even hoping for Se 9. We are just not so loud and obnoxious.

  15. Dani says:

    Why do I think Shore was done with the show around the end of season 5? I stayed positive that things would pick up right until the end of this last season, but Jeez it’s pretty obvious they are ringing the udders of this particular cash cow for all they’re worth. Writers should have something to say and it seems clear to me with this reset button that Shore has no gas left in the tank for his protagonist here… There’s a lot to be said for ending a show leaving the audience begging for more rather than begging for mercy, and God knows this makes me sad with regards to House.

  16. minka says:

    I have the feeling Taub will be DoM? He’ll have to fork out major child support for 2 kids and possibly alimony.

  17. Scott S. says:

    So how many people would fictitiously die if House were indeed put into prison. It’s likely that in the real world, unless he deliberately killed someone, he would be given probation, since he is a genius healer.

    Don’t like the story line.

  18. alta says:

    I think DS and GY were floored that LE walked away from a show she supposedly loved being a part of and don’t know how to handle it. They blew the Huddy storyline anyway when everything Cuddy loved/hated about House annoyed her once they were together. She loved House for over 20 years and was surprised he wasn’t husband/father material? She had that with Lucas! But she was drawn to House, warts and all. I have loved this show as much as all of the “posters” here, but I too must admit last season was not the best. Stacy should have warned Cuddy that House is like “vindaloo curry; you crave it and love it, but you can’t eat it every day.”

    • Hyacinth says:

      Nice callback to Season 2, Alta. I loved the vindaloo curry remark, and I wish the writers had reminded us of that analogy with Cuddy and House.

      • Alta says:

        Thanks! Cuddy had her “perfect mate” with Lucas. But all she could think about was House. Stacy loved House more than Mark, “you were always THE ONE, but with Mark I was never lonely.” Cuddy never believed in the relationship. Each time House revealed a little more love and commitment, she never looked 100% thrilled. Many women love the bad boys, and some date them, few marry them. Here’s hoping season 8 doesn’t disappoint. :-)

  19. KALL says:

    DS $$$$$ turn up the writers to be creative

  20. tahina says:

    Wonder if Lisa’s leaving will be the show’s curse or blessing. Soon to find out, stay tuned.

  21. LO says:


  22. sellouts says:

    Shameful and humiliating cop-out, demonstrating yet again their disregard for viewers. Apparently syndication royalties are more important than honor and integrity.

    • timshel says:

      Disregard of the whiny, crazy ones who don’t get exactly what they want. The rest of us feel just fine.

      • house_for_morons says:

        Oh really? So all people who don’t agree with YOU are causally attributed as “whiny crazies, who didn’t get what they want” and should be ignored? Well, makes perfect sense. Only self-righteous ignorami with faulty logical assumptions like yourself seem to enjoy House nowadays. Thanks for making that crystal clear.

        • sadtroll says:

          At this point I figure at least half of the peeps on this board who fly off the handle over the show’s plotline are just trolling because it’s so easy. Hey for all I know “sellouts” above is just mocking people who actually post nonsense like that. It’s kind of hard to imagine anyone typing that and actually taking themselves seriously.

          Honor and integrity? Lolz

  23. Stephen S. says:

    Wouldn’t House being jail mean that his medical license be taken away?

    • Carmen says:

      In most reality worlds yes, but not to David Shore.

      To DS, there is no reason why a

      convicted felon of assault,

      with a history of drug abuse,

      who has spent a period of time in psychiatric ward,

      and who has performed hundreds of unethical actions,

      should not simply have his license renewed and available and (most likely) in the position of a department head at a major TEACHING hospital.

  24. Mark says:

    No one forced this idiotic showrunner to have his title character drive his freaking car into a house full of people, including the woman he loves.

    That was pretty much the single dumbest thing ever in television.

    Having to write yourself out of that box was always going to require something lazy and pathetic like a time jump whether or not Lisa Edelstein came back to the show.

    And no one forced Shore into that box.

  25. me says:

    I’m really interested to see if House and Wilson are still friends

  26. Liz says:

    All the comments by bitter Huddy fangirls make me LOL so much. I’m looking forward to it, to see what they are doing. The House folks always found a way to surprise the audience (hehe, even though the Huddy fangirls didn’t like the big surprise in the middle of the season – I LOVE it), and I’m sure it’s going to be great. Cuddy gone is just one big PLUS for me.

    • To the biggest troll around says:

      Ah Liz, maybe Huddys make you laugh but your relentless hate posts crack me up to no end.
      Go hug Cameron or Wilson, and be careful coz licking Hugh Laurie’s poster for too long will give you paint poisonning… Lol

    • raveng says:

      Liz, I think you are really obsessed with Cuddy.. Take a chill-out pill, free samples handed out by Hamerons Inc.

    • Peace on Earth says:

      Liz, please stop. I didn’t like “Huddy” either, but I can say why I hated it without mocking or provoking Huddy fans themselves. There are some very nice Huddy fans around, just as there are nice fans of Cameron/House and Wilson/House. I don’t know which fangroup you call your own, but you are not doing it any favors. Be a grownup, please, and maybe others will follow your example.

      • Season 8 says:

        Well, it seems there are all kinds of fans.
        I am a Huddy and I absolutely loved the break-up and finale.
        I also like the change in the relationship dynamics. I got bored by Wilson lecturing, Cuddy whining, and House getting more than a bit lost. Mostly I got bored by Taub and Foreman.
        I look forward to a Se8 with new faces and to see how House will deal with jail and how the others will deal with House.

        • Hyacinth says:

          You sound like a good fan of the show. You aren’t pretending that everything the writers and executive producers do is perfect, yet you are looking forward to what happens next and are very fair-minded. Nice job!

          • season 8 says:

            why thank you!
            Such politeness was unexpected.
            It seems as if everybody here has taken a leaf out of House’s book of rudeness with the ultimate goal of surpassing him. Minus his wit!

  27. ANACLAUDIA says:


  28. Ann says:

    I think it’s a smart move. Might seem lazy, but hey, what else are they supposed to do? They learned LE was leaving AFTER they did the finale, so they probably had something completely different in mind including more closure for her character, but obviously they can’t do that because they can’t magically bring her back for him to apologize to her. Props to them for dealing with a difficult situation. I just might watch…

  29. Maddy says:

    What is the betting that Wilson is married again and it is going wrong!!!

    Also if they make Sam Carr the new boss at the Hospital then I will SCREAM!!! I thought she looked just weird with her false eyelashes.

  30. Serena says:

    A one year time leap makes sense cause House must stay in jail for a decent period of time.
    But it WOULD NOT make sense if House didn’t show remorse and/or regret over what happened. THIS would be lazy. Most viewers don’t want to suppose that House feels (or has felt) responsible, they need to see it. Or they can’t care much for him.

  31. Jenn says:

    Actually Peter Blake said that they didn’t know what to do with Cuddy in season eight after that finale. So they had already in mind her character bowing out, I guess. Probably it would have been just softer (with her in less and less episodes). What they didn’t imagine, IMO, is that Edelstein wouldn’t have accepted that. They played with fire and lost.

    But as I said the crisis here, for me, is not related to the actors but to the plot epic fail in seventh season. I would have preferred the Cuddy-House chemistry stay out of a relationship (at least traditional), it was way funnier and more intriguing. But if they had to bring the characters there I expected something believable, not that first corny than senseless mess. And this House marrying a hooker and become suddenly that violent in the finale, strolling finally happy on the beach, was absolutely ridiculous. It’s like these writers have lost the ability to understand what they’re writing. And the decision to jump a year ahead practically erase any moral consequence on the character. This isn’t a show about a serial killer like Dexter (which I love), but about a doctor with problems. The believabily of this character is at a -345 level right now.

  32. smitty says:

    It’s a television show people, not real doctors and a real health care facility! Have faith in the writers and producers — they consistently turn out a quality product. If anything, the departure of LE will likely reinvigorate the show as last season took it as far as it could go (no offense to the actor).

  33. Rose says:

    I wonder how they can explain House going back to being a doctor after being in jail for a violent crime? It seems like he would lose his medical license.

    • nitemar says:

      I was thinking that myself too. But he could go back to a probation period like in season 6, without actually ordering any tests or making decisions in his department. That could be why I think Foreman will still be ion charged of the Dept, and Taub or Sam the new DOM.

  34. luminous says:

    I’m thrilled that it’s going to be a Cuddy-less show. I think LE should have left years ago. I had to sit through three bad seasons (and I did, because of Hugh Laurie), with only a few diamond-in-the-rough episodes (one of them being The Dig). I have high hopes that Cuddy-less means a return to Quality-more. Onward!

    • Dani says:

      Yay for more of Taub’s super sperm, Wilson’s burgeoning relationship with his cat, (although good knows it’s bound to end with her being squished by a monster truck), and for Foreman becoming so boring he finally blends into the walls and turns into a magic eye picture!

      Cuddy not being there really isn’t going to make it all better.

  35. Carol says:

    This is not much of a spoiler, is it? Rather pale all around.

    The creative juice has truly gone out of this show. A time jump is neither innovative nor imaginative. The idea that House would get his medical liscense back is ludicrous, even for this show. And the notion that House would get over Cuddy, Rachel, and the psychological damage he inflicted on them in such a brief span is repulsive, unrealistic, and inconsistent character development. By having House drive into Cuddy’s dining room and destroy Rachel’s home, Shore effectively dismantled the character he had constructed over the past seven seasons. The so-called House we are left with is unrecognizable…and worst of all a repugnant bore. What a disaster.

    • J. Norman says:

      @ carol your comment, in part, from above

      “Shore effectively dismantled the character he had constructed over the past seven seasons”

      I agree and will go a little further.

      I have found that I no longer enjoy watching House re-runs as much as I did before. .. no even close.

      I used to watch and think of House as a trouble genius and wanted him to come out ahead at the end.

      Now I try to watch and . . .try as I might. . .remember the last seasons last 5 or so episodes and think of him as a bitter asswipe of his own making and . . .if possible, move on with the remote and watch something else.

      • Carol says:

        You are so right, J.Norman. I have found I don’t have the stomach for even the old reruns this summer. I feel sad to have lost something I once truly loved.

      • Right says:

        Wow. I have heard this same thing more often than I ever would have imagined. DS really did hurt this character.

        • TobyB says:

          I’m also sad that I don’t seem to want to watch the old earlier House shows that I loved so much.
          My problem isn’t just the problems you’ve all been talking about: 1) That Cuddy was obnoxious in drawing House into a relationship when he himself said she would be sorry and eventually reject his “sick” self, and she insisted that she wouldn’t do that and so got him to go on against his better judgement and then eventually rejected him and hurt him and 2) that House driving into Cuddy’s home was an idiotic plot twist worthy of the worst old soap operas; but I’m mad because in the latter part of last season the writers actually showed House changing for the better.
          It bothers me that in one show from an earlier season House stops taking a drug that actually made his leg much better because the drug dulled him mind and made him a worse doctor, and then near the end of season 7 House goes to Cuddy and tells her that if he has to choose between being a great doctor or loving her he’ll choose loving her every time–because she’s worth it, and yet it’s just a few shows after that when Cuddy rejects him. The weak but human House who takes Vicodin so he can be there for Cuddy when she needs him is simply not the same selfish man who existed before their relationship began. Nor is the House who is developing a real relationship with Rachel the same man who didn’t want to spend time with a child and only did so at first because she was connected to Cuddy. Yet Cuddy rejects House and tells him that she’s done and when he says “I can do better” she says “I don’t think you can.” But he’s actually shown us in those earlier shows that he CAN do better, that he IS changing. I feel like the writers jerked me around just too much when they had an arc in which they had House changing and then has everyone act as if Cuddy is right in rejecting House because he can’t change. This is bad drama and bad psychology and I can’t get over this annoying toying with the audience from an show that really had been remarkably consistent in developing House’s complex character all along. If you want to have them break up because he can’t change, why show us that he is changing? That annoys me more than the driving into the house, and is what makes it hard for me to contemplate watching the show, either reruns, or new seasons, any more.

  36. Quincejoy says:

    well, i must say i am a hameron, but i don’t hate huddy. every relationship has its own sense, dinamic and beauty… and i even liked cuddy, she was somehow dear to me… that only means one clear thing after all: the original house’s team ROCKED.

  37. Carmen says:


    it seems as if David Shore has listened too and is apparantley making some kind of effort to – (at least) – come up with some type of marginally reasonable continuance of this idiotic story line. For that, I suppose, I’ll reluctanlty give him props. My (pure guess) takes.

    1) I guess he’ll clear the way for House to go back to PPTH by having Cuddy gone.
    By what means is the question?
    I would venture a guess that Cuddy being gone is due to her taking a promotion (or very similar Position to DOM) at another prestigious hospital.
    That (In Shores mind) will take care of why she is no longer at PPTHf, and House can (somehow) return with minimal revisit to last seasons Huddy episodes.

    It can also address the WHY House needs to go back to PPTH?

    He needs to return to allow the other characters (Foreman, Chase, 13.,Taub, etc) to continue without starting an entirely new show story line with only one season to go. He (Shore) won’t go for a season 4 like show revision.

    2) The one year absense (read as: prison sentence) of House is probably the bare bones minimum that the writers can get away with and still keep it within the realm of these 2 story line equilibriums.
    a) House can have plea bargained a 1-5 year sentence and has gotten out at the minimum due to ‘valuable medical service’ while in a mimimum security prison and
    b) keeping the continuation of the show within the limits of not going out into too far into the future.

    3) A major. . .make that a MAJOR, MAJOR. . .issue will be how House will happen to have a valid medical license (In New Jersy or anywhere else) upon prison release?

    I suspect that (in the writers and DS’s mind) having House actively work as a Dr. while in prison will enable House to retain his medical license upon release.

    4) IF the continuation story line is to have House back as department head at PPTH, then it would seem that Wilson is the only person on the planet who would welcome him back to this position.
    That is if DS thinks he can ramrod such an appointment through the hospital board of directors who . . .shall we charitably say . . are not big House fans!!

    5) But who says he has to actually work for the hospital? Perhaps, Wilson could bring him on as consultant or as a hired gun on special cases. Sort of make him the medical equivalent of “Burn Notice”

  38. Grace says:

    I just want good writing. Stories that stay true to the characters.
    Lots of House, some Wilson, some Chase.
    Is THAT too much to ask???

  39. erin says:

    Sure Grace no women

    CHECK !

    • Grace says:

      Erin, The only women I’ve liked on HOUSE are Stacy and Amber. So I wouldn’t miss the women at all. Unless they bring Stacy back!

  40. Luca says:

    WHat’s the point of putting a spoiler alert on the title when the fact that the show is doing a time jump is also a spoiler. Why not just show the whole thing right there

  41. Jill says:

    Lazy writing.

    They dug themselves into a hole they can’t see how toe get out of with House driving his car through Cuddy’s window so they’re going to skip ahead a year and have it all all dealt with in the past.

    Meanwhile Foreman will have spent the time taking classes in hospital administration and competence so he will be ready to assume command of PPTH.

  42. karvel says:

    I think Cameron should return as DOM, with her and Chase’s baby (conceived during “Lockdown”)in tow.
    THAT would be fun.

    • Cr2 says:

      Why would you want to hurt JMo’s career? She’s got a pilot show coming out that crtics are raving about and early viewers have loved. Why would you want her to come back to this mess for one year at most?

      I really don’t understand the shippers who would rather fight for a dying couple than root for their actress to succeed in their new ventures.

  43. Dugh2Hugh says:

    LE leaving is certainly a big problem to overcome, but a bigger problem is the incredible morass that the networks created by dragging their collective hind ends on whether or not there would even be an 8th season. From what I’ve been able to decipher, the production company, the broadcasting network, and the parent company couldn’t get their act together in time to prevent this. Everything that happened at the end of the season was a direct consequence of their lack of commitment. As a result, the writers were put in the nearly impossible position of coming up with not only an end to the season but a possible end to the show itself. Unfortunately, they didn’t leave themselves a believeable out, thus, there is a huge problem in butt covering/backpeddling/explaining away a brutal attack on a former lover (and yes, it was an attack on Cuddy, not just her house)/solving personnel issues and contract fubars, all while balancing on one foot, juggling chain saws, and keeping 11 plates spinning.

    Leaping the show a year in time will be in a word, difficult. Would House have been in jail all that time? (13’s absence was almost a real-time event lending some credibility/believability to the storyline as it was revealed). Will House’s team simply have been put in moth balls waiting for him to return from jail with his medical license intact? Is he off the Vicodin … again? Does Cuddy leave immediately or wait until House is ready to be released – in other words, will the new DoM have had time to assimilate into the fabric of post-Cuddy PPTH, before House’s return, or are they going to travel that road together? Is Green-Card wife still around? Taub now has 2 kids?

    Had House, the show, ended last year, the last scene of House on the beach could be left open to interpretation, an unsatisfying end for some, perfect for others. Because we’re headed to an 8th season, the lack of proper planning/time is rearing its ugly head.

    As far as the House/Cuddy storyline goes, I rather enjoyed it (not the end). However, IMO it was a mistake for the overall fabric of the show, but not for the reason that everyone may think. Everything that I’ve read, everything that DS has said leads me to believe that he never wanted, nor endorsed the whole House/Cuddy storyline. This was a huge mistake to reveal, not that they put the two characters together, but they stated in no uncertain terms when the trist began that there was no way these two would stay together. It resulted in two things happening: 1.) the people who were for the storyline “lobbied” to keep them together and were pissed off when it didn’t happen, and 2.) it pissed off the people who didn’t want the two characters together for many reasons, but really because ultimately, it seemed like nothing more that a gianormouse waste of time. You don’t put a storyline out there, then immediately say, we’re doing this because it seems like we have to – it will be “‘fully explored’ but in the end, these two can never be happy together.” Why would anyone, Huddy’s or otherwise, get invested in that?

    • Carol says:

      Well said, Dugh2Hugh. You have perfectly described the downward trajectory of this show. Some day, the dismanteling of “House” will be a chapter in all textbooks about the TV industry. Horrible.

      • NeverEnding Story says:

        Nah, Barbara Barnett will pen a 500-page tome titled “Huddy According to St. Barbara” with lotsa pictures designed to spark “is that saliva or sperm on her lips?” debates, and much to the delight of the Fangirls. Huddy ain’t over by a long shot.

    • Dani says:

      There really was some major upheaval behind the scenes. I don’t know why Shore went there with the Huddy if his heart wasn’t in it. Apathy always sticks out a mile in people’s work and he’s just terrible at constructing compelling romantic relationships. In the process of ‘exploring’ he completely destroyed two characters…

    • J. Norman says:

      @Dugh2Hugh your comment

      “Had House, the show, ended last year, the last scene of House on the beach could be left open to interpretation, an unsatisfying end for some, perfect for others”

      I (and several of my friends have discussed this very point and) agree with you.

  44. Claire says:

    All this perplexity shows that viewers don’t trust Shore very much… Many think he could use the time leap to avoid to explore properly the moral consequences of what House did or his sense of responsibility.
    I don’t know if Shore understands that the bad impact of the finale can be redeemed only through a serious exploration of House’s feelings, doubts and remorses over what happened. Trying to bypass it wouldn’t be a new beginning, but the final straw to the series.

  45. ljd says:

    Still don’t care, won’t be watching. I’m done with this show.

  46. Jack says:

    The story I’d like to see is that House is *not* in prison for the Cuddy Car Crash (as she refused to press charges) but that he’s doing time for the faked marriage. That would neatly get round the medical license problem. I’d also like to see the morally ambivalent Chase as Dean of Medicine simply for the friction it would cause with Foreman.

  47. ph says:

    yea well said Doug2Hugh thats exactly it, they managed to annoy two lots of people pro Huddy and anti, i guess the storyline imo almost hijacked the series and polarised opinion way to much.

    • Shane says:

      And it’s very true that it was a half-hearted story that highjacked the show. If they had truly invested in the story, it would have been satisfying for Huddies and digestible for anit-huddies. Let’s face it. They are talented writers and their skills in the past have made distatesful plots interesting and acceptable. They went into this story with an attitude resigned to do the relationship but focused on ending it instead of exploring House the character through that relationship. It was a very flawed and limiting approach that failed to let the writers and actors shine this season, and ultimately left the story in quicksand. The netwrok circus made things worse.

      Unfortunately, trust has been broken and interest levels severly damaged. They can try to minimize the impact (as many fans try to do, too), but they know they pushed it too far. A show that lives on the edge of propriety is very aware of that line. Now they scramble.

      For whatever reason, DS lost his vision to complete a character study of House and became more resigned to cliches and plot devices. H in essence has acknowledged that and wants to “correct” it. Unfortunately, he damaged the character too much in the process.

      What a waste! He he taken the relationship as a serious means to explore the House character, he probably still would have had a break-up he wanted so House can forever be alone, but he could have done it with more depth and soul that left House the loved anti-hero. This horrible crash wasn’t just an act of violence against Cuddy, but against the character of House. They scrambled around and didn’t get around to looking at that idea from every angle. The network failed, but the writers faile it their scrambling around when they failed to see this story from every angle. They were shocked by the reaction – that wasn’t just fan pain, but crtitic reaction – and they wouldn’t have been had they been writing it with the full exploration in mind.

      • Carol says:

        Excellent post, Shane. Your insight is impeccable. I don’t know for sure, of course, but my guess is that Shore became uninterested in “House” when he started working to develop the “Rockford Files.”. Way back when Lucas the ditzy detective was first introduced in season five, he was promoted as the star of a new Shore-helmed spin off show. So I think Shore got bored with the idea of exploring House’s character a long time ago. This past season he took the lazy way out on the House/Cuddy relationship and decided to not use the romance as a vehicle for unpeeling more layers from his central character. So sad.

  48. gary holt says:

    Watched this show faithfully…BUT…this show requires “suspension of belief” than a Sci Fi show! NOBODY gets as much ‘slack’ as House (this side of Hollywood!)
    Plus…so far I’ve been ‘blessed’ in that ‘everything’ still ‘works'(use you’re imagination, or don’t) what I’m saying is, I still like a little ‘love and romance?’
    CUDDY is gonna be missed! also, already hating the “Bull in a china shop” NEW cast member…HERE, and on “CASTLE” …just know it’s gonna be the stereotypical NEW “boss” (loved the “Captain” on Castle (liked Castle, perfect ‘buffer’) New Woman (I’ll BET) is gonna come in throwing weight EVERYWHERE…tired of it…surprise us!!!

    Gary Holt

  49. Wendy says:

    “Actions have consequences” and the consequence of not letting the relationship be a conduit into the House character, but a plot device to reduce him to an emotional nut case is polarizing the fans and disenchanting your critics. Very sad for this team. This crash would have been great as a POTW or team plot for House to grapple with the moral/ethical reasonings as they relate to his out-of-control feelings. They should have had Taub run into Rachel’s home instead of the multiple pregnancy plot (lame) and had House reflecting on it. This was not the way to go for the main character. Whatever the reason or excuse, they really screwed up, and these new hires are being left to try to salvage it, and it’s pathetic. DS is proving he still doesn’t understand why the history of his characters matter. Newbies are not going to carry the depth and connectivity to help this story. I’ve watched this show for years, and the suspension of belief was always required, but the character analysis was always solid and true. They destroyed House little by little the whole season until they killed him in the end. Useless! S8 shouldn’t even be called House. His character is forever changed. Even with “forgiveness” and “redemption,” he’s no longer House. That makes me angry.